Eddie Nketiah Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Eddie Nketiah Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Eddie Nketiah Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Girlfriend/Wife to be, Lifestyle, Cars, Net worth, and Personal life.

In the nutshell, this is a story of the Striker’s life journey, from his boyhood days, to when he became famous.

To whet your autobiography appetite, here is his cradle to adult gallery — a perfect summary of Eddie Nketiah’s Bio.

ddie Nketiah Biography - Behold his Early Life and Great Rise.
ddie Nketiah Biography – Behold his Early Life and Great Rise.

Yes, you and I know Eddie for his style of play; pace, movement, and finishing abilities, one which has made fans compare him to former Arsenal Legend, Ian Wright (his mentor).

However, not many football fans have read a concise piece of Eddie Nketiah’s Biography, which is quite interesting. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Eddie Nketiah Childhood Story:

Eddie Nketiah Childhood Photo
Eddie Nketiah Childhood Photo

For Biography starters, his real name is “Edward.” Eddie Keddar Nketiah was born on the 30th day of May 1999 to Ghanian parents in the London Borough of Lewisham, United Kingdom. He was born as the only son (last-child) of his family and has two older sisters.

Eddie spent his early life in southeast London which is home to fellow footballers; Ruben Loftus-Cheek and the Wright family (Ian and Shaun Wright-Phillips– the speed demon).

More importantly, the place where Eddie Nketiah’s family lived (Lewisham) is the home of English singer and songwriter Natasha Bedingfield.

Just like many locals of the town (Lewisham), Little Eddie, as a child, enjoyed the benefit of not having to travel uptown for breathtaking views of London’s skyline.

Pictured below, the town’s Telegraph Hill took care of his sight-seeing troubles.

The English forward grew up in Lewisham when he was a child. Credit: Instagram
The English forward grew up in Lewisham when he was a child. Credit: Instagram

Eddie Nketiah Family Background:

Judging from his looks, you’ll agree with us that Eddie Nketiah’s family roots are most likely to be traced to Africa.

The truth is, the English striker is of Ghanaian and West African family origin and heritage. In fact, both of Eddie Nketiah’s parents (pictured below) are Ghanaians.

Meet Eddie Nketiah's parents, who have their family origin in Ghana (West Africa).
Meet Eddie Nketiah’s parents, who have their family origin in Ghana (West Africa).

Eddie Nketiah Biography – Early Years before Football:

Nketiah, who was the youngest child in his family, enjoyed lots of special treatment from his parents and elder sisters.

As the baby of the house, there was always someone to help him do his homework. Most importantly, there was freedom for him to decide his destiny at a young age.

Away from his family home, Eddie Nketiah’s parents (notably his dad) approved him to play soccer with friends in London’s Football flavoured South-east.

Speaking about his first experience with football, Eddie once said the following when asked by GafferONLINE about who introduced him to football. In his words;

“It was my Dad. He was the one who started kicking the soccer ball about with me around my house and in my family garden. Then, I graduated out of that and started playing with my friends”.

The young football prodigy enjoyed competitive games, especially those between southern London kids and the Northern boys (Gaffer Reports).

Just like Jadon Sancho, Josh Koroma and Reiss Nelson, Eddie was actively involved in London competitive football games for kids.

Honing his craft on the streets of Lewisham via tournaments finally paid its dividends as it led to little Eddie getting scouted by Chelsea FC academy.

Eddie Nketiah Childhood Story – Early Career Life:

Precisely in the year 2008, the joy of Eddie Nketiah’s family members knew no bounds at the time their very own passed Chelsea academy trials and got enrolled into the club’s academy roaster.

While in Chelsea FC Academy, Eddie played alongside academy stars like Mason Mount and Callum Hudson-Odoi. (Oh! you’ didn’t know that??!!).

His playing style was compared to that of Jermain Defoe due to his movement and sharpshooting ability from all angles. While everything seemed to be going on perfectly, little did Eddie know that some DARK MOMENTS were coming his way.

Eddie Nketiah Biography- The Difficult Road to Fame Story:

The Chelsea Academy Rejection: 

During the days of Didier Drogba, they were reports about the huge expectations placed on Chelsea youngsters.

Also as you heard, many of them are either thrown out on loan after fears of not making it to the competitive first team. In Eddie Nketiah’s case, the major problem was the constant criticism of his physical presence as a striker.

Sadly, the young football prodigy, like some of his academy mates, fell victim to academy rejection. Eddie wasn’t even sent on loan BUT was rejected and released by Chelsea in the year 2015.

Eddie Nketiah’s parents, family members and close friends comforted him during his trying time.

In fact, any child who has lived through an academy rejection will know only too well the deep emotional pain and damaging psychological consequences it can have.

The pains of rejection constituted a vital part of Eddie Nketiah’s biography, one which he would never forget in a hurry.

Eddie Nketiah Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

Understanding their boy’s desire to play football for a living, Eddie Nketiah’s family members, notably his dad, did all he could to get him back to playing at another club.

As luck would have it, Arsenal FC picked the young boy up and gave him a football scholarship just two weeks after Chelsea had rejected him.

Since joining Arsenal, Eddie has never looked back, as he began to impress his coaches. He showed a fantastic leap and a determined attitude, one which brought great character in him and a desire to score.

As regards his rise, first, the youngster helped the team to win his first professional football honour- The Premier League 2 trophy.

Eddie immediately bounced back with Arsenal after being rejected by Chelsea FC academy. Credit: Instagram
Eddie immediately bounced back with Arsenal after being rejected by Chelsea FC academy. Credit: Instagram

Following Arsenal academy graduation, Eddie began to achieve a meteoric rise with the club.

Another major highlight in Eddie Nketiah’s rise in career came in 2018, the year he helped his England U21 teammates win the famous Toulon Tournament.

At this stage, Eddie felt three things in his mind. First was that his “Youth Mission was accomplished“.

The second was that his “Footballing Reputation had been installed“, and the third was the feeling that his “Destiny has been partly delivered“.

Notable among those who lifted the trophy included; Hamza Choudhury, Kyle Walker-Peters, Fikayo Tomori, Tammy Abraham and Tom Davies.

Winning the 2018 Toulon Tournament meant everything for Eddie. Credit: Twitter
Winning the 2018 Toulon Tournament meant everything for Eddie. Credit: Twitter

At the time of writing Eddie Nketiah’s biography, he is now considered a very much modern-day centre-forward, one who is currently fulfilling his senior football destiny. The rest, as they say, is now history.

Who is Eddie Nketiah’s Girlfriend?… Does he have a Wife or Kid(s)?

With all the successes achieved at his young age, it is certain that most English and Arsenal fans must have started pondering on whom Eddie Nketiah’s girlfriend might be.

More so, whether the forward is married (have a wife? or kid?). Yes! There is no denying the fact that Eddie’s handsomeness (his baby face + pink lips) wouldn’t make him an A-Lister for potential girlfriends and British/African wife materials.

Lots of fans have asked...Who is Eddie Nketiah's Girlfriend? Credit: Instagram
Lots of fans have asked…Who is Eddie Nketiah’s Girlfriend? Credit: Instagram

After hours of intensive research on the web, we’ve come to the realization that the striker has not made his relationship official (public) at the time of writing.

Currently, Eddie Nketiah’s social media account (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) does not reflect his involvement with anyone. BUT, it could be that he is secretly dating someone…who knows?…

Eddie Nketiah Lifestyle (The Big Car):

Getting to know Eddie Nketiah’s Lifestyle would help you get a complete picture of his living standard.

In case you didn’t know (probably because you just landed from Mars), Eddie is someone who surely knows how to put his £16,426 per week salary into some good use. Check out his cool Ride!!.

This is Eddie Nketiah's Car
This is Eddie Nketiah’s Car

On Eddie Nketiah’s lifestyle, the English boy has no issues in letting the world see the flashy part of his life. According to GafferOnline, Eddie once claimed he is flashy but doesn’t show too much of it. In his words;

“I’d like to say I’m quite understated, BUT not too flashy. I just like to keep things calm and chilled.

I’m into my clothes massively, always looking into new brands, thou i like to keep stuffs nice and understated.”

Eddie Nketiah’s Personal Life:

Who is Eddie Nketiah?… What Makes him Tick?…. Starting off, he is someone who feels very comfortable in his own style of showing off and then has the tendency to look normal (like an average London youth).

Eddie is someone who has a continual quest for personal growth, both on and off the pitch.

Also on Eddie Nketiah’s personal life, he is polite to everyone he encounters throughout the day, very inquisitive about growth and willing to learn a little bit more about the world around him.

Eddie Nketiah's Personal Life. He loves to learn about the world around him and also, have fun with his mentor. Credit: IG
Eddie Nketiah’s Personal Life. He loves to learn about the world around him and also, have fun with his mentor. Credit: IG

For Eddie, playing computer games and getting mentored by his idol are all signs of happy living.

Away from football, he spends quality time with the famous Arsenal Legend- Ian Wright. Asides from the legend, Eddie also learned from Thierry Henry, another of his idols. In his words;

“When I was growing up, Ian Wright was the man I looked up to, and I’ve always been a big Arsenal fan even thou he was in Chelsea.”

Eddie Nketiah Family Life:

By virtue of Eddie being born in England but having Ghanaian family origin and heritage, the battle to get his allegiance should be very interesting.

In this section, we’ll throw more light on Eddie Nketiah’s family members, beginning with his parents.

More About Eddie Nketiah’s Dad:

The super dad is the first point of contact whenever things go wrong for his beloved last-born child.

Over the years, Eddie Nketiah’s dad has instilled values in him, one which has positively affected his outlook on life.

Eddie once said, according to GafferOnline, that the act of patience and knowledge about managing setbacks all came from his experienced dad.

About Eddie Nketiah’s Mum:

Great mothers have produced great sons, and the mother of Eddie Nketiah isn’t an exception. Being the only boy and last child of the Nketiah family, Eddie once said that he gets special treatment from his mum.

This is his price for being her last card and the baby of the house. Eddie Nketiah’s mother is responsible for her son’s good morals, one which he said has affected his outlook on life.

More About Eddie Nketiah’s Sisters:

According to GafferOnline, Eddie once said that having a family with lovely sisters surely makes his family Tight Knit.

Yes! as the last-born child, his sisters boss him around, and of course, Eddie likes it and claims he is still in firm control (GafferOnline Report).

Nevertheless, both of Eddie Nketiah’s sisters have always supported him, and the footballer never stops stressing how much he owes them.

Eddie Nketiah Facts:

His Salary Breakdown:

Since his breakthrough, lots of fans have asked the question; how much does Eddie Nketiah earn?….

In the year 2017, the forward’s contract saw him pocketing a whopping salary of around £800.000 per year. More surprising below is his salary breakdown per year, month, day, hour, minute and second.

What he earns per Year£808,155€900,000
What he earns per Month£67,346€75,000
What he earns per Week£16,426€18,293
What he earns per Day£2,208€2,459
What he earns per Hour£92€102
What he earns per Minute£1.53€1.71
What he earns per Seconds£0.03€0.03

Since you started viewing Eddie Nketiah‘s Bio, he has earned this.



Did you know?… The average man in the UK needs to work for at least 2.2 years to earn £67,346, which is the amount Eddie Nketiah earns in 1 month.

About his “CALL ME” Goal Celebration:

The origin of Eddie Nketiah's CALL ME Goal Celebration. Image Credit: GafferMagazine and FourFourTwo
The origin of Eddie Nketiah’s CALL ME Goal Celebration. Image Credit: GafferMagazine and FourFourTwo

When interviewed on GafferOnline, Eddie was asked about his trademark goal celebration named ‘calling’. In his words;

“my calling celebration started during a pre-season with Arsenal which i came on very late.

approaching the last minute, we were drawing against Bayern Munich. Suddenly, I scored pretty much straight away without touching the ball properly.

After the match, Arsenal media tweeted saying: ‘IF YOU Need a goal? Better call Eddie!!.’ The celebration style just stucked from there.”

Eddie Nketiah’s Religion:

Judging by his middle name “Kedar”, there is a possibility that Eddie Nketiah’s parents could be Muslims.

Did you know?… Kedar means “Powerful” in Arabic, and it is an Arabic Muslim name given to the second son of Ishmael. Don’t also forget that Kedar is the grandson of Abraham and Hagar.

Hence, it is possible that Eddie Nketiah’s family members are Muslims by religion. They are not Christians, as many fans might think.

Eddie Nketiah’s Tattoos:

Finally is the talk about himself and his Tattoos. The truth is, that Eddie does not believe in “Tattoo Culture“, a theme that is very popular in today’s sporting world.

The 5.74ft striker at the time of writing doesn’t feel the need to have inks of his family members, girlfriend and his future kids as body arts.

Eddie has no time for Tattoos. Judging from this photo, he is Ink free at the time of writing. Credit: IG
Eddie has no time for Tattoos. Judging from this photo, he is Ink free at the time of writing. Credit: IG

Fact Check:

Thanks for reading Eddie Nketiah’s Biography, and Untold Childhood story. At LifeBogger, we strive for accuracy and fairness.

If you find something that doesn’t look right, please share it with us by commenting below. We’ll always value and respect your ideas.

Wiki Summary:

Full Name:Edward Keddar Nketiah
Date and Place of Birth:30th of May 1999 and Lewisham, London, United Kingdom.
Age:20 years (as at February 2020)
Height:1.75 m or 5.74ft
Best Music Genre72 kg
Favorite Artist:Lil Baby, Gunna and D-Block Europe 
Zodiac Sign:Gemini
Family Origin:Ghana
Religion:Likely to be Muslim owing to his middlename "Kedar"
Profession:Footballer (Central Forward)
Football Idol:Ian Wright and Thierry Henry
Parents:Mr and Mrs Nketiah
Have Sisters:Yes
Have Brothers:No

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