Florentino Luis Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

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Our Florentino Luis Biography Facts present full coverage of his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family Facts, Girlfriend, Wife, Personal Life and Lifestyle. It’s a complete analysis of notable events starting from his early days to when he became Famous.

Florentino Luís Life Story- Behold, the untold story of his Biography. 📷: Picuki

Yes, you and I know the Portuguese footballer has this N’Golo Kante-Esque energy in his style of play. This feat, without doubt, sees him ranking in the future as one of the Top Ten Defensive Midfielders in the World.

Despite the accolades, we’ve realized only a few football fans have considered reading Florentino Luís Biography which we have prepared, and it’s quite interesting. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Florentino Luis Childhood Story:

For starters, his nickname is ‘Tino’, and his full names are ‘Florentino Ibrain Morris Luís’. The Portuguese Footballer was born on the 19th day of August 1999 to his mum Laura Luis, and father, Morris Luis, in the city of Lisbon, Portugal.

As observed below, the Family’s Breadwinner was born as the first son and child out of the union between his beautiful mum and sharp looking dad. Florentino Luis parents appeared to have had him in their 20’s.

Florentino Luís was born as the first son and first child of his family. 📷: IG

Owing to the age gap between Tino and his siblings, one thing is observable. It’s the fact that the footballer must have spent the first decade of his early years, mostly around his dad and mum. His kid brother (pictured above) had probably NOT been born between the years 2000 to 2010.

Florentino Luis Family Background:

First and foremost, there are no records that indicate Tino, was raised in a wealthy family background. He grew up in Massamá, a former civil parish in the municipality of Sintra, Lisbon District of Portugal. According to statistics, nearly 30,000 people live in Massamá, and Florentino Luis parents are among those who make up the majority of the middle-class households.

Florentino Luís’ Parents, like the majority of people in Massamá, operated a middle-class family. 📷: Instagram

Early on, the serious-looking dad had a way around organizing his household. Both Morris and his wife Laura were like the average Portuguese who never struggled with monies. After giving birth to Florentino, both lovers adopted family planning for personal advancement and to lighten the burden of supporting their extended families in Portugal and Africa.

Florentino Luis Family Origin:

Judging from their looks, it appears the footballer’s mother and father DOESN’T have their family roots from Portugal. According to Florentino Luis Wiki Page, the footballer has his family origin from Africa, precisely Angola.

Did you know?… fellow Portuguese international- the likes of Helda Costa and William Carvalho also have their ancestry from Angola. Finally, having the name ‘Luis’ does not, in any way, mean Florentino related to Luis Suarez.

Florentino Luis Biography- Origin of Football Career:

The thought about becoming a professional came in the year 2006, that beautiful World Cup Year!. Back then, the joy of many Portuguese and Angolan household got elated when both countries got positioned at Group D of the 2006 World Cup preliminary stages. For Florentino Luis dad, it was more of tapping an opportunity for his family rather than just watching the tournament.

The 2006 World Cup was an eye-opener for the Foresighted Dad who saw an opportunity for his family. 📷: Wiki and IG

Did you know?… The performance of Portugal and the brilliance of her Portuguese colony (Angola) made many families to begin seeing the future of their kids through soccer.

The case, wasn’t different to what Florentino Luis parents, notably his dad envisaged. Just a year after the World Cup, little Tino (age 7) had already begun laying the foundation for his career.

Futsal Career Story and Need for Family Supervision:

Just after the 2006 World Cup, youth academies in Portugal began springing up left, right and centre. Florentino Luis parents adopted the strategy of taking the unpopular approach to start their son’s career. While most kids got into outdoor soccer, both parents approved their son to begin Futsal- a variant of football played on a hard court, and mainly indoors.

The Future footballer began playing Futsal with a team called Tercena Futsal. Evidence below reveals that Massama (where Florentino Luis’ family resided) was just a five-minute drive to Tercena where Tino had enrolled for Futsal. The proximity allowed Florentino’s dad and mum to pay close attention to his progress.

Thanks to a close parental supervision, the young Portuguese in no time, began to impress in the creative, intricate world of Futsal. The truth is, playing indoor soccer was gave Florentino Luis the quick movement, short passing, ball control, aggression, stamina and agility we know him to have today.

Florentino Luis Biography- The Road to Fame Story:

In the year 2009 (two years after he began playing Futsal), the young lad became ready to play out-door football. To get another smooth start, Florentino Luis parents still maintained their earlier strategy- that is, keeping a close distance from club to family home.

Hitting the out-door ground running, young Tino got enrolled with Real SC (Real Massamá), a club located in Queluz, a city approximately 2.7km (6 minutes drive) from Florentino Luis’ family home in Massama.

Switching to Out-Door Football Paid Off:

While at Real Sport Clube, using his early Futsal experience began to unveil its maximum benefits. Little Florentino Luis, as observed in the video below, grew into a sort of football whizz kid, one who dominated his peers and opponents with goals. Not to forget, the young lad once had a beautiful goal celebration.

The Big Clubs Were Coming to Raid:

Becoming the best in Real Sport Clube academy meant one thing. It’s no other than the fact that a Portuguese giant would come to raid the academy in search for him.

The truth is, young Florentino Luis only lasted at Real Sport Clube for a year before Portuguese powerhouse SL Benfica came begging his dad and mum for his signature which they wholeheartedly approved.

Florentino Luis Biography- The Rise to Fame Story:

Florentino was quick to integrate into the SL Benfica’s academy, a feat which saw him graduating in flying colours in the year 2018. Upon graduation, the complete midfielder began the quest of fighting his way into the club’s senior team. In no time, he achieved that- just within a year.

When it comes to those who have followed Florentino Luis career, they all believe the footballer is destined for superstardom. Like very few of his mates in his age, he had begun helping Benfica collect big trophies like the Primeira Liga, Supertaça etc.

At a tender age of 19, the Portuguese footballer is already used to collecting Big Trophies. 📷: Picuki

At the tender age of 20, Florentino Luis is already looking like a seasoned pro, one whose future is incredibly bright. Like Gedson Fernandes did, the young lad has stood up to all challenges placed on his way. At Benfica, his success has come on leaps and bounds.


As at the time of writing the Florentino Luis Biography, the defensive midfielder is now the latest talent of the SL Benfica production line. Asides being courted by Europe top clubs, Tino is today, being ranked as the best among Talk Sport’s 2020 Wonderkids for Defensive Midfielders. The rest, as they say (including his highlight video below), is now history.

Florentino Luis Love Story:

Due to the vast demands of professional football, many young players hardly showcase their girlfriends. This, however, isn’t the case of the Portuguese, whose perfect Love story is very inspiring.

First, let’s introduce the one who was once Florentino Luis’ girlfriend before becoming a wife. She is no other than Bruna Guerreiro, the lady responsible for making Tino the happiest man in the world.

Florentino Luis’ Girlfriend Turned Wife- Bruna Guerreiro. 📷: Novagente

According to their social media timelines, both were best friends who later became lovers. They began dating at the end of 2016. After having his parents accept Bruna Guerreiro, the Portuguese footballer, around February 2020 decided to pop the ultimate question. Tino actually proposed in a grand style.

The youngster (aged 20) was bold enough to pop the ultimate question which many footballers of his age gets afraid to do.

In all our years of writing footballers biography stories, we haven’t seen or heard a young footballer (aged 20) who has decided to make his engagement look more of like a movie scene. Watch the perfect video of Florentino Luis engagement to his girlfriend, Bruna- the moment, he said that changed his life.

Florentino Luis Family Life:

The secret to a successful career didn’t come from hard work alone, but having a close-knit family. It is a household that is always there for one another and united in their love. In this biography section, we’ll tell you more about Florentino Luis Parents and the rest of his close-knitted family members.

Meet the close-knitted family of Florentino Luis. Don’t they look beautiful together? 📷: IG

About Florentino Luis Father:

According to Goal’s description of the midfield prodigy, Tino’s dad is the first person football scouts would first go through in order to seek his son’s services. Morris Luis appears to be the kind of dad who sure knows the importance of family relationships.

Meet Florentino Luis Dad. The super social dad is a type most people would dream of having. 📷: IG

About Florentino Luis Mother:

On the first glance at Laura Luis, you’re likely to appreciate how young and beautiful she is. Pictured below, the super mum celebrates her birthday every December 6th, and she appears to be in her late early 40s.

Meet Florentino Luís’ Mum. The ever-glowing mother of three had Tino while she was in her early 20’s. 📷: IG

Florentino Luis regards his mum alongside his girlfriend (Bruna) as the most important persons in his life. Looking carefully at the photo below and above, you’ll realize the fact that Tono took after his mum’s nose and eyes.

Why won’t Florentino Luis mum (Laura Luis) look so relaxed? After all, she has done a good job raising a beautiful footballer. 📷: Picuki

Friends and some family members refer to Mrs Luis as ‘The Teacher’. Unlike most mums of footballers, Laura is active on Instagram where she bears the name ‘Boxita Luis.’

About Florentino Luis Brother:

The footballer has an only brother (around ten years his junior) whom he describes as Pesky- one who causes trouble and always annoying. From the photo below, it appears Bruninho is more of a Fun-Loving kid, one who loves the company of his big brother. We hope he follows his Florentino Luis’ footsteps.

Meet Florentino Luis Brother, Bruninho Luis. The second son of the Family appears to be so full of life. 📷: Picuki

About Florentino Luis Sister:

Belnira is the shinny damsel who happens to be the last born child of the Luis family. Being given birth to around June, 2017 implies she is three years old as at the time of putting up this biography (May 2020). Belnira Luis is pictured below with her dad, mum and super big brother.

Meet Florentino Luís’ Sister, Belnira Luis. The baby of his house would soon realize her brother is the best defensive midfielder in the world. 📷: Instagram

About Florentino Luis Grandparents:

The defensive midfield prodigy, sometimes around May 2019, lost his grandmum to the cold hands of death. Judging from their photo below, it sure appears she is his favourite Granny. Gone but not forgotten, may her soul rest in peace, Amen!

Meet one of Florentino Luís Grandparents. She is late and may her soul rest in perfect peace. Amen! 📷: Picuki

Florentino Luis Personal Life:

To know him better, we’ve gone ahead to tap into some of his off-pitch activities. First and foremost, Florentino Luis is among those recognised for Strange Superstitions and Pre-Match Rituals. Before an important match, the footballer inculcates the habit of sitting faced up towards the sky. This act, (pictured below) was one he made before a big final.

Florentino Luís Personal Life Facts. His pre-match superstitious routine reveals he is one heck of a footballer. 📷: IG

On his personality, the youngster exhibits a generous and warm-hearted character. If not found playing football, Tino is likely to be with friends at the swimming pool. Finally, he prefers to take Paul Pogba‘s approach for his hair looks.

 Florentino Luis LifeStyle Facts:

Count him not, when you think of footballers who only eat at posh restaurants, drive exclusive cars, have big houses (mansions) and wear haute couture clothes. The tactically mature midfielder, as observed below, is not into spending money on himself.

Florentino Luís Lifestyle- Yes, his dress sense is nothing to write home about, but that what living a humble lifestyle means for the footballer. 📷: Picuki

Florentino Luis Facts:

In this final stage of our writeup, we’present you facts you never knew existed about Florentino Luis. Without delay, let’s begin

Fact #1– Florentino Luis Salary Breakdown

TENURE/EARNINGEarnings in Euros (€)Earnings in Dollars ($)Earnings in Pounds (£)
Per Year€312,480$339,145£278,316
Per Month€26,040$28,262£23,193
Per Week€6,000$6,512£5,344
Per Day€587$930.3£763.4
Per Hour€35,7$38.8£31.8
Per Minute€0.60$0.65£0.53
Per Seconds€0.01$0.01£0.01

This is what Florentino Luis has earned since you began viewing this Page.


Fact #2– Comparing this Salary to earnings of the Average Citizen:

Did you know?… The average Portuguese citizen with a university degree earns around €1547 per month. This person would need to work for 1.4 years which is approximately one year and five months to level up with Florentino Luis monthly salary (May 2020 figures).

Fact #3– Reason for Florentino Luis Nickname:

Portuguese media refer him to as ‘O Polvo’ (The Octopus).​ This nickname came thanks to his legs, which are just so long. It is also because Florentino has the ability to stretch out his long limbs even at tight angles to recover possession at ease. Paul Pogba also bears this nickname.

Fact #4– What his FIFA Facts Say:

From the stats below, you’ll agree with me that Tino is gradually working his way up into becoming one the best defensive midfielder in the world.

The defensive midfielder’s FIFA stats say a lot about his future. You should watch out! 📷: SoFIFA

Fact #5– Religious Commitment:

Florentino Luis’ Parents raised him as a Christianity home. However, for some reasons, he wasn’t baptised as a child. The idea to initiate the Christian rite came around early 2020 after he proposed to his girlfriend, Bruna Guerreiro.

Florentino Luis Religion- His Baptism explains his Christianity faith.📷: Instagram

Above, the footballer had his head dipped into the water (the act of baptism) by members of his church. According to him, getting baptised marks a new beginning for his life.


The table below breaks down Florentino Luis Profile into bits of concise information which summarises his biography.

Biography InquiriesWiki Answers
Full Name:Florentino Ibrain Morris Luís.
Born:19 August 1999 in Lisbon, Portugal.
Parents:Laura Luis (Mother) and Morris Luis (Father).
Family Origin:Angola.
Siblings:Bruninho Luis (brother) and Belnira Luis (sister).
Wife:Bruna Guerreiro (Former Girlfriend).
Height:1.84 m (in meters) and 6 ft 0 in (in feet and inches).
Education:Tercena (futsal).
Nickname:'O Polvo' (The Octopus)


Thanks for reading our extensive write up about on Florentino Luis Childhood Story and Biography. For we, the youngster is destined for success and is in no time, set to follow the footsteps of past Benfica starlets- the likes of Ederson, Bernardo Silva, Andre Gomes, Joao Cancelo and Joao Felix.

Please tell us, in the comment section, what you think about our article on Florentino Luis whose future is incredibly bright. For instance, does he look like he would surpass N’golo Kante?



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