Enzo Fernandez Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Enzo Fernandez Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

DONE Our Enzo Fernandez Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Mother (Marta), Father (Raul), Family Background, Siblings – Brothers (Sebastián, Rodrigo, Gonzalo, Maxi), Relatives, Girlfriend (Valentina Cervantes), Daughter (Olivia), etc.

This memoir about Fernandez also details facts about his Family Origin, Religion, Ethnicity, and so forth.

Not forgetting, LifeBogger will give details of the Argentine lifestyle, personal life, net worth, and salary breakdown with the Primeira Liga club Benfica.

In a nutshell, we will present the Full History of Enzo Fernandez.

This is the story of a highly rated Argentine boy who continues to make football headlines in his attempt to live up to the standard of his namesake, the River Plate legend Enzo Francescoli.

Moreover, Enzo Fernandez has established a niche for himself as an outstanding attacking midfielder with his fantastic appreciation of space and tremendous passing range.

So, he has earned admiring glances from clubs in top leagues, like Man Utd, Barcelona, and PSG.


Enzo Fernandez’s Bio begins by telling you about his birth events, including an analysis of his boyhood.

Next, we’ll take you through notable events of his early years, plus the travails in his journey to fame. Finally, our article tells you how the Argentine athlete found success in the foot game.

LifeBogger hopes to whet your autobiography appetite as you read Enzo Fernandez’s Bio. To begin doing that, let’s present this photo gallery that tells the Superstar’s story. He became a national hero from his early years in the Núñez neighbourhood even to this moment.

Enzo Fernandez Biography - From his childhood to the Moment he became a force to reckon with.
Enzo Fernandez Biography – From his childhood to the Moment he became a force to reckon with.

Yes, everyone knows Fernández established himself as an integral player for River Plate, plus how he won the Argentine Primera División, known officially as Liga Profesional de Fútbol, or Torneo Binance.

Enzo Fernandez excels out of possession, always looking to get into the correct positions to stop opposition attacks and disrupting moves whilst also being in the right place, plus at the right time to intercept passes.

In our years of research on Argentine attacking midfielders, we found a knowledge gap. The truth is, only a few fans have read an in-depth version of Enzo Fernandez’s Biography, which is quite interesting. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Enzo Fernandez Childhood Story:

Fondly called Gordo or Enzo for short. His full name is Enzo Jeremías Fernández. The potential Superstar was born on a thriving Wednesday, precisely on the 17th day of January 2001.

Enzo’s birthplace is Ciudad del Libertador General Don José de San Martín, more commonly known as San Martín, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The San Martin-born professional footballer is one of five brothers. Sebastián, Rodrigo, Gonzalo, and Maxi were all born into the blissful marital union between his Dad and Mum. We would later introduce you to his parents – his Mum (Marta) and Dad (Raúl).


The youngster grew up in a humble family. He took his first steps at La Recova, a neighbourhood club in Villa Lynch, where he shared a roof with his parents and four siblings, who were all boys.

It was natural for an only boys’ family to participate in sports, and Enzo’s family were no exception. Fernandez played baby soccer at the La Recova de San Martín club.

As a kid, he showed lots of brilliance and emotional intelligence for a little boy under 5. His charisma undoubtedly endeared him to many people, including family and friends.

After that, when he was barely five years old, he was discovered by Pablo Esquivel, a talent scout from River Plate who is still working at the Núñez club today. The discovery of the lad marked the starting point of his extraordinary football destiny.

He was barely five years old, he got discovered by Pablo Esquivel.
He was barely five years old when Pablo Esquivel discovered him.

Enzo Fernandez’s Early Life:

After his birth in San Martín, Argentina, Fernández’s parents and four brothers moved to a neighbourhood in Nunez. Leading to his discovery by Pablo Esquivel.

After his discovery by Pablo Esquivel and Luis Pereyra, the chap had great potential for grooming concerning soccer.

At River Plate, with Enzo Fernández in the middle, in a children's tournament.
At River Plate, with Enzo Fernández in the middle, in a children’s tournament.

So, during his formative years at Nunez, Enzo played career football at six for the local side Club La Recova.

His maturity and instinct did not match his age, and the young boy acted and played better than one would for his age. Thereon, Enzo joined before joining River Plate in 2006. We talk about a club that produced the likes of Julian Alvarez, Exequiel Palacios, etc.

Enzo Fernandez Family Background:

The circumstances of the growth of the Argentine soccer star are not a rosy one. Life was difficult for his household.

While his father, Raul, was a painter, his mother, Martha, was a cleaner. His parents and elder siblings also indulged in other menial jobs to make ends meet.

At a point in his life, Enzo thought of giving up everything to help his family, who always had difficulty financially supporting themselves. But then his family encouraged him not to give up.

Enzo Fernandez Family Origin:

To start with, his birth and growth surround his hometown, San Martin. Fernandez was born in Ciudad del Libertador General Don José de San Martín, bordered to the northeast by the autonomous city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Furthermore, both of his parents have ancestry in Argentina. So, by implication, the sensational soccer star has an Argentine nationality. He is a native of San Martin. The map following aids your understanding of Enzo Fernandez’s family roots.

The map aids your understanding of Enzo Fernandez's family roots.
The map aids your understanding of Enzo Fernandez’s family roots.

Enzo Fernandez Ethnicity:

Firstly, Fernandez is a Spanish surname meaning “son of Fernando.” The Germanic name it derives from means “brave traveller.” The name is popular in Spanish-speaking countries and former colonies. The Anglicisation of this surname is Fernandez.

His nomenclature suggests that Enzo Fernandez is of Latino ethnicity. So, the Benfica
Midfielder identifies with the Germanic ethnic group native to his country. Moreover, the dominant language of people from Argentina is Spanish.

Enzo’s hometown, San Martin, is heavily urbanized and home to many food processing industries and a sizeable Peugeot-Citroën auto factory. The Autonomous City of Buenos Aires borders the city to the northeast.

Furthermore, the town is home to Chacarita Junior’s football club, champions of Argentina in Metropolitano 1969.

Enzo Fernandez Education:

The Benfica player had a dynamic schooling. As mentioned earlier in our journal about the Argentinian footballer.

He began making his first touches with the ball in a neighbourhood club, La Recova de Villa Lynch, San Martín party. A traditional institution focused on children’s sports education.

After this, he got enrolled in the famous River Plate Football Academy. The academy is a known breeding ground for talented footballers.

A collage of Enzo's photos at the academy known as a breeding ground for talented footballers.
A collage of Enzo’s photos at the academy is known as a breeding ground for talented footballers.

They have produced some of the world’s top talent: Pablo Aimar, Javier Mascherano, Radamel Falcao, Gonzalo Higuain, and so forth.

How fascinating! There is a saying in River Plate: if it’s a boy, name him Enzo. The cliche started at the time of Enzo Francescoli and the Argentine Enzo Perez.

Enzo with his coach in the famous River plate Football Academy.
Enzo with his coach in the famous River Plate Football Academy.

Enzo Fernandez Biography – Football Story:

The Argentinian youngster began his initial football career after joining the River Plate in 2006. As an academy graduate of River Plate, Fernández achieved his first-team debut for the club in 2019 before devoting two seasons with Defensa y Justicia on loan.

He got elevated to the senior squad in January 2019 after playing for the lower tier for 13 years. While with Defensa y Justicia (Defense and Justice) on loan, he enjoyed a successful stay.

Defense and Justice It was his home for a year and a half, during which he got the first two international titles of the Varela club, the Copa Sudamericana and Recopa Sudamericana.

Enzo obtained his first two international titles while at Defensa y Justicia.
Enzo obtained his first two international titles while at Defensa y Justicia.

Enzo Fernandez Bio – Road to Fame Story:

On the 4th day of March 2020, Fernandez made his senior introduction in the Copa Libertadores in Ecuador against LDU Quito.

The central midfielder scored his most memorable group goal against Libertad at the 2020 U-20 Copa Libertadores in Paraguay. In August 2020, Fernández got credited to the individual first-class club Defensa y Justicia. After which, he returned to the River plate.

Following his return, Enzo established himself as an integral competitor for River Plate in the following seasons and won the Argentine Primera División. By July 2022, he entered the Portuguese Primeira Liga side of Benfica.

Early professional life:

Enzo is a former youth international for The Argentina national football team, representing his country. He represented his country by playing with the Argentina national under-20 football team at the 2019 COTIF Tournament in Spain.

By November 2021, he got called up by Argentina’s Lionel Scaloni, the national team manager, for two 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification matches against Brazil and Uruguay.

Enzo Fernandez Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

Fernandez joined yet another football club. While with Benefica FC, the young champ made his debut for the club on the 2nd day of August 2022. He pulled off his first goal for the club.

It was a half-volley from outside the penalty section in a 4–1 home triumph over Midtjylland in the first leg of 2022 till the 2023 UEFA Champions League third qualifying round.

Following shortly, he again scored in Benfica’s next games in the Primeira Liga over Arouca (4–0) and the 2nd leg of the UEFA Champions League third qualification round against Midtjylland (3–1).

His impressive performances continued throughout the month, and next to a run of five consecutive victories and three clean sheets, he emerged as the Primeira Liga’s Midfielder of the Month.

National team Success:

Enzo Fernandez is a good dribbler who can move the ball forward through his passing. He prefers operating centrally but can sometimes play in the left half-space, mainly in a partnership with Florentino Luís.

After his under-18 tournaments, he made his senior international launch in 2022. Enzo made his senior team debut on the 24th day of September 2022 by coming on as a 64th-minute replacement for Leandro Paredes in a 3–0 win over Honduras.

Enzo Fernández was five years old when everyone in his world (in San Martín) talked about him for the first time. Today, the world, in reality, beckons to his talent at the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar, where he will play alongside his most admired player, Lionel Messi.

Valentina Cervantes – Enzo Fernandez Girlfriend:

The eye-catching midfield player is in a relationship with a young lady, Valentina Cervantes. The lovely brunette is from Argentina and is said to be in the same age gap as Enzo.

The attacking midfielder has also posted a few photos with her on his Instagram account. The couple looks to be in a happy relationship. Let’s introduce you to Enzo Fernandez‘s girlfriend.

The eye-catching midfield player is in a relationship with a young lady, Valentina Cervantes.
The eye-catching midfield player is in a relationship with a young lady, Valentina Cervantes.

Who is Valentina Cervantes?

Enzo Fernandez’s wife-to-be is a lady who possesses natural beauty. Our findings reveal she is a social media personality and significantly dominates TikTok and Instagram.

Her Instagram account alone, @valucervantes, has over 38.7k followers with 54 posts and still counting.

Enzo Fernandez's wife-to-be with her lover and offspring. 
Enzo Fernandez’s wife-to-be with her lover and offspring.

While we do not know her to have married the soccer star, Enzo, they have joyfully welcomed and become guardians of their young daughter, Olivia.

The baby girl was born to her loving parents in 2020. The couple lives happily in their lovely home in Lisbon, Portugal.

The baby girl, Olivia was born to her loving parents in 2020.
The baby girl, Olivia, was born to her loving parents in 2020.

Personal Life:

Outside soccer, he gets together with his friends, especially at dinners. As for his hobbies, he enjoys watching movies. His favourite is ‘The Resurrection Specialist.’

In addition, Enzo Fernandez is good at playing video games. According to him, he prefers to do tournaments. His best is Franco Paredes. He has a keen admiration for the legend Lionel Messi.

Enzo alongside his idol, Lionel Messi, at play.
Enzo, alongside his idol, Lionel Messi, is at play.

As a fashion lover, he wears the best match and fittings of clothes and adorns his body with beautiful tattoos. You could see his body deco while swimming or training shirtless. He loves his Nike designer outfits.

Enzo looks stunning with his short, elevated haircut, which is dark. He has two dark brown-shaded eyes. Enzo Fernandez stands 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 78 kg. He has an athletic build.

As a football player, he often engages in exercises and recreation centre activities to stay fit and energetic. His favourite cuisine is Asado.

Enzo maintains an excellent social media presence to keep in touch with his ever-increasing fans. His Instagram account speaks volumes about how people love and admire his playing skills, and his verified account has almost a million followers.

Enzo, with one of his fans in selfie mode.
Enzo, with one of his fans, is in selfie mode.

Style of play:

Enzo Francescoli, a Uruguayan football icon, inspired his name. However, he can play a more advanced role as an attacking midfield player. He usually drives quick short passes, systematic long passes, and lobbed balls.

Fernandez is combative in his midfield duels and efficiently preserves the space and his back line. He possesses a good pass range, excellent vision, and incredible accuracy, which is very deliberate in his midfield movements.

Enzo drives quick short passes, systematic long passes, and lobbed balls.
Enzo drives quick short passes, systematic long passes, and lobbed balls.

Enzo can dribble into his opponent’s territory or out of it to devastating effect. He flourishes in receiving the ball in narrow spaces and is very press-resistant because of his wonderful low sense of gravity, stability, and flexibility in his body movements.

He shines at quick, short passes, passing to break lines or playing through attackers running into space. Again, he uses passes to gain possession to move around and tire opposition shapes.

He flourishes in receiving the ball in narrow spaces and has a beautiful low sense of gravity, stability, and flexibility.
He flourishes in receiving the ball in narrow spaces and has a beautiful low sense of gravity, stability, and flexibility.


Enzo Fernandez is quickly emerging into one of the top young midfielders in Europe after joining Benfica. In the same vein, so is his financial strength and wealth.

On 23rd June 2022, River Plate agreed with Primeira Liga team Benfica to transfer Enzo for a €10 million fee for 75% of his monetary rights, including €8 million in add-ons.

But then, the player star remained at River Plate till the end of the club’s Copa Libertadores campaign. That’s a lot for a promising player. Nonetheless, with his quick and forward trend, more wealth is looming.

At this point in his life, he can afford an expensive car, choice vacations, first-class travels, and giant mansions for residence. However, his humility has hidden his assets from the paparazzi.

Net Worth and Brand Endorsement:

Enzo Fernandez’s total assets are estimated to be $1.5 million as of November 2022. According to transfermarkt, his highest market value is €35.00m.

Aside from his playing contract and wages, he also earns money from his many sponsorships and endorsement partnerships with well-known brands like Nike, which contribute to his income.

Enzo Fernandez Family Life:

As a boy, many knew the San Martin native for his brilliance and out-of-this-world courage. Enzo Fernandez would not make the mistake of recognizing his parents for their encouragement.

This comprises the guidance of other family members who made his childhood worthwhile. Now, let’s tell you more about them.

Enzo Fernandez Father – Raúl Fernandez:

First, Fernández got named after the three-time Copa América winner, Enzo Francescoli. His dad, Raúl, has a huge fascination for the Uruguayan footballer. So named his Son after the football legend. It is eminent to note that Raul loves football very much.

Not minding his low-income job, he was determined to see Enzo succeed in his venture into professional football. The sage did lots of menial jobs to keep the home without need. Notably, he is a painter.

Together with his wife, they bore five boys. Good enough that the whole family remains united and lives together.

Enzo Fernandez’s Mother – Marta Fernandez:

The Benfica FC midfield player’s mother, Marta, with her hubby and other kids, encouraged Enzo to see his dream of playing professionally come true, even when things got so tricky for Enzo that he wanted to give up.

Notably, Marta Fernandez cleaned houses for people to earn money used to cater to the family. Guess her hard work paid off. She was the one who dedicated herself to taking Enzo everywhere he meant to be during his formative years.

Also an argentine, she lives happily with her loving husband, with whom she gave birth to five male children.

Enzo Fernandez Siblings:

This section of his Bio will summarize more facts about his brothers (Sebastián, Rodrigo, Gonzalo, and Maxi), without doubt, a considerable part of his success story. The athlete has no sisters. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Enzo Fernandez Brothers:

Enzo Fernandez shares the same history, ethnicity, and ancestry as his four brothers. Their names are Sebastián Fernandez, Rodrigo Fernandez, Gonzalo Fernandez, and Maxi Fernandez. They are a very humble and very united family.

His brothers imperatively loved and enjoyed playing soccer. However, none of them is as famous as Enzo.

From their childhood moments to when he was confirmed by Lionel Scaloni to play in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, His brother’s consistent support and great sacrifice for him are undaunting, for which Enzo is ever grateful.

Enzo Fernandez’s Relatives:

As much as the Benfica midfielder should have relatives, there has been no mention of them. We talk about relatives such as Uncles, Aunts, Nephews, Nieces, Grandparents, and In-laws.

However, here is a photo of His spouse with her sister, whom we regard as his sister-in-law.

A childhood photo of Enzo Fernandez's wife-to-be with her sister, whom we regard as his sister-in-law.
A childhood photo of Enzo Fernandez’s wife-to-be with her sister, whom we regard as his sister-in-law.

Untold Facts:

In the final section of Enzo Fernandez’s Biography, we’ll unveil more truths you might not know about him. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Enzo Fernandez Religion:

The records show that the Argentine football player is Roman Catholic, and he and his entire family believe in Jesus Christ, his death and resurrection.

Moreover, about four-fifths of Argentine people are at least nominally Roman Catholic; most are non-practising. The influence of faith, however, is reflected in government and society. Protestants make up about 5 per cent of the population.

Wiki Summary:

This table breaks down our content on Enzo Fernandez’s Biography.

Full Name:Enzo Jeremías Fernández
Celebrated Name: Enzo Fernández
Date of Birth: 17th day of January 2001
Place of birth: San Martín, Argentina
Parents:Mother (Marta Fernandez), Father (Raúl Fernandez)
Siblings:Brothers (Sebastián, Rodrigo, Gonzalo, Maxi)
Girlfriend:Valentina Cervantes
Position(s): Attacking midfielder
Notable teams: Club La Recova, River Plate, Defensa y Justicia and Argentina National Team
Religion:Roman Catholic
Zodiac Sign:Capricorns
Height: 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
Weight: 78 Kg


Enzo, as fondly known, was born on the 17th of January 2001 on a bright Wednesday. His birth took place in San Martin, Argentina. The humility and unity shared among his parents and his four brothers resulted in the success that he has achieved so far.

Not to forget the love of his life, Valentina Cervantes, and their daughter, Olivia Fernandez, who accompanies him to his essential games.

Enzo Jeremas Fernández is his full name. He has an Argentine identity and belongs to the Argentine-White nationality. Capricorns are his zodiac sign, and he believes in Christianity. Enzo was born into a low-income household.

His father, Ral Fernández, is a huge football fan, while his mother is a homemaker. The future football hero grew up in the Buenos Aires area. Little Enzo aspired to be a superstar when he was little.

Fernández began his football career by joining the local club known as Club La Recova. When he was five years old, he joined the River Plate Youth Foundation, a more famous club in Buenos Aires, where he began his football career.

Enzo Fernandez began his football career in 2006 when he joined River Plate. After 13 years in the lower tier, they promoted him to the senior squad in January 2019.

Fernandez established his senior debut in the Copa Libertadores in Ecuador on March 4, 2020, against LDU Quito.

At the 2020 U-20 Copa Libertadores in Paraguay, the centre midfielder scored his most memorable group goal against Libertad. They assigned Fernández to the individual first-class club Defensa y Justicia in August 2020.

He appeared for Defensa y Justicia beginning in 2022 while scoring five goals in 29 games for River Plate. After this, he was nominated as part of the squad to play in Qatar’s 2022 World Cup.

When writing the History of Enzo Fernandez, he got ranked alongside notables like Julian Draxler, Steven Berghuis, Exequiel Palacios, Ivan Rakitic, William Carvalho, etc, as among the world’s rising midfielders.

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