Ozan Kabak Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Ozan Kabak Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Biography of Ozan Kabak tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Girlfriend/wife to be, Lifestyle, Personal Life and Net Worth.

In a nutshell, we give you a concise history of the Turkish footballer from Ankara. Lifebogger begins this story from his early days, to when he became famous. To give you a taste of the engaging nature of the Ozan Kabak Bio, here is a pictorial summary of his life.

The Biography of Ozan Kabak. From his Childhood to moments of Fame.
The Biography of Ozan Kabak. From his Childhood times to moments of Fame.

In case you aren’t aware, he is one of Europe’s most exciting defensive talents. A footballer in the list of ESPN’s soccer’s 36 best players aged 21 or under. Despite this accolade, only few fans are acquinted with Ozan Kabak’s Life Story. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Ozan Kabak Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname – Ozwall. Ozan Muhammed Kabak was born on the 25th day of March 2000 to his father, a Prison Director, and mother, a homemaker, in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey.

The Turkish professional footballer came to the world as the first son and second child, out of three children born to the union between his parents whom we have pictured here.

Meet Ozan Kabak's parents.
Meet Ozan Kabak’s parents. Can you tell whom the footballer resembles?

Growing-Up in Turkey:

The Centre-back enjoyed his childhood years alongside his older sister and a younger brother who goes by the name Emre. Interestingly, Emre is also into football and wants to be like Ozan. Little age difference seperates both brothers and we bet, that it is hard for you to tell the difference between Ozan and Emre.

Ozan Kabak's Family. He grew up alongside his elder sister and a younger brother named Emre.
Ozan Kabak’s Family. He grew up alongside his elder sister and a younger brother, Emre. 

Secondly, interms of growing up, are you aware that Ozwall had a nomadic childhood? Yes!… In fact, He grew up in many Turkish cities owing to the nature of his father’s job as a Prison Director.

Amid the movements, the youngster developed intense love for watching and practicing football. Back then, Ozan was a staunch supporter of Liverpool because he love their red colour. His two football idols – Stephen Gerrard and Luis Suarez – always gives him joy watching their games.

Ozan Kabak Family Background:

Growing up, there are three certainties in life – a humble, happy or rough upbringing. Kabak had a happy childhood and his parents brought him up in a humble way. His joyful upbringing is somewhat connected to the fact that his Dad, a Prison Director is rich. Not to forget, he comes from a family who are football enthusiasts.

Ozan Kabak Family Origin:

This map of Turkey explains Ozan Kabak family origin.
This map of Turkey explains Ozan Kabak family origin.

The Ankara native is a bonafide Turkish national. Results from a deeper research carried out to determine his family leanage indicates Ozan has both Asian and European roots. Well, we don’t find that surprising because Turkey straddles Asia and Europe.

Ozan Kabak Education:

Like many children of Turkey, his parents had him go through the primary education. Going to secondary school was a bit challenging because of the need to multitask between football and his books. Despite that, our boy graduated with honours as he won a Science High School award in Istanbul.

Ozan Kabak Football Story:

Contrary to widespread misinformation rocking the Internet, Ozwall’s journey in soccer did not begin at Galatasaray. As a matter of fact, he took his first steps in the sport with Silivrispor as a striker.

Ozan Kabak went through a tiring process during his youth. He multitasked heavily as regards education and wanting to be a footballer. Our boy almost gave up on becoming a footballer during these difficult times. Thankfully his parents and club supported him.

Early Life in Career Football:

By the time Kabak was 12 years old, he went for trials at Galatasaray and was successful at it. Thus began his journey at the club where they saw to his conversion from a striker to a defender. Giving reason behind the conversion, academy coach Nedim Yigit remarked that:

“He had a running style which frightened opponents. In fact, every time Ozan got the ball, he runs with it as well as protects it.

Therefore, we decided he should be a full-back because he cared for the ball and carried it forward so well.”

Initially, young Kabak was not happy with the change. However, he was quick to adapt to it. Thankfully, he rose through the club’s academy ranks without issues.

During his early life with the club, Ozan Kabak’s parents offered to enrol their son in a private high school. But he never liked that. At the end, they agreed for him to be a boarder with Galatasaray.

Living his life within the club’s training ground gave the youngster lots to learn and boosed his maturity. Secondary schooling soon became a past and Ozan utilized all his time to face football – his only job. By the time he grabbed this honour, almost everyone knew he would certainly be successful in life.

Ozan Kabak Early Career Success.
Ozan Kabak Early Career Success.

Being selected by his country for the 2017 UEFA European Under-17 Championship gave Ozan the fame national recognition – although on a small scale.

The youngster helped Turkey reached the last four of the tournament where he grazed the field against talents like Emile Smith Rowe, Man city’s Phil Foden, Chelsea’s Callum Hodson Odoi and Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho. Sadly, his team was eliminated by Italy.

Ozan Kabak Biography – Road To Fame Story:

Towards the end of his academy years, Kabak wasn’t far from being too skinny. Responding to this, the club’s management tasked him on hitting the gym. That prepared him for the physicality that he will face in senior football.

Before graduating from the academy, the rising star bonded with senior players who guided on how to stay humble. Also, the secrets to having a successful start to senior football.

When Ozwall eventually signed his first professional contract with Galatasaray, it was evident that he had prospects of becoming the next rated young defender.

As luck would have it, he began a senior career life on a clean slate. Ozan made his professional debut by helping his team in a 2–0 Süper Lig win over rivals, Yeni Malatyaspor on 12 May 2018.

Beating all the odds stacked on his way, he handled all presure by ward off opposing strikers. Ozan played against the likes of Emmanuel Adebayor and Beşiktaş hit man – Anderson Talisca. Back then, these man were the biggest strikers in Turkish football.

With Bafetimbi Gomis on his team, helping them to deliver goals, Kabak played his usual role in providing a shielded defence. Together, his entire Lion team went on to win the prestiguous 2017/18 Süper Lig title. 

Just after the win, it became clear to the Turkish federation that a perfect partner to Çağlar Söyüncü (a turkish defensive star) had arrived. To the joy of Ozan Kabak family, one of their own got a call to represent the Turkish national team.

Ozan Kabak Bio – Rise To Fame Story:

After achieving much for the Turkish league at a relatively young age, the commanding and technically gifted defender began setting his eyes on Europe. Kabak left his parent club Galatasaray for VfB Stuttgart. There, he did a good job in ensuring that the club did not suffer relegation.

Interestingly, it was with VfB that the rising star entered the record books as Turkish youngest and third-youngest Stuttgart player to score twice in a single Bundesliga match. With that goal, including several sublime performances, he went on to win the Bundesliga Rookie of the 2018/2019 Season.

Ozan Kabak enjoyed a blissful life with VfB Stuttgart.
Ozan Kabak enjoyed a blissful life with VfB Stuttgart.

Observing he was fast becoming one of the fastest rising defender in the world, Schalke took an opportunity. They activated his release clause. Are you Aware?… Schalke went from bad to worse in defence before his arrival and while there, Kabak helped them hold it – without making them suffer relegation.

Truth be told, Ozan Kabak has been as solid as a rock for the Royal Blues. In his first year at Schalke, he established himself with several great performances. We have a video which justifies why he was labelled – the highest-rated young defender in Europe.

Fast forward to the time of writing the defender’s childhood story and biography, he arrived in England after Liverpool completed a loan deal for him. Ozan joined following the inability of Rhy Williams to relieve Reds defence after several injuries to their top defenders.

Did you know?… The ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone‘ song was among the things that made Ozan so eager and determined to join Liverpool. We got to find out during his amazing first interview with the club. Watch it here.

No doubt, the move is a dream come true for Ozan as he will get to feature for the Reds which he has supported since his childhood days. We also learnt he idolizes Virgil van Dijk. Whichever way things turn out for him at Anfield, the rest, as they say, will be history.

Who is Ozan Kabak Dating?

Does Ozan Kabak have a Girlfriend?
Does Ozan Kabak have a Girlfriend?

Following his transfer to the most exciting league in the world, many have been keen on knowing the women in Ozwall’s life, specifically his girlfriend.

However, It seems the Turk (at the time of writing his Bio) is yet to decide on having a girlfriend talk less of a wife – at least for now. He hasn’t made mention of any woman and might likely stay single, at least for the early part of his Liverpool career.

Ozan Kabak Family Life: 

It’s no secret that he is loved by fans for what he does on the field of play. However, there are a few persons who love him more for just existing. These are the Kabak family. Here, Lifebogger will bring you facts about Ozan Kabak’s parents. We’ll also make some truths about his siblings and relatives.

About Ozan Kabak Father:

His Dad worked in the Turkish prisons where he rose so high to become a Prison Director. Did you know?… Ozan Kabak’s father was once a footballer who couldn’t get pass the amateur stages of the game. Not reaching the level he wanted, the popular Prison Director supported his son to continue living the Kabak family dream.

Meet Ozan Kabak's Father. He is a famous Prison Director in Turkey.
Meet Ozan Kabak’s Father. He is a famous Prison Director in Turkey.

Back then, it was difficult for Ozan to continue his career in Galatasaray because his father was tranferred to Tekirdağ, a city in northeastern Turkey. This was the major reasons he requested for Galatasaray accomodation.

About Ozan Kabak Mother:

She is often branded as ‘Very Supportive’. Ozan’s mum was instrumental in driving her son to training during his Dad’s busy schedule with the Turkish Prisons. Behold the best picture we could find of the proud mother of three.

Ozan Kabak's mother. Still beautiful in her age.
Meet Ozan Kabak’s mother. Still beautiful in her age.

On another note, we got to find out that Ozan Kabak’s mother is a homemaker. She takes credit for supporting her husband in instilling the values of discipline and education to her children. Lastly, she makes it a point of duty to attend Kabak’s games and giving him moral support when he needs it.

About Ozan Kabak’s Brother:

His name is Emre Kabak and he looks exactly like his big brother, Ozan. Results from our research has it that Emre is also into soccer but yet to achieve his breakthrough. 

This is Emre (right). He is Ozan Kabak look-alike brother.
This is Emre (right). He is Ozan Kabak look-alike brother.

About Ozan Kabak’s Sister:

Thou she appears younger in looks, this paragon of beauty is the older sister and first born child of the Kabak family. She took this photo with her brother during his 20th birthday celebration.

This is Ozan Kabak's Sister. She is the eldest child of the family.
This is Ozan Kabak’s Sister. She is the eldest child of the family.

About Ozan Kabak’s relatives:

Away from his parents and siblings, there are no records of Ozwall’s extended family life, especially as it relates to his maternal and paternal grandparents.

Do you know his uncles, aunts? We will be happy to have you share that piece of information with us. Also, it will be kind of esteemed readers to volunteer information about his cousin, nephews and nieces.

Ozan Kabak Personal Life:

Sportswriters lack words whenever it comes to describing the content of the centre back’s character outside soccer. There’s really not much difference between who he is on the field and out of the pitch of play.

Ozan’s emotional intelligence, empathy, sense of humour, camaraderie, soft-spokeness and work ethics know no boundaries. The defender doesn’t deny himself the pleasures of going on outings whenever he has the chance. Also, he hangs out with friends a lot and spends quality time with family.

Last but not the least, Ozan Kabak is someone who never forgets where he comes from. Despite his busy schedules, he still finds time to visit the setting that made him, the successful footballer he has become. Here is a video that explains his personality.

Ozan Kabak Lifestyle – Cars and Net Worth:

You need no epistle to understand that Ozwall is already living the life he dreamt of. This statement comes after we realised – that his salary at Liverpool is an improvement of the €2,025,916 that he used to take home at FC Schalke.

Despite the huge monies to goes into his pockets, the Turkish professional footballer remains an antidote to using exotic cars. Ozan is pictured here with his agent in what looks like an average car when compares to the thousands that he makes weekly. 

Finally on his lifestyle, we reckon that Kabak already has a net worth of €5m regardless of the fact that he is very young. Without a doubt, cruising in exotic cars and living in expensive houses/apartments should be fundamental rights of the starlet.

Facts About Ozan Kabak:

To wrap up this piece on Ozwall’s childhood story and biography, here are little-known or Untold truths about him.

Fact #1 – The Spitting Story:

Everyone nows that ejecting saliva, forcibly from one’s mouth to another is a gesture of anger. For this reason, we conclusively say – Ozan Kabak isn’t a perfect footballer as many would look him as.

The defender once caused the scandal after forcibly ejecting saliva to his opponent. He did that out of the fustration of seeing team loosing a match. Watch the video below.

Fact #2 – Salary Breakdown and Earnings Per Seconds:

TENURE/EARNINGSEarnings in Euros (€)
Per Year:: €2,025,916
Per Month:€168,826
Per Week:€38,900
Per Day:€5,557
Per Hour:€232
Per Minute:€4
Per Seconds:€0.06

Since you started viewing Ozan Kabak’s Bio, this is what he has earned.


Fact #3 – FIFA 2021 Ratings:

The defender, just like fellow Turk, Cengiz Ünder, has a good FIFA ratings to his name. In 2020 Ozan was one of the best youngsters in FIFA 20. Fast forward to 2021, he is still the best promises for you to rock in Career Mode.

Fact #4 – Ozan Kabak Religion:

Do we need to mention that Kabak is a dedicated Muslim like his compatriot Hakan Çalhanoğlu? No doubt, Islam is a predominant religion in Turkey and the defender is one of the religion’s practising adherent.

Fact #5 – Love For Van Dijk:

Since childhood, Ozan has been in love with Liverpool. He grew up admiring the likes of Steven Gerrard and Sami Hyppia. Even before he dreamt of joining Liverpool, Ozan fought to have Virgil’s van Dijk No.4 Reds shirt.

A day to Christmas, December 24th 2018, Ozan finally got the shirt hr dreamt off. It was signed by his idol Virgil van Dijk himself. The signed Virgil shirt was presented to him by former Galatasaray team-mate, Omer Bayram – a childhood friend of van Dijk.

 Sharing the story behind how he got Virgil’s signed shirt, Kabak once said:

“I had a friend in Galatasaray named Omer Bayram. he is a childhood friend to Virgil van Dijk from Holland – my idol.

So I was talking with him and I said something nice about Virgil van Dijk. I told him he’s very good and I like him as my Idol.

Immediately, Omer told me Virgil was his childhood friend. I couldn’t believe it. Then the day after he shocked me, by bringing the footballer’s jersey to me.

Omer said He told Virgil about me and the dutch did more than an autograph. I was so happy. I put this jersey on my wall in my family house. That is the story!

We’ve gone further to show you a clear image of Virgil van Dijk’s autograph to Ozan. As seen below, the Dutch defender didn’t just sign. He was generous enough to write “To Ozan! All the Best!

In Conclusion:

Thanks for reading this informative piece on Ozan Kabak’s childhood story and biography. We hope that the centre back’s exciting journey from Turkey to the Premier League has inspired you to believe that dreams come true.

From the onset, Kabak’s childhood dream was to play for Liverpool – talk less of featuring in the same team with his idol. It behoves Lifebogger to commend the defender’s parents for his excellent upbringing. In fact, they really did a good job and serve as an example to parents of other football prodigies.

At Lifebogger, we take pride in delivering Turkish Football Players childhood stories and biography facts with accuracy and fairness. If you see anything that doesn’t look right, in Ozan Kabak’s Bio, do well to contact us or leave a message below. To get a summary of his Memoir, use our Wiki table.

Full Names:Ozan Muhammed Kabak
Age:21 years and 0 months old.
Date of Birth:25th day of March 2000.
Place of Birth:Ankara, the capital city of Turkey.
Siblings:Emre (younger brother), An older sister.
Height in Feet:6 Feet, 1 Inches.
Height in cm:186 CM.
Playing Position:Centre Back.
Girlfriend/wife to be:N/A.
Net worth:€5m.
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