Andries Noppert Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Andries Noppert Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Andries Noppert Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Lucie Noppert (Mother), Fokke Noppert (Father), Family Background, Brother (Anne Noppert), Wife (Sarena), Sons (Lieke Noppert and Daan Noppert), etc.

The Life Story of Andries also unveils facts about his Dutch Family Origin, Education, Ethnicity, Religion, etc. Again, we’ll provide details on the Heerenveen native’s Net Worth, Personal Life, Lifestyle, Hobbies, and Salary breakdown.

In a nutshell, this article briefly breaks down the Full History of Andries Noppert. This is the tale of a resilient Dutch boy from the Netherlands who grew up to become a successful goalkeeper thanks to his life experiences.

We’ll tell you the tale of a Football Whiz Kid who, as a youngster, defied expectations and went on to achieve superstardom for both his club and his country.


Andries Noppert’s bio on LifeBogger begins with interesting facts about his early years. We’ll then dive into some information about his early football career. Then we’ll explain the critical turning point that transformed Andries into one of the Netherlands’ best goalkeepers. 

We hope to spark your taste for autobiographies as we engage you in reading Andries Noppert’s Biography. To begin doing that, let’s show you this gallery, which tells his story–from his boyhood to the moment of becoming an SC Heerenveen Celebrity.

The Biography of Andries Noppert – From his boyhood years to the moment of stardom.
The Biography of Andries Noppert – From his boyhood years to the moment of stardom.

You see this goalkeeper player above?… he has everything needed to be called exceptional. These attributes include his Handling, Height, Positioning, Ariel Ability, etc.

The Morden day goalie, who currently keeps for the Netherlands in the ongoing world cup genuinely worth the hype that surrounds his name.

Despite the great things he is doing for Dutch football and his club side, we notice a gap in his story. LifeBogger found that not many soccer fans have read an in-depth version of Andries Noppert’s Biography.

So we have made this story for you because of our love for the beautiful game. Now, without wasting any more of your time, let’s get started.

Andries Noppert Childhood Story:

A beautiful Childhood photo of the Dutch Goalkeeper.
A beautiful Childhood photo of the Dutch Goalkeeper.

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname “The Tower of Joure or Grattacielo.” The nickname he got because of his height of 6 feet 8 inches. And his full names are Andries Noppert

Andries Noppert was born on the 7th day of April 1994 to his Mother, Lucie Noppert, and Father, Fokke Noppert, in Heerenveen, Netherlands.

The Grattacielo came to the world as one among the two children (all boys) born to the marital union between his Dad and Mum. Below is a photo of Andries Noppert’s parents’ persons who have helped him pass through difficulties and rejections. 

Behold Andries Noppert's parents.
Behold Andries Noppert’s parents.


Andries Noppert spent his boyhood years in his family’s residents at Heerenveen. This is a municipality and town in the Friesland province. Also, it is located in the northern part of the Netherlands. A more significant part of his growing-up years was spent alongside his brother.

He goes by the name Anne Noppert. The two brothers grew up together and loved sports like their parents. Do you know the athlete’s mother was a talented basketball player while his father played soccer? His parents’ advised the keeper and his brother not to walk in their footsteps but to follow their part. 

Andries Noppert Early Life:

Back in the day, in his Heerenveen family abode, everyone knew he was destined to play soccer. Andries Noppert fondly remembers his childhood very well.

He remembers the great experience of playing soccer in his youngest years. According to the star’s dad, Like his two-year elder brother Anne, the youngster is an avid sports fan. He began gymnastics at four and was already skiing.

He becomes more athletic through the finer gymnastics movements, which aids him in football. The athlete was doing very well as a gymnast. Andries Noppert was second in the 2003 Frisian championship.

In the year 2005, the life of the Dutch goalkeeper changed. The Tower of Joure was five years old when he ended up in the youth academy of SC Heerenveen via SC Joure. However, he stopped gymnastics at fourteen and began training five times per week at sc.

Andries Noppert Family Background:

Research shows that the professional goalkeeper comes from a middle-class household and truly knows what it means to go hungry. Put simply, Andries Noppert’s parents weren’t the rich type. Lucie and Fokke operated a close-knit family that could provide the family’s basic needs.

Though we did not know the occupation of the athlete’s family, our research shows they were both athletes when Noppert was still tender. His Mum was a fantastic basketballer while his dad was a footballer.

However, no record proves the couple made a career with their sport interest. But their son is currently earning reasonable euros following their footstep. Thanks to the money Andries is making as an athlete because it has permanently changed the life of his family members. 

Andries Noppert Family Origin:

To start with, the professional footballer holds Dutch nationality, meaning he is a native of Joure, Friesland, Netherlands. Andries Noppert’s father and mother are from Nederland (in Dutch).

Dutch is the official language spoken by most of the country’s population in this Northern European nation. Pictured here, Heerenveen is the Netherlands, a city that is well recognized for its sporting activities.

A map that displays Andries Noppert’s Family Origin.
A map that displays Andries Noppert’s Family Origin.

Andries Noppert Ethnicity:

We trace the baller’s cultural identity to Dutch. Though the Dutch population is the largest in the Netherlands, there is another ethnic group called Frisians. There is where Andries Noppert originated from. According to our research, the athlete’s ancestry is traced to the Frisians ethnic group. 

Also, Frisians reside in both the Netherlands and Germany. But due to their shared cultural heritage and history, they typically regard the group as being of Dutch descent in the Netherlands. In conclusion, the population of individuals of Frisian ancestry lives in the Dutch province of Friesland. 

Andries Noppert Education:

While no documentation exists on the exact school he attended, it is confirmed that Noppert had his primary education at Joure. Further research revealed Andries Noppert was a good student. Also, his parents, knowing he loves sports, supported him in managing both schooling and sport.

Regarding his footballing studies, Andries Noppert benefited from the soccer schools of SC Heerenveen. When Noppert enrolled at the football school at age eleven, they noticed he would grow tall. 

Career Buildup:

According to online sources, the baller was also very good at gymnastics because of his height. However, when he joined the SC Heerenveen at eleven, he continued with both sports and was very good at them. 

At the age of fourteen, he decided to drop gymnastics and focus entirely on football. plus, his training schedule became tighter, and he could no longer make time for both sports. In Noppert’s words, his gymnastics skills have benefited him as a goalkeeper.

Andries Noppert Biography – Football Story:

The year 2005 opened a new chapter in the life of the Dutch native. Andries Noppert, at the age of 11, joined the sc Heerenveen via SC Joure, where he got to play more serious football. While there for nine years, the Frisian club was never chosen for the starting lineup.

In Andries’s early career years, he becomes more athletic through the finer gymnastics routines, which aids him in football. He moved fairly effortlessly for someone his height, partly because of gymnastics, according to goalkeeping, according to coach Reckers.

The athlete stopped gymnastics when he was fourteen. During that time, Noppert experiences growth spurts, and it takes him months to gain two centimeters. Also, Andries engaged in mobility exercises to aid his growth. In an interview, his coach said they frequently postpone training and workload to avoid his physical issues.

Also, he struggles to kick the ball out. Reckers tried to teach him to shoot more with technique than physical strength. But he wants to do it on strength, and he falters because he cannot launch the ball. Finally, Grattacielo left the club in 2014 after spending nine years with SC Heerenveen.

Andries Noppert Bio – Road to Fame Story:

Noppert swapped FC Heerenveen for NAC Breda on a free transfer at the end of May 2014. He made contract there for two seasons with third-season option. On April 22, 2016, Noppert made his professional football debut. There he faced Almere City FC at NAC Breda’s home stadium.

A month after NAC Breda notified Noppert that his contract would not be renewed and that he would have to leave after the season, he made his debut. Nevertheless, Noppert was given a new contract in June 2016 that was valid through mid-2018.

Andries Noppert Journey with Foggia:

Even though they remained at NAC Breda, the collaboration in the second half of 2017 did not work out. Noppert departed for Foggia in January 2018. In his debut season, he played the final five games of the league. In that season, they nicknamed him Il Grattacielo, also known as The Skyscraper.

But he had to make do with a reserve position at the start of the new season. Because he then coach had a preference for his goalkeepers being Italian. It was revealed in July 2019 that Noppert had not received his salary for several months. Also, he had intended to be declared transfer-free.

Andries Noppert Journey with FC Dordrecht:

Noppert sign with FC Dordrecht in September 2019. He started the first two games after he arrived in the starting lineup. But a knee injury kept him out for the remainder of the season. His one-year deal with FC Dordrecht expired at the end of June 2020, leaving him without a team.

The 2020 season was the most challenging year in his career. The keeper was without a club for the entire year. After so many rejections, his father and wife advised him to consider another profession. However, Andries Noppert says ‘NO,’ that he believed in his dreams. 

Next, he sees sports physiotherapist Paul Jongmans, who helps him with his rehabilitation. He knew he had to aim for every dime and could not continue to freewheel. Noppert knows his options should he drop out of football without receiving a diploma: a factory job or working in the parks division.

He repeatedly relapses during rehabilitation, necessitating many knee procedures. After that, he began to organize his life more. That decision was reflected in his diet, among many other things, just to make sure he bounced back.

Andries Noppert Journey with Go Ahead Eagles:

Noppert’s contract with Dordrecht expires after a year of rehabilitation. As a result, he will be without a team in the second half of 2020. He waited for Go Ahead Eagles to report in January 2021. The club needed a reserve keeper, and coach Kees van Wonderen welcomed him, who seems to accept a role as a reserve.

The professional footballer signed a deal with the Go-Ahead Eagles on January 22, 2021. The deal was until the end of the season after spending the previous six months without a club. However, his contract was extended after serving as a reserve goalie for a year. They extended his contract in the second part of the 2021/22 season. He started as the starter and regular.

Andries Noppert Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

Noppert had a choice of teams because his contract with Go Ahead Eagles was about to expire. He might choose to spend more time in Deventer, but he also had the option of joining FC Utrecht or SC Cambuur. However, Noppert decided to return to FC Heerenveen, his old club.

In May 2022, he signed a two-season contract there. On Different occasions during the first half of the 2022–23 season, Noppert showed his abilities. He frequently maintained a clean sheet and contributed to the team with several saves. Because of his height, Noppert nicknamed the De Toren van Joure, or Tower from De Joure.

Andries Noppert International Career:

For the first time in his career, Noppert participated in the selection of the Dutch national team in September 2022. On November 11, 2022, national coach Louis van Gaal formally added Noppert to the squad for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The team has big names like Virgil van Dijk, Nathan Ake, Matthijs de Ligt, and Frenkie de Jong. Also, Luuk De Jong, Cody Gakpo, Steven Bergwijn, etc. Not forgetting the likes of youngsters like Xavi Simons and Kenneth Taylor.

Andries Noppert was the tallest footballer in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which made him stand out. Also, his skills were an added advantage.

In the Netherlands’ opening game against Senegal on November 21, 2022. Noppert made his debut as a fundamental player for the Dutch national team. See the video of the match below. The national coach Van Gaal chooses him above Justin Bijlow and Remko Pasveer to be the first keeper.

Also, he became the second player, following Dick Schoenaker to make his Dutch national team debut right away at a World Cup in 1978. After observing his performance, we expect many clubs to scotch for him after the World Cup competition. The rest, as we say, is history.

Sarena – Andries Noppert’s Wife:

Behind the success of this Goalkeeper comes a supportive woman. Sarena is her name, and she is Andries Noppert’s Wife. As we progress with this biography, you’ll learn a lot about beautiful Sarena.

First, she lives a private life and keeps informations about herself and her family private. After our in-depth research, we gathered that she lives in the Netherlands with her immediate and extended family. Also, the couple has been together for nine years.

Sarena is extremely supportive of Noppert and is prepared to postpone her plans to be there for him in a difficult situation. Also, she stood beside her husband during his trial times in 2020 and supported every decision he took. What a virtuous woman she is. 

Andries Noppert Children:

The beautiful couple’s (Andries and Sarens) marriage is blessed with children. They have two sons, Lieke Noppert and Daan Noppert. Lieke is the first son, while Daan is the second son. Noppert and his wife welcomed their second son on 11 March 2022. The Dutch professional footballer keeper is a family man who spends quality time with his kids.  

Andries Noppert's special moment with his children. 
Andries Noppert’s special moment with his children. 

Personal Life away from Football:


This Biographical section explains Andries’s personality.
This Biographical section explains Andries’s personality.

Grattacielo joins the likes of Antoine Griezmann, Sergio Ramos, and Sadio Mane, who have Aries Zodiac signs. Andries Noppert is a passionate, focused person. In addition, he is a self-assured leader who promotes a sense of belonging through his positive outlook and unyielding commitment.

He is one of the most talked about goalkeepers in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Because of his fantastic height of 6 ft 8 inches. Which is an added advantage for his football skills. Also, the baller has a healthy body that suits his height.

Andries Noppert Workout session:

Any athlete who wants to excel in his sport must undergo extensive training. Noppert is not an exception to the drills. In addition to his football preparations, Andries works out frequently to increase his flexibility, mobility, and strength on the pitch.

Andries Noppert LifeStyle:

Speaking about the Dutch Baller’s lifestyle, we describe him as the total opposite of lavish living. Noppert does not use his social media accounts to flaunt his money, just like Pedro Guilherme does not. Like driving exotic cars, living in a big house, or giving smug speeches about his earnings.

Andries Noppert is a family-oriented person who loves spending time and money on his family. Also, he loves taking time alone to meditate and relax around nature, especially on beaches or the sea. Just like Leonardo Campana, he is a sea god.

Andries Noppert's love for the seaside- EXPLAINED
Andries Noppert’s love for the seaside- EXPLAINED.

Andries Noppert Family Life:

The Dutch professional footballer is from a close-knit family, as was previously stated. His family members continue to be his LIFE, and everything else (including his job) comes second. The information in this section of Andries Noppert’s biography relates to his family. Let’s begin with the head of the family.

Andries Noppert Father:

Research has it that Fokko Noppert was a talented footballer. He must be a proud father, having one of his sons walk in his stead. He is a good father who is very supportive of his children. When Andries joined SC Joure SC Heerenveen, he walked him to the club frequently to watch him play.

Also, he was always available to advise Andries during his difficult moments. The most striking moment he stood by his son was in 2020 when the goalkeeper was not with any club. Fokko stood by his son for two years, though he advised him to join the police since football clubs were not forthcoming. 

However, the proud congratulated his son for sticking to his childhood ambitions. According to Fokke, Noppert persisted, which was his best choice. He is also happy about how far his sons have come in their careers.

Andries Noppert Mother:

Managing a household made up of males (two boys and a husband) seems more arduous. For Lucie Noppert, it is a manageable job. The Formal basketball athlete is a virtuous woman who never shies from celebrating her sons.

She always joins her husband on the training ground to watch their son play during his early career life. Interestingly, Andries Noppert’s mother and father are always noticed because of their great heights. Obviously, the Tower of Joure is towering, just like his parents.

Andries Noppert Brother:

Although limited information exists about the athlete’s brother “Anne Noppert,” one thing is sure. The fact that he is one of Andries Noppert’s biggest fans. According to Anne, the close bond between him and his younger brother is very strong.

He calls Andries at the end of every match to celebrate with him. The athlete’s brother works 

Untold Facts:

In the concluding phase of Andries Noppert’s Biography, we’ll unveil more information about him. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Andries Noppert Religion:

The fact that the majority of Netherlands citizens practice Christianity suggests he is probably a Christian. However, Andries Noppert seems to be less outspoken about religious issues. The athlete and his family choose to keep their religious convictions and actions personal (away from social media).

Andries Noppert Nickname:

The Baller joins the ranks of elite footballers who go by many creative nicknames. We discovered that Andries has two unique nicknames. He goes by “The Tower of Joure and Grattacielo (The Skyscraper).” Our research shows that the Joure native got his nickname because of his significant height of over 2.3 meters.

Andries Noppert Salary Breakdown with SC Heerenveen:

Based on a report on Capology, The Dutch footballer, as of 2022, makes approximately €130,000 annually with SC Heerenveen. Here is a breakdown of Andries Noppert’s salary.

TENUREAndries Noppert's Salary breakdown with SC Heerenveen in Euros (€)
What Andries makes Per Year:€130,000
What Andries makes Per Month:€10,833
What Andries makes Per Week:€2,496
What Andries makes Per Day:€356
What Andries makes Every Hour:€14
What Andries makes Every Minute:€0.2
What Andries makes Every Second:€0.003

How rich is the Dutch Goalkeeper:

Where Andries Noppert’s parents come from, the average Dutch worker earns €2,500 per month. Such a person would need four years to earn what the athlete makes yearly with the SC Heerenveen.

Now, here is how much the Dutch professional footballer has made since you came here to read his Life story.

Andries Noppert Tatoos:

The Copa Libertadores Top scorer has different body art done on him. He has inked tattoos on his forearm, which say, “Dreams do come true.” To Andries, that is the testimony of his life, and he chooses to have it on his arm as a constant reminder. Finally, his dreams indeed came true. 

Andries Noppert’s Tattoo- EXPLAINED
Andries Noppert’s Tattoo- EXPLAINED

Andries Noppert Dog:

On our list of football players, the keeper is among the majority who own dogs as pets. Just like Alejandro Balde, Cristiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi, Neymar, etc. The ex-Go Ahead Eagles player always shared fun time photos of himself with his dogs on his Instagram account. 

Andries Noppert's Funtime with his dogs.
Andries Noppert’s Funtime with his dogs.

Andries Noppert FIFA:

Strength, Height, Fitness, Bravery, and Handling techniques are the prerequisite of the modern-day Goalkeeper. That makes Andries Noppert possess the qualities of footballers like Thibaut Courtois and Emiliano Martinez. In fact, the ex-Foggia’s player SOFIFA stats below proves he is a complete footballer.

Biography Summary:

This table breaks down our content on Andries Noppert’s Biography.

Full Name:Andries Noppert
Nickname:“The Tower of Joure OR Il Grattacielo (The Skyscraper).”
Date of Birth:7th day of April 1994
Age:28 years and 11 months old.
Place of Birth:Heerenveen ,Netherlands
Parents:Lucie Noppert (Mother), Father (Fokke Noppert.)
Brother:Anne Noppert
Wife:Serena Noppert
Children:Lieke Noppert and Daan Noppert.
Ethnicity:Frisians ethnic
Zodiac Sign:Aries Zodiac
Nationality:Dutch Nationality
Height:6 feet 8 inches
Annual Salary:€130,000


Andries Noppert holds the nickname “The Tower of Joure or Il Grattacielo (The Skyscraper).” The Goalkeeper was born on the 7th day of April 1994 to Lucie Noppert and Fokke Noppert. These are the names of his parents. Persons who are very supportive and protective of their sons.

Noppert grew up in Joure Heerenveen, Netherlands. He spent his joyous early years alongside his brother, Anne Noppert, his only brother whom he shared a memorable childhood with. Also, he is married to Serena Noppert, with whom he had two sons, Lieke Noppert and Daan Noppert.

Fokke Noppert, the father and head of the family, is a sports lover who played football earlier in life. His mother, Lucie Noppert, is not exempted because she was a fantastic basketball player. The baller’s parent has great height, which always makes them stand out in the crowd. Now, we both know where “The Tower of Joure” got his height from.

Also, Andries Noppert is from a middle-class family. His father always made sure to provide for the family. He may not have had all his wants as a kid, but he had all he needed. His mother was always supporting the home and taking care of everyone.

The SC Heerenveen Shooting Star chose a career path when he was 11. However, he has encountered many challenges in his career since his debut in 2014, but he did not allow them to discourage him. Instead, he persisted until his dreams came through in the 2022 FIFA WORLD CUP. No wonder Noppert tattooed “Dreams Do Come Through” on his Arm.

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