Cengiz Under Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Cengiz Under Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Biography of Cengiz Under tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family Facts, his Wife, Cars, Net Worth, Lifestyle, and Personal Life.

Simply put, we present you with a complete breakdown of his Bio, from his early days to when he became famous. Before that, let’s show you a brief picture summary of his Life Story.

First, you probably don’t know he is Turkish. Thou, not as popular as one of his country’s greats- Arda Turan, only a few of his fans have read his Memoir. Without delay, let’s begin with the story of his early years.

Cengiz Under Childhood Story:

For Biography Starters, Cengiz Under was born on the 14th day of July 1997 to his mother, Fatma Under and father, Hasan Under, in the town of Sindirgi, Turkey. The Footballer is the first of two children born of the union between his parents who appear to be in their 50’s at the time of writing.

Right from time, Cengiz has always shown interest in playing football. It all started at the age of five when he witnessed his country record a historic success of reaching the 2002 FIFA World Cup semi-finals. Although Turkey finished with a bronze medal in the competition, Cengiz became quite motivated to play for his country someday.

As the young Turk advanced in age, so did his unwavering love for football grow. That means the 5-year-old was not reeled into the adventure of football by coincidence. Instead, his full conviction to make his country proud steered him into choosing soccer over everything else.

Cengiz Under Family Background:

As much as Turkey is known for its undivided loyalty to religion, so also was Cengiz raised in an Islamic Family Background. Early on, young Cengiz Under’s parents ensured he gave an absolute dedication to his prayer time every day.

Funny enough, Cengiz would often run off to the streets to play football with his friends after Asr (Muslim afternoon prayer). Maybe his dedication and inclination to pray before setting off to the field has graced him with success in his latter days’ career. Well, we can never be sure about that!

Cengiz Under Family Origin:

Research shows that his nationality is Turkey. However, we know you’ve probably asked; where is he from?… maybe Japan or China. Judging by his looks, Cengiz Under’s family is likely to have their family lineage from the above or anyone of those Asian countries.

An analysis of his Turkish birthplace (Sindirgi) shows that the town is a district of Balikesir Province in Turkey’s Marmara region. No doubt, the province is known for its hand scented perfume, Kolonya.

Cengiz Under Football Story:

Growing up in Sindirgi, the youngster became inseparable with football. Back then, he quickly completes his assignments after school and runs off to play soccer with his friends. Little by the little, the Cengiz saw himself focusing more on playing football than academic endeavours. Meet Cengiz childhood friends and football partners back in the days.

At the age of ten, his parents wisely sought for an affordable soccer academy to register their son. Luckily, they stumbled across Bucaspor Football Academy, which was newly opened at about that period. They enrolled Cengiz at the soccer institute in the year 2007. Behold, your favourite Under as he appeared very little in his first football Academy.

Early Career Life:

Joining Bucaspor academy seemed like a dream come true for the young Turk who has often seen football as his daily bread. As time went on, Cengiz realized he needed to put up a fantastic performance to record success in his football expedition.

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For six years, young lad kept on building his stamina and improving his skills amongst other young talents of his academy. While he was at that, Cengiz Under’s parents kept on searching for a better sports institute that would help him scale up his football portfolio.

Fortunately, in 2013, his dad made him apply for trials with Altinordu football club which he passed with flying colours. Here is a summary of his humble beginning at Altinordu football club.

Cengiz Under Biography – Road To Fame Story:

As the Future Star patiently trained with his new club’s junior team, so did he gradually get more time to show off his playing tactics in serious matches. Luckily, he was recognized for his football prowess and called up to play for Turkey’s U-18 squad.

After making six appearances and scoring one goal for his country’s U-18 team, Cengiz was promoted to the U-19 squad. Within that same period in 2014, the Turkish player also advanced into Altinordu senior team, a feat which marks the beginning of his professional career in club football. Here is a glimpse at his performance for Altinordu senior team.

Cengiz Under Biography- Success Story:

You can easily guess the expression on his parents’ face when the news of their son becoming a professional got to them. At that moment, Cengiz became more determined to record future glory days that would give his family joy.

Hence, he transferred to Istanbul Basaksehir in 2016 and established himself as one of the most valuable players in Turkey professional League (Super Lig). Meet the boy-turn-man who made a name for himself while playing for Istanbul Basaksehir in the Turkish League.

Barely two seasons at his new club, Fortune found Cengiz as he did seal a contract deal of €13.4 million with Roma in July 2017. Thanks to his proficiency in striking, the Turk netted a goal in his Champions League debut. Hence, he became the youngest Turkish player to score in the competition.

No doubt, he became more popular by joining AS Roma in 2017. Even more popular after winning the 2018 Turkish Footballer of the Year Awards.

Fast forward to the time of writing this Bio, Cengiz has joined Caglar Soyuncu in Leicester City- on a season-long loan with a choice of a permanent transfer. Soccer Fans do hope his English career won’t go the route of Cenk Tosun, his fellow countryman who didn’t impress much in the country. The rest, as they say, is history.

Cengiz Under Love Life:

First and foremost, we can not argue the fact that his cute looks would attract female fans who would consider themselves as potential girlfriends and wife materials. However, the Turkish player has kept his relationship life a secret.

Notwithstanding, we’ve seen him post images of two different ladies laughing by his side on his Instagram page. Hence, we examined the photos and found out that he tried as much as possible to blur the ladies’ faces. This leaves us with only one question; Could one of them be Cengiz Under’s Girlfriend or probably wife?

Cengiz Under Personal Life:

Away from his job on the field, the Turk is calm and welcoming. Cengiz is someone who can easily adapt to all sorts of energies that surrounds him. He does possess this deep need to spend time alone, either in or close to water and away from everything, in order to restore his inner strength.

Cengiz Under Lifestyle:

Being a top-notch soccer star, he has amassed enough wealth that can afford him a luxurious Lifestyle. The truth is, he is hardly seen exhibiting such luxury.

The Roma star was once gifted with a brand new Volvo XC40 car after being voted the best player of the month in February 2018.

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Did you know?… Volvo was not generous enough to give Cengiz absolute right to the car as he would only remain its owner until the next player of the month is voted subsequently. The Volvo car does fit him and it would be great if he ends up buying a similar model- who knows?

Finally, having a persona of the Cancer zodiac trait means that the Turkish player will exhibit a self-protective and security-seeking characteristic. Hence, he has no desire to display the makings of his luxurious house and exotic cars to the public.

Cengiz Under Net Worth:

Playing for different prestigious and professional clubs spells enormous financial proceedings for Cengiz. Therefore, he has an estimated Net worth of £3.6 Million at the time of writing this Bio.

Cengiz Under Hobbies:

He does love to swim. Most of the time, Under derives pleasure from taking snapshots of himself in a pool. Perhaps, he would have made a great swimmer in the Olympics if football didn’t work out.

Cengiz Under Family Life:

Due to his occupation, he only gets to spend a little time with his household. However, the bond that exists between members of Cengiz Under’s family is unfathomable.

See how his parents and sister bids him farewell as he embarks on a life-changing journey to Rome (after joining AS Roma) in 2017. Now let’s get to know about his dad, mum and siblings.

About Cengiz Under Father:

The super Dad is a significant pillar that has paved a tremendous pathway in his career life. To tell you the truth, Cengiz’s father, Hasan Under, is a great man who did fulfil his paternal obligation of discovering his son’s inborn talent. Both are very close as you see a young Cengiz posing confidently besides father, Hasan Under.

Thanks to his quick-wittedness, Hasan Under is now reaping the proceedings of his hard work as well as the fortunes of a visionary Dad. Do you know?… Hasan Under often prays for his child each time he gets to talk to the media. Here is what he religiously said;

“I am proud of my son. God let him open the way. May Allah give you long lives with no accidents.”

About Cengiz Under Mother:

Another notable icon that has supported the former Roma player is his mom, Fatma Under. Only women can understand the level of unconditional love Fatma has for her son. Here, she ended up crying to her heart as Cengiz takes one of his leave.

As far back as 2017, Cengiz’s mom could hardly fight back her tears as she bid her son farewell to Rome. Wow! That heartfelt emotional moment would always leave a lasting memory in the mind of the National Star.

About Cengiz Under Siblings:

You can consider Cengiz a lucky player because he’s got a lovely sister, Fatma Nur, who is the only sibling. Just like his mother, Cengiz’s sister, Fatma Nur, also cried profusely when he left Turkey for Rome. Well, it is undeniable that Cengiz Under’s family has this strong emotional bond. What a caring younger sister he has. See how she already misses him.

About Cengiz Under Relatives:

Believe it or not, Cengiz’s Uncles and aunts have directly or indirectly influenced his success. Not only that, but his cousins and other relatives are proud to have someone like him in their family. If his grandfather and grandmother are still alive, they would definitely celebrate his accomplishment.

Cengiz Under Untold Facts:

To wrap up our Biography, here are few facts that would help you get a complete knowledge of his life story.

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Fact #1: Cengiz Under Salary and Earnings Per Seconds:

TENURE/EARNINGSEarning in Pounds (£)
Per Year£4,466,154
Per Month£372,180
Per Week£85,756
Per Day£12,251
Per Hour£510
Per Minute£8.5
Per Second£0.14

We’ve strategically analyzed his earnings as the clock ticks. Please, look at his Salary per second and see how much he has earned since you came here.

Since you opened Cengiz Under’s Biography Story, this is what he has earned…


Fact #2: Cengiz Under Religion:

Being born in a country made up of 99.8% Muslim is a valid reason to grow up with the Islamic belief. Cengiz Under’s parents are devout Muslims who consider their religious obligations above all other schedules. Hence, the Footballer and his sister were raised in the Islamic faith.

Fact #3: Home Sweet Home:

Cengiz Under’s world-class performance has motivated a lot of younglings to venture into soccer. Do you know?… Cengiz’s hometown Sindirgi acknowledged his potential even before he rose to fame at AS Roma.

During his holidays in June 2017, the Mayor of Sindirgi, Ekrem Yavas, gifted him a picture that shows his humble beginning. Believe me when I tell you that the photo became one of the so many motivations that have shaped Cengiz Life Story.

Fact #4: Controversy:

Do you know?… the biggest taking point in Cengiz Under’s Biography is his military salute goal celebration. In February 2018, Cengiz performed the salute after scoring a goal against Benevento.

Fans took the action to means honouring of the Turkish Armed Forces, who carried out an operation in Northern Syria. Of course, many fans disapproved of his actions and criticized him. Behold the controversial photo of Cengiz Under.

Fact #5: What he looks like in FIFA:

Based on our analysis from FIFA ranking, Cengiz Under is surely the opposite of Caglar Soyuncu as he does lack a lot in physicality and defence. Without a doubt, he is sweet in terms of attacking, skill, movement and power.

Fact #6: Cengiz Under and Undertaker’s Relationship:

After the news of his deal with Leicester City was made public, WWE’s retired wrestler, The Undertaker was overjoyed and finally became a fan of the English club. Who would have believed that the Deadman also had an interest in watching football?


For a quick grasp of Cengiz Under’s Biography, here is a table that breaks down facts about him.

Biography Inquiries Wiki Answers:
Full Name:Cengiz Under
Nick Name:The Turkish Dybala
Date of Birth:14th July 1997
Place of Birth:Sindirgi, Turkey
Father:Hasan Under
Mother:Fatma Under
Siblings:Fatma Nur (sister)
Net Worth:£3.6 Million
Annual Salary:£4,466,154
Market Value:£21 million (as of 2020)
Profession:Football Player
Height:1.73m (in meters) and 5′ 8″ (in feet)


Finally, Cengiz Under’s Biography shows that we could achieve the heights of our dream anywhere we find ourself. Like the Turkish player, we may have to leave our comfort zone (home) in pursuit of the career we’ve always wanted to achieve.

Let’s also remember that our loved ones (be it parents, siblings or friends) are always waiting for us to succeed. We’ve got to make them proud just as Cengiz Under’s parents and family members are to him.

We hope the English Premier League (EPL) turns out to be favourable for Cengiz as he explores his prowess with Brendan Rodgers’ Leicester city.

Thank you for reading our Cengiz Under’s Bio. In case you find anything that doesn’t seem right with our article, kindly place your comment OR tell us what you think of his Life Story.

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