Victor Osimhen Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Victor Osimhen Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Biography of Victor Osimhen tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Girlfriend/wife-to-be (Blessing), Lifestyle, Net Worth and Personal Life.

In a nutshell, we give you the history of a Nigerian Football Genius with the name “Vic“. Lifebogger begins from his early days to when he became famous.

To give you a taste of the engaging nature of Victor Osimhen’s Bio, here is a pictorial summary of his life.

Victor Osimhen Biography - The Life and Rise of the Nigerian Super striker.
Victor Osimhen Biography – The Life and Rise of the Nigerian Super Striker.

Yes, everyone knows he is a supremely talented striker with an eye for scoring beautiful goals. However, only a few consider Victor Osimhen’s Biography, which is quite interesting. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Victor Osimhen Childhood Story – Early Life and Family Background:

For starters of, his Biography, his full names are Victor James Osimhen. Victor Osimhen, as he is often called, was born on the 29th day of December 1998 to his late mother and his father, Elder Patrick Osimhen.

The Nigerian striker was born in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. Victor came to the world as the last of six children born to his lovely parents, who we have pictured here.

Victor Osimhen Parents- His dad- Elder Partick & late Mum.
Victor Osimhen Parents- His dad- Elder Partick & late Mum.

Victor’s parents have their family origin in Southern Nigeria, precisely Esan South East Local Government Area of Edo State in Nigeria. His family surname is “Osimhen“, which means ‘God is good’ in the native Ishan dialect.

Like many notable footballers in Southern Nigeria, Victor Osimhen came from a poor family background.

Before he was born, his parents made the decision to relocate to the city of “Lagos” the economic capital of Nigeria.

Even while in Lagos, the family faced hardship, one which was so biting that little Victor, then a toddler, was made to face the scorching sun in Lagos traffic, where the mother used to sell sachet water to supplement her paltry income.

Victor Osimhen grew up alongside his brother Andrew and four other siblings in Olusosun, a small community around Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos. This community accommodates one of the largest dumpsites in Africa.

Growing up in his formative years, Victor Osimhen hustled and hawked sachet water and other household commodities on the streets in order to raise funds for his education and family survival – (TheNationOnlineng Reports).

Victor Osimhen Education and Career Buildup:

Olusosun Primary School, which he attended, served as the football meeting point for all school pupils and youngsters in the community.

Olusosun primary school- Where the football journey began.
Olusosun Primary School- Where the football journey began.

Every evening, lots of boys, including Victor, go to the football field to watch his elder brother, who was a local football star in the community.

The firstborn of their family, whose name is Andrew, abandoned his education in order to earn money to take care of Victor and his other siblings.

Aides hawking, Victor also learned to play football thanks to his elder brother, Andrew. He was also passionate about Chelsea FC as he watched the team play in viewing centres.

He, together with members of his family members are huge fans of the Nigerian team (Super Eagles). The support for the team, together with his passion for playing the sport, created the desire to become a professional.

Seeing that his little brother was more talented, Andrew had to abandon the game to face his newspaper business.

He also threw away the idea of furthering his education so that he could raise money to help his little brother, who he envisaged to be a superstar.

Victor Osimhen Childhood Story – Early Career Life:

It took no time before the family’s dream began to pay off as local football scouts noticed something special about Victor and then invited him to Ultimate Strikers Academy in Lagos, where he had his first successful trial.

In the year 2014, Victor Osimhen’s performance with Ultimate Strikers saw him getting invited by coach Amuneke to represent his country’s U-17 team.

Note: The Nigeria national U-17 football team, known as the Golden Eaglets, is the youngest team that represents the country of Nigeria in football. Victor Osimhen was instrumental in helping the team qualify for the U-17 FIFA World Cup, which was held in Chile.

The 2015 FIFA U-17 Tournament: Victor Osimhen had a good start in the tournament as he scored two great goals on this debut, winning millions of hearts, including those of European scouts around the world.

Osimhen was pivotal to Nigeria’s U-17 success at the FIFA World Cup in Chile.

Asides from helping his country to win the competition, the talented Nigerian also bagged the highest goal scorer award after scoring 10 goals and also the FIFA U-17 World Cup Silver Ball.

Victor Osimhen posses with his FIFA U-17 World Cup Golden Boot and Silver Ball.
Victor Osimhen possesses his FIFA U-17 World Cup Golden Boot and Silver Ball.

Victor Osimhen Biography – Road to Fame Story:

After the World Cup, it was revealed that big clubs from Europe, the likes of Arsenal, Man City, and Tottenham Hotspur, were after his services. Shockingly, Victor Osimhen rejected all offers because another middle-weight club had offered him the biggest money.

Moments after he was named the 2015 African Youth Player of the Year at the CAF Awards in Abuja in January 2016, Osimhen announced to the world that he would be pursuing his professional career with the German Bundesliga club Wolfsburg.

According to him, the club’s assurances plus monies were more of a morale booster for his family. Again, he said that he prefers playing for the German club rather than any top clubs in Europe.

Agony in Germany:

Osimhen signed a three-and-a-half-year pre-contract deal until June 2020 and made his debut in the German top flight in May 2017. Just after four months of making his Bundesliga debut, troubles began to loom for the Nigerian.

A shoulder injury made him go into surgery, which brought a premature end to his first season. Finishing at this poor level, Victor Osimhen (pictured below) became so unmarketable by the top club.

Victor Osimhen looked hopeful as he struggled with injuries and sickness in Germany.
Victor Osimhen looked hopeful as he struggled with injuries and sickness in Germany.

Osimhen’s nightmares continued after his recovery from his shoulder injury. This time, it was a sickness that took over, making him miss pre-season and, most painfully, missing out on Nigeria’s 2018 World Cup selections.

Did you know?… He was in the hospital at the time of the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Victor Osimhen Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

It took Osimhen about two painful seasons to come out of his nightmares. The inconsistency due to injury and sickness saw him scoring zero (0) goals at Wolfsburg thereby ruining his career in the process.

Moving on, Osimhen made up his mind to go attend summer trials with Belgian clubs Zulte Waregem and Club Brugge, who at that time were the reigning champions.

AGAIN, his health hit rock bottom as he fell sick of malaria, which affected his physical condition and made both clubs reject him.

22 August 2018 was the date the gods of football had mercy on him. It was the day Belgian club Charleroi accepted him on a season-long loan deal.

Victor Osimhen made his full debut on 22 September, scoring his first goal as a professional with a backheel. After the game, Osimhen told BBC Sport that he had “found his happiness again after such a long wait“.

Victor Osimhen finally found his happiness after such a long wait.
Victor Osimhen finally found his happiness after such a long wait.

The patient Nigerian had a successful spell with the Belgian side, playing 36 games and scoring 20 goals, a feat which made his club, Charleroi, activate their option to acquire him while on loan.

After dominating football in Belgium, the Nigerian felt it was the right time to climb his way back as a leading African striker, which he once was. In July 2019, he made an upward move in his career by signing for Lille OSC.

Victor Osimhen Rise to Fame Story.
Victor Osimhen’s Rise to Fame Story. After mastering Belgian football, the Nigerian striker reclaimed his top African status by joining Lille OSC in July 2019.

Rather than crumble with shoulder injuries and malaria, the Nigerian striker grew from strength to strength, enduring a meteoric rise to prominence to become.

AGAIN, one of football’s hottest African properties. The rest, as they say, is now history.

Victor Osimhen’s Girlfriend… Who is Blessing, His betrothed wife?

With his rise to fame in Europe, it is certain that most fans would have made inquiries on whether Victor Osimhen, as at the time of writing, has a girlfriend.

Who is Victor Osimhen Girlfriend?
Who is Victor Osimhen’s Girlfriend? “With his European ascent, many fans are curious if the rising star, as of this writing, has a girlfriend.

There is no denying the fact that Osimhen’s endearing qualities, including handsomeness, loyalty, hard work, and humility, wouldn’t make ladies believe he would make a better boyfriend.

Before getting famous, it was alleged that Oshimen dated an adorable girl who goes by the name Blessing. During their relationship period, both lovers regularly shared each other’s pictures on Instagram.

Osimhen’s alleged relationship with his girlfriend was made public for about two years before he decided to delete traces of her from every single one of his social media handles.

Meet Blessing, Victor Osimhen Girlfriend and betrothed wife.
Meet Blessing, Victor Osimhen’s Girlfriend and betrothed wife.

Since after her information was wiped out on his social media, rumours kept existing which said that Blessing wasn’t Osimhen’s girlfriend but his betrothed wife.

Checking through his social media handle, there exists no information on his alleged wedding or marriage to Blessing. However, it is still possible that he might be married to her, but he prefers not to make it public.

At the time of writing, Osimhen appears to be single and has preferred to focus on his career rather than looking for a girlfriend or making his relationship public.


Getting to know Victor Osimhen’s Personal life away from football would help you get a better picture of his person.

Starting off, he is someone who knows the true meaning of preservation and perseverance, the message which is always on his WhatsApp profile pic.

I wasn’t disturbed in any way by some of the negative comments and stuff that was written about me during my period at Wolfsburg,”. Again, by these words of his, you could easily deduce he is a fighter.

Apart from soccer, Osimhen loves listening to Contemporary R&B music, with his favourite still remaining, “I Believe I Can Fly”, the hit track sand by music star R Kelly.

Sometimes, he sings Kelly’s song in his own way during his goal celebrations. In the area of local Nigerian music, Osimhen sticks with Olamide, and his favourite track from the Nigerian hip-hop artist is ‘Sitting on the Throne’.

Victor Osimhen Family Life:

Victor Osimhen, who happens to be the breadwinner of his family, is glad to have forged his family’s own path toward financial independence, all thanks to football.

All family members (as observed below) who stood by him during his dark moments are presently enjoying the full dividends that professional football brings. 

Victor Osimhen Family members.
Victor Osimhen Family members.

About Victor Osimhen’s Father:

Pa Patrick Osimhen is the sole surviving parent and biological father of Victor Osimhen.

He was once the manager of his son until 2015, when he handed over the responsibility of the management to French agent Oliver Noah of Noga Sports Management.

Victor Osimhen's Dad (second from right), his son and Noga Sports Management team.
Victor Osimhen’s Dad (second from right), his son and Noga Sports Management team.

When Patrick Osimhen was the legal guardian of his son, he ran into issues with other agents trying to bypass him in a bid to earn monies from his son’s transfer to Wolfsburg.

This set of persons, while trying to bypass him, preferred to deal with his first son, Andrew Osimhen, over contract negotiations for Victor Osimhen.

About Victor Osimhen’s Mother:

According to reports, it appears the mother of Victor Osimhen is late. The Nigerian striker honours his mother by having her photo on his Instagram profile.

Victor Osimhen's Mother.
Victor Osimhen’s Mother.

Victor Osimhen Siblings:

The Forward has six siblings in total. Andrew Osimhen is more popular than every one of his siblings. Victor Osimhen’s love for his sisters has no bounds.

Did you know?… He once dedicated his Golden Boot Award to one of his sisters after she gave birth to a baby girl just at the time he won the award, around November 2015.

Victor Osimhen Lifestyle:

As of the time of writing, Victor Osimhen’s market value has risen. This is according to Transfer Market.

These monies doest transform into a glamorous lifestyle. Especially one that is easily noticeable by a handful of exotic cars and mansions.

Victor Osimhen lives a simple Lifestyle.
Victor Osimhen lives a simple Lifestyle.

Looking back from his harsh upbringing and poor family background, he is well-grounded. Also, he is someone who knows how to manage his money.

Victor Osimhen Untold Facts:

Family Dispute:

The future of Victor Osimhen was once thrown into confusion. This was due to a family crisis over his transfer. Members of his family were against one another over who should represent the player.

According to online reports, Osimhen’s uncle, Michael, once led a faction of agents. On the other hand, Andrew, his elder, headed the other group.

Both groups had their agents who fought over transfer monies. Also, the authentic rights to represent the player.

The family crisis got a new dimension. It happened when reports emerged in the media thugs beat Osimhen’s father.

They beat him over his refusal to endorse the player’s move to Wolfsburg. It was later de-bunked to be false. It took some time before the family crisis ended.

The Lucky Nursery Nigerian Club:

On January 1, 2017, Victor Osimhen was transferred for $3,970,225 to VfL Wolfsburg. The transfer fee was paid to Ultimate Striker Academy, a local club in Lagos.

Did you know?… The transfer fee made him one of the most expensive players in Nigeria. Also, it is the most expensive to be signed directly by a nursery team in Africa.

Calculating this exchange rate as at the time of writing, Ultimate Strikers made a lot. The academy earned a whopping sum of 1.4 billion Naira from Osimhen’s transfer.

Why he Excelled in Belgium:

Lots of Nigerians prefer to start their European career at the Belgian First Division A.

This league has been a Mecca for Nigerian footballers over the years. It became the one that gave Victor Osimhen his European football success.

Did you know?… Nigerian former Super Eagles coach, the late Stephen Keshi, is appreciated. For actually led the exodus of Nigerian talents to fill up Belgium in the late 1980s.

The likes of Daniel Amokachi, Victor Ikpeba, Sunday Oliseh, and Alloy Agu started there. They all had good careers in Belgium.

Note: it was in Belgium that Celestine Babayaro won his Ebony Shoe award. This is an award for the best African player in the Belgian league.

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