Pedro Porro Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Pedro Porro Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Pedro Porro Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents -Eva Sauceda (Mother), Antonio Porro (Father), Family Background, Grandparents (Mr and Mrs Antonio Sauceda), Aunty (Nuri), Uncle (Angel Sauceda Fernandez), Siblings – Brother (Victor Porro), Girlfriend, etc.

This article, which contains the detailed Life Story of Porro, also explains his Family Origin, Ethnicity, hometown, Education, etc.

Again, we’ll break down the Lifestyle, Net Worth, Personal Life and Salary Breakdown of the Tottenham Hotspur 2023 recruit.

In a nutshell, our Biography explains Pedro Porro’s History. This is the story of a boy who became a dreamer before being a footballer. A boy who grew up under the watchful eye of his grandparents – with his granddad bringing him up in football.

LifeBogger tells you the story of a one-time street footballer who was once caught up in an alleged love triangle. Now, let’s tell you what that means!

Pedro Porro was accused of kissing Magui Corceiro, who happens to be Joao Felix’s girlfriend. It happened in a nightclub, and the Athlete, as explained in our Bio, defended himself as to why he did that.

A few months later, he was accused of ignoring the pleas of some children in the stands who wanted to have his shirt.

Instead, Porro (in this video) gave his shirt to Magui Corceiro (Joao Felix’s girlfriend), and he accompanied that with an emotional hug.


Our version of Pedro Porro’s Biography begins by telling you notable events of his boyhood years and early life.

Next, we’ll explain the role of his grandparents and Mum in helping him pursue his football passion. Finally, LifeBogger will unveil how the native of Don Benito achieved a rise in the beautiful game.

We hope to whet your autobiography appetite as you read Pedro Porro’s Bio. To begin doing that, let us show you this gallery that tells the story of the Don Benito Soccer celebrity.

Without a doubt, the Spanish Baller has been through an incredible life journey.

Pedro Porro Biography - From his childhood to the moment he achieved fame.
Pedro Porro Biography – From his childhood to the moment he achieved fame.

Yes, everyone knows the Right-Back is blessed with abundant stamina, ball control, shot power, sprint speed, dribbling and crossing abilities.

Truly, Porro has made a name for himself in Sporting CP thanks to his premier wing presence and tactical flexibility. In case you have watched Pedro at Sporting, here is why Antonio Conte Spurs signed Porro.

In our continuous quest to write the stories of Spanish Wing Backs, we found a knowledge deficit. The truth is, not many fans have read an in-depth version of Pedro Porro’s Biography, which is quite exciting. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Pedro Porro Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname “Tato”. And his full names are Pedro Antonio Porro Sauceda.

The Spanish professional footballer was born on the 13th day of September 1999 to his Mother, Eva Sauceda, and Father, Antonio Porro, in Don Benito, Spain.

Pedro Porro arrived in the world as the first child of his Mum, Eva Sauceda. Now, let’s introduce you to the woman who is his greatest nurturer and caregiver.

Without a doubt, Eva Sauceda’s greatest pride is being the mother of the Fast-Rising Wingback.

Meet one of Pedro Porro's Parents - his mother, Eva Sauceda.
Meet one of Pedro Porro’s Parents – his mother, Eva Sauceda.


Pedro Porro was brought up under the watchful eye of both his grandparents. He grew up alongside his kid brother, whom he is very fond of. Eva Sauceda, their Mum, describes them (her sons) as her two most beautiful treasures in the world.

Meet Pedro Porro's Brother, the youngest in his family.
Meet Pedro Porro’s Brother, the youngest in his family.

Many footballers have witnessed spending a childhood with grandparents always grow up being wise. It was a positive and enriching experience for Porro, also Thiago Almada (a footballer who spent childhood with his grandparents).

Pedro Porro’s grandmum has been one of his most trusted confidants. Sadly, she died in 2022. Since Pedro Porro was a little boy, his grandmum (as pictured here) never stopped offering him a listening ear and the needed comforting embrace.

A rare childhood photo of Pedro Porro in the arms of his grandmother.
A rare childhood photo of Pedro Porro in the arms of his grandmother.

Spending childhood in the company of his late Granny gave him lots of wisdom. Including a strong sense of connection to his Don Benito Spanish roots.

Pedro Porro Early Life:

From the tender age of six, the youngster had a strong passion and love for playing with a ball. Almost every day, Pedro would go with his grandfather to play soccer in a local park.

As a boy, Porro had many friends who played football with him, including those from his school. His usual friends are the ones he often meets at the local park, those who often come out to play football with him.

In the local football surroundings of Extremadura, Western Spain, Porro lived the happiest of childhood years. His desire to take football passion to the next level came due to the incessant encouragement of one man – his grandfather.

His journey to becoming a professional footballer started at Gimnástico Don Benito. This is the football academy that first saw him kick the ball.

Pedro Porro’s grandad, Antonio, who gave him extra training, was a key figure in both his personal and professional growth. Throughout his childhood years, Antonio has been his grandson’s greatest supporter, both on and off the pitch.

Whether it was during games or at home, Antonio had always allowed his grandson to lean on him, a feat that has helped him in his individual and professional growth.

Meet the man referred to as the great Pillar of the Spanish footballer. He is Pedro Porro's Grandfather.
Meet the man referred to as the great Pillar of the Spanish footballer. He is Pedro Porro’s Grandfather.

Pedro Porro Family Background:

As a little boy, he spent most of his life living at his grandparents’ house situated at Calle Chile, Don Benito.

Because both of Pedro Porro’s Parents worked, they decided to make their son stay with his grandparents. This is why the footballer has a great relationship with them.

Our research shows that Porro’s inspirational Granddad was a former A ‘coach’ from a different football century (in the 1980s). It goes further to indicate that his biggest football traits are inherited from his grandfather, Antonio Sauceda.

Pedro Porro’s family is made up of persons from the Extremadura Spanish tribe. We talk about people who are humble in the best sense of the word. Here is a rare photo of Pedro Porro’s grandparents, the key figures in physical, mental and emotional development.

Meet Mr and Mrs Antonio Sauceda. They are the parents of Pedro Porro's Mum, Eva Sauceda.
Meet Mr and Mrs Antonio Sauceda. They are the parents of Pedro Porro’s Mum, Eva Sauceda.

Thanks to the success their grandson has achieved in his professional football career, the humble family have become very popular in Don Benito, Spain.

As revealed by Wikipedia, the Porro household is the most famous (in terms of football) in the town of Don Benito. This is followed by the family of Juanma Gómez, a retired Spanish footballer born in 1981.

Some years ago, Porro, in the presence of his Dad, Mum, brother and Granddad, got honoured by the mayor of Don Benito.

His football potential was recognized when he was only 16 years old, a time his wonderful family received this invitation from Don Benito’s mayor.

The visit to the Mayor was in late 2015, and a 16-year-old Porro was already making his town proud.
The visit to the Mayor was in late 2015, and a 16-year-old Porro was already making his town proud.

Pedro Porro Family Origin:

Data available from TransferMarkt reveals that the Right-Back’s Mum, Eva Sauceda and his Dad hold only Spanish nationalities.

Regarding the part of Spain Pedro Porro’s family comes from, our research points to the town of Don Benito. The origin of this town (with a population of 37,048 inhabitants) dates from the 15th century.

Do you know?… Porro’s hometown (Don Benito) was founded by refugees from Don Llorente.

These refugees were persons who once deserted their own town because of the environmental dangers of flood from the Guadiana River.

Here is a map gallery that portrays Pedro Porro’s Family origins.

Don Benito is 3 hours and 2 minutes OR 318.6 km from Madrid, the capital of Spain.
Don Benito is 3 hours and 2 minutes OR 318.6 km from Madrid, the capital of Spain.

Pedro Porro Ethnicity:

Our findings show that the footballer identifies with the people of Spain who speak the Extremaduran language in addition to their native Spanish.

As shown in the map below, Pedro Porro’s ancestry is traced to the Western part of Spain, in the region known as Extremadura.

A look into the Spanish professional footballer's ethnicity.
A look into the Spanish professional footballer’s ethnicity.

Do you know?… the football club in Porro’s hometown (Extremadura FC) was where Rafa Benitez had his first breakthrough in his early coaching years – between 1997 to 1999.

The Spanish coach successfully promoted the club to La Liga during his first season (1997–98).

Pedro Porro Education:

The Spanish Athlete received early schooling in the sport from Gimnástico Don Benito. Pedro enrolled there through the help of his grandfather Antonio Sauceda, a man that saw him have his first kick to the ball.

From the onset, Antonio has always had the wish to catapult his grandson to the elite world of Spanish football. As a child, Porro’s granddad instilled in him the bravery of a racehorse.

Before beginning a formal career at the age of nine, the youngster played competitive football with his friends at school.

At that age, Antonio Sauceda injected in his grandson that constant stimulus that saw him begin his journey to become a professional.

Pedro Porro Biography – Football Story:

The youngster’s career started when he was nine after playing futsal with AD Don Benito FS. With the help of his granddad, Porro got registered at Gimnástico.

The identity card below reveals a time of the Athlete’s humble beginnings at Gimnástico Don Benito.

This registration document shows Porro's beginnings with Gimnástico Don Benito academy.
This registration document shows Porro’s beginnings with Gimnástico Don Benito academy.

Young Pedro was nine years old when his granddad took him to enrol with their town’s local football team, Gimnástico Don Benito. Thanks to the support of his family, a talented Pedro achieved a bright start to his football career.

The boy with a perpetual smile, as he was known, stood out for his good character and goal-scoring ability. Porro rose through the youth ranks of Gimnástico, a humble club that makes kids excel in grassroots football.

Carlos Almena, the then-coach of youths at the club, has a great memory of Pedro Porro’s early football years. The coach, also known as a Gymnastics coordinator, once  said these about Porro;

“ From a very young age, you could see little great things about Pedro. He has always stood out clearly above the rest of his teammates. So much so that we were forced to upgrade him.
As a juvenile, Pedro Porro was the top scorer with the second-division children’s team. And his humility was always one of his best qualities.”

Big interest for him at an early age:

Judging by his brilliance both on and off the pitch, it wasn’t surprising to everyone to see Real Madrid being interested in him. Real Madrid scouts approached Pedro Porro’s parents when he was aged 15.

The events that took place in the first weeks of February 2015 can’t be forgotten. In that week, Pedro Porro’s Mum, including himself, visited the Spanish capital. Their aim was to access what Real Madrid had to offer him, especially for his future.

This is Pedro Porro and his Mother, Eva Sauceda, during their visit to Real Madrid's office in 2015.
This is Pedro Porro and his Mother, Eva Sauceda, during their visit to Real Madrid’s office in 2015.

As stated by Wikipedia, the youngster reportedly had already rejected Atlético Madrid and Bayern Munich.

Rather than joining Real Madrid, Pedro Porro’s family agreed he should sign with Rayo Vallecano. It was a smaller team that would guarantee his future.

Pedro Porro Bio – Road to Fame Story:

Antonio Sauceda, the Athlete’s grandfather, remained a key figure during his grandson’s during his Rayo Vallecano days.

He kept on exerting into him a constant stimulus, including making him possess the belief that he was better than anyone.

On the 10th day of August 2017, Pedro Porro joined Girona, and he fought his way into graduating from the club’s academy.

The youngster began his senior career journey with Club de Futbol Peralada, a small club based in the autonomous community of Catalonia.

After gaining the needed experience, Porro moved back to Girona in the 2018/2019 season. Because of his immediate impact on the team, the youngster got awarded a contract extension. Porro grew from being a substitute to a starter under the command of Eusebio Sacristán.

It is always the dream of young players to score their first professional goal against a big club. In the case of Porro, he scored against Real Madrid on the 31st of January 2019.

From that moment he scored his first professional goal, Pep Guardiola began putting eyes on Pedro. In no time, the Manchester club signed the youngster at the end of the 2018/19 season – for a reported fee of £11 million.

Pedro Porro Biography – Success Story:

Manchester City signed him in that transfer window alongside notable names like Angelino, Rodri, and Joao Cancelo. Having two right-backs ahead of him (Kyle Walker and Joao Cancelo) meant Porro wouldn’t be getting the required game time.

Because of that, the Spaniard accepted a loan transfer to Ronaldo Luis Nazário de Lima owned Real Valladolid (a then-La Liga club) for one season. Pedro Porro, alongside notable names like Mohammed Salisuwas instrumental in helping Real Valladolid stay in La Liga (a 13th place finish).

Moving on from there, the Man City Right-Back (on the 16th of August 2020) pushed again for another loan move. Since there was no way of being ahead of Joao Cancelo and Kyle Walker in the Man City right-back position, Porro accepted to join Sporting CP for a two-year loan deal.

Success Story with the Green and whites:

Pedro Porro achieved a meteoric rise with the Portuguese club. His outstanding displays saw him being named the League’s Defender of the Month (for three consecutive times). The athletic Right Wing-Back won this honour between the month of November to January 2021.

The evolution of Pedro Porro with Sporting CP was meteoric. His earliest rise with the club was seen in his ability to score crucial goals.

The Spaniard scored the only goal that helped Sporting CP defeat Braga to win the Taça da Liga trophy on the 23rd of January 2021.

Pedro Porro’s outstanding performance earned him the award of the Primeira Liga’s Defender of that Month. Again, Porro won this award for two consecutive months – in August and September 2021. 

On the 16th of May 2022, Sporting CP, having liked him so much, was forced to trigger Pedro Porro’s buyout clause of €8.5m.

Following that, the Wing-Back ceased to become a Man City player. Porro then went on to help his new club with five goals and seven assists that season.

As a reward for his hard work, he was named in the Primeira Liga Team of the Year – for a second consecutive season.

Before opening the next chapter in his career (a move to Spurs), the Don Benito Athlete won three trophies in Portugal – the Primeira Liga and Taça da Liga (2x).

On the 31st day of January 2023, Spurs found Porro worthy of providing competition for Emerson Royal.

The idea to sign him on loan from Sporting (with a buy option) came after Matt Doherty‘s departed to Athletico Madrid. The rest, as we say, is now history. 

Pedro Porro’s Girlfriend?

At the time he joined Spurs, the Spanish Rignt Winger had not made his relationship status anyone public.

However, Pedro Porro has once been in a controversy concerning his alleged involvement in taking another player’s girlfriend.

This happened in a nightclub – when the Portuguese footballer was rumoured to have kissed Magui Corceiro. This person in question is Joao Felix’s girlfriend, who allegedly kissed Porro in a nightclub.

Just after the event, Magui Corceiro and Pedro Porro were forced to deny that they were having an affair. In this case, she (pictured below) went on to say that they both have a “special relationship”.

Pedro Porro was alleged to have had an affair with Joao Felix's Girlfriend.
Pedro Porro was alleged to have had an affair with Joao Felix’s Girlfriend.

Our findings revealed that Magui Corceiro had been dating Joao Felix for three years before her alleged involvement with Porro.

Amid her alleged affair with Porro, she decided not to travel to Qatar FIFA 2022 to support her heartbroken boyfriend. Again, while rumours of their relationship filled the social media space, another video of them went viral again.

This time, Porro was pictured here ignoring the pleas of several children in the stands to give him his shirt. Rather, the Wing-Back gave his shirt to Magui, and he accompanied it with an emotional hug.

More Reactions:

Refuting the claims about their earlier kissing at the nightclub, Magui Corceiro rubbished the rumours by saying;

Truly, If I wanted to kiss someone, in that intimate moment, it would not be in a state of Lust.

The kiss wount be in the VIP area of the nightclub. That area with little balcony which has the view of the entire nightclub.

I really don’t understand why those gentlemen had to record that video and report it. They didn’t remember to record me talking and hugging the other people who were there.

As vicious online rumours continued to swirl, Magui reacted:

It’s getting out of control and it’s leaving me in a very boring position, and Joao too.

I feel ridiculous for giving justifications to people who don’t know me at all.

This is being surreal, the messages that they are sending, …they are sending death threats… People are just crazy.

I met Porro a few months ago unexpectedly at a group dinner, and since then, we have had a great time.

We are very good friends, I love him, he is incredible.

Porro also weighed in on the internet rumours and once had this to say;

The situation that is happening both yesterday and today appears very uncomfortable…

I have a special relationship with Magui.

And no one is being unfaithful to anyone.

I will not allow my image to be stained by things like these. and I can do whatever I want.

Personal Life:

Who is Pedro Porro?

To start with, the Speedy Right-Back has the heart of a lion. Porro’s personality includes a strong spirit, courage and bravery.

The Spanish Right Back has the ability to overcome challenges, and he faces every situation in his life with bravery.

Porro is honoured in his Spanish hometown of Don Benito. Seasons ago, he was presented with the City’s Golden Shield, an honour that makes him one of their greatest sports ambassadors. The Spaniard, who doesn’t forget his roots, believes he is a person before a footballer.

Pedro Porro Lifestyle:

During the holidays, the Athlete loves getting disconnected from everything football by visiting his Spanish town of Don Benito. In fact, Porro only needs to spend one day relaxing before his batteries get charged.

He spends his vacation in Don Benito, where he reminisces about old times.
He spends his vacation in Don Benito, where he reminisces about old times.

Pedro Porro Car:

The former Sporting CP football personality has been seen flaunting his exotic ride via social media. Porro’s love of luxury Cars is a testament to his success and affluence.

The Right-back project a particular image and connects with his fans with this display of success.
The Right-back project a particular image and connects with his fans with this display of success.

Pedro Porro Family Life:

During summer, the Speedster never fails to visit the place he calls his oasis. Porro loves to have his disconnect with family in his warm and cosy Don Benito environment. Now, let’s tell you more about the Athlete’s family members.

Pedro Porro Grandmother:

She carried him when you were little and he lived with her when he was a child. Today, Porro's grandmum is no more.
She carried him when you were little and he lived with her when he was a child. Today, Porro’s grandmum is no more.

Even after her death, she, who raised him, has remained a fundamental pillar in his life. Following her death in 2022, Porro realized that life takes people who truly don’t deserve it.

Porro made it a duty to dedicate all his trophies to his grandmother. On one of those occasions, he said;

My dear Grandmother, I know that from Heaven, and you are the one who helped me to lift this Cup. This trophy is for you! Your strength will always be with me, and you will forever be my star. 

Pedro Porro Grandfather:

Antonio Sauceda is the husband of the Athlete’s late grandmum, who passed away in the early days of January 2022. According to those who know Antonio Sauceda, his house is filled with his grandson’s awards and accomplishments.

Grandfather Antonio continues to be his grandson's main supporter on and off the pitch.
Grandfather Antonio continues to be his grandson’s main supporter on and off the pitch.

Pedro Porro’s Mother:

Despite being busy with her work schedule, Eva Sauceda found time to travel with her son for football trials – like the case of Real Madrid. Recalling how he supported his passion, including guiding him not to give up, Porro once said; 

My first weeks with Rayo Vallecano were quite bad. I remember telling my mum I wanted to return to my old club. She helped me to understand that football was my job. And that made me leave home at 15.

Those were Pedro’s memories relating to his first farewell to Rayo Vallecano. Eva Sauceda is incredibly proud of her son’s resilience to live away from family at the age of 15. 

Pedro Porro Father:

The Athlete’s best memory with his Dad came when he was little, a time Antonio drove his son to some of his games.

Porro’s grandfather and uncle accompanied his Dad during those journeys. Back then, they would stay in the car to sleep while their son played football with the junior national team.

Pedro Porro Uncle:

Angel Sauceda Fernandez is a brother to the Athlete’s Mum. Pedro Porro’s Uncle is a huge football fan and a proud supporter of his nephew.

Eva and Angel share the same parents (Porro’s granddad, Antonio). On this day, Angel Sauceda Fernandez was celebrating his birthday.

He is a brother to Eva Sauceda, Pedro Porro's Mum.
He is a brother to Eva Sauceda, Pedro Porro’s Mum.

Angel Sauceda Fernandez’s presence was felt during his nephew’s Taça da Liga trophy celebration with Sporting CP. Together with his Dad, Antonio Sauceda, Pedro Poro’s uncle, has a hand in his current success as a footballer.

Angel Sauceda Fernandez gladly enjoys the dividends of having a Nephew who is a successful footballer.
Angel Sauceda Fernandez gladly enjoys the dividends of having a Nephew who is a successful footballer.

Pedro Porro Aunty:

Nuri is among those whom the Soccer Athlete enjoys a close relationship with. A young Pedro Porro is pictured here spending quality time with his Aunty at the beach. The two (Pedro and Nuri) cherish their relationships with family members.

Meet Pedro Porro's Aunty, Nuri.
Meet Pedro Porro’s Aunty, Nuri.

Untold Facts

In the final phase of Pedro Porro’s Biography, we unveil more truths you might not know about him. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Pedro Porro’s Salary:

The January 2023 deadline day transfer he made to Spurs sees him earning a whooping sum of £85,000 weekly. Breaking down Porro’s earnings, we have the following;

TENURE/EARNINGSPedro Porro Spurs Salary in Euros (€)Pedro Porro Spurs Salary in Pound Sterling (£)
What Pedro Porro makes every YEAR:€4,990,418£4,426,800
What Pedro Porro makes every MONTH:€415,868£368,900
What Pedro Porro makes every WEEK:€95,822£85,000
What Pedro Porro makes every DAY:€13,688£12,142
What Pedro Porro makes every HOUR:€570£505
What Pedro Porro makes every MINUTE:€9.5£8.4
What Pedro Porro makes every SECOND:€0.15£0.14

How Rich is the Athlete from Don Benito?

Where Pedro Porro’s Parents raised him, the average person in the Spanish town makes around 39,659 € (EUR) per year. Do you know?… Such a person would need more than a lifetime (125 years) to make €4,990,418. This is the amount Porro makes every year with Spurs.

Since you started viewing  Pedro Porro‘s Bio, he earned this with Spurs.


Pedro Porro FIFA:

The Athlete has the attributes of Reece James, thanks to his ability to excel in both attack and defence areas.

At 22, Porro has an amazing FIFA potential of 88 and an overall rating of 82. The Power Right-Back is worth the buy in the FIFA career mode.

As noticed here, his greatest assets are Stamina (90), Sprint Speed (84), Ball Control (83) and Shot Power (83).
As noticed here, his greatest assets are Stamina (90), Sprint Speed (84), Ball Control (83) and Shot Power (83).

Pedro Porro’s Religion:

The former Rayo Vallecano footballer is a devoted Christian. The huge presence of Catholicism in Don Benito, the Spanish hometown Pedro Porro’s parents had him, suggests that he is likely to be Catholic.

Pedro Porro’s Tattoos:

The most obvious of his body art is a tattoo of a watchful lion on his left hand and one just about to strike on his right hand. In addition, Pedro Porro has the photo of a family member who could be either his mum or grandmother.

Pedro Porro's Tattoos explained.
Pedro Porro’s Tattoos explained.

Wiki Summary:

This table breaks down our content on Pedro Porro’s Bio.

Full Name:Pedro Antonio Porro Sauceda
Date of Birth:13th day of September 1999
Place of Birth:Don Benito, Spain
Age:24 years and 0 months old.
Parents:Eva Sauceda (Mother), Antonio Porro (Father)
Brother:Victor Porro
Uncle:Angel Sauceda Fernandez
Grandparents:Mr and Late Mrs Antonio Sauceda
Zodiac Sign:Virgo
Height:1.73 meters OR 5 feet 8 inches
Playing Position:
Defender - Right-Back
Tottenham Salary:€4,990,418 or £4,426,800
Net Worth:6.5 million pounds (2023 Figures)
Player Agent:
CAA Base Ltd

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