Leandro Trossard Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Leandro Trossard Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Leandro Trossard Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Wife (Laura Hilven), Car, Lifestyle, Personal Life and Net Worth.

In the nutshell, we give you the true history of a Belgian footballer of Genk origin. Our story begins from his early days to when he achieved success in football. Now to whet your autobiography appetite on the engaging nature of Leandro Trossard’s Bio, behold his boyhood to adult gallery.

The Biography of Leandro Trossard - From his early days to when he became successful.
The Biography of Leandro Trossard – From his early days to when he became successful.

Yes, everyone knows he’s got counter attack threat and attacking versatility like Eden Hazard. More so, he is one of the most attractive assets for Brighton. Despite these accolades, only a few fans have read a concise version of Leandro Trossard’s Life Story. Without further ado, lets begin.

Leandro Trossard Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname Le Tross. Leandro Trossard was born on the 4th day of December 1994 to his mother, Linda Scheepers and father, Peter Trossard, in the municipality of Genk, Belgium.

Based on findings, the Belgium footballer is the first child out of two children born of the union between his parents. We need no evidence… Leandro took after his Dad, Peter Trossard, in resemblance. Also to note, the footballer’s mum, Linda Scheepers, kept her family name after tying the knot with Peter.

Meet Leandro Trossard’s parents - Linda Scheepers and Peter Trossard.
Meet Leandro Trossard’s parents – Linda Scheepers and Peter Trossard.

Growing Up in Belgium:

As a child, Leandro was this sort of hyperactive kid, who always got busy with the soccer ball. As his Instagram account puts it, the Belgian grew up alongside his younger sister in Lanklaar, a small town in Belgium. Pictured below, both siblings who look alike, had fond memories of their childhood.

Leandro Trossard's Sister. Both siblings have good memories of their childhood.
Leandro Trossard’s Sister. Both siblings have good memories of their childhood.

The winger spent his boyhood years around the Dilsen-Stokkem Belgian municipality – which is Just a fifteen minute drive from the Luminus Arena where we have the multi-purpose stadium of Genk. This region, Maasland is not in Genk City.

Leandro Trossard Family Background:

Linda Scheeper, his mother, operated a small cafe in Lanklaar, Belgium. She sold light meals and drinks for her customers, who are mostly fans of Leandro. Her husband, Peter Trossard, belonged to the Belgian working class. Together, both of Leandro Trossard’s parents operated a middle class home, had good financial education and never struggled with monies.

Leandro Trossard Family Origin:

The Belgian footballer is a native of Lanklaar, a town and municipality located in the Belgian province of Limburg near Hasselt. Pictured below, this is a quiet town with hardworking citizens situated just around the border of southern Netherlands.

Leandro Trossard's family origin. He comes from a peaceful town in Belgium.
Leandro Trossard’s family origin. He comes from a peaceful town in Belgium.

From an ethnic viewpoint, Leandro Trossard belongs to the Flanders Belgian ethnicity. This people of this language group are in the Flemish region of Belgium. They speak more of Dutch rather than French. Stars like Thorgan Hazard hail from the French-speaking part of Belgium.

Leandro Trossard Education:

Like most kids from Lanklaar, the football loving lad adhered to the compulsory schooling as his country permitted. At some point, Leandro understandably neglected his post-secondary education in favour of putting every part of his efforts on the pitch. Research has it that the soccer player went to Sint-Jan Berchmanscollege, a secondary school in the City of Brussels, Belgium.

Career Buildup:

As a hyperactive kid, his love for football transformed him into an addict who always yearned to watch live football matches. Because of that, Peter and Linda took him everywhere to watch soccer matches within their reach.

While he played football in the Krekeldries area of Lanklaar, Leandro and his friends had a pact. They agreed to fight hard, promising themselves that at least one of them must make it. Among the gang, Leandro – the smallest- was more ambitious. He spent more hours horning his skills – more than any other – in the streets where he grew up.

Even after his family moved to Dilsen-Stokkem, the youngster kept coming back to play football with the same childhood friends he had an agreement with. At time went on, all boys moved to face their destinies.

Leandro Trossard Football Story:

Although a real Genkie since childhood, Leandro Trossard’s biggest dreamt was to play with the Belgian club. Contrary to publications about his career story on Wikipedia, the youngster did not end up at KRC Genk until he was sixteen.

Leandro Trossard began his career by playing for a few local football teams. Kicking off his career, Peter and Linda (his parents) took him to Louis J. Mercierlaan, where Patro’s youth fields are located. When Leandro was twelve, he became a permanent player with Patro (a small Belgian club) where he experienced some good times.

At fifteen, Trossard moved to FC Bocholt, a small club in the city of Bocholt, a municipality in the Belgian province of Limburg. The reason for the move is because Patro ran into problems which made them relegate to Belgian fourth division.

Bocholt was a step higher in Leandro Trossard’s youth career. The fast rising youngster played for the North Rhine-Westphalia club as a striker. During that time, he emulated Didier Drogba as his role model. To the joy of his parents and family members, he got called to the Belgian national youth side. This happened after he scored 42 goals for the club in two seasons.

Leandro Trossard Biography – The Road to Fame Story:

Just at the time he got a junior national call, Belgian football first division teams began to show interest in the combative footballer. K.R.C. Genk and Standard were Leandro’s options, but the first later became the best choice for him.

The young attacker ended up at KRC Genk at sixteen. Being too young at that age with no experience, Leandro was told to go on loan to Lommel SK, another club based in the city of Lommel, Limburg.

Trossard rose to prominence on loan with the Belgian First Division B side. He also got himself tested (still on loan) with other teams, namely; with K.V.C. Westerlo and Oud-Heverlee Leuven. With 34 goals as a loaned player, the rising star earned the rights to go back to his parent club (Genk) – this time, as a recognized hitman.

The Belgian scored many goals during his loan spells.
The Belgian scored many goals during his loan spells.

Leandro Trossard Bio – The Success Story:

Proving that the success of his loan spells was no stroke of luck for the fast rising star. He made a quick impression with Genk, even rising to become the club’s captain. As their most important player, Leandro Trossard guided Genk to the top of the league table in Belgium – helping the club produce many vital moments.

He displays a true sign of a leader.
He displays a true sign of a leader.

During that time, where he began following the footsteps of Kevin De Bruyne, Leandro knew nothing other than accumulating trophies to his CV. Winning the Belgian First Division league cemented his reputation not just as a leader but one of the country’s brightest prospects.

Just after the win, his growing reputation became a centre of attraction around Europe. With a host of admirers, Leandro Trossard have no shortage of high-quality options. On the 26th day of June 2019, Brighton agreed to sign him on a four-year deal. The rest, as they say, is history.

Leandro Trossard Love Life with Laura Hilven:

The Belgian Footballer has a stunning wife, two years older than him. But who cares!… age is just a number. Both lovers enjoyed beautiful days unmarried before Leandro popped the question – which she said YES!

Meet the wife of Leandro Trossard.
Meet the wife of Leandro Trossard- Laura Hilven.

After accepting his wedding proposal, Laura Hilven told her Instagram fans she can’t imagine living with anyone other than Leandro. A year later, the big day finally arrived for the two lovebirds.

Precisely at 11 am – on the big day, Laura Hilven and her husband put each other’s wedding rings on their fingers. Their wedding location was in the town hall of Opglabbeek (Oudsbergen), where the Genk couple once lived before he finalized his transfer to Brighton.

Leandro Trossard wedding photo.
Leandro Trossard wedding photo.

As well planned, Laura Hilven and Leandro’s marriage was a kind of goodbye to his old club (KRC Genk), as the captain had already agreed to join Brighton.

It is pertinent to say that while still boyfriend and girlfriend, both Leandro and Laura agreed to give meaning to their lives. They thought of having a child to keep them company. Nine months later (in 2017), Thiago Trossard – a future footballer – was born. For Leandro, being a father has been, without a doubt, his greatest source of inspiration, pride and achievement.

On this day, a future footballer - Thiago Trossard - was born.
On this day, a future footballer – Thiago Trossard – was born.

Laura and Leandro surely knows the essence of applying cool parenting tips in order to see their child (Thiago) have the best of life. As I write this Biography, the family of three lives happily in the south coast of England – The city of Brighton.

A happy life in the South of England.
A happy life in the South of England.

What is Thiago Trossard’s Future:

There is a high chance, the boy’s parents would want him to become a footballer. But first thing first, he the need to develop water safety and survival skills. We can see Thiago Trossard, who also likes Rugby, taking his first steps into his sporting future.

Thiago's takes first step into the future.
Thiago’s takes first step into the future.

Leandro Trossard Personal Life:

The Belgian footballer possess the traits of the Sagittarius Zodiac sign. Stating off, we all know Leandro is someone with an energetic personality. The Lanklaar native is able to transform his thoughts into concrete actions which in most case, produce instant results.

We have an obvious case of the winger’s Sagittarius traits. Did you know?… In 2020, Leandro Trossard built a Lego Taj Mahal as a way of dealing with football loneliness during the COVID-19 lockdown. The Belgian did that while at his family home in Genk. He devoted a few hours each day to painstakingly assembling all 5,923 pieces to build one of the world’s architectural wonders.

Leandro Trossard Personal Life explained. Building a Lego Taj Mahal shows the makings of his Sagittarius personality.
Leandro Trossard Personal Life explained. Building a Lego Taj Mahal shows the makings of his Sagittarius personality.

Lastly, on personality discussion, one secret of every successful person is the fact they never forget where they come from. This is the case of the Brighton winger who often visits his childhood streets of Lanklaar, where played his first football.

The modest footballer never forget his origin.
The modest footballer never forget his origin.

Leandro Trossard Lifestyle:

As far as we know, the footballer loves to spend monies on sea and non-seaside vacations. Put simply, Leandro enjoys life in a way most celebrity soccer players do. One reason for vacation is to nurture a positive relationship with his now-wife, Laura Hilven.

Seaside places and other beautiful destinations add a healthy dose of inspiration to the life of Laura and Leandro.
Seaside places and other beautiful destinations add a healthy dose of inspiration to the life of Laura and Leandro.

Leandro Trossard’s Car  – What does the Belgian drive?

It is official, the Lanklaar native spends his monies also on acquiring possessions, like his favourite Car. As seen below, Leandro has a special likeness for black automobiles. He is particularly fond of this car type – a brand he has driven since his teenage years.

Here is Leandro Trossard's Car. The Belgian has been loyal to this brand.
Here is Leandro Trossard’s Car. The Belgian has been loyal to this brand.

Leandro Trossard Family Life:

If someone sticks by your side throughout your preparatory stage or when you were nothing, then they deserve to be with you throughout your time of success. In this section, we’ll breakdown facts about Leandro Trossard’s parents, siblings and relatives – the people that makes him feel so loved on his birthdays.

Leandro Trossard’s Father:

Peter is a reflection of God’s care in the life of his son. He is a man the Belgian player looks up to, no matter how successful or tall he has become. As at 2021, the super Dad is just one year from hitting the golden jubilee of life (50 years of age).

Peter Trossard takes his son with him everywhere. The proud Dad is living the best of his life.
Peter Trossard takes his son with him everywhere. The proud Dad is living the best of his life.

Early on, Peter Trossard found the need to put his life on-hold for the sake of giving a 100% attention to Leandro’s career. Both father and son have gone through thick and thin and with the help of a broker, (the person of Josy Comhair), managing his son’s budding career have just got easier.

Leandro Trossard’s Mother:

We refer to Linda Scheepers, as the backbone of the family. In the municipality of Dilsen-Stokkem (Lanklaar) where Leandro grew up, his mum (a very famous native) needs no introduction. Leandro Trossard’s Mother runs the most successful Pub business in Lanklaar neighbourhood.

Because of her son’s popularity, she often gets flooded by fan customers who takes pleasure of watching Brighton’s matches in her business. As seen in the embedded video, Linda Scheepers is someone who gives an open arm to sports journalist even during business hours. Behold, one of such moments.

Leandro Trossard’s Siblings:

From what it seems, the Belgian has no brother but a sister whom he once revealed to his social media fans. Following her brother’s departure to Lommel United via Loan in 2013, we’ve heard nothing about Trossard’s sister. The younger sibling of Leandro lives a private life, at least for now.

Leandro Trossard’s Relatives:

The Brighton winger has strong ties with the parents of Laura Hilven, his wife. Leandro Trossard’s mother-in-law (in particular) appears to be a big fan of her daughter’s husband. Fabienne Hilven hardly misses the KRC Genk matches and trophy celebration festivities. When Leandro and wife comes around, the grandmother ensures her grandson (Thiago) is always by her side. Like Linda, Fabienne also grant interviews.

Speaking of a likely relative, the name of Dylano Trossard often pops on social media. It gives us a clue that he could be the little cousin of the footballer.

Leandro Trossard Untold Facts:

Having journeyed through the life history of the combative winger, we deem it necessary to tell you more truths about him. Without further ado, let’s proceed.

Fact #1 – Leandro Trossard and Guns:

The Brighton star possesses the strength and stamina to be a good Pistol shooter. Here, we see him flexing his shoulder muscles with what we know as one of his hidden hobbies.

The hidden hobby of Leandro Trossard - Love for shooting.
The hidden hobby of Leandro Trossard – Love for shooting.

Fact #2 – Getting Drunk:

Leandro once made himself to get noticed negatively. It happened on a night he got intoxicated. The Genk captain said some bad things during a celebration of a title. In the video below, a drunk Trossard insulted by singing “All farmers are gay”. He did this in reference to the supporters of Club Brugge (a rival Belgian opponent).

After the party, an appolegic Trossard responded to the incident in front of the TV Limburg camera. In his words;


Fact #3 – Laughing Gas Accusation:

The winger, in another controversy, appeared in the video doing what football forbids. Leandro sat on a table alongside Jahanbakhsh, Duffy et al – in either a bar or nightclub, surrounded by drinks and a ofcourse, Shisha pipe. Balloons seen in the video (below) is popular among people who inhale nitrous oxide, AKA laughing gas.

According to the local newspaper The Argus, Brighton knows about the video and has since dealt with matter internally.

Fact #4 – Leandro Trossard Salary and Net Worth:

Per Year:£1,822,800
Per Month:£151,900
Per Week£35,000
Per Day£5,000
Per Hour£208
Per Minute£3
Per Second£0.06

Since you began viewing Leandro Trossard‘s Bio, he has earned this with Brighton.


The average citizen of Belgium who earns €61,357 a year will need to work for 39 years and nine months to earn what Leandro Trossard’s receives annually with Brighton.

Leandro Trossard Net Worth:

Being a senior player since 2012 implies he has made quite a fortune in football under his agent – JC Player management Sports (owned by Josy Comhair). Trossard’s salary, deals and sponsors gotten over the years has seen his net worth skyrocket to approximately 4 million euros as at the start of 2021.

Fact #5 – Woodwork Record:

Did you know?… Leandro Trossard is the first footballer since Cristiano Ronaldo to rattle the woodwork three times in a single Premier League match. By doing that, he holds the record as the joint unluckiest player to have played in an EPL match.

Fact #6 – FIFA Stats:

The Baller should at least have over 80 points because, at the start of 2021, we saw him as one of the best in the EPL in dribbling and ball control. Leandro and Divock Origi suffers a low FIFA 2021 score of 77 points, which to many fans is an absolute joke.

See the injustice melted on Leandro.
See the injustice melted on Leandro.

Fact #7 – Leandro Trossard Religion:

The major religion in Belgium is Christianity, (in particular Roman Catholicism). Catholics make up 58% of the country’s population. Leandro is a Christian who got married to Laura Hilven in a way the religion permits. He is the type who doesn’t make his practice public.


But rather than crumble as many foreign players have experienced, the Belgian gone from strength to strength in the English premier league. The Biography of Leandro Trossard teaches us that – it is the size of one’s that determines success. Among the friends with whom he made a pact with (during his childhood), Leandro’s had the greatest of will.

It behoves lifebogger to commend the footballers’ parents (Linda Scheepers and Peter Trossard) for being his backbone. Remember, his Dad kept his work life on hold to look after him and his mum uses her pub to entertain the local fanbase of her son.

Our team strived for fairness and accuracy while delivering the article on the Leandro Trossard’s Bio. Kindly reach us if you notice something that doesn’t look right our write up of the winger. Otherwise, let us know in the comment section, your views on Leandro. To get a quick sum of his memoir, use this wiki table.

Full Name:Leandro Trossard
Nickname:Le Tross
Date of Birth:4th day of December 1994.
Age:26 years and 2 months old.
Parents:Peter Trossard (Father) and Linda Scheepers (Mother)
Wife:Laura Hilven
Children:Thiago Trossard.
Relatives:Fabienne Hilven (Mother Inlaw and Thiago's Grandmother) and Dylano Trossard.
Mother's Occupation:Pub Owner
Dad's Occupation:Partner Broker with Josy Comhair.
Brighton Wages:£1,822,800 (Annual) and £35,000 (Weekly)
Playing Position:Winger & Midfield
Height:1.72 m or 172cm or 5 feet 8 inches.
Religion:Christianity (Catholic)
Agent:JC Playermanagement-Sports (owned by Josy Comhair)

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