Nicolas Tagliafico Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Nicolas Tagliafico Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Nicolas Tagliafico Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Paula María Teresa (Mother), Christian Adrian Gonzalez “Loco” (Father), Family Background, Wife (Carolina Calvagni), Brothers (Leonardo, Ezequiel and Florencia), etc.

The Life story of the Argentine also discusses his family origin, Education, Ethnicity, Religion, etc. Again, we’ll provide details on the Baller’s Net Worth, Personal Life, Lifestyle, Diving and Golf Hobbies, including his Salary breakdown.

In a nutshell, this article breaks down the Full History of Nicolas Tagliafico. This is the story of a Fighter from Buenos Aires who grew to become competitive in everything he does. As a child, he had one mission in mind – to become a footballer and Nicolas’ soccer ball was glued to his body.

As Kid, Tagliafico's happy moments was when he was with his soccer ball.
As Kid, Tagliafico’s happy moments was when he was with his soccer ball.

LifeBogger gives you the story of a Football Whiz Kid who was motivated by his father and brother to break boundaries in soccer. Tagliafico’s brother (as of then) was a local coach in their hometown. With their help, the youngster got the support and strength he needed to achieve a meteoric rise.


LifeBogger’s version of Nicolas Tagliafico’s Bio begins by unveiling notable details of his boyhood years. Then we’ll proceed to tell you facts about his early footballing days in Buenos Aires. Finally, we’ll explain that pivotal moment that helped Nicolas become one of the best Argentine Left Backs.

We hope to spark your taste for autobiographies as we engage you in reading Nicolas Tagliafico’s Biography. To begin doing that, let’s show you this gallery, which tells his story. From his childhood to his moment of national fame, Pitbull has come a long way in his life and career journey.

The Biography of Nicolas Tagliafico – From his boyhood years to the moment of stardom.
The Biography of Nicolas Tagliafico – From his boyhood years to the moment of stardom.

Yes, everyone knows he is a front-footed wingback with a venturous style of play and impeccable stamina. Tagliafico is a great carrier of the ball, and for a long time, Soccer Pundits have viewed him as one of the world-class left-backs.

In our quest to research Argentine Left-Backs, we found a knowledge gap. The truth is, not many soccer fans have read a concise piece of Nicolas Tagliafico’s Biography. LifeBogger has prepared it for your reading enjoyment, so without further ado, let’s begin.

Nicolas Tagliafico Childhood Story:

For Biography Starters, he bears the nickname ‘Pitbull.’ And his full name are Nicolas Alejandro Tagliafico. Do you know?… Nicolas’s nickname came because he exhibits what you may call a tireless work ethic and exceptional technical abilities to support that. However, he got the nickname earlier in his career.

The Ex-Ajax footballer was born to his mother and father on August 31, 1992. Tagliafico’s birthplace is Buenos Aires, Argentina. Also, he was the youngest child among other siblings (including his brother coach) born to his parents.

Nicolas Tagliafico, as the last child of his family, had, from day one, enjoyed a deep connection with his Mum. Now, let’s introduce you to Paula María Teresa, one of the parents of the 2021 COPA America winner.

Here, young Nicolas celebrates a trophy moment with his Mum.
Here, young Nicolas celebrates a trophy moment with his Mum.

Growing-Up Years:

In an interview, Tagliafico once said that being the youngest child, he loved playing alone and relied on himself to learn most things. Doing that helped him greatly because he had a never-give-up attitude towards life. Even when he fails, he tries again to get better, if not become the best.

The formal Banfield player spent his childhood years alongside his older brothers, who bear the names Leonardo, Ezequiel and Florencia. Also, one of his brothers was a coach in the local club he played for as a kid in Argentina. 

Also, he got a lot of value from his family. According to Nicolas, his career started in his family, where he got a lot of support and motivation from his brothers and father. Interestingly, his brothers of his also played football.

Nicolas Tagliafico Early Life:

The Buenos Aires native’s first encounter with football came when he was still a toddler. Back then, relatives knew Nicolas as a boy born with a football on his feet. He goes everywhere with football, and you can find him on almost all the football pitches in his neighbourhood.

Young Nicolas Tagliafico, with his complete sports kit, poses for a photo as he is ready to play football.
Young Nicolas Tagliafico, with his complete sports kit, poses for a photo as he is ready to play football.

Nicolas got his passion for football from his father and brothers. He also got his competitive behaviour from them, which is traced to when he always wanted to win the ball over them – (when they played with him). As a child, Nicolas possessed the potential to go far places.

Based on research, Tagliafico disclosed that his brother taught him how to head a ball with a basketball, which explains his strong head. When Pitbull played, he would always tell his family members to show them where he could improve on the pitch. Nicolas was always pushing for improvement.

Back in the day, his favourite spots in his town are the beach, the Drugstore, and Plaza Brown. These places were the meeting points that marked Tagliafico’s adolescence. Also, he played ball at the town’s famous beach with his brothers, believing the best memories of his life were in those places.

Nicolas Tagliafico Family Background:

The 2021 COPA America winner was raised in Rafael Calzada station, a few blocks from where his first club, Atlético Social Villa Calzada, is located. Though we are yet to know the occupation of Nicolas Tagliafico’s parents, our research shows his Dad and Mum operated a middle-class family.

Also, our in-depth research shows that the Baller is blessed with supportive parents and siblings. His family did all they could to help his career development, which he always acknowledges and thank them for. As I write this Bio, his Mum and Dad still live in Rafael Calzada, where they watch and support their son’s career from a distance.

According to Nicolas Tagliafico, the love for Banfield football club is deep-rooted in his family. When Nicolas was younger, he recalled asking Angel Comizzo, Garrafa Sánchez, and Gatito Leeb for autographs. Do you know?… his grandfather first began supporting the club, and he carried this enthusiasm to other generations.

Nicolas Tagliafico Family Origin:

The Buenos Aires-born footballer is a citizen of two countries, including Argentina. Put simply, Nicolas Tagliafico is both Argentine and Italian. He is Argentine by virtue of his birth and Italian nationality through his grandparents.

Accepting to show allegiance to his birth country, Nicolas represented Argentina’s under U15, U17, and U20 youth categories. The dream of playing for his birth country came from his love for his motherland. Now, here is a map that portrays the Nicolas Tagliafico Family Origin. 

This map gallery shows where Buenos Aires (in Argentina) is located. This is where Nicolas Tagliafico's have their roots.
This map gallery shows where Buenos Aires (in Argentina) is located. This is where Nicolas Tagliafico’s have their roots.


Following our research, we could trace the Argentine footballer to be among the 25 million Argentines to have Italian ancestry. Put simply, Nicolas Tagliafico is of the Mixed European and Amerindian ancestry.

The Olympique de Lyon defender joins the likes of Lionel Messi, whose great-grandparents are migrants from the region of Italy to Argentina during the colonial population. 

Education (the School Nicolas attended):

When the time got right, Nicolas Tagliafico’s parents (Paula María and Christian) ensured compulsory schooling for their kids. Together with his brothers (Leonardo, Ezequiel and Florencia), he attended Taglia Nuestra Señora del Carmen school in Adrogue.

Nicolas Tagliafico Biography – Soccer Story:

Football education has been in the same place he grew up as a child. Nicolas had his early career education in Argentina. His early career initially began at Atletico Social Villa Calzada Club. Later, he joined Banfield academy, which helped lay a better career foundation.

Banfield Club, where Nicolas Tagliafico started his early career
Banfield Club, where Nicolas Tagliafico started his early career

The youngster spent the best part of his childhood soccer days at the club, which was just a few blocks from where his family lived. While there, he developed the mentality of wanting to win and compete with his teammates. That shaped Nicolas into the Soccer Genius he became years later.

The photo of the Youngster with his team in Atletico Social Villa Calzada Club.
The photo of the Youngster with his team in Atletico Social Villa Calzada Club.

In his early years, Tagliafico excelled at the club’s kids’ soccer program, which was played on the eleven-a-side court. It is important to note that Nicolas’ Mum was of great help in his early career. According to him; 

  It has been extremely significant for me that my mum has supported and been there for me throughout my career. She takes me to play soccer and brings me back home. Although I had the energy, but it was exhausting, so her support encouraged me to relax. 

Nicolas Tagliafico Biography – Road to Fame Story:

In his early teenage years, the Argentine Left Back suffered from terrible injuries. Nicolas once said he had lost his memory three times on the pitch. The worst of those moments happened in 2007 when he was in Banfield’s Seventh. Tagliafico jumped into two forwards, one headed him back, and the other headed him sideways.

When Tagliafico fell, he no longer remembered anything and was completely lost. In his exact words, 

            I mean, I was lost. In fact, I asked a colleague where he was, what we were doing… He even told me the result.

When the game was over, they took him to a hospital. He was with his mum in the ambulance while Nicolas’ father was following them in a car with a friend’s father. However, Pitbull (as they nickname him) got hospitalized in Rosario.

The other two times he lost his memory were at the Banfield Reservation, which also came from shocks from opponents. Nicolas did not feel intimidated by the situation. The formal Ajax player never gave up playing football; instead, he always played as if it were his last.

As a pro, he was severally compared to the Ex-Internazionale and Argentina full-back Javier Zanetti, who also played for Banfield. Both had similar playing positions and shared childhood clubs, including nationality.

Nicolas Tagliafico Bio – Rise to Fame Story:

In 2017, he recorded his first major victory by guiding his team to the Copa Sudamericana championship. The same year, he made his senior national team debut in Argentina as a defender. Also, the baller was selected to Argentina’s final 23-man roster for the 2018 World Cup in May 2018.

For many years, his lung-busting endurance, superb technique, and unceasing enterprise fetched him early glory. Tagliafico is familiar with what it feels like to reach up and touch the sky due to his illustrious professional career title wins. The most notable are the 2021 Copa América, CONMEBOL–UEFA Cup of Champions, Eredivisie and KNVB Cup.

Collection of Nicolas Tagliafico championship from 2017 to 2021.
Collection of Nicolas Tagliafico championship from 2017 to 2021.

With Ajax, the baller has won the Dutch league thrice (2019, 2021 and 2022) and the cup twice (2019 and 2021). Do you know?… Nicolas helped the team advance to the UEFA Champions League semifinals. Watch one of the GREAT Goals he scored for the club.

He was part of the Ajax team that has Hakim Ziyech, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, Frenkie de Jong, Matthijs de Ligt, Kasper Dolberg, etc. Nicolas Tagliafico also played alongside Lisandro Martinez, his fellow Argentine and also South Americans like David Neres and Edson Álvarez.

More Success, especially with the Sky Blue and Whites:

In 2021, he, alongside notables like Nahuel Molina, etc, were among Argentina’s final 28-person roster for the Copa América 2021 under Lionel Scaloni‘s command. He and Marcos Acuna held the Left Back position, and they contributed to helping Argentina win the 2021 COPA America trophy.

Here is a video of that unforgettable moment of celebrating trophies with Argentina and Ajax.

Tagliafico holds the record of being the only foreign player to win at both club and national team levels at the prestigious Maracaná stadium. At the club level, Nicolas has won the Independiente, Sudamericana 2017, and he became a 2021 COPA America winner at the national level.

At the time of writing Nicolas Tagliafico’s Biography, he had agreed to transfer to Olympique Lyon following a failed Arsenal transfer. With the French club, the Argentine has formed a great Defensive partnership with Jérôme Boateng. This is a Lyon team with Big stars like Karl Toko Ekambi and Alexandre Lacazette.

The Athlete happily confirmed his contract with Olympique Lyon.
The Athlete happily confirmed his contract with Olympique Lyon.

The front-footed wingback with a venturous style of play hopes to help Argentina win the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The rest, as we say, is history. 

Caro Calvagni – Nicolas Tagliafico’s Wife:

There is a saying that behind every successful Argentine Baller comes a glamorous WAG. In the case of Nicolas, there exists a lady whom he loves dearly. Her name is Caro Calvagni, and the football world is proud to say she is Nicolas Tagliafico’s wife.

The beautiful couple dated for years, and in July of 2021, the Wing-Back popped the ultimate question.  Nicolas Tagliafico proposed to Caro Calvagni while they were on holiday in the Maldives. A couple of months after the engagement, they wedded in front of family members and a few friends.

Meet Caro Calvagni, the beautiful wife of Nicolas Tagliafico.
Meet Caro Calvagni, the beautiful wife of Nicolas Tagliafico.

Additionally, the Couple routinely posts their images on Instagram. Caro Calvagni and Nicolas do enjoy their current lifestyle. At the time this biography was written, Nicolas and Carolina Calvagni are yet to become parents. 

Personal Life:


With the likes of Thiago Silva and Ronaldo Luis Nazario, he is of the Virgo zodiac. Tagliafico has a stellar reputation as a football player, but he is also a greater guy. He is a simple, calm, positive person who enjoys being happy.

Asides from football, Nicolas Tagliafico enjoys other things like playing Golf, swimming, travelling and having a nice time with friends and family. See Nico in the video below, as he enjoys himself on a golf court.

Nicolas Tagliafico Lifestyle:

In this Biographical section, you’ll learn how the 2021 COPA America Winner spends his monies. First, let’s tell you what holiday life means for Nicolas Tagliafico. The Argentine is quite good at knowing some cool holiday destinations in the world.

Nicolas gets the perfect holiday with his wife (Carolina Calvagni). As noticed from the video below, the couple enjoys the company of each other. Carolina and Nicolas play like kids – which proves their love for each other. Here is a piece of video evidence.

Nicolas Tagliafico Car:

For the record, the Baller is the kind of person who loves driving great cars. The latest we’ve seen of Nicolas Tagliafico’s car is this white Mercedes Benz. Here is the Athlete’s Mercedes Benz, which has his dog in it.

Tagliafico has his dog in his white Mercedes Benz
Tagliafico has his dog in his white Mercedes Benz

Nicolas Tagliafico Family Life:

The Ex-Ajax Superstar once claimed his accomplishments were possible because of his supportive household members. Now, let’s provide more information about his family, starting with Christian Adrian Gonzalez, his Dad.

Nicolas Tagliafico Father:

Adrian Gonzalez, the father of Lyon’s superstar, is a retired football defender who was active in the sport until 1999. Adrián defended the green and white, and he is proud to see his son Nicolás continue with the tradition. Adrian Gonzalez is proud to re-live his dreams through his son.

Nicolas Tagliafico’s Dad played with the number 2 shirt during his time at Banfield institution. It was the same number 2 his son Nico wore during his professional debut in the victory against Central Norte (2-1). 

After Nicolas Tagliafico’s Dad’s retired from professional activity, he became the technical director of the fifth division of Banfield. Finally, Adrain is a proud man who is glad to watch all his children succeed in their endeavours.

Nicolas Tagliafico Mother:

No one knows him more than his mother, Paula Maria Teresa, the woman he first loved (from the moment of birth). Back in the day (as a boy), Nicolas’ Mum accompanied him to his first games at Club Villa Calzada.

The days Paula Maria Teresa took her son to Luis Guillón for training sessions, games cannot be forgotten. According to Tagliafico, he started kicking football right from his mother’s belly.

 Meet Paula Maria Teresa, Nicolás Tagliafico Mother and best friend.
 Meet Paula Maria Teresa, Nicolás Tagliafico Mother and best friend.

Maria was so supportive that she took him and his brothers to school and picked them up at noon to go to Banfield training or the AFA campus in Ezeiza. Most times, she will wait in the car with a thermos of hot milk as a way of welcoming him.

Tagliafico’s mother gave him excellent care, just like (Djibril Sow‘s mum did – whose Biography I wrote). No doubt, great Mums have produced successful footballers and Paula Maria Teresa) is not an exception.

Nicolas Tagliafico Siblings:

Following our research, we’ve got some information regarding his brothers. Let’s start with Leonardo Tagliafico. He served as the local club’s technical director.

Secondly, it is pertinent to state that Leonardo, Ezequiel, and Florencia are soccer lovers who once had a career at some point in Banfield before they stopped.

Ezequiel played for a while before quitting out of lethargy. In contrast, Leonardo Tagliafico played till stage 14 before stopping because of injury. Lastly, Florencia Tagliafico, as of 2022, is a soccer-loving accountant. 

Nicolas Tagliafico Relatives:

Although no documentation exists about Tagliafico’s relatives, one thing is, however, sure. They form his biggest support base in Argentina and are so supportive of him and his career. Nicolas Tagliafico’s grandparents, aunties, uncles, nephews, and cousins are worth mentioning.

Untold Facts:

We’ll provide additional details about Nicolas Tagliafico in the concluding section of his Biography. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Nicolas Tagliafico Religion:

The Buenos Aires-born defender from Argentina was born and raised in a devout Christian family. Nicolas Tagliafico appears to be vocal about his religion on social media as he had his wedding in a church. The athlete and his family join about 79.6% of Argentines who identifies with Christianity.

Nicolas Tagliafico Dog:

He is like most footballers we’ve written about who own and love dogs (like Diego Godín, Antoine Griezmann, James Rodríguez, etc.). Rooster and India are the names of Nicolas Tagliafico’s Dog. The Left back always shares photos and videos of how he plays with them.

Nicolas Tagliafico Salary Breakdown with Olympique Lyonnais:

Based on a report on Capology, the Argentine, as of 2022, makes approximately €4,557,000 annually with Olympique Lyonnais. Here is a breakdown of Nicolas Tagliafico’s salary.

TENURE/EARNINGSNicolas Tagliafico Salary Breakdown in Euros (€).Nicolas Tagliafico Salary Breakdown in Argentine peso ($).
What he makes EVERY YEAR:€4,557,00088,579,421 pesos
What he makes EVERY MONTH:€379,7507,381,618 pesos
What he makes EVERY WEEK:€87,5001,700,833 pesos
What he makes EVERY DAY:€12,500242,976 pesos
What he makes EVERY HOUR:€52010,124 pesos
What he makes EVERY MINUTE:€8.7168 pesos
What he makes EVERY SECOND:€0.142.8 pesos

How rich is the Argentine Box-to-Box Left back:

Where Nicolas Tagliafico’s Father comes from, the average Argentine technical director of the fifth division of Banfield earns 1,200,000 ARS per year. Such a person would need 73 years to make 88,579,421 ARS, which is Tagliafico’s annual salary with Olympique Lyonnais.

Now, here is how much the Argentine professional footballer has made since you came here to read his Life story.

Since you began viewing Nicolas Tagliafico‘s Bio, he earned this with Lyon.


Nicolas Tagliafico FIFA:

As Soccer pundits say, aggression, heading accuracy, jumping, stamina, balance, and defensive fluidity are the prerequisite of the modern-day Left back. Nicolás Tagliafico, just like Alphonso Davies and Andrew Robertson have these attributes in abundance. Below is photo proof.

Jumping, Stamina, Aggression, Heading Accuracy, Balance and Reactions are his most valuable assets.
Jumping, Stamina, Aggression, Heading Accuracy, Balance and Reactions are his most valuable assets.

Biography Summary:

This table summarises our content on Nicolas Tagliafico’s biography.

Full Name:Nicolas Alejandro Tagliafico
Date of Birth:31st day of August, 1992.
Place of Birth:Buenos Aires
Age:30 years and 11 months old.
Biological Mother:María Teresa
Biological Father:Adrian Gonzalez
Wife:Carolina Calvagni
Brothers:Leonardo, Ezequiel and Florencia
Education:Taglia Nuestra Señora del Carmen school
Ethnicity:Mixed European and Amerindian ancestry
Family Origin:Italian
Height:1.72 m OR 5 feet 8 inches
Playing positions:Left Back
Zodiac Sign:Virgo
Net Worth:12.5 Million Euros (2022 figures)
Annual Salary:88,579,421 pesos OR €4,557,000
Hobbies:Swimming, photography, learning, traveling, internet surfing


“Pitbull”, as he is nicknamed, was born on the 31st day of August 1992. Nicolas Tagliafico was born to a Swiss Mum, Paula Maria Teresa, and Dad, Christian Adrian Gonzalez, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Based on the birth order in his family, Nicolas is the last child among the four sons born to the marital union between Paula and Christian – his parents. The 2021 COPA America winner spent his childhood alongside three siblings. Nicolas Tagliafico’s brothers are Leonardo, Ezequiel and Florencia.

After reading the baller’s history, you will agree that Nicolas Tagliafico worked incredibly hard to succeed. The success of Pitbull’s career is credited to his efforts and the support of his family.

With his outstanding skill as a defender, Tagliafico rose through the Banfield academy to become a professional. As a pro, he won the Copa Sudamericana with Independiente. Again, Tagliafico won the Eredivisie (three times) and KNVB Cup (twice) with AFC Ajax.

More importantly, Nicolas was among those who won the Copa América (2021) and the CONMEBOL–UEFA Cup of Champions (2022) with Argentina. As I conclude this Bio, Tagliafico has concluded his Arrival at OL.

It is important to highlight that his parents (Paula María Teresa and Christian Adrian Gonzalez “Loco”) laid a proper foundation for his amazing career. In addition, his siblings – all brothers (Leonardo, Ezequiel and Florencia) should not be overlooked.

Thanks to Nicolas Tagliafico’s wife (Caro Calvagni), he has gotten the extra support he needs to defeat dragons in the field of play. The Argentine professional Left Back hopes still has great years ahead and he hopes to make his fatherland proud at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Appreciation Note:

Thanks for taking your quality time to read our version of Nicolas Tagliafico’s Biography. We strive for accuracy and fairness in our continuous quest to deliver you the stories of North and South American Soccer players.

If you notice anything that doesn’t look right in this memoir on the Argentine, please get in touch with us by leaving a comment below. Also, kindly tell us what you think about Nicolas Tagliafico and the interesting story we’ve written about him.

Asides from Nicolas Tagliafico’s Bio, we’ve got other related stories on Argentine Players. The Life story of Nicolas Gonzalez and Guido Rodríguez will surely excite your reading pleasure.

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