Tino Livramento Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Tino Livramento Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Tino Livramento Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Caroline O’Neill (Mother), Francisco Livramento (Father), Family Background, Sister (Paloma Livramento), Brother, etc.

More so, Tino’s Lifestyle, Personal Life and Net Worth. In a nutshell, this Memoir unveils the Life History of Tino Livramento, a boy who defied all odds to become the best Chelsea academy player of his generation.

We begin his story from his early days as a Blue, right until when he achieved fame in the beautiful game.

To whet your autobiography appetite on the engaging nature of Tino Livramento’s Bio, we’ve gone head to portray you his Early Life and Success Gallery. Behold the perfect intro to the Baller’s Life journey.

Tino Livramento Biography - Unveiling the Untold Facts.
Tino Livramento Biography – Unveiling the Untold Facts.

Yes, everyone knows the English footballer has a great work ethic and also possesses an incredible attacking quality. Also, Tino is among very few modern wing-backs of his generation that pride themselves as excellent finishers.

Despite the accolades to his young name, we notice that not many soccer fans have taken time to read a concise piece of Tino Livramento’s Biography. So Lifebogger has prepared his Life story for you. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Tino Livramento Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, Tino is just a nickname. The Baller bears the name – Valentino Livramento. The right-back was born on the 12th day of November 2002, to his mother, Caroline O’Neill, and father, Francisco Livramento, in London, England.

Tino Livramento is one among two male children (himself, a brother and Paloma, his sister).

All children were born out of the relationship between their Mum and Dad. Behold Tino Valentino’s parents – his friendly-looking Mum and a strategic Dad.

Tino Livramento's parents - His Mum (Caroline O’Neill) and Dad (Francisco Valentino).
Tino Livramento’s parents – His Mum (Caroline O’Neill) and Dad (Francisco Valentino).


Tino Livramento didn’t spend his childhood years all alone with his parents but alongside his brother and sister, Paloma.

These three best friends are like glue; always stick together. Tino never hides it, that he treasures the childhood memories they all made together.

Meet Tino Livramento's Siblings - A brother and sister (Paloma).
Meet Tino Livramento’s Siblings – A brother and sister (Paloma).

Growing up in Croydon, Livramento took a deep likeness to football because of one man he idolized – Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese legend inspired him to pick up a career in the beautiful game.

Back then, as a child, Tino formed the habit of getting collections of CR7 videos, which he watches to improve his skills.

He wasn’t only interested in Ronaldo’s style, but also copied his fearless and confident behaviour. So far, the study of CR7 has yielded its dividends.

Have you noticed?… Tino Livramento is today a fearless footballer. You can see the way he busted into the Premier League scene at that tender age of 18, scoring the type of goals – typical of footballers who are brave and fearless.

Tino Livramento Family Background:

The English professional footballer hails from a typical London middle-class household – who loves football.

While we know little of his Dad, Caroline O’Neill, who is Tino Livramento’s Mother, fronts herself as the cornerstone and eyes of the family.

Judging from her social media updates, it appears Caroline is a virtuous woman who leads her home with integrity. She, more social than Tino’s Dad, centres most of her activities around promoting her son’s career.

Tino Livramento's Mother flaunts her son on her Facebook account.
Tino Livramento’s Mother flaunts her son on her Facebook account.

Tino Livramento Family Origin:

Although born in England, we have traced the footballer’s ancestry to two countries.

Research has it that one of Tino Livramento’s parents (his Dad) is from Portugal. On the other hand, his Mum (Caroline O’Neill) is from Scotland.

His mother is Scottish while his Dad is Portuguese. This map explains Tino Livramento Family Origin.
His mother is Scottish while his Dad is Portuguese. This map explains Tino Livramento Family Origin.

Judging from the above explanation of Tino’s family origin, we can call him British-Portuguese, Scottish and British. From an ethnicity standpoint, you can call him a White British.

Regarding Tino Livramento’s Origin – from an England perspective, the footballer identifies himself as an indigene of Wallington. This is a town in the London Borough of Sutton, in South London, England.

This map explains Tino Livramento's English origin.
This map explains Tino Livramento’s English origin.

Tino Livramento Education:

The pretty town of Wallington is the place many London parents prefer to live in, especially if the idea is to get top-notch education for their kids. It was more than that for the youngster’s family.

Even though football was his calling, Tino Livramento’s Mother, Caroline O’Neill, ensured he, alongside his siblings, were properly educated.

The boy excelled at his Primary School in Wallington. Upon graduation, Tino Livramento attended Woodcote High School.

Asides from being a football, Tino was also a good student. He attended High School.
Asides from being a football, Tino was also a good student. He attended High School.

Tino Livramento Biography – Football Story:

As a child, his ultimate goal was to play for a recognized academy in London. Though, getting the opportunity to enrol for these clubs didn’t come that easy.

Young Tino started out with Roundshaw. This is a family-friendly local club with close proximity to his home.

Roundshaw academy gave young Tino the platform to lay his career foundation.

He excelled at the South London club, and that gave him the opportunity to show himself to Chelsea scouts. They meet with Tino’s parents, and an invitation for trials followed.

The Croydon-born footballer passed trials and signed for Chelsea FC Academy as an Under-9. This is little Tino on his first day as a Chelsea academy player. What a proud moment, joining the biggest football academy in London. 

That year 2009, Tino was so happy to become part of the Blues family.
That year 2009, Tino was so happy to become part of the Blues family.

At Chelsea academy, Tino settled into the right-back position at the under-9 level. He then successfully progressed through the Blues age groups – with so many highlights to his academy years.

Tino Livramento Biography – Road to Fame Story:

At Chelsea academy, the youngster impressed the coaching staff with his superb displays. Tino brought lots of flavour to the right-back position.

Although good at defending, his greatest strength was using his dynamic attacking performances to score goals. 

Everyone rushes to celebrate with Tino Livramento after he scored an important goal for his team.
Everyone rushes to celebrate with Tino Livramento after he scored an important goal for his team.

As a Chelsea academy player, Tino also impressed fans at the European level. He was part of a Chelsea Under-12 team selected to travel to Ypres, Belgium. The essence was to compete in the 2014 Premier League Christmas Truce Tournament.

Tino, as observed below, stood out – to the joy of his coaches and fans. The boy’s dynamic attacking performances down the right side of the pitch gave his team that edge against opponents like PSG. In the end, the boy with the big future led Chelsea to win the trophy.

Tino helped Chelsea academy win a European trophy. The boy was just too good.
Tino helped Chelsea academy win a European trophy. The boy was just too good.

Tino Livramento Biography – Success Story:

After making his debut for the Under-19s while still a schoolboy, the 2019/20 season saw the rising star playing a key part in the Chelsea FA Youth cup tournament.

At the international level, Tino was also a consistent performer. His maturity and style of play fetched him the captaincy position.

Even while he captained England’s U17s, Tino still spent time training with the U20s squad. This just tells how good a footballer he was.

In the 2020-21 season, the Rising teenager produced 16 goal involvements (three goals, 13 assists) in 26 academy matches. Behold some of the best highlights of Livramento’s Chelsea academy years – just before his graduation.

Alongside Lewis Hall, Tino is a contender for one of the greatest Chelsea academy graduates of all time. This video proves that.

Becoming the main outlet for Chelsea’s attacks won Tino the Blues’ Academy Player of the Season award.

Next that followed was the youngster signing his first senior professional contract. What a proud moment for Tino Livramento’s Dad.

Why Tino left Chelsea?

After winning the Blues player of the academy award, Tino Livramento became the talk of the town.

Because of the award and growing popularity surrounding his name, top clubs (including AC Milan) began chasing the youngster for his signature.

Tino failed to reach an agreement with Chelsea as regards getting proper game time. The club had Cesar Azpilicueta and Reece James.

Yet, they were still pushing to buy Achraf Hakimi. Tino knew he wouldn’t play often, so he decided to leave his beloved boyhood club.

Chelsea sold Tino Livramento to fellow Premier League side Southampton in August 2021. Placing a wedge to get him back in the future, the London powerhouse agreed with Saints on a buy-back clause of £25 million – the Guardian reports.

Southampton Success Story:

On 14 August 2021, Livramento made his first Premier League appearance for the Saints. Barely two weeks later, he scored his first professional goal for Ralph Hasenhuttl’s side.

Tino bursted into the Premier League scene with so much maturity, despite his tender age of 18.

The way he and Amando Broja played the game with no fear and so much confidence really inspired Saints fans. Watch young Tino unleash himself in the EPL.

In Southampton, Young Tino applied those high-intensity runs, which brought him so much success at Chelsea academy. Watching the way he plays reminds football fans of a young Gareth Bale and Theo Walcott, who made their names there – many years ago.

Livramento has justified what it means to be a product of Chelsea academy.

He, alongside Reece James and Tariq Lamptey, have set standards that many upcoming Chelsea academy right-backs would love to follow. The rest of his biography, as we say, is now history.

Who is Tino Livramento Girlfriend?

For all Chelsea Academy graduates, the pursuit of a senior career doesn’t come that easy. Tino is already becoming successful, and that has made fans inquire if there is a girlfriend or wife behind that success.

Who is Tino Livramento Girlfriend? ... Is he married?
Who is Tino Livramento Girlfriend? … Is he married?

At this juncture, Lifebogger has decided to cast its net to the Web in search of the lady Tino Livramento is dating. Or whether the footballer has a wife – this young – like Phil Foden.

After hours of research, we realized he is yet to make his relationship public – at the time of writing this Biography. Nevertheless, the lady below is the closest we find about the possible identity of Tino Livramento’s girlfriend.

There were no girlfriend captions at the time this photo became public on the internet. Now could this be Tino Livramento’s wife-to-be? …, his girlfriend?… OR simply, a family member? Please let us know what you think of this in our comment section.

Who is she? ... Tino Livramento's Girlfriend?, ... Wife? ... or a family member?
Who is she? … Tino Livramento’s Girlfriend?, … Wife? … or a family member?

Personal Life away from Soccer:

Away from football, getting to know her public persona would help you understand him better.

Like the flu, the consistent smiling Tino Livramento gives can be very contagious. The Southampton star loves to flash his signature grin, and that elevates the mood of anybody close to him.

Tino Livramento Personal Life - Explained.
Tino Livramento Personal Life – Explained.

On another note, Tino is a simple Lad who feels very comfortable in his reserved nature. He lives a normal life, never gets into trouble and always loves to be in the right places.

Tino Livramento Lifestyle:

A football career is usually short, as people would say. Because of that, making lots of monies while on it, is often seen as a necessary evil.

Count him not! when you think of footballers who live in big house mansions, drive exotic cars and wear glamorous wristwatches. The truth is, Livramento is an ANTIDOTE to living this kind of exotic lifestyle. 

Tino Livramento's Lifestyle - He is a true Antidote to exotic living.
Tino Livramento’s Lifestyle – He is a true Antidote to exotic living.

Tino Livramento Family Life:

Before the world got to know him, his Dad, Mum and Siblings were his first fans.

The bond that links your Tino Livramento’s family members is not one of blood, but of joy and respect in each other’s life. Now, let’s tell you more facts about the members of his household.

Tino Livramento Father:

Francisco plays the role of both a Dad and his advisor who work closely with Wasserman to oversee his son’s career.

This company manages Tino alongside a host of English stars – Ross Barkley, Harvey Barnes, John Stones and Tyrone Mings and Joe Gomez.

Thanks to the Portuguese origin of his Dad, Tino has the option to switch from England to the country of his Idol (CR7).

From this video, it appears his Dad feels it is his choice – as regards the country he wants to play for. Although, Tino’s Dad said he doesn’t mind seeing him play for Portugal.

About Tino Livramento Mother:

Great Mums have provided successful footballing sons – and Caroline O’Neill isn’t an exception to that. Tino’s Mum sees him as her proudest achievement. She is super proud of the person Tino is becoming.

Caroline O'Neill is no doubt a proud mother. She is pleased with her son's club national career progress.
Caroline O’Neill is no doubt a proud mother. She is pleased with her son’s club national career progress.

In the course of our research, we notice Caroline is a big fan of EmCave, a London-based female artist. She has a charitable personality, and loves dogs and pet grooming.

About Paloma Livramento – Tino’s Sister:

She prides herself as his older sister. Paloma grew up in Croydon (her hometown) and lives in London – at the time of writing her brother’s Bio.

This is Paloma Livramento. She is Tino's older sister.
This is Paloma Livramento. She is Tino’s older sister.

Similar to his Mum, Tino’s sister is a huge fan of Dogs. Paloma is also a lover of American and British music greats – Beyonce and Hrvy.

About Tino Livramento’s Brother:

The Baller, after winning the 2018 youth premier league, celebrated with his childhood best friend.

He is no other person than Tino Livramento’s brother, who is older. Both boys hold excellent childhood memories of playing football in their family garden.

Meet Tino Livramento's brother. They played football together in their childhood.
Meet Tino Livramento’s brother. They played football together in their childhood.

Tino Livramento Untold Facts:

In the last phase of our Biography, we are going to tell you more truths about the English-Portuguese-Scottish footballer. Without further ado, let’s begin.

The Only Footballer to Livramento’s Rescue:

Which of his teammates will he call when he gets stuck in an Elevator Life, death situation?

Especially if there is either an emergency number, phone or alarm button on the elevator’s button panel. This is who Tino said would be his first point of contact for help.

The soccer player who welcomed him the most after he joined the Saints:

Similar to Adam Armstrong, starting life at Southampton was exciting and at the same time, a bit nerve-racking.

The likes of James Ward Prowse and Che Adams, etc, welcomed him. But one man treated Tino more like family. Here is the video statement.

Comparing his Southampton Salary to the Common Man:

Did you know?… the average person in the United Kingdom who earns £31,461 would need 25 years to make what Livramento receives with Southampton. WoW!

Now, let’s give you the breakdown of his salary – drilling down to what he receives every second.

TENURE/EARNINGSTino Livramento Southampton Salary Breakdown in pounds (£) - 2021 Stats
Per Year:£781,200
Per Month:£65,100
Per Week:£15,000
Per Day:£2,142
Per Hour:£89
Every Minute:£1.4
Every Second:£0.02

Since you began viewing Tino Livramento‘s Bio, this is what he has earned with Southampton.


Tino Livramento’s FIFA Profile:

With all the efforts he gives on the field, fans see it as unfair that FIFA is yet to give him good stats.

Tino deserves more than his so-called 66 overall ratings. We hope FIFA updates their servers soon to reflect its true ratings.

Although he is grossly underrated at 18, Valentino excels when it comes to acceleration, sprint speed and movement.
Although he is grossly underrated at 18, Valentino excels when it comes to acceleration, sprint speed and movement.

Tino Livramento’s Religion:

Although he hardly showcases his faith, it is likely that he is a Christian. Where Tino Livramento’s Dad comes from (Portugal) has more Roman Catholics.

Caroline O’Neill (his Mum) has more people who attend the Church of Scotland in her country.

Wiki Summary:

The table breaks down the content of Tino Livramento’s Biography. 

Full Name:Valentino Francisco Livramento
Date of Birth:12 November 2002
Age:20 years and 10 months old.
Parents:Caroline O’Neill (Mother) and Francisco Valentino (Father)
Nationality:England, Portugal and Scotland
Father's Origin:Portugal
Mother's Origin:Scotland
Siblings:Paloma Livramento (Sister) and a Brother
England Family Origin:Wallington
Height:1.73 meters OR 5 feet 8 inches
Net worth:1 million pounds (2022 stats)


Valentino Francisco Livramento, as his parents named him, is a professional footballer with both Scottish and Portuguese family origins.

Puts simply, his Dad (Francisco) has his roots in Portugal. On the other hand, his Mum (Caroline O’Neill) is of Scottish ancestry.

Even to this day, Livramento calls Ronaldo his ‘football idol’. CR7 made him not just love football but wanting to become a professional in it.

Tino, as a child, copied Ronaldo’s style and fearless character (on the pitch) and that is what he (today) applies on the pitch. 

Becoming a professional footballer wouldn’t have been possible without the supportive role of Tino Livramento’s parents.

Through the continuous support of his Mum, Caroline O’Neill, the boy had the strength to defeat dragons along the way to becoming famous. 

Tino Livramento’s Dad (Francisco) is a man of integrity. Recognizing his boy’s early talent, he did everything possible to support his aspirations.

While Tino Livramento’s Siblings and his Mum deliver essential support, his Dad does more of managing his career affairs.

Thank you for using valuable time to read this Memoir about a fearless footballer who has just kick-started another era of teen revolution at Southampton. While putting up Tino Livramento’s Biography, our team were on the look on maintaining accuracy and fairness.

If you notice just anything that doesn’t look right in the Bio, Kindly let us know by reaching our contact page.

On a final note, please let us know your perception of Tino Livramento – OR our Biography of him, – by leaving your feedback in the comment section.

Hi there! I am Hale Hendrix, a passionate football enthusiast and writer dedicated to uncovering the untold stories of footballers' childhood and biography. With a deep love for the beautiful game, I have spent countless hours researching and interviewing players to bring to light the lesser-known details of their lives.


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