Matt Doherty Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Matt Doherty Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life. His Parents – Tom Doherty (Father), Joni Doherty (Mother). We’ll tell you about Matt’s Family Background, Origin, Wife (Nikkea Amerie), etc. 

More so, Lifebogger will unveil Facts about Matt Doherty’s Sisters. He has five female siblings. Their names are Hannah, Rachel, Naomi, Rebecca and Deborah.

We’ll tell you about Matt Doherty’s Children – all daughters and no son (as of 2022). Matt Doherty’s daughters go by the names Sia Doherty and Nya-Rose Doherty.

This Biography provides information about Matt Doherty’s Brother (Timmy). This is the only brother he has got in life. Lastly but not least, the Irish Footballer’s Personal Life and Net Worth. 

In the nutshell, this extensive Biography breakdown the Full Life History of Matt Doherty. We’ll give you the story of a boy who once gave up school to chase a football dream.

Only for him to end up with several disappointments. Because of a lack of progress, he began working in his father’s carpet cleaning business. Truth be told, Matt Doherty failed severally before making it Big.

Did you know?… a total of Fifteen Scottish and English clubs rejected Doherty in his mid-teens. The poor boy had so many pointless journeys across the sea. All in the name of fighting for football success.

Several efforts he made became a disappointment. Because of that, Matt Doherty hated football. At some point, the poor boy ditched football. And began working for 200 euros per week, at his Dad’s carpet cleaning business.

Reflecting on his life, Matt Doherty forced himself to switch back to football. He worked on himself and saw a change. Like Callum Wilson, the Irish Baller had to stop eating bad food.

These are foods footballers are supposed to eat less. Like eating microwave meals, fizzy drinks, and sweets. With that, Doherty revamped his focus and Wolves made his dream come true.


Our version of Matt Doherty’s Biography begins with all the notable events of his Childhood and Early Life.

We’ll then tell you the trials and travails he went through in the quest to see career success. And finally, how he became successful in this beautiful game of football.

To whet your autobiography appetite on Matt Doherty’s Biography, we present a gallery. One that depicts the Irish native’s Early Life and Rise. And of course, tells a story about his Football trajectory. Without a doubt, Matt has come a long way in life.

Matt Doherty Biography. From his Early Days to the Moment of Football Fame.
Matt Doherty Biography. From his Early Days to the Moment of Football Fame.

Yes, everyone knows about his 2022 sudden rejuvenation at Tottenham. The rise of the Swords native under Antonio Conte has elevated his reputation at Spurs. As of 2022, he played a role that puts him ahead of Emerson Royal and Japhet Tanganga.

Despite the many great things Matt has done to football, we notice a gap. We found that not many football fans have read an in-depth version of Matt Doherty’s Biography.

We have made the Life story of the Swords born Irish footballer. Now, without further ado, let’s proceed with the events of his Early Life.

Matt Doherty Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears three nicknames. The First is “Matt”. Second is “Doc or Doctor”. And the third nickname is “Doherto Carlos”. Upon his birth, Matt Doherty’s parents gave him the full name Matthew James Doherty.

Matt Doherty was born into a Christian religious home in Swords, Ireland. He was born on the 16th day of January 1992 to his Mother, Joni Doherty and Father, Tom Doherty. Behold a rare photo of Matt Doherty’s parents. He has a look-alike Dad in Tom.

Meet Matt Doherty's parents. His Mother's name is Joni, and his Dad's name is Tom.
Meet Matt Doherty’s parents. His Mother’s name is Joni, and his Dad’s name is Tom.

Do you notice something about his Mum?… That she has Asian looks?. Well, there is a lot to Matt Doherty’s Family origin you probably don’t know about. In this Biography, we’ll unfold facts about Matt Doherty’s ancestry.


The Dublin Footballer came to the world as the first male child of his parents (Joni and Tom). Matt Doherty is the third-born child of his family. His younger brother (Timmy Doherty), is the fifth child of Joni and Tom.

Matt Doherty’s sisters are five in number. Two are older than him (Deborah and Rebecca). While three are younger than him (Rachael, Naomi and Hannah). By implication, he grew up in a family of mostly girls.

In total, the Irish footballer is one among five sisters and a brother born to Joni and Tom – his parents. Behold a rare photo of Matt Doherty’s siblings in their early childhood years.

A rare photo of Matt Doherty's Siblings. Can you spot Matt in the image? Did his face change?
A rare photo of Matt Doherty’s Siblings. Can you spot Matt in the image? Did his face change?

Matt Doherty’s Family are Arsenal Fans:

As a child, he admired the Gunners. Matt Doherty’s parents and most of his siblings supported Arsenal. In the whole family, only two of his sisters are Liverpool fans. Matt himself had loved the Arsenal since the early 2000s.

During the time he supported the club, the Arsenal had big names like Freddie Ljungberg, Nwankwo Kanu and Ashley Cole. And not to forget, the Legendary King, Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira.

Why did he support Arsenal?

As a child and even his adulthood, Matt Doherty supported the Gunners because of family reasons. Did you know?… He supported the club because of his Mother.

A relationship existed between Matt Doherty’s Mum (Joni Doherty) and Dennis Bergkamp. We know him as an Arsenal Legend. In the further course of Matt Doherty’s Bio, we’ll tell you the connection between his Mum and Bergkamp in his family origin section.

Forced to denounce Arsenal after joining Spurs:

The love for his beloved Gunners got exposed on the 30th day of August 2020. This was the day Matt Doherty joined Arsenal’s rivals, Tottenham Hotspur.

Unfortunately, Matt Doherty forgot to delete a tweet he made in 2012. In that Tweet, he declared an everlasting love for the club of his childhood – Arsenal.

Upon joining Spurs, some fans did a background search on Matt Doherty. They discovered this Tweet, which to them, is an abomination.

A sign that he had loved Arsenal since childhood. The everlasting love for Arsenal ended when he joined Spurs.
A sign that he had loved Arsenal since childhood. The everlasting love for Arsenal ended when he joined Spurs.

Noticing bad reactions from fans, Doherty decided to show loyalty to Spurs. For many, that love could happen in only one way. The Irish Right-back must do justice to the skeleton inside his closets.

Doherty decided to put his childhood love for Arsenal to an instant stop. In this viral video (below), Doc opened his laptop and deleted the age-old tweet.

The manner in which he did it pleased Spurs fans. For Matt, career comes first. Sadly, he must denounce the club he supported through his Mum’s Joni.

Matt Doherty Family Background:

Joni and Tom raised their seven children in a comfortable Irish home. The upbringing of Matt and his siblings happened in a small Irish town, Swords.

The Irish professional footballer is not from a poor family. Based on income level, we classify Matt Doherty’s parents as middle-class Irish citizens. Behold the beautiful Irish Family – in the early years. Can you picture young Matt Doherty as a child?

An early photo of Matt Doherty's Family. Naomi and Hannah (his two youngest sisters) are yet to be born at that time.
An early photo of Matt Doherty’s Family. Naomi and Hannah (his two youngest sisters) are yet to be born at that time.

What do his Father and Mother do for a Living?

Matt Doherty’s parents are business persons and not public servants. This is similar to the families of Alexis Mac-Allister and Rodrigo Bentancur. Joni and Tom are the proud owners of Aqua-Dry, a carpet cleaning business in Dublin.

The family business started long before Matt Doherty’s siblings were born. Tom (his Dad) started the family business. This is a business that has seen the involvement of their children to its success.

Did you know?… When Matt’s football world crumbled, he chooses to work at his family’s carpet cleaning business. His parents – Tom and Joni – both agreed to pay their son €200 a week.

Matt Doherty Family Origin:

In terms of his nationality, the footballer identifies himself as Irish from birth. Caoimhin Kelleher and Aaron Connolly join him as big Irish names to have played in the modern Premier League.

The Wing-Back belongs to the White Irish Ethnic group. There is more to Matt Doherty’s ancestral roots, which you probably don’t know about. We’ll use the next sub-section to tell you about his origin – from his mother’s and father’s side. Let’s start with Joni’s origin.

Where does Matt Doherty’s Mother come from?

Joni is from the Netherlands. She is a Dutch woman. By implication, Matt Doherty has Dutch blood through his Mother.

Once upon a time, the Irish footballer was eligible to play for the Netherlands. Although, Matt made up his mind to represent (Ireland), the country of his Dad.

Matt Doherty's Mother is Dutch. She also has Asian Origins.
Matt Doherty’s Mother is Dutch. She also has Asian Origins.

Further research made on Matt Doherty’s Mother reveals she has Asian family origins. Her daughter, Rebecca Doherty, revealed this information.

Joni Doherty’s Asian origin is obvious from her looks. Matt Doherty’s Mum’s ancestry is likely traced to one of South Korea, Taiwan, Japan or China.

Where does Matt Doherty’s Father come from?

Tom is a native of Swords, in Ireland. Swords is a large suburban town on the east coast of Ireland. As observed from the map, Swords is ten kilometres north of Dublin city centre.

Tom, (Matt Doherty's Dad) is a native of Swords. This is a small town in Ireland, northeast of Dublin.
Tom, (Matt Doherty’s Dad) is a native of Swords. This is a small town in Ireland, northeast of Dublin.

Matt Doherty Education and Career Buildup:

The Irish footballer completed his eight-year primary school in his Irish hometown, Swords. Because of his football ambitions, Doherty gave up parts of his secondary school. The idea of chasing his sporting dream was more important.

Because of a quest to pursue a football career, Matt ended his education after his junior certification.

At that time, he had made up his mind to leave Ireland for England or Scotland. The quest to have so many football trials in these countries made Matt give up schooling.

During Matt Doherty’s early schooling days, two sports were his favourite. The first is golf, and the second is football.

Matt had recreational interests in golf, but football was where his heart was. Early on, he made a choice. He agreed that Football will be the sport he will pursue.

Understanding their son’s desires, Matt Doherty’s parents supported his early career push.

They helped him through his trials and further registration with Swords Celtic academy. With his new academy (Swords Celtic), the youngster began a very difficult career journey.

Matt Doherty Biography – Football Story:

In his early years at Swords Celtic, young Matt did not play wall. What kept him was the determination to move forward. Matt Doherty started as a centre-forward. He later moved to midfield and later, central defence.

At that time, Irish football academies weren’t that competitive. So it was easy for an average Matt Doherty to change clubs within the country.

In order to seek a better challenge, Matt Doherty moved from Swords Celtic to Home Farm. Then, he got accepted at Belvedere. This academy is based in Whitehall, Dublin. With a new vision of getting into England or Scotland, Matt switched to Bohemians in 2009.

Matt Doherty Rejection Story:

As a teenager, the Swords native suffered a lot from failed football trials. Did you know?… He got rejected by fifteen English and Scottish clubs – which is similar to Roy Keane.

Matt Doherty’s parents spend lots of monies sponsoring him on so many pointless journeys across the sea.

Among a total of thirty clubs he had trials, no one accepted him. Matt wasted Transport fares, and all his efforts went through constant disappointments. The worst part was that he gave up school to pursue a football career – which didn’t work out.

Facing his Family Business:

Middlesbrough, Sheffield United, Celtic, Sunderland, and Burnley first rejected him. Later on, he failed his trials with Charlton Athletic, Derby County and Hull City, etc.

Following a series of failed England and Scottish football trials, poor Doherty asked himself;

‘is pursuing a football career really worth it?’.

Matt Doherty’s family members consoled him after the disappointments. The youngster had a painful discussion with his parents about giving up football. After a family decision, Joni and Tom allowed their son to work in the family business.

Again, Matt Doherty’s parents advise that he continues football with Bohemians. Following that, he began to multitask. Matt Doherty shuttled between playing for Bohemians. As well as working at his family’s carpet cleaning business. He earned 200 euros a week.

The Impact of working at his Family’s Business:

Working with his Dad shaped his life. It helped him to grow and mature quickly. Matt Doherty learned carpet cleaning, which according to him, is a hard job. He followed his Father everywhere and did whatever Tom told him to do. In Matt’s words;

Doing the carpet cleaning job made me grow up and mature quickly.

Later on, I realized it wasn’t for me. My mind told me carpet cleaning wasn’t my calling. It was not what I wanted to do in life.

I remember my Dad always telling me. ‘Son, we’ve got a hard day coming up.’

Before going back fully into football, Matt spent a total of two years working alongside his Dad.  He took a risk in his decision to work at his family’s business. During those years, Doherty had very limited time to do extra training.

When Luck finally found Doherty:

At 18, two years after working with his dad, Matt decided to focus (fully) on his career. At that time, Doherty had never played a competitive game for Bohemians. He was lucky to have one of his early youth games against Liverpool. 

Young Matt, in his early career years.
Young Matt, in his early career years.

After Liverpool, Bohemians selected Matt Doherty for the fixture against a visiting Wolves. Little did he know – that the match would change his life forever. Playing against Mick McCarthy’s Wolves on July 17, 2010, is a day he won’t forget.

After the match, a lucky Matt Doherty received a phone call – which came as a shock. Matt remembered he played poorly against Wolves.

It shocked him and his whole family that the English club wanted him to have trials. Did you know?… the transfer of the Irish footballer to Wolves cost a paltry £75,000.

The Miracle that happened:

Wolves’ chief scout, Dave Bowman, suddenly wanted Matt Doherty. He likes what he saw in the boy and thought he has got some potential. Matt Doherty’s parents watched the game their son played that day.

Considering he was taking off at the start of the second half, his Dad felt he was poor. Pat Fenlon (Bohemians’ manager) phoned Matt a few days later. The youngster thought his coach wanted him to prepare for another match. To his greatest shock, the coach said;

‘Hello Matt, would you like to go to Wolves on trial?’

Matt Doherty gave a sounding YES!

Days later, he travelled to England to have a trial at Compton Park behind closed doors. Doherty fought so hard to give a good impression of himself. Matt played alongside Andy Keogh (during trials), to whom he gave a lovely assist. 

After the trials, he was told to meet Jez Moxey (Wolves’ chief executive). After another meeting with Richard Skirrow (club secretary), Doherty signed for Wolves.

Matt Doherty Bio – Road to Fame Story:

Swapping Bohemians for Wolves in England denotes the beginning of another journey. In his Wolves debut, some fans lambasted and wrote him off after just a few seconds. Matt was only 18 at that time and he joined Wolves – with no experience.

The Insults in front of his Family:

Matt Doherty’s Dad (Tom) remembers the day fondly. The day his son made his debut in an FA Cup tie at Doncaster Rovers. Tom and his family were among the 8,600 spectators at Keepmoat Stadium.

The family planned to do two things that day. The first was to watch Matt Doherty play. The second was to celebrate his 19th birthday. Little did Tom know it was going to be a bad day for his game. In the words of Matt Doherty’s Dad;

“Something happened in the first minute of the game,” he says. “All of a sudden, some guy who sat behind us screamed at the top of his lungs saying, ‘DOHERTY, YOU’RE FUCKIN’ SH*TE’.

“As a dad of a footballing son who is yet to make it, I guess it’s one of those things.

I did get used to his criticism… even though I didn’t expect that insult. In the second half, I, my wife, and children had to go sit at another part of the stadium.”

Getting Settled:

Wolves, at that time, had many Irish footballers, including their manager (Mick McCarthy). These players include Keogh, Kevin Doyle, Aaron McCarey and Stephen Hunt. The club also had Kevin Foley, who used his car to drive Doherty for both training and match days.

These above-named footballers formed one family and helped Doherty settle at the club. While some young players suffer from homesickness, Doherty had no such problems. A year after joining Wolves, the youngster got a Republic of Ireland U19 call. 

The Young Irish, working his way up the national team.
The Young Irish, working his way up the national team.

Witnessing his beloved Wolves Sink:

Wolves battled relegation for two seasons before McCarthy’s 2012 dismissal. Doherty’s Wolves got relegated under Terry Connor, the man who replaced McCarthy. Following relegation, a poor run of results saw his club sink down to EFL League One.

Doherty experienced loan spells with Hibernian and Bury by 2012, when Wolves sunk. Upon his return, he began getting more game time for his parent club. He then established himself as a regular player with Wolves.

Matt Doherty Biography – The Success Story:

On 21 July 2016, the Chinese investment group bought Wolves. In a quest to make the club great again, lots of players got weeded away. Doherty was among those chosen to remain. This was because he (early on), helped Wolves GOT UP into the Championships. 

Young Doc, feeling all excited as he celebrates League 1 trophy with his teammates.
Young Doc, feeling all excited as he celebrates League 1 trophy with his teammates.

Nuno Espírito Santo changed him:

The Portuguese manager arrived at a time Wolves played in the EFL Championship. Nuno Espirito Santo transformed Matt Doherty. At that time, he weighed 89kg, equivalent to 14 stone.

The Ex-Wolves Boss noticed Matt had lots of fat in his boy. He cleaned him up. By making Doherty ditch microwave meals, fizzy drinks and sweets. The Irish star suddenly became a lean machine. And more hungry like a Wolf.

During that period, the club began buying big stars. Popular among those that arrived first were Diogo Jota (20), Pedro Goncalves(19), etc. Also, Conor Coady (24), Ruben Neves (20) and Helder Costa (24).

With the above-named players, Wolves are a different beast. And Irish Doherty became a  constant. He was among those that helped the club win their 2017/2018 EFL promotion. 

Doc was instrumental in helping Wolves win the English Championship trophy.
Doc was instrumental in helping Wolves win the English Championship trophy.

More big names arrived later. They include; Rui Patricio (30), Max Kilman (21), Leander Dendoncker (23), João Moutinho (31). Also, Pedro Neto (19), Adama Traore (22) and Raul Jimenez (27).

The Premier League Rise:

Following Wolves’ return to the Premier League, more big names arrived again. They include; Rui Patricio (30), Max Kilman (21), Leander Dendoncker (23), João Moutinho (31). Also, Pedro Neto (19), Adama Traore (22) and Raul Jimenez (27).

Doherty became one of Nuno’s best performers in his new Premier League life. At some point, he became EPL’s second-best right back after Trent Alexander-Arnold.

The Spurs Rise:

As announced by BBC Sport, Doherty moved the Tottenham in 2020. His first season was nowhere from plain sailing. With that move, he broke an Irish record. After Damien Duff, Doherty became the first Irish international to play under Jose Mourinho.

Although a shaky Spurs beginning, his career got better under Antonio Conte’s command. With Emerson Royal struggling, a solid second half of the 21/22 season saved his career. The same also happened to Ryan Sessegnon, who took Sergio Reguilon’s place.

Thanks to Doherty, Spurs’ quality of the players felt like what they had five years ago. A time Spurs had Kyle Walker and Kieran Trippier on the right. And then Danny Rose and Ben Davies on the left side.

As I write Matt Doherty’s Biography, he has just assisted Harry Kane in a 5-0 Everton rout. The video highlight proves he is Premier League’s Best Full-Backs for Spurs under Conte.

Truth be told, the Swords native has suddenly turned into a prime Cafu under Conte. A player reborn through his stunning performance. The rest of Matt Doherty’s Biography, as we say, is now history.

Doc’s Idea of a Girlfriend – The Black Beauty:

There is a saying that behind every successful Irish football comes a glamorous WAG. For Doc, there exists a beautiful black lady. Behold Nikkea Amerie, who is a lady of enamoured beauty. As of 2022, she is Matt Doherty’s partner, girlfriend, and wife-to-be.

This is Nikkea Amerie. She is Matt Doherty's Wife to be.
This is Nikkea Amerie. She is Matt Doherty’s Wife to be.

Matt followed in his father’s footsteps by falling in love with a woman from a different racial background. In football, there are few white footballers who date black women.

Child Weallenans-Watts is Mason Mount‘s girlfriend. Deborah Panzokou is for Thomas Meunier. Finally, Estelle is Clement Lenglet‘s lover. These are the footballers we have written their Biographies.

About Nikkea Amerie – Matt Doherty’s Wife to be:

Doc’s partner celebrates her birthday every 28th of August. Nikkea Amerie is very much accepted by Matt Doherty’s family. And, of course, loved by all his five sisters.

Nikkea Amerie’s first major public appearance came during Matt’s EFL trophy celebration. Pictured here is she, their child (Nya Rose), alongside three of Matt Doherty’s sisters.

Matt Doherty, his partner Nikkea Amerie, alongside his sisters, are pictured celebrating his Championship trophy.
Matt Doherty, his partner Nikkea Amerie, alongside his sisters, are pictured celebrating his Championship trophy.

Matt Doherty Children with Nikkea Amerie:

Nya-Rose is the first child of Matt and Nikkea Amerie. Nikkea Amerie gave birth to her on the 24th day of July 2017.

Two years later (2019), Nya-Rose Doherty got a little sister named Sia Doherty. Matt and Nikkea’s second child was born on the 15th day of January 2019.

A total of 540 days separates Matt Doherty’s daughters. Also, both Sia Doherty and Nya-Rose have a close resemblance. This is similar to Matt Doherty’s sisters, who also look alike. Can you distinguish between them in this photo? 

Nya-Rose Doherty is at the extreme left and right. On the other hand, Sia Doherty wears a white shirt - in the middle.
Nya-Rose Doherty is at the extreme left and right. On the other hand, Sia Doherty wears a white shirt – in the middle.

The Father-Daughter Relationship:

The bond that exists between Matt Doherty and his daughters is a strong one. So far, it has played a key role in Nya-Rose and Sia’s psychological developments. Sia and Nya-Rose would definitely outgrow their Daddy’s lap, but not his heart.

Matt loves to bond with his daughters.
Matt loves to bond with his daughters.

Does Matt Doherty have a Son?

No, he does not have a male child as of 2022. At the time of writing Matt Doherty’s Bio, having a son is one of his biggest desires.

The Irish footballer needs a son who would carry on with the Doherty family name. Matt once revealed his need for a male child in an interview with a sports website.

Personal Life away from Soccer:

Away from football, who is Matt Doherty?

Doc is a very friendly person, someone who feels very comfortable in his own style. He is naturally quiet, cool, calm, and collected.

Away from football, the Irish footballer loves to be in the right places. So far in his career, Doherty has never gotten into any off-pitch trouble. The Irish right-back lives a normal life that is centred around his career growth.

Matt Doherty Lifestyle:

Getting to know his Doc’s lifestyle would help you grab a complete picture of him. First thing first, Matt Doherty’s hobby is no other than playing golf. He never misses all golf competitions, and he is a huge fan of tiger woods.

Golfing is Matt Doherty's Hobby.
Golfing is Matt Doherty’s Hobby.

There is this saying that birds of the same feathers flock together. We say this because of the things both Doherty and Harry Kane have in common.

The two Spurs footballers take golfing as their best hobby outside their jobs. They also find time to hang out together on holidays. A perfect holiday isn’t complete without visiting a golf course to play the game. 

Matt Doherty enjoying a golfing trip with Harry Kane and friends.
Matt Doherty enjoying a golfing trip with Harry Kane and friends.

Matt Doherty’s Car:

Nikkea Amerie has a cool ride. Most likely, a car Matt Doherty bought for her. Right until the time of writing his Bio, Doherty hasn’t revealed his personal car. Only that of his partner (Nikkea) is available to the public eyes.

This is Nikkea Amerie's car.
This is Nikkea Amerie’s car.

Matt Doherty Family Life:

When you think of a close-knitted household, then think of that of Tom and Joni. In this section, we’ll give you more info about Matt Doherty’s family. Let’s start with Tom, who is the head of the house.

About Matt Doherty’s Father:

As observed from our Bio, Tom has a huge influence on his son’s life. As observed here, you could tell the father of seven children is a complete family man.

Tom Doherty is a family man. Many years ago, he arranged for this photo session.
Tom Doherty is a family man. Many years ago, he arranged for this photo session.

Before Matt worked with his Dad, a question was thrown at him. Tom asked his son;

Matt, what do you think about school and not continuing anymore?’ His son replied, ‘Dad, school is not for me.

That was how he came to work with his Dad at their carpet cleaning business. Let’s tell you more about the family business.

About the Carpet Cleaning Company run by Tom:

Aqua-Dry is the name of Matt Doherty’s Family Business. It’s a gigantic Dublin business. Although not as giant as the oil business run by Wout Weghorst’s family.

Also, Aqua-Dry’s address is – Number 12 Turvey Business Centre, Turvey, Donabate, Co. Dublin, Ireland. The business opens at 9:30 am and are reachable with the phone number +353 1 840 0799.

Aqua-Dry is the name of Matt Doherty's family business.
Aqua-Dry is the name of Matt Doherty’s family business.

Did you know?… Matt Doherty’s father has run Aqua-Dry for more than 40 years. From the onset, all his five girls and two boys have worked there.

Tom calls them (including their mother, Joni) terrific workers. Doing carpet cleaning is a kind of thing (so normal) in the Doherty family. Tom Doherty once spoke about his son’s experience working with him after quitting school. In his words;

“There were times Matt would work with me on Saturday morning. Then go and play for Bohemians. And then come back in the afternoon to finish off work.

My son really understood what carpet cleaning work was in that year. We had so many chats together.”

About Matt Doherty’s Mother:

Meet Joni, the supermum of both Netherlands and Asian family origins.
Meet Joni, the supermum of both Netherlands and Asian family origins.

Joni is best pronounced Joan-ee. Tom’s wife is the proud mother of seven children – five females and two males. Matt Doherty’s Mother, who is Asian, is proud to marry an Irish man in Tom.

LifeBogger finds it pertinent to note that Matt Doherty’s Mother is a Max Verstappen fan. Matt also supports the Formula 1 driver because of his Mum – TalkSport reveals.

Matt Doherty Siblings:

Among all the daughters of the family, two are Liverpool fans. They support Liverpool even while their brother plays against them.

That made Tom, their Dad, to create a special room and TV for them. So they would not distract others who watch Wolves matches (back in the day).

From left to right - Naomi, Rachael, Rebecca, Timmy, Matt, Joni and Hannah.
From left to right – Naomi, Rachael, Rebecca, Timmy, Matt, Joni and Hannah.

Tom Doherty recalls a moment with his two Liverpool fans’ daughters.

I was watching Wolves vs Liverpool on the family’s TV on 24th September 2011. Two of my daughters who are Liverpool fans started cheering for Liverpool.

I said, ‘If you’re not going to cheer at your brother’s team, then leave the room. Watch the match in a different room!’, so out they both went.

Matt was on the bench and then after half-time, he began warming up. It was his debut Premier League match. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was literally shaking in my boots.

That day, I was thinking and praying, ‘Please don’t pass the ball to Matt. Son, don’t make a mistake. Thankfully, he did just fine.

The order of birth among Matt Doherty’s siblings:

Deborah Doherty is the first child of the family. Rebecca Doherty is second. Matt Doherty is the first child and first son of his family. Rachel Doherty is the fourth child of the family.

Timmy Doherty is the fifth child and second son of the family. Naomi is the sixth child of the family. Hannah is the last born of the Doherty family.

Matt Doherty Brother:

Timmy has a bit of his Mum’s Asian looks. He is Matt’s only brother. Timmy followed in his big brother’s footballing footsteps. As I write this Bio, he is yet to achieve a breakthrough in his football career.

Doherty's younger brother Timmy has a bit of his Mum's Asian looks.
Doherty’s younger brother Timmy has a bit of his Mum’s Asian looks.

Matt Doherty Grandmother:

The most famous among his relatives is the mother of Joni (Matt Doherty’s Mum). She is the maternal grandmother of the Irish footballer. Judging by her looks, you could tell she is Asian. This buttresses our fact that Matt Doherty has Asian roots.

This is Joni pictured alongside her Mum who is Matt Doherty's Grandmother. From the photo, you can spot Granny's Asian looks.
This is Joni pictured alongside her Mum who is Matt Doherty’s Grandmother. From the photo, you can spot Granny’s Asian looks.

Matt Doherty Grandfather:

The Irish footballer’s paternal grandfather is the most popular among his Grandpas. He is the father of Tom Doherty (Matt’s Dad). Matt Doherty’s Granddad appears to be in his late 80s in this photo. He is in the midst of two of his granddaughters.

Behold, Matt Doherty's Granddad, pictured alongside two of his grandchildren.
Behold, Matt Doherty’s Granddad, pictured alongside two of his grandchildren.

Untold Facts:

Rounding up Matt Doherty’s Biography, we’ll use this section to tell more truths about him. Without further ado, let’s begin.

The Jose Mourinho Look:

Have you ever wondered why Doherty found limited playing time under the Special One? This picture provides an answer to the question. Truth be told, it is never a good idea to be on Jose Mourinho’s bad books.

That look makes Jose Mourinho one of the feared managers in Football History.
That look makes Jose Mourinho one of the feared managers in Football History.

Matt Doherty joined the like Paul Pogba, Kevin De Bruyne and Iker Casillas. They never had the smoothest start to their football life suffered under Jose. But what did Matt Doherty do to deserve that look?

Matt (against Jose’s orders) gave a full-blooded lunge on Pablo Hernandez. It happened in one of Spurs’ games against Marcelo Bielsa‘s Leeds.

Spurs already led by 3-0 thanks to Kane, Son Heung-min and Toby Alderweireld‘s goals. Then came Doherty’s unnecessary tackle – that made him see red. That was why Mourinho looked at him with so much disgust and disappointment.

Matt Doherty Sister’s Votes:

Hannah, Rachel, Naomi, Rebecca and Deborah once canvassed for votes for their brother. The aim was to help him win the PFA player of the month award for September 2018.

Thanks to their help, their brother won it – with an outstanding victory. Matt Doherty defeated the likes of Eden Hazard and Sergio Aguero to the award. In his words;

The Premier League fans obviously thought I played pretty well that month. It was my sisters who did the majority of the votes.

This is because I’ve got quite a big family and supporters in Ireland.

Matt Doherty FIFA Facts:

A few years before he began playing under Antonio Conte, many felt Matt had reached his potential.

But when you Judge from his rise under Conte, we don’t think he is worth a 77 point rating. Volleys, Free Kick Accuracy and Penalties are the three things Matt Doherty lacks in football. This is according to his March 2022 FIFA stats.

As of 2022, Doc only lacks three things in FIFA. Volleys, FK Accuracy and Penalties.
As of 2022, Doc only lacks three things in FIFA. Volleys, FK Accuracy and Penalties.

Matt Doherty’s Religion:

The Irish footballer believes in God and practices Christianity. Matt Doherty’s parents take their religion seriously. The Dohertys are Born-Again Christians. Their spiritual rebirth makes them devout Christians.

Matt Doherty’s Net Worth:

With over twelve years of professional experience, it is fair to say he has earned a lot. Matt Doherty has a net worth of approximately 7.5 million pounds (2022 stats). Find below his salary breakdown with Tottenham Hotspur.

TENURE/EARNINGSMatt Doherty Tottenham Salary Breakdown in Euros (€)Matt Doherty Tottenham Salary Breakdown in Pounds (£)
Per Year:€4,019,874£3,385,200
Per Month:€334,989£282,100
Every Week:€77,186£65,000
Per Day:€11,026£9,285
Every Hour:€459£386
Every Minute:€7.6£6.4
Every Second0.13£0.11

Matt Doherty Salary Breakdown:

The average employee in Ireland makes around €40,000 per year. Such a citizen would need eight years and two months to make Doherty’s monthly wage with Spurs. This is what the Swords native makes every second with the London club.

Since you started viewing Matt Doherty’s Bio, this is what he has earned with Spurs.


Biography Summary:

This table breakdown Matt Doherty’s Facts.

Full Name:Matthew James Doherty
Nicknames:"Matt", "Doc or Doctor" and “Doherto Carlos”.
Date of Birth:16th of January 1992
Place of Birth:Swords, Dublin, Ireland
Age:31 years and 8 months old.
Father:Tom Doherty
Mother:Joni Doherty
Brother:Timmy Doherty
Sisters:Hannah Doherty, Rachel Doherty, Naomi Doherty, Rebecca Doherty and Deborah Doherty
Wife:Nikkea Amerie
Children:Sia Doherty and Nya-Rose Doherty
Nationality:Ireland and The Netherlands
Family Origin:Swords
Parents Occupation:Business people
Family's Business:Aqua-Dry Carpet cleaning
Height:1.86 meters OR 6 feet 1 inches
Net Worth:7.5 million pounds
Academies:Swords Celtic, Home Farm, Belvedere and Bohemians


Matthew James Doherty was born on the 16th day of January 1992. His birthplace is Swords, a town in Dublin, Ireland. Matt Doherty’s Father is Tom Doherty and his Mother is Joni Doherty. Tom and Joni are parents of seven children, six daughters and two sons.

The Irish footballer is the third child and first son of his family. Matt Doherty’s sisters are six in number. They are as follows; Hannah, Rachel, Naomi, Rebecca and Deborah. Matt has only one brother. His name is Timmy Doherty.

Matt Doherty’s parents are from different racial backgrounds. His father (Tom) is from Swords, a town in the Republic of Ireland. Matt Doherty’s Mother (Joni) is from the Netherlands. It is pertinent to note that Joni Doherty has Asian roots.

Did you know?… A total of fifteen English and Scottish clubs rejected Doherty. It happened in his mid-teens. Working at his family’s carpet cleaning business was an option in case football failed him. At last, Wolves found him. Since then, Doherty has not looked back.

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