Kevin De Bruyne Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Kevin De Bruyne Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

LB presents the Full Story of a Football Genius best known by the Nickname; ‘Ginger Pele’. Our Kevin De Bruyne Childhood Story plus Untold Biography Facts brings to you full account of notable events from his childhood time till date. Analysis involves his life story before fame, family life and many OFF and ON-Pitch little known facts about him.

Yes, everyone knows Kevin De Bruyne is one of the best modern day advanced playmakers but only few know much about his life outside the pitch, which is quite interesting. Now without further adieu, lets Begin.

Kevin De Bruyne Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: Early Life

Kevin De Bruyne was born on the 28th of June 1991, by Herwig De Bruyne (father) and Anna De Bruyne (mother). He was born a White Caucasian which forms minority of Belgium’s white ethnicity. He was a special child, one destined to be great upon his birth.

Kevin spent the earliest part of his childhood visiting Ealing, England where his mum’s family resided and Africa where his mum came from. Other holidays was experienced in Burundi and Ivory Coast where his family’s oil company branches were situated. His grandfather (from his mother’s side) is a big oil investor in Africa.

Kevin De Bruyne Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: Rise to Fame

Kevin started playing football in Drongen, Belgium at an early age of 4 in his town, Gent where he lived with his parents. He had a good start to the game.

The Belgian international’s rise has been meteoric since his early start. It came from two major attributes; First is hard-work and second is determination. Kevin De Bruyne’s first taste of stardom came from his exemplary dedication to reach great heights. His hard work at his youth club brought lots of success which in turn followed media attention. He was seen as the future of Belgian football.

During this period, Belgium was tired of its old stock of players due to their increasing unpopularity. They never did well in football. They needed a football revolution from the grassroots. Kevin was pointed as a kid who could spearhead such. The wonder-kid saw himself facing the media at all times. He would face several interview sessions both before and after his matches.

His meteoric rise was also followed by interest from scouts in the Belgian youth football system.

Every youth club wanted him. Kevin progressed fast and became one of the country’s favorite youth footballer.

At 14, he left behind his home life in the village of Drongen outside Ghent. There he joined Genk’s academy and only saw his family at weekends. This was the period he learnt how to stay independent. While there, he made friends with a family who cared for him. At the age of 14, Kevin could manage himself.


He wasn’t paid much but managed what he had. According to Kevin, “Managing my self something my parents taught me. I am not somebody who spends a lot of money in my life. I keep it for later when I want to do something, for vacations – because we don’t have a lot of time off. During the season I am at home. I cook myself good food. I’m happy. I have lived alone from the age of 14.”

Leaving home to purshue his professional career dreams paid off. Thou he was too young when he made the decision. For Kevin, its indeed come a long way in a short time. His grandmother really felt for him. She visited him often.

Kevin De Bruyne Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts:Family Life

FATHER: Kevin De Bruyne’s dad Herwig De Bruyne manages his son’s career.

Managing his son’s off-pitch affairs in a perfect way has made both parties fabulously wealthy. Herwig De Bruyne Snr is a business man and intensive negotiator who have successfully crafted the master plan of his son’s career. This has gotten a ripple effect on his son, thus making him earn higher salaries and have also resulted to an increase in sponsorship deals.

Herwig is also at full alert to criticize anyone who attacks his sons as far as his football career is concerned.

He has once fired warning shots at Jose Mourinho on his insensitive criticism aimed at his son. [FULL DETAILS OF JOSE MOURINHO’S COMMENT IS DISCUSSED FAR BELOW]

MOTHER: His mother has her origin from United Kingdom (Where her parents were born) but was born in Burundi, East Africa where one of her family’s oil firms is situated. This by implication means her son’s route can also be traced to Africa.

Anna De Bruyne gave birth to her footballer son at the age of 18. This explains why she still looks very young. She is a professional in Petroleum Engineering. She took after her father and maintains his companies in both Burundi (East Africa) and Ivory Coast (West Africa).

She spent most of her growing up years at the East African landlocked country before travelling to Belgium where she meet and fell in love with Kevin’s father, Herwig De Bruyne Snr. Thou Anna De Bruyne’s parents live in the London Borough of Ealing. This was where Kevin takes up Christmas holidays with his mum as noted earlier.

As regards supporting her son, Anna De Bruyne also spend most of her time visiting stadiums to watch and support her son play his football. Kevin hardly goes to the dressing room directly after matches. He most times finds time to be with his mum. Ideally, she gives him warm kisses after each football match.

SIBLING: He also got a sibling whose name is Stefanie De Bruyne. She resembles her mother while her brother- their dad.

Kevin De Bruyne Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: Relationship Life

Kevin De Bruyne is currently married to Michele Lacroix as at time of writing. Without doubt, she is extremely beautiful. She is a paragon of beauty and Excellence. Kevin loves her for many reasons.

Both parties met after his relationship issues with his ex girl friend. They also met after his best friend (Thibaut Courtois) betrayed him by sleeping with his ex [Full Details below].

Kevin has been a very happy man since his relationship with Michele started. She has been his better half. Michele is someone who has made him to be the man he’s always dreamt to be.

She was one of the reasons he left Chelsea to Wolfsburg. Michele Lacroix was the lady who mended Kevin’s broken heart and healed his emotional trauma which hunted him for a long time.

He is never shy to display his love for her publicly, especially in front of the crowd.

Kevin’s mother is in full support of his relationship with her. Both are good friends and have been spotted watching and supporting their son and boyfriend. Their friendship was one of the reason Kevin went on to initiate a marriage plan with Michelle. Kevin has always wanted a wife who would be close to his mum.

In 2016, She posted the news of her engagement to Kevin De Bruyne on her Instagram. Kevin got married to Michèle Lacroix in 2017.

Before his marriage, the Manchester City Star was struggling for form at his club. He was pretty upset about his performance. His marriage to Michele was something that brought back a smile to his face leading to a quick return of form. Following his marriage, the Belgium international whisked his partner away for a romantic break in Paris.

Thou they have been blessed with a son before their marriage which they named Mason Milian De Bruyne.

Kevin loves to enjoy one of one picnicking sessions with his son. They love going shirtless.

Asides the father son bonding, all parties have also been spotted having happy times.

Kevin De Bruyne Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts: Feud with Thibaut Courtois

Kevin was once in love with Caroline Lijnen. They had dated for 3 years before their relationship was brought down by Thibaut Courtois who was once regarded as a trusted friend of Kevin. Sleeping with his girlfriend ignited the beginning of their feud. Kevin de Bruyne’s ex-girlfriend Caroline Lijnen reveals she went on to cheated on him with his best friend Thibaut Courtois after Kevin himself had an affair with her former best friend.

Rumours about a love-triangle between Lijnen and the Kevin first began in April 2013 but she has now spoken out, confirming that she was intimate with Courtois, whom she met in Madrid, after De Bruyne admitted that he’d cheated on her with her former best friend. She also admitted Courtois gave her the best emotional treatment ever, the type she couldn’t get from de Bruyne.

In her word to Kevin… “Thibaut Courtois gave me in a night what you couldn’t in 3 years” 

She claimed Kevin cheated on her first and she paid back. She also claimed his parents were aware of his cheats but couldn’t do or say anything. Instead, they supported their son probably because he is a star.

According to Lijnen in her words to Belgian publication Story Magazine…she said…“I did not say anything for months because I couldn’t say anything, as Kevin’s parents said they would take legal action if I gave my story. Kevin was proud to tell me that he had an affair with my old best friend. I gave him the choice: her or me. I was ready to give him another chance, but our relationship was never the same afterwards. I was under pressure. I felt I was caged. I decided to remain silent no longer. This was why I went to Thibaut his best friend for advise. Thibaut consoled me and took the opportunity to show his emotions he’s been hiding from me. He offered me what I had not received during a three-year relationship with Kevin. He made me feel like a real woman. With Thibaut, I could talk about anything and everything. He even prepared for me delicious meals. Kevin never did it for me.” 

Meanwhile, Courtois and de Bruyne never patched-up their differences since the incident. This was one of the reasons Kevin lost his form at Chelsea FC. De Bruyne felt devastated about what his best friend, Thibaut did to him. He could have stayed at Chelsea to fight for his place. But his emotions couldnt allow him. This was why he left the club and why he returned as a rival. His relationship with Michele Lacroix mended his feelings.

Kevin De Bruyne Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts:His Thoughts on Premier League

In the words of Kevin…

“The Premier League is without a doubt the best but it is very difficult for young guys to get into the league. I don’t see so many English players playing abroad. The influence of our players who are here is helping us in Belgium. Maybe it can help also for the players of England to go abroad. The younger players here go to the Championship [on loan]. Maybe it is better to go to the top league in Germany – that is a really high level. There are also a lot of good teams and you can learn there. It’s much better to play in Germany than to play in the Championship. Already I have heard that English people like to stay in England. Maybe it is something like that, I don’t know for sure.”

Perhaps, he has a point. Many young players coming into England from other European football nations have succeeded. De Bruyne’s story has set an example for this. He got his success at another country beside his. Today, he is fluent in three languages namely Dutch, French and English. The breadth of his football apprenticeship is impressive.

Kevin De Bruyne Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts:Why He Loves London

It is pertinent to note that Kevin’s grandfather’s house in Ealing is just 10 miles from Stamford Bridge. He spent Christmases there as a child.

Kevin was part of the Genk team that played Chelsea at a certain Champions League match years ago. Before the match, his family had a special reunion in London. They gather to watch to watch him play that day. According to Kevin, “I loved London from that day. Thou my mother has an English mentality, but I am fully Belgian. Their decision to converge for  me made me feel so loved by the family. This was a major reason why I joined Chelsea FC. A club so close to home”

Kevin De Bruyne Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts:Feud with Mourinho

The Daily Mail reports that Kevin started in 5 games for Chelsea and he was benched from the 6th game. When he confronted Mourinho to asked why he was benched.. Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho reportedly said, “Kevin, you don’t train well. More so, you are emotionally traumatized with your relationship issues. You need to develop patience with life on the bench. Get your self together and you woun’t sit on the bench.

This was Jose Mourinho tough in response to Kevin’s confrontational questions.

Reports indicated that it was Kevin’s father, Herwig De Bruyne also pushed harder demanding for his son must to play with the first team. He even organized several press conferences aimed at discussing the issue of his son’s lack of opportunities and his new interest to leave the club. This fueled another response by Jose Mourinho which he said….

 “I am tired of Kevin De Bruyne’s disturbances. if you have a player knocking on your door and crying every day that he wants to leave, you have to make a decision. His dad has pushed his son to cry to become a cry baby. He was an upset kid who lost form because he couldn’t manage his emotional life”

De Bruyne’s dad, Herwig De Bruyne later defended his son in response to Mourinho “cry baby” taunt saying…

“Jose Mourinho claims about my son being an ‘an upset kid’ is very bad of him. He only said he wants to leave because he wasn’t playing. Not because of his emotional life. I think that part of him should be a private matter.”

Chelsea finally sold him in for £18m to Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga.

Kevin De Bruyne Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts:Proving Chelsea Wrong

While playing for Wolfsburg, he scored 16 goals and 27 assists in a season. This helped him to become Bundesliga’s outfield Player of the Year for 2015. This was followed by his quest to return back to the Premier League.

It was at this moment that Chelsea FC regretted ever selling him. This was Kevin’s response on going back to the Premier League.

In his Words…

“I am a fighter. I learned it at Genk and mastered it at Wolfsburg. Now am fighting to go back to the Premier League. While at Manchester City, I will fight to cement my place at the first team. I will also fight to prove Chelsea FC wrong.”

This indeed he has done.

Kevin De Bruyne Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts:KDB Clothing Line

Kevin his own pop-up clothing line called ‘KDB’ which in partnership with clothing label Cult Eleven.

A portion of the proceeds from his clothing line is sent to the Special Olympics. Kevin became an ambassador for the Special Olympics at the beginning of 2014. The  ‘Special Olympics committee has alot to thank Kevin for in terms of financial support.

Its aim is to support disabled people with special facilities for sports. Kevin has spent more monies supporting them than any other sports person has done.

Thanks for reading Kevin De Bruyne Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts!

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