Maxwel Cornet Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Maxwel Cornet Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Maxwel Cornet Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents (Songo Saha Béatrice and Déjoué Kouegba Firmin), Family Life, and Siblings (Ryan).

Lifebogger also gives you information about the role of his uncle (a father figure named Jean Claude Gba) in his life.

We’ll unveil Maxwel Cornet’s family controversy (alleged between his uncle and parents). More so, his Lifestyle, Personal Life and Net Worth stats.

Welcome to our Bio, which unravels Maxwel Cornet’s History. We give you a story about a boy allegedly condemned to poverty in Bregbo, his Ivory Coast village.

Thankfully, he got saved by a family relative (his uncle), a man that made him the footballer he is today.

Our version of Maxwel Cornet’s Story begins by telling you events in his early boyhood days in Ivory Coast.

We’ll then proceed to unveil his journey to France and how he became successful in the beautiful game of football.

To whet your autobiography appetite on the engaging nature of Maxwel Cornet’s Bio, Lifebogger brings to you, FIRST, his Early Life and Success Gallery. This picture explains the life trajectory of the Franco-Ivorian speedster.

Maxwel Cornet Biography - Unveiling the Untold Story.
Maxwel Cornet Biography – Unveiling the Untold Story.

Yes, everyone knows he has a grocery list of strengths, among them, are speed, power and technique.

The Ivorian is an expert in shredding opposing defenders, getting around them with a variety of his on-field weapons.

Despite the goal trills he brings to the field, we notice that NOT many football fans have read Maxwel Cornet’s Biography from an in-depth point of view. Hence, we have made it and without wasting your time, let’s begin.

Maxwel Cornet Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname – Maxou. Gnaly Albert Maxwel Cornet was born on the 27th day of September 1996 in Bregbo, a town on the southeastern Ivory Coast.

According to research, Maxwel Cornet’s biological parents are Songo Saha Béatrice (his real Mum) and Déjoué Kouegba Firmin (his real Dad, who is late).

Growing-Up Years:

The Ivory Coast forward spent the earliest of his boyhood days with his Biological parents -Songo Saha Béatrice and Déjoué Kouegba. He grew up in Bregbo, located in the suburbs of Abidjan (Ivory Coast capital).

Maxwel Cornet Family Background:

Later on in his childhood, the striker – because of the hardship his parents faced – found himself in the custody of a relative (his uncle).

Biographical research has it that Mr and Mrs Jean Claude Gba, pictured below, later became Maxwel Cornet’s parents – as they adopted him.

Meet the persons considered as Maxwel Cornet parents.
Meet the persons considered as Maxwel Cornet parents.

A local report from Ivory coast media has it that Jean Claude Gba (pictured above), is the son of Maxwel Cornet father’s sister (probably the oldest).

By implication, it means that both he and his wife are NOT Maxwel Cornet’s actual parents.

How Poverty and lack of opportunities made him leave Ivory Coast:

Maxwel Cornet childhood experience is very similar to one faced by Didier Drogba, the Ivory Coast, and Chelsea FC Legend.

Coming from a poor family background, life became hard for his parents, and his uncle took it upon himself to migrate Maxwell to France.

While in France, a happy Maxwel Cornet became part and parcel of his new family. He spent his formative years in Metz, Lorraine.

While there, he witnessed the birth of his other siblings – from his adoptive parents -Mr and Mrs Jean Claude Gba.

Maxwel Cornet and his happy family - from his uncle.
Maxwel Cornet and his happy family – from his uncle.

Before travelling to Europe, Maxwel Cornet was naturally gifted in soccer. He honed his skills in the streets of Bregbo, Ivory Coast.

He was the best football kid in his neighbourhood and had this dream of becoming a professional footballer like Drogba.

Maxwel Cornet Family Origin:

The speedy Winger’s nationality is Côte d’Ivoire. Again, Maxwel Cornet country of origin is France – thanks to Naturalization.

Owing to his family’s roots in West Africa and the fact that he is a French citizen, then it is safe to call him a Franco-Ivorian.

Maxwel Cornet’s parents are natives of Bregbo, a town in the south-eastern Ivory Coast – about 20 kilometres east of Abidjan.

People from this town depend mostly on fishing for survival, and emptiness ends for most little boys whenever there is football on their feet.

From an ethnicity standpoint, we classified the Maxwel Cornet family under the Akan and/or Attié language.

Based on findings, more than 569 thousand Ivory Coast citizens are native speakers of this language and ethnic group.

Maxwel Cornet Education and Career Buildup:

While with his new family in Lorraine, northeastern France, the youngster went through the norms of schooling.

Taking part in competitive soccer was Maxuel’s own way of educating himself in order to get recognized by football scouts.

The Bregbo native took his natural football abilities, which he gained in Ivory Coast, to France.

Football in Europe is more organized, and it provided Maxwell the shade and solace away from the troubling realities of his motherland.

Back then, when Maxwel held the football, everyone noticed he possessed that steely determination. The Franco-Ivorian’s ambitions to go far high in life were never viewed as a passing fancy.

Maxwel Cornet Football Story:

At the age of eight, Jean Claude Gba (his adoptive Dad) had him enrol with ARS Laquenexy – a local club (a 9-minute drive to Metz) located very close to his family home.

The essence of such proximity was for close supervision and flexibility with his studies.

Maxwel Cornet’s exceptional brilliance with ARS Laquenexy – in the same year (2004) – earned him a move to the Metz – the academy of his dreams.

While there, little Maxou excelled as he developed into this precocious whiz kid blessed with speed, adhesive ball control, and the act of drifting past opponents.

See how they watch him. The boy was one of the best kid footballers in Metz.
See how they watch him. The boy was one of the best kid footballers in Metz.

Maxwel Cornet had excellent academy trainers. It is no secret that FC Metz is often seen as the right choice for most parents who want their kids to become successful in football. The club is very friendly to footballers of African origin.

The Lorraine club made training its trademark and its essential economic base, one which has seen the birth of world-class footballers.

The likes of them include; Kalidou Koulibaly, Miralem Pjanić, Louis Saha, Sadio Mané, Papiss Cissé and Robert Pires, etc.

Living with a Host Family:

For five years, a football coach named Romuald Giamberini, as well as his wife (Anna) agreed to let Maxwel Cornet live in their home.

According to his guardian Dad (Jean Claude Gba), the essence was to allow Maxwell to stay close to FC Metz’s training ground.

While staying with the Giamberini family, young Cornet (as observed below) bonded well with Tony and Lisa – the two children of Romuald and Anna.

In this photo of 2008, the three kids – alongside their parents – visited Gérardmer for skiing.

This was one of the many good times shared together with Lisa and Tony. It was in 2008, and all members of the Giamberini family, including Maxwell, went skiing in Gérardmer.
This was one of the many good times shared together with Lisa and Tony. It was in 2008, and all members of the Giamberini family, including Maxwell, went skiing in Gérardmer.

Young Max felt like a member of the family because of the way these kids (Tony and Lisa) and their parents treated him. One of the kid’s parents (their Dad, Romuald Giamberini) once said this about Cornet.

I was an educator at FC Metz at the time.

We volunteered with my wife to welcome him at our home.

It was a decision that I and Anna never regretted.

In five years spent with us, Maxwel was always of great behavior.

To the point of having become a full member of the Giamberini family.

Maxwel Cornet Biography – Road to Fame Story:

With proper parental care and guidance, the youngster – to the joy of his family – made it out of Metz’s academy. The club was in Ligue 2 at that time, and Cornet made his debut against Laval on 2 August 2013.

The Contract Battle with Metz:

At first, everything had started well between the club and Maxwel Cornet family.

Jean Claude Gba showed his commitment by refusing a check for 2 million euros from Juventus. Valuing his son higher, Papa Cornet refused Metz’s contract renewal offer.

There came a punishment comes from Metz’s management because of the non-extended contract. According to the club’s staff, Philippe Gaillot;

 It is difficult to give playing time to a boy who is no longer part of our project.

At this point, there came a battle between a president known to be tough in business and a father who was aware of his son’s potential.

In fact, their affair becomes personal. Maxwel Cornet’s Dad even confirmed in the local daily. In his words;

Yes, this is a problem between him and me.

I did not appreciate his way of conducting the negotiations.

It is normal for me to be opposed to the duration of the contract and to a clause that I see as blocking.

Don’t ever come and say that I am obsessed with money!

So I told the president that I wanted to find out something else for my Boy.

How Lyon fell in Love with Maxwel Cornet:

Fortunately, the boy was on the roster of the France U19 team. He focused on football with the national youth side to get away from his troubles with Metz.

Luckily, Maxwel also took advantage of a France-U19 match against Belgium to slam a hat-trick. He gave even more bitterness to Metz’s management, a feat that made Lyon scouts seeking for his signature.

Olympique Lyonnais was the fastest among other clubs who raced to have Cornet. At last, Maxwel went to write his future elsewhere and Metz ended up without him.

Indeed, having a highly ambitious Guardian, Dad paid off as Jean Claude Gba, pushed for his boy’s welfare.

Did you know?… Two things made Maxwel Cornet choose Lyon, among other clubs that begged for his signature.

First is that as a child, Cornet always supported them as he mostly watched Lyon play in the Champions League. The second fact is more from a professional standpoint. According to Maxwel Cornet;

What prompted me to choose OL was to be able to finish MY progress with young people from the French national under 19 team.

At OL, I know and had lots of friends with the France U19 team.

It is pertinent to note that while joining Olympique Lyonnais on the 16th of January 2015, young Maxwel Cornet gave two referees – the persons of Didier Drogba and Alexandre Lacazette. These two remain his football role models.

Maxwel Cornet Biography – Football Success Story:

The speedy winger, of Ivorian family origin, wore the number 27 shirt at Lyon, a number that corresponds to the date his biological Dad and Mum had him.

In January 2020, Lyon’s coach Rudi Garcia tested Cornet’s capacity following the injuries of Youssouf Koné and Fernando Marçal.

After a series of excellent performances, Maxou became a starter for Olympique Lyonnais. Watch some of his Big moments in a Lyon shirt.

In all his Lyon days, the biggest moment came when Cornet shocked Pep Guardiola.

He scored a goal against Manchester City, one that helped eliminate them from the 2019–20 UEFA Champions League quarter-finals. Here is a video of Cornet’s goal against Man City.

Owing to his brilliance with Lyon, Burnley, according to the sun became the forerunner to splash millions on the super winger, Maxwel Cornet.

On the 29th day of August 2021, the Ivorian signed a five-year deal with the Clarets.

A good start to life in England followed – after many standout moments in a Burnley shirt. Cornet partnered well with Dwight McNeil, Ashley Barnes, and Chris Wood on a solid start to his Burnley career.

Behold a video of three of Maxwel Cornet’s goals (including two volleys) which he used to announce his name in England. The rest of Max’s Biography, as we say, is history.

Maxwel Cornet Love Life:

Behind every successful Ivorian footballer is a surprised woman rolling her eyes. For Maxwel, there is a glamorous lady who is both his better half and ultimate companion.

She is no other than Melissa Ben – a woman who people refer to as Maxwel Cornet’s Wife.

Melissa Ben is the woman that holds the key to Maxwel's heart.
Melissa Ben is the woman that holds the key to Maxwel’s heart.

Both lovers have been going out with each other since the Ballers’ early days with Lyon. In fact, Maxwel Cornet fell in love with his best friend.

Together, Melissa Ben and her man have both worked on their relationship from being casual to one that represents genuine friendship and love.

Maxwel Cornet's wife - Melissa Ben makes him a lucky man. Both share a relationship built on friendship.
Maxwel Cornet’s wife – Melissa Ben makes him a lucky man. Both share a relationship built on friendship.

Around the year 2019, Maxo and Melissa decided to have a child together.

Fast forward to nine months later – June 2019 – at 4:30 pm, there came the latest addition to Maxwel Cornet’s family. Melissa Ben gave birth to a bouncing baby boy that weighs 4.045 kg.

Melissa and Maxwel welcomed their child into the world.
Melissa and Maxwel welcomed their child into the world.

Maxwel Cornet’s son:

The Franco-Ivorian shares a close relationship with his male child. As early as possible, Maxwel has formed a way to instil values in him, one which will positively affect his outlook on life. Likely, Melissa and Maxwel would want their son to follow in Daddy’s footsteps.

He loves to establish a close relationship with his son.
He loves to establish a close relationship with his son.

Personal Life:

Knowing the Ivorian footballer outside the pitch would help you understand his personality.

First thing first, Maxwel is the kind of person who sometimes feels the need to be not just alone, but away from everything – including his family.

Maxwel Cornet Personality - EXPLAINED.
Maxwel Cornet Personality – EXPLAINED.

During those moments, he restores his inner strength and reflects on his life’s journey so far.

Also on a personal note, the Ivorian Baller has a unique way of exercising his body – especially his leg muscles. Watch Maxwel Cornet workout routine.

Secondly, the Franco-Ivorian is the type which allows his partner to be his personal barber. Maxwel Cornet’s partner – Melissa Ben feels honoured about this decision.

We picture her here, doing one of her household chores – barbing Max’s hair.

We think she did a good job here. Melissa is a true definition of a good wife.
We think she did a good job here. Melissa is a true definition of a good wife.

Maxwel Cornet Tattoo:

In his back contains a large body art – similar to that of Memphis Depay.

Maxwel Cornet has a Cheetah tattoo, which, according to him, embodies his great enthusiasm and passion for getting the good out of his life. It also means he is fearless in the face of adversities.

The meaning of Maxwel Cornet Tattoos.
The meaning of Maxwel Cornet Tattoos.

According to Max, he loves and appreciates upright and combative people, especially those who like him. Also, those that strive daily to deliver the best for themselves and family.

Love for PlayStation:

Maxwel Cornet is not just a fan of the gaming console. He is also charitable in gaming. On the 5th of November 2020, the footballer pleased his fans by giving them the opportunity to win Playstation consoles and FIFA 21 games.

Maxwel Cornet gaming habit has turned him into a giver.
Maxwel Cornet gaming habit has turned him into a giver.

To qualify, subscribers must subscribe to his account or that of his wife, Melissa Ben. Maxwel in the end gave the four lucky winners an opportunity to challenge him on FIFA (Online). What a man who so loves his fans!

Maxwel Cornet Lifestyle:

When it comes to having fun, especially with close friends and family relatives, the Ivorian does it to the fullest.

Maxwel best holiday moment is having the dessert tours. He prefers hanging out with his High-Speed 4×4 Fast Race electric automobiles. This race car has a reputation for off-road ruggedness.

Maxwel Cornet Lifestyle - Explained.
Maxwel Cornet Lifestyle – Explained.

The Ivorian star’s love for cars is endless. Volkswagen was one of the earliest cars Maxwel started with. From what it seems, the footballer holds wonderful memories with his car.

Maxwel Cornet Car - He loves the Volkswagen.
Maxwel Cornet Car – He loves the Volkswagen.

As monies from football fill his bank account, Maxwel Cornet feels the constant need to update his car garage. Behold, his latest collection of cars – as of the year 2021.

Maxwel Cornet Car Collection as of 2021.
Maxwel Cornet Car Collection as of 2021.

Maxwel Cornet’s salary is more than enough for him to get a private jet hire rather than queuing up to get a ticket to a plane seat.

We picture him, his son, and lovely wife, Melissa Ben, probably after boarding the jet.

The Ivorian footballer loves the private jet.
The Ivorian footballer loves the private jet.

Maxwel Cornet Family Life:

We confirmed the Ivorian striker’s love for his motherland – when he agreed to join the Côte d’Ivoire national team – to the detriment of France.

More importantly, he dedicated his first jersey to his father figure – for the sacrifice he made to get him this far.

Maxwel Cornet's celebrating his first Ivory Coast shirt with Jean Claude Gba and others.
Maxwel Cornet’s celebrating his first Ivory Coast shirt with Jean Claude Gba and others.

This section of our Biography unveils more facts about Maxwel Cornet Family – including the controversies of his alleged parents. Let us start by unveiling the woman who SportMania alleged to have given birth to him.

About Maxwel Cornet Mother:

Information about his biological parents was first revealed by SportMania, a sports website in Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire).

The news began through an SOS call made by this sick-looking woman who claimed to be the real mother of Maxwel Cornet.

This is Maxwel Cornet's Mother - as alleged.
This is Maxwel Cornet’s Mother – as alleged.

Songo Saha Béatrice cried for help – as she lay down on the bench, appearing very sick – with medicines by her side.

What really happened to her?… Lifebogger gives you the account of Côte d’Ivoire blog, SportMania, after some investigative journalism;

The SOS Call Explanation:

Cornet is no longer the property of his true biological family. There are claims that he was “snatched” from his real father, Déjoué Kouegba Firmin, and his real mother, Songo Saha Béatrice.

Jean Claude Gba is allegedly accused of taking the boy away from his parents. According to SposrMania Ivory Coast, this man is the son of his father’s sister.

Now, how did the whole story happen?… Lets tell you.

Sometime in the 1990s, Maxell Cornet’s real father helped his nephew, Jean Claude Gba, immigrate to France. Little Maxwel and his parents back then settled in Yopougon Sicogi, a suburb of Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Once in France, Jean Claude Gba joined the French army. He then changed his surname and became Jean Claude Cornet. At this time, he had become a French citizen.

A few years go by and he began living in Metz, France. During this time, Jean Claude Cornet decided to go bring his little nephew Maxell, to France.

He made the kid (Maxwel), who was five years old at the time, bear his new name, Cornet.

Gifted for football, Maxell has no difficulty in joining the FC Metz and climbing through their academy system.

The boy grew up under the wings of his paternal uncle (Jean Claude Cornet) who was alleged to have naturally influenced his attitude towards his biological parents.

Years went by and Maxwell Cornet becomes a professional footballer. At that time begins the sufferings of his biological parents.

The Alleged Abandonment:

Sadly, his paternal uncle, Jean Claude Cornet, decided to cut ties with his parents. In fact, all contacts, even to his relatives, were prohibited.

Jean Claude Cornet made his nephew (Maxwel) believe that his real parents are witches and wizards and that contacting them would see his career fall and expose him to death.

Now fashioned by his uncle, the footballer (Maxwel) decided to turn his back on his biological parents. There came zero connection with his family.

To date, his uncle manages his money and property, which he got from professional football. Maxwel Cornet’s parents no longer have access and rights over him. That made his other family members (sisters, brothers etc) all stunned.

They were very angry and confused that all the canvassing undertaken by the player’s parents to re-establish contact with their son was unsuccessful.

Maxwel Cornet parents claimed that Jean Claude Cornet responds to them – always with threats. It became an unbearable atmosphere – to the extent that the real father of Maxell Cornet fell ill and died of grief.

The footballer’s biological mother seems not far from the same fate. This is her, currently very ill and does not receive adequate care.

This is Maxwel Cornet Biological Mother - as alleged.
This is Maxwel Cornet Biological Mother – as alleged.

Maxwel Cornet’s mother only survives through her daughters who do small businesses. She is very sick, and all she wants is to see and hug her son. In fact, Songo Saha Béatrice wants to see Maxwel before she dies.

The poor woman’s husband died without seeing his son. She vowed never to forgive Jean if she die without seeing Maxwel as well.

Songo Saha Béatrice claims she doesn’t need the money but only wants to see a child she brought to the world with so much suffering and pain.

Songo Saha Béatrice insists that Jean Claude can keep all her son’s belongings and that not a problem for her and his family in Ivory Coast.

About Maxwel Cornet’s Father Figure:

Jean Claude Gba, is no doubt the man who made the boy (he calls his son) become very successful in life.

According to our research, he is yet to give any public response on the allegations levelled against him by the alleged biological parents of Maxwel Cornet.

As observed in our Biography story, the proud Dad is ruthless in transfer negotiations relating to Maxwel.

Seeing Maxou’s career progress is more important to him than paying attention to rumours flying around – especially from Ivory Coast.

Without Jean Claude Gba, Maxwel could never have become a successful footballer.
Without Jean Claude Gba, Maxwel could never have become a successful footballer.

About Ryan Cornet – Maxwel’s Brother:

At the time of writing this Bio, the aspiring footballer is 19 years old and had probably graduated as a professional footballer.

Maxwel took this picture in October 2015, when Ryan Cornet celebrated his birthday.

This is Ryan - Maxwel's Cornet's Brother. He is a striker like his big cousin brother.
This is Ryan – Maxwel’s Cornet’s Brother. He is a striker like his big cousin brother.

Ryan Cornet is following in his big brother’s footsteps to become a professional footballer. Both he and Maxwel shares a similar backbone.

That is their Dad (Jean Claude Gba), a man often regarded as their number one motivator.

About Maxwel Cornet Sister:

The Baller has a young female sibling born to Jean Claude Gba. She is the youngster sister of Ryan Cornet.

As expected from every big brother, Maxwel often creates time for his little ones. We picture him here taking his cousin sister out for dinner.

This is Maxwel Cornet's Sister. He loves to take her out to nice restaurants.
This is Maxwel Cornet’s Sister. He loves to take her out to nice restaurants.

Maxwel Cornet Facts:

Rounding up the Franco-Ivorian’s Bio, we’ll use this section to unveil some truths you might never know about him. Wasting none of your time, let’s begin.

Salary Breakdown:

Did you know?… Maxwel Cornet is an Ivory Coast billionaire. He makes approximately 1.75 billion African CFA franc every year with Burnley football club. Here is his salary breakdown – in pounds and his native currency.

TENURE/EARNINGSMaxwel Cornet Burnley Salary Breakdown in British Pounds (£) - 2021 statsMaxwel Cornet Burnley Salary Breakdown in West African CFA franc - 2021 stats.
Per Year:£2,291,5201,755,329,372 CFA franc
Per Month:£190,960146,277,447 CFA franc
Per Week:£44,00033,704,481 CFA franc
Per Day:£6,2851,404,353 CFA franc
Per Hour:£26158,514 CFA franc
Every Minute:£4.3975 CFA franc
Every Seconds:£0.0716 CFA franc

Since you started viewing Marc Cucurella‘s Bio, this is what he has earned.


Where his family comes from, the average Ivorian citizen earns around 19,454,669 West African CFA franc per year. Such persons in that country would need to work for 7 years and six months to make Maxwel Cornet’s monthly salary with Burnley.

A Role Model for Kids:

Because of the hardship he went through in Ivory Coast, Maxwel would forever appreciate the fact that football saved him.

As a way of giving back to Metz’s society, the Ivorian has now become a football ambassador for children in Lorraine, his French hometown.

The Ivorian footballer loves to give back to society.
The Ivorian footballer loves to give back to society.

Bonding with a Music Legend:

Maxwel Cornet is a close friend of David Adedeji Adeleke, popularly known as Davido. He and the American-Nigerian singer bonded together and enjoyed each other’s company and profession.

Cornet is a close friend of Davido.
Cornet is a close friend of Davido.

Maxwel Cornet Profile:

The winger is better than the overall and potential stats provided by the FIFA game series.

Cornet is also better than the opinion that most people hold of him – before he joined Burnley. He has the movement abilities of Patson Daka and Sofiane Boufal – including the power (stamina) abilities of Lassina Traore. From a more general perspective, Cornet’s style of play is similar to that of Bryan Zaragoza, the rising Spanish star.

Cornet FIFA Profile - EXPLAINED.
Cornet FIFA Profile – EXPLAINED.

Maxwel Cornet Religion:

The Cote d’Ivoire winger (at the time of writing his Biography) has yet to publicly identify his faith. However, our odds are in support of him being a Christian. This is the second most populous religion in Ivory Coast after Islam.

Wiki Summary:

The table below serves you Wiki information about Maxwel Cornet’s Biogarphy.

Full Name:Gnaly Albert Maxwel Cornet
Date of Birth:27 September 1996
Age:27 years and 4 months old.
Biological ParentsSongo Saha Béatrice (Mother) and Déjoué Kouegba Firmin (Late father)
Foster Parents:Mr and Mrs Jean Claude Cornet Gba
Siblings:Brother (Ryan Cornet), and sisters.
Girlfriend/Wife to be:Melissa Ben
Child: A Son (as of 2021)
Family Origin:Bregbo, south-eastern Ivory Coast
Zodiac Sign:Libra
Relatives:Jean Claude Cornet Gba (Uncle) and Ryan Cornet (cousin)
Net Worth:6.5 million Euros (2021 stats)
Height:1.79 meters OR 5 feet 10 inches


Maxwel honed his craft on the streets of Bregbo, Ivory Coast. Not many talented footballers from this town make something of their lives using football. Because Maxwel Cornet’s parents were poor, it was difficult for him to use his talent to discover opportunities.

At last, there came a rescue from a relative who did his family well by taking little Maxwel to France.

Jean Claude Gba (his uncle) noticed the boy’s talent and decided he WOULD NOT put it to waste. According to our research, he is a family relative, Maxwel Cornet father’s sister.

In France, the youngster got enrolled with ARS Laquenexy academy before moving to a bigger club. While progressing with Metz, there is absolutely nothing that suggests he wouldn’t make it as a successful professional footballer.

Thank you for spending this quality time to read our memoir a Baller who was once a Burnley’s box office star.

At Lifebogger, our team strive for accuracy and fairness while delivering you the Biography of Maxwel Cornet, the Côte d’Ivoire superstar forward.

Please contact us if you notice anything that doesn’t look right in our memoir so we can make immediate corrections. Stay tuned for more Ivorian football stories, especially those of the Traore brothers – Hamed Junior and Amad Diallo.

Also, we would appreciate it if you stay tuned to more Biography stories from Lifebogger. Please tell us what you think about Maxwel Cornet in our comment section.

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