Pedro Neto Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Pedro Neto Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Pedro Neto Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Girlfriend/Wife-to-be, Lifestyle, Net Worth and Personal Life.

In a nutshell, this is the life story of Pedro Neto, the Portuguese footballer whose gameplay on the field is exciting to watch. Lifebogger begins from his boyhood days, right to when he became famous.

To whet your autobiography appetite on how engaging Pedro Neto’s Biography would be, we present you a gallery that defines moments in his life.

Pedro Neto Biography - His Life Story helps you know everything about him.
Pedro Neto’s Biography – His Life Story helps you know everything about him.

Yes, you and I know he is living the Premier League dream with Wolves under Nuno Espírito Santo. As you have probably seen him play, he has got an incredible pace, which makes him manipulate the ball really well.

Despite the accolades, we notice that not many soccer fans have read a detailed version of Pedro Neto’s Biography.

We prepared it, especially for you, because of our love for the beautiful game. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Pedro Neto Childhood Story:

For biography starters, the Portuguese Starlet bears the full name- ‘Pedro Lomba Neto’.

Pedro Neto was born on the 9th day of March 2000 to a Portuguese father, Pedro Neto Senior, and mother (Mozambican origin), Cristina Lomba Neto, in Viana do Castelo, a city in the North of Portugal.

The Footballer hails from the North of Portugal. See where his town is located in the country.
The Footballer hails from the North of Portugal. See where his town is located in the country.

The Attacking Midfielder was born as the third child and first son in his family. Pedro Neto didn’t grow up alongside daddy and mummy but with twin elder sisters who go by the names Debora and Bruna Neto.

Pedro Neto’s parents gave birth to him at a time when citizens of Planet Earth had just recovered from the biggest uncertainty ever faced by mankind.

Remember that infamous Y2K bug or Millennium Bug?… Perhaps yes, and the truth is, it was only a myth. Thankfully, Pedro Neto’s family did not see missiles firing by accident or aeroplanes falling from the sky.

Pedro Neto Family Background:

The Footballer, like his fellow countryman- Goncalo Guedes, didn’t come from a super-wealthy home. The truth is that Pedro Neto’s parents operated a middle-class household.

Pictured below, Pedro Senior and Cristina were the types who could go the extra mile to afford the basic needs of life for their son and twin daughters.

Meet Pedro Neto's Dad and Mum as they both put on a great smile.
Meet Pedro Neto’s Dad and Mum as they both put on a great smile.

The families of Pedro Senior and Cristina Neto are among the approximately 88,725 middle-class inhabitants living in Portugal’s Viana do Castelo neighbourhood.

The town where Neto’s career began (as seen below) has recently undergone urban renewal  (Wikipedia Reports).

See the beautiful Town where Pedro Neto's Family hails from.
See the beautiful Town where Pedro Neto’s Family hails from.

Pedro Neto’s Family Origin:

According to research, Neto’s dad is Portuguese, while his mum is Mozambican. The winger’s hometown (Viana do Castelo) is in Minho, the Northern Portuguese region where nature, food, and wine are good allies.

Fellow Portuguese footballer Francisco Trincao also comes from this town. The truth is, there is more to where he has his family origin.

Pedro Neto's paternal family have their origin from Minho, a northern Portuguese region.
Pedro Neto’s paternal family have their origin from Minho, a northern Portuguese region.

Do you know?… This Region was an entry point for Portuguese explorers involved in early discoveries. Who knows, Neto’s great-grandparents might just be related to Christopher Columbus, the discoverer of America.

Pedro Neto Football Origin:

Sporting life for the Speed Star didn’t begin with football.

Early on, he was more in love with roller hockey, all thanks to his dad, who was a professional in the game. While he was still a little boy, he alternated between roller hockey and football.

Early on, as a child, one of Pedro Neto’s family members (extended family) had a significant influence on his future.

That person is other than his uncle, Sérgio Lomba (from his mother’s side). Back then, the retired footballer advised the youngster to join him in the footballing trade, which gladly did.

Pedro Neto Biography – Road to Fame Story:

Unlike Raphael Guerreiro, Pedro Neto’s journey to becoming a professional began in his Portuguese hometown.

Under the tutelage of Uncle Sérgio Miguel Lopes Lomba da Costa, AKA Sérgio Lomba, he successfully enrolled with the local club Vianense. Further progress took him to Perspectiva em Jogo, where he spent three years.

At 13, he was fully ready to commit his life to the game. While speaking to a Portuguese daily sports newspaper, the youngster once said,

“Thanks to my Parents and Uncle Sérgio Lomba, I had to choose and take football more seriously. I couldn’t reconcile myself to just giving up,”

Still, at 13, little Neto had a successful trial with S.C. Braga’s academy, a famous sports team situated near his family home.

Because Neto was that good, the youngster got a call to finalize his youth experience with Italy’s SS Lazio. There, he graduated with flying colours.

Pedro Neto Biography – The Success Story:

Coming back home after academy graduation, Neto quickly jumped into the spotlight by scoring in his first Primeira Liga appearance with S.C. Braga.

This feat saw him becoming the club’s youngest-ever goalscorer. Their early success didn’t end there, top clubs like FC Barcelona and Man United came begging for his signature.

Did you know?… Pedro Neto’s parents had to visit FC Barca’s La Masia academy and United ahead of a potential move for their son. S.C.

Braga’s President had to convince the youngster’s family of the idea of Pedro not taking the big club route but instead continuing with SC Braga. In his words, via the Portuguese website, Desporto-Sapo;

I had to spend many hours, many days with Neto’s parents. I made them realize that the future would be much brighter if he takes a different career route.

Braga President’s advice was gladly received, and Pedro, instead of going to FC Barcelona, decided to take a loan move to SS Lazio, where he helped them win a notable trophy.

Forfeiting FC Barcelona and United immediately paid its dividends.
Forfeiting FC Barcelona and United immediately paid its dividends.

While the attacker continued to show great quality, a certain manager who loves to hunt for Portuguese talents for his English side took sharp notice.

On the 2nd day of August 2019, Neto signed with Nuno Espírito Santo’s Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Since joining, the youngster has excelled greatly, and he is critical in most of their attacks, assists, and goals. The rest of Pedro Neto’s Bio is now history.

The Portuguese is, without doubt, one of the best in his age bracket.
The Portuguese is, without doubt, one of the best in his age bracket.

Pedro Neto Love Life- Girlfriend, Wife, Children?

The huge demands of the English Premier League have made its players masters in the art of hiding their little secrets.

For a player like Neto, who is as cute as Andre Silva, being on the wish list of potential girlfriends is normal.

At the time of putting up his profile, Neto belongs to the category of players who are yet to let fans know about their love lives- the existence of girlfriend(s), wife, and even children.

Who is Pedro Neto's Girlfriend?
Who is Pedro Neto’s Girlfriend?

Judging the way we’ve portrayed Pedro Neto’s Bio so far, it appears Pedro is well advised by his dad, mum, twin sisters, and uncle on the need to keep his private life away from fans.

Nevertheless, we believe the time will surely come for him to publicly declare his love for a lady. Stay calm, bro!

Personal Life:

Away from seeing him in action, the personal life of Pedro Neto would help you get a better picture of him.

Soccer players, like many of us, love their pets, and he isn’t an exception. Even though the fact exists that ‘there is no loyalty left in the modern game‘, it surely doesn’t take into consideration the love shared between Neto and his dog.

Pedro Neto's Dog seems appears to be his best friend and Housemate.
Pedro Neto’s Dog seems appears to be his best friend and Housemate.

Pedro Neto Lifestyle:

Here, we’ll tell you how he spends his money off the pitch. This will reveal some insight into his lifestyle.

As a celebrity, he knows he is constantly in the spotlight. Pictured below, you’ll agree with me that the footballer does know how to spend his money on the right type of vacation and workout routine.

Pedro Neto's Lifestyle Explained.
Pedro Neto’s Lifestyle Explained.

Pedro Neto Net worth:

At the end of the year, the footballer pockets around 1.5 million pounds, as revealed in his Wolves 2020 salary stats.

Judging by this, Pundits has estimated Pedro Neto’s net worth to be around 8.5 Million Euros or 7.6 Million Pounds.

TENURE/EARNINGSEarning in Pounds (£)Earning in Euros (€)Earning in Dollars ($)
Per Year£1,520,916€1,700,000$1,914,115
Per Month£126,743€141,667$159,510
Per Week£29,203€32,642$36,753
Per Day£4,172€4,663$5,250
Per Hour£174€194$219
Per Minute£2.9€3.2$3.6
Per Seconds£0.04€0.05$0.06

Pedro Neto Car:

No doubt, he is a very humble guy. Neto’s 29,000 pounds per week is more than enough to buy him the kind of car you see below. The Player is found here driving an average car.

Pedro Neto prefers driving an average car.
Pedro Neto prefers driving an average car.

Pedro Neto Family Life:

One habit of a successful Household is the support for each other, especially at the early stages of life.

For Neto, family (parents, sisters, and uncle) is everything. In this section, we’ll through more light on these persons.

About Pedro Neto’s Father:

Often known as the Senior of his son’s name, the great-dad has supported his son at every step of the way. As an ex-hockey player, Pedro Neto Senior led the way by getting his son to fall in love with sports.

The choice to leave hockey for football was well-approved by him. Today, the head of the home is the proudest, and Pedro, his son, has shown that he is grateful to him.

Meet Pedro Neto's Parents as they celebrate him winning a trophy.
Meet Pedro Neto’s Parents as they celebrate him winning a trophy.

About Pedro Neto’s Mother:

Without her, a football career may not have been possible for her son. This is because Cristina Neto Lomba is the link to the Neto family football lineage.

Reports from research carried out indicate she was born in Mozambique, a country in East Africa.

Together with her husband, Cristina is proud to be among the most successful Portuguese football family in the municipality of Viana do Castelo.

As of 2020, she, together with her family, lives with their son in England.

About Pedro Neto Sister:

The Footballer has twin sisters who go by the names Debora and Bruna Neto. Both were 22 years old and also students of a University in Portugal as of 2019.

Even though football keeps him busy, Pedro still finds time for his sisters, who mostly during Christmas, do leave their family home (in Portugal) to come to visit him in Italy and England. Below is Debora, who shares a fantastic relationship with her kid brother.

Meet Pedro Neto's sister- Debora Neto.
Meet Pedro Neto’s sister- Debora Neto.

About Pedro Neto Uncle:

Born on the 11th day of August 1973, he is known by the name Sérgio Miguel Lopes Lomba da Costa. Pedro Neto’s uncle is a Mozambican retired footballer who played as a defender in his active days. We credit him for helping Pedro fall in love with football.

Pedro Neto Facts:

To equip your knowledge base of his Biography, here are more truths about the Portuguese professional footballer.

Earnings Per Second and Salary relation to the average Portuguese Citizen:

This is what Pedro Neto has earned since you began viewing this Page.


The average Portuguese citizen would need to work for approximately 5 years and 6 months to make Pedro Neto’s yearly salary.

Pedro Neto Tattoo:

The Portuguese Player, before the start of the 2020/2020 season, has only gotten a single body ink on his chest. The truth is, Pedro Neto’s tattoo still remains a mystery to fans.

It might either denote something he cherishes or someone he loves- maybe his parents, sister, uncle, girlfriend, etc.

He deserves much better Stats:

Just like Florentino Luis, Pedro Neto is very underrated, and FIFA lovers are not happy about it. Being of the best in his age bracket, he doesn’t get enough credit compared to the likes of Joao Felix.

The Great Talent is underrated on FIFA.
The Great Talent is underrated on FIFA.

Pedro Neto’s Religion:

The Speed Dribbler was born in a Christian home, and his parents adhere to the practice of making their children bear Biblical names.

Did you know?… Pedro is a Galician name for Peter. The name was derived from the Greek word “η πέτρα,” which means “stone or rock”.

Wiki Summary:

To get a quick glimpse, we’ve gone ahead to summarize Pedro Neto’s Biography with this table.

Bio InquiriesWiki Data
Full Names:Pedro Lomba Neto.
Date of Birth: 9th day of March 2000.
Place of Birth:Viana do Castelo, Portugal.
Parents:Father: Pedro Neto Senior. Mother: Cristina Lomba Neto.
Sibling:Debora and Bruna Neto (Twin Sisters).
Maternal Family Origin:Mozambique.
Paternal Family Origin:Portugal.
Height:1.72 meters OR 5 feet 8 inches.
Zodiac: Pisces.


We’ve brought to an end an enchanting biography of a future football star in the making. Both of Pedro Neto’s parents did well by adhering to the advice of SC Braga’s President, which finally paid off.

The 2020/2021 season match of Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-1 Chelsea has turned Pedro Neto into one of the EPL’s brightest football talents. In the future, he is likely to follow in the footsteps of Diogo Jota in a bigger club move.

Pedro Neto’s Bio teaches us the need to take action whenever we feel it is time to act.  Abandoning his dad’s trade of hockey to pursue his dream sport – football, surely paid off.

Thanks to his Uncle (Lomba) and parental support, Pedro Neto has made every moment count. Kindly tell us what you think about him in our comment section.

Hi there! I am Hale Hendrix, a passionate football enthusiast and writer dedicated to uncovering the untold stories of footballers' childhood and biography. With a deep love for the beautiful game, I have spent countless hours researching and interviewing players to bring to light the lesser-known details of their lives.



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