Ruben Neves Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Ruben Neves Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

LB presents the Full Story of a Football Genius who is best known by the nickname “Rolls Royce“. Our Ruben Neves Childhood Story plus Untold Biography Facts bring to you a full account of notable events from his childhood time to date.

The analysis involves his family background, life story before fame, rise to fame story, relationship and personal life.

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Yes, everyone knows about his small stature and softly spoken ability. However, only a few consider Ruben Neves’ Biography which is quite interesting. Now without further ado, let’s Begin.

Ruben Neves Childhood Story – Early Life & Family Background:

Starting off, his full name is Rúben Diogo da Silva Neves. Ruben Nevez was born on the 13th day of March 1997 to his parents Mr and Mrs José Neves in the Portuguese town of Mozelos. Ruben Neves grew up with his little sister, Vanessa Neves in his small middle-class family household.

Right from his childhood days, Ruben has been known to be a fan of FC Porto. Asides always wearing his favorite cloth, the FC Porto jersey, Ruben was also known to have the ball at his feet all times. Now Why a ball at his feet?

Its because his parents had a retail sporting goods business. Back then as a little boy, Ruben Neves’ mum and dad owned a sports store in the town of Mozelos. Thanks to that, it was easy for Ruben to wear any new FC Porto jersey and keep a soccer ball close to him.

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Asides having parents who sold sporting items, Ruben also grew up with relatives who played football.

How he got his Matured Personality: One thing was obvious about Ruben Neves early on. It is his matured personalitywhich developed in him since his childhood time and has now transcended into the modern-day. Speaking about this aged long maturity with the Telegraph, Ruben once said;

“I was always like that [mature], probably because of my parents. They always gave me this responsibility, to grow and learn fast,”

He continued…

“When I was nine my father [Jose] went to Spain to work for three years and I was in Portugal. Seeing him only once a month was difficult. I was alone with my mother and my sister, who is younger than me. This was a time i delveloped the mindset that I was to take care of them. So that probably helped me to be as mature I am.”

Ruben Neves Childhood Biography – Early Career Life:

Without a doubt, Loving the soccer ball, having his parents selling football kits and seeing his relatives playing football surely helped in defining a career path for Ruben. Just like his relatives, Ruben got enrolled to the roster of his Mozelos local team Lusitania de Lourosa. While playing with the youth club, he had his dreams set up high for Porto, the club he supported since childhood.

Ruben never gave up in his zeal to actualize his FC Porto dreams which he did after a successful trial with the club’s youth rank. Below is a happy Ruben just after he joined Porto’s youth system at the age of 8.

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During his time with the academy, Ruben was sent to spend a season on loan at Padroense FC which acted as a sister-branch of FC Porto. During his time FC Porto youth structure, he was described as a player with “extraordinary mental qualities, to go along with technical and tactical skills“.

Ruben Neves Biography – Breaking Records:

Ruben “jumped” directly to the Porto senior team at a very young age of 17. Because he was so talented and fearless, Ruben made an immediate impact int he FC Porto senior team. Just immediately, in his young professional career, Ruben began breaking records.  Ruben Neves broke both nationwide and European records which took the football world by storm. Here are his early records;

First National Record: Rúben Neves became the youngest player in FC Porto’s history to score in the Primeira Liga.

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National Record: At the age of 17 years, 5 months and 7 days, Rúben Neves broke Cristiano Ronaldo’s record (17 years, 6 months and 9 days). He became the youngest Portuguese player to play the Champions League.

European Record:  In the 2015/16 season, Ruben broke the record for being the youngest player to captain a side in the Champions League (18 years and 221 days against Maccabi Tel Aviv). That records still hold as at the time of writing thanks to his maturity for such a young age.

National Record: Lastly, Ruben broke the record to be the youngest player to reach 50 games for Porto. This he accomplished at the age of 18 years and 267 days.

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Ruben Neves Untold Biography Facts- The Jorge Mendes Impact:

Ruben’s amazing records as a youngster made titan of pro soccer representation and super-agent Jorge Mendes taking interest in him in the year 2014.

Did you know?… Jorge Mendes owns Gestifute International, the world’s most popular football agency. He is a super-agent to top clients includes such as Jose MourinhoCristiano Ronaldo, James Rodriguez, Angel Di Maria, Bernardo Silva and Diego Costa.

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Ruben Neves once spoke softly about Jorge Mendes saying;

“Jorge Mendes is a very humble and nice person to deal with. The contacts that he has is mighty. he can place a player in almost any club nowadays, he’s so famous!.

Among all top clubs in Europe, Jorge Mendes advised Ruben on agreeing to a move to Wolverhampton Wanders, his then custom-built second English division club. Against fans expectations, Ruben Neves agreed thanks to two factors motivated his move. First was because of Jorge Mendes closeness with former boss Nunu Espirito Santo whom without him, his Gestifute would never be formed. Ruben trusted both men.

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The second reason was that Ruben Neves felt the strong desire to unite with his former Porto boss, Nunu Espirito Santo whom he believes can make him grow to the player he desires.

Ruben Neves Biography – The Wolverhampton Rise:

Upon joining Wolves, Rube wasn’t only reunited with his former boss Nuno Espirito Santo. He saw himself being united with a long list of his Portuguese brothers who are also clients of Jorge Mendes. The long list of Portuguese stars continued as he stayed in the club. As at the time of writing, this list includes;  Diogo Jota, Helder Costa, Joao MoutinhoRui Patricio and others pictured below.

Breaking Another National Record: Ruben appearance in one of Wolverhampton’s game alongside his compatriots pictured above saw him breaking a Wolves club and league record for the most Portuguese players named in a starting line-up.

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Proving Doubters Wrong: Initially, many fans were of the opinion that Neves made the wrong transfer decision with rumours circling that “how would a big player like him join the English second division!“. It took no time before doubting fans realize that Wolverhampton was the perfect club for him to grow.

The AwardIn April 2018, Ruben was nominated for the EFL Championship Player of the Season and Young Player of the Season awards after leading his team to the EFL title.

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Better than Zidane ChantA highly controversial chant was what summed Ruben’s dominance in England. To Wolves fans, Neves is better than Zidane. Watch chant below;

BUT is that Possible?… Is Neves better than Zidane?? The rest, as they say, is now history.

About Ruben Neves Wife, Debora Lourenco:

Behind every successful Portuguese player, there is indeed a glamorous girlfriend or wife. That glamorous wife is seen in the person of Debora Lourenco who is the beautiful partner to Ruben Neves.

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Both lovers got acquainted with each other during Ruben’s days at FC Porto. Knowing he would be coming to England, Ruben once decided to make a perfect forward planning. A plan that should take to fatherhood just as he was soon going to have a new life at Wolves.

Did you know?… Ruben was welcomed to the Wolves family at the same time his lovely baby daughter Margarida is born in Portugal. On that day, a restless Ruben had to demand his baby’s photo via his Instagram.

In his first interview with an English newspaper just after his first game which was also the day of his child’s birth, Ruben Neves told SunSport:

“Not seeing them is the hardest part of all. But thank God for social networks because it is so easy to get in touch nowadays — it’s almost like they’re here.”

The midfielder who was aged 20 had to fly home to Portugal just after his first game in order to see his partner Debora and baby daughter Margarida. Even thou Ruben settled well in England, it is difficult being away from his newborn child and partner for weeks.

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For Ruben Neves, there is no explanation for the incredible feeling of becoming a father. Ruben is indeed a great father who enjoys fatherhood.

Ruben as at the time of writing is already reunited with his wife and daughter in the small village of Tettenhall, two miles from the Molineux Stadium of Wolverhampton.

Ruben Neves Personal Life:

Despite being small in stature and softly spoken, you can sense that steeliness in Ruben Neves which makes him a natural leader. Ruben is friendly and often finds himself in a company of family relatives and close friends.

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He is a selfless person who is always willing to help others, without hoping to get anything back.

Food: Ruben loves to have a feel of Portugal even while in England. His favourite local haunt still remains Aromas De Portugal, a Portuguese coffee and food shop.

Did you know?… Almost all Portuguese players in Wolverhampton love to have supplies of Aroma’s pastel de natas, the custard tarts which is so beloved in their country.

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