Didier Drogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Didier Drogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

LB presents a full story of a football legend and Accountant popularly known by the Nickname “TitoOur Didier Drogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts entails a full account of notable events from childhood time till date. Analysis involves Profile, Life story before fame, family life and many off and on-pitch little known facts.

Didier Drogba is indeed admired by millions of football fans across the globe. Many die-hard fans see Didier Drogba as the only football legend with an unmatched desire, one stronger than the talent of Lionel Messi and C. Ronaldo. Lets begin with the main theme of this article.

Didier Didier Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsEarly Life

For Biography Starters, his nickname is ‘Tito’ meaning ‘Giant’. Didier Drogba was born with the full name Didier Yves Drogba Tébily on March 11, 1978. His was born in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. His coming to this world was made possible by two Ivorian junior bankers who fell in love in the mid 1970’s.

Didier Drogba in his youthful days grew up in a native village where harsh living condition existed. His early life saw lots of hunger which ravaged himself and family. This economic situation made thousands of Ivorians flee their country for greener pasture in France. France at that time was seen as a refugee destination for Ivorian migrants.

Didier Drogba during his childhood ages was stunted with malnutrition which limited both physical and mental growth. His parents (Albert and Clotilde Drogba) struggled with their local banking jobs which couldn’t put much food on the table. For them, the only hope was to wait for monies promised by a French based relative and footballer (Michel Goba). Michel Goba was among the first early set of migrants who fled to France due to hardship in native Ivory Coast. Monies expected from him was to aid Didier’s journey to France which was planned even at a tender age of 5.

Didier Drogba’s uncle ‘Michel Goba’ was known to have gotten an opportunity in France after he fled his country. He settled as a footballer at a lower division club ‘Stade Brestois 29′. At that time, France absorbed many black refugee footballers.

Micheal Goba (Didier Drogba's Uncle).
Micheal Goba (Didier Drogba’s Uncle).

Asides sending monies, there were also hopes Michel Goba (Drogba’s Uncle) would come to Ivory coast, visit Didier and then, take him alongside himself to France. Thou, this hope was cut short as France refused Michel Goba a visa to visit Ivory Coast.

This left him with the only option of sending monies which was only able to afford visa processing for one person. After much debate by the family, it was decided that little Didier must travel alone to France.

Travelling alone was fearing for Didier. It was a strange journey for the poor little boy who haven’t seen or entered a plane all his life. At the airport during his departure, Didier’s parents placed a large label on his neck with the saying;  ‘DIDIER DROGBA TO MEET MICHEL GOBA IN PARIS’. Ideally, this tag made everyone at the Airport look strangely at him, thus wondering how desperate his parents were in jetting him out of the country.

Didier Drogba upon his arrived at France safely met his Uncle who waited patently for him at the Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Didier Drogba's first arrival at France at age 5.
Didier Drogba’s first arrival at France at age 5.

Didier Drogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsDifficult Start to Life at France.

A few months after Didier Drogba got to France,  his parents at Ivory Coast made a resolution. They were of the view that their son should focus entirely on academics and not becoming a footballer as his uncle did. However, Goba’s views were different. He wanted Didier to become a professional footballer like him. Michel Goba facilitated signing young Didier to a football academy in France.

Didier Drogba at Football Academy (Age 6).
Didier Drogba at Football Academy (Age 6).

On several occasions, both Goba and Didier’s parents disagreed on determining the future of the young lad. However, a resolution was made at the end. It was agreed that Didier Drogba should mix both football and academics. Didier Drogba had to pull out of the football academy and became formally registered to his school’s junior football team.

At this stage, there was an opportunity to mix both academics and playing little football. After a little spell at France, Didier Drogba suddenly became unsettled living with his uncle. Ideally, he grew homesick not so long after his arrival in France.

When recently interviewed recently about this , Didier Drogba had this to say;…

‘I remember my early life in France. I cried every day. Not because I was in France – I could have been anywhere – but because I was so far, far away from my parents. I missed them so much.’

Didier Drogba only endured for three years before giving up on France still at an early age. He was bold telling his uncle about his desire to return to Ivory Coast to be with his parents. After observing he coudn’t fight it any longer, Didier’s uncle angrily granted him this wish. He brought out monie and booked a flight for him. This saw Didier Drogba returning home to be with his parents in Abidjan.

Didier Drogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsLeaving France for Africa

Unfortunately, Didier Drogba’s return to his home country at the age of 8 didn’t go well. Ivory Coast was still at the peak of economic collapse as at the time of his return. The situation got to a point his parents couldn’t afford paying his school fees. This resulted to Didier halting his education. At some point, Didier Drogba began playing football at a local level. He began going to nearby football fields to get trained with friends. This he did for three years until he was 11.

At age 11, Didier Drogba’s parents lost their jobs. This time, the heat of Ivory Coast’s economic downtime could no longer be beard.

Full of regrets for allowing their son leave France, Didier Drogba’s parents shamefully reached out on Michel Goba once again for assistance. Didier Drogba at some point personally admitted the mistake of leaving France. Fortunately for him, Uncle Michel Goba responded and sent money for Didier Drogba to make a second coming to France.

Didier Drogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsThe Second Coming to France

In his second coming to France, Uncle Michel Goba still respected his parent’s wish to have him continue his studies. Goba decided to put Didier Drogba in school. He also taught him the necessary antics in soccer. Due to academic pursuits, Didier maintained football at the youth level where he played as a right back. His Uncle Michel Goba connected him to a youth football club ‘Levallois SP’ in 1993. He was instrumental in doing Didier Drogba’s football paper work as seen below.

Didier Drogba’s Football Paper work (Age 14) was followed by his youth football at Le Mans.

Didier Drogba at this time concentrated on part-time football while studying at high school. After high school education, he went further to pursue a Degree in Accounting at the University of Maine. At the same time, he combined his education with football at Le Mans.

Didier Drogba was more interested in finishing his accountant degree before taking football full-time.

Didier Drogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsA Certified Chartered Accountant

Didier Drogba never wanted to be a professional footballer until he was done with his education. Ideally, Didier Drogba got an Accounting Degree at the age of 21. Today is a registered chartered accountant.

At the age of 21 after his accounting degree, Didier decided to focus fully on football. First he worked on the ability to play attacking roles. This saw him converting to a forward instead of a right back. At that time, there were lots of players more talented than him. They had pure talent. Thou, Didier Drogba’s desire was stronger than their talent.

His hard work got him a transfer to Guingamp in 2002, where he helped the club avoid relegation to the second division. This accolade also got him transferred to Marseille for the 2003-04 season, where he scored 19 goals in 35 games to win the French Ligue 1 Player of the Year. Having reached his athletic prime, the 26-year-old was targeted by many of Europe’s top clubs, and Chelsea paid a transfer fee of roughly $36 million for his services in 2004. The rest is history!

Didier Drogba has been loved by the whole of Africa ever since he made his first international appearance for the Ivory Coast team in 2002. For many football pundits, Didier Drogba is the most decorated African Footballer ever. ‘Thanks to Chelsea FC’. He has been named African Footballer of the Year twice (2006 and 2009).
He was responsible for catapulting his national team, nicknamed “the Elephants,” into World Cup competition for the first time in 2006, and again in 2010. Although the Elephants failed to advance past the group stage both times. Thou their appearance in soccer’s biggest tournament thrilled their devoted fans from Africa.

Didier Drogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsStopping a Civil War

Didier Drogba is often called ‘The Champion of Peace’ by peers and fans. His ability to persuade his country people in stopping a what would have been termed a CIVIL WAR no doubt made him to be named among ‘the 100 most influential people in the world’ by Time Magazine. As an immensely popular figure in his home country, he has used his standing for good purposes when his country was at the brink of a Civil war.

This is what actually happened;

As Ivory Coast ravaged by civil war in 2006, Didier Drogba led the Elephants in prayers for peace after a World Cup qualifying game. He further organized a team statement calling for an end to the war. This effort was credited in helping to bring about a cease-fire among armed groups in the Country.

This move brought immediate peace to all aggrieved cultural leaders in his country. At the end, a Post-Civil war that would have taking the lives of thousands was evaded.

Didier Drogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsSinging the African Way

Despite living most of his life in European Countries, he never deviate from African culture. This involves singing his best country music as a compulsory song when told to sing on arrival at a new club.

Didier Drogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsAttraction to Chelsea FC Female Journalist

For Didier Drogba, having fun is the enjoyment of pleasure. Flaunting around this particular Chelsea’s female journalist wasn’t new to fans. Thou, she never stops making good remark of him.

Didier Drogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsInvolvement with Magic System 

Before their first World Cup, the Ivory Coast squad made a recording with the Magic System Local Band. Here, Didier Drogba proved to the world that he can sing as well as play football.

Didier Drogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsNational Team Leader

Didier Drogba’s national team mates truly knows what togetherness is. Their nature is unique and can’t be compared to other African National teams. They reason together and act like real brothers. Didier Drogba who is naturally seen as the king is always at the center of all affairs.

Didier Drogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsInterview with Thierry Henry

Hear what Didier Drogba has to say about growing up playing football and his experiences playing in Africa. Watch below;

Didier Drogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsIce Bucket Challenge

Didier Drogba loves the ice bucket challenge. He does that to promote research donations and awareness of the ‘amyotrophic lateral sclerosis’ disease. Watch Below;

Didier Drogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsSuper Mum Cooks for the National Team

Didier Drogba’s mum still look very ‘Young and Super’. The mother of Cote d’Ivoire international leads a team of women who cook for the national team and their supporters.

Clotilde Drogba loves to do the traditional home cooking of beans, pepper soup, white rice and stew. According to her,  ‘I love to contribute to my nation by feeding both the national team supporters and players free of charge. My food gives supporters the strength to cheer our team to victory’ .

Every match day, hundreds of the Elephants supporters queue up with empty bowls to collect food free off charge from the mother of the most influential Ivorian player, before heading to the stands to sing and clap.

Didier Drogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsA Taste of Anger

Despite being diplomatic, Didier Drogba can also go mad. The video below reveal a moment he lost his cool. As Didier Drogba puts it, ”This can only happen when having the feeling of me or my team being cheated ”.

He once pointed the finger at referee Tom Henning Ovrebo after the Champions League clash with Barcelona. This outburst as presented below shows Didier Drogba really going mad.

Didier Drogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsSolving Family Issue for a Friend

He has once advised and helped his troubled Togolese friend ‘Emmanuel Adebayor’ resolve his family issue.

Didier Drogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsLearning the Guitar.

Chris Cohen teaches Didier how to use the Guitar and play his song that fans chant during matches, and then sings along with him in a forest. Watch Below;

Didier Drogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsLove Life

Yes, going below people’s expectations, Didier Drogba settled for a lady from his native Côte d’Ivoire. He is currently married to Diakité Lalla, a Malian woman whom he met in Paris, and the couple have three children together.

Below is the photo of Didier Drogba’s traditional wedding which was done in Abidjan.

Didier Drogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsThe Kids

Below is Isaac Drogba (Didier’s first son) and Iman Drogba (Didier’s First and only daughter). Isaac Drogba has played for Chelsea Under 14s.  His eldest son, Isaac, was born in France in 1999, but grew up in England and has played in the Chelsea academy system.

Didier Drogba also has a last son called Kieran Drogba. He was born in 2010.

Didier Drogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsRelationship with Isaac Drogba

Didier really loves to celebrate his son. Isaac (Pictured above) is currently 17 years old as at the time of writing this article. Didier Drogba’s son Isaac wants to follow in father’s footsteps at Chelsea but plans to represent England and not the Ivory Coast. He even snubbed France.

Didier Drogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsSpending Time with Family

Didier Drogba loves to take his wife and children for holiday trips on his luxurious yacht. The celebrity footballer has been seen on a sporting T-shirt with a picture of Mike Tyson across the front as he enjoyed a day out at St Tropez with his family.

Didier Drogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsDating Rumours with Rihanna

Didier Drogba has once been spotted hanging out and partying together with Rihanna. This was after Chelsea’s Champions League Victory.

Didier Drogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsThe Die Hard Footballer.

Indeed, Didier Drogba was prepared to live, fight and die for Chelsea FC. He is a true Chelsea Legend come rain, come sun. We present to you one of his ‘Die Hard‘ moment.

Didier Drogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsRelationship with Frank Lampard

Didier Drogba has always expressed his love for Frank Lampard. On regular occasions, mostly during celebrations, he forms the usual habit of singing the ‘Super Frank’ song to Chelsea fans. This one happened the day their Champions League’s trophy was brought home. Both friends are indeed, expendable. Watch Below;

Didier Drogba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography FactsRelationship with Roman Abramovich

Didier Drobga indeed has a strong relationship with Roman Abrahimovic (Chelsea FC owner).

Our popularity index of Didier Drogba.

No doubt, wven thou his time at Chelsea saw its end, memories of him will last forever.

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Sunday Ikize Ajia
6 months ago

Incredible Drogba! But why ommiting all the trophies he had won? Only champions league is mentioned.

Fonkem primus Antepioh
3 years ago

fantastic, I am really impressed. I have always loved the man and will continue to do so especially in relation to his contributions in eliminating the civil war that would have ravaged souls. May God continue to guide him.