Amad Diallo Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Amad Diallo Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Biography of Amad Diallo tells you Facts on his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Girlfriend/wife to be, Net Worth, Lifestyle and Personal Life.

Simply put, we present you a complete Life Story of the youngster, from his early days to when he became famous. Before that, let’s whet your appetite with a summary of his Bio.

Yes, the vast amount of money Man United invested in acquiring Amad Diallo has shocked everyone. Hence, we are all left with an unanswered question about the mysterious wonder kid. Like; Would he eventually turn out to play the same way Cristiano Ronaldo did for United? Read on as we provide fascinating and untold facts about his early days to the present.

Amad Diallo Childhood Story:

For Biography Starters, he was initially known with the name Amad Traore. Amad Diallo was born on the 11th day of July 2002 to his supposed father, Hamed Mamadou Traore, and mother, Marina in the capital city of Abidjan, Ivory Coast. The Youngster’s parents had him as the second son of the Diallo or Traore family.

Unfortunately, Amad came to the world just a few months before the Ivorian Civil War began in 2002. First, we must commend the fact that he is a survivor. Truth be told, no child can ever have a normal life at that time, in the crisis-stricken zone. Thankfully, nature made Diallo be a regular kid with an extraordinary talent.

We can not deny the fact that his childhood days encompass a lot of unethical and sad experience of WAR. However, his existence proves that people can still rise above the claws of misfortune to attain a great height of success.

Amad Diallo Family Background:

Do you know?… The young Ivorian hails from a household that could only afford an average lifestyle. Despite coming from a middle-class family background, Amad Diallo parents did manage to raise some funds which they use in travelling overseas- to Italy.

The family’s journey to Italy earlier went well but came with later troubles. Did you know?… the Ivorian player and his family were caught up in an illegal migration case in June 2020. This issue is one that can even get him a ban from football. More details about the case- to come later, read on.

Amad Diallo Family Origin:

Perhaps you never knew, there is more to his African heritage than what meets the eye. To begin with, Amad Diallo’s black skin depicts the makings of his African roots. Unlike Wesley Fofana, he spent part of his earliest days growing in the streets of Abidjan.

Back then, Amad Diallo’s family home was like those among these small houses built at the banks of the Ebrie Lagoon located in Ivory Coast. The Footballer revealed this on social media.

Amad Diallo Career Story:

Do you know?… The Ivorian wonder kid spent the rest of his youthful days in the town of Bibbiano, Italy. Back then, he spent most of his free time playing football with his elder brother (Hamed Junior Traore) and other kids. Seeing that the duos showed a lot of promising potentials, Fabrizio Gilioli (a family friend) suggested they both join Boca Barco. This is a small academy in Barco RE, Italy.

At the age of 12, he began a full-time academy career at Boca Barco in 2014. After progressing through age groups, the young lad stepped up his football experience. At this point, he took a trial at AS Lucchese under the technical direction of Giovanni Galli.

Amad Diallo Early Career Life:

Within the space of four months, the young winger had impressed many local football fans with his prolific potentials. The thing is, Diallo emerged as the highest goalscorer of a tournament organised in December 2014. The truth is, he was the youngest player in the competition.

Guess what?… Diallo’s performance on the pitch during the tournament attracted many Serie A Clubs. In no time, he moved to Atalanta where he started his professional career in 2015. See how young Amad looked back in his first year with Atalanta.

Amad Diallo Biography- Road to Fame Story:

At first, he started up with the U-14 team of Atalanta and competed in the Giovanissimi Regionali – a popular competition. Afterwards, he helped his club’s U-15 team win the Scudetto trophy by scoring one goal in a 2-0 win against Roma.

In due time, Amad Diallo rose through the ranks of his team and established himself as an unmatched player. Interestingly, he just kept on being a playmaker, making assists and scoring GOALS.

Being singled out (always) as the best player among his peers sent a big message to football scouts. Before the end of 2019, Diallo had won a handful of trophies and other personal awards with Atalanta BC.

Amad Diallo Success Story:

At the appointed time, the Ivorian winger made his glorious Serie A debut on the 27th day of October 2019. You won’t believe it! Amad Diallo who came in as a substitute in the 79th minute still scored a goal in his first senior appearance. Behold the sensational celebration of the star in the making.

That goal made him become the first player born in the year 2002 to score in the Italian top flight. Among all scouts who chased him, begging for his signature, it was Man Utd that excelled. This came after Amad’s parents approved the transfer. At the time of writing his Biography, the Youngster is set to join Manchester United for a whooping sum of £37.2 million in January 2021.

To say what is likely to be the truth, Amad Diallo may become one of the Youngest Promising Players of the Premier League in the future. The video clip below gives a glimpse of his world-class football prowess- a reason Man Utd acquired him.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Who is Amad Diallo Girlfriend/Wife to be?

Of course, the meteoric Rise to Fame of the Ivorian would have raised a lot of speculations about his love life. Again, there is denying the fact that his style of play and cute looks wouldn’t attract female fans who would wish to be his girlfriend OR the mother of his children.

As at when we created his Bio, it’s obvious Amad Diallo isn’t keen on letting the world know his girlfriend or wife to be.

Amad Diallo Personal Life:

Most youth player finds it difficult to maintain a high sense of composure when playing with their senior team for the first time. However, Diallo has shown a great deal of confidence that supersedes that of an average player.

What’s more? He is as lively as Nicolas Pepe, or maybe more. His jovial nature makes it easy for him to associate with other teammates. No wonder he could develop a close bond with Paul Pogba in the past before he even thought of joining Man United.

Amad Diallo Lifestyle:

Although the iconic winger is not as old-fashioned as Eric Bailly, he does not spend too much. Truth is, Diallo is still trying to establish himself in the world of football. Hence, he wouldn’t want to fill too comfortable with a luxurious Lifestyle. Otherwise, he may lose his career focus.

Amad Diallo Net Worth:

Even though his estimated weekly income at Atalanta was £1,800, his salary will soon increase by the time he joins Man United. At this time, we’ve estimated his net worth to be below £1 million.

Amad Diallo Family Life:

No doubt, his household is blessed with hardworking members, something that is natural to most immigrants from Africa. In this section, we’ll present you more Facts about Amad Diallo’s family starting with his Dad.

About Amad Diallo Father:

First and foremost, the relationship between Diallo and his dad, Hamed Mamadou Traore, has raised a lot of questions in the year 2020. Are you aware?… Amad’s father is the reason behind the change in his surname from Traore to Diallo.

Is it Amad Traore or Diallo?

Apparently, report exists that the Ivorian player is likely to have no family ties with his supposed dad. This is part of the on-going investigation on an illegal migration by Italian authorities. Hence there are checks to unravel the real bond existing between Amad and his supposed father, Hamed Mamadou Traore.

Due to the on-going investigation, Amad quickly asked United and football fans to address him as Amad Diallo and not Amad Traore. Thou his Wiki page (at the time of writing) still has the latter while TransferMkt has updated.

About Amad Diallo Mother:

The prolific winger’s mum has been instrumental in his career path. Like many mothers of footballers, Marina Traore stood by her sons through their progress at Boca Barco. Today, she reaps the fruits of her labour.

Even in the midst of the Ivorian crisis, Marina did not give up on her children. Instead, she sought for a way to get them out of the country, a feat which has ushered Amad into the football career path he threads today.

About Amad Diallo’s Brother:

To start with, he has a successful brother- also a footballer who plays at the Italian top flight. Hamed Junior Traore was born on the 16th day of February 2000- meaning he is two years older than him.

Amad Diallo’s brother (Hamed Junior Traore) started his football journey alongside him at  Boca Barco, Northern Italy. Still very young, there is a high chance of a successful career.

Do you know?… The emigration investigation conducted by Italian authorities may prove that Diallo and his acclaimed brother (Hamed Junior Traore) are not related. Well, only time will uncover the truth about his identity that has long been concealed from him.

About Amad Diallo’s Sister:

The media is very much centred around his parents and brother but very less about other members of his family. The result portrays no documentation about the existence of Amad Diallo’s sister.

Amad Diallo Relatives:

Moving on to his ancestry, there has been no information about his grandfather and grandmother. In the same way, there is no detail about his uncles, aunts and other relatives. Well, we hope he gets to tell us more about his extended family soon.

Amad Diallo Untold Facts:

To wrap up our his amazing Life Story, here are a few truths that would help you get a complete grasp of his Bio.

Fact #1: Why he changed his name from Traore to Diallo- The Illegal Migration Case:

Did you know?… Diallo and his brother came to Italy for a family reunion. However, the Ivorians may have illegally migrated to the country as the man who claims to be his father is likely not his relation. This is why he changed his name from Amad Traore to Amad Diallo.

Amidst all these controversies, the Ivorian brothers may face no charge for the alleged wrongdoing since they were both under-aged at the time it happened. Below is what the Italian investigation team has to say;

“We are aware of his transfer to Manchester United. But we are not sure if they are aware of our investigation.

Notwithstanding, we have started to look into the case. Hence, the two players might face disciplinary action if proven guilty of any sports code violation.”

Fact #2: Salary Breakdown and Earnings Per Second:

For a player of his potentials, we may say; Amad is paid way too little compared to his playing capabilities. However, his earning is set to shoot up by the time he joins Manchester United. Here is his Atalanta Salary breakdown:

TENURE/EARNINGSEarnings in Pounds (£)
Per Year£93,744
Per Month£7,812
Per Week£1,800
Per Day£257
Per Hour£11
Per Minute£0.18
Per Seconds£0.003

We’ve strategically put up an analysis of Amad Diallo’s earnings as the clock ticks. Find out for yourself his earning per seconds.

Since you began viewing Amad Diallo’s Bio, this is what he has earned…


Fact #3: FIFA Profile:

Like young Wilfried Zaha (back in the days), The stats of Amad Diallo’s potentials can make you bet that his future will have huge success. Despite the pace and dribbling strengths, his 2020 FIFA analysis is a bit poor. Anyway, we all look forward to the break of a new dawn in his United career life.


Finally, we ought to learn from Amad Diallo’s act of courage. Remember, if he didn’t believe in his capabilities, he wouldn’t have proven himself in his professional debut.

Also, the case of his parents’ true identity is not yet entirely resolved. Our best wishes are with Amad Diallo’s family, who is going through a hard time with the illegal immigration case. We hope they come out of the ordeal unscathed.

Thanks for reading our Biography of Amad Traore or Diallo. Kindly Contact us if you find anything that doesn’t seem right with our article. Otherwise, let us know (in the comment section) what you think about the Youngster.


Biography Inquiries Wiki Answers
Former Name:Amad Traore
Current Name:Amad Diallo
Date of Birth:11th July 2002
Place of Birth:Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Father:Hamed Mamadou Traore
Mother:Marina Traore
Siblings:Hamed Junior Traore (elder brother)
Salary:£1,800 (per week)
Occupation:Football player

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