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Edinson Cavani Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Edinson Cavani Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

LB presents the Full Story of a Football Icon best known by the Nickname; ‘El Matador’. Our Edinson Cavani Childhood Story plus Untold Biography Facts brings to you full account of notable events from his childhood time till date. Analysis involves his life story before fame, family life and many OFF and ON-Pitch little known facts about him.

Yes, everyone knows about his abilities but few consider Edinson Cavani biography story which is quite interesting. Now without further adieu, lets Begin.

Edinson Cavani Childhood Story – Early Life:

Edinson Roberto Cavani Gómez was born on Valentine’s day, that’s 14 February 1987 in Salto, Uruguay, by Luis Cavani (father) and Berta Gómez (mother). Coincidentally, his national team mate Luis Suárez was born in the same city (Salto), just a month earlier in January. Edinson was born as the last child of a family of only 3 male children.

Growing up, he found love in football thanks to encouraged by his hard-working parents who made sure that Cavani “always had food and clothing,”. He thrived in the urban surroundings and congestion of Salto.

The fruits of the tight street pitches that Cavani played in as a child were later seen in his brilliant technique and mental strength. Basically, Cavani constantly played against older peers, who would most times roughed him up. Cavani did so at the age of 9 in 1996 bringing an end to unofficial matches with the ‘old cargoes’  as he calls them in his area.

Right from his early years, Cavani looked to be on the path of stardom. Though once he moved to Danubio, he took a while to adjust but once he adapted he soon became the pick of the youngsters in their youth academy.

Edinson Cavani Childhood Biography – Rising to Fame:

He signed his first official youth contract with Danubio, Montevideo’s most successful youth academy, who produced the likes of Álvaro Recoba and Diego Forlán.

Playing professional football at a late start of was a tough for Cavani. However, coming from a family of footballers helped matters. His footballer dad and elder brother gave him all the needed assistance to kick start his career.

Edinson Cavani came up through Danubio youth system to make his debut for the first team in 2006. Edinson Cavani built his physical prowess and determination to lead  frontline which got him a national breakthrough. He was part of the Apertura 2006 championship-winning squad, scoring nine goals in his debut season.

On 31 January 2007, he was bought by Palermo for €4.475 million. Cavani made his debut on 11 March 2007 in a home league match against Fiorentina. In July 2010, Cavani signed a reported five-year contract with Napoli. The rest as they often say, is history.

Edinson Cavani Family Life:

FATHER: His father, Luis, played football at an amateur level as a young man.

Edinson Cavani's Dad - Luis Cavani.
Edinson Cavani’s Dad – Luis Cavani.

Luis is a hardworking father who gave his household (3 sons and a wife) the best they could ever dream of. He was particularly closer to his last son Edinson who he taught the antics of football supported his career from it’s foundation. Luis takes huge credit to his boy’s rise.

However, paternal pride never seemed more aching as when he talks about both Edinson’s gift and his generosity. According to Luis, “Me and Edinson used to go fishing in a beautiful lake 30km from our home. We’d take the old truck where I used to work and fish from the side. There were very big flash boats there which is owned by the super rich.I remember Edinson was said …’dad, the day I triumph at football, I’m going to get you a truck and big boat like theirs. He was 11 at the time, he had these big dreams and I would just laugh. But today, i have the biggest truck and boat in Uruguay,” he says, pointing at them.

“It’s hard to express with words the pride you feel when you see your son triumph in life, when you see him open up new paths, you see him loved by people and you see he hasn’t changed his way of being, that he remains the same humble child who maintains a low profile and lives his life simply.

MOTHER: Berta Gómez is the name of Edinson Cavani’s mother. The Uruguay striker’s mother has once explains how his son’s hunger cost her giving up all activities just to provide him much motherly care through his career path.

Edinson Cavani Mother- Berta Gómez.
Edinson Cavani Mother- Berta Gómez.

BROTHER: His elder brother is Walter Guglielmone. He is 9 years older than Edinson Cavani, his little brother. Just like Cavani, Walter is also a striker. He made 310 appearance and scored 109 goals for both club and country.

Edinson Cavani 's Brother- Walter Guglielmone.
Edinson Cavani ‘s Brother- Walter Guglielmone.

Edinson Cavani’s immediate older brother name is Christian. He is also a striker and just a year older than him.

Edinson Cavani's Brother - Christian.
Edinson Cavani’s Brother – Christian.

The Edinson Cavani Family Life is indeed centered around football men and a supporting mother of the home. Quite similar to that of Alex Oxlade-Chamberain and Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

Edinson Cavani Love Life with Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús:

Edinson Cavani love story is full of Ups and Downs and quite similar to Anthony Martial and much opposite to that of Marcus Rashford, Roberto Firmino and Gabriel Jesus. Full story is discussed in this article.

Cavani has always been in love with his childhood sweetheart named Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús.

Edinson Cavani Love Story with Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús.
Edinson Cavani Love Story with Maria Soledad Cabris Yarrús.

They both got married and were blessed with two sons. Their first son, Bautista was born on the 22nd of  March 2011.

Edinson Cavani Family Photo.
Edinson Cavani Family Photo.

His second son, Lucas was born on the 8th of March 2013. Lucas unlike Bautista is very fond of his dad.

Edinson Cavani's bonding with Son, Lucas.
Edinson Cavani’s bonding with Son, Lucas.

Edinson Cavani however has a strong relationship with his sons. He loves to take his boys to every victory celebration.

Edinson Cavani Sons - Lucas (left) and Bautista (Right).
Edinson Cavani Sons – Lucas (left) and Bautista (Right).

Edinson Cavani Relationship Issues:

A shocking news came in 2014 when Cavani announced that he and his wife were to get a divorce, following an initial split between the two the year before. Their marriage only lasted for two years.

This was a time Cavani’s personal life went thru a rough patch. A time he really suffered from lack of confidence on the pitch.

They separated after it was revealed he was allegedly having an affair with a 22-year-old Italian woman later identified as María Rosaria Ventrone (pictured below) from Caserta not far from Napoli where Cavani played at the time. It was this picture that led to the split up and divorce.

How Edinson Cavani Cheated on Wife- Untold Story.
How Edinson Cavani Cheated on Wife- Untold Story.

His ex wife (Maria) said the following about him before the divorce.

“I do not trust this man. Do you want to trust a husband who leaves his wife just a few days after the birth of their child?… When our son Lucas was born, I learned that he was with another girl. It was a shock when i saw the nasty pic. He explained the benefits of me giving birth in Uruguay to be quieter than in Naples where we would be besieged (by the press). He wanted to leave me there to feel freer and enjoy the fact that I would be busy building our new life. When I returned, I tried in every way to save our marriage. I did not want to remove my children form their father, I thought we could recover. It was hopeless. Edinson became a different person and unrecognizable.”

Maria ended up winning their divorce battle in court. The court at the end ordered Cavani to pay her €25,000 monthly which is meant for herself and the kids.

Edinson Cavani – Moving on after Divorce:

After the divorce was finalized  by mid of 2013, the whole attention was on Ventrone, the lady behind their marital dissolution. At some point, it was even rumored that Cavani was ready to formalize his relationship with his former mistress. Things didn’t go that way thou. No such thing happened and things ended between them. Edinson Cavani moved on and entered a fresh relationship with beautiful Jocelyn Burgardt.

Edinson Cavani Love Story - Renewed.
Edinson Cavani Love Story – Renewed.

Jocelyn Burgardt is a stunning, curvy model and Samba dancer from Uruguay. She has a  degree in Cultural Management.

Edinson Cavani's Girlfriend (Jocelyn Burgardt) after divorce.
Edinson Cavani’s Girlfriend (Jocelyn Burgardt) after divorce.

She is a media sensation in both Italy to Uruguay. Sadly there isn’t much information about this magnificent creature, born and raised in Bella Union, Artiga, Uruguay. We are still digging. He takes her everywhere including the pitch of play to celebrate wonderful moments with his club, fans and team mates.

Edinson Cavani News Girlfriend- Jocelyn Burgardt.
Edinson Cavani News Girlfriend- Jocelyn Burgardt.

The Edinson Cavani Love Story is always a focus of interest for media unlike that of Danny Drink Water and Ousmane Dembele whose relationship life is still widely unknown as at time of writing.

Edinson Cavani Personal Life:

Sharpshooter Edinson Cavani loves hunting as a hobby. Thou it has always been  football first, then hunting for Edi. He loves it and he’s a good shot at both

He has engaged in shooting trip severally with his dad in northern Uruguay. His hunting spree of wild boars and bush pigs usually done in the dead hours of night amid the hillside woods of north Uruguay.

Below is Mr Luis Cavani handling a .243 calibre rifle which he had just used for his nocturnal hunting session with his son, killing two boars, six hares and, apparently, some protected creature we are not allowed to reveal in this blog.

Edinson Cavani' Family's Hunting Story
Edinson Cavani’ Family’s Hunting Story

According to his father,

“We always did it when Edinson was a kid and we still do. We both love to spend time fishing and hunting. We get only three hours sleep at nights. Edi’s never going to stop hunting in the woods! As for fishing, he always says it calms him. This has always been a way of life for us, We love to pack our latest kills packed on sticks. Edison loves pig heads”… says Luis.

Edinson Cavani Religion:

Edinson is a devoted Evangelical Christian. He has been associated with Catholicism throughout his whole life. His christian faith is proved below. In the pic below, Edi was videoed praying with a member of the coaching staff. This was at the end of the 2011 Copa America football tournament final against Paraguay held at the Monumental stadium in Buenos Aires, on July 24, 2011. His faith saw him through and Uruguay won their match.

Edinson Cavani Religion and Faith- The Untold Story.
Edinson Cavani Religion and Faith- The Untold Story.

Edinson Cavani Idol:

First, he has the looks of Gabriel Batistuta, who he says is his football idol. As a child, Cavani idolized former Argentine striker and legend Gabriel Batistuta. Like Batistuta, Cavani also wore his hair past his ears. Indeed, he has tried and succeeded in possessing every aspect of Batistuta’s look and style.

Why Cavani idolized Batistuta- The Untold Story.
Why Cavani idolized Batistuta- The Untold Story.

Cavani’s love of Batistuta made him to follow the Italian league which Batistuta played for in his first spell in Europe. More so, it is based on the fact that as a kid, Cavani’s grandparents were said to have emigrated to Marinello which is few kilometers from Florence where Batistuta’s Fiorentina is located.

His grand parents would mostimes go watch the legend play at Florentina. This is what instigated Cavani’s dream of following Batistuta’s footsteps. Both have the same goal celebration as displayed below.

Edinson Cavani , Gabriel Batistuta Similarities - The Untold Story.
Edinson Cavani , Gabriel Batistuta Similarities – The Untold Story.

Edinson Cavani Nickname:

The player is referred to as “El Matador”. The nickname denotes that of a lead striker who is always capable of taking the bull by the horns, everytime he steps out on the playing field!

The Myth Behind Edinson Cavani's Nickname.
The Myth Behind Edinson Cavani’s Nickname.

Edinson Cavani Cars:

Edinson loves beautiful low cars. He drives a red Ferrari 458.

His Ferrari 458 Italia is estimated to be more than 200,000 euros. The car has a top speed of 325 km/h. Edinson is not in the box of the many footballers arrested for speeding.

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