Neal Maupay Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Neal Maupay Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Biography of Neal Maupay tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Girlfriend/wife to be, Lifestyle, Net Worth and Personal Life.

In a nutshell, we present the history of the Football Genius who is best known as “Neal”. Lifebogger begins from his early days, to when he became famous as a striker. To give you a taste of the engaging nature of Neal Maupay’s Bio, here is a pictorial summary of his life.

The Life and Rise of Neal Maupay. Image Credits: OGCNice, GetFootballNewsFrance, SkySports and TheSun
The Life and Rise of Neal Maupay.

Yes, everyone knows he has a keen eye for scoring goals and he is undoubtedly one of the next big players in French Football. However, only a hand few consider our version of Neal Maupay’s Biography which is quite interesting. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Neal Maupay Childhood Story  – Family Background and Early Life:

Neal Maupay was born on the 14th day of August 1996 to an Argentine mother and a French father in the French department of Yvelines located on the outskirt of Paris, France.

Maupay has his family origin from the beautiful city of Versailles which is about 17.1 km from Paris city center. Back then, his family resided in Versailles- one of the wealthiest suburbs outside Paris. Versailles is a city known for its gardens that have been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Below is the beautiful view of a city Neal Maupay had his humble beginnings.

Neal Maupay Early Life- He spent the first 4 years in his birth city, Versailles where his family came from. Credit: GardenVisit and frenchmoments
Neal Maupay Early Life- He spent the first 4 years in his birth city, Versailles where his family came from.

Although born in France, Neal Maupay also has Argentine family roots thanks to his mum who migrated to France where she became the wife of Neal Maupay’s dad. While Maupay’s mum took care of the home, his dad had his commitments to a civil service job which played an indirect role in Neal Maupay’s early life and football upbringing.

Civil Service transfers is a common thing for civil servants. In the year 2001, news came to his dad that he had been transferred from Versailles to one of his work branches in Côte d’Azur, an administrative region located in Southeast France.

The decision for the Maupay family to migrate was taken in good faith and little Neal (aged 5) alongside his parents relocated by traveling over 880.0 km to Côte d’Azur. It was in Côte d’Azur that the little boy ignited his footballing dreams.

Neal Maupay Childhood Story – Education and Career Buildup:

At the age of 6 in the year 2002, the young boy found his love which is- “Playing Football“. Neal’s early football passion saw his parents enrolled him in a small club named Valbonne Sophia-Antipolis. He began an early quest to receiving football education there while he successfully juggling it with studies. Due to schooling constraints at that time, Maupay could only play the game with friends during weekends.

Despite being a very small football establishment, Valbonne Sophia-Antipolis had a good rapport with some big names in French football. The little club gained a reputation in projecting their best students to have trials with OGC Nice, their biggest close neighbours. Because Neal Maupay was Valbonne’s best student, OGC Nice got attracted to him. The club did everything necessary to get him into their academy unit.

Neal Maupay Early Career Life:

In the year 2007, Neal Maupay’s potential saw OGC Nice management taking the extra mile. The club scouts went to his Maupay family home to persuade his parents to let their son join them. Neal Maupay’s dad and mum gladly accepted and their young prodigy son switched to Nice, a club 30 minutes from his first club.

At Nice, Maupay began playing up front because of his mature footballing brain. Despite not being the biggest or strongest player, he earned a reputation of always positioning himself in the right place and at the right time.

For heroes, Maupay idolized Luis Suarez who as at then was a superstar with Ajax. He mimicked his style of play on the pitch, a feat that made him stand out from his academy teammates. It was at this moment it got done to a happy Neal that he was going to be a successful footballer.

Neal Maupay felt very comfortable playing for OGC Nice. Image Credit: NiceMatin
Neal Maupay felt very comfortable playing for OGC Nice.

Neal Maupay grew by leaps and bounds in his 5 years in the OGC Nice youth academy. As soon as he turned 16, the immediately rushed to get his signature into their first team. Maupay’s maiden call into the Nice first-team squad was an honour to behold as it saw him bagging the achievement of becoming the youngest player ever to be in an OGC Nice 1st team squad.

Just after his call, 16-year-old Maupay made another achievement in no time. He became the 2nd youngest ever goalscorer in Ligue 1.

Neal Maupay had a successful breakthrough into the Nice senior team. Credit: FranceFootball
Neal Maupay had a successful breakthrough into the Nice senior team.
Just as everything seemed to go in his favor, little did the rising French star know that dark days were indeed coming and his days with the OGC Nice were numbered.

Neal Maupay Untold Biography Facts – Road to Fame:

The Unexpected Fallout: At first, everything began going well with Neal Maupay after his breakthrough into the first-team squad. Things went well Until a torn cruciate ligament injury took him away from his beloved football passion.

Recovering from injury, Maupay met a different attitude from his boss- Claude Puel. He was shocked to see himself becoming out of favor by a man who weeks ago praised him endlessly.

Neal Maupay suddenly fell out of favour under Claude Puel. Image Credit: Ligue1
Neal Maupay suddenly fell out of favour under Claude Puel.

The action of Claude Puel began to affect his career, ultimately changing his mindset about his future with the club. The “Child of Nice” as he is often called lost his patience after being sidelined. He made a deliberate choice to leave the OGC Nice in August 2015.

On 10 August 2015, Maupay got himself transferred to Saint-Étienne. Just few weeks after joining, he began to make great impression with the club. His performance at Saint-Étienne meant he made the right decision to leave OGC Nice. Did you know?… Neal Maupay’s goal-scoring prowess with Saint-Étienne saw him getting called up by the French U19 side.

Despite having a good start with Saint-Etienne, Neal Maupay still felt the need to play in England. Credit: Instagram
Despite having a good start with Saint-Etienne, Neal Maupay still felt the need to play in England.

Activating the English Strategy: Being called up to the French U19 squad saw an ambitious Maupay getting hungrier to climb the footballing ladder. At this time, he began to mapping out his future. It took no time before the youngster began losing interest in French football. Suddenly, he developed the ambition of playing in the Premier League.

Maupay devised a strategy that he would see him going on to test the lower English division. He trusted in his ability to use such English Ligue 2 platform to achieve a rise to the League1, the Championship and then, the premier league. First, Neal Mapuay agreed to test his talent by joining English Ligue 2 club Brest on loan. 

Neal Maupay Bio – Rise to Fame Story:

It wasn’t easy for Neal Maupay to settle in England without learning the English language. Speaking about the difficult experience, he once said;

“I was young, and it was the first time I have to leave my country. I DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO speak English. I didn’t know anyone in the club.

I don’t also know anything about English football, or about England. I’d never been to London. it’s wasn’t easy to settle and feel comfortable When you live with a new culture.”

Despite the language barrier, Maupay performed greatly. He went on to win the August 2016 UNFP Ligue 2 Player of the Month award. He also received further nominations such as the September, October and December 2016 player of the month awards. After these achievements, Neal decided to risk everything by joining Championship club Brentford who signed him on a permanent basis.

Maupay had a good start with Brentford as he immediately became their ultimate goal machine. His performance in the 2018/2019 season saw him getting the following prestigious awards namely; (1) The 2018 August PFA Fans’ Championship Player of the Month, (2) The 2018 September EFL Championship Player of the Month awards, (3) The 2018/2019 Brentford Supporters Player of the Year award and (4) The 2018/2019 Brentford Players’ Player of the Year award.

Neal Maupay's journey into the English Junior League finally paid off. Image Credit: Twitter
Neal Maupay’s journey into the English Junior League finally paid off.

Maupay declared his English lower league mission accomplishment status by winning the most prestigious award. Did you know?… Maupay won the London Football Awards (2018/2019 EFL Player of the Year), cementing his place as the next big player in French football. As many fans would expect, winning the 2018/2019 EFL player of the year award led to his quick ascension to the premier league.

Neal Maupay Rise to Fame Story- He enjoyed a celebrated exit from the EFL. Image Credit: Twitter
Neal Maupay Rise to Fame Story- He enjoyed a celebrated exit from the EFL.
Precisely on the 5th of August 2019, Maupay moved to Premier League with Brighton & Hove Albion. At the time of writing, the French footballer is having a good life and seeing his premier league dreams coming true. He has been involved in many match-winning moments for Brighton most importantly, cementing his place in the club’s team.
Neal Maupay- Having a good life with Brighton. Image Credit: BBCFootball
Neal Maupay- Having a good life with Brighton.
Without a doubt, we football fans might be on the verge of seeing another French youngster blossoming into a world-class talent right in front of our very eyes. The rest, as they say, is now history.

Neal Maupay Girlfriend, Wife, Children?

With his rise to fame and ascension into the English top-flight, it is certain some football fans must have pondered on knowing more of Maupay, for instance, if he has a girlfriend or wife. There is no denying the fact that his cute looks coupled with his style of play wouldn’t place him as a number one on potential girlfriend’s wishlist.

Who is Neal Maupays Girlfriend? Image Credit: Twitter. Image Credit: Instagram
Who is Neal Maupays Girlfriend?
After much research on the internet, It appears at the time of writing, Neal Maupay has made a conscious effort not to reveal his girlfriend or wife (that is if he is already married). Perhaps he could be that Neal is single with no WAG.
Most footballers prefer to shield their girlfriends from the media owing to the fact that English football can be un-forgiven especially when career and relationship matters are not handled well. This might be the case for Neal Maupay.

Neal Maupay Personal Life:

Getting to know Neal Maupay’s Personal Life would help get a complete picture of his personality off the pitch. Starting off, he is more of a loner, one who has proven he can adapt to English culture. Maupay is someone who sometimes feels the need to be alone and away from everything in order to restore strength while reflecting on his future.

Neal Maupay Personal Life Facts. Credit to DailyMail
Neal Maupay Personal Life Facts.

He is a cool guy who loves to display humbleness with no tattoos amidst the fame of modern-day football. Maupay is friendly and does NOT have an alpha male personality. He is not brash, super-confident and assertive. Maupay is over-commitment to learning the English language, a feat that once saw him happily taking his MacBook Pro Apple laptop to professional duties.

Getting to know Neal Maupay Personal Life off the pitch. Image Credit: Instagram and Twitter
Getting to know Neal Maupay Personal Life off the pitch.

More on his personal life, Maupay has a strong-willed person, one who when he makes up his mind to do something, would go on to achieve it. For instance, he once made up his mind to force himself to rise from the English lower leagues to the Premier League despite facing language and culture barriers.

Neal Maupay Lifestyle:

The big salaries of a top footballer’s lifestyle is mostly associated with a luxurious lifestyle easily noticeable by huge mansions, luxury cars, and other signs of wealth. Our very own Neal Maupay is a refreshing antidote to an exotic living. We have evidence of his simple lifestyle. Now, while other footballers drive expensive cars to training sessions, Maupay is often seen with his very own kind of car- The Vespa Scooter.

Getting to know Neal Maupay Lifestyle. Image Credits: independent and Twitter
Getting to know Neal Maupay Lifestyle.
Neal Maupay puts monies from his weekly wages into good use. During holidays, the French man as observed above prefers to visit beautiful seasides destinations. Generally, his behavior and decisions off-the-pitch is a true reflection of a humble lifestyle.

Neal Maupay Family Life:

At the time of writing, information, as regards Neal Maupay’s family members is largely unwritten. However, one thing is sure. The French man with Argentine family roots has successfully has forged his family’s own part towards financial independence all thanks to his decision to become a footballer.

Neal Maupay also at the time of writing has shielded his mum, dad, brother and sisters from exposure from French and English media. They probably enjoy a  good life in France and do occasionally come to visit him in England. We are sure he would soon grant a proper family interview session with the British media. The focus for Neal Maupay now is just FOOTBALL.

Neal Maupay Untold Facts:

His Other Side of Him: Although he might not be tall and big BUT Maupay wouldn’t mind picking up a fight if the need comes, especially against young defenders like Brandon Williams who has once stood on his way.

Brandon Williams and Neal Maupay- The two no-nonsense players. Image Credit: DailyMail
Brandon Williams and Neal Maupay- The two no-nonsense players. Image Credit: DailyMail

His 3 Idol: Maupay is a kind of player who admires not only Luis Suarez. The French man also places his attention on two football geniuses namely; Sergio Aguero, and Zinedine Zidane. Se

“I try to get inspired by all of them. Aguero and Suarez are solid players despite their size. They are not the biggest nor the strongest, but they never let anything down on the ground. they are always in the right place at the right time.

I’m also used to looking after the ball like Zidane. I love to play out wide or as a number 10, but my favored position is to strike”.

Religion: Maupay is a kind of footballer who has been seen severally pointing his fingers up in the sky to thank God after scoring a goal. As observed below, he has no issues with displaying his Christian religious faith.

Neal Maupay points his fingers to the sky after his scores- A sign of Religious belief. Credits: Premier League, brightonandhoveindependent
Neal Maupay points his fingers to the sky after his scores- A sign of Religious belief.

FACT CHECK: Thanks for reading our Neal Maupay Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts. At LifeBogger, we strive for accuracy and fairness. If you find something that doesn’t look right, please share it with us by commenting below. We’ll always value and respect your ideas.

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