Manuel Benson Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Manuel Benson Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Manuel Benson Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Jorge Hedilazio (Father), Gina Pieters (Mother), Siblings, Family Background, Girlfriend (Ismahane), etc.

This article on Benson also explains the detail of his Belgian and Angolan Family Origins, Ethnicity, Religion, Home town, Education, etc. Again, we’ll tell you facts about his Lifestyle, Net Worth, and Burnley Salary.

In a nutshell, this article is a breakdown of Manuel Benson’s complete history. It tells of a boy who trained immensely on his bare feet to improve his prowess. We talk about the story of the man whose goal secured Burnley a chance to compete at the highest level of English football – EPL.


Our version of Manuel Benson’s Bio begins by unveiling notable events of his boyhood years. Next, we’ll explain his Belgian and Angolan heritage and early career highlights. Finally, we’ll tell you how the dribbler rose to become a rising star in soccer.

We hope to whet your biography appetite as you read this Manuel Benson’s Biography piece. To do that, let us show you the gallery that tells his story, from his childhood to his national team rise.

Manuel Benson life and rise story
Manuel Benson Biography – From his childhood to when he became famous. Source: Instagram/Jmgfootball.

Yes, everyone knows of his technical dribbling skills, which send defenders falling in the wrong direction. However, many fans haven’t read his memoir, which is quite interesting. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Manuel Benson Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, his full name is Manuel Benson Hedilazio. The full-blown Aries was born on the 28th of March 1997 to his Angolan father, Jorge Hedilazio, and Belgian mother, Gina Pieters, in Lokeren, Belgium.

He is the only child that was born of the union between his parents. Before we delve into his biography in detail, we’ve got a photo of his Mom and Dad. They are indeed two great pillars that have nurtured the foundations of his career expedition.

Manuel Benson parents
Here is a picture of Benson’s Dad, Jorge Hedilazio, and Mom, Gina Pieters. Credit: Instagram.

Growing-Up Years:

Benson was raised alone by his parents at his birthplace. He grew up without a brother or sister to keep him company.

Of course, he was happy to spend most of his time with his Mother. But there were days he wished he had a sibling like many of his peers.

Manuel Benson Early Life:

Apparently, the youngster did not just invent the idea of delving into football abruptly. It was a decision that he unconsciously inherited from his father, Jorge Hedilazio. You see, Benson’s dad was a talented player back in the day.

He was very knowledgeable about soccer and ensured he introduced his toddler to the game. Hence, Manuel Benson got to learn a few football tricks from his father at a young age.

The athlete's early life
The youngster’s father has always been a part of his career development. Photo: Facebook.

Guess what?… The winger was quite autonomous in his trade, even from a tender age.

He found himself shooting a ball with his neighbours in the square behind their house on a daily basis. Going forward, Benson developed a strong desire to succeed through sports. 

Manuel Benson Family Background:

Even though the speedster’s dad couldn’t excel in soccer, he worked hard to succeed in other aspects of his life. As a result, Jorge Hedilazio was able to cater to the needs of all his family members.

He and his wife made sure they gave Benson excellent home training. They were the type of people who preferred to teach their child how to survive on his own. Hence, they ensured the athlete could handle some necessary responsibilities for himself at a young age.

At the age of 5, I was already responsible for polishing my football boots and preparing my bag.

For this reason, Benson inherited his father’s strong character. Of course, his upbringing was a tough one, and it pushed him towards independence quite early.

Nonetheless, his middle-class family background gave him an insight into what really mattered in life. Now that he is an accomplished player, Manuel Benson will always have a recollection of his humble beginning.

Manuel Benson Family origin:

The fact that he was born in Belgium makes him a bonafide citizen of the European nation. But a further investigation into his Family Origin shows that Benson’s ancestry can be traced to two different geographical locations.

Considering his paternal heritage, the athlete’s Father hails from Southwestern Africa – Angola. At the beginning of the 21st century, Angola was ravaged by wars, leading to many loss of life. After years of such tragic incidents, the country soon found peace.

Manuel Benson ancestry
His homeland is now a beauty to behold. You might want to consider going on a vacation to Angola. Picture: Repssi/Fiba & Instagram.

You probably aren’t aware that Benson’s fatherland is rich in many natural resources. At the time of writing this biography, Angola was ranked among the highest oil-producing countries in sub-Saharan Africa. It is the wealthiest and largest Portuguese-speaking African state.

The Winger’s Maternal Ancestry:

Benson’s maternal place of Origin – Belgium – was also not left out of the misfortunate of wars.  The country experienced what was termed the Belgian Revolution towards the end of the 18th century. A conflict which led to the establishment of the independent Kingdom of Belgium.

Fast forward to date, the Dutch nation has flourished in both economic and political spheres. It is currently known for its diamond industry and world-class music festivals.

Manuel Benson maternal heritage
Despite being small on the European land map, Benson’s motherland has flourished in its economic sector. Credit: Pinterest/Dfds.

Manuel Benson Ethnicity:

Everything we’ve explained about the dribbler’s origin shows that he has mixed Ethnicity. He’s African on his father’s side and Dutch on his mother’s side.

Do you know?… Belgians are made up of two main ethnic groups: the Flemish (Dutch-speakers) and the Walloons (French-speakers). There is also a third tiny but constitutionally recognized group from two small German-speaking areas.

Manuel Benson Education:

Soccer has been the primary ambition of the dribbler since childhood. However, his parents knew they had to educate him and make him stand out among his peers.

Like every other kid his age, Benson was enrolled in a conventional school to improve his academic life. He spent his daytime learning new educational information and would run off to the field behind his house by evening.

This daily routine soon became a culture for Benson. More so, his Mother played a huge part in ensuring he quickly adjusted to multitasking between school and sports. Hence, the talented athlete is a fully literate person.

Manuel Benson Biography – Football Story:

The winger started his athletic journey as a toddler under the tutelage of his Father, Jorge Hedilazio. He first started playing football with his bare feet when he was just four years old.

The athlete's early life
He was prepared to excel in soccer and played with his bare feet without complaining. Source: Jmgfootball.

Back then, Manuel Benson was trained by his dad, a former soccer player. His mom, Gina Pieters, played her part in reminding him to always be careful while on the pitch. She also taught him to polish his shoes and prepare his bag independently when he was 5.

Barely a year later, Benson declared to his family that he wanted to play football at Lokeren. This prompted his parents to immediately enrol him at Sporting Lokeren RSC in 2003. He was only six years old when he officially joined a soccer academy.

 First Life-changing Opportunity:

It wasn’t long after the budding player joined his first academy that his talent began to flourish. Benson’s promising potential got scouts of Anderlecht knocking at his Father’s door. They’ve seen the little boy play and wanted to recruit him.

However, Mr Jorge declined their offer when they first visited his home. He was scared that his son might end up working in a factory. Of course, you are wondering why he would think that. The truth is Benson’s dad is aware of Anderlecht’s recruitment system.

Apparently, players were made redundant if they failed to meet the club’s expectations in their first season. Hence, Mr Jorge didn’t want his boy to end that way. He hoped that a better opportunity would suffice for Benson as he continued to improve his capabilities.

Manuel Benson’s First Major Move:

By the time the winger clocked 10, his Father finally accepted Anderlecht’s offer. Ultimately, all his fears were proven wrong because his son featured in every match at the team’s U11 and U12. Benson even participated in international tournaments at Anderlecht.

The youngster eventually moved to JMG Academy in Lierse, where he spent a large part of his youth development. He was at the academy from 2010 to 2015, improving all aspects of his football prowess.

The winger at JMG Academy
He had many quiet but glorious years at JMG Academy. Photo: Gva.

Manuel Benson Bio – Road to Fame Story:

Destiny seemed to smile on the speedster as his career life took a new turn. In 2014, Manuel Benson secured his first senior contract, a move that saw him join Lierse SK from JMG Academy.

Interestingly, the day his Family and friends all waited for came to pass. In April 2014, the home-groomed player from the streets of Lokeren made his senior debut. He continued to put up impressive performances for his team.

Manuel Benson senior senior
Benson was exceptional during his time with Lierse SK. Picture: Instagram.

However, his efforts weren’t enough to save Lierse SK from being relegated to the second division in 2016. The following season, Benson and his teammates worked hard to qualify for the play-off 2. He was yet again phenomenal in his performance and got his name on the radar of many scouts.

Gaining International Recognition:

From the time he debuted in 2014, the winger had already won the hearts of many officials in Belgium’s national team. He was eligible to play for either Angola or Belgium but chose to represent his motherland.

Despite his excellent prowess, he only got the privilege to play for Belgium’s U19 and u21. He has made only four appearances for his country as of 2023. Now, let’s delve back into his subsequent triumph in club football.

Manuel Benson Bio – Success Story:

The dribbler remained at Lierse SK until 2017, when many scouts came begging for his signature. He was quite careful in making any decision and sought the advice of his Father and Mother.

Eventually, Manuel Benson signed a 4-year deal with the Belgian club KRC Genk. It was a new challenge for him as he needed to compete with top-level players like Leandro Trossard to secure a place in the starting lineup.

The winger's move to KRC Genk
A broadcast of his move to KRC Genk. Image: Jmgmanagement.

Sadly, Benson didn’t get enough playing time. As a result, he was sent on a season-long loan to Royal Excel Mouscron. At the new team, the speedster gained impressive form, which saw him playing many matches.

Winning his First Career Medal:

Following his return to his parent club in 2019, Benson was fielded to play in the Belgian Supercup. He was phenomenal in his performance and contributed to his team’s 3-0 victory over KV Mechelen.

Manuel Benson first trophy
He will always remember this glorious day in his career. Source: Instagram.

Thanks to this win, he finally got his first professional football medal. A few months later, Benson left Genk on a 4-year transfer to Royal Antwerp in September 2019.

He became one of the most expensive players to have been signed by Antwerp. As of 2019, his contract fee of €3 million was the highest Antwerp had ever invested in buying a player.

Promotion to the Premier League:

At first, Benson was given little playing time, which eventually led to his loan spell with PEC Zwolle. Notwithstanding, he returned to Antwerp and made about 51 appearances for them. In August 2022, the winger joined the EFL Championship side – Burnley.

He was phenomenal under the tutelage of coach Vincent Kompany. Benson, alongside notables like Ian Maatsen, contributed to the impressive form of the Burnley team. They eventually won the 2022-23 EFL Championship and earned a promotion to the Premier League.

Manuel Benson's award with Burnley
Yes! He’s got another top-level trophy to his name. Joining Burnley was one of the best life-changing decisions he ever made. Credit: Instagram.

Guess what?… Manuel Benson’s goal against Blackburn saw Burnley clinch the title with few games to spare. His impressive goal (displayed in the video below) won the goal of the season. The rest, as they say, is history.

Who is he dating?

To give you a spoiler alert, Manuel Benson is not single. His relationship status has left most of his secret admirers heartbroken. Nonetheless, many others who have his best interest at heart are curious about his love life. Hence, we bring an answer to the big question:


For starters, his partner’s name is Ismahane. She is also a Belgian national who hails from the Maasmechelen Municipality in Belgium. Manuel Benson’s girlfriend has always been supportive of his career since they started dating.

Manuel Benson girlfriend
Behold his supportive girlfriend, Ismahane. Picture: Instagram:

Ismahane has accompanied the dribble to most of his games. She’s always at the sideline to cheer on her talented boyfriend. During his time at Burnley, Benson and his girlfriend moved in together.

How they Met:

Guess what?… Manuel Benson met his girlfriend during his career days at Lierse. At that time, she was still a student. They stayed together and supported each other until her graduation. Ismahane got a job afterwards and started working in Sint-Truiden.

As expected, the couple has explored different ways of having fun since they began dating. They’ve gone on trips to beautiful places to spend some time together.

Manuel Benson and his girlfriend
The lovebirds know how to really have some fun. Credit: Instagram.

We’ve even seen them share memorable moments in swimming pools on many occasions. It is only a matter of time before they follow in the footsteps of Kevin De Bruyne and Eden Hazard and tie the knot as a married couple.

Personal Life:

If you’ve ever met Manuel Benson, you will realise he is a lovable person. The truth is, he, like fellow Burnley teammate Luca Koleosho, both have a cheerful personalities, which makes them bond with people easily. You will always find the talented player smiling on and off the pitch.

Aside from playing football, Benson has an interest in playing basketball. It is one of his profound hobbies that keeps him away from boredom. Below is a picture of the speedster trying out his dunking skill on the court.

The athlete's personal life
He’s got a penchant for basketball. Perhaps he would have gone into the hoops game if it wasn’t for soccer. Photo: Instagram.

Manuel Benson Lifestyle:

There is no doubt that he’s got an eye for fashion. You can call him an upgraded version of Axel Witsel and Toby Alderweireld when it comes to dressing style. Manuel Benson spends his money on buying expensive jewellery.

He’s also got a house with good interior design. This proves that his mansion is quite expensive. Judging by his earnings, Benson also has the capacity to buy luxurious cars. However, there have been no images of his rides on his social media platforms.

Manuel Benson House
Check out the interior decoration of his abode. You can quickly tell that it’s expensive. Image: Instagram.

Manuel Benson Family:

Athletes can hardly excel in their trade without receiving any support. This is where Benson’s family comes in. They’ve been the pillar that has solidly propelled his career expedition to a higher level.

In this section, we present detailed information about every member of Benson’s household. Without further delay, let’s begin with his dad.

Manuel Benson Father:

The speedster wasn’t the first in his family to delve into soccer. His dad, Jorge Hedilazio Manuel, was a prolific star in the game even before Benson was born. He played on a professional scale at Lokeren before sustaining a dire injury.

Manuel Benson dad
A throwback picture of Manuel Benson and his Father. Source: Instagram.

Jorge started his brief football career at the age of seventeen. He played at the youth of Lokeren under the tutelage of Aimé Anthuenis. Benson’s Father was exceptional that he even made it to the first team. Sadly, his career was cut short due to injuries.

During his active days, Jorge hated to lose games. He was also physically frail but had excellent dribbling skills and good sprint speed on the left flank. Despite being purely right-footed, Benson eventually learned to use his left foot from his dad.

Manuel Benson Mother:

The speedster has received unfathomable support from his Mom throughout his life’s journey. Her name is Gina Manuel, and she’s also a Belgian national.

Benson’s parents met in the early 1990s in Bobby’s Club – the dance café of Lokeren icon Bob Hoogenboom. Their fated meeting saw them sharing contacts and subsequently keeping in touch with each other.

Manuel Benson Mother
You can easily tell from this picture that he looks like his mom. Credit: Instagram.

It all happened when Jorge was still an active player at the East Flemish club. After a few years of dating, Benson’s Mother and Father tied the knot as man and wife. Guess what?… Gina Manuel doesn’t tolerate any form of injustice towards her son on the pitch.

During one of his matches, she became agitated with the referee for unfairly blowing against Benson’s team. Indeed, the dribbler is lucky to have such a supportive Mom who knows a lot about his career endeavours.

Manuel Benson Siblings:

As mentioned earlier, he is the only child of his family. This means that Benson did not grow up with a brother or a sister. Nonetheless, he’s got friends who have never made him feel lonely since childhood.

Untold Facts:

In the final phase of Manuel Benson’s Biography, we’ll unveil some interesting facts you probably didn’t know about him. Let’s delve into it right away.

Manuel Benson’s Salary:

Since joining Burnley, the Belgian has seen a hike in his weekly remuneration. From what we’ve gathered, Manuel Benson usually takes home an annual Salary of £860,000.

Of course, there is a possibility that his earnings might increase to the level of Youri Tielemans or Amadou Onana now that his club is in the EPL. But before that happens, let’s give you a breakdown of his Burnley Salary using the simplified table below.

TENURE/EARNINGSManuel Benson in Pounds (£) - 2023 Stats.Manuel Benson Salary in Euros (€) - 2023 Stats.
What Manuel Benson makes EVERY YEAR:£861,299€1,007,539
What Manuel Benson makes EVERY MONTH:£71,774€83,961
What Manuel Benson makes EVERY WEEK:£16,538€19,346
What Manuel Benson makes EVERY DAY:£2,362€2,763
What Manuel Benson makes EVERY HOUR:£98€115
What Manuel Benson makes EVERY MINUTE:£1.64€1.90
What Manuel Benson makes EVERY SECOND:£0.03€0.03

How rich is the Burnley Player?

Benson’s Salary breakdown shows that he earns a decent sum of money. His income is enough to give him a luxurious lifestyle. When compared to the mean salary benchmark of his fellow countrymen, you will realise that he is extremely rich.

To put this into perspective, an average Belgian earns £37,707 (€43,932) per annum. This means they will have to work for over two years to make what Benson earns monthly.

Since you started viewing Manuel Benson’s Bio, this is what he has earned.


Manuel Benson Tattoos:

The athlete is quite passionate about body arts. He has joined EPL wingers like Marcus Rashford and Jaidon Anthony to ink tattoos on his body. Manuel Benson has tattoos on his arms, legs, and back (just the ones that have been visible in his pictures so far).

Manuel Benson tattoos
Behold a glimpse of his tattoos. Photo: Instagram.

Manuel Benson FIFA Stats:

If you’ve watched him play, you will realise that he’s made huge improvements along the line of his expedition. Benson’s stats show that he’s very close to reaching the peak of his potential.

He’s got excellent sprint speed, power, agility, stamina, and many other qualities of a striker. It is only a matter of time before he surpasses Thorgan Hazard in many aspects.

His FIFA Stats
Behold his 2023 FIFA Stats. Image: Sofifa.

Wiki Summary:

This table summarizes our content on Manuel Benson’s Biography.

Full Name:Manuel Benson Hedilazio
Date of Birth:28th of March 1997
Place of Birth:Lokeren, Belgium
Age:26 years and 10 months old.
Father:Jorge Hedilazio
Mother:Gina Pieters
Family Origin:Angola and Belgium
Height:1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
Playing Position:Winger
Annual Salary:£860,000 (At Burnley 2023)
Market Value:£6.02 million (€7 million) - 2023 Stats


Manuel Benson was born to his Angolan father, Jorge Hedilazio, and Belgian mother, Gina Pieters, in Lokeren, Belgium. He grew up as the only son of his family in the town of his birth.

He was very young when he declared to his parents that he wanted to play soccer. Interestingly, his Mom and Dad supported his decision and taught him how to be independent from childhood.

Benson’s journey to stardom met a lot of difficult hurdles. Thankfully, his father, Jorge, was a former footballer with a wealth of experience. He helped his son scale through hard times to keep his dreams burning.

After a series of inconsistent transfers, Benson made his mark in the Belgian league. He eventually found himself playing in the EFL Championship side – Burnley.

In their game against Bristol City, Benson’s goal inspired his side to victory. A feat which got them promoted to the EPL. Benson’s girlfriend, Ismahane, was always been by his side to support his career journey.

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