Josh Maja Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Josh Maja Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Josh Maja Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Girlfriend/Wife to be, Lifestyle, Net Worth and Personal Life.

In the nutshel, we portray the history of the London born Nigerian professional footballer. Our story begins from his early days to when he achieved sucess with Fulham. To whet your auto-biography appitite on the engaging nature of Josh Maja’s Bio, behold his career trajectory.

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Yes, everyone know of his fairy tale start to life in the premier league – where he scored his first two goals in a 2–0 victory against Everton. Despite this accolade, only few fans know about Josh Maja’s Life story. With out further ado, lets begin.

Josh Maja Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname Josh Magic. The name – Josh is only a nickname and his real names are – Joshua Erowoli Orisunmihare Oluwaseun Maja. The professional footballer was born on the 27th day of December 1998 to Nigerian father and mother, in the London Borough of Lewisham.

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Growing Up Years:

Josh Maja spent his childhood years Pimlico, a residential area in Westminster. He grew up alongside his three brothers, his parents (notably his mother) and sister. Notable among his siblings are Emmanuel and Jeremiah Maja – both of whom are pictured here.

Meet Josh Maja's Brothers - Emmanuel Maja (Right) and Jeremiah Maja (Left).
Meet Josh Maja’s Brothers – Emmanuel Maja (Right) and Jeremiah Maja (Left).

Considering the way these boys played soccer during their early days, there was alsolutely nothing that suggested at lest they woun’t grow up to become a football stars – which they did.

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Josh Maja Family Background:

The Nigerian forward was born in Longon to Nigerian Mum and Dad who lived and fared comfortably as middle-class English citizens. Josh wasn’t raised in a poor background. His parents was like most people who worked, never struggled with monies and had a good financial education.

Josh Maja Family Origin:

Despite the fact he was born and raised in England, the London native appreciates his Nigerian roots. With his rise to fame, lots have fans have asked… Where in Nigeria does Josh Maja’s parents comes from?…

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First thing first, he has two Yoruba names – (Orisunmihare and Oluwaseun). After an intensive research, we were able to trace one of his names (Orisunmi) to Ondo State, Nigeria. Possibly, this is where Josh Maja’s Dad comes from.

The name Orisunmi has Ondo origin. It appears one of Josh Maja's parents is from Ondo state, Nigeria.
The name (Orisunmi) has Ondo state origin. It appears one of Josh Maja’s parents (his Dad) is from Ondo state, Nigeria.

Again – interms of his origin –  we took cognisance of another of his names – Erowoli. This name is common to people who come from Warri, Delta state. For this reason, we could speculate highly, that Josh Maja’s mum is from Delta state, Nigeria. It appears both of his parents left Nigeria to England in the 1990’s to make a better family.

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Education and Career Buildup:

Accroding to the Independent, Josh Maja’s had an involvement in academics before the emergence of his career. The British newspaper also reported that he also continued schooling even during his teenage years.

Coming from a Nigerian household who are known to hold high values to Education for their children, it is clear becoming something else would have been feasible incase a professional career didn’t work out as planned.

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Josh Maja Football Story:

As his Wikipedia puts it, the youngster parents, upon his birth, left Lewisham to settle at Pimlico which is located in Greater London. Hence, it was at central London in the City of Westminster that Josh and his brothers – Jeremiah, Emmanual (et al) horned their football skills.

Possessing a steely determination to make his dreams come true, Josh went on to have successful trials with Crystal Palace and Fulham. At these London academies, the budding star laid a good foundation to his youth career.

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The outright need to expand youth experience beyond London saw the precocious whiz kid travelling to northwest England (Manchester) for trials with City. To the joy of his family, Josh passed and he joined the likes of Jadon Sancho who also played there.

Josh played for Manchester city academy with high hopes the that club would offer him a scholarship. Sadly, they didn’t and after consulting his parents, the rising star left the best academy in England to Sunderland. There, he got what he wanted – a two-year scholarship.

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Josh Maja Biography – Road to Fame Story:

September 2016 turned out to be a year he got a taste of senior football with the Black Cats. As expected, he rose to the occassion, giving a big injection of his attacking personality. Josh was a humble striker who learnt from senior player – like Jamine Defoe – whom he considered a role model. Behold, the youngster receiving striking lessons from his Idol.

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As Jamine Defoe left Sunderland, Josh Maja became favourite to take over his position. blessed with adhesive control and the knack of drifting past opponents, the super kid scored 16 goals before being priced away to France. Below is a video of his glorious days with Sunderland where he played with some swagger and arrogance.

Josh Maja Biography – The Success Story:

On the 26th day of January 2019, the Sunderland forward signed for French Ligue 1 club Bordeaux on a four-and-a-half year deal and a staggering pay rise – €65,000-a-week. Playing alongside Yacine Adli, Josh became an instant hit with Les Girondins.

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Rising to footballing stardom, Magic Joshua (as seen in the video of his Bordeaux goals) became one of the hottest young properties in French football. He won the the club’s top scorer award for the 2019-2020 season it’s termination due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Owing to the fact that his parents are Nigerian, the country’s football coach, Gernot Rohr, quickly smuggled Maja. The aim was to prodide competion for Victor Osimhen, as one of the country’s favourite strikeforce.

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At the start of 2021, the rising star consulted his family on a posible return to England. This time, he felt his destiny telling him he would succeed in the Premier League. On 1 February 2021, transfer deadline day, Josh returned to England with his former club, Fulham.

Valentine’s day – the 14th of February 2021 was the prefered day to his his destiny playout. That day, he achieved a Fairy tale start, scoring two goals (Video is below) in his debut to achieve victory against Everton.

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Without a doubt, the world might be on the verge of seeing a better Fulham version of Alekandar Mitrovic, a youngster, once rejected by England and now blossoming his way in becoming a world-class talent, right in front of our very eyes. The rest, as we say, will be history.

Who is Josh Maja’s Girlfriend:

Are you here to get info about the Nigerian striker in love? Do have a burning desire to discover who is Josh Maja’s girlfriend is?… So is Lifebogger. In all honesty, we’ve searched all over, still no signs of a WAG.

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Getting to know Josh Maja's Girlfriend.
Getting to know Josh Maja’s Girlfriend.

Deep down, we believe Josh Maja is privately dating someone. Hence, it is only a matter of time before his private life goes public. But come to think of it, … If someone like him is as sharp in front of goal, he woudn’t have issues managing a private affair.

Personal Life Facts:

Maja is a Capricorn, a sign that represents time and responsibility. The Nigerian forward is an individual who possess an inner state of independence that enables significant progress both in his personal and professional lives.

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Josh Maja Lifestyle:

Responding to question on how he spends his £60,000 Fulham weekly wages, the Nigerian striker admits not living a lavish life. Maja aviods the glossy magazines and there is no such things like showcasing exotic cars, big houses (mansions) girls, buzz etc.

Josh Maja Family Life:

Vision is the act of seeing what is considered invinsible to many. Maja comes from a sporting household with vision for the game. In this section, we’ll tell you a bit about his ménage.

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About Josh Maja’s Parents:

They raised four sons and one daughter. Making him and his brothers become footballers is one of the best decisions Josh’s Mum and Dad made. The footballer’s anti-flash attitute is as a result of his parents keeping him grounded. Although little documentation exist them, its only a matter of time before they make themselves public.

About Josh Maja’s Siblings:

In the modern football world of flash cars and social media lifestyle showcase, the football brothers represents a refreshing antidote.

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Emmanuel Maja is a holding midfielder who once had trials with Man city and plays with FC Croydon as I write this Bio. On the other hand, his elder brother, Jeremiah Majas is a pacey forward – with an eye for goal – like his Josh.

Josh Maja Untold Facts:

Rounding up on our memoir on the Nigerian professional footballer, we’ll use this section to tell you more truths about him. Without much ado, lets begin.

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Fact #1 – Josh Maja Fulham Salary:

Sunderland owner Stewart Donald revealed Maja earned £1000 per week. According to French website L’Equipe, he took home €65,000-a-week at Bordeaux. A move to Fulham has seen a pay rise to £60,000.

Per Year:£3,124,800
Per Month:£260,400
Per Week£60,000
Per Day:£8,571
Per Hour:£357
Per Minute:£6
Per Second:£0.09
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Since you started viewing Josh Maja‘s Bio, this is what he has earned with Fulham.


A Londoner who earns 37,000 would need to work for 84 years to make Maja’s annual salary with Fulham.

Fact #2 – Josh Maja’s Religion:

Do you know that his real name is Joshua? This is a Biblical name which means – ‘God is My Salvation‘. Hence, there is no denying the fact that Josh Maja’s parents woudn’t have raised him as a Christian. In fact, the part of Striker’s Instagram Bio says it all. It reads; God is Above all.

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Fact #3 – Who is Josh Maja’s Agent?

Elite Project Group Limited manages the Nigerian striker. The biggest of the company’s client are mostly top black footballers. Among them are Alex Iwobi, Jadon Sancho, Bukayo Saka, Eddie Nketiah, Folarin Balogun, Reiss Nelson. Elite Project Group also manages Todd Cantwell.

Fact #4 – Josh Maja Net Worth:

A combination financial factors such as his years of experience, salary earned over those years and sporsorship has seen a rise in the value of the assets minus the liabilities. At this jucture, we estimate Maja’s networth to be approximately £2 million.

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Fact #5 – Josh Maja FIFA Stats:

Having watched his goals in the series of his videos above, you’ll agree with me that he deserves more points. With his bright start to life in the Premier League, it is certain that FIFA would remember him in subsequent updates.


To summarize this Memoir, we’ve created this table which answers all questions relating to Biographical inquiries about Josh Maja.

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Full Names: Joshua Erowoli Orisunmihare Oluwaseun Maja
Nickname:Josh and Magic
Age:22 years and 4 months old.
Date of Birth:27th of December, 1998
Place of Birth:Lewisham, England
Family Roots:Nigeria
Parents Origin:South West Nigeria
Siblings:Three Brothers and a Sister
Brothers:Emmanuel Maja, Jeremiah Maja etc.
Net Worth:£2 million
Playing Position:Forward/Striker
Height 5 feet 11 inches OR 1.80 meters.
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Being steadfast in the quest of achieving footballing stardom defines Josh Maja – who is the most successful among his footballing brothers. Like Patrick Bamford, he is the type who prefers to work smartly on the pitch. The goals scored at his start of life with the Premier League says it all.

Seocndly, there is no greater happiness that having a successful family whose lifestyle is centred around the beautiful game. Although rejected by England, Maja (through parental roots) secured a path to the Nigerian national team where his success is assured.

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Thanks for taking out time ti read our story on Josh Maja. Kindly alert us know if you see anything that doesn’t look good on our profile’s Life story. Otherwise, let us know on the comment section, what you think about Magic Joshua.

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