Kevin Mbabu Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Kevin Mbabu Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Kevin Mbabu Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Françoise Mbabu (Mother), Step-Dad, Family, Siblings, and Girlfriend/wife-to-be. More so, Mbabu’s Lifestyle, Personal Life outside football and Net Worth, etc.

In a nutshell, we have the Life History of Mbabu, a Footballer who would give Prime Gareth Bale a run for his money – in a foot race.

Lifebogger begins his story from the earliest of days to when he became famous in the beautiful game.

To whet your autobiography appetite on the fascinating nature of Kevin Mbabu’s Bio, we have gone ahead to produce his Early Life and Rise Gallery.

Behold Raster Rocket’s life trajectory which proves the fact that he has come a long way.

The Biography of Kevin Mbabu - Behold his Early Life and Great Rise.
The Biography of Kevin Mbabu – Behold his Early Life and Great Rise.

Yes, everyone knows his pace, stamina, and strength are his biggest asset. More so, Kevin Mbabu is the mould of England right-back Kyle Walker.

With all the accolades surrounding him, it is surprising that just a few football lovers have read Kevin Mbabu’s Life Story. Because of that, Lifebogger has written this Bio for your service. Now, without further ado, let us begin.

Kevin Mbabu Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname RastaRocket. Melingo Kevin Mbabu was born on the 19th day of April 1995 to his Mother, Françoise Mbabu, and an unknown Father in Chêne-Bougeries, a town in Switzerland.

The Swiss professional footballer came to the world as the second son out of four children (a brother, a sister, himself, and a little sister).

All children were born to their Mum (Françoise), a biological Dad, and lastly, a stepfather. This is Françoise, Kevin Mbabu’s Mother.

Meet one of Kevin Mbabu's Parents - His Mum (Françoise). His Biological Dad, as of when I wrote his Biography, remains unknown.
Meet one of Kevin Mbabu’s Parents – His Mum (Françoise). His Biological Dad, as of when I wrote his Biography, remains unknown.

Early Life and Growing Up Years:

RastaRocket, as they nicknamed him, didn’t spend his childhood all alone but with his siblings. Kevin Mbabu has only one brother who is older. His name is Dave, and (as I write) he lives in the United States.

Kevin has one older sister (the eldest child of the family) who goes by the name Prisca Mbabu. More so, his immediate youngest sister (same mother and different father) goes by the name Bianca.

Kevin Mbabu Family Background:

Here we’ll tell you about RastaRocket’s humble beginning. First things first, the Swiss footballer comes from a stable, comfortable middle-class family.

It is a happy household made up of his step-Dad (Bernd Adam), Mum, and Siblings BUT without his Biological Dad.

Meet the people Kevin Mbabu considers his immediate family members.
Meet the people Kevin Mbabu considers his immediate family members.

Why is Kevin Mbabu’s Real Dad absent from the photo above? This is because he has never met him.

About Kevin Mbabu’s Biological Dad:

Sadly and for reasons unknown, his real Father ended his marriage with his mother when she was pregnant with him.

After the split, Kevin Mbabu’s Dad disappeared into thin air, away from his family. He left Kevin Mbabu’s Mum (Françoise) all alone by herself.

Truly, it was hard for her to cater for her unborn child (him) and his elder sibling, Prisca Mbabu.

If I ever met him, I would have a lot of questions.

But actually, I have no need for such a meeting because I had someone (a step Dad) who has taken his place.

Kevin Mbabu made this serious statement in an interview with a sports journalist.

Early on, his Mum knew that both Prisca and Kevin would suffer lasting damage if they grew up with an absent Dad in their lives.

For this reason, Françoise decided she would get remarried. The Mum of two met and fell in love with her Austrian boyfriend, who is now the stepfather of Prisca and her footballing son.

Kevin Mbabu Family Origin:

First thing first, the Swiss professional footballer has mixed nationality – or you can call him Biracial.

Put simply, he has French blood (through his Dad) AND either of Bantu or Mangbetu-Azande Congolese ethnicity through Françoise (his Mum). Just like Christopher Nkunku, Congolese blood flows through Mbabu’s veins.

Kevin Mbabu’s mother has her family roots in the Democratic Republic of Congo. On the other hand, his unknown Biological Dad is from Europe, precisely France. Kevin’s Step-Dad is Austrian, and he himself was born in Switzerland.

This photo explains Kevin Mbabu Family Origin using the nationalities of his Mum and Biological Dad.
This photo explains Kevin Mbabu Family Origin using the nationalities of his Mum and Biological Dad.

Kevin Mbabu Education and Career Buildup:

Like many other kids, RastaRocket went to school in Chêne-Bougeries – his Swiss hometown. During that period, he played lots of football (as a striker), especially after school closing hours.

Observing his natural abilities, Kevin Mbabu’s step Dad (Bernd Adam) steered him toward taking the path of becoming a professional footballer.

Without this man, the boy would have no direction. Literally, Bernd Adam was the one who identified and introduced his stepson to football.

Kevin Mbabu Biography – Football Story:

Understanding their son’s desire to become an athlete, Françoise and Bernd Adam did all they could to support his aspirations.

Joining a football academy at an early start was what Kevin Mbabu’s Mum and Step-Dad, wanted for their beloved son.

Similar to a fellow Congolese brother (Denis Zakaria), little Kevin (as a way of laying a good foundation for his future) enrolled with Servette FC. This is a small soccer team in his hometown where he had his first successful trial.

Early on, he got that nickname (RastaRocket) thanks to being a precocious whiz kid blessed with so much speed.

In addition, Mbabu had this adhesive control and the natural ability to drift past his opponents.

Check out the way he runs. You could tell he had blazing speed - during his early days.
Check out the way he runs. You could tell he had blazing speed – during his early days.

Early on with Servette, Kevin operated on the nine positions – as a striker. His first coach earlier favoured the position because they observed he had plenty of stamina, acceleration, and speed.

The switch to a defensive (right-back) position came much later (as an enormous shock) thanks to Mbabu’s added versatility of making Sliding Tackles. The Swiss Diamond was age 15 when he converted from a striker to a right-back.

Man United Trials:

Early on in his teenage academy days, Kevin Mbabu (in the year 2010) got an invitation for a week-long trial with English powerhouse – Manchester United.

In case you are not aware, the 15-year-old kid trained with the United’s U18s and their reserves.

Because Mbabu spoke French (the biological language of his Dad), he found it easy to bond and make friends with future world star Paul Pogba.

Speaking about the United experience, the Speedster once recalled;

Pogba looked after me and showed me like a brother, showing me around the city.

I’m really lucky to have got to know a player like him, who has grown into such a big star. He is a really nice guy.

Behold during that period, Paul Pogba never knew that this star (Kevin Mbabu) would produce an assist that would help eliminate his country (France) from the Euro 2020 knockout stage.

Post United Trials – Working on Exercising and Diet:

Approaching adulthood, Mbabu met the unexpected – Injuries. The poor Kevin had a back injury for a whopping five and a half months – that forced him to carry a brace.

During the period of recovery, he took it seriously – the act of exercising his upper body. More so, Mbabu intensively carried out his old hobbies (cycling). Speaking about this, he said;

I cycled a lot during my injury and that helped increase my thighs. I even have a few stretch marks because of that.

Following my exercises, I felt weird and much faster.

Looking at myself, I noticed I was very advanced compared to those of my age.

Mbabu also began taking lots of vegetables and zero dairy products. After drinking plenty of water, moderate green tea, and getting more sleep, he 100% recovered from injury.

After coming back to full fitness, every one of his friends got astonished by Mbabu’s newly improved blazing speed, stamina, and physicality. In fact, people who never knew Mbabu felt he got his body from his family heritage.

Kevin Mbabu Biography – The Road to Fame Story:

By age 16, he was already being courted by many of Europe’s giants. Popular among them was Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal.

The French coach knew the importance of getting a speedster like Kevin Mbabu. As a result, he got very desperate.

Shockingly, Servette was just out to make money. Kevin Mbabu’s parents didn’t like that. They rejected Arsenal’s offer for their son. Françoise (his Mum) and Bernd Adam (Step Dad) considered him too young to leave his family and birth country.

Senior Football and Newcastle Deal:

After Arsenal’s loss, he continued his academy with Servette. The start of the 2012–13 season got Mbabu promoted to Servette’s first team, where he appeared in a number of matches.

Interestingly, at that period, Kevin had begun to attract even more suitable suitors from Europe. Chiefly among them was Alan Pardew’s Newcastle United.

At the dawn of 2013, Mbabu’s parents didn’t hesitate a transfer for their son. Now considered mature, he could leave both his family and country to live permanently in England. Kevin signed a three-and-a-half-year deal with the Magpies.

Like most foreigners – eg; Ayoze Perez and Florian Thauvin, the Geneva native, settled well with life in England’s northeast.

Kevin Mbabu impressed Newcastle fans, especially with his biggest strength – speed, stamina, acceleration, and making sliding tackles.

Kevin had the best of
Kevin had the best of Pedro in this one. He became an instant hit with Newcastle.

Taking you back to memory lane, it would interest you to know that Mbabu had the following footballers as his Newcastle teammates. They include; Papiss Demba Cissé, Jonjo Shelvey, late Cheick Tioté, Sammy Ameobi, Jamaal Lascelles and Aleksandar Mitrovic, etc.

Pundits praised Kevin Mbabu’s brilliant performance, especially against big teams like Chelsea FC. Behold a VIDEO of some of the best highlights of his Newcastle career days.

Injury Torment Again:

While in England, the old enemy came back to haunt him. Precisely in the 2014–15 season, Mbabu’s career came to a standstill – as it got plagued by injuries.

Truly, that was a sad development – very painful for his entire family. The injury made him lose first-team opportunities with Newcastle United. Because Kevin continually suffered injuries, Newcastle was forced to offload him.

It is pertinent to note that for some unknown reason – possibly injury, Mbabu never featured in a single match for Rangers, a Football powerhouse in Scottland.

Newcastle had earlier sent him there. The truth is, he never made it even onto the bench – not even for once. Poor him!

Indeed, it was a trying period for the young Swiss. No thanks to injuries, Kevin Mbabu’s days in England got numbered.

Going back to Family:

As a way of moving on, he did agree to a loan option to Young Boys, a successful Swiss football club. That saw Mbabu going back to his family. After a successful 2015–16 season, the youngster (now injury-free) signed a two–year contract with the club.

Kevin Mbabu Bio – The Success Story:

Rather than crumble, Speedstar went from strength to strength with his new family, – Young Boys. Among his many highlights, the most notable was when Mbabu and Pogba renewed their acquaintances in a 2018/2019 UEFA Champions League match.

Pictured here, the Swiss Rocket was truly a nightmare to the French midfielder. In fact, Kevin Mbabu gave Paul Pogba something to think about after their match.

He was all over Paul Pogba. Mbabu never gave the French superstar breathing space.
He was all over Paul Pogba. Mbabu never gave the French superstar breathing space.

In fact, since joining Young Boys, Kevin never looked back. The rising star continually impressed his coaches. Mbabu’s fantastic leap (both in defence and wing attack) plus a determined attitude saw him winning some individual accolades.

He became a warrior during his stay with Young Boys. Behold a mighty Kevin Mbabu.
He became a warrior during his stay with Young Boys. Behold a mighty Kevin Mbabu.

Putting the disappointing spell with Newcastle United behind him, the rising star went on to help Young Boys win the Swiss Super League.

In case you are not aware, his team won the League trophy for two consecutive seasons (2017–18 and 2018–19).

This was when Mbabu had developed that sublime feeling that nothing in the world can stop him.
This was when Mbabu had developed that sublime feeling that nothing in the world can stop him.

The journey to Wolfsburg:

Having achieved so much success in top-level Swiss football, Kevin Mbabu felt it was now right to leave his family once again.

This was when he signed a four-year contract with VfL Wolfsburg. With his new club, Mbabu had many standout moments alongside Wout Weghorst, Jonas Wind, etc., before he made a move to Fulham in the summer of 2022.

He became an instant hit with VfL Wolfsburg.
He became an instant hit with VfL Wolfsburg.

In May 2018, the Swiss speedster got named among the preliminary squad for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. He got called to join the likes of popular stars like Granit Xhaka and Haris Seferović etc.

Unfortunately, Mbabu was among the names who got dropped from the squad after their Vladimir Petković trimmed it.

After the disappointment, our boy had to focus on club football with one goal in mind – Making his country realize what they were missing.

With an improved performance with VfL Wolfsburg, Kevin Mbabu got established himself as an undisputed right-back for Switzerland. Behold a video that justified his call to the 2018–19 UEFA Nations League.

The National Team Success:

Fast forward to the year 2021, RastaRocket has just proved that he is among the best right-back in the world.

Our boy didn’t just pocket big names in the French team – the likes of Kylian Mbappe and Kingsley Coman. He delivered an assist in a Swiss 3-3 comeback.

As clean as a whistle, here is Kevin Mbabu’s assist – that got the entire French team and supporters worried about a possible exit in the Euro 2020 knockout stages.

It is truly amazing that a footballer whose early career was plagued with injuries has just re-positioned his country to become one of the rising forces of European football.

In fact, who would have thought that a wasted talent at Newcastle would rise this high?

Mbabu’s tremendous impact on the Euro 2020 is one that would surely increase his reputation in the eyes of football club scouts.

For the fans, the best of him in the tournament is summed up in this France v Switzerland Euro 2020 Highlight video.

With his rise to European fame, Lifebogger envisages two things. First is the fact that he is likely to get a VfL Wolfsburg pay rise to ward off interest from other clubs.

Secondly, is another fact that Mbabu might just be on his way for a big transfer move. Well, only the future would tell on this one. The rest, as we say of the Switzerland footballer’s Biography, is now history.

Kevin Mbabu’s Love Life – does he have a wife?

Without question, RastaRocket is a strong contender when it comes to the position for the most handsome footballer in the world.

Truly, there is no denying the fact that his dreadlocks, coupled with that cute smile, wouldn’t make him a darling to potential girlfriends and wife materials.

Kevin Mbabu is a handsome Footballer. A successful man like him deserves a beautiful woman - as either a Girlfriend or Wife.
Kevin Mbabu is a handsome Footballer. A successful man like him deserves a beautiful woman – as either a Girlfriend or Wife.

Following intensive research, we’ve concluded that the Swiss international is in a relationship with someone who is likely to be his wife and the mother of his unborn children.

Presently, as of when filing this Bio, the possible hidden romances of RastaRocket escape the views of the public eye simply because he keeps his relationship very secret.

Kevin Mbabu Personal Life:

In this section, we’ll tell you something about the Swiss – away from everything football.

That thing is his cute smile and laughter. Mbabu is not simply handsome. He is someone who believes that a good-natured smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles.

Kevin Mbabu Personal Life - EXPLAINED.
Kevin Mbabu’s Personal Life – EXPLAINED.

Secondly, the Chêne-Bougeries native is an optimist who laughs to forget. Speaking about this personal attribute, Mbabu once said on his Instagram,

It is important to laugh when you can because it is cheap medicine.

Last but not least, the Swiss Footballer is a man of fashion – which combines very well with his athletic personality. Here is a Video Proof.

Kevin Mbabu Lifestyle:

What does RastaRocket do with his football money? If there is one thing we are aware of, it is the fact that he loves to buy luxurious cars for himself. This is Kevin Mbabu’s car.

Kevin Mbabu Lifestyle - EXPLAINED.
Kevin Mbabu Lifestyle – EXPLAINED.

While researching, we found this video that explains his lifestyle. Watch it here.

Kevin Mbabu Family Life:

When he struggled with injury and fitness, there was support he never had to pay for. Come rain or shine, Kevin Mbabu’s parents and other family members have always been there for him. In this section, we’ll tell you more about them.

About Kevin Mbabu Mother:

Françoise is a woman who doesn’t sleep, especially when her precious son is having career distress. In fact, she worries with her eyes closed. Again, Mbabu’s Mum, Françoise, is the brain behind her son’s career decisions.

As far as managing her son is concerned, one of the hardest moments for Kevin Mbabu’s mum came when she clashed with Servette’s former owner, Majid Pishyar. It happened after she vehemently refused his decision to have Kevin Mbabu move to Arsenal.

Majid Pishyar (Servette owner) wanted money and thus decided his club would sell Mbabu to Arsenal. Françoise and her husband (Mbabu’s Stepdad) refused the transfer. That decision made Majid Pishyar very frustrated and angry.

Kevin Mbabu's Mum refused Servette's owner to transfer her son to Arsenal.
Kevin Mbabu’s Mum refused Servette’s owner to transfer her son to Arsenal.

In reaction, he made Servette force the 16-year-old to sign a new contract that had a release clause of CHF 500,000. Based on records, there aren’t many clubs from Servette that will put this amount on a youngster unless that person is a very great talent.

Speaking to the media about the situation, the Swiss said,

My mUm didn’t want me to sign the contract because of the clause.

The decision made by Françoise and her husband saved her son’s early career. For many soccer experts, it wasn’t right for a 16-year-old to leave his country for another – because of professional football.

Only a few stars of that age have made it with Arsenal – the likes of Hector Bellerin and  Cesc Fabregas. At Manchester United, we have the likes of Gerard Pique.

About Kevin Mbabu’s Father:

If you want to know about his sad secret, then ask him about his real Dad. To Kevin Mbabu, his biological father remains missing and doesn’t exist in his wife. Speaking to a sports journalist, he once said,

I don’t know my Dad. I’ve never had feelings for him.

About Kevin Mbabu Step-Dad:

Bernd Adam is more than a father but also a friend to all members of his household. He is the man who made his Mbabu’s Mother laugh, wiped her tears from heartbreak, and most importantly, help her raise Kevin and his sister, Prisca.

Upon getting married to my Mum, he welcomed me like a child of his own.

My step dad took care of my upbringing. More importantly, he gifted me football.

… says the Swiss footballer – about the man who made him become the star he is today.

Kevin Mbabu Siblings:

The Geneva native has two sisters and a brother. Among the siblings, only one is his immediate sister (same Mum and Dad), while the rest (including a brother) are his step-siblings.

For personal reasons, Kevin has chosen not to mention the names of his brothers and sisters publicly. Thanks to the resemblance, you can easily know they are his sisters – in the photo.

Kevin is the breadwinner of his family. His sister (middle-right) looks exactly like him.
Kevin is the breadwinner of his family. His sister (middle-right) looks exactly like him.

It would interest you that Raster Rocket has long been an uncle to his little girl. She is the daughter of his elder sister Prisca.

He enjoys work (Uncle duties) with his Nice.
He enjoys work (Uncle duties) with his Nice.

Kevin Mbabu Untold Facts:

Having journeyed with us through his Bio, we will use the concluding section to unveil more truths about the Swiss professional footballer.

Untold Truth – Why he Rejected Arsenal:

Aside from the fact that he was young, Kevin Mbabu did that after hearing the sad experience of a fellow brother who didn’t have a great career with Arsenal. That person is fellow Swiss footballer Johan Djourou.

Some said that the retired professional footballer known for his versatility got ruined by Arsenal – a club that never valued him. Mbabu once spoke about his Arsenal rejection in words;

Earlier, I was okay with joining Arsenal. Then I thought about it and said No.

I didn’t feel ready to go. Everyone kept telling me about the example of Johan Djourou. Today, am glad I do not regret my decision.

About his dreadlocks:

About Kevin Mbabu Hair.
About Kevin Mbabu Hair.

Have you wondered why he bears the nickname – RastaRocket? This is because Mbabu sees himself as a believer in the Rastafarian movement. This is today reflected in his looks.

In case you are not aware, Mbabu has worn his dreadlocks hairstyle since he was a child. The idea of cutting his hair off is a NO-NO. Kevin forbids that. He believes that doing so would change his identity right away.

Comparing his Wolfsburg Salary to that of the Average Swiss Citizen:

Since you started viewing Kevin Mbabu‘s Bio, this is what he has earned.

Per Year:€3,104,749
Per Month:€258,729
Per Week:€59,615
Per Day:€8,516
Per Hour€354
Per Minute€5.9
Every Second€0.10

The average Swiss who receives 55,552 Euros would need 4.5 years to make Kevin Mbabu’s VfL Wolfsburg salary.

The reason behind his Shirt Number:

Mbabu opted to wear the shirt number in honour of Junior Malanda, a former Wolfsburg star who got killed in a car accident in northern Germany. Pictured below, the unfortunate mishap occurred on the 10th day of January 2015.

Kevin Mbabu Profile:

RastaRocket performs excellently as a right full-back. The Swiss have got plenty of speed to burn, and he (as of 2021) is one of the most underrated full-backs in the world.

Judging from his stats – that blazing speed, acceleration, and stamina, there is no doubt that Mbabu wouldn’t be a darling to FIFA career-mode gamers.

Kevin Mbabu Tattoo:

Like many footballers, he is a lover of body art. Kevin uses that to identify himself and, most importantly, express his feeling about life events that mean a lot to him.

The meaning of Kevin Mbabu Tattoos.
The meaning of Kevin Mbabu Tattoos.

A very hidden tattoo is the one on the right side of his chest, which has the word ‘Fate’. In Kevin Mbabu Biography, we mentioned the development of events outside his control (Injuries). This perhaps explains the meaning of the tattoo inscription.

Kevin Mbabu’s Religion:

Kevin is a Christian boy name of Irish origin. By implication, it is likely that Mbabu’s parents must have raised him in adherence to this religion. Because the Swiss footballer does not display his religious beliefs in public, we don’t know if he is a Roman Catholic or Protestant.

Wiki Summary:

The table below reveals concise information about Kevin Mbabu. It helps you skim through his profile without hassles.

Full Names:Melingo Kevin Mbabu
Date of Birth:19th of April 1995
Age:28 years and 10 months old.
Nationality:Switzerland, Congo and France
Parents:Françoise Mbabu and an Unknown Biological Father
Stepfather:Bernd Adam
Family OriginCongo (from his Mum) and France (from his Dad)
Siblings:Prisca Mbabu (older sister), Dave Mbabu (Older Brother) and Bianca (half sister)
Ethnicity:African Swiss
Height:1.84 m OR 6 feet 0 inches
Net Worth:8.5 Million Euros


When you begin to live the life of your dreams, have it in mind that there will always be setbacks along the way. More so, the process of recovery is full of ups and downs. Kevin Mbabu was close to success during his Newcastle days until injury setbacks came his way.

With hard work, perseverance and self-belief, there was simply no limit to what he could achieve with VfL Wolfsburg and the Swiss national team. Put simply, our Biography of Kevin Mbabu makes us understand that the tougher the setback, the better the comeback.

Again, it behoves Lifebogger to appreciate Bernd Adam, who is Kevin Mbabu’s Step Dad. In the absence of his biological father, Adam blessed him with so much love and affection. This is something he never got from his real Dad. Let’s not forget Bernd introduced him to the beautiful game.

Kevin Mbabu Mum, Françoise, has proven that she does so much more than home management. She looks after her son’s career and also has an influence on the decisions he makes. Today, everything he does he to let Newcastle know that they were wrong to let him go. Read more at theAtlantic.

Thank you for reading this memoir about RastaRocket. At Lifebogger, we care about quality writing and accuracy when writing the Biography on Swiss Footballers. Kindly reach out to us (via the contact page) if you notice anything that doesn’t look good in this article.

Finally, we would appreciate it – if you help place a comment on what you think about Kevin Mbabu and our writeup on his prosopography.

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