Hamed Traore Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Hamed Junior Traore Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Hamed Junior Traore Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Hamed Mamadou Traore (Father), Marina Traore (Mother), Family Background, Girlfriend, Siblings – Brother (Amad Diallo, Sanogo), Grandparents, Uncle, Aunt, etc.

This article about Hamed Junior Traore also explains his Family Origin, Hometown, Ethnicity, Religion, Education, Tattoo, Net Worth, Zodiac, Personal Life, and Salary Breakdown.

In a nutshell, this article breaks down the Full history of Hamed Junior Traore. It narrates the tale of a young lad who began to flaunt his natural footballing prowess under his father’s watchful eyes and careful mentoring in the Ivory Coast.

Lifebogger chronicles the tale of a youthful footballer who ventured to Italy at the brink of his teens. He aimed to meticulously refine his innate football skills at the renowned youth academy of Empoli FC, leaving behind the familiarity and comfort of his native land.


Our version of Hamed Junior Traore’s Biography begins by unveiling key moments from his childhood. Next, we’ll talk about his first big achievements in football. Finally, we’ll share how he became one of the top footballers in his country.

Lifebogger aims to ignite your curiosity by exploring Hamed Traore’s biography. We start with a collection of photos that chart his progress, from his boyhood to his ascent in football. Honestly, this midfielder’s journey through life is nothing short of incredible.

Hamed Traore Biography - From childhood to the moment he became famous. Photo credit: juniortraore10 and Traoré Hamed Junior.
Hamed Traore Biography – From childhood to the moment he became famous. Photo credit: juniortraore10 and Traoré Hamed Junior.

Indeed, it’s common knowledge that Hamed Traore hails from the Ivory Coast and serves his national team as an international footballer. He actively plays as an attacking midfielder for AFC Bournemouth, a temporary transfer from the Italian football club US Sassuolo.

While writing stories about Ivorian footballers, we encountered a knowledge gap. Many fans have yet to delve into the intriguing biography of Hamed Junior Traore. So, let’s not delay any further and embark on this journey.

Hamed Traore Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, the athlete is popularly known as Hamed Traore. His Full Name is Hamed Junior Traore. He was born on the 16th day of February 2000 to his Mother, Marina, and his alleged Father, Hamed Mamadou Traore, in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

The Traore family welcomed the athlete as their second son, joining an existing family of four children: two boys and two girls. These siblings all sprang from the solid marital bond between their parents. Although we lack detailed information about his parents, we surmise that Hamed inherited his spirit of reverence from them.

Growing-Up Years:

Children typically show a strong inclination towards football, especially Hamed Traore. As soon as he could walk, his passion for the game sparked. This is similar to the paths taken by other celebrated African footballers.

Traore maintains strong ties with his parents and siblings. During a birthday celebration, he shared some reflections about his family, indicating their significant role in his life. In his word;

Firstly, I realized my dream of becoming a footballer after leaving Côte d’Ivoire. That was my sole focus. Secondly, as I prepare to celebrate another birthday, I reflect on past ones. In Côte d’Ivoire, we didn’t give gifts but shared wishes. In 2015, while in Italy, I received my first gifts. However, I eagerly anticipate the best birthday – when my family joins me here. I’m currently arranging all the necessary documents. Indeed, my ultimate dream is not just to play in the Champions League, though I aim for that too, to reunite with my family.

Traore grew up closely with his parents and siblings, who were his steadfast pillars of support. They know him more profoundly than anyone else. Even now, the passion in the French-speaking footballer’s voice is still evident whenever he talks about his family.

Hamed Traore Early Life:

Traore first touched a football when he was merely a child. Since then, backed by his family, he persistently pursued his passion for the sport. His parents were instrumental in encouraging his football journey from his early years.

The newest chapter in Hamed Traore’s journey kicked off when he was just 14 years old. At this time, he decided to leave his birthplace, Côte d’Ivoire. The transition was a geographical shift and a profound turn in his life and career.

Relocating to Italy, known for its esteemed football legacy, presented Hamed with unique challenges and prospects. This move elevated his game and honed his skills. This experience in such a competitive environment undeniably enriched his career trajectory.

He immersed himself in football in Italy, utilizing every opportunity to play, learn, and grow. The move showcased his resilience and adaptability at such a young age. Over time, his hard work and dedication started paying dividends.

Hamed Traore Family Background:

The young Ivorian, Hamed Traore, was raised in a typical family in Côte d’Ivoire, living a moderate lifestyle. Despite their middle-class status, his parents saved enough funds to facilitate their family’s move to Italy.

But, this journey was not smooth sailing. Trouble began to brew in June 2020 when the family was embroiled in an unfortunate incident of illegal migration. The young Ivorian player’s football career hung in the balance, as this situation might lead to his expulsion from the sport.

Hamed Traore Family Origin:

To start with, where is Hamed Traore from? The Agile Midfield Maestro originates from Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Abidjan is his place of birth, and he holds Ivorian nationality. To understand more about Traore’s family roots, refer to the map provided.

This map explains Wesley Fofana's Family Origin. Image Sources: Pinterest
This map explains Wesley Fofana’s Family Origin. Image Sources: Pinterest.

This background is essential to Traore’s narrative, providing a rich, layered context to his journey. His African heritage is not just about where he comes from; it’s also about who he is, how he plays the game and the values he embodies on and off the field.

Unlike his contemporaries, Hamed Traore didn’t spend his childhood in structured football academies or well-groomed fields. Instead, part of his early years was marked by the lively and bustling streets of Abidjan, the economic hub of Côte d’Ivoire.

Additionally, French-speaking footballers of African descent worth noting include the likes of Boubakary Soumare, Dayot Upamecano, and Odsonne Edouard. Their journeys, too, are fascinating, painting a vivid picture of talent, determination, and success in football.

Hamed Traore Ethnicity:

The Midfield Maestro, Hamed Traore’s African heritage, is not merely superficial. It’s deeply ingrained and shapes who he is. His dark skin is the first and most apparent testament to his African roots. It visually symbolises his identity, highlighting his lineage and ancestry.

Hamed Traore Education:

There isn’t any specific record of the school Hamed Traore attended, but we know he was educated in Abidjan. This highlights his family’s commitment to formal education, even as they supported his football ambitions.

Upon digging deeper, it appears his father was a key figure in his education. Besides academic support, his father imparted fundamental life lessons that shaped Traore’s character and attitude.

These teachings, offered outside a formal school environment, might have been equally or even more impactful. In parallel to his academic journey, Traore was also driven to follow his passion for football.

In summary, Traore’s formative years comprised a balanced mix of education and football, profoundly shaped by his father’s guidance. This holistic approach set the foundation for Traore’s future triumphs in football.

Career Buildup:

Did you know that Bibbiano, a quaint town in Italy, played a crucial role in shaping the young Ivorian football sensation? He frequently indulged in passionate football matches in this serene setting, teaming up with his alleged younger sibling, Amad Diallo, and other players.

Upon observing their undeniable talent and potential, Fabrizio Gilioli, a close family acquaintance, saw an opportunity. He advised them to enrol in Boca Barco, a budding academy in the heart of Barco, RE, Italy.

Acting on this advice, at the tender age of 14, our young star embarked on a professional academy journey with Boca Barco in 2014. With each new age bracket, he honed his skills as the years rolled on, magnifying his footprint in the football world.

Hamed Traore Biography – Football Story:

While Hamed Junior Traore was creating ripples in the football world, top clubs like Atalanta and Milan took notice. However, it was Empoli who won his allegiance.

The turning point came in the summer of 2014 when Marco Bertelli, upon Giovanni Galli’s recommendation, witnessed Traorè’s prowess firsthand.

Impressed, Bertelli swiftly secured him a spot with Empoli. Traore’s meteoric rise saw him join the first team in two short years. Also, he played a pivotal role in their ascent to Serie A.

Not resting on his accolade, the subsequent season showcased his dedication further, as he confidently took to the field in 32 Serie A matches.

Hamed Traore Bio – Road to Fame Story:

In the winter transfer window of 2019, specifically on January 15th, Fiorentina struck a deal to acquire Traorè. The agreement, however, allowed him to continue at Empoli until the season’s end, ensuring he could still contribute to his current team.

However, as with the unpredictable nature of football and its behind-the-scenes dealings, the tides took an unexpected turn. As curtains drew on the season, Empoli’s chairman, the astute Fabrizio Corsi, made a surprising announcement.

Much to everyone’s astonishment, the eagerly anticipated move to Fiorentina was off the table. The deal had unravelled. Yet, the dynamic world of football keeps its enthusiasts on their toes. A mere few months later, on July 12th, a new chapter awaited the Rising Star.

The vibrant and ambitious club Sassuolo extended their hand, welcoming him with a two-year loan agreement. What made this partnership even more tempting was the inclusion of an option for Sassuolo to buy him outright, indicating their profound belief in Traore’s potential.

Hamed Traore Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

In the early dawn of 2023, specifically on January 31st, the footballing realm buzzed with whispers of Hamed Junior Traore’s latest venture. The Ivorian midfielder was poised to switch to the premier league-English side AFC Bournemouth.

This move, however, came with a unique twist. Initially structured as a loan, it also encompassed an agreement for a subsequent permanent transfer. Hinting at Bournemouth’s long-term vision for the player.

The deal was not just about a short stint; it was underpinned by a commitment, evident from the generous five-year contract offered to the athlete. Fast forward to the middle of May, the club made a significant update to the football community.

On May 16th, AFC Bournemouth took to their official channels to announce that Traore’s loan phase had seamlessly transitioned into a full-fledged transfer. Put simply, from a loan into a permanent deal. This was no option exercised on a whim but a mandatory obligation set at the culmination of the 2022/23 season.

International Career:

In March 2019, Traore played for the Ivory Coast U23s in two qualification matches of the Africa U-23 Cup of Nations. Later, on September 6, 2021, the Dynamic Playmaker was honoured to represent the Ivory Coast senior national team.

Rising under the brightest lights, the midfielder made his International debut against arch-rivals Cameroon in 2019. Source: wtfoot.com.
Rising under the brightest lights, the midfielder made his International debut against arch-rivals Cameroon in 2019. Source: Instagram/amaddiallo19.

On this memorable day, they faced Cameroon in a pivotal World Cup qualifier. Clinching a 2–1 victory at home, the Midfield Maestro made a significant impact by coming on for Jeremie Boga in the 69th minute.

From there, his career has been nothing short of legendary. The rest of our Biography, as they say, is now history.

Hamed Traore Girlfriend:

While Hamed Junior Traore has made significant strides in his football career, he’s yet to marry and has no children. As he continues to focus on his professional journey, personal milestones like starting a family await him in the future chapters of his life.

This focus on his professional journey suggests that Traore might be waiting for the right moment or person before settling down. Given the demanding nature of a footballer’s life, he establishes himself in his career before diving into a relationship.

Personal Life:

In this part of Hamed Traore’s life story, we’ll delve into lesser-known facts about him outside of football. While Hamed is known for his politeness, his occasional elusiveness can sometimes perplex those around him.

Hamed Traore is an Aquarius, a sign often associated with originality, independence, and humanitarian values. Aquarians are known to be deep thinkers and advocates for ideological causes. Notably, footballers like Brian Brobbey, Morgan Gibbs, and Giacomo Raspadori share this zodiac sign.

The Ivorian Sensation, Hamed Traore, reportedly dedicates time to the gym beyond his club football training. He primarily balances his routine in the gym between weightlifting and cardiovascular workouts, such as running and rowing.

Hamed Traore Lifestyle:

The AFC Bournemouth Midfielder, Hamed Traore, adopts a different approach from many of his contemporaries regarding social media. While some athletes revel in displaying their luxuries, Traore doesn’t flaunt his wealth.

Rather than parading his achievements, he chooses to keep things understated. This is evident not only in his online presence but also in his daily life. The athlete leads a humble lifestyle, avoiding the display of luxury items. While many are captivated by opulence, Hamed stays grounded, prioritizing his career.

Hamed Traore Net Worth:

The Football Magician, Hamed Junior Traore, has carved a significant niche in the competitive football world. With an impressive net worth of £3,413,800, he stands out for his skills on the pitch and his financial accomplishments.

For a player in his age bracket, such a financial milestone is a testament to his dedication, prowess, and strategic career choices. Also, it illuminates the upward trajectory he’s been on since his early days in the sport.

Hamed Traore Family Life:

Certainly, Hamed Traore’s family is a testament to the dedication and resilience commonly observed in African immigrant families. This foundation, built on commitment and perseverance, has undoubtedly influenced his rise in football. As we transition to understanding his roots, we’ll first focus on insights about his family.

Hamed Traore Father:

First and foremost, the relationship between Hamed and his dad, Hamed Mamadou Traore, has raised a lot of questions in the year 2020. With people confused if he is his real father or not

Is Hamed Mamadou Traore Hamed’s father?

In July 2020, the Parma public prosecutor’s office initiated an investigation into football player trafficking. Hamed Mamadou Traorè, a distant relative of Hamed and supposedly Amad Diallo’s brother, faced accusations of pretending to be their father to aid their move to Italy.

Consequently, this probe also raised questions about the relationship between Hamed and Amad. On 10 February 2021, Traore faced charges of breaching the Italian Sports Justice Code. He joined the football club “ASD Boca Barco” in 2015 as “Hamed Junior Traorè”.

The accusations centred on him fabricating documents to fake a relationship with Hamed Mamadou Traorè, an Ivorian living in Italy, aiming for family reunification. Traore sought a plea bargain, leading the Federal Prosecutor’s Office to levy a €48,000 fine.

Hamed Traore Mother:

Marina Traore, the Midfield Maestro’s mother, has been a cornerstone in his football journey. From the early days, she remained a consistent pillar of support as her sons navigated the challenges of their careers.

Through every hurdle and triumph, her belief in them never wavered. Today, as she observes their successes, it’s evident that her dedication and sacrifices have paved the way.

The achievements of her sons are not just a testament to their talent but also a reflection of Marina’s unwavering faith and hard work. Marina’s resolve remained unshaken in the face of the 2020 information crisis.

Instead of succumbing to the challenges, she became a beacon of strength for Hamed and his brother. Navigating the tumultuous times, she prioritized their well-being and aspirations.

Hamed Traore Siblings:

Having a supportive and caring sibling brings immense joy. While Hamed Traore exemplifies these qualities, he’s not alone in offering support. In this section, we’ll delve into Traore’s siblings. So, let’s dive in.

About Amad Diallo:

Firstly, Hamed boasts a successful sibling in the football world, playing in the Premier League: Amad Diallo. Amad was born on July 11, 2002. Also, he is two years younger than Hamed, his older brother.

Hamed Junior Traore and his brother, Amad Diallo, began their football careers together at Boca Barco in Northern Italy. Notably, Amad obtained his Italian passport in December 2020.

Amad Diallo the alledged brother of Hamed Traore, who is also footballer. Credit: Instagram/amaddiallo19
Amad Diallo is the alleged brother of Hamed Traore, who is also a footballer. Credit: Instagram/amaddiallo19

On his 18th birthday, 11 July 2020, the player updated his Instagram name from “Amad Traoré” to “Amad Diallo”. Accompanying this change was a caption stating, “Don’t call me Traoré anymore”. By September 2020, he had legally adopted the name, Amad Diallo.

About Sanogo:

Sanogo, their younger sibling, showcases his talents in the youth leagues. Given the impressive skills we’ve witnessed in his family, one can’t help but wonder: How soon will we be captivated by Sanogo’s prowess on our screens? Drawing parallels with the exceptional abilities of his sibling, it’s likely we won’t have to wait long.

Meet Hamed Junior's younger brother, Sanogo. Image credit: wtfoot.com.
Meet Hamed Junior’s younger brother, Sanogo. Image credit: Instagram/amaddiallo19

About Hamed Traore’s Sisters:

According to research, the media primarily talks about his parents and brothers, overlooking other relatives. As a result, there’s scant information about Hamed Traore’s sisters, with no confirmed documentation of their presence.

Hamed Traore Relatives:

Shifting our focus to his more comprehensive family network, there’s a noticeable absence of details regarding his relatives. Similarly, data about his uncles, aunts, grandparents and other kin is sparse.

As followers and admirers, we anticipate learning more about the people who’ve shaped his background and contributed to his life’s tapestry.

Untold Facts:

In this final section of Hamed Traore’s biography, we’re set to reveal some intriguing facts about him. So, without further ado, Let’s get started.

Hamed Traore Salary:

According to Capology, the May 2023 contract with AFC Bournemouth sees him earning a whooping sum of €13,020,000 annually. To better understand Hamed Traore’s earnings, find below a breakdown of what he makes – in euros.

TENURE/EARNINGSHamed Traore's Salary Breakdown with AFC Bournemouth (in Euros)Hamed Traore's Salary Breakdown with AFC Bournemouth (in CFA franc)
What Hamed Traore makes EVERY YEAR:£2,340,000 1,600,311,960 XOF
What Hamed Traore makes EVERY MONTH:£195,000133,359,300 XOF
What Hamed Traore makes EVERY WEEK:£44,93030,727,949 XOF
What Hamed Traore makes EVERY DAY:£6,4184,389,707 XOF
What Hamed Traore makes EVERY HOUR:£534365,808 XOF
What Hamed Traore makes EVERY MINUTE:£8.96,096 XOF
What Hamed Traore makes EVERY SECOND:£0.14101.6 XOF

How Rich is the box-to-box midfielder:

Research indicates that the average person in Ivory Coast, Hamed Traore’s homeland, earns about 4,043,600 annually. Interestingly, it would take such an individual more than three centuries (395 years) to make what Hamed earns in a single week with Bournemouth.

Since you started viewing Hamed Traore‘s Bio, he has earned with Bournemouth.

Hamed Traore FIFA:

At 23, donning the number 22 jersey as a midfielder, Hamed proudly holds a potential score of 84. He stands shoulder to shoulder in skill with fellow midfielders like Manuel Ugarte and Morgan-Gibbs-White. Now, let’s delve into Hamed’s performance in FIFA.

Ball control, Dribbling, Agility and Acceleration are his valuable assets. Sources: Sofifa
Ball control, Dribbling, Agility and Acceleration are his valuable assets. Sources: Sofifa.
Hamed Traore tattoo:
The Ivorian footballer, Hamed Traore, currently has no tattoos. Whether this decision is driven by personal, health, or future considerations is unclear. However, as we pen this biography, he’s kept his skin ink-free.

Hamed Traore Religion:

From what’s known, Traore identifies as a Muslim, with his first name offering a clue. Still, he tends to keep his religious sentiments private. Like many of his peers in football, he refrains from prominently showcasing his faith on social media.

Wiki Summary:

This table breaks down the content of Hamed Junior Traore’s Biography.

Full Name:Hamed Junior Traore
Date of Birth:16th day February 2000
Place of Birth:Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Age:23 years and 9 months old.
Father:Hamed Mamadou Traore
Mother:Marina Traore
Brothers:Amad Diallo and Sanogo
Height:6 feet
Zodiac Sign:Aquarius
Annual Salary:45,000 Euros
Playing Position:Midfielder


Hamed Junior Traore was born on the 16th day of February 2000 to his Ivorian parents. The athlete’s birthplace is in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. The Talented Footballer spent his childhood with his parents, grandparents, and friends in Ivory Coast before moving to Italy at age 14.

Our research discovered that the AFC Bournemouth Midfielder holds Ivorian and Italian nationality. From a young age, he balanced his career with education, showcasing his diligence and strong work ethic.

Hamed started his football journey in Bibbiano, Italy, playing for a local amateur team. By age 15, he transitioned to the Boca Barco Academy in 2015, marking a significant step in his career. As he matured, opportunities to join professional teams emerged, further propelling his career forward.

Hamed Junior embarked on his professional journey alongside his brother, Amad Diallo. Over the years, his dedication and perseverance have been evident as he moved from one club to another. Beginning at Boca Barco, he transitioned to Empoli and then to Sassuolo, constantly pushing his limits and refining his skills.

Currently showcasing his talents at AFC Bournemouth, the dynamic midfielder has proudly donned the Ivory Coast jersey across various levels. His prowess on the field was notably highlighted when he contributed to his team clinching the runner-up position at the Africa U-23 Cup of Nations in 2019.

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