Armando Broja Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Armando Broja’s Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Blerina Broja (Mother), Xhevahir Borja (Father), Family Background, Siblings, Girlfriend and Relatives. Again, the 6 foot 3 Striker’s Lifestyle, Personal Life and Net worth.

In a nutshell, this Bio portrays the Full History of Armando Broja, a boy whose Dad raised him by feeding him videos of Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima.

A boy whose Mum (Blerina Broja) placed her life on hold – just to follow him (back and forth) – from training to match days.

We begin the Life story of Armando Broja by telling you notable events in his Early Life in Kamica, his father’s village.

Afterwards, we’ll explain how the British-Armenian footballer overcame the odds and then became famous in the beautiful game of football.

To whet your autobiography appetite about how engaging Armando Broja’s Biography would be, we give you a gallery of his Life Trajectory.

Without a doubt, the Footballer’s journey (in pictures) does tell a story… Right?

Armando Broja's Biography. Behold, the Albanian's Early Life and Great Rise.
Armando Broja’s Biography. Behold the Albanian’s Early Life and Great Rise.

Truth be told, Chelsea fans have great hopes – that Armando Broja can be one of the next big strikers to emerge in World Football.

And if care is not taken, Romelu Lukaku’s place on Chelsea’s first team could be under serious threat because of the on-loan Albania international.

Yes, we have seen him score beautiful goals in the Premier League. Yet, not many fans have read Armando Broja’s Biography – from an in-depth perspective.

We have prepared it – to satisfy your search intent. Now, without wasting your time, let’s begin.

Armando Broja Childhood Story:

For Biographical starters, the professional footballer is of Albanian nationality. Armando Broja was born on the 10th day of September 2001 to his mother, Blerina Broja and father, Xhevahir Borja, in Slough, Berkshire, England.

The Albanian Forward came to the world as the only male son of his family.

Armando Broja is one among three children (himself and two sisters) born of the union between his parents. Behold his Dad (Xhevahiri), and Mum (Blerina), the persons who sacrificed a lot for him.

Have you noticed that Armando looks a lot like his Mum (Blerina), unlike his Father (Xhevahiri)?
Have you noticed that Armando looks a lot like his Mum (Blerina), unlike his Father (Xhevahiri)?

Early Life and Growing-Up Years:

A huge passion for football (and nothing else) filled Armando Broja’s Childhood days. Early on, Xhevahir, his Father, engineered his destiny towards becoming a professional footballer.

To prepare little Armando for the things that’ll come ahead, Xhevahir devised a means of feeding his boy video clips of a Brazilian Legend.

He ensured his little Armando watched and practised over a hundred video clips of Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima.

Xhevahir, Armando Broja’s Dad, was of the strong view that his son should grow in the image and likeness of the Brazilian Ronaldo. Armando took the Legendary striker as his first idol and this is what he said of him.

Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima was strong, fast, two-footed. He had everything a striker needs in the game.

That’s who I aspired to be like when I was a child.

Armando Broja Family Background:

The household of the Albanian professional footballer is large and very close-knit. Lots of his relatives live in England – and they share a close bond with Armando Broja’s family.

From his uncles to cousins, aunts, nieces and nephews, they always look out for each other.

Armando Broja Family is large, and they are very united with one another.
Armando Broja’s Family is large, and they are very united with one another.

From our research, Armando Broja’s parents are neither the people with low income nor the super-rich type. His Dad (Xhevahir) has a good and flexible job in England. Upon returning from work, there was always lots of energy to footbalitically drill his son (privately).

Armando Broja Family Origin:

The fact that the 6 foot 3 inches striker was born in Slough (in Berkshire) means he has English Nationality.

However, Armando Borja’s parents identify their son’s nationality as Albania. From an ethnic point of view, we can say that Armando is a British-Albanian.

Where in Albania do Armando Broja’s parents come from?

Xhevahir has his family roots in Malësi e Madhe. This is the place he grew up – a town he made Armando visit a lot – when he was a child.

Where the family comes from, Malësi e Madhe, is a municipality in Shkodër County, located in northwestern Albania.

This map, as seen below, explains the geography of Armando’s Albanian roots. The truth is, the Baller identifies himself with his town rather than his birthplace of Slough.

Fans are not surprised that he plays football for the Albanian national team and not England.

This map tells a lot about Armando Broja's Origin.
This map tells a lot about Armando Broja’s Origin.

Armando Broja Education – The Football Way:

Right there in this field, Xhevahiri schooled his son – after feeding him videos of Brazilian Ronaldo.

Raising Armando in a football way was more important than having him put a 100% focus in school. Hence, the boy compromised his education to get more of football.

This field, where his Dad drilled him on how to play like Brazilian Ronaldo, IS NOT LOCATED IN ENGLAND.
This field, where his Dad drilled him on how to play like Brazilian Ronaldo, IS NOT LOCATED IN ENGLAND.

The Armando Broja’s Family Visits to Kamicë-Flakë:

As a child, the youngster, his sisters and parents often visit this place in Albania. Kamicë-Flakë is Armando’s father’s village (in Malësi e Madhe).

This is where Armando (as a child) got to know more of his cousins ​​and fellow villagers.

Did you know?… a critical phase of Armando Broja’s Early life was spent in Kamicë-Flakë. And that football field you see above is located in his father’s compound. That field, was where he got made as a footballer.

Back then, Armando Broja’s father created opportunities for his boy to practice football. So he fenced the family compound and placed this big gate there.

Inside the yard contains the small football field that Armando used to learn how to play like Brazilian Ronaldo.

This Armando Broja Family compound still exists. The field inside it (at the left) was created by his Dad - for his son to learn how to play like Brazilian Ronaldo.
This Armando Broja Family compound still exists. The field inside it (at the left) was created by his Dad – for his son to learn how to play like Brazilian Ronaldo.

Armando Broja Football Story:

The quest to have a road map for his son – especially drilling him in the above soccer pitch paid early dividends.

It made Amando good enough to pass his first football trials – with Fulham. This is Broja’s first football club – and not Chelsea, as many people think.

Because Broja impressed his coaches at Fulham academy, the football club had no choice but to place him in a team whose players benefit from scholarships.

While at Fulham, the youngster, just like Jamaal Musiala, was allowed to join other teams. Armando enrolled with Burnham Junior FC.

After playing for this local club, he went on to have trials at Reading. Although he trained there, the boy wanted bigger and better things.

Armando Broja’s Mum (Blerina) did a good job by taking him to these different soccer pitches. At last, her son found success.

The attention of Spurs scouts got drawn to him after he impressed fans in a small tournament.

This is Armando’s words about how Tottenham scouts found him;

“I was at a tournament with Burnham Juniors when a Tottenham scout came there watching.

Truth is, the scout actually came to watch another player in my team.

Lucky for me, I ended up winning Player of the Tournament and he turned his attention on me instead.

That was how I went to Tottenham and signed for them. “

How did Chelsea come about?

While with the Spurs (aged 8), Armando Broja fell in love with their biggest rivals. This happened each time his Lilywhite team faced the almighty Chelsea academy.

Naturally, Armando fell in love with the opposite team and it fueled his interest in joining them.

Confessing his desire to play for the West London club, the footballer once told the media how he urged his Dad and Mum to allow him to have trials with them. In his words,

“Every time we play Chelsea, I’d say to my parents:

‘I want to have trials and play for this club’s academy,’”

To actualize his dreams, Armando Broja devised a means to get Chelsea’s attention. He decided to show more of his Brazilian Ronaldo talents – each time he played against them. This is Broja’s confession;

I played against Henry Lawrence and Tino Anjorin, who were already at Chelsea then.

My Brazilian Ronaldo style impressed the Chelsea academy coach.

when their scouts came to watch; I felt like the happiest kid ever.

Armando Broja Biography – The Road to Fame Story:

Chelsea Football Club finally made the boy’s wish come true. They accepted Armano in their under-9 age category.

At the club that 2009, the Chelsea senior team were so successful. And the young striker found a new idol – in the person of Didier Drogba.

Armando Broja learned a lot from the Chelsea Legend. He followed in Drogba’s footsteps, and that helped him to become one of the hottest strikers of his Chelsea generation.

Armando Broja became an instant hit at Chelsea Football academy.
Armando Broja became an instant hit at Chelsea Football Academy.

At last, that moment Armando Broja’s parents had waited for finally came to pass. It was their son’s graduation from Chelsea Academy and the end of youth football.

On the 26th of February 2020, the Berkshire native signed his first professional contract (a two-year deal).

Armando Broja Biography – The Success Story:

Normally, the Albanian doesn’t get nervous before matches. But the day of his Blues debut was different. Chelsea was trashing Everton 4-0 at Stamford Bridge when Frank Lampard told Broja to get ready to replace Olivier Giroud.

For Armando, having his Chelsea debut was the realisation of another dream. It was a huge feeling of pride for his parents and family relatives to see their own playing alongside the big boys of Stamford Bridge. That day, Armando impressed Lampard and Chelsea fans.

This was the moment he waited for since childhood. Behold, the unleashing of Armando Broja into senior football.
This was the moment he waited for since childhood. Behold the unleashing of Armando Broja into senior football.

A few months later, Broja consulted Mason Mount about going to his old club (Vitesse) on a loan deal. As expected, the youngster got Mount’s blessings, and he went on to dominate football – in the Netherlands.

Did you know?… Armando Broja finished Vitesse’s loan as their top scorer. Now, check out some of the unbelievable Goals that unleashed the dragon in him.

The Southampton Rise:

After a successful stay in the Netherlands, Armando decided to take another loan move. This time, he, alongside fellow Chelsea academy graduate Tino Livramento, signed for Southampton.

Playing under Ralph Hasenhüttl unleashed the bigger dragon in the Rising Star. As BBC Sport reported, Armando Broja said scoring a goal on his first Premier League start was a “big dream coming true”.

The Albanian's Southampton Rise is a sign that he would contend (in future) for the best striker in Europe.
The Albanian’s Southampton Rise is a sign that he would contend (in future) for the best striker in Europe.

On 16 October 2021, Broja scored his first league goal for Southampton. By doing that, he broke a record by becoming the first Albanian player to score in the Premier League.

Behold Broja’s early goals at Southampton. Would he be better than Romelu Lukaku?

Becoming an Albanian National Hero:

Armando Broja’s form didn’t only end with Southampton. The Baller extended it to his beloved country – Albania.

In that 2021/2022 season, Amando Broja scored his first national team goal – in a FIFA World Cup qualifier match against Hungary. To his country fans, that goal (from this range) proved that finally, a saviour has finally arrived to bring glory to Albanian football.

He is a National Hero who left England football to honour his country.
He is a National Hero who left England football to honour his country.

The goal scored by Broja gave the people of his motherland some great emotion. Watch that moment of pure class here.

What does the future hold for the Albanian Striker?

At the time of writing Armando Broja’s Biography, many Chelsea fans are of the opinion that Thomas Tuchel should trigger his return to the bridge.

This came at the time the London club suffered from the underperformance of Romelu Lukaku and Kai Havertz.

Without a doubt, Armando Broja joins the list of Chelsea stars who are ready to unleash their potential with the clubs.

Two cool names yet to shine at Stamford Bridge are Conor Gallagher and Malang Sarr. The rest, as we say of his Biography, is forever history.

Who is Armando Broja’s Girlfriend?

Because he proved himself severally on the pitch, it is fair to say the Albanian is already a successful man. Now, there is this saying that behind every successful Premier League comes a glamorous WAG, Wife or Girlfriend.

Because of the above premise, Lifebogger asks the following questions…

Who is Armando Broja Dating?…

Does Armando Broja have a Girlfriend or Wife? …

Our inquiry into his Love Life. We ask... who is Armando Broja's Girlfriend?
Our inquiry into his Love Life. We ask… who is Armando Broja’s Girlfriend?

After some facts finding on Armando Broja’s relationship status, we notice he is yet to publicly any information to his fans.

We know Football can be unforgiven – especially if someone’s young career is more focused on getting media attention from dating.

Because of the above fact, it is likely that Armando Broja’s parents – especially his Dad – have warned him about making his relationship status public. At least for now, until he becomes much older.

Who is Armando Broja away from Football?

We'll help you understand his personality outside the game.
We’ll help you understand his personality outside the game.

First thing first, he is a Virgo who believes friendship is earned by good deeds, and he loves to pay attention to the smallest details in life.

Armando is a family-oriented person, one who put members of his household (especially Mum and Sister) at the core of his priorities.

The Forward also extends the act of caring to his fan base through Instagram Live video chats.

He is the type of guy who does not withhold information from his fans, especially if he has access to it. We have a picture that explains our point.

Now, did you know?… When asked by a fan, Armando Broja accidentally confirmed Timo Werner’s transfer to Chelsea even before the news broke out.

The Baller, who plays with Chelsea, had access to the news and had to spit it out – even before the media did.

Speaking of fans’ love, the video below shows what a fan did for Armando Broja. Truly, it is not a simple thing to carve your football idol in your haircut.

Armando Broja Lifestyle:

In this modern day and age, footballers do earn hundreds of thousands of pounds a week for simply kicking a ball around a field.

The way they spent those money (buying houses or mansions and cars) gives you an idea of their lifestyle. To this end, we ask?…

What is Armando Broja’s Lifestyle?

Armando Broja's Lifestyle - Explained.
Armando Broja’s Lifestyle – Explained.

At the time of writing Broja’s Biography, the Striker tags himself as a complete antidote to living an expensive life – as portrayed above. It is definitely too early in his career to start showcasing these forms of wealth.

Armando Broja Family Life:

Having a close-knit household is no doubt, one of his biggest gifts from nature. No amount of football money can take the love Armando Broja has for his family. This section of our Bio tells you more about the members of his household, starting with Xhevahir, the head.

About Armando Broja Father:

Like many Albanians, Xhevahir emigrated at a very young age. Armando Broja’s Dad was 25 years old (1997) when he left his village, Kamicë-Flakë, to live in England.

Blerina, his wife, gave birth to his children (two daughters and Armando) while living in the UK.

The man behind Xhevahir. Armando Broja's Dad.
The man behind Xhevahir. Armando Broja’s Dad.

Xhevahiri Broja left Albania for England purely for economic reasons, like others who did at that time. All the Super Dad wanted was a better life for his family – especially the unborn children. While living in England, he sent money back to develop his village.

Ahmet Musiqaj, a grandson of a notable family in the village of Kamicë-Flakë, once gave an update on the footballer’s Dad investments.

He said that Armando’s father, Xhevahir Broja, invested money to reconstruct the cemetery of the entire village of Kamicë-Flakë.

On a personal note, Xhevahir dislikes having conversations with the media. He once reacted, saying in a statement where he accused the media of being “unsportsmanlike.” In his words;

“I have never liked to talk to the media.

Over time, I have heard many untruths about my son.

I want to call on everyone not to burden Armando with untruths because he is just 20 years old.

About Armando Broja’s Mother:

Blerina has sacrificed a lot for her son. Because Xhevahir (her husband) worked, she made it a point of duty to leave all her duties in order to follow Armando everywhere – from his training to all matches. The footballer is always grateful to her, and both appear very close.

Blerina (Armando Broja's mother) placed her life on hold to help her son fulfil his dreams. He never stops praising her.
Blerina (Armando Broja’s mother) placed her life on hold to help her son fulfil his dreams. He never stops praising her.

The idea to leave their country for England came when Xhevahir Borja (in the year 1997) just got married to his wife (Blerina) – in their Albanian village.

From what it seems, it appears Armando Broja’s parents have secured a good future for their children. That true!

Armando Broja Siblings – Meet his Sisters:

This is the oldest child of the family – the first child of Xhevahir Borja and Blerina. Armando Broja’s older sister was born shortly after her parents emigrated to the United Kingdom.

This is Armando Broja's sister - the eldest in the family.
This is Armando Broja’s sister – the eldest in the family.

The youngest child of the Broja family celebrates her birthday every 24th of March. She was approaching 16 years old at the time of writing her brother’s biography.

By implication, it means Armando is four years older than Mummy’s handbag.

Armando Broja, pictured alongside his youngest sister - at the signing of a Chelsea contract.
Armando Broja, pictured alongside his youngest sister – at the signing of a Chelsea contract.

About Armando Broja’s Relatives:

According to the Albanian website Balkanweb, most of the footballer’s relatives live in his father’s village, Kamicë-Flakë.

As a child, Armando Broja’s parents made him travel to these relatives, as well as some villagers who are valued by his family.

Meet some of Armando Broja's Relatives.
Meet some of Armando Broja’s Relatives.

These people always say good things about the boy whenever the Albanian media come to visit his ancestral home. This is one of such interviews (in his native language) that’ll help you understand Armando Broja’s family.

Based on findings, the most popular of Armando Broja’s cousins are Festim Broja and Sokol Broja. They are the ones who represent more of his affairs in Albania.

About Festim Broja – Armando Broja Cousin:

This relative of his is very committed to his ancestral land. He remained behind at the time (1997) Xhevahir and Blerina left Albania to live in England.

Festim has been to England several times, meeting with Armando and his family and sharing many moments together.

This is Festim Broja, a cousin and uncle to Armando.
This is Festim Broja, a cousin and uncle to Armando.

He shares family ties with Xhevahir – the father of the footballer. Festim is a huge family man, one who treats Amando like his own son. This is one of those beautiful times where all relatives (in Albania and London) share moments together and maintain their closeness.

The Chelsea FC Loanee takes a photo with his relatives during one of their get-togethers.
The Chelsea FC Loanee takes a photo with his relatives during one of their get-togethers.

Armando Broja Untold Facts:

This final section of the Albanian’s Biography reveals more truth about him. Let’s start with how rich football money have made him become.

Armando Broja Net Worth:

To estimate how rich he is, we made this table that breaks down his Southampton earnings at the time of writing this Bio. As of 2021, Armando Broja’s Net worth is approximately 2.5 million pounds.

TENURE/EARNINGSArmando Broja Southampton Salary breakdown in British Pounds (£) - (2021 stats)Armando Broja Southampton Salary breakdown in Albanian lek - (2021 stats)
Per Year:£1,286,376182,639,416 Albanian leks
Per Month:£107,19815,219,951 Albanian leks
Per Week:£24,700350,6901 Albanian leks
Per Day:£3,528500,985 Albanian leks
Per Hour:£14720,874 Albanian leks
Every Minute:£2.4347 Albanian leks
Every Second:£0.045.7 Albanian leks

Where Armando Broja’s family comes from, the average Albanian makes around 56,000 ALL per Month. Such a citizen of this income category would need 23 years to make his Broja’s Southampton monthly salary.

Since you began reading Armando Broja‘s Bio, this is what he has earned.


Armando Broja Profile:

With all he does on the pitch, it is grossly unfair that EA, as of December 2021, is yet to upgrade his profile. It is long overdue, and Armando deserves at least 82 overall ratings and a 90 potential.

According to FIFA, the long thing he lacks in football is interception and crossing.
According to FIFA, the long thing he lacks in football is interception and crossing.

Armando Broja Religion:

The Malësors (or Albanian highlanders) – a name used to describe people from his ancestry – have a heavy Catholic majority.

So, it is likely that Armando Broja is a Christian. This map shows where his family comes from and the religious domination identified with the region.

Armando Broja Religion - Explained in this map.
Armando Broja Religion – Explained in this map.

Wiki Summary:

This table provides a breakdown of Armando Broja’s Wikipedia Inquiries.

Full Name:Armando Broja
Nickname:The New Drogba
Date of Birth:10 September 2001
Place of Birth:Slough, Berkshire, England
Age:22 years and 2 months old.
Parents:Xhevahir Broja (Father) and Blerina Broja (Mother)
Family Origin:The village of Kamicë-Flakë in Malësi e Madhe (Albania)
Relatives:Festim Broja, Sokol Broja plus many others
Siblings:An older sister and a younger sister. No brother(s)
Height in Feet and Inches:6 feet 3 inches
Height in Meters:1.91 meters
Football Idols:Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima and Didier Drogba
Net worth:2.5 million pounds
Education (Football Academies)Fulham Academy, Burnham Junior FC, Tottenham and Chelsea FC academy
Playing position:Forward


Xhevahiri, the father of Armando Broja, is a visionary man. The Malësi e Madhe native at the age of 25 (in 1997) got married to Blerina in the Albanian village of Kamicë-Flakë.

Afterwards, he left his motherland to England – to secure a better future for his children.

Armando Broja’s parents had him and his two siblings (an older and younger sister) in England. As a boy, his father fed him videos of Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima.

He took him to visit his relatives in Albana and made a small pitch for him to hone his football skills.

The youngster started out with Fulham academy. He then proceeded to Burnham Juniors, Spurs and, later, Chelsea.

While with the Blues, Armando idolized Didier Drogba and followed the Ivorian’s footsteps. Thanks to that, he became one of Chelsea Academy’s greatest.

To the joy of Armando Broja’s Family, a senior career began on a positive note.

First, a very good loan spell with Vitesse, where he became the highest goal scorer of his team. Later on, a big rise with Southampton and the Albania national football team.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this interesting memoir about a footballer labelled as the Hero of Albanian football. At Lifebogger, we care about accuracy and fairness while delivering European football stories.

Please let us know by contacting us if you notice anything that doesn’t look good or is not written well in Lifebogger’s version of Armando Broja’s biography.

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