Emile Smith Rowe Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Emile Smith Rowe Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Biography of Emile Smith-Rowe tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Girlfriend/Wife to be, Lifestyle, Net Worth, and Personal Life.

In a nutshell, we have the history of the English football starlet inspired by Arsenal football club. We begin from his boyhood days to when he became famous with the Gunners. To whet your autobiography appetite, behold his life progression gallery — a perfect summary of Emile Smith Rowe’s Bio.

The Biography of Emile Smith Rowe. From Childhood time to Fame.
The Biography of Emile Smith Rowe. From Childhood time to Fame.

Yes, everyone knows he resembles Kevin De Bruyne in looks and potentials. For this reason, GOAL calls him Arsenal’s Croydon De Bruyne – a boy who can find space even in a telephone box. Despite the accolade, we notice only few fans know his Life Story. We have it, all prepared for you, and for the love of the game. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Emile Smith Rowe’s Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname – Emzinho. Emile Smith Rowe was born on the 28th day of July 2000 to his mother, Fiona Rowe, and father, Leslie Rowe, in Croydon, a large town in south London, England.

The English professional footballer is the second son out of two boys – born of the union between his parents who is likely in their forties. Below is Les Smith Rowe with a work colleague.

Emile Smith Rowe's parents. He look after his Daddy's looks right?
Meet one of Emile Smith Rowe’s parents. Have you seen a resemblance between him and Les, his Dad?

In a conversation with Les, we found out he took this photo at an annual Christmas event where Emile also attended. In that occasion, the youngster did signed autographs and also took pictures with some special people his Dad worked with. This is a sign of his humble beginning.

Growing Up Years:

There are lots of great things about spending childhood moments with an elder brother. For young Emile, it made his life sweeter. Both siblings spent their early years at Thornton Heath, a famous town in south London. As a boy, ESR idolized Frank Lampard.

Emile Smith Rowe Family Background:

The footballer’s parents – Less and Fiona – were once middle-class earners. Both Mum and Dad derived pleasure as social care workers in the north of London. Early on, Less and Fiona ensured they build a home whose lifestyle is centred around hard work and respect. That they instilled into their sons.

Emile Smith Rowe Family Origin:

The English footballer’s birthplace of Thornton Heath speaks alot about his desire to please football fans. The truth is, people from Emile’s London roots are diligent. In summary, they know what it takes to succeed in life.

Emile Smith Rowe family are natives of Thornton Heath, southern Greater London, England.
Emile Smith Rowe family are natives of Thornton Heath, southern Greater London, England.

Look at the life of Wilfried Zaha, for instance. No doubt, he is a perfect example of a Thornton Heath born and bred. Put simply, Emily’s hometown hardly produces people who are lazy.

Education and Career Buildup:

As a little boy, Emzinho could predict his future. His ambitions of become a professional footballer didn’t go as a passing fantasy. Recognizing their boy’s will to play soccer for a living, Elme’s parents (Fiona and Les) enrolled him at a local football school.

To top up his skills, hardworking Emile continued with football even after school hours. He also participated heavily in neighborhood soccer kick around. Because Emile Smith Rowe’s parents worked in North London, it became easy for them to find career opportunities for their son.

Before he joined Arsenal, Elime had a trial with Chelsea around 2009. At last, and to the joy of his household, the youngster got accepted by the Gunners at age 10.

Emile Smith Rowe Untold Football Story:

After the admission into Arsenal educational house, there came a challenge for the family. It was difficult for Les and Fiona to travel approximately two hours daily (to and fro) in order to drop off Emile at Hale End – where we have Arsenal’s academy.

To make life easier, Emile, his brother and parents made a decision to relocate from South to North London. With that, the usual long-distance travel became eliminated. Having relocated, it was easier for his Dad to keep a close eye on the baby of his house. At this time, Les and Fiona began watching almost every game their son played.

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Early Career Life with Arsenal:

Emily experienced a fast rise with the Gunners. He was the type who rose above any challenge put in his way. He found more strength as he passed through the academy. Among these lads – back then in 2010 – we can beat our chest to say Emile has seen success the most

Journeying through the youth ranks, Smith Rowe saw himself developing into a precocious whiz kid. He was a lad who got blessed with adhesive control and an offensive midfield knack. That he used joyfully to drift past opponents.

Emile Smith Rowe’s Biography- The Road to Fame Story:

Approaching his fifteen birthday, there came conversations among leading talent spotters who discussed the youngster’s potential for England. To the surprise of Emile Smith Rowe’s family, the baby of the house got an England call – for the under-16 team.

A year later – while still progressing through the ranks at Arsenal’s academy – Emile got another call of destiny. This time, he got summoned to be part of the 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup.

With his bright blond hair, Smith Rowe was never hard to miss on the pitch. Thanks to his wonder goals, our boy alongside Rhian Brewster helped England win the trophy.

The aggregation of hours spent honing his craft as well as his national honour saw big clubs chasing after him for a signature. Among gaints were Tottenham and Barcelona. Truth be told, Emily stood true to Arsenal even behind the club’s back. Humility and trust saw him pledging his allegiance to the Gunners while rejecting Spurs and Barca.

Emile Smith Rowe Bio – The Success Story:

Like many youngsters did, he went on loan at the age of 18. First to RB Leipzig and second to Huddersfield Town. After paying his dues, the youngster returned to Arsenal – under the tutelage of Freddie Ljungberg. At that time, Emile began to make his mark while patiently waiting for an Arsenal first team opportunity.

Towards the mid 2020/2021 season, Arsenal’s performance crumbled. At that time, the club’s Multi-million pound stars flopped. Worried Mikel Arteta was in search for anything that would offer a glimmer of hope. Delving deep into his reserve, an obscure name of Emile Rowe-Smith popped up.

The appreciation of Gunners fans didn’t go unnoticed as the 6ft-tall attacking midfielder alongside notables (like Kieran Tierney) became one of the standout stars who made his club have a positive end of 2020 and a bright start of 2021.

At the time (January 2021), when Emile Smith Rowe caused a joyous upset against Chelsea after nutmegging N’Golo Kante, Arsenal fans got dumbfounded – with one thing on their mind. That they no longer need Mikel Arteta to sign Isco as replacement for Ozil. Behold, the new Mesut, AKA Emzinho.

At the time of writing this Bio, the last-born child of Fiona and Les is one of the most exciting prospects at Arsenal. Forming a formidable partnership ship with Bukayo Saka (another Arsenal Loyalist), we tip Smith Rowe to become Arsenal regular in no time. The rest, as we say, is history.

Emile Smith Rowe Love Life – Girlfriend, Wife, Child?

With his rise to fame and becoming very successful with the Gunners, it is certain that Arsenal fans would make certain inquiries on his love life. Queries like if Emzinho has a girlfriend. Or maybe… a wife and child just like his age mate – Phil Foden – does.

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Well, here is our thought. Lifebogger believes the soccer star already has a woman in his life but is waiting for the right moment to unveil her. Not just her, but future children born to him because Emile Smith Rowe strikes us as a father and good husband.

Personal Life Facts:

Who is Emile Smith Rowe away from Footballing affairs? To know him better, we’ll tell you a short story.

Years ago, a journalist asked youngster where he was born. To make the interviewer’s life as straightforward as he could try, Emile replied in the words… “Croydon.” The Arsenal boy never went into details by mentioning Thornton Heath – his birthplace, where he calls home.

Now what does this imply?… It means Smith Rowe has won many battles we know nothing about – except when he mentions his family roots. He is someone who instills the value of mental toughness and work ethics. We see discipline as the gift that keeps the young Gunner going.

As regards his bobbies, the shinning star just like Hector Bellerin is a seasoned gamer. Lastly, we notice he loves shopping alone – without a girlfriend – as least for now.

Emile Smith Rowe Lifestyle:

What does Emzinho do with the 20,000 pounds he receives every week? First thing first, he spends well on clothes and shoes. ESR loves to make his appearance reflect one of his personality fans know little about.

Speaking of his character, Emile has a cheeky sense of humour which is a symbol of his humble lifestyle. The Croydon native sure knows how to tease people without being nasty in the act.

Net Worth:

Currently placed at approximately £700K (2020 figures), Emile Smith Rowe’s net worth is likely to shoot upwards as a mega Arsenal deal is on sight. To summarize his financial status, see the car he drives. It says a lot about his current purchasing power.

Emile Smith Rowe's Car.
Emile Smith Rowe’s Car.

Emile Smith Rowe’s Family Life:

They are like branches of trees. It is a household that grew in different directions, yet their roots choose to remains as one. In this section, we’ll shed more light about his Mum, Dad, brother and relatives.

About Emile Smith Rowe Parents:

Look into their eyes of Les. What do you see?… For us, we see the purest love from a proud Dad. Inspired by his occupation (the act of social care), both parents have done their homework.

Super Dad, Les is a source of self-restraint while his wife Fiona is the root of kindness and humbleness in the family. Living in North London, both parents now work in the city’s education sector. They still find time to attend every game their son plays in.

About Emile Smith Rowe’s Brother:

So far as we know – since childhood, the Footballer and his elder brother stuck together like glue. However, as years passed by, they both faced their destinies. We know little if Emile’s big brother got into football. It’s only a matter of time before our research team finds out about him and relatives – one among whom he inherited his 6 feet height from.

Emile Smith Rowe Untold Facts:

Wrapping up our childhood and Biography story, we’ll use this final section to tell you truths you might not know about Emzinho.

Fact #1 – Comparing his Salary to the Average Citizen :

TENURE/SALARYEarnings in Euros (€)Earnings in Pounds (£)
Per Year€1,134,600£1,041,600
Per Month€94,500£86,800
Per Week€21,787£20,000
Per Day€3,112£2,857
Per Hour€129£119
Per Minute€2.2£2
Per Second€0.04£0.03

Since you started viewing Emile Smith Rowe‘s Bio, this is what he has earned.


Did you know?…. The average Londoner who earns £38k a year still need to work for as much as 27 years and six months to make Emile Smith Rowe’s yearly salary (2020 stats).

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Fact #2: He once fell asleep – missing a football match:

It happened during his under 23 days – the time Freddie Ljungberg coached him. That faithful day, fans waited for the Mesut Ozil of Arsenal’s youth to come save them from defeat.

Unfortunately, our very own Emile found his happy hour. He overslept – in his best position, in an unknown location – missing the match in the process. Because of that, his friends gave him the temporary nickname – ‘Sleeping bro.’

Fact #3: Became a Tennis Player at Arsenal:

This happened while he was still at the Gunner’s academy. Emile shares a huge Tennis skill with a one-time Arsenal idol, Robin van Persie . Accroding to reports, Smith Rowe earned reputation for being the best tennis player at during his time at Arsenal’s academy.

Fact #4: Relationship with Kevin De Bruyne:

Seeing Emile Smith Rowe reminds football fans of KDB, right? By resemblance, you could easily confuse them as brothers. Again, it won’t be surprising that weird inquiries about the Man City star will begin to arise. Questions like if Rowe is an Albino – as people ask about Kevin De Bruyne.

Fact #6: FIFA Stats:

The football simulation video games did well by predicting a big future for the youngster. However, for his overall ranking, Emile suffers from poor rating – thou not as worst as Liverpool’s Rhys Williams. We are certain both lads will see the rise.

Fact #7: Why he wears Small Stockings:

At the time he became popular, you could easily spot him on the pitch because of his legs. These days, we know Emile to follow the part of Jack Grealish – as they both wear short shin guards and stockings. Results from research suggest it is his own football ritual.


Without a doubt, Arsenal fans could have their very own Kevin de Bruyne at their club after his impressive 2020 rise to fame. More so, Emile Smith Rowe’s Biography teaches us that we can not experience career growth if we don’t seize the moment of opportunity. As observed, ESR seized a moment of grace during the end of 2020.

It behoves LifeBogger to appreciate his parents for their sacrifices, especially after understanding their boy’s desire to play football for a living. We know it that during Emile Smith Rowe’s childhood, Les and Fiona left their family home in Thornton Heath to settle in North London. They did this, all in the name of ensuring a smooth ride for their boy at Arsenal’s academy.

Coincidentally, the young Gunner, aside from his close resemblance with Kevin De Bruyne is also good creating chances and scoring goals. Positioned as both attacking midfielder or central midfielder, we can conclusively say he has a mix of Brune and Dennis Beckamp.

In the year 2021, fans are happy to see Emile Smith Rowe continue to shine as Arsenal travel redeem their lost image.

Kindly engage with us if you see anything that doesn’t look good in this article. Otherwise, tell in in the comment section on your thoughts about the attacking midfielder. For a summary of Emile Smith Rowe’s Biography, use this Wiki Table.

Full Name:Emile Smith Rowe.
Date of Birth:28 July 2000.
Place of Birth:Croydon, London, England.
Age20 years and 8 months old.
Parents:Fiona Smith Rowe (Mother) and father, Les Smith Rowe (Father).
Siblings:An older brother and no sister.
Family Origin:Thornton Heath.
Height in Meters1.82 Meters.
Height in Feets6 Feet.
Football Idol:Frank Lampard.
Playing position:Attacking midfielder.

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