Alexis Mac Allister Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Alexis Mac Allister Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Alexis Mac Allister Biography portrays Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Carlos Javier (Father), Silvina Riela (Mother), Family Background, and Brothers (Kevin, Francis).

More so, the Lifestyle, Personal Life and Net Worth of the Argentine playmaker.

In a nutshell, Lifebogger presents the full history of Alexis Mac Allister. This is the story of a Mummy boy from a rich family. A Baller who uses Carlos Tevez’s shirt as his inspiration to succeed in the Premier League.

This is the Biography of an Argentine Baller whose family has a voracious appetite for business. Also, a tactically matured midfielder whose Dad (Carlos Javier) is a gladiator in Argentine politics.

Lifebogger’s Biography of Alexis Mac Allister begins by telling you notable events of his boyhood years.

Afterwards, we’ll proceed to explain his early escapades in football. And then how he rose to become successful in the beautiful game.

To whet your autobiography appetite on the engaging nature of Alexis Mac Allister’s Bio, we’ve deemed it fit to portray his Early Life and Rise gallery.

Behold the life trajectory of the 2022 FIFA World Cup winner.

Alexis Mac Allister Biography - Behold his Early life and Great Rise.
Alexis Mac Allister Biography – Behold his Early Life and Great Rise.

No doubt, everyone knows Alexis is a highly technical player. An attacking midfielder with a good first touch. This is a baller who manipulates the ball and can make quick, punchy passes to teammates at speed.

Despite the love poured on him by fans, Lifebogger notices a gap. The truth is, not many football fans have read a concise piece of Alexis Mac Allister’s Biography.

We’ve obeyed the clarion call by preparing his story. Now, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Alexis Mac Allister Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname ‘Ale’. Alexis Mac Allister was born on the 24th day of December 1998 to his mother, Silvina Riela and father, Carlos Javier Mac Allister. His birthplace is the city of Santa Rosa, Argentina.

Being born a day to Christmas (24th of December) signifies he is truly the special child of his family. For members of Alexis Mac Allister’s family, there is always a premature celebration of Christmas. This is because his birthday comes a day earlier.

The birthday of Mummy’s boy means a continuous celebration of Christmas – right until the 26th of December. Behold little Ale (Mummy’s boy) and his Silvina, his Mum. Back then, in his childhood.

A one-year-old Alexis Mac Allister with his mother, Silvina Riela.
A one-year-old Alexis Mac Allister with his mother, Silvina Riela.

Growing-Up Years:

As you might have noticed, Alexis Mac Allister came to the world as the last-born child of his family. He has no sister, as his home is made up of a big family of mostly boys.

Ale, as they nickname him, grew up alongside his older brothers. They are two in number, and they go by their names; Kevin and Francis Mac Allister.

Behold, Ale and his brothers – with that similar smile. Francis is the oldest, Kevin is the older, and Ale is the youngest.

Meet the Mac Allister Brothers in their childhood. Alexis (left), Francis (far back) and Kevin (front).
Meet the Mac Allister Brothers in their childhood. Alexis (left), Francis (far back) and Kevin (front).

The Mac Allister brothers had great childhood memories. One of which they never forget was watching the Premier League when growing up in Buenos Aires.

They (Alexis, Francis, and Kevin) idolized Sergio Aguero and Carlos Tevez as children.

Alexis Mac Allister’s Early Life with their Dad:

The Argentine playmaker spent most of his childhood developing his football technical skills. Not only Alexis but also his two brothers – Kevin and Francis.

In fact, Football is in the blood of every male member of Alexis Mac Allister’s family.

The source of football – in the family – came from one man. He is no other than their father, Carlos Javier Mac Allister.

Carlos Javier is a retired footballer who groomed his three sons into his own image and likeness. Thankfully, all the boys took off from where their Daddy left off.

Alexis Mac Allister, his brothers (Francis, Kevin), alongside their Dad, Carlos. They had just returned from watching a football match.
Alexis Mac Allister, his brothers (Francis, Kevin), alongside their Dad, Carlos. They had just returned from watching a football match.

The Childhood Songs of the Mac Allister Brothers:

When Alexis Mac Allister was little, he and his brothers used to have two favourite songs.

Back then, both Kevin, Francis and Alexis would sing these two songs before going to bed. The boys formed a habit of often reserving the best of the two songs for the last.

The first song has to do with three little pigs. They refer to themselves as the three pigs. The second has to do with the football dream of the three brothers.

This second song is about three brothers who played together in Real Madrid. As they sang it, little did they know that it would come to pass. Although with another club and not Real Madrid.

According to their Dad, Alexis, Kevin and Francis often sang this son with sleep on their eyes. Their eyes were as big as three lanterns.

After singing, they would tell their parents about the story of the three football brothers. In the words of Carlos Javier;

They’ll never finish the story because I always fell asleep before they did.

When I woke up, already in the morning, they always asked me:

Dad? How did our story end? We know you slept off.

The truth is, I never thought the dreams of my sons would come true in Argentinos Juniors.

Alexis Mac Allister Family Background:

The attack-minded Argentinian midfielder hails from a household that has a big history in football.

Alexis Mac Allister’s family is also one that has a voracious appetite for business and politics. We’ll tell you about the family background of the Brighton star in this section.

To start with, the head of the house – that is, Alexis Mac Allister’s Father, was a former footballer.

Carlos Javier was a left-back who made history when he played alongside Diego Maradona – for Argentina. After retirement, he went into business and sports politics.

On the other hand, Alexis Mac Allister’s mother is a core businesswoman. Silvina Riela and her husband are the proud owners of Rielamac, a family clothing business.

Rielamac is a brand formed from the combination of Alexis Mac Allister’s parents’ surnames.

Alexis Mac Allister's family are the proud owners of RIELAMAC, a family business.
Alexis Mac Allister’s family are the proud owners of RIELAMAC, a family business.

Just like the parents of Dutch footballer Wout Weghorst, Silvina and Carlos love to see their children get involved in the family business.

That has seen Alexis Mac Allister’s brothers, including their Mum, becoming the face of the top-level clothing brand franchise.

Alexis Mac Allister Family Origin:

The majority of his fans know he has Argentine nationality. Alexis Mac Allister is from Santa Rosa, a city in the Argentine La Pampa Province.

Carlos Mac Allister (Alexis’s Dad) is the second most popular person in this province after Luis Zubeldía, a football manager.

This map explains Alexis Mac Allister's family origin. He is from Santa Rose.
This map explains Alexis Mac Allister’s family origin. He is from Santa Rose.

Alexis’s Mac Allister’s Irish Origin:

The family name (Mac Allister) does not have its origin in Argentina. By implication, it means Alexis’ ancestors are not from South America.

Research conducted by Lifebogger traces Alexis Mac Allister’s family roots to Ireland and Scotland.

Further research reveals that some of the ancestors of the Argentine playmaker hail from Fife.

Fife is Scotland’s third-largest local authority, with a resident population of around 367,000 people. The historic town of St Andrews is on Fife’s north coast.

From the above explanation of Alexis Mac Allister’s family origin, it means his ethnicity is Scottish Argentine OR Irish Argentine.

Being an Irish Argentine implies he has Irish descent. Years ago, Alexis Mac Allister’s ancestors emigrated to Argentina from Ireland.

The first set of Irish emigrants arrived in Argentina, mainly from the 1830s to the 1930s. This was followed by the latest wave in 1850–1870 (20 years later).

These periods are likely to be the time the footballer’s ancestors arrived in the South American country.

Alexis Mac Allister Education:

When the time got right, Ale and his brothers got enrolled at “JJ Batista” school. While there, one man, Fernando Batista, built their career foundation.

Back then, there came the assurance from the Mac Allister brothers. Never compromise their education for football.

Early on, Silvina and Carlos advised their sons not to stay only with football. Kevin, Francis, and Ale listened to their parents on this very important plea.

The idea of his Mum and Dad was for their sons to study hard and finish high school. Thankfully, they did as advised.

Before the boys got to fifth grade (age 10 to 11), Alexis Mac Allister’s Dad got involved in every aspect of their studies. He often gave Ale and his brothers assignments that had little to do with maths or language.

Surprisingly, it was an assignment for the boys to prepare scouting reports of players. In the words of Carlos Javier Mac Allister;

After retirement from the game, I began working as a businessman and football scout.

I had to keep track of some players.

My boys were 9 and 8 years old.

I tasked them with helping me with preparing statistics of scouting reports.

Alexis Mac Allister Football Story – The Untold Biography:

The Argentine midfielder always had the ball on his feet from an early age. When Alexis was five, he went with his older brothers to Club Social Parque.

This is a small football academy in Buenos Aires. While at Club Social y Deportivo Parque, he won his first trophy.

Alexis started his football journey on solid footings. This is him holding his first trophy.
Alexis started his football journey on solid footing. This is him holding his first trophy.

Early Years with Argentinos Juniors:

The next big phase of the Argentine’s youth career was joining Argentinos Juniors’ youth setup.

Alexis wasn’t the only member of his family that started life with the club. He joined with his two brothers (Kevin and Francis), who also played there.

At the academy, young Alexis learnt a lot about the game. He also learnt a lot about some of the club’s greatest legends.

These illustrious names include Tevez, Esteban Cambiasso, Juan Román Riquelme. Less not forget, Diego Maradona started his football career there.

Alexis Mac Allister Brothers – Playing in the same club:

Not only him, his brothers – Francis, Kevin – successfully graduated from the Academy of Argentinos Juniors.

As expected, their Dad (Carlos Javier Mac Allister) played an important role in ensuring that his sons had a smooth start to life as professional footballers.

As a good father, Carlos lectured his boys not to think about money at this phase of their careers.

Rather than playing for monies, he advised them to enjoy football. And to strive to lift the family name – the Mac Allister dynasty.

The partial fulfilment of a Childhood Dream Song:

At the early phase of their careers, the ultimate dream of the Mac Allister brothers was to find themselves playing together in the same match.

Even though it wasn’t with Real Madrid, the boys had the firm belief that playing together in the same team was possible at that time.

A partial fulfilment of Kevin, Francis and Alexis’s Childhood dream song finally came. On the 25th day of November 2016, the Mac Allister brothers brought joy to their family.

The boys made history as they played together for the first time – and in the same team.

While Alexis and Francis were starters, the middle brother, Kevin, came in as a substitute.

Alexis Mac Allister’s parents (especially Daddy Carlos) were the happiest people in the stadium that day. After the match, the father of the boys told the media – in an interview;

Although his sons never played for Real Madrid, Carlos Javier became a proud man on this day.
Although his sons never played for Real Madrid, Carlos Javier became a proud man on this day.

The truth is, it is incredible how everything happened with my boys.

Some people out there are lucky enough to have only one soccer-playing son.

I have three! And I want to rescue the institution.

Alexis Mac Allister Biography – The Road to Fame Story:

The future Brighton star was the better player among his older brothers. Alexis contributed to goals in his first senior campaign. And that helped his Argentinos Juniors side achieve their promotion to Primera División – as champions.

Even Diego Maradona was aware of the developments with Argentinos Juniors at that time. This is a club whose players played for the legend.

They played for the Argentine legend (now late), who launched his career there. According to the late LMaradonas words;

“I want to congratulate all the players of Argentinos Juniors,

for returning the great ‘Bug’ to where it belongs, a big hug to all these great fans!!!”

Getting admired by the Premier League:

Brighton & Hove Albion were in search of a young midfielder from South America. A player that would help the club fight for their survival in the Premier League.

The Seagulls fell in love with Alexis Mac Allister after their Argentine scouts found him very interesting.

On the 24th day of January 2019, Mac Allister signed for Brighton on a four-and-a-half-year contract. As part of the Brighton deal, the club loaned Mac Allister back to Argentinos Juniors to complete the 2018–19 season.

The Emotional Goodbye:

In front of Diego Maradona’s statue, Alexis left his final words with his beloved Argentinos Juniors. He honoured the club that gave his family joy. Including him and his brothers, a safe passage to professional football.

That day of his departure, Alexis told the highly emotional fans:

Today I have to finish this first stage in the club that formed me.

I want to do it by thanking everyone for the support and love they gave me.

Yes, I said first stage because I am sure that one day I will return.

I will return together with my brothers, to continue enjoying this great club that saw us born.

Joining Boca Juniors on Loan:

Rather than continuing with his old club, the youngster joined Boca Juniors on loan. A club that boasted of having a striker like Mateo Retegui. Alexis Mac Allister’s brother, Kevin, was the brain behind his decision to join the club. Kevin played at Boca at that time. By joining them, the boys had a family reunion.

Meeting a Legend:

Did you know?… Alexis Mac Allister played alongside Carlos Tevez while at Boca Juniors. He took lectures from the Legend. Alexis sought Tevez’s advice about his future with Brighton and England.

Alexis Mac Allister and Carlos Tevez in the same team. Dreams do really come through for those that believe.
Alexis Mac Allister and Carlos Tevez in the same team. Dreams do really come through for those that believe.

As a sign that he was ready for the future, Mac Allister netted on his Boca debut. He ended his six-month stay with the club on solid footing before going to seek a new challenge in England.

Alexis’ efforts on the national scene also brought its rewards. That same year, he helped his Argentine youth side win the prestigious Superclásico de las Américas.

At this time, Ale felt more than ready to face any Challenge England and Brighton threw at him.

Alexis Mac Allister Biography – England Success Story:

In early 2020, precisely the 7th day of March, the Argentine made his Premier League debut against Nuno Espirito Santo’s Wolves. This match proved to be Brighton’s last game before COVID-19 struck the world. Ale continued to play behind closed doors months later.

After Project Restart, he, alongside other key frontmen – Leandro Trossard, Neal Maupay etc, were instrumental in helping The Seagulls avoid relegation. That happened after they defeated Arsenal, alongside other competitors.

Thinking of Carlos Tevez’s Fighting Spirit:

In the following seasons, there came this challenge for the attack-minded Argentinian. His greatest task was how to convince Graham Potter that he is worthy of a Brighton regular starting spot.

Alexis found a way to win Graham Potter’s heart. It wasn’t only by training very hard. He reflected back to the glory days of his idol, Carlos Tevez. Alexis heeded to the words Tevez told him. Especially the need for Alexis to get his fighting spirit.

In the 2021/2022 season, Alexis Mac Allister became a different player in the eyes of fans and Graham Potter.

He started the year 2022 on solid footing. For his closest fans, this performance against Everton is a sign that Carlos Tevez’s spirit had begun working on him.

At the time of writing Alexis Mac Allister’s Biography, he had got his dreams fulfilled. It is no other than earning a starting spot in Graham Potter’s Seagulls.

We can also confirm that Mac Allister has brought the long-awaited Argentinian flavour to the Premier League.

Could he be the man to succeed the great Lionel Messi in his Number 10 role with the Argentine national team? Lifebogger’s answer is a DEFINITE YES!

Alexis would be a vital part of the post-Messi Argentine team. A team that would contain players like Lisandro Martinez, Rodrigo De Paul, Giovani Lo Celso, Julian Alvarez, Leandro Paredes, Emiliano Martinez and a host of others.

Without a doubt, Argentine Football fans are on the verge of witnessing the next biggest Number 10 pushing his way into becoming a world-class midfielder.

Alexis Mac Allister is indeed the future of the national team. The rest of his Biography, as we say, is now history.

Alexis Mac Allister Cami Mayan Love Story:

Until the year 2018, the Irish-Argentine Footballer wasn’t in any serious relationship. There weren’t any updates made to the public as to the existence of a girlfriend or wife-to-be.

Then came the dawn of mid-2018, when Alexis gave his heart to Cami Mayan. A woman who then became his new girlfriend, approved wife, and mother of his unborn children.

For Cami Mayan, having Alexis in her life brought gladdens her heart. Alexis was everything Cami needed in a man. Out of joy at falling in love, she once took to her Instagram page to say;

You can find everything in one place.

Loverboy Alexis professes his love to Cami Mayan via Instagram.
Loverboy Alexis professes his love to Cami Mayan via Instagram.

Alexis was quick to respond to his new girlfriend. He replied to her Instagram post, saying;

How pretty you are. Thank you for everything. I love you so much.

Alexis Mac Allister and Cami Mayan – When did they start dating?

The midfielder began dating Cami Mayan during his Argentinos Juniors days. He had not travelled to Europe at that time. Neither had he made it in football.

As a wife material, Cami Mayan has stood by her man throughout his moments of pain and gains. Everyone knows Cami to be a selfless person. Also, she is someone who overfeeds her man with lots of emotional support.

Both lovers and best friends – Alexis Mac Allister and Cami Mayan:

It is obvious from the picture below that Alexis and Cami enjoy a solid relationship. Their love story is one that is built on true friendship.

A lot has changed for the Brighton WAG – all thanks to having this handsome man that cares.

Alexis Mac Allister and Cami Mayan are not just lovers, but best of friends.
Alexis Mac Allister and Cami Mayan are not just lovers, but best of friends.

More about Cami Mayan – Alexis Mac Allister’s Wife to be:

Like her husband-to-be (Ale), the Premier League WAG has Argentine nationality. Cami Mayan was born in the year 1999.

Research has it that Alexis Mac Allister’s Wife (to be) celebrates her birthday every 14th day of April.

As regards what Cami Mayan does for a living, Lifebogger’s research points to Vlogging and modelling. She is an industrious woman who has developed a niche for herself.

Cami Mayan Vlog videos (as presented here) tell a lot about her professionalism and creative talent.

Cami Mayan’s 2022 Resolution:

At the dawn of the new year, Cami made a resolution to become a YouTube video blogger. Cami’s YouTube channel is all about showcasing her Lifestyle to fans.

Here is a video where she explained (in detail) her experience with living in Brighton.

Personal Life away from Soccer:

Away from everything football, who is Alexis Mac Allister?

This section of the Argentine’s Biography will help you know him better.

Alexis Mac Allister's Personal Life - EXPLAINED.
Alexis Mac Allister’s Personal Life – EXPLAINED.

Alexis Mac Allister is a family-oriented person. Someone who put members of his household at the core of his priorities. Despite living in England, Ale still maintains a strong Argentine culture. Never a day passes by without him drinking his favourite Mate Tea.

Very much loved by Argentina people, Mate Tea is a traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink. Right there in Brighton (UK), Alexis loves to drink it a lot and, at the same time, watches his Argentine TV. Speaking about it, he once said;

Maybe it’s a little weird for SOMEONE IN another country, But we drink a lot in Argentina.

I drink MATE TEA every day. I always try to keep my roots with Argentinian TV .

Alexis Mac Allister Lifestyle:

The Argentine attacking midfielder loves the seaside life. It is the ultimate cure for what his heart needs during football breaks. Ale once shared a sizzling photo on his Instagram page where he appears to be completely at ease enjoying a sunny holiday with Cami Mayan.

Alexis Mac Allister Lifestyle - EXPLAINED.
Alexis Mac Allister Lifestyle – EXPLAINED.

Does Alexis Mac Allister own a Car?

Definitely, yes, and the decent amount of money he earns at Brighton can make him get lots of them. However, Alexis (at the time of writing his Bio) doesn’t fancy the idea of showcasing luxury cars via his social media handles.

Cami Mayan, Alexis Mac Allister’s girlfriend, once revealed that she and her man live a simple lifestyle. Taking this photo in front of a MINI Cooper (which likely belongs to her) is a sign of such a lifestyle.

Alexis Mac Allister Family Life:

The tactically mature midfielder takes pride in knowing he comes from a great footballing household.

This section of Alexis Mac Allister’s Biography tells you more facts about his family. Let’s start with Carlos Javier, the head of the football-bound house.

About Alexis Mac Allister’s Father:

Carlos Javier and his look-alike son, Alexis.
Carlos Javier and his look-alike son, Alexis.

The Argentine former footballer Carlos Javier Mac Allister was born on the 6th day of March 1968. Colorado is 54 years old at the time of writing Alexis’ Biography.

Like his sons, Carlos debuted for Argentinos Juniors in 1986. Alexis and Kevin followed in his footsteps by transferring to their Dad’s old club, Boca Juniors.

Carlos played there in 1992. Fans remember him for scoring the winning goal in a memorable Gold Cup final.

Back in Carlos Javier Mac Allister’s footballing day, the game was more like war. Here is video evidence of Alexis Mac Allister’s Father, Carlos, in his playing days (Clausura 1996). His wonder goal destroyed River Plate’s hopes.

Carlos Javier Mac Allister and Argentine Politics:

After retirement from his illustrious career, Javier “Colo” Mac Allister concentrated on his family business alongside his wife, Silvina Riela. Later on, Alexis’s Dad went into Argentine politics.

Between 2013 and 2015, the Argentine people elected Carlos Javier Mac Allister as a member of the country’s Chamber of Deputies. This is one organ of the legislative power of each province of the Republic of Argentina.

After the end of his tenure, Alexis Mac Allister’s Dad (Carlos Javier) occupied another political office in the country. He became the Secretary of Sports of the Nation (Argentina) between 2015 and 2018.

About Alexis Mac Allister’s Mother:

Silvina Riela is now regarded as the ex-wife of Carlos Javier. According to our research, the mother of Alexis, Francis and Kevin decided to go separate ways from their father. Little documentation exists as to why Alexis Mac Allister’s parents separated (not divorced).

Despite separating from Carlos, Silvina Riela still maintains a healthy relationship with her family. Although a little changed from the family business point of view. Carlos, her ex-husband, sold 10% of his shares to his brother. The rest shares remained with the family.

As I write this Bio, Rielamac (the family business) has six commercial offices. Alexis Mac Allister’s Mother (Silvina) is the only administrator. She is the main brain behind the continuity of the Mac Allister family business.

The baby of the family (Alexis) would always remain special in Silvina’s eyes. Thanks to the motherly last-born love, Silvina finds it hard to go back to Argentina each time she visits Alexis in Brighton, England.

All the time, Silvina Riela always finds time to do something extra special for Alexis every the 24th of December (his birthday). The mother of three once dedicated this lovely video to Ale on his special day.

About Alexis Mac Allister’s Brothers:

Francis Kevin and Alexis are among the second generation of the Mac Allister football dynasty.

When compared to his brothers, Alexis is the most technically gifted. He is the breadwinner of the family. Now, let’s give you some information about Kevin and Francis.

About Francis Mac Allister:

Silvina and Carlos had him as their first child. Francis Mac Allister is three years older than Alexis, his youngest brother.

Unlike Alexis and Kevin, he (the first son) felt the most pressure when it came to living up to the Mac Allister family name.

All over the world, there is a saying that a mother’s bond is very much connected to her first son, just like the last born. This is the case of Francis and his mother, Silvina Riela.

Silvina Riela has a strong bond with her first son and child, Francis Mac Allister.
Silvina Riela has a strong bond with her first son and child, Francis Mac Allister.

About Kevin Mac Allister:

Starting off, he bears the nickname – “Kevito”. Silvina and Carlos had him as their second child and son. Kevin is one year older than Alexis, who is the youngest in the family.

Kevin Mac Allister is a fine footballer.
Kevin Mac Allister is a fine footballer.

Asides from football, Kevin is also business inclined. Kevin’s girlfriend is Tatiana. And she is the woman everyone hopes to be his wife. Tatiana (pictured below) is a pastry chef, and that has motivated Kevin to start a business in the field.

Tatiana and Kevin, all loved up.
Tatiana and Kevin, all loved up.

Research has it that Kevin is a football winger – just like his father. He can also play in the central midfield position.

Unlike Alexis, injuries had limited Kevin’s career from progressing in recent times. Kevin is injury prone and once had a serious issue with his ligaments.

Just like Alexis, Kevin has also received a composed video from his Mum (Silvina) on his birthday. What a show of love from a special mother who adores her boys – unconditionally.

About Alexis Mac Allister’s Uncle:

Among all of them, the most popular is Carlos Patricio Mac Allister. He is the younger brother of Alexis Mac Allister’s father.

Born on the 20th day of March 1966, Patricio is a retired footballer who played as a forward for clubs in Argentina, Japan and Mexico.

The Brotherly Partnership:

Following their retirement from football, the senior Mac Allister brothers, Carlos Javier and Carlos Patricio, decided to start a project.

The football brothers formed the Mac Allister Sports Club. This is their own sports club for youngsters – in their Argentine hometown.

Meet Carlos Javier and Carlos Patricio - the football brothers and business partners. They both own this football school.
Meet Carlos Javier and Carlos Patricio – the football brothers and business partners. They both own this football school.

As part of planning for the project, both Mac Allister brothers acquired a four-hectare piece of land. They ensured their choice of land was located at least 5 kilometres from the city centre of Santa Rosa, La Pampa. In that land, they both build their own football club.

Asides from being a businessman, Patricio Mac Allister is also a trained coach. He has managed General Belgrano de Santa Rosa and the youth teams of Argentinos Juniors.

Alexis Mac Allister Grandparents:

The parents of Carlos Javier Mac Allister (Alexis’ father) are of Scottish and Irish descent. Behold Granny Zule, the most popular of Alexis Mac Allister’s grandparents. She turned 90 years old on April 20th, 2021.

Alexis Mac Allister Great Grandparent - pictured alongside his Mum, Silvina Riela.
Alexis Mac Allister Great Grandparent – pictured alongside his Mum, Silvina Riela.

Did you know?… Zule is Silvina Riela’s grandmother. This means she is Alexis Mac Allister’s great-grandparent.

Upon further research, we found Alexis Mac Allister’s grandparents from his mother’s side. His grandma is often called a great teacher, while his granddad is late.

Meet Alexis Mac Allister Grandparents.
Meet Alexis Mac Allister Grandparents.

Untold Facts:

In concluding Alexis Mac Allister’s Biography, we’ll use this section to tell you more truths about him. Without further ado, let’s begin.

What does Alexis think about Scotland, his family Origin?

According to his Dad, the family has no deep connection to their roots. However, they find it nice to know more about Scotland, especially Fife, their Scottish hometown.

The same thought goes for Dane footballer (Thomas Delaney), whose family is originally from Ireland.

Alexis Mac Allister’s Net Worth:

With more than half a decade of professional experience, it is fair to say that the Argentine midfielder has made quite a lot of money. Now, check out Alexis Mac Allister’s salary breakdown with Brighton (2022 stats).

TENURE/EARNINGSAlexis Mac Allister's Brighton Salary (in Argentine Peso)Alexis Mac Allister's Brighton Salary in British Pounds (£)
Per Year:226,551,996 ARS£1,602,449
Per Month:18,879,333 ARS£133,537
Every Week:4,350,076 ARS£30,769
Every Day:621,439 ARS£4,395
Every Hour:25,893 ARS£183
Every Minute:431 ARS£3
Every Second:7 ARS£0.05

Alexis Mac Allister’s Net Worth is approximately 6.5 million pounds. To get his figure, we took into consideration – his family wealth, salary, bonuses and sponsorship deal/endorsements.

Since you started viewing Alexis Mac Allister‘s Bio, this is what he has earned.


Did you know?… the average Argentine who earns 228,168 ARS yearly would need 19 years to make Alexis Mac Allister’s weekly wages with Brighton.

FIFA Profile:

Alexis is very much like Samir Nasri – in his prime. Aside from defending and goalkeeping, he lacks only two things in football. They are his interception and aggression attributes – as seen in this photo evidence.

For a footballer who has great positional awareness, we expect FIFA to upgrade Alexis’ stats soonest.

Alexis Mac Allister Tattoos:

The most visible of his body art is the one positioned on his left arm. The Argentine has a tattoo of Jesus Christ. Now, that gives us a clue about his religion.

Alexis Mac Allister Tattoos - EXPLAINED.
Alexis Mac Allister Tattoos – EXPLAINED.

Alexis Mac Allister Religion:

The Argentine professional footballer identifies with the Christian faith. The tattoo of Jesus Christ on his left arm says a lot about Alexis Mac Allister’s religion, also his devotion.

In terms of his Christian denomination, Lifebogger’s odds are in favour of Alexis Mac Allister’s family being Catholics. Out of 79.6% of Christians in Argentina, 63% are Catholics – ( based on a 2019 survey).

Wiki Biography Summary:

This table breaks down Alexis Mac Allister’s profile. Use it to get a glimpse of the Argentine’s Biography.

Full Name:Alexis Mac Allister
Date of Birth:24 December 1998
Age:25 years and 2 months old.
Place of Birth:Santa Rosa, Argentina
Parents:Carlos Javier Mac Allister (Father), Silvina Riela (Mother)
Siblings:Francis Mac Allister (oldest brother), Kevin Mac Allister (Immediate older brother)
Family Origin:Scotland and Ireland
Relatives:Carlos Patricio Mac Allister (Uncle), Tatiana (sister in-law), etc
Grandparents:Granny Zule,(great-grand mother)
Religion:Christianity (Catholic)
Net Worth:6.5 million pounds (2022 stats)
Height:1.74 meters OR 5 feet 9 inches


In the 1998 World Cup year, Alexis was born to parents – Carlos Javier, Silvina Riela. Mac Allister’s Dad was a former footballer who turned into a businessman and politician. On the other hand, his mother (Silvina) is an executive at Rielamac, their family business.

Thanks to the family’s football lineage, the game got infused into Alexis’ blood. The same also goes for his older brothers, Francis and Kevin. As children, the boys had hoped to play together as professionals for Real Madrid. That actually happened with Argentinos Juniors.

Alexis rose so high with Argentinos. And that earned him the attention of Brighton, who allowed him to stay on loan with Boca Juniors.

Alexis was lucky to meet Carlos Tevez there. The ex-West Ham, Man City and United Legend told him about his England fighting spirit.

Carlos Tevez’s fighting spirit became the source of motivation for Alexis, who has, on several occasions, impressed Brighton fans. With a formidable partnership with the likes of Cucurella, Bissouma, Mwepu, Lamptey, etc, Brighton has become an England big name.

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