Arjen Robben Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Arjen Robben Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

LB present the Full Story of a Football Legend best known by the Nickname; ‘The Man of Glass’. Our Arjen Robben Childhood Story plus Untold Biography Facts brings to you a full account of notable events from his childhood time till date. Analysis involves his Life story before Fame, Family Life and many OFF and ON-pitch little known facts about him. Before I start, First..Let me ask; Is it even possible to compile a list of great wingers without mentioning Arjen Robben? I think not. Now Lets begin.

Arjen Robben Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Early Childhood Life

Arjen Robben was born on the 23rd of January 1984 to his father, Mr Hans Robben, a football agent and his mother Mrs Marjo Robben, a local celebrity. He was brought up by his parent in the large satellite town in Groningen, Netherland.

Arjen during his childhood period never showed interest in education even when convinced severally by his parents. Instead, he preferred following his dad while he does his football business. He interest in football came at a very early age. His request to join a youth academy at a tender age of 2 made his parents realize and understand the destiny of their son. A destiny that denotes him becoming a great footballer.

They didn’t hesitate in registering him in the best kid soccer school in their native town.

Arjen Robben Youth Football ID.
Arjen Robben Youth Football ID.

While other kids of his age leaves home at mornings for formal education, Arjen Robben leaves to his soccer school. He participated actively in Arjen Robbenunior soccer activities as a child. Even as a little boy, Arjen made wonders. He became the youngest child to learnt the Coerver Method, a football technique invented by former Dutch coach Wiel Coerver.

The Coerver Method involves an aggregation of football finishing skills from videos of legends such as Pelé and Maradona. These skills are passed through a comprehensive academic way to young stars in football academies. Under this technique, kids are meant to progress in a structured manner from basics, passing, speed and lethal finishing. Arjen Robben was regarded as the best kid soccer player who mastered the coerver act.

Arjen Robben Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Family Life

His Mother: Mrs Marjo Robben, a local celebrity famous for her public speaking talent and her consistent participation in Eurosonic Groningen festival which holds in Netherlands.

Arjen Robben's Mum.
Arjen Robben’s Mum.

Even as a public speaker who believed in education for youth, she believes every child deserves what they want to be. Till date, she is loved for supporting her Arjen’s decision to having football and not education at his early age.

His Father: Mr Hans Robben’s is a legend in football business. This often serious looking and business minded man has been hailed for provided a good foundation for his son’s takeoff in football.

Arjen Robben's Dad.
Arjen Robben’s Dad.

He has always been Arjen’s agent and manager. Mr Hans facilitates and undertakes all of Argen’s contract signings and negotiations. Both parties are often pictured together doing what they do best.

Arjen Robben Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Relationship Life

Arjen Robben and Wife.
Arjen Robben and Wife.

Arjen Robben met his wife, Bernadien Eillert in high school way back in the year 2000. After 6 years in courtship, both parties tied the knots at northern city of Stadsschouwburg in Groningen on 9 June, 2007.

His family is presently blessed with three children whose names were Luka, Kai and Lynn. He is a complete family man. His favorite family quotes are; “The most important thing is to see every member of family healthy and happy. Football is my life but my family’s health and happiness is the most important thing in the world”.

Arjen Robben loves having Family portraits. These moments freezes time. It captures his entire family at one single moment.

Arjen Robben Family Portrait.
Arjen Robben Family Portrait.

Among all his children, he is particularly close to his first son Luka. Here is Arjen Robben and Son, Luka

Things gets so emotional when he sees his last son ‘Lynn’ cry upon sighting his dad celebrating his goals at very range to his location. Perhaps he wants to be in his dad’s arm. Both Bernadien Eillert and her husband have consoled their son in this occasion.

Bernadien Eillert cares for her husband especially when he is down either to a Champions Leagues loss or other issues. An easy way to cheer him up is to take him to big parties.

Coping with UEFA Champions League defeat: When you have a caring wife.
Coping with UEFA Champions League defeat: When you have a caring wife.

Arjen Robben Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Love for Beautiful Home

Arjen Robben’s beautiful home is visually appealing especially when sighted from its sloppy side. He is not just a man of glass, but one of class too.

Arjen Robben's Beautiful Home.
Arjen Robben’s Beautiful Home.

Arjen Robben Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts A Museum for Himself

Many footballers manage to keep just a fraction of the keepsakes from their medal-laden careers. Arjen Robben once came up with a novel idea to ensure nothing important gets forgotten.

Why he needs a museum.
Why he needs a museum.

He once announced his plans to build a museum to house all his memorabilia in his own home once he calls it time on his illustrious career. In his words;

‘When my wife and I are settled in our house, I dream of collecting all my things and building a private museum. It will be for me, my family and my close friends,’ 

Arjen Robben Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Reason behind Nickname ‘The Man of Glass’

Known for his great play down the wings, creative passing abilities and great shots in front of goal. The winger earned the nickname ‘The Man of Glass’ due to his ability to break rather easily.

Arjen Robben- Reason behind his nickname 'The Man of Glass'
Arjen Robben- Reason behind his nickname ‘The Man of Glass’

It’s a move that has made the Dutchman one of the most feared wingers in the world, and something that he continues to do with unerring accuracy.

Arjen Robben Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Cancer Scare

Arjen Robben has once found a lump on his left testicle. This caused series of unpleasant emotion for as pains he felt represented a threat of danger to his life. He suspected this to be testicular cancer. For him, the only option to find out what it was was a surgery.  Fortunately for him, he was cleared of this scare immediately after an intensive surgery.

In a report, Robben said;

“I was very scared. It was a difficult time for me. I felt my  football will no longer be important. The waiting was terrible for a few days. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. After the surgery, I heard the news was good and it was a massive relief.”

Arjen Robben Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Life Before Fame

It was at Groningen where he honed his now trademark skill of cutting into the penalty area from the wing and finding the back of the net. The winger soon pushed himself into the first team picture and was Groningen’s Player of the Season in 2001. Robben’s talent soon gained the attention of the big clubs

Due to his brisk passing abilities and great on the ball pace, he was quickly signed up by local club FC Groningen, where he developed his distinctive skill of cutting inside to score goals by the dozen. He played his first game for Groningen in 2000, coming on as a substitute against Waalwijk.
Since then Robben has never looked back, and due to his great skill has earned moves to some of the biggest clubs in the world, the likes of PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands), Chelsea (England), Real Madrid (Spain) and with German giants Bayern Munich.

Arjen Robben Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Car

Audi have provided Arjen Robben their a new cars. He loves Audi A5 – car  which he bought for $58,500.

Arjen Robben's Audi.
Arjen Robben’s Audi.

He loves to engage clubs in providing his cars as part of his contract. With him earning millions each year, picking up a new car is nothing new. His Audi’s come with personalized number plate, making it recognizable as his own.

Arjen Robben Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Drinking Beer 

He once celebrated winning a trophy with drinking beer from a giant glass.

Arjen Robben Loves Beer - Explained.
Arjen Robben Loves Beer – Explained.

Arjen Robben Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Swimming Difficulties

For Arjen Robben, Swimming isn’t exactly an easy activity. He often finds it difficult looking for the most efficient and technical way to fight the water elements. The photo below shows Dirk Kuyt (The man from the Fish Family) helping him from getting drowned at sea.

Arjen Robben Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Goal Celebration Accident

When Arjen Robben scored for Bayern Munich against Braunschweig in a 2-0 victory for the Bundesliga leaders, he thought he’d celebrate with a sliding celebration. Out of happiness, he was quick to charged towards his home fans in style. Unfortunately, his knee slide celebration goes from bad to horrible, as he bounces off the turf onto his back, ripping his leggings in the process.

As you can see, not only did it go horribly wrong and look potentially quite painful, but to cap it all, his socks were ruined. Ruined!

Arjen Robben Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Caricature

At a time when making video caricature of footballers went rampant, Arjen Robben was’t left out. This is what he got after he was labelled as a ‘diving cheat’.

Arjen Robben Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Bald Hair Issues

Hair loss is a sensitive subject for Arjen Robben. Arjen Robben’s hair loss has advanced very fast for him and his hairline. Not that long ago Robben had hair but now he is completely bald on the top of his head. I am posting below pictures of Arjen Robben’s hair, as well as posing pictures of Robben’s hair loss.

You will see the fast progression which has occurred in less than 6 years. Robben began balding in 2006 to 2007 & by 2014 he has no hair on the top of his head.

Arjen Robben Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts Controversies

Arjen Robben may be a most excellent footballer, but the prematurely bald Dutchman has a habit of annoying everyone. And while he may not be bothered about winning any personality contests, on Sunday night he did himself no favours by earning a controversial penalty in injury time which ultimately won Holland their last-16 clash with Mexico. Who is the worst diver in football of all time?

Dutchman wins his side a soft penalty to win his side the World Cup last-16 encounter, but where does he rank in the all-time fake tumblers’ list?

And even in his vintage he is still fooling referees.

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