Niklas Sule Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

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LB presents the Full Story of a Football Genius who is best known by the nickname Niki“. Our Niklas Sule Childhood Story plus Untold Biography Facts bring to you a full account of notable events from his childhood time to date. The analysis involves his early life, family background, life story before fame, rise to fame story, relationship and personal life.

Yes, everyone knows about his defensive prowess. However, only a few consider Niklas Sule’s Biography which is quite interesting. Now without further ado, let’s Begin.

Niklas Sule Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- Family Background

Niklas Süle was born on the 3rd of September 1995 to his parents Mr. and Mrs. Georg Sule in Frankfurt, Germany. Niklas was born a German Hungarian and as the second son/child of his family. His mum pictured below is a German while his dad is a Hungarian who holds a German passport.

How Sule’s Famly Migrated to Germany:

It was believed that the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 was responsible for making Georg Sule and his family migrate to Germany.

In Germany, Georg Sule found and fell in love with Niklas’ mum. Niklas himself is believed to have inherited his huge height and frame from his dad. Both parents once operated a middle-class family household. They still reside in Frankfurt, Germany where their sons were born.

Niklas Sule Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- Early Life

Niklas grew up in Frankfurt with his older and only brother Fabian whom he has termed as his “best friends” right from their very youthful days.

As you’ve observed, Fabian pictured above is shorter in height when compared to his giant broad-looking little brother. This gives a remainder on the fact that Football has seen one notable junior brotherly giants lately. The is the case of the Milinkovic-Savic brothers. The shorter but elderly, Sergej Milinkovic-Savic is 1.92m/6.2 feet tall while his younger brother Vanja Milinković-Savić is 2.02 m/6.6 feet tall.

Back to Niklas Sule’s Early Life:

Football was more than a hobby for both Niklas and Fabian boys early on. Back then, in their local garden of Walldorf in Frankfurt, both boys would spend countless hours playing football. According to Niklas;

“Our father had to put us a gate there and sometimes watered the garden for us. This allowed me and Fabian to balled each other’s balls. That was our ‘Anfield Road'”

Even on weekdays, after school hours, lunch was eaten very fast and the boys would sometimes leave their home garden and go out together on the football field located in Walldorf’s popular black forest.

Niklas Sule Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- Early Career Life

As time went on, the destinies the boys were fully defined. Unfortunately, football for both didn’t go as earlier planned. While Niklas continued growing in his football passion, that for Fabian dropped. At some point, he never had the will to continue football as education took over. Fabian went on to study through college scholarship in the United States. Afterward, he proceeded to get his Master’s Degree in International Business. Although Niklas who was a football addict never liked his books the way his brother did. Even though different careers called, both boys would forever remember their childhood footballing days.

Niklas Sule’s passion for football saw him enroll on the roster of his local youth team, Rot-Weiß Walldorf which gave him the stage for an early foundation in his career. Even after training, Sule continued to play football privately.

The Next Step:

In 2006, Sule took his next step to play in Eintracht-Jugend which is the junior arm of Eintracht Frankfurt youth team. Having known he had moved further away home, both Sule and his parents had to manage the distance as Eintracht at that time didn’t have a proper boarding school or car service. According to Niklas Sule;

“My parents regularly picked me up directly after school and drove through the dense rush hour traffic to Riederwald. That often took an hour each way. It was stressful for my parents.”

Niklas Sule Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- Road to Fame

Niklas later soon took the next career step in his youth development. He joined the youth club, SV Darmstadt 98 without any assurance of transportation. Since he could still not go directly by bus, Sule told Darmstadt from the beginning that he would only stay for half a year.

Finally, his accommodation and transport problems got resolved as he joined 1899 Hoffenheim in the year 2010. This was the first time a confident Sule had to leave his mum and dad behind. With Hoffenheim, Sule quickly rose above all youth ranks thanks to his impressive displays.

Because he was growing very huge and stronger than his age mates, Hoffenheim’s club management allowed Sule to skip a year in the Youth ranks. This literally means “a double promotion” for the German. At the age of 17, a lucky Sule got called up into 1899 Hoffenheim’s first team. This was also a time he pulled out of the club’s accommodation to live with a host family for half a year.

When the Going Gets Tough:

There are different types of injuries in football. The injury no footballer would want at their early career stage is the Cruciate ligament. Sule actually suffered this injury when he was 19 years of age, during a game against his old club Eintracht Frankfurt.

“In the beginning, it was difficult to process. But my brother and father could give me comfort and courage” said Sule on speaking on his rehabilitation.

Luckily, things went without complications thanks to German knee specialist Dr. med. Heinz Jürgen Eichhorn.

Niklas Sule Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- Rise to Fame

With the retirement of Per Mertesacker, an empty spot in the German defense was created. Hence there was this search beam on looking for the Next German Defender. This was when the names of Antiono Rudiger and Niklas Sule came up as the most promising youth defender.

Sule was considered a complete defender with the perfect blend of power, technique and sharp aerial instincts. The true test for his worth came as he led his German team to win the 2016 Summer Olympic Games and the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup.

Playing in 33 matches and leading Hoffenheim in an impressive 4th place  Bundesliga finish led to Sule becoming a member of the Bundesliga Team during the 2016/2017 Season. Süle’s performance drew interest from clubs like Bayern Munich and Chelsea who wanted a John Terry replacement. This was Bayern Munich who finally won the race to acquired Sule in 2017.

Finally, the Walldorf boy finally joined other German golden generation players like; Joshua Kimmich, Timo Werner and Julian Brandt. The rest, as they say, is history.

Niklas Sule Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- Relationship Life

Behind every successful German footballer, there is indeed a glamorous WAG. As at the time of writing, an intimate relationship on a solid footing exists between Niklas and Melissa.

Melissa often appears with her boyfriend on festivals, functions, and events. She once stunned everyone with her beautiful looks when she attended the Oktoberfest, the world’s largest Volksfest held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

According to German media, it was reported that the two lovebirds started dating in the year 2014 during his time with 1899 Hoffenheim. Year in year out, both lovers get more confident about themselves.

It is only a matter of time before wedding knocks.

Niklas Sule Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- Personal Life

Getting to know Niklas Sule’s personal life would help you get a full picture of his personality.

Deep Sense of Humanity:

Niklas Sule is someone who loves to pay attention to the smallest details and his deep sense of humanity makes him a friend to many especially people with special disabilities. Below is a photo of Niklas training with some of his special fans.

Giving Back to his Youth Club:

Niklas Sule would forever remain in the golden books of Walldorf youth club where his career started. He gives back to the club by giving monies and his time. Below is Sule with the kids and staff of his old youth club SV Rot-Weiß Walldorf.

I know my roots, where I come from,” Sule said.

Nikals Sule Family Relationships:

Asides giving to the society, Family is also important to Niklas as he still has close contact with his parents and only brother.

Currently, both brothers are reunited in Germany. Fabian is currently completing an internship at SAP in Walldorf, a home to the world’s seventh largest software company SAP.

Niklas Sule Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- Lifestyle Facts

A Golfer: 

Asides carving out a career in football, Sule also excels as a golfer. However, he is aware Golfing is easy to learn and impossible to Master.

Loves the Wild: 

Niklas Sule is someone who donates his time and monies to wildlife. He takes an active role in his love for alligators and crocodile. In the picture below, the mother alligators didn’t look very happy with the German defender.

Niklas Sule Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts- Untold Career Facts

Turkey tried to steal Sule:

Niklas Süle once revealed that Turkey contacted him to play for them for no other reason but simply because ‘his name sounds Turkish‘.

Speaking about the attempt, A fan on Reddit had this to say;

“Yeah, I think that’s literally their job. If you are an FA that doesn’t produce talent itself, you have to contact every single player who has high potential and could possibly play for you. In some cases, it might work out. In Sule’s case, it didn’t work.”

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