Bryan Mbeumo Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Bryan Mbeumo Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Bryan Mbeumo Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents (Angelique Gouge – Mum), Family Background, and Sister (Maeva Gouge).

More so, Mbeumo’s girlfriend/Wife-to-be, lifestyle, personal life, net worth, etc.

In a nutshell, this Memoir is about the Life History of Ivan Toney’s partner-in-crime. Yes, Mbeumo is a very intelligent winger who uses his brain to his advantage.

Fans love him for his ability to pass at the right time and for always identifying the best space on the pitch.

Lifebogger tells Bryan Mbeumo’s History, beginning from his early career days – in his hometown of Avallon, a town in central-eastern France.

We then proceed to when the professional French footballer became famous in the beautiful game.

To whet your autobiography appetite on the engaging nature of Bryan Mbeumo’s Bio, we’ve made it necessary to portray BMW’s Early Life and Success Gallery.

Now, behold a photo highlight that explains Mbeumo’s history – from his sweet boyhood years to the moment of fame with Brentford.

Bryan Mbeumo Biography - Behold his Early Life and Success Gallery.
Bryan Mbeumo Biography – Behold his Early Life and Success Gallery.

FranceBleu – a popular news website in France – has since labelled Mbeumo as the hope of French Football.

Back then, Championship defenders couldn’t match up to him, and as I write this Bio, he is having a bigger impact in the Premier League.

Despite the much praise surrounding his name, we notice that only a few of football fans have read a concise piece of Bryan Mbeumo’s Biography.

Because of that, we took the initiative to prepare his Life Story for you. Without further ado, let us begin.

Bryan Mbeumo Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, the French footballer bears the nickname – BMW (we’ll tell you how he got that later).

Bryan Mbeumo was born on the 7th day of August 1999 to a French mother, Angelique Gouge, and a Cameroonian father in Avallon, central-eastern France.

Growing Up Days:

Bryan didn’t come to the world as the only child to his Mum and Dad. He spent most of his childhood days alongside an older sister.

She goes by the name Maeva Gouge. Pictured here, this sibling of his did not take the Baller’s Cameroonian surname – Mbeumo.

Meet Maeva Gouge. She is the older sister of Bryan Mbeumo.
Meet Maeva Gouge. She is Bryan Mbeumo’s older sister.

As a child, both family members and neighbours found little Bryan to be an interesting boy. Also discreet and very pleasant to have around. Thanks to the teachings of his parents, little Bryan had a focus – early in his life.

To date, the best memory of that resurface about his childhood is no other than playing football and wanting to be like Thierry Henry.

He was a great kid with impeccable manners and a solid state of mind. People who knew him back then often called him a Perfectionist.

Bryan Mbeumo Family Background:

First things first: The French winger is not from a wealthy background. Rather, he is from a middle-class Avallon family.

Although Bryan Mbeumo’s parents never had the best jobs and financial education, they could still manage their household – without struggling.

Based on Instagram social media statistics, it appears the Franco-Cameroonian star is much closer to one of his parents.

The photo below explains the close bond that exists between Bryan and his beloved Mother – Angelique Gouge.

Meet one of Bryan Mbeumo's parents - his Mum. They appear to be very close.
Meet one of Bryan Mbeumo’s parents – his Mum. They appear to be very close.

Bryan Mbeumo Family Origin:

To help you understand where he comes from, the first thing to know is the fact that the Baller is of Cameroonian descent.

Basically, Mbeumo has two countries tied to his roots. They include Cameroon and France.

Hence, you can describe him as a professional footballer with Franco-Cameroonian roots. Mbeumo has two ethnicities tied to his origin.

First, Cameroonians in France through his Dad (4 million of France’s population). Then, through his Mum, he is purely French.

About his French Family hometown:

Bryan Mbeumo’s parents had him in Avallon, a commune located in the Yonne department, central-eastern France.

Truly, most of us don’t think “friendly” is the right word to be used in describing a French town. But we can say that Avallon is full of fun-loving people.

This map portrays the French city of Bryan Mbeumo Family. His ancestral Origin is Cameroon.
This map portrays the French city of Bryan Mbeumo Family. His ancestral Origin is Cameroon.

Aside from being known as a friendly town, Avallon is blessed with a rich economy.

The municipal represents central-eastern France when it comes to the production of biscuits, gingerbread, wood, wine, livestock and agricultural produce.

Bryan Mbeumo Education:

While holding high the passion of becoming a professional footballer, going to school was deemed mandatory – according to his parents.

Avallon (the town Bryan grew up in) was the best place to achieve his early educational dreams as well as lay his career foundation.

According to research, Bryan Mbeumo is a former student of Jeanne d’Arc College. This is a boarding school located in his hometown and birthplace of Avallon.

Bryan Mbeumo Biography – Football Story:

After a successful trial, the Avallon native began his youth career (at the age of six) in his hometown academy – CO Avallonais.

The report has it that Bryan performed well – from the very first day of joining his neighbourhood club.

In the year 2011, the aspiring professional footballer made a bold move in his young career. Mbeumo accepted a transfer to Bourgoin-Jailieu.

As observed from our research, this academy is approximately 3 hours away from Bryan’s family hometown – Avallon.

Bourgoin-Jailieu is 3 hours and 13 minutes to Avallon - where the Mbeumo family resided.
Bourgoin-Jailieu is 3 hours and 13 minutes to Avallon – where the Mbeumo family resided.

For the first time in his life, Bryan Mbeumo had to leave CO Avallonais and his hometown – missing his parents and other loved ones.

That move further south of France didn’t last for long. The poor boy couldn’t cope, and in less than five months, he pushed to return home.

That year, 2011, Mbeumo returned to his old club – CO Avallonais – the place where he started his career.

Extending his stay with the club saw him get more mature. More so, he was waiting for the right time to project himself to a bigger academy.

Bryan Mbeumo Biography – The Road to Fame Story:

Around 2013 (aged 14), he became ready to make a gigantic leap in his career. Following a successful trial, Mbeumo got accepted by Espérance Sportive Troyes Aube Champagne (ESTAC), commonly known as Troyes. This time, he was mature enough to leave his parents.

From Bryan Mbeumo’s family home in Avallon to ES Troyes AC – the distance is almost 2 hours when you drive in a car.

The 14-year-old – even though he was able to take care of himself – still got support from his parents in making sure he was comfortable there.

Young Mbeumo journeyed from Avallon to Troyes to pursue his footballing dreams.
Young Mbeumo journeyed from Avallon to Troyes to pursue his footballing dreams.

The youngster had zero issues in the area of adjusting to life at his new academy. While there, Bryan Mbeumo’s confidence grew in large proportions.

His drive and determination to succeed saw him graduate from Troyes Academy at a record time – age 17.

Bryan Mbeumo Biography – Success Story:

ES Troyes’ former manager Jean-Louis Garcia, approved him to feature with Troyes II just after signing his first professional contract with the club. While with the reserves, Bryan Mbeumo’s confidence continued to grow.

After scoring 14 goals with Troyes’ reserve, he got his much-deserved promotion to ES Troyes AC’s senior team.

The joy Bryan Mbeumo’s family knew no bounds at the time their beloved family member was called to attend a big tournament – the 2018 Coupe Gambardella.

Considered the hope of ESTAC, Bryan Mbeumo’s brilliance helped his team go far – to the extent of winning the Coupe Gambardella tournament.

From the moment he celebrated the trophy, many clubs across Europe began asking for his signature.

This is Bryan Mbeumo's first Success - in his professional career.
This is Bryan Mbeumo’s first Success – in his professional career.

ES Troyes Highlight – The Early Big Hype on the Mbeumo Name:

The video below explains everything. It tells us why the then-England Championship club went out of their comfort zone to sign Bryan Mbeumo from Troyes.

By watching it, you will agree with me that the hype surrounding the Winger from day one – has been REAL.

The criticism of joining Brentford:

Did you know?… Bryan Mbeumo got heavily criticized for his decision to join Brentford.

Reacting to critics, the answer he gave was similar to that given by Diogo Jota and Rúben Neves. Remember, these stars once signed for a then-Championship side – Wolverhampton Wanderers.

For a brave Mbeumo, it was all about – Thinking Big and Starting Small. Even Diogo Jota, Ruben Neves and Neal Maupay made their decision from the top leagues for the same reasons. As I write this Biography, these footballers have all silenced their critics.

The Brentford Rise:

As expected, he enjoyed a prolific start to life with The Bees. The formidable partnership between him, Said Benrahma and Ollie Watkins gave rise to their nickname BMW (which came from their surnames).

Their ability to drive Brentford to glory was second to none.

You see this three? they were once a lethal strike force in the English Championship.
You see these three? They were once a lethal strike force in the English Championship.

As a reward for hard work, England Football authorities recognized Bryan Mbeumo’s performances.

That earned him a nomination for the 2020 EFL Player of the Year and also the Young Player of the Year London Football Awards.

The 2020/2021 season even got better for the French winger as his Brentford side fought their way up the Championship leadership board.

With the departure of Ollie Watkins and Said Benrahma, Bryan Mbeumo had the likes of Sergi Canos and Ivan Toney by his side. These Forwards had the support of Christian Nørgaard, who is Brentford’s midfield General.

Achieving the Premier League Dream:

The 29th day of May 2021 is a day Mbeumo will never forget. The winger made his family proud by helping Brentford win the Championship play-off Final.

Did you know?… It was the first time in history that the club gained promotion into the Premier League.

By lifting that memorable trophy, Bryan Mbeumo justified his vision for football. Guess what? he also answered his critics by saying the following;

There were a lot of questions about me when I signed for Brentford, even when I had offers in Ligue 1.

These two seasons are a good way to answer my critics. I made the right choice and gained a lot of maturity.

The Premier League Rise:

Life in the English top flight became even better as the French winger grew from strength to strength.

At the time of writing Bryan Mbeumo’s Biography, he had just helped Brentford cement their status as a Premier League middle gun.

Behold some of Mbeumo’s Goals and Assists, which resulted from a formidable partnership with Ivan Toney and Yoane Wissa.

Without a doubt, French football is on the verge of seeing another version of Eric Cantona blossom into a world-class talent.

Bryan Mbeumo is indeed one of the best in the endless line of cool French wingers. The rest, as we say of Mbeumo’s Bio, is history.

Who is Bryan Mbeumo’s Girlfriend or Wife to be?

A successful man like him deserves a glamorous WAG. Again, there is no denying the fact that Mbeumo’s handsome looks wouldn’t attract ladies. Especially those that’ll fight to be his wife or mother of his children.

Who is Bryan Mbeumo dating? An inquiry into the identity of his Girlfriend or Wife to be.
Who is Bryan Mbeumo dating? An inquiry into the identity of his Girlfriend or Wife-to-be.

After researching deep into his private life, we notice – that the French professional footballer likely keeps his affairs behind closed doors.

Because of that, the status of Bryan Mbeumo’s relationship remains unknown. Well, it is only a matter of time before he reveals it.


This section of his Winger’s Bio unveils some truths about his activities – away from what he does on the pitch. It provides answers to the question – Who is Bryan Mbeumo?

The first thing to know about him – is the fact that growing his celebrity beard is as important to him as the goals he scores.

Mbeumo is such a Humble Guy who hardly says NO, to the media. He accepts interviews even at the barbershop. Here is video evidence.

He is grateful to his best friend, who helped him settle in England:

Leaving his parents and family members in France for a career in England wasn’t that easy. To make matters worst, Bryan Mbeumo knew not how to speak English.

He made his best friend (Saïd Benrahma) his new family. Thankfully, the Algerian helped Mbeumo settle.

From the look of this picture, you can tell that both Football stars are very close.
From the look of this picture, you can tell that both Football stars are very close.

He never Forgets his Family Origin:

Bryan Mbeumo holds Avallon, his central-eastern French roots – very close to his heart.

During one of his holiday vacations, he took an opportunity to visit Jeanne d’Arc college. Remember?…. this is the boarding school he attended in Avallon.

Mbeumo is simply a man with a heart of gold. While there, he worked with Patrick Bocquel, the educational manager of the school’s sports section.

Bryan Mbeumo used football to engage all active students of the school sports section. The Baller never forgets his roots.

xBMW is the kind of person who never forgets the place that made him, no matter how successful.
BMW is the kind of person who never forgets the place that made him, no matter how successful.

Bryan Mbeumo Lifestyle:

When it comes to enjoyment, especially during vacation, the French star always has his choice of fun.

Mbeumo’s desert tour lifestyle isn’t complete without having to race with his favourite machine. What an unforgettable experience he is having here.

Bryan Mbeumo Lifestyle - EXPLAINED.
Bryan Mbeumo Lifestyle – EXPLAINED.

As observed above, Bryan Mbeumo’s car is his favourite Desert Buggy High-Speed 4×4 Fast Race electric Runner. That power car is a cool machine – with a legendary reputation for desert ruggedness.

Bryan Mbeumo Family Life:

The French footballer remains committed to maintaining a good relationship with members of his household – especially his Mum and Sister. In this section, we tell you a bit more about his family members.

About Bryan Mbeumo Sister:

Often referred to as a lifesaver, Maeva Gouge is a French nurse – by profession. Going to the hospital to enjoy her passion is not her only activity.

Asides from being a nurse, Maeva also finds time to go watch her brother in the field. She remains one of his biggest fans.

We notice that, unlike her Dad, Maeva Gouge is a replica of her Mum – especially in terms of skin colour and the facial resemblance.

It is a fact that younger siblings report feel more affection. This defines Bryan Mbeumo’s relationship with his older sister.

Maeva Gouge maintains a good relationship with her kid brother.
Maeva Gouge maintains a good relationship with her kid brother.

About Bryan Mbeumo Father:

The first thing to know about him – is the fact that he is a descendant of Cameroon. Very likely, Bryan Mbeumo’s Dad must have moved from the West African country to France – where he met his Mum.

While doing our research, we noticed that Bryan Mbeumo is yet to reveal any info about his Father on interviews and on social media.

This leaves us with the possibility that the footballer might not be close to his Dad. Nevertheless, Bryan still bears his Cameroonian surname.

About Bryan Mbeumo Mother:

Angelique Gouge is a native of Burgundy, a historical region in east-central France. Her relationship with Mr Mbeumo led to the birth of her beloved son and family breadwinner – Bryan.

As I write this Bio, there exists no documentation on Angelique Gouge’s relationship status with the father of her son. Although one thing is clear – it is the fact that both mother and son are very close.

Bryan Mbeumo Untold Facts:

Rounding up this Bio, we’ll use this section to unveil more truths about the Brentford star. Without further ado, let’s proceed.

Bryan Mbeumo looks older than his Age:

Since coming to the limelight, there have been lots of questions asked. Especially the one that concerns Mbeumo’s date of birth in comparison to his facial appearance. The fact remains, the Winger looks older than his age.

Despite the accuracy of his birthday, Bryan Mbeumo’s beard and bar hairline make him appear older than he looks.

This brings us to the question; Could nature be pushing Mbeumo into the path of Arjen Robben (with reference to his Chelsea days)?

Bryan Mbeumo is a Billionaire in Cameroon:

Where his paternal grandparents and ancestors come from, a full-time Cameroonian employee earns around 116,000 XAF per month.

Therefore, it will take 30 years for the average citizen of Cameroon to make Bryan Mbeumo’s daily salary with Brentford.

This salary breakdown (2021 stats) uses the current exchange rate between the Cameroon currency and the Pound. It proves that Mbeumo is a billionaire in the country of his father.

TENURE/EARNINGSBryan Mbeumo Salary Breakdown in XAF (Central African CFA Franc)Bryan Mbeumo Salary Breakdown in Pounds (£)
Per Year1,277,687,698 XAF£1,666,560
Per Month:106,473,974 XAF£138,880
Per Week:24,533,173 XAF£32,000
Per Day:3,504,739 XAF£4,571
Every Hour:146,030 XAF£190
Every Minute:2,433 XAF£3
Every Second:40 XAF£0.05

Since viewing Bryan Mbeumo‘s Bio, this is what he has earned with Brentford.


Fact #3 – Bryan Mbeumo Profile:

Have you noticed?… The French footballer is very much like Youssef En-Nesyri and Jeremy Doku – when it comes to his movement and skills. Mbeumo no doubt has qualities, but that is yet to reflect in his 2021 FIFA profile. We hope EA make an improvement in his ratings.

Bryan Mbeumo Religion:

On matters concerning faith, we notice that the Winger (as of 2021) is yet to publicise his views.

There are no signs of identifying his religion when he celebrates his goals or post on his social media accounts. This makes it difficult to point to the religion he practices.

Despite the above premise, our odds are in favour of Bryan Mbeumo’s parents raising him Christian. Over 50% of people in France practice Christianity and his family is likely to be among this group.

Wiki Summary:

The table below reveals concise information about Bryan Mbeumo’s Biography.

Full Name:Bryan Mbeumo
Date of Birth:7th of August 1999
Age:24 years and 6 months old.
Parents:Angelique Gouge (Mother) and Mr Mbeumo (Father)
Siblings:Maeva Gouge (Older Sister)
Nationality:French, Cameroon
Ethnicity:Cameroonian French
Family Origin:Avallon, France
Height:1.71 meters OR 5 feet 7 inches
Education:Jeanne d'Arc college, Avallon
Net Worth:2.5 million pounds (2021 stats)
Academies attended:CO Avallonais, Bourgoin Jallieu and Troyes
Playing Position:Winger


Swiss star Breel Embolo and French winger, Bryan Mbeumo, are among two successful European footballers with Cameroonian blood through their Dads.

Both grew up in France. The secret to Bryan Mbeumo’s success is hard work, self-belief and family support.

Even when football fans questioned his decision to join the English second division from Ligue 1, Bryan Mbeumo made self-belief be his watchword. As I produce this memoir, he joins the likes of Kevin Mbabu, who has proved critics wrong.

I hope you find the Biography of Bryan Mbeumo to be helpful. At Lifebogger, we care about the accuracy of our content about French Footballers.

Kindly reach out (via comment or using our contact page) if you notice anything that doesn’t look right in this Bio.

Otherwise, as always, we say thank you – for going through Bryan’s Life history. We hope you make a comment and the most out of other Football Stories.

Hi there! I am Hale Hendrix, a passionate football enthusiast and writer dedicated to uncovering the untold stories of footballers' childhood and biography. With a deep love for the beautiful game, I have spent countless hours researching and interviewing players to bring to light the lesser-known details of their lives.


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