Edson Alvarez Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Edson Alvarez Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Edson Alvarez Biography includes information about his Childhood, Early life, parents – Adriana Velázquez (Mother), Evaristo Alvarez (Father), Family Background, wife (Sofia Toache), Daughter (Valentina Alvarez) Brother, Sister, relatives, etc.

Also in Edson Alvarez’s Bio tells us about his Family Origin, ethnicity, Religion, Hometown, relationship life, personal life, lifestyle, salary, net worth, tattoos, Salary, Net Worth, Zodiac Sign, and Endorsements.

In a nutshell, this article splits down the complete life history of Edson Alvarez. This is the story of a determined boy who did not make his first attempt to join a soccer team earlier in his football career because of his small stature.

LifeBogger tells the story of a Mexican professional footballer who has developed into a reliable player, eventually winning the trust and respect of his manager.


Our version of Edson Alvarez’s Bio begins by unveiling notable events of his boyhood years. Next, we’ll explain Álvarez’s Mexican heritage, including his early career highlights. Finally, we’ll tell how the Defensive midfielder became prominent in his career path.

We hope to kindle your autobiography appetite as you read this piece of Edson Alvarez’s Biography.

To begin doing that, let’s show you this gallery that tells the story – of his boyhood till he became a part of the Mexican national team.

Indeed, Edson Alvarez has come a long way in his incredible soccer journey.

Edson Álvarez's Childhood Story and Biography - Behold his story from boyhood until his rise to fame.
Edson Álvarez’s Childhood Story and Biography – Behold his story from boyhood until his rise to fame.

Yes, everyone knows that he was part of the 2019 team that won the Confederation of North, Central America, and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) Gold Cup.

However, in writing about Mexican footballers, we notice a knowledge gap. The truth is, not many fans have read Edson Alvarez’s Biography, which is quite interesting. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Edson Alvarez Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, the professional football player was born Edson Omar Álvarez Velázquez is the third child of his parents – Mother (Adriana Velázquez) and Father (Evaristo Álvarez) on the 24th day of October 1997 in Tlalnepantla, north of Mexico City.

Edson Alvarez Velázquez arrived on earth on a favourable Friday to his daddy and mummy.

The Tlalnepantla-born sportsman came amid his elder brother and sister from the union of their parents (Adriana Velázquez and Evaristo Álvarez), whose photos we have displayed.

Behold Edson Alvarez's Parents - Mother(Adriana Velázquez) and Father (Evaristo Álvarez).
Behold Edson Alvarez’s Parents – Mother(Adriana Velázquez) and Father (Evaristo Álvarez).

Growing-up years:

As a child, he worked for his family’s business, producing football jerseys for local teams. The job was his first invasion into the sport.

At 14, Álvarez tried out for the youth team of Pachuca, though Álvarez did not make the team because of his short stature.

Considering quitting football, to the defiance of his parents, who believed he had the talent to pursue his dream of playing professionally, Álvarez tried out for Club América’s youth team, finally making the team after a three-month tryout.

A collage of Edson Alvarez's earliest pictures.
A collage of Edson Alvarez’s earliest pictures.

Herrera would make it to the daily team practices through a three-to-four-hour round trip commute from his home in Tlalnepantla and the club’s drill ground in Coapa.

Corresponding to Álvarez, he would spend 70% of his monthly salary on transportation. The talented football player is not the only child of his parents.

So he grew up with his brother and sister. His brother enjoyed it and played football. Thus, we can crucially say that his passion for the foot game stemmed from his childhood interactions with his elder brother.

At 14, Álvarez tried out for the youth team of Pachuca, though he did not make the team.
At 14, Álvarez tried out for the youth team of Pachuca, though he did not make the team.

Edson Alvarez Family Background:

The Baller, back in the years, would help his father and mother run the household business as a child. Álvarez’s parents (Adriana Velázquez and Evaristo Álvarez) is in the business of manufacturing football jerseys for local teams.

The family had an undying love for the foot game. So, we could say that Edson Álvarez belonged to a middle-class home.

The Mexican football player had hardworking parents who were ready and capable of seeing the successful careers of their children. The essential needs of food, housing and clothing were not a concern.

Edson Alvarez Family Origin:

As stated earlier, the sportsperson’s full name is Edson Omar Álvarez Velázquez. In this Spanish name, the paternal surname is Álvarez, and the second or maternal family name is Velázquez.

It is cultural for Mexicans to have two surnames. The two surnames of any name are ancestral, with the father’s family name followed by the mother’s family name.

The football talent Edson Alvarez bears a surname of Spanish origin. In this Spanish name, the paternal surname is Álvarez, and the second or maternal family name is Velázquez.

Álvarez (sometimes Alvarez) is a Spanish surname, a patronymic meaning “son of Álvaro”. Likewise, the name Velázquez, also Velazquez, Velásquez or Velasquez, is the last name from Spain. It is a family name that means “son of Velasco.”

In line with the above, Edson Alvarez was born one of 125 communities of the state of Mexico, north of Mexico City. We know the municipality as Tlalnepantla de Baz. Thus, He speaks Spanish, though with a distinct Mexican flavour.

So, we can imperatively say that the AFC Ajax Baller is Hispanic. His nationality is Mexican. Following next is a photographic representation of Edson Alvarez’s ethnic roots.

A pictorial display of Edson Álvarez's family roots.
A pictorial display of Edson Álvarez’s family roots.

Edson Álvarez Ethnicity:

Regarding his cultural identification, the Defensive midfielder and centre-back footballer identifies with the Mexican people. He belongs to the Latino ethnic group that is indigenous to Mexico. So, Edson Álvarez speaks Spanish.

Research has it that his ethnic identification (the Tlalnepantla de Baz people of Mexico) is one of 125 communities in the state of Mexico, north of Mexico City. Tlalnepantla runs from the Náhuatl words tlalli (land) and nepantla (middle) to mean the middle land. 

He belongs to the Latino ethnic group that is indigenous to Mexico.
He belongs to the Latino ethnic group that is indigenous to Mexico.

Edson Alvarez Education:

Despite how difficult it is to combine professional football with conventional education or schooling, the Mexican football star attended good schools.

Alvarez got and completed his academic qualifications in his hometown. His football talent got discovered and honed during elementary and secondary school.

Following this, Edson Alvarez joined the América youth academy, a Mexican football club and school with a notably high standard for player intelligence and mental strength. The academy is the most successful and popular club in Mexico.

He joined the América youth academy for player intelligence and mental strength.
He joined the América youth academy for player intelligence and mental strength.

Career Buildup:

With lots of determination, he began his career as a teenager. At 16, Álvarez entered Club América’s youth system, playing for the under-17 team. The succeeding year, while playing for the under-17 squad, Álvarez got promoted to América’s second division team.

In August 2016, the first team coach, Ignacio Ambríz, gave Álvarez his initial call-up, sitting on the bench in América’s week five league game against Monarcas Morelia, using jersey number 282.

At 16, Álvarez entered Club América's youth system, playing for the under-17 team.
At 16, Álvarez entered Club América’s youth system, playing for the under-17 team.

After which, the newly established coach Ricardo La Volpe gave 19-year-old Álvarez his Liga MX launch in the team’s win against Santos Laguna; he took part in all 90 minutes and got voted third (3rd) in a Man of the Match poll held online by club fans.

On the 25th day of December of the same year, he scored his first professional goal in the Apertura final against Tigres UANL.

Before the start of the 2017–18 season, Álvarez received the number four shirts which got vacated following the departure of Erik Pimentel.

Edson Alvarez Biography – Football Story:

Climbing the ladder to fame, Álvarez was called up to the under-20 team camp preparing for the CONCACAF U-20 Championship en route to the 2017 FIFA U-20 World Cup. He got included in the tournament’s best XI.

They included Alvarez in the World Cup under-20 squad and scored the goal in Mexico’s 3–2 win over Group B minnows Vanuatu.

On the 16th day of December 2018, Álvarez got the start for the return leg of the Apertura final over Cruz Azul, playing in midfield in place of the injured Mateus Uribe and recorded two wins as América won its 13th league title following a 2–0 aggregate score.

Álvarez established his 100th competitive appearance for América in the team’s 3–0 victory in 2019.

Edson Alvarez Biography – Rise to Fame:

Since Alvarez joined Ajax on the 22nd of July 2019, he has become a different footballer. On the 21st day of March 2021, Álvarez scored his initial Eredivisie goal for Ajax in a 5–0 victory against ADO Den Haag.

After his second season, he was nominated for best league player. Next was the announcement on the 27th day of October 2021 that Álvarez signed a contract extension with Ajax until 2025.

On the 30th day of April 2022, they inducted Edson into the clubs’ van 100, marking his 100th appearance in a 3–0 victory against PEC Zwolle, to be the 174th player in the club’s history to join the ranks.

Who is Edson Álvarez Dating?

The Mexican Baller’s career has been pretty interesting. He met with his girlfriend in 2018. Though we are not pretty sure how they met. Who knows? It could have been love at first sight.

The duo became instantly attracted to each other’s charm, and it was only a matter of time before anyone made the right move.

After they started going out more often, they realized they had to spend the rest of their lives together. But then, they became separated when Alvarez moved to the Netherlands.

Due to the country’s law, Sofia, a minor then, couldn’t enter Dutch territory. It was tough for the couple, but they survived the separation because of solid understanding. Sofia later moved to join him in Amsterdam when she came of age.

Edson Álvarez Wife – Sofia Toache:

Sofia Toache is famous for being the girlfriend of the Ajax star. Despite being very young, Sofia has already advanced in her professional path and is currently a renowned model and an Instagram star.

Sofia went to a local high school in Mexico. She was a curious student who always looked for explanations. Once she found something interesting, she would spend hours reading and researching the topic to know more.

The Mexican beauty enrolled at the Autonomous University of Mexico on the Azcapotzalco campus. Because of the lack of information, we couldn’t find her major.

The Mexican beauty, Sofia Toache, with her husband and daughter.
The Mexican beauty, Sofia Toache, with her husband and daughter.

Sofia Toache and Edson Alvarez Children:

The duo welcomed their first child just one year after their union. Sofia Toache gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Valentina Alvarez, on the 23rd day of October 2019. Toache had to stay in London with her daughter because she couldn’t enter the Netherlands then.

Sofia Toache Social media:

Toache has earned a vital fan following on Instagram. Many know Edson Álvarez’s wife, Sofía Toache, for lightning up the beach with her daring bikinis. She mostly shares captivating pictures of her beach attires on her social media handles.

Sofía Toache has over 128k loyal followers, and her fanbase is continuously growing. She also shares reels from her gym training sessions. Sofia has also given pictures of her daughter, Valentina Alvarez and her partner on her feed. 

Sofia Toache mostly shares captivating pictures of Edson Álvarez and their daughter, Valentina Alvarez.
Sofia Toache mostly shares captivating pictures of Edson Álvarez and their daughter, Valentina Alvarez.

Edson Alvarez Family Life:

Despite many barriers in his life, Edson Álvarez has achieved enormous success in his professional and personal life. He has the backing of a caring family that has helped him become the outstanding person he is today.

In a report, Edson stated that as far as Mexico and Central America are concerned, family is an essential thing there is. Thus, follow along to learn about the Baller’s household members and his Family Life.

Edson Alvarez’s Father:

To start with, his name is Evaristo Álvarez. Likewise, a Mexican, he is an ardent lover of the foot game. So, he engaged in businesses that revolved around football outfits and equipment.

Evaristo Álvarez got involved in manufacturing jerseys worn by his neighbourhood’s local football clubs. With hard work and consistency, the venture became a family business. So far, He must have played a crucial role in the upbringing of the talented footballer.

Despite the massive task of raising his kids, Evaristo Álvarez gave his best duty as a father to see to the outstanding performance of Edson and his siblings. He maintains a close bond with his dad.

A photo of Edson Álvarez' with his dad, Evaristo Álvarez.
A photo of Edson Álvarez’ with his dad, Evaristo Álvarez.

According to Edson, one saying about life that he would never forget about his dad is, ‘You have to battle for the life you want.’

His parents admitted he possessed the talent to pursue his dream of being a professional player. After being refused by a youth club at 14, they encouraged him to keep trying out for teams.

Edson Alvarez’s Mother:

Adriana Velázquez is her name. She has also supported her Son, Edson Álvarez and his siblings. She remains happy and so proud of Edward’s performances.

To ensure the smooth running and functionality of the home, she joined her husband, Evaristo, in the family manufacturing business of Jerseys. it is evident that her hard work and unrelenting efforts is part of what made Edson a successful soccer star.

A photo of Edson Álvarez with his mum, Adriana Velázquez.
A photo of Edson Álvarez with his mum, Adriana Velázquez.

Together with her husband, Adriana Velázquez gave their kids a good education, good ethics and values that moulded the personalities of their children. The duo come to watch their son play at the stadium.

Edson reports at a time what his mum said to him ‘You have to make smart decisions in life, including football.’ I’ve understood a lot from both of them.”

Edson Alvarez’s Siblings:

As mentioned before, the professional footballer was born with his brother and sister. Even though there is little information about each of his siblings, it is clear that his elder brother supported him right from childhood.

Edson says, “If I got picked on in the street, my brother was always there to protect me.” He was always there to defend Edson and support him.

A picture of little Edson Álvarez with his elder brother.
A picture of little Edson Álvarez with his elder brother.

Edson Alvarez’s brother sends messages before and after every game, like, “Success, the bro, be careful. You’re the best.” Good enough, their faces have striking resemblances.

On the other hand, not much is recognized about Alvarez’s sister. However, she joins
the family always sees Edson play and gives him the needed moral support.

Edson Alvarez Relatives:

Relatives provide support and encouragement, give advice and learning and do their best to help you have the best life possible. The celebrity winger and midfielder have lots of relatives.

Since Edson Alvarez has parents and siblings, he should have grandparents, uncles, aunts, nephews, cousins, and even in-laws. However, he has shared no information about his
uncles, aunts, and grandparents.

Personal Life:

The Ajax footballer has an athletic body and maintains a good physique with a good body posture. His steady workout schedule and nutrition have helped keep him fit and maintain his agility and stamina.

His strength while at play includes tackling, interceptions, marking, jumping, passing and crossing. He is tall at 1.87 m (6 ft 2 in) but then maintains his weight of about 73 kg (161 lbs).

Aside from his profession, Edson Alvarez enjoys Travelling, Movies, Swimming and Music. He is a Non-Vegetarian. Other hobbies include Reading, horse riding and surfing the net.

Edson Álvarez enjoys travelling, Movies, workouts, swimming and music.
Edson Álvarez enjoys travelling, Movies, workouts, swimming and music.

However, we cannot rule out his intense love for football. The Mexican Defensive midfielder and centre-back also enjoy watching online and onsite football matches. His most admired player is Cristiano Ronaldo. For the love of animals, Edson Álvarez has a dog as a pet.

Like most Mexican footballers, in the offseason, Edson Álvarez goes on vacations with teammates, family or close friends.

Edson Álvarez tries to keep up with his growing fans via social media. He is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Álvarez has over 1.4 million followers on his Instagram account @edsonnalvarez.

Edson Alvarez Lifestyle:

As a star footballer, he can afford to have a lavish lifestyle. He can gain whatever luxury he deems fit.

Besides, their extremely wealthy owners pay football players, who get their payment from the team’s sponsor and TV deals, merchandise deals and, to a smaller extent, ticket sales.

However, the Mexican midfielder spends a little more on Villas, cars, and luxury goods. He has a juicy car collection and prefers his pair of wheels to be sporty, and Edson has a couple of car collections.

Edson Álvarez has a juicy car collection and prefers his pair of wheels to be sporty.
Edson Álvarez has a juicy car collection and prefers his pair of wheels to be sporty.

His Salary and net worth afford him the splendid appearance of both the good things of life and services. The Ajax Defensive midfielder and centre-back live comfortably with his wife and daughter, Valentina, in a grandeur apartment in the Netherlands.

Edson Alvarez’s Salary and Net Worth:

Álvarez enjoys a luxurious lifestyle, which comes at an attractive price. He has gained so much fame and recognition for his outstanding passing and defending skills in the field, which has earned him a good fortune from his successful ongoing career.

According to football arroyo, the Tlalnepantla-de-Baz-native Edson Álvarez’s Net Worth is approximately $1.5 Million. Furthermore, his annual salary is about €1,690,000.

Edson Alvarez is in the XI of the most expensive footballers in the Eredivisie Elijah ‘Count.’ The Ajax player and ​América youth squad are in the XI of players with the highest market value in the Dutch league and other stars from the Amsterdam team.

The estimated value of the ‘Machín’, according to the specialized portal Transfermarkt, is 13 million euros. Almost the entire XI comprises Ajax players, except for two, Steven Bergwijn and Donyell Malen, both from PSV and teammates of Erick Gutierrez.

Edson Álvarez has the lowest market value of the selected XI, with his 13M. Next up is Noussair Mazraoui, worth 15M. The most expensive player in this lineup is Donny van de Beek a midfielder who has caught the attention of Real Madrid with his good performances.

Untold Facts:

What’s more? Below are a few profound additional facts about the experienced Mexican attacking midfielder and now wingers. Things you probably didn’t know about Edson Álvarez.

Edson Alvarez Salary (Ajax):

In terms of what he goes home with, our calculation reveals €1,692,600 (yearly) or Mex$ 33,115,969. This table breaks down Alvarez’s salary with AFC Ajax as of 2022.

TENURE/EARNINGS Edson Alvarez's Salary Breakdown with Eredivisie club Ajax (in Euros)Edson Alvarez's Salary Breakdown with Eredivisie club Ajax (in Mexican Peso)
What Alvarez makes every Year:€1,692,600Mex$ 33,115,969
What Alvarez makes every Month:€141,050Mex$ 2,759,664
What Alvarez makes every Week:€32,500Mex$ 635,867
What Alvarez makes every Day:€4,642Mex$ 90,838
What Alvarez makes every Hour:€193Mex$ 3,784
What Alvarez makes every Minute:€3.2Mex$ 63
What Alvarez makes every Second: €0.05Mex$1

How rich is the Mexican Footballer?

Where Edson Alvarez’s family comes from, the average person from Mexico makes around MX$ 398,400 yearly. Do you know?… Such a person would need 83 years to make Edson’s yearly salary with Ajax.

Now, here is how much the Mexican Baller has made since you came to read his life story.

Since you started viewing Edson Alvarez‘s Bio, he has earned this with Ajax


Edson Alvarez’s FIFA:

Many fans who love the career mode (football manager) have confessed that the Eredivisie club Ajax player is among FIFA’s best midfielders. Yes, Edson is part of the giants of Mexican nationality that’ll make your FIFA career mode exciting. This is the movement stats Edson Alvarez brings to the game.

Edson Alvarez is a complete package of intelligence and skills; his defending ranks as one of the best.
Edson Alvarez is a complete package of intelligence and skills; his defending ranks as one of the best.


Edson Álvarez made more honours with his first club, América, which includes winning the Liga MX: Apertura and the Copa MX: Clausura in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

Furthermore, together with Ajax, they won the Eredivisie in 2020–22 and the 2021 KNVB Cup. Not forgetting the CONCACAF Gold Cup for Mexico in 2019. Individually, Edson Álvarez has bagged the best player at:

  • CONCACAF U-20 Championship Best XI: 2017
  • CONCACAF Best XI: 2018
  • IFFHS CONCACAF Best XI: 2020
  • CONCACAF Gold Cup Best XI: 2021
Alvarez flaunting his success as CONCACAF Gold Cup Best XI: 2021.
Alvarez flaunting his success as CONCACAF Gold Cup Best XI: 2021.

Edson Álvarez Religion:

The Tlalnepantla-de-Baz-native belongs to the Christian religion. It is most likely that he belongs to the Roman Catholic faith because over 80% of the population identifies as Catholic.

Roman Catholicism is the dominant faith and is deeply culturally pervasive in Mexico. Many Mexicans see Catholicism as part of their identity, passed on through the family and nation-like cultural heritage.

Relationship with Lisandro Martinez:

Brothers are biologically bonded by blood, but a brother seems even closer than a biological relation. This is the history that exists between Lisandro Martinez and Edson Álvarez.

The strength of the bond got revealed when Manchester United signed Lisandro Martinez. Lisandro confessed to missing Edson Álvarez.

“He is like a brother to me. We have built such a strong friendship in such a short time.” He said.

A photo of Lisandro Martinez and Edson Álvarez after a major win in 2021.
A photo of Lisandro Martinez and Edson Álvarez after a major win in 2021.

He even admitted, hoping he would get the chance to play with Alvarez again at another club. Considering he has just signed a contract with Manchester United until 2027. There’s a good chance he is hoping it will be at Old Trafford.

Does Edson Álvarez have a tattoo?:

Tattoos come in various shapes and sizes, but the powerful symbolism associated with them makes them so unforgettable. Arms Tattoos are also fun to show off your personality or sentimentality.

Some other tattoos have served as amulets, status symbols, declarations of love, signs of religious beliefs, adornments and even forms of punishment.

Álvarez has many tattoos on his body, and he could still have more in the future. His notable tattoos include that on his left hand and chest.

Álvarez has many tattoos on his body, and he could still have more in the future.
Álvarez has many tattoos on his body, and he could still have more in the future.

Chelsea Want To Sign Edson Alvarez:

There has been a rise in players looking to move to other clubs. Asides from Chelsea attempting to push through multiple deals on the transfer deadline for Alvarez, Mohammed Kudus is also set to move as well.

As of September 2022, he was Thomas Tuchel’s next top target. Indeed, Chelsea put €50m on the table for Edson Alvarez for the defensive midfielder, and whilst Ajax is yet to react to the bid, Alvarez is very much sensitive on the switch to Stamford Bridge.

The 24-year-old champ even went as far as reportedly skipping training to push through the move, as he doesn’t believe the opportunity will appear again.

However, the Dutch club is worried about giving up on another significant figure in the squad following Brazil’s joining Manchester United earlier in the week.

Meanwhile, Ajax informed Mohammed Kudus they would not support him from joining Everton, despite the Ghanaian rejecting to train. Alvarez is determined to move to Chelsea, as he fears the chance to move to the club may not arise again.

Wiki Summary:

This table breaks down facts as contained in Edson Álvarez’s Biography.

Biography Inquiries:Wiki Answers
Full Name: Edson Omar Álvarez Velázquez
Famous name: Edson Álvarez
Nickname:El Machin
Date of Birth: 24th Day of October 1997
Age: (25 years and 11 months)
Place of Birth:Tlalnepantla, Mexico
Biological Mother:Adriana Velázquez
Biological Father: Evaristo Álvarez
Siblings:One brother and one sister
Wife/Spouse:Sofia Toache
Daughter(s)Valentina Alvarez
Profession: Professional Footballer
Major teams:Club América, Mexico U18, Mexico U20 and Ajax
Position(s):Defensive midfielder, centre-back
Jersey Number:4
Preferred foot:Right
School: América youth academy
Sun Sign (Zodiac): Scorpio
Weight: 73 kg (161 lbs)
Height: 1.87 m (6 ft 2 in)
Net Worth: $1.5 Million
Religion: Christianity
Nationality: Mexican


Our Edson Álvarez Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts wrap off. However, before we call it to quit, we guess you picked up a few lessons.

Out of all the talents at Ajax, Alvarez seems to be the next one destined for a move–he’s been at Ajax since 2019 and has seen several players go–this may now be his time.

Additionally, he’s also great on the ball, as an Ajax player has to be. Unlike some holding players, he can progress the ball forward, which is why he’s such a popular figure amongst various coaches.

We expected that, but the way he spoke about it impressed me. He approached the game as a final, as he always does.”

It is important to note that his dad and mum were crucial catalysts in his triumph story. His career would not be the same without their input, and they deserve all the accolades for what they have done.

His parents recognized he possessed the talent to pursue his dream of becoming a professional player. After being rejected by a youth club at 14, they encouraged him to keep trying out for teams.

For people in Mexico, there are often two routes as a kid: school or drugs. In Edson Álvarez’s case, there were three paths: school, drugs or football.

He often went to play football without doing his homework, which got his mother angry. But in the end, it helped him make the right decision in life.

In addition, his siblings, and friends’ backing should not be overlooked. So, he did not experience loneliness or depression during his childhood. Edson Alvarez has grown into a cheerful youth because of them.

Appreciation Note:

Thank you for reading this fascinating article about the life journey of the Mexican footballer. Hopefully, Edson Alvarez’s childhood story has made you believe patience and persistence can overcome anything.

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