Nahuel Molina Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Nahuel Molina Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Nahuel Molina Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Lelia Lucero (Mother), Hugo Molina (Father), Family Background, Girlfriend (Bárbara Occhiuzzi), Sisters (Lara Molina Lucero), Brother (Francisco Molina Lucero and Alvi Molina), etc.

The Life Story of Nahuel also unveils facts about his Argentine Family Origin, Education, Ethnicity, Religion, etc. Again, we’ll provide details on the Embalse native’s Net Worth, Personal Life, Lifestyle, Hobbies, and Salary breakdown.

In a nutshell, this article breaks down the Full History of Nahuel Molina.

This is the tale of a calm Spanish boy from Argentina who left home at the age of eleven to pursue his football dreams. He had to travel 700 kilometres from home just to follow his chosen path.

We’ll give you the story of Lucero, a Rising footballer from a great sporting family. A youngster who follows in the footsteps of his father and brother to become a shooting star.

According to his dad, “the baller and his siblings didn’t take breast milk, they sucked soccer.”

Nahuel Molina during his childhood football days.
Nahuel Molina during his childhood football days.


LifeBogger’s version of Nahuel Molina’s Bio begins by unveiling notable events about his boyhood years.

Then, we’ll proceed to tell you facts about the defender’s footballing days. Finally, we’ll explain that pivotal moment that helped the Argentine Big Man become a global celebrity.

We hope to whet your appetite for autobiographies as you read Nahuel Molina’s Biography.

To begin doing that, let’s show you this gallery that tells Nahuel’s story. From Molina’s boyhood years until the moment of fame, he has indeed come a long way.

Nahuel Molina’s Biography – From his childhood to the moment he became Famous.
Nahuel Molina’s Biography – From his childhood to the moment he became Famous.

Yes, everyone knows he is a skilled right-back who, like (Kyle Walker and Juan Cuadrado) have solid defensive principles.

To deal with elusive midfielders and speedy forwards who frequently use skill and speed to create goal-scoring opportunities.

In our quest to research the stories of Argentine footballers from Embalse, we found a knowledge gap. The truth is, not many soccer fans have read an in-depth version of Nahuel Molina’s Biography, which is very exciting. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Nahuel Molina Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname ‘Nahuel,’ a name derived from his full name. And his full names are Nahuel Molina Lucero. The superstar was born on the 6th day of April 1998 to his Mother, Lelia Lucero, and Father, Hugo Molina, Embalse, in Argentina.

The Defender came to the world as a son born to a blissful marital union between his parents. Molina is among three boys (himself, Francisco Molina Lucero, and Alvi Molina) and his two sisters (Lara Molina Lucero).

Here is a picture of Nahuel Molina’s parents. Persons who controlled their emotions and let their eleven-year-old son pursue his goals by moving to another city.

Behold Nahuel Molina's parents. The baller and his parent were having dinner together.
Behold Nahuel Molina’s parents. The baller and his parent were having dinner together.


The formal Boca Juniors player spent his childhood years alongside his siblings. They all loved sports, especially soccer because their father ensured it was never lacking in the house. So it was easy for him to have fun and play together.

The baller values the company of his siblings to date. According to him, his childhood moments with his siblings are one memory he cherishes. See the photo of the athlete and his siblings below.

Meet Nahuel Molina’s siblings, persons he spent his childhood years with.
Meet Nahuel Molina’s siblings, persons he spent his childhood years with.

Nahuel’s (as some would refer to him) youthful visage was a strange mixture of joy and innocence. Molina developed into a bright, endearing, and content child with talent and a positive outlook on life.

Nahuel Molina Early Life:

The athlete’s first encounter with football came when he was still a toddler. Back then, Nahuel enjoyed kicking the soccer ball in his family’s house. Because his father made sure there was football in their house. So it was difficult for the defender to ignore the family’s inheritance.

The Molina siblings were very close and played soccer together. According to Lara, Nahuel’s sister, when the baller was ten, he woke the family up in the middle of the night recounting a match. Put simply, the defender plays ball even in his dreams.

Like Leonardo Campana, his father was his first coach who always created time to play with his son. As a boy, Molina followed in the footsteps of his dad, a former football player, and his granddad, a talented soccer player. The youngster chose his career path when he was eleven.

Nahuel Molina Family Background:

First of all, the Defender comes from a sporty family. Research shows that most of Nahuel Molina’s family (his great-grandfather, grandfather, and father) were former footballers. Hugo played football once and was a respectable athlete who successfully passed the virus to his son.

The Argentine right-back is neither from a wealthy nor low-income family. We classify Nahuel Molina’s family as middle class based on the parental income range.

Here, Nahuel Molina’s family members pose for the camera during family celebrations.
Here, Nahuel Molina’s family members pose for the camera during family celebrations.

Judging from the photo above, it is clear how close Nahuel Molina’s family is.

Given how far he has come in his career, everyone in his family admires him. Also, they support him and are willing to travel anywhere in the world just to watch him play.

Nahuel Molina Family Origin:

For starters, the ex-Udinese Calcio defender holds Argentine nationalities. Regarding where Nahuel Molina’s family comes from (in Córdoba), our research points to Embalse, Argentina.

Embalse, which means (reservoir), or artificial lake in Spanish. This is a city located in the west of the province of Córdoba. Embalse is situated along the eastern edge of a sizable reservoir created by the Ro Tercero’s damming. Here is a map to help you understand Nahuel Molina’s family origins.

This map helps you understand Embalse in Córdoba, where the Left-back comes from.
This map helps you understand Embalse in Córdoba, where the Left-back comes from.


Argentina, the country of Nahuel Molina’s parents, is frequently referred to as a “melting pot.” The country’s multiple racial identities are grouped into a single one. Italian, Native American, and Spanish influences are present in Argentina (including Galicians and Basques).

Our study’s findings imply that Nahuel Molina belongs to the Spanish-Argentine ethnic group. Argentina’s 20 most prevalent surnames originate in Spain. Also, over 20 million Argentines are descended from the Spanish to some extent.

Nahuel Molina Education:

The athlete from Embalse attended Belisario Roldán School for his primary education. While there, Nahuel Molina participated in numerous neighbourhood football matches with his childhood pal.

In the small field of his primary school, Nahuel Molina was used to having an excessive outward display of his talent. For those who know him, the youngster never celebrated his birthdays without football.

Nahuel Molina Biography – Football Story:

As early as age four, the youngster began sports training at his town club, Fitz Simon, in Embalse. At that age, his family and friends knew he would have a future in soccer sport. Nahuel Molina’s outstanding performance earned him a top spot in the watchful eyes of scouts.

Nahuel Molina poses with his childhood team in Fitz Simon. The youngster is down and in the middle, with the ball in his possession.
Nahuel Molina poses with his childhood team in Fitz Simon. The youngster is down and in the middle, with the ball in his possession.

Before moving to find a big academy to further his development, Nahuel Molina prepared himself by honing his skills in Río Tercero.

The Barcelona project arrived to test children in Ro Tercero, a few kilometres from Embalse, and Nahuel was chosen. That was his first opportunity, and he did not let it slip.

According to Hugo, my wife had a much tougher time the first time Nahuel went to his new club. The separation was difficult for both mother and son, but Molina had to go. However, the youngster had to cry inside a taxi so that his mum would not fall sick or break down while looking at him.

However, it did not take long before the youngster adapted. The young child viewed it as a game and adjusted to the sudden shift. Only on vacation did he go back to the Reservoir, but that didn’t stop him from staying in touch with his family and friends.

Nahuel Molina Bio – Road to Fame Story:

Many people are unaware that Nahuel Molina moved more than 700 kilometres away from his home at the age of eleven to pursue his goal. His father’s background, who began studying at 12, also influenced his decision.

When he was 11 years old, still dreaming of playing forward or right wing, he left his home country. The baller moved to Buenos Aires and attended the Barcelona Academy in Saint. When the Blaugrana adventure ended, Nahuel and his coach, Jorge Coqui Raffo, transferred to Boca Juniors’ lowest levels.

The defender during his years in Barcelona academy in Saint. Molina is the one putting on a red and blue Jersey.
The defender during his years in Barcelona academy in Saint. Molina is the one putting on a red and blue Jersey.

Nahuel Molina Boca Journey:

He finished polishing many facets of his game while at Boca and immediately caught the attention of Rodolfo Arruabarrena..

The coach added him to the professional team at the start of 2016. Also, the athlete had his professional debut on February 17 against San Martin at San Juan at just 17.

He played just a few games with the blue and gold shield, unable to solidify himself in the role. To increase his playing time for the top domestic football, they loaned Molina Lucero in 2018. Also, a season later, they loaned him to Rosario Central without a purchase option.

The young man returned to the Ribera club in 2020, well-established with many experiences under his belt. He had to renew his contract with the club. However, the company, Jorge Amor Ameal, and Juan Roman had failed negotiations, making the superstar stay without a club that period.

Nahuel Molina Career struggle and Career success:

The baller’s response when asked about his failed contract by La Nacion;

I didn’t like how they delivered it. The contract was never able to be fixed. My career’s most painful experience was that one. Then the pandemic struck… I didn’t engage in any combat. Since I know everyone—not just the leaders—I’ve never had an issue.

Weeks before the last day of Molina Lucero as a Boca player, River had been interested in adding him. With the sore aim of making him replace Gonzalo Montiel. The Millionaire got in touch with his agent, but there was no proposition. However, while waiting for the proposition, a club from Italy appeared, and it was Udinese.

This was how on 15 September 2020, Nahuel Molina signed with Udinese Calcio on a free transfer until 2025.

He joined the list of Argentines there, like Rodrigo De Paul and Roberto Pereyra. According to Cordovan, the Udinese opened the doors for him when he wasn’t playing for Boca. Nahuel values that a lot.

Nahuel Molina Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

For the reservoir in Serie A, it was an instant adaption. It did not cost Nahuel Molina any piece of gear for Udinese. He completed his obligation to earn a spot in the starting eleven.

In addition, he was the season’s biggest surprise for the club. Playing in 29 games and contributing two goals and five assists.

His outstanding performances brought Walter Samuel, Scaloni‘s assistant, to Italy to heel him. Soon after, he was on the list of the Argentine National Team for Copa América. Also, the team for the South American Qualifiers for the World Cup.

Next, Molina signed a five-year contract with Atlético Madrid on July 28, 2022. Based on our research, the contract earned him a reported sum of €10 million and €5 million in variables. The club was happy about his arrival and celebrated him. See the video below.

Nahuel Molina International Career:

After, Nahuel’s surname appeared on the list of those representing Argentina in the Copa American game and the World Cup Qualifier.

Molina made his debut for Argentina against Chile on June 3, 2021, in a World Cup qualifying game. He entered the game in place of Juan Foyth in the 81st minute.

Nahuel Molina and the rest of the Copa American squad are celebrating the championship.
Nahuel Molina and the rest of the Copa American squad are celebrating the championship.

Also, he was among the team that played in the 2021 Copa America, helping the Argentine team to beat Brazile. Top names in the team include Lionel Messi, Marcos AcunaAngel di Maria, etc. Again, Nahuel Molina was called up to represent Argentina in the Fifa World Cup 2022.

The coach chooses Nahuel above other Argentine defenders, Nicolas Tagliafico, Cristian Romero, and Gonzalo Montiel, as the starting defender. Since the beginning of the FIFA World Cup till the time of writing this bio, Molina has never disappointed the coach or his fans. As we always say, the rest is history.

Nahuel Molina Girlfriend:

There is a saying that behind every successful Argentine Defender comes a glamorous Girlfriend or WAG. To this end, LifeBogger asks the interesting question…

Who is Molina dating?

Meet Bárbara Occhiuzzi.
Meet Bárbara Occhiuzzi.

Based on our research, Nahuel is currently in a relationship with his long-time sweetheart, Bárbara Occhiuzzi. Also, he is concentrating on his football career while making his love life quite interesting. See the photos below.

As I write this Bio, the baller made public his relationship via his Instagram handle this year. In addition, the defender player is famous for keeping his private matters out of the media and the public eye.

Behold Nahuel Molina and his girlfriend, Barbara Occhiuzzi.
Behold Nahuel Molina and his girlfriend, Barbara Occhiuzzi.

Personal Life:

Away from the wonders that the Argentine professional footballer from Embalse does on the pitch, many have asked…


This Biographical section explains Molina’s personality.
This Biographical section explains Molina’s personality.

The Atlético Madrid shooting star joins the likes of Sergio Ramos, Roberto Carlos, Matias Soule, etc, who have Aries Zodiac signs. Nahuel Molina is an ambitious and Self-assertive individual.

The Baller hardly ever gets into trouble and is very optimistic about everything, especially his career.

Nahuel Molina LifeStyle:

In this Biographical section, you’ll learn how the Ex-Udinese Calcio star spends his money. During his off-seasons, he spends time with his family and friends. They enjoy vacating and having dinner in luxurious restaurants. See the photos below.

Nahuel Molina LifeStyle-Explained
Nahuel Molina LifeStyle-Explained

Again, let’s tell you what holiday life means for Nahuel Molina. Together with his girlfriend, Barbara Occhiuzzi. They love to visit the poolside. Which is a perfect spot for lovers to create their love stories.

The shooting star and his girlfriend romantic moment time together during vacation.
The shooting star and his girlfriend have a romantic moment time together during vacation.

In a nutshell, Nahuel Molina is viewed by us as the antidote to displaying luxury. The athlete hides his fortune despite the fact that football is a profitable industry.

He spends too much time and money and doesn’t flaunt expensive luxury properties like houses, watches, or expensive cars.

Nahuel Molina Family Life:

The Baller was raised in a family that supported him in pursuing his career ambitions and understood what he wanted to do with his life.

We’ll provide you with additional information about Nahuel Molina’s family in this bio. Let’s start with the head of the household.

Nahuel Molina Father:

Hugo Molina was born with a soccer gene, much like his father. The first president of the Alumni Club was his grandfather.

His father carried on the tradition at the Pistarini club, which eventually changed its name to the Fitz Simon during his final phase. Hugo was both a coach and a first-team player there.

Unlike the rest of his family, he doesn’t get nervous whenever his son plays crucial games. Being a former player and now a soccer coach has aided Nahuel in that area. He always tells his son to keep his composure on the field and respect the rules.

Meet Hugo Molina, the proud father of Nahuel Molina.
Meet Hugo Molina, the proud father of Nahuel Molina.

Outside of sports and work, Hugo is a family man who cares about his family. He provides for all the members of his family and supports their dreams.

Nahuel Molina Mother:

Lelia Lucero, his first love, is the only person who truly understands him. However, Nahuel Molina’s mother gave him excellent care, just like she did for other of her children. Also, the defender received all the assistance and resources that a loving mother should give from Lelia.

She is his biggest fan; she uses every opportunity to show off his jersey. Lelia’s love for her son was so deep that she wept so much the first time football separated Nahuel from her at age 11.

Lelia Lucero is celebrating her son's win. Looking at the photo, you can deduce that their connection is deep.
Lelia Lucero is celebrating her son’s win. Looking at the photo, you can deduce that their connection is deep.

Nahuel Molina Siblings:

For starters, the athlete has four siblings: Lara Molina Lucero, Francisco Molina Lucero, and Alvi Molina. They all have soccer embedded in their DNA.

Interestingly, they have played football at some point in their lives. Though we have limited information regarding Molina’s siblings, we believe they are very supportive of themselves.

Behold the Molina's siblings. This photo is evidence of the love they share.
Behold the Molina’s siblings. This photo is evidence of the love they share.

Additionally, the defender has nieces and nephews that occupy a special part of his heart. He generally loves his nieces and nephews and spends quality time with them. Also, he takes proper care of them as a big uncle.

The athlete's nephew and nieces- EXPLAINED.
The athlete’s nephew and nieces- EXPLAINED.

Untold Facts:

In this last section of Nahuel Molina’s Biography, we will provide information you might not know about him. So, without further delay, let’s begin.

Nahuel Molina Tattoos:

The Atlético Madrid shooting star has tattoos on different parts of his body (arm and leg). He celebrates his great win by inking it on his body. The photo below shows the athlete tattooed the 2021 Copa American Cup on his leg and another trophy on his arm.

Nahuel Molina Salary:

The February 2021 contract he extended with Spanish club Atlético Madrid sees him earning around €1,200,000. Converting this money into local Argentine currency, we have 215,237,251 pesos. Here is a table of Nahuel Molina’s wages.

TENURE / EARNINGSNahuel Molina Salary Break Down with Atlético Madrid (in Euros)Nahuel Molina Salary Break Down with Atlético Madrid (in peso)
What he makes EVERY YEAR:€1,200,000215,237,251 pesos
What he makes EVERY MONTH:€100,00017,936,437 pesos
What he makes EVERY WEEK:€23,0414,132,819 pesos
What he makes EVERY DAY:€3,434590,402 pesos
What he makes EVERY HOUR:€14324,600 pesos
What he makes EVERY MINUTE:€2410 pesos
What he makes EVERY SECOND€0.036 pesos

How rich is the Atlético Madrid Right Back?

Where Nahuel Molina’s family comes from, the average Argentine makes approximately 542,400 Argentine pesos annually. Such a citizen would need many years to earn the Athlete’s weekly salary (4,132,819 pesos) with Atlético Madrid.

Nahuel Molina FIFA:

The star is very much similar to Noussair Mazraoui. They are energetic right-backs who excel in all areas of football, ranging from defending, speed, high stamina, awareness, and positioning. Here is a view of Nahuel’s Sofifa.

Acceleration and Sprint speed are his valuable assets.
Acceleration and Sprint speed are his valuable assets.

Nahuel Molina Religion:

Despite the fact that he is not accustomed to sharing his religious beliefs in public, the odds are in our favor that he is a Christian. Over 67.4% of Spanish nationals identify as Christians, including Nahuel Molina’s family.

Biography Summary:

This table tells the taking point of our content on Nahuel Molina’s Biography.

Full Name:Nahuel Molina Lucero
Date of Birth:6th day of April 1998
Place of Birth:Embalse, Argentina
Age:25 years and 10 months old.
Biological Mother:Lelia Lucero
Biological Father:Hugo Molina
Sister:Lara Molina Lucero
Brothers:Francisco Molina Lucero and Alvi Molina
Height:5 feet 9 inches
Playing positions:Left-back
Zodiac Sign:Ariels
Net Worth:5 Million Euros
Annual Salary:€1,200,000 OR 215,237,251 pesos.
Jersey No:16 and 26


“Nahuel,” as he is nicknamed, was born on the 6th day of April 1998 to his Mum, Lelia Lucero, and Senegalese Dad, Hugo Molina.

Nahuel Molina Lucero’s birthplace is Embalse, Argentina. Based on the birth order in his family, he is the third child among five children of his parents. The Argentina footballer spent his childhood alongside four siblings, Lara Molina Lucero, Francisco Molina Lucero, and Alvi Molina.

In the course of this research, we found that the Atlético Madrid Right-back has Argentine Nationality and Spanish family origins.

At four, Lucero started his soccer career by playing with his siblings and kids in his Embalse neighborhood. He had soccer in DNA. Put simply, that athlete is from a lineage of football players. Starting from his great-grandfather, grandfather, and his dad, Hugo.

Molina’s serious football career began in 2016 when he played for Boca Junior. Nahuel’s career success involves winning the 2021 Copa America and 2022 Finalissima with his Argentine national squad. This feat earned the defender a call to join Atlético Madrid with a contract extension until 2027.

Lucero, as of 2022, is defending his country in the ongoing World Cup. His defensive skill and the collective effort of his teammate has brought them to the quarter-final level. Finally, Molina is determined to do more at Qatar’s 2022 FIFA World Cup.

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