Marcus Thuram Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Marcus Thuram Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Biography of Marcus Thuram tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Family, Parents, Girlfriend/Wife to be, Lifestyle, Personal Life and Net Worth. It’s a complete analysis of his Life Story, right from his early days to when he became Famous.

Marcus Thuram Life Story from his childhood days to date.
Marcus Thuram Life Story from his childhood days to date.

Yes, you and I know he is a perfect example of a footballer who followed the footsteps of his famous dad. However, only a few fans have considered reading Marcus Thuram’s Life Story, which is quite impressive. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Marcus Thuram Childhood Story:

For starters, his nickname is “Tikus”, and his full names are Marcus Lilian Thuram-Ulien. He was born on the 6th day of August 1997 to his mother, Sandra Thuram, and father, Lilian Thuram, in the city of Parma, Italy. Marcus Thuram’s parents had him as the first son of the family, and upon his birth, they named him after Jamaican activist ‘Marcus Garvey’.

The second-generation footballer grew up mostly alongside his kid brother who he is five years older than and who goes by the name Khéphren Thuram. Pictured below, both boys Marcus and Khephren spent their early years in Parma where their dad played his football with the city’s team- Parma Calcio 1913.

Little Marcus Thuram grew up alongside his little brother, Khephren Thuram. 📷: Instagram
Little Marcus Thuram grew up alongside his little brother, Khephren Thuram.

Although born in Italy, Marcus represents his family’s country- France. The truth is, his dad, between the years 1996–2006, played for Italian clubs Parma and Juventus. Those years corresponds to the time both he and his brother were born.

Marcus Thuram Family Background:

Footballers coming from wealthy families have a huge head start to life, even if they get into trouble. While it wasn’t easy for fellow French strikers of his generation- the likes of Jean-Philippe Mateta and Neal Maupay, our very own Marcus had everything, all thanks to Lilian, his legendary dad.

Marcus Thuram’s parents, Lilian and Sandra, were the type who could afford their boys the newest collections of toys. However, it was more of soccer balls as gifts than toys. The truth is, football monies elevated Marcus Thuram’s Family and was responsible for his rich family background.

Marcus Thuram Family Origin:

For the purpose of clarity, the Italian born footballer whose dad and mum are French citizens, doesn’t have his family roots traced directly to Africa. Rather, Marcus Thuram’s dad and mum are of Guadeloupe origin. This country is an island located in the southern Caribbean Sea.

A cute baby photo of Marcus Thuram with his dad and mum. His family's origin is Guadeloupe.
A cute baby photo of Marcus Thuram with his dad and mum. His family’s origin is Guadeloupe.

Did you know?… fellow French legend Thierry Henry and footballers like Anthony Martial and Kingsley Coman also have their family origins from Guadeloupe. Not to also forget, the country was the home of the first African slaves who arrived there in the year 1650.

Marcus Thuram Education and Career Buildup:

To continue living the family dreams, the footballer and his brother decided early on, to follow their dad’s footsteps. In the Marcus Thuram’s household, football has always been the focus. Upon nearing retirement, the head of the family (Lilian) devised a strategy, one that would see his sons continue living his dreams.

In the 2004/2005 season, Marcus dad, got his Juventus central defensive position being ripped off by a young Giorgio Chiellini who was beginning his Turin career. The ageing dad who wore his heart on his sleeve, further suffered a tragedy- Cardiac Malformation. Having an enlarged heart saw the Frenchman’s career nearing an end.

Thou, Marcus dad, got a cheap transfer to Barcelona in the wake of the Calciopoli Scandal which saw Juve getting relegated to Serie B. Sadly, his career couldn’t last for more than two seasons.

Before ending his career, the 1998 World Cup winner decided to focus more on his family. He ensured his son Marcus starts his career in France and nowhere else. Reason was because he wanted his boys to get acquainted with their family base. The legendary dad enrolled both his sons with Olympique de Neuilly, a football academy located west of Paris.

Marcus Thuram Biography- Early Career Life:

After spending four years with Olympique de Neuilly, Marcus success saw him progressing into a more significant phase of his career. His dad got him transferred to AC Boulogne-Billancourt, a more prominent academy which once had fellow French star Allan Saint-Maximin as one of their best academy stars.

At his new academy, Marcus became this whizz-kid, one who earned a reputation for scoring goals rather than defending as his dad did. The youngster helped the club to several winning moment and academy honours.

Marcus Thuram Biography- Road to Fame Story:

After outgrowing the French academy, AC Boulogne-Billancourt, Marcus decided to leave for Sochaux in the 2012-2013 season. Immediately after he left them, Khéphren Thuram (his kid brother) enrolled with the former academy, to continue where his big brother left off.

Did you know?… The Legendary dad, Lilian, had a helping hand in his son’s movement to Sochaux. To the joy of Marcus Thuram Household, the lad didn’t just successfully graduate from the youth academy; he miraculously got a French U-17 call-up.

Success followed immediately after national youth call-up. Did you know?… Marcus was among fellow footballers- the likes of Kylian Mbappe and Issa Diop who helped France win the 2016 UEFA Under 19 Championship.

The youngster was among the 2016 UEFA European Under-19 winning team. 📷: Actusen and UEFA
The youngster was among the 2016 UEFA European Under-19 winning team.

Marcus Thuram Biography- Rise to Fame Story:

After some good six years with Football Club Sochaux-Montbéliard, Marcus decided to follow the steps taken one Chelsea FC legend- no other than Didier Drogba. He signed up for Guingamp, a club he believed would sing his Thuram name louder, to the hearing of top European clubs.

At Guingamp, the striker gained the attention he needed just before he began scoring his goals. Did you know?… Marcus, after a match with PSG, had an emotional encounter with Italian goalkeeping legend Gianluigi Buffon, who has been a long term friend and former teammate of his dad, Lilian.

Marcus Thuram met his childhood Idol and father's close friend- no other than the Legendary Buffon. 📷: IG
Marcus Thuram met his childhood Idol and father’s close friend- no other than the Legendary Buffon.

Following his encounter with the legendary stopper, the striker used the opportunity to begin making a name for himself. Marcus’ first accolade was helping his team to eliminate PSG from the 2018/2019 quarter-finals of the Coupe de la Ligue.

Owing to his name making big rounds on the media, the German football club Borussia Mönchengladbach got attracted, and went on to raid Guingamp for his signature. Marcus has not looked back since joining the club.

As the time Marcus Thuram’s Biography is being reviewed, the footballer is widely regarded as the next beautiful promises to France and the Franco-Guadeloupe generation of football forwards after the great Thierry Henry.

The footballer has got everything- ranging from goals, technique, high jump power and celebration style. Marcus Thuram’s call by Didier Deschamps to the French national team is surely a result of his hardwork. The rest, as they say, is history.

T I K U S is currently regarded as one of the beautiful promises to his French Footballing Generation. 📷: Bundesliga & IG
T I K U S is currently regarded as one of the beautiful promises to his French Footballing Generation.

Marcus Thuram Relationship Life- Girlfriend, Wife?

Asides watching him scoring goals on the pitch, football fans have recently become more interested about the son the Legendary footballer. Consequently, they’ve pondered on the ultimate question… Who is Marcus Thuram’s Girlfriend?

Lots of fans have asked... Who is Marcus Thuram's Girlfriend? 📷: Instagram
Lots of fans have asked… Who is Marcus Thuram’s Girlfriend?

To begin with, Marcus Thuram is a handsome footballer, one whose sharp looks is capable of melting the heart of female admirers who consider themselves potential girlfriends and wife.

To tell the truth, Marcus Thuram on social media appears to be single. However, it could be that the footballer has a girlfriend but have decided not to make his relationship public. Peharbs, Marcus Thuram’s parents must have advised their son to focus more on retaining the family’s glory instead of making media headlines for non-footballing affairs.

Marcus Thuram Personal Life:

First and foremost, the footballer is a creative, dramatic and a self-confident person. He is someone whose off-pitch personality is tough to resist. T I K U S, as he is nicknamed, is Big, Tall, Strong and has a sense of self-esteem or self-importance.

Marcus Thuram's Personal Life will help you get a better picture of him. 📷:Picuki
Marcus Thuram’s Personal Life will help you get a better picture of him.

As regards Marcus Thuram’s hobby, it seems he could be an NBA fan, one who would love playing basketball. The sharp striker also possesses a flamboyant character, one that makes him sometimes exhibit a ‘King of the Jungle status‘. But overall, Marcus is not like Mario Balotelli.

The King of the Jungle Status. However, he is not like Balotelli. 📷: Twitter
The King of the Jungle Status. However, he is not like Balotelli.

Marcus Thuram Lifestyle:

Getting to know his way of living would surely help you grasp a complete picture of him. First and foremost, Marcus Thuram is someone who can spend monies buying superhero gadgets- especially one with cybernetic/robotic quality.

The French Football lives a Luxurious Lifestyle. He is rich and can afford anything. 📷: IG
The French Football lives a Luxurious Lifestyle. He is rich and can afford anything.

Coming from a wealthy household, having a 3,200,000 Euros annual wages and a 7 Million Euro net worth is surely more than enough to build an arsenal of ferocious automobiles. Judging from the photo of Marcus Thuram’s cars, it appears his favourite colour is back, and he prefers the Mercedes brand.

Marcus Thuram's Car- He is a fan of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV Luxury. 📷: Insta
Marcus Thuram’s Car- He is a fan of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV Luxury.
More so on his lifestyle, it appears one of Marcus Thuram’s Hobbies is travelling asides basketball. The striker prefers to spend his monies making trips to the Desert Safari in Dubai. He believes life is amazing, and it should always remain that way.
Marcus spends his monies at the Desert Safaris in Dubai. 📷: Picuki
Marcus spends his monies at the Desert Safaris in Dubai.

Marcus Thuram Family Life:

Being born into a household which has a World Cup winner is, without doubt, a huge source of inspiration for any footballer. In this section, we’ll bring you more facts about Marcus Thuram’s parents as well as his family members.

About Marcus Thuram’s Father:

As you probably know, the super dad of Marcus is a living French Legend. His full names are Ruddy Lilian Thuram-Ulien, and he was born on the 1st day of January 1972, NOT in France, but in Pointe-à-Pitre, the largest city of Guadeloupe.

Meet Marcus Thuram's Father, Lilian Thuram. He enjoys having a good company with his son. He is also remembered as a World Cup Legend. 📷: DailyMail
Meet Marcus Thuram’s Father, Lilian Thuram. He enjoys having a good company with his son. He is also remembered as a World Cup Legend.

Lilian is a divorcee, meaning he is no longer married to Marcus’s mum, Sandra. Moving on, he began dating Karine Lemarchand, a French TV channel journalist. Sadly, both lovers ended their relationship in the year 2013.

Unlike his son Marcus, Lilian had a humble upbringing in Guadeloupe where he played football in the streets and on beaches. At the age of 11, his family moved to France, the country he played his football and later nationalized.

Lilian Thuram was attacking midfielder before moving to his usual defensive position. He has numerous individual, club and national honours to his name, and the famous is him being among the FIFA 1998 World Cup winners. Lilian Thuram is, without a doubt, regarded as one of the greatest defenders in world football history.

About Marcus Thuram’s Mother:

Great mothers have produced great husbands and sons, and Sandra Thuram (pictured below) is one of those super mum. She is best described as Lilian Thuram’s ex-wife and the mother of Marcus and Khephren.

Meet Marcus Thuram's Mum, Sandra Thuram. She is the ex-wife of Lilian Thuram. 📷: Instagram
Meet Marcus Thuram’s Mum, Sandra Thuram. She is the ex-wife of Lilian Thuram.

Marcus Thuram’s mum was a childhood friend who met her ex-husband while in primary school. Both lovers had their wedding on the 3rd day of June 1995 with a split in 2007. Football fans remember Sandra for her motherly role in raising Marcus and his little brother.

About Marcus Thuram’s Brothers:

Khéphren Thuram born the 26th day of March 2001, is the younger sibling of Marcus. Thou he isn’t as famous as his big brother, he is also a professional footballer. Khephren, like his legend dad began their senior career with Monaco.

Did you know?… Marcus Thuram’s parents agreed to name his little brother (pictured below) after the Egyptian pharaoh ‘Khafra’. We still don’t understand why they did that.

Meet Marcus Thuram's brother- Khéphren Thuram. 📷: WorldOfFootballHD
Meet Marcus Thuram’s brother- Khéphren Thuram.

About Marcus Thuram’s Uncle:

The French star has an uncle named Gaetan Thuram. He is the older brother of Marcus Thuram’s father (7 years his senior). Gaetan Thuram is the father of Anthony Thuram, who is Marcus’ cousin.

About Marcus Thuram’s Grandparents:

Among all the grannies, the most popular is his paternal grandmother who goes by the name Mariana Christiane Thuram. Mariana raised her son (Lilian) in abject poverty and still finds it hard to believe he would become so successful, let alone win the 1998 world cup and become a French Legend.

Marcus Thuram Facts:

In the final lap of our Childhood Story and Biography write up, we’ll bring you some facts you never knew about the footballer.

Fact #1– Marcus Thuram Salary Breakdown

The forward’s contract with Borussia Mönchengladbach sees him earning a whopping salary of 3.2 Million Euros per year. We’ve compared Marcus Thuram’s pay with that of the average man, and it sure doesn’t look good. Before showing you, this is what we got after crunching his salaries into small numbers.

TENURE/EARNINGSEarnings in Euros (€)Earnings in Dollars ($)Earning in Pounds (£)
Per Year€3,200,000$3,467,504£2,800,000
Per Month€‭266,667$288,958£‭233,333
Per Week€‭61,538$66,580£‭53,846
Per Day€8,767$9511£7,671
Per Hour€365$396£320
Per Minute€6.09$6.6£5.33
Per Seconds€0.10$0.11£0.09

Fact #1 – Comparing his Salary to the Average Citizen :

Since you started viewing Marcus Thuram‘s Bio, this is what he has earned.



Fact #2– Comparing his Salary to the Average Man

Did you know?… In his home country (France), it would take the average citizen about 7 years and five months to make €266,667, which is the amount Marcus earns in a month.

It will also take the average German citizen (5 years and six months), the average UK citizen (7 years and five months), and the average United States citizen (4 years and two months) to make Marcus Thuram’s monthly income.

Fact #3– Marcus Thuram FIFA Ratings:

At the time of writing Marcus Thruam’s Biography, he is age 22 and doing great on FIFA. Judging from the stats below, it appears the forward, like others of his level – the likes of Lautaro Martinez and Joshua King have all got the prerequisite of the modern-day striker.

At the time of putting up Marcus Thruam's Biography, he is 22 and isn't doing bad on his FIFA stats. 📷: SoFIFA
At the time of putting up Marcus Thruam’s Biography, he is 22 and isn’t doing bad on his FIFA stats. 📷: SoFIFA

Fact #4– Marcus Thuram Religion:

The forward is likely to be irreligious. There is no evidence which points to the fact that Marcus Thuram’s parents raised him in adherence to Christian religious doctrines. Lilian Thuram, his dad, has gone against religion for years, in his quest to support same-sex marriage.

Even thou we haven’t seen the Marcus in religious mode, there is still a possibility he could be a Catholic through his mum. Did you know?… 80% of the population of Guadeloupe (Marcus Thuram’s family roots) are Roman Catholic.


For staying this far, we say thank you. We appreciate the time you’ve taken on this article on the Biography of Marcus Thuram who is Lillian’s son and Madrid’s nightmare.

Please tell you what you think about the Forward in our comment session. For instance, is he looking like keeping the Thuram family legacy or would he turn out better than his Legendary dad?


Biography InquiriesAnswers
Full Name:Marcus Lilian Thuram-Ulien
NicknameT I K U S
Born:6 August 1997, Parma, Italy.
Parents:Lilian Thruam (Father) and Sandra Thuram (Mother)
Sibling:Khephren Thuram
Uncle:Gaetan Thuram
Step Mother:Karine Lemarchand
Height:1.92 m (6 ft 4 in)
Hobby:Travelling and Basketball
Net Worth:7 Million Euro
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