Ralph Hasenhuttl Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Ralph Hasenhuttl Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Biography of Ralph Hasenhuttl tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Wife, Children, Lifestyle, Net Worth and Personal Life.

It is a concise presentation of Ralph Hasenhutt’s life story from his early days, to when he became famous. To give you a taste of the engaging nature of the bio, here is a pictorial summary of his life and career progression.

Ralph Hasenhuttl life story
Ralph Hasenhuttl’s life story

Yes, everyone knows of his victory against Liverpool that made Klopp angry with his 11. However, not many have read his biography, which is quite engaging. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Ralph Hasenhuttl Childhood Story:

To begin with, he doesn’t like the nickname “Klopp of the alps.” Ralph Hasenhuttl was born on the 9th day of August 1967 at the city of Graz in Austria. He was born to his mother, Ingrid and to his father, Gilbert.

Meet Ralph Hasenhuttl parents
Meet Ralph Hasenhuttl’s parents.

Ralph Hasenhuttl Family Origin:

The son of Ingrid and Gilbert is Austrian. Also, Research carried out to determine his family origins show that he hails from the German-speaking area of Austria called Graz (his birth city).

Growing-up Years:

As a kid, the Graz native practised many sports and dancing. In fact, he sometimes danced with his sister. Interestingly, Hasenhuttl’s parents thought he was lazy because he initially didn’t want to commit to any of his childhood interests.

Ralph Hasenhuttl grew up at the city of Graz.
Ralph Hasenhuttl grew up at the city of Graz.

Ralph Hasenhuttl Family Background:

The then youngster’s non-committal made his parents worried. Therefore, they often asked him questions about his plans for the future. Actually, money wasn’t a problem for Hasenhuttl parents who lived a middle-class lifestyle. They only wanted to ensure that he becomes a successful individual.

Ralph Hasenhuttl Playing Career:

Fortunately, the multi-sport boy committed to soccer. In fact, he became a part of local club GAK before the age of 10. It was with the team he rose through the ranks and made his first-team debut in the 1985–86 season. Subsequently, Hasenhuttl had a productive spell at FK Austria Wien.

See deatails of the then forward at GAK.
See details of the then forward at GAK.

He went on to ply his trade as a forward Austria Salzburg before playing for Belgian sides, Mechelen and Lierse. Finally, he returned to German to have stints with FC Koln, Greuther Fürth and Bayern Munich II before hanging his boots.

Ralph Hasenhuttl Early Years in Football Management:

Like most managers, Hasenhuttl began his coaching career from the bottom. He started with a 3 Bundesliga outfit Unterhaching as a youth manager. Subsequently, he became an assistant coach and finally head coach with the Unterhaching which he had little successes with.

He started from the bottom with teams that were far from successful.
He started from the bottom with teams that were far from successful.

Ralph Hasenhuttl Biography – Road To Fame Story:

In the ensuing years, the young coach did his best to make a name for himself. First, with VfR Aalen which he helped gain promotion to 2 Bundesliga. It wasn’t long before Hasenhuttl was down with Hantavirus.

Fortunately, he recovered in three weeks and was back to promoting ways. Speak of which, are you aware that he led his next team FC Ingolstadt 04 to achieve promotion to Bundesliga for the very first time? Now you know.

See who helped Ingolstadt achieve promotion to the Bundesliga for the first time
See who helped Ingolstadt achieve promotion to the Bundesliga for the first time.

Ralph Hasenhuttl Bio – Rise To Fame Story:

At the peak of his managerial career, the hardworking coach joined newly-promoted RB Leipzig. Interestingly, he saw them to a 2nd-place finish in their top-flight debut season. Upon spending another season with the German side, Hasenhuttl left in 2018 to answer Southampton’s call.

The Saints were happy to have him become their manager in 2018.
The Saints were happy to have him become their manager in 2018.

Hasenhuttl has been faring impressively well ever since he arrived the South Coast to succeed Mark Hughes. Although his team suffered a historic 9-0 home loss to Leicester in October 2019, he steadily restored their confidence and steered them to what pundits describe as the Premier League’s biggest comeback.

His efforts at keeping The Saints in the Premier League have seen him record impressive wins. The latest of such win was the Saints unbelievable 1-0 victory over Liverpool at St Mary’s. Consequently, the hardworking coach went emotional after the match because beating Liverpool was a dream come true. He is no doubts a blessing to the Saints and will definitely lead them to greater heights.

Who is Ralph Hasenhuttl Wife?

Behind every superb manager is a life partner. As you might have figured, Hasenhuttl is not lacking in that department. His wife’s name is Sandra, and they have been couples for many years. Sandra must have been his girlfriend before she agreed to be his wife.

Ralph Hasenhuttl with his wife Sandra.
Ralph Hasenhuttl with his wife Sandra.

Furthermore, she is often by the side of the manager when he is not on official duty. Last but not the least, their marriage is blessed with two children. They are Patrick and Philip. Patrick is a bit popular because he plays soccer for German 3. Liga side – SpVgg Unterhaching as a forward.

Ralph Hasenhuttl appears to be giving his son Patrick striking tips here.
Ralph Hasenhuttl appears to be giving his son Patrick striking tips here.

Ralph Hasenhuttl Family Life:

Skilled managers are not made on Mars. They have families with traceable lineage. We bring you facts about Ralph Hasenhuttl’s parents. We will also make details of his siblings and relatives available here.

About Ralph Hasenhuttl Father:

As earlier mentioned, the coach’s dad name is Gilbert. Are you aware that he was a dancer? In addition, Gilbert is an accomplished painter. He is his 80s at the time of writing this biography. Notwithstanding, he still looks fit and ready to live for more decades.

About Ralph Hasenhuttl Mother:

On the other hand, the manager’s mom’s name is Ingrid. Like her husband, she was a dancer. Besides dancing, Ingrid has interests in baking and fashion. Hasenhuttl credits her for making the best cookies in his hometown.

Ralph Hasenhuttl with his parents.
Ralph Hasenhuttl with his parents.

About Ralph Hasenhuttl Sister:

Away from his parents, there is another person whom the coach is close to. It is his little known sister whom he grew up with. Asides her, there has been no other mention of other siblings.

About Ralph Hasenhuttl Relations:

Are you looking for the manager’s grandparents? So are we. Do you desire to have records of his uncles, aunts and cousins? Welcome to the club. Hopefully, his nephew and nieces will identify with him someday. We hope so.

Ralph Hasenhuttl Personal Life:

Who is the manager outside soccer? Is he really the ‘Alpine Klopp’ who admits that he is a little crazy? Sit tight as unravel facts about his personality. To begin with, Hasenhuttl is not literally a bit crazy. He is more of a bit weird. By weird, we mean he doesn’t fit into your regular picture of a coach.

He is admirably calm, disciplined and prefers milk to wine. Hasenhuttl loves playing the piano, an activity which goes well with his calm nature. Other times he plays tennis, engages in skiing, ice hockey and even scaling canyon walls.

He is not too old to enjoy bouldering too.
He is not too old to enjoy bouldering too.

Ralph Hasenhuttl Lifestyle:

You must be here to get info about how the manager makes and spends his money. Let’s start with his earnings. He takes home £6 million every year and ranks among one of the top 10 best-paid managers in the Premier League.

We are all aware of the lavish lifestyle that comes with soccer management. Having exotic cars and living in magnificent houses are the least of his worries. In fact, there are provisions for all that he will ever need (including vacations) to ensure that he does his job well.

Facts About Ralph Hasenhuttl:

To wrap up this piece on the manager’s childhood story and biography, here are facts that you don’t know about him.

Fact #1 – Salary and Earning Per Seconds:

TENURE/EARNINGSEarnings in Pounds (£).
Per Year£6,000,000.
Per Month£500,000.
Per Week£115,207.
Per Day£16,458.
Per Hour£686.
Per Minute£11.
Per Seconds£0.18.

Since viewing Ralph Hasenhuttl Bio, this is what he has earned with Southampton.


Fact #2 – The Spy:

When Jurgen Klopp was manager of Dortmund, he had a pre-season tour at Austria. It was a time that Hasenhuttl had just recently being sacked from the first-ever club he managed Unterhaching. Thus, he had time to spare and rode a mountain bike to observe Dortmund’s training session. Nobody knew who he was because he wore a helmet.

Fact #3 – Relationship With Klopp:

Few people are aware of the fact that Hasenhuttl and Liverpool’s manager were born seven weeks apart. Also, they embarked on their coaching paths at the same time. What’s more, Hasenhuttl admires the German. However, he doesn’t enjoy being compared to him. He is special and incomparable in his own little way.

The Austrian admire and respect his German counterpart.
The Austrian admire and respect his German counterpart.

Fact #4 – Influence:

Amid his rise to becoming a brilliant coach, Hasenhuttl was also instrumental to the rise of some youngsters. In fact, he made stars out of Timo Werner, Naby Keita, and Emil Forsberg.

Fact #5 – Religion:

The manager has made no sign or gesture that reveals his position on matters of faith. However, there are indicators that he is Christian. Take his first name (Ralph) for example, and that of his dad (Gilbert). Have you forgotten those of his sons so soon? Scroll up to confirm.


Thanks for reading this informative piece on Ralph Hasenhuttl’s childhood story and biography. We hope that the story of how he ‘came to revolutionise’ and shook up Saints has inspired you to believe that we are what we repeatedly do. Just like Hasenhuttl had been revolutionising other teams before he arrived in Southampton.

It behoves us now to commend the manager’s parents for their support to his football and managerial career in words and deeds. At lifebogger, we take pride in delivering childhood stories and biography facts with accuracy and fairness. If you see anything that doesn’t look right, do well to contact us or leave a message below.


Full Names:Ralph Hasenhuttl.
Nickname:"Klopp of the alps."
Age:53 years and 6 months old.
Date of Birth:9th day of August 1967.
Place of Birth:The city of Graz in Austria.
Parents:Ingrid (mother), Gilbert (father).
Siblings:A sister.
Height in Feet:6 Feet, 2 Inches.
Height in cm:191cm.
HobbiesPlaying piano, tennis, skiing, ice hockey and even scaling canyon walls.
Family Origin:Austria.
Net WorthUnder Review.
Salary £6 million.

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