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Our Manuel Akanji Biography provides full coverage of his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family Facts, Wife, Children, Personal Life and Lifestyle Facts. It’s a complete analysis of his Life Story, right from his early days to when he became famous.

Manuel Akanji’s Biography. Behold, his Early Life and Rise. 📷: ScoutNationHD and Instagram.

Yes, you and I know the Manuel Akanji is a Player of Nigerian descent and a prototype of the modern central defender. However, only a few football fans have considered reading Manuel Akanji’s Biography which we’ve prepared, and it’s quite interesting. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Manuel Akanji Childhood Story:

For starters, his full names are Manuel Obafemi Akanji. The Swiss Footballer was born on the 19th day of July 1995 to his mother, Isabel Akanji and father, Abimbola Akanji in Neftenbach, a municipality in Switzerland. Pictured below, the handsome mixed-race baby came to the world as the second child and first son of the Akanji Family.

The earliest of Manuel Akanji’s Childhood Photos. Little Obafemi was born as the first son of his family. 📷: Instagram.

Little Manuel grew up alongside his two sisters who go by their names; Michelle and Sarah. All siblings were born into a household which has sports flowing through all their veins. Early on as kids, Manuel, Sarah and Michelle began following the footsteps of their sports-mad parents whom we will introduce in the next sub-section.

Manuel Akanji Family Origin:

First and foremost, the Swiss footballer was born to a Swiss mother and a Nigerian father. It wouldn’t have been possible for Manuel Akanji’s parents to meet if his dad hadn’t left his finance job in Lagos, Nigeria for a Switzerland relocation.

Manuel Akanji’s Parents- Father, Abimbola Akanji and mother, Isabel Akanji. 📷: IG.

As Bundesliga‘s report puts it, Abimbola Akanji is a Nigerian financial expert who once played amateur football in his younger years. On the other hand, his mother Isabel Akanji, is a former tennis player. Having learned this, you’ll agree with me that Manuel has a perfect Swiss-African roots.

Manuel Akanji Family Background:

Having a dad who is a money expert in one of Europe’s principal financial centres (Zurich) surely tells a lot about a wealthy background. What about a mother who excelled as a tennis player? From the above premise, it is obvious Manuel Akanji hails from a noble family.

Judging from the photos of his early days, the young lad appeared to be the kind of kid whose parents could afford him the latest collection of sporting toys. As a child, little Manuel loved riding his bicycle. Let’s not forget, he is a self-confessed Manchester United fan.

Sign of a happy childhood. Manuel Akanji’s parents are the type who could afford him the latest collection of sporting toys. 📷: Picuki.

Manuel Akanji Childhood Story- Education:

Like the average Swiss child, he began Kindergarten at the age of 4 and primary school at age 6. Right from the onset, Manuel Akanji’s parents deemed education as very important. While in school, the little one earned a reputation for outclassing his mates with numbers and mental arithmetic. Speaking about his experience in school, Akanji once said.

I enjoyed it. Back then, if there was a sign with five different numbers, I’ll make all kinds of arithmetic tasks out of it. I can also memorize long numbers.

From fourth to the sixth grade, I also had a teacher who regularly organized tournaments in mental arithmetic. This competition motivated me as I won almost every time.

Manuel Akanji Biography- Career Buildup:

As a young boy, Obafemi played soccer a lot during class breaks and with friends after school was over. Right from the onset, his sporting role models have always been his Nigerian father, Abimbola.

Early on, the super dad who once had a failed career has always wanted his son to correct his wrongs and live the Akanji family dreams. Speaking about how his dad impacted him into the game, Manuel once said;

I used to watch my father playing football until I wanted to try it out for myself.

I also did tennis. But When football training got even more intense, I gave up tennis and school.

Manuel Akanji Biography- Early Career Life:

At the age of 9, young Manuel Akanji got enrolled at FC Wiesendangen, an Amateur sports team in his neighbourhood. Perhaps you never knew, the youngster began his career journey as both a central midfielder and a winger. Back then, everyone knew him as a level-headed boy, one who began collecting honours at a very young age.

What a sharp looking kid! Young Manuel Akanji began collecting football medals at a very young age. 📷: IG.

Making lots of impression with his first academy attracted FC Winterthur, at the age of 11. This is a bigger academy that played in the second tier of Swiss football. There, Manuel Akanji continued to climb through the youth ranks, a feat that led to a successful academy football graduation. Not to forget, the youngster only became a central defender at the age of about 17.

Manuel Akanji Biography- Road to Fame Story:

Following academy graduation, the Swiss footballer, thanks to hard work, immediately became part of Winterthur’s first team. Above all, the joy of Manuel Akanji’s family knew no bounds at the time he got a national call-up to be part of the Switzerland U-20 team. From that moment, he knew he was destined for super-stardom.

Following a sharp progress with the national team, FC Basel, the biggest club in Switzerland, noticed and acquired Akanji in the year 2015. While at the club, the Super Central Back helped them to win the Swiss Cup and a Super League double. Achieving this feat led to scouts from Europe Big Clubs calling for his services.

Manuel Akanji FC Basel Success was indeed, the turning point of his career. 📷: Pinterest.

Manuel Akanji Biography- Rise to Fame Story:

Following the departure of Sokratis Papastathopoulos to Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund began the quest of looking for someone to fill up the Greek shoes. Luckily, Manuel Akanji became BVB’s final choice. A good Dortmund career start led to a 2018 World Cup call-up, where he alongside Haris SeferovićGranit Xhaka, and Xherdan Shaqiri etc helped Switzerland reach the knockout stages.

At the time of writing Manuel Akanji’s Biography, the Central Defender is currently seen as a veteran and one of Bundesliga’s Fastest. Since joining the German club, his success has grown by leaps and bounds. Barely a year of joining BVB, Obafemi helped his side win the 2019 DFL-Supercup.

Football fans know it’s NOT easy to spot super fast central defenders- talking about the likes of Raphael Varane. However, we are happy to see a new CB speed-star in the person of Manuel Akanji. It’s only a matter of time before the Swiss footballer blossoms his way into becoming a world-class talent. The rest, as we say (including his highlight below), is now history.

Manuel Akanji Love Story:

Having journeyed so hard so become a professional footballer, the Swiss footballer at some point felt the need to have someone who would become his Better Half. He needed a girlfriend who would ensure his emotional stability, progress and long-term development as a footballer.

Manual Akanji got Turned Down at first, by Melanie:

Meet Melanie, she is the sweet and angelic former Girlfriend and Now Wife of Manuel Akanji. 📷: Facebook

About five years ago since this Biography of Manuel Akanji is being put up, the footballer met a Pretty Damsel who goes by the name Melanie Windler. Their meeting sparked a friendship and an ambitious Akanji, got so eager to ask her out on a date. Sadly, he over-rushed the whole thing and got turned down.

How Akanji won back Melanie’s Heart:

Interestingly, the Lover Boy never gave up. Three days after their first meeting, Melanie Windler travelled to the US for a student exchange semester, for four long months. Manuel Akanji continued his chase remotely.

“I waited for her,” explained the footballer, laughing. “Becoming so patient made me win her heart.”

Melanie Windler became Manuel Akanji’s Girlfriend around September 2015. This time also corresponds to his when he joined FC Basel. It was a time he hadn’t gotten fame.

Manuel Akanji, like most guys, had to apply patience to win the heart of someone he loves. She is Melanie, his future wife. 📷: IG

The Proposal:

In the last quarter of 2018, precisely 28th of September, the Swiss footballer became bold enough to pop the ultimate question. Obafemi proposed to Melanie, his Girlfriend. He made it public via Instagram with the caption;

She is the one💍 

The Mariage:

Manuel Akanji and Melanie Windler celebrated their wedding on the 23rd of June 2019 in Mallorca, the largest island in Spain. It was a ceremony which has teammates, close friends and family members as the invited guests.

Manuel Akanji’s Marriage- The Swiss Nigerian wedded his beautiful girlfriend, Melanie in June, 2019. 📷: Instagram

Since joining hands, both Manuel Akanji and his wife Melanie are seen regularity enjoying life at popular European seaside destinations. From the photos below, you’ll realize both are about to become parents.

Both lovers prefer to spend quiet time at popular seaside destinations. 📷: Picuki
At this moment of putting up this Bio, the Swiss footballer and his wife are both parents to a baby boy who they’ve named- Aayden Malik Adebayo Akanji. The middle name of his child raises the question as to whether he is a Muslim. Not to forget, little Aayden Akanji was born during the Conoravirus Pandemic.

Lifestyle Facts:

For the footballer, money is of great importance and stand for the real reason why he works so hard. In this section, we’ll tell you how Manuel Akanji uses his €48,000 weekly wages and his €2.5 million annual salary.

Manuel Akanji Cars:

For those who don’t know, the footballer loves wearing matching outfits, especially one that suits his Range Rover colour. As observed below, one of Manuel’s favourite colour is white, and he loves to wear white polo, which matches his car colour.

Checkout Manuel Akanji’s Car, the Range Rover. The Footballer do know how to spend on himself. 📷: Picuki.

If the Swiss footballer isn’t dressing in an all-white car and clothing outfit, you’re likely to see him in his second favourite colour, which is ‘Black.’ Now a Question!- Does Manuel Akanji look more cooler with his black car-cloth outfit than the white above?

Manuel Akanji loves dressing in all black to match his car. Just as he does with his white close and car outfit. 📷: IG

The Power Wheels:

Nothing makes footballers look cooler than seeing them on a four-wheeled power bike. Our very own Manuel Akanji is a big fan of it. Seeing all his automobile collections, you’ll agree with us that he is, a glamorous fellow, both on and off the pitch.
Checkout Manuel Akanji’s four-wheeled power bike. The footballer loves to show off his wealth. 📷: Insta

Manuel Akanji Family Life:

The loving embrace of a close-knitted Multiracial family brings all the warmth, one which is one-of-a-kind and can never be replaced. Meet the most famous Swiss-Nigerian Family as they take a photo in their family home located in Wiesendangen, Switzerland.

Meet Manuel Akanji’s Family. From left to right we have Sarah (elder sister), Manuel Obafemi, Abimbola (head of the home), Isabel (mother of the home) and Michelle (the last born child). 📷: Pinterest

In this section, we’ll tell you more facts about Manuel Akanji’s parents starting with his Nigerian dad.

About Manual Akanji’s Father:

First and foremost, the super dad named ‘Abimbola’ bears the nickname ‘Abi’. The Nigerian father is a financial expert who studied economics and works with ABB, a Swiss energy and automation tech company.

From the year 2007 to 2010, Abimbola Akanji had the opportunity to work in his home country (Nigeria). During that time, he took his household to Nigeria and made them get acquainted with extended family members.

Seeing his children becoming so successful in sports has made Abimbola to have zero regrets of ending his football career at a young age. Yes! the father of three once played soccer and later, tennis but then abandoned all sports. Abimbola is the type who loves spending quality time with his children.
Manual Akanji loves to spend quality time with his children. 📷: Instagram

About Manual Akanji’s Mother:

Isabel Akanji is the super mum of the most famous Swiss-Nigerian family. The mother of three is a sportswoman herself- (a former tennis player) who later ventured into volleyball. She met her husband Abimbola Akanji in the United States while on a foreign language stay.

About Manual Akanji’s Sisters:

The Swiss footballer has two siblings, Sarah and Michelle- all females. He has no brother. Manuel’s elder sister- Sarah was born in the year 1993, which makes her two years older him. On the other hand, Michelle is six years younger than her brother. Below is a beautiful photo of Manuel Akanji’s look-alike sisters.

Meet Manuel Akanji’s Sisters- Sarah (left) and Michelle (right). 📷: LandBote

The Akanji siblings are all into sports. The youngest, Michelle, is an athlete. The eldest, Sarah Akanji (just like her brother, Manuel) is a footballer and also a defender. She once played for FC Winterthur and FC St. Gallen, in the highest Swiss women’s league. Both Sarah and Manuel appear to be very close, all thanks to football.

Sarah and Manuel makes up the Akanji’s Professional Footballers.📷: Blick

Manuel Akanji’s Family is also known in Swiss Politics:

Did you know?… Sarah Akanji is not just a footballer but also a Swiss local politician. She once ran in the Swiss canton council elections. As we put up Manuel Akanji’s Biography, his sister Sarah has just been appointed as a member of the Cantonal Council of Zurich.

Without a doubt, Manuel Akanji’ parents didn’t just give birth to two footballers and an athlete, but also a politician in the person of Sarah.

Manuel Akanji Personal Life:

First and foremost, the Swiss Footballer is a child activist and someone who does not equate his self-confidence to arrogance. Some fans would say his manner is abrupt, but there is absolutely nothing about him that is fake, overconfident and boastful.

More so, the Swiss Centre-Back possess remarkable communication skills. Manuel is fluent with English, French and German, with only Spanish missing. Finally, he is a seaside person who likes playing cards, loves basketball and strongly supports the Nigerian national team.

Getting to know Manuel Akanji Personal Life will help you get a real picture of his person. 📷: Instagram.

Manuel Akanji Untold Facts:

Fact #1– BVB Salary Breakdown and Comparision to German Average:

This table gives a deeper insight into what Manuel Akanji (at the time of writing) earns per tenure and currency.

TENURE/CURRENCYEarnings in Swiss franc (CHF)Earnings in Euros (€)Earnings in Pounds (£)Earnings in Dollars ($)
Per YearCHF 2,654,288.53€2,503,845£2,245,321$2,764,462
Per MonthCHF 221,191€208,654£187,110$230,372
Per WeekCHF 50,966€48,076.9£43,113$53,082
Per DayCHF 7,281€6,869£6,159$7,583
Per HourCHF 303.4€286£256.7$316
Per MinuteCHF 5€4.8£4.3$5.3
Per SecondsCHF 0.08€0.08£0.07$0.09
This is what Manuel Akanji has earned since you began viewing this Page.

An average German citizen who earns 3,770 euros a month would need to work for at least six years and nine months to earn Akanji’s monthly salary. Whereas, the average Swiss citizen would need to work for three years.

Fact #2– What his middle name ‘Obefemi’ relates to his Haircut:

The crown which follows his hairstyle has something to do with his Nigerian heritage.

Taking a deep notice, you’ll observe a shaved crown as part of his haircut style. It doesn’t signify a trophy but rather, the manifestation of his Nigerian Yoruba middle name ‘Obafemi’.

Manuel Akanji’s parents made him bear the Nigerian Yoruba name ‘Obafemi’ which means ‘Loved by the King’. In summary, his trademark shaved crown has something to do with his Nigerian heritage.

Fact #3– The Meaning of Manuel Akanji’s Tattoos:

The most obvious of his tattoo is the one which says; ‘Prove Them Wrong’. Manuel Akanji had this tattoo at a time he spent 11 months away from football due to a Torn Cruciate Ligament. The tattoo was aimed to silence his critics, especially those who felt his career was over and those who think he wouldn’t make it far after the injury.

Meaning of Manuel Akanji’s Tattoos

The second most notable tattoo is that on his chest which was made for his family. It reads ‘Family is Where Life Begins and Love never ends.’ 

Fact #4– What his FIFA Stats Say:

Judging from figures below, you’ll agree with me that Akanji has everything a modern CB needs. The Swiss FIFA stats looks very much like that of Jose Gimenez.

Obafemi’s FIFA Stats shows he isn’t yet at his peak

Fact #5– What could have Happened If Football never worked out:

While in his youth academy, the Swiss defender did part-time study. After completing school in Switzerland (age 15), Manuel Akanji’s parents insisted on him participating in an apprenticeship scheme in order to become a merchant. The reason was so he could have something in case football didn’t work. Manuel was lucky football worked out.


Biography InquiriesWiki Data
Full Name:Manuel Obafemi Akanji.
Born:19th July 1995 at Neftenbach,Switzerland.
Parents:Isabel Akanji (Mother) and Abimbola Akanji (Father)
Siblings:Sarah Akanji (elder sister) and Michelle Akanji (younger sister)
Wife:Melanie Akanji. Formerly a Girlfriend known as Melanie Windler.
Family Roots:Swiss-Nigerian Ancestry
Net worth:Approx $5 Million (2020 Figures)
Height:1.86 meters OR 6 Feet 1 inches.
Hobbies:Basketball, Table tennis and watching TV Shows.
First Role Model:Raul (Real Madrid Legend).
Current Role Model:Sergio Ramos
Favorite Colour:Black and White


Without a doubt, Manuel Akanji is a big talent and has the hallmarks of a great central defender. Please tell us in the comment section, what you think about our writeup and the footballer. Thanks for reading the Life Story of the remarkable defender.



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