Alessandro Bastoni Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Alessandro Bastoni Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our article gives you full coverage of Alessandro Bastoni Childhood Story, Biography, Family, Parents, Early Life, Love life, Personal Life and Lifestyle Facts. It’s a comprehensive analysis of notable events right from when he was a baby child to when he became famous.

The Early Life and Rise of Alessandro Bastoni. 📷: Picuki
The Early Life and Rise of Alessandro Bastoni. 📷: Picuki

Yes, you and I know he is among the best youngsters in Europe, one who has added substantial wizardry to his defensive arsenal.

However, only a few football lovers have considered reading Alessandro Bastoni’s biography, which is quite impressive. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Alessandro Bastoni Childhood Story:

First off, his nickname is “Ale“. The left-footed centre-back was born on the 13th day of April 1999, to his father, Nicola Bastoni, and little known mother, in Casalmaggiore, a Comune in Italy located in the province of Cremona, Lombardy.

Alessandro Bastoni was born as the second son, into a close-knitted family of 5. Within the first months of his life, football had already become the centrepiece of his life. Even before his birth, soccer was already part of his family’s DNA.

As a child, Ale did wonders which were deemed impossible for any child of his age. Early on (about a year old), the little boy was already conversant with Serie A football. Baby Alessandro got fond of memorizing and calling the name of famous Serie A players to the delight of his mum, dad and every member of his household.

This is one of the earliest of Alessandro Bastoni's Childhood Photos. 📷: Instagram
This is one of the earliest of Alessandro Bastoni’s Childhood Photos. 📷: Instagram

According to Italian Gianlucadimarzio, Alessandro first pronounced the names of Serie A footballers in front of the lady who first babysat him. In his words:

“My babysitter, Rosaria was one-day ironing, and I passed her the album containing the stickers of Serie A players, team by team. She was amazed that I told her all the names of the players, including their nationality by heart.”

According to Italian website Numero-Diez, Alessandro learned to read and write through football. Watching his first match, the kid associated the pronunciation of players names and nationality with the letters and words that appeared in the graphics of his family’s television.

This remarkable intelligence was a pointer to Ale’s future and destiny. Memorizing the names of footballers was indeed the most memorable moment of his childhood years.

Alessandro Bastoni Family Background, Origin and Early Years:

First and foremost, the 6 foot 3 central defender comes from a home that supports Inter Milan. More so, Alessandro Bastoni family is one made up of footballers. Did you know?… The footballer’s father, Nicola, was once an Inter Milan player while his mum, probably a housekeeper.

From the onset, Alessandro Bastoni’s parents operated a football-centric household. They were the type who didn’t have issues with their sons compromising a bit of education for a career in football. Right from the early days, Nicola Bastoni inculcated the Nerazzurri culture on his sons.

Our very own Alessandro Bastoni grew up in Casalmaggiore, alongside his siblings, a girl named Michela and an elder brother named Luca Bastoni. Both brothers (Ale and Luca) were more like best of friends, who were very fond of each other during their childhood days.

The footballer grew up alongside his elder brother named Luca. 📷: IG
The footballer grew up alongside his elder brother named Luca. 📷: IG

Alessandro Bastoni Education- The Dad’s Dream:

Nicola Bastoni had a hard time dealing with retirement. The foresighted dad devised a plan, one that would see his sons continue living the Bastoni family dream. Did you know?… It was Luca Bastoni (Ale elder brother) who first began playing football.

Early on, Alessandro Bastoni’s parents approved their sons (Luca and Ale) to attend part-time school so they could, at least, earn a diploma in case football didn’t work out. The defender participated at a private school in Mantua only on Mondays and Tuesdays while football took over the other days of the week.

Alessandro Bastoni Early life with Football:

Allesandro Bastoni once admitted he became passionate about football through his dad and older brother, Luca. Back then, Ale formed the habit of following his elder brother to play football with friends who appeared to be bigger and older than him.

The Early Years of the Bastoni Brothers.
The Early Years of the Bastoni Brothers.

The fact that the future star could compete with older kids made him mature much more quickly than everyone else.

While playing for a small team called Cannatese, Ale, who was aged six prefered wearing the No6 jersey. The young lad, unlike others, was able to see his football destiny calling him. At such a young age, he began to appreciate the beauty of his dreams.

The young footballer early on as a child, saw his destiny calling him.
The young footballer early on as a child, saw his destiny calling him.

Did you know?… All the males of Allesandro Bastoni family had something to do with Cannatese, a local team in their neighbourhood. Bastoni’s dad “Nicola” was the coach of the club’s youth side, and his two sons were among his players.

Alessandro Bastoni Biography- Early Career Life:

The joy of Alessandro Bastoni’s parents knew no bounds when their youngest son got called up for trials by Atlanta. At the age of 7, a very lucky Ale joined the youth branch of the club after a successful trial.

Back then and even now, Atlanta has been a club known with a reputation for discovering and nurturing budding talents. As expected in his early career, a strong-willed Bastoni progressed through their age groups. In no time, he established himself as a favourite at the centre of defence.

Alessandro Bastoni pictured in his Early Years with Atalanta B.C.
Alessandro Bastoni pictured in his Early Years with Atalanta B.C.

Recognizing his desire to succeed, every member of Allesandro Bastoni’s family did support him in their very own way. Back then, Nicola would drive his family members for around 100 kilometres to Zingonia (three times a week) to see his son. Other times, the proud dad would organize a minibus service.

Family visits and motivation led to youth achievements. Allesandro Bastoni’s parents were proud to see their son helping his team to win the National Under-17 Championship, the Under 17 Super cup, Arco cup and the Atlanta youth league in the year 2015 and 2016.

Alessandro Bastoni Biography- Road to Fame Story:

To the joy of family, the shining defender, in the year 2016 graduated from the Bergamo nursery with flying colours. Upon youth graduation, Ale began the mission of making a name for himself.

Back then (2016-2017 season), Atalanta B.C just started becoming popular. While the likes of Papu Gomez dominated, other known players- the likes of Luis Muriel, Duvan Zapata and Josip Ilicic were not well known.

Bastoni used both Atlanta and the Italy national youth teams in making his presence known. As a captain of the Italian side, his leadership and defensive prowess caused a huge wave all over the country.

More importantly, Ale’s personality caught the watchful eyes of Inter Milan coach Antonio Conte who immediately pushed for his signature.

Antonio Conte couldn't resist having the Big Defender on his Inter side. 📷: Mirror and Picuki
Antonio Conte couldn’t resist having the Big Defender on his Inter side. 📷: Mirror and Picuki

Alessandro Bastoni Biography- Rise to Fame Story:

On the 31st of August 2017, Inter Milan announced the signing of Bastoni for €31 million. To complete his development, Conte sent him on loan firs to Atalanta and then, Parma.

While on loan, Bastoni took inspiration from Sergio Ramos, Leonardo Bonucci and in no time, his wizardry turned him into a veteran. Observing his growth, Inter had to recall the defender from the loan.

As at the time of writing Allesandro Bastoni’s biography, the Nerazzurri defender has become the new column for the Nerazzurri defence. The hardcore defender has won the starting position in inter, dominating, among other things, a defensive Totem like Diego Godin.

The Rise and Rise of Bastoni.
The Rise and Rise of Bastoni.

From butterflies in the stomach to getting fame as a teenager, Bastone without a doubt, the most promising Italian defender of his generation. Inter Milan today, lick their moustache in front of the boy’s excellent performance. The rest, as we say, is history.

Alessandro Bastoni’s Love Life- Girlfriend, Wife?

Behind the successful footballer, there is indeed a glamorous girlfriend. The Nerazzurri defender is (at the time of writing) in a relationship with Martina Bulgarelli.

Football fans got to know Bastoni’s girlfriend when they both visited Butega del Selèr, a restaurant in his neighbourhood. Below is a photo of the super girlfriend- Martina Bulgarelli alongside her boyfriend and Butega restaurant owners.

Meet Alessandro Bastoni's Girlfriend, Martina Bulgarelli (FAR RIGHT). 📷 Laprovinciacr
Meet Alessandro Bastoni’s Girlfriend, Martina Bulgarelli (FAR RIGHT). 📷 Laprovinciacr

Personal Life:

Who is Alessandro Bastoni outside the Field?

Off-pitch, the defender is known to have a quiet, calm and collected personality. Asides his nickname “Ale”, the Nerazzurri defender is often referred to as ‘a young, old man’ all thanks to the maturity he puts off the pitch. This attribute has made fans believe that ‘age’ is indeed just a number.

Also on his Alessandro Bastoni’s personal life, the defensive germ believes nothing weighs him down, and just a grain of sand is enough to make him happy. Alessandro made this revelation of this while on tour at the Dubai Desert Safari.

The centre-back belives just a grain of sand is enough to make him happy.
The centre-back believes just a grain of sand is enough to make him happy.

Alessandro Bastoni’s Hobbies:

As regards his hobbies, our very own Bastoni is passionate about Playstation and NBA. As regards NBA, his favourite basketballer is Stephen Curry of Golden State.

Alessandro Bastoni's Hobby is Basketball. 📷 FC Inter 1908
Alessandro Bastoni’s Hobby is Basketball. 📷 FC Inter 1908


To know how the Nerazzurri defender spends his monies, first, let’s tell you what he earns.

Alessandro Bastoni’s Salary:

According to Tuttomercatoweb, Allesandro Bastoni’s salary is approximately €23,000 per week and €1.2 million per season.

Alessandro Bastoni Net worth and Market Value:

At the time of putting up this piece, Bastoni has a net worth of €1 million and a market value of €31.50m (transfer market).

How Bastoni spends his Monies:

The centre-back prefers to spend his football monies patronizing Salt Bae. He is not into showcasing cars, big houses (mansions) and stunning girlfriend(s) which are signs of a luxurious lifestyle.

The centre-back is not into cars but prefers to spend his football monies on Salt Bae.📷: Gym4u
The centre-back is not into cars but prefers to spend his football monies on Salt Bae.📷: Gym4u

Alessandro Bastoni Family Life:

For Ale’s household, there exists a “Home Pride”. The ball has always been the engine that has carried on the Bastoni family over the years. Having made it into Serie A, Ale has vowed never to stop thanking my family members for the sacrifices they made.

In this section, we’ll tell you more about Alessandro Bastoni’s parents and the rest of his family members.

About Alessandro Bastoni’s Parents:

Great parents have produced great sons and Ale’s mum and dad isn’t an exception. The amateur football coach Nicola and his wife are currently reaping the benefits of having a genius as their son.

Not to forget, it appears Alessandro Bastoni’s parents once had a child named Agnese, one whom they lost precisely on the 24th of October, 2015. The emotional writeup (below) would inform you more about Alessandro Bastoni family member who is currently late. Kindly read from left to right.

Notes from losing a loved one.
Notes from losing a loved one.

Here is the second emotional note from Ale as regards losing a family member- his sister.

Notes from losing a loved one.
Notes from losing a loved one.

About Alessandro Bastoni’s Brother:

Ale’s elder brother, Luca Bastoni was born in 1995. This statement implies he is four years older than him.

As at the time of writing, the first son of Alessandro Bastoni family (Luca) plays his football in with a team in Mantua. Sadly, the big brother who taught his little brother football never made it as Alessandro did.

Meet Alessandro Bastoni's Brother Luca.
Meet Alessandro Bastoni’s Brother Luca.

Among both brothers, it is Alessandro who has come out as the breadwinner of the Bastoni household thanks to him reaching the supreme goal of any young Italian footballer (to play in the Serie A).

About Alessandro Bastoni’s Sister:

The left-footed centre back grew up in a household of 5 and had two siblings, including a sister named Michela. Alessandro Bastoni’s parents had her as the last born child aka baby of the house. Michela is an aspiring photographer and owner of the popular blog – “AupairWithoutFilters.Travel.Blog

About Alessandro Bastoni’s Relatives:

Even to this day, memories of Ale’s help to grandparents during his childhood days still lingers. As a little boy, he once used his spare time to help his grandparents in cultivating their land. Here are Alessandro Bastoni words as regards working at his grandparents vegetable garden according to Gianlucadimarzio;

“As a child, I also enjoyed discovering things new, I went to the garden to pick tomatoes, but in reality, I was making more mess than anything else because my grandparents have cultivated land.”

Alessandro Bastoni Untold Facts:

  • Fact #1– Why he Wears No:95 on his Jersey:

Perhaps you never knew, the Nerazzurri centre back wears the number because of a promise made to his brother (Luca) at the time he graduated from Atlanta youth academy.

Ale believes he won’t be existing as a footballer if Luca had not shown him the way. Speaking at an interview with Calciomercato, the centre back once said;

“I told him that my shirt number would be his birth year- 95. Wearing the number is a way of having Luca and the rest of my family with me on the pitch.”

  • Fact #2– Alessandro Bastoni Football Idol:

Fan loving defenders, the likes of Ben Chilwell, Niklas Süle, Ibrahima Konate and Daniele Rugani all have role models. Our very own Bastoni is a Real Madrid fan, one who admires and sees Sergio Ramos as his role model. Speaking about his admiration, the defender once said;

“I admire Sergio Ramos so much, and he is not the classic defender who defends and does nothing else. He is very elegant on the ball. I aspire to be as good as him even if it is almost impossible to reach his levels.”

  • Fact #3– Alessandro Bastoni Tattoos:

First and Foremost, Alessandro Bastoni childhood story is well depicted in the form of a tattoo on his hand. The tall defender also has other tattoos, first is a Lion, the other is a clock and finally, a flower. Most of Alessandro Bastoni’s tattoos were inked 2018 by Elo Tattoo Art Studio located in Travagliato, Italy.

Alessandro Bastoni Tattoos.
Alessandro Bastoni Tattoos.
  • Fact #3– Alessandro Bastoni Salary Breakdown:

At the time Antonio Conte renewed his contract, the Italian defender became blessed with a whooping sum of €23,000 per week and a €1.2 million annual salary. We’ve taken our time to crunch Alessandro Bastoni’s salary into numbers, and this reveals what he earns per year, month, week, day, hour, minute and seconds.

TENURE/EARNINGSIn Euros (€)In Pounds (£)In Dollars ($)
Per Year:€1,200,000£1,055,713$1,314,780
Per Month:€100,000£87,976$109,565
Per Week:€23,226£20,271$25,245
Per Day:€3,222£2,896$3,606
Per Hour:€134£121$150
Per Minute:€2.24£2$2.5
Per Seconds:€0.04£0.03$0.04

Based on the above Salary Stats, this is what Alessandro Bastoni has earned since you began viewing this Page.


Wow! Did you know?… The average man in Italy who earns around 3,680 EUR per month would need to work for at least two years and three weeks to make just a month of Alessandro Bastoni’s salary.

Alessandro Bastoni Wiki:

Alessandro Bastoni Biography- Wiki dataWiki Answers
Full NameAlessandro Bastoni
Born:13 April 1999
Age:21 (as at May 2020)
Parents:Mr and Mrs Nicola Bastoni
Brother:Luca Bastoni
Sister:Michela Bastoni
GirlfriendMartina Bulgarelli
Height in Feet6 feet 3 inches
Height in Meters1.91 m
Net worth€1 million
HobbiesBasketball and Gaming (Playstation)


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