Thorgan Hazard Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Thorgan Hazard Childhood Story and Biography
Thorgan Hazard Biography.

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Our Thorgan Hazard Biography provides full coverage of his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family Facts, Wife, Children, Personal Life and Lifestyle. It’s a complete analysis of his Life Story, right from his early days, to when he became famous.

Yes, you and I know his younger brother Eden is a Chelsea Legend, also someone who is labelled as one of the best counter-attacking midfielders in European Football.

However, not many football fans have considered reading Thorgan Hazard’s Biography, which tells you everything you need to know about him. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Thorgan Hazard Childhood Story:

For starters, his full names are ‘Thorgan Ganael Francis Hazard’. The Belgian Professional Footballer was born on the 29th day of March 1993, to his mother, Carine Hazard and father, Thierry Hazard, in the city of La Louvière, Belgium.

Thorgan is the second son and child of four boys, born out of the union between his parents. Both his mum and dad are likely to be in their 50s.

Little Thorgan grew up alongside his brothers, Eden (the eldest), Kylian (immediate younger) and Ethan Hazard (the youngest). All boys were born to naturally occupy the family niche of footballers, an occupation that began with their parents.

Thorgan spent the most of his happy childhood years, mostly around two of his siblings- Eden and Kylian. Thanks to an excellent parental upbringing, the close-knit brothers were observed to take likeness for similar things.

About getting attracted to the same thing, the super trio took likeness for Zinedine Zidane, and they made it compulsory for their parents to buy the Legend’s No:10 French shirt, one each, for everyone. Early on, they also agreed to become attacking midfielders- which they are to date.

Thorgan Hazard Family Background:

It is normal to see parents who were once footballers, wanting their children to continue living their dreams. Without that decision, the world today won’t be celebrating the Hazard Family which was once a one-time middle-class household.

No doubt, Thorgan Hazard parents, Carine and Thierry have an extraterrestrial pedigree in football. From the onset, they’ve had super big plans for their kids. Both mum and dad were the type who didn’t believe in forcing their soccer careers on their children.

Asides the likeness of wearing Zidane jerseys, Thorgan and his brothers got everything they wanted from their parents, all in the name of excelling. They all grew up in a football-friendly environment and Thierry with his wife (Carine) were the type who would go the extra mile to ensure their boys get what they collectively desire. Back then, it appears riding bicycles was one of their earliest hobbies- again, they did that together.

Thorgan Hazard Family Origin:

Yes, we all know the brother of Eden the Chelsea Legend, hails from Belgium. Also, on Thorgan’s family origin, research has made us understand he is from the Southern part of Belgium and his family belongs to the Belgian White Ethnic group.

As regards Thorgan Hazard’s family roots, the Belgian’s forefathers are of Wallonia Ancestry. This is a French-speaking part of Belgium whose people occupy around 55% of the country’s territory.

Thorgan Hazard Growing up Years:

When the footballer looks back at his fondest childhood memories, he remembers the most beautiful part. Thorgan’s greatest childhood memory was when he played football in his family garden alongside his elder brother (Eden) as well as his cousins. In Thorgan’s words;

When we were little, I went in goal and Eden and my cousins would shoot at me like madmen.

Did you know?… As a child, Thorgan once tried out being a goalkeeper. He later understood that standing at the goalpost was boring. More so, the fact that he wasn’t tall enough. Thankfully, a positive sibling relationship with Eden Hazard helped out.

As expected from every first son and child, Eden Hazard took the role as a big brother who led by example. He was the one who had to do most things for Thorgan. From the onset, both boys had always wanted to make their parents proud, more so, pave the way for their two younger brothers (Kylian and Ethan) to follow.

Thorgan Hazard Biography- Early Career Years:

As an older sibling, Eden Hazard was a role model to his younger brothers. Thorgan Hazard in that World Cup year 1998, followed his footsteps by joining their hometown club, Royal Stade Brainois. There, the future attacking midfielder laid a good foundation for his career.

In the year 2003, Thorzan Hazard’s parents pushed for a club switch for both him and Eden. Both his mum and dad got them enrolled at Tubize, a more recognized Belgian club located in the city of Tubize. It’s an academy famous for projecting their best youngsters to bigger clubs in France.

Upon nearing the advanced stages of his youth career, the Belgian’s father, Thierry, decided to retire from football- precisely in the year 2009. He did retire to devote more time for his sons, especially Eden and Thorgan.

As a way of strategizing, Thorgan Hazard’s parents decided that their boys would move to separate clubs to avoid competing with themselves. Eden in 2005, left to France to join Lille OSC. Three years later, lucky Thorgan got an offer from RC Lens after excelling in a youth tournament.

Thorgan Hazard Biography- Road to Fame Story:

Again, the young Belgian followed his big brother’s footstep by agreeing to travel abroad to continue his youth career. Thorgan Hazard’s parents accepted an offer for him at RC Lens. Why the club? Reasons was because their training facilities were better compared to what they have in Belgium.

“My parents preferred that I not be in the same club as Eden to avoid comparisons,” Thorgan Hazard once explained.

The future Belgian footballer was quick to make an impression with his new club. While at Lens, Thorgan played alongside fellow French defender Raphael Varane. Together, they helped their team in winning the Under-16 championship, in the 2008/2009 season.

Thorgan Hazard Biography- Rise to Fame Story:

To the joy of his parents, the youngster, in the year 2010, signed his first professional contract. The time of this achievement corresponded to when his big brother, Eden, had become a superstar in LOSC Lille. At that time, Eden was being chased by top European clubs among which was Chelsea FC.

On the 24th day of July 2012, Thorgan Hazard’s parents decided he should reunite with his elder brother who just left Lille for Chelsea. Due to Eden’s popularity, Chelsea immediately confirmed on its website that they had agreed terms with Lens for the transfer of Thorgan.

Chelsea fans patiently waited for both brothers to team up at the Bridge, but sadly, that didn’t happen. While Eden excelled with the London club, Thorgan got sent out on loan. The youngster, while paying his dues began to lay down his very own plan of moving away from his brother’s shadow- which he did!!

Creating his Success:

Taking a different career trajectory was the best decision as it improved him as a player. Thorgan Hazard’s loan journey first brought him to Belgian professional football club, S.V. Zulte Waregem. While there, the youngster, in no time became the club’s captain (aged 20).

It didn’t end there. The joy of Thorgan Hazard’s family also knew no bounds at the time they saw their very own being honoured with the Belgian Golden Shoe. This is an award given to Belgium’s best home-based footballers.

Stepping out of his Eden’s Shadows:

Success in Belgium earned Thorgan Hazard a trip back to England, and then, an immediate return to the Bundesliga. The youngster went from strength to strength with Borussia Mönchengladbach, a feat which saw him earning his childhood favourite Number 10 shirt.

After scoring 46 goals and 44 assists for the club, the youngster decided to leave his childhood No10 jersey for Marcus Thuram. Thorgan consulted his parents before switching to Borussia Dortmund.

At the time of writing Thorgan Hazard’s Biography, fans now see the Belgian professional footballer as someone who has truly stepped out of his brother’s shadow. He is much appreciated for his series of dazzling displays, one which has produced lots of goals and assists.

Without a doubt, playing alongside the likes of Erling HaalandJadon Sancho and Marco Reus has made Thorgan, one of the league’s most frightening attacking midfielders. The rest, as they say, is now history.

About Thorgan Hazard’s Wife and Children:

Like his elder brother, the Belgian professional footballer is a happily married man. Thorgan is married to Marie Kindermans, the daughter of Johan Kindermans, who currently, is a youth training director with Anderlecht. Both started as best friends before becoming true lovers and then deciding they would become husband and wife.

A point to note, both Thorgan and his wife, Marie had a daughter named ‘Elayna Hazard’ before their marriage. Their wedding was a private ceremony which happened around December 2016, with only a few friends and family members as invited guest.

More so, the wedding photo showing Thorgan Hazard’s wife and himself was made to cover their faces, owing to privacy instructions from the footballer. Did you know?… Hazard and his wife did avoid the glossy magazines. They both got married in secret at a registry office.

While putting up this bio, the attacking midfielder and his wife have welcomed their second child- a daughter. Thorgan Hazard often share beautiful photos of himself enjoying holiday vacations with his wife and daughters. Thorgan’s family is more keen to animal sightseeing, horse riding rather than seaside viewing and other forms of adventures.

Finally, the Belgian footballer knows how to commit himself in ensuring a positive father-daughter relationship in his home.

Thorgan Hazard Personal Life Facts:

Getting to know the way the Belgian footballer lives his life off the pitch would help you get a better understanding of his personality. First and foremost, Thorgan is someone who takes his working environment (the football field) is the perfect place for his ambition and creativity.

Asides that, the Belgian keeps information about his off-pitch activities private. A perfect example is his wedding photo which reveals only his face and that of his wife, Marie.

The truth is, Thorgan Hazard’s parents are responsible for his humble nature. We bet, you won’t find the footballer out at nightclubs or having any controversy outside the pitch. What an incredibly down-to-earth fellow!

Also, a crucial point to note about Thorgan’s personal life is the fact that he sees himself as a rival to his brother, Eden. However, outside the pitch, both are super cool and love to be in the company of each other’s children.

Thorgan once revealed that he has never had big arguments with his brother Eden. More so, it is their goal to allow much social interaction between their children.

Among all things social, the Belgian never jokes with his meals and prefers using an iPhone. No wonder he hares around the pitch like a Duracell bunny.

Thorgan Hazard Lifestyle- Net Worth and Cars:

The Belgian, while creating his bio, has a net worth estimation of 20 million Euros. Thorgan earns his monies through his football occupation and via the product endorsement brand of “Nike”.

Also to note, the Belgian owns premium luxurious cars like Mercedes A-class and Bentley. Did you know?… BVB fans were once thrilled to see Thorgan Hazard welcoming himself into the club for the first time with a Bentley. In summary, his love for flashy cars is an exception to his anti-flash attitude.

Thorgan Hazard Family Life:

They are, without doubt, the most famous footballing household in the history of the sport. Without a doubt, it is hard to see a family made up of current and retired footballers- all of its members (6 in total). It is beautiful to see how Hazard household has evolved.

In this section of our biographical write up, we’ll tell you more about Thorgan Hazard’s Family starting with his proud parents.

About Thorgan Hazard’s Father:

Dad Thierry as he is often called, is a retired professional footballer and mentor to his sons. The proud father used to be a midfielder and defender for La Louviere, a now-defunct top division team in Belgium.

About Thorgan Hazard’s Mother:

It’s hard to see mothers of famous footballers who were once players themselves. Carine Hazard, the mother of Thorgan was once a footballer (a striker precisely).

Did you know?… Thorgan Hazard’s mum was still a striker at the time she was pregnant for his elder brother, Eden. She retired after three months of pregnancy. These days, Carine leaves all of the football mentoring to her husband (Thierry) while she focuses on keeping the family home and history intact.

About Thorgan Hazard’s Brothers:

Do you need any further introduction of his elder brother, Eden? We don’t think so!. We’ll only tell you about Thorgan’s two younger brother who goes by their names Kylian and Ethan.

Who is Kylian Hazard?

He is the immediate younger brother of Thorgan. Did you know?… Kylian Hazard and all his three brothers are all attacking midfielders. The Belgian, born on the 5th day of August 1995, plays his football with Cercle Brugge, in his country’s professional league. Like his immediate big brother, Kylian Hazard also went on loan after he got signed by Chelsea.

“For Years, There’ve been some kind of competition between us. Eden, Kylian and I agreed that anyone who scores the fewest goals would have to take the family out to dinner at the end of the season”

Thorgan Hazard once told German sports website- Sportbuzzer.

Who is Ethan Hazard?

The lastborn of the Family was born on the 9th day of August 2003. Ethan Hazard is a footballer who plays an attacking midfield role just like his three brothers. The youngster needs not to look any further for inspiration than relying on his brother Thorgan.

Thorgan Hazard Untold Facts:

In the concluding phase of our Biography writeup, we’ll tell you some truths about the younger brother of Eden.

Fact #1: Salary Breakdown in Relation to the Average Citizen:

TENURE/CURRENCYEarnings in Euros (€)Earnings in Pounds (£)Earnings in Dollars ($)
Per Year€1,800,000£1,614,069$2,00,703
Per Month€150,000£134,506$167,253
Per Week€34,562£30,992$38,537
Per Day€4,937£4,427$5,505
Per Hour€206£185$229
Per Minute€3.4£3$3.8
Per Seconds€0.06£0.05$0.06

This is what Thorgan Hazard has earned since you began viewing this Page.


Did you know?… The average German citizen who earns a monthly average of 3,770 euros would need to work for at least three years and two months to earn 150,000 euros which is Thorgan Hazard’s monthly salary. Whereas, the average Belgian citizen would need to work for three years and six months.

Fact #2: Why he was named ‘Thorgan’:

First and foremost, do not confuse his name for the noun- ‘Trojan Horse.’ Thorgan Hazard’s parents gave him his first name in honour of a character “Thorgal Aegirsson” who featured a Belgian adventurous comic book. This book first appeared in the late ’70s.

Did you know?… This character in question was born on another planet. His parents began raising him as a Viking after his spaceship crashed on earth. Thorgan Hazard’s dad and mum are big fans to the comic character, a reason why they named their second son’ Thorgan’.

Fact #3: The Hazard Brothers Comparison- Proofs that Thorgan is Better than Eden:

You and I know it has not been easy for Thorgan to make a name for himself especially when his elder brother (Eden) is a global superstar. However, there was a time his performance stats once made him better than his brother, Eden.

Fact #4: Thorgan Hazard’s Religion:

Our odds are in favour of the attacking midfielder being a Catholic, perhaps a non-practising one. After careful checks on his social media, we realize Thorgan has not yet mentioned anything about religion. We use his ethnic heritage of Walloon, which has about 70% of Catholics to conclude that, he might be a Christian (a non-practising Catholic).

Wrapping things up:

So, that brings us to the end of our Thorgan Hazard Biography for now. It was his recent 2020 exploits that made us to decide in furnishing you this article. At the time of writing his Life Story, the attacking midfielder doesn’t appear to have reached his peak.

More so, we want to believe your search expectations have been met as regards inquiries on Thorgan Hazard Family, Childhood Story, Parents, Wife, Personal Life and Lifestyle etc.

If you’re interested in learning about the greatest of the Hazard brothers, kindly check out our Eden Hazard Biography.


This table below will help you get quick and concise information about Thorgan Hazard.

Biography InquiriesWiki Answers
Full Name:Thorgan Ganael Francis Hazard.
Born: 29 March 1993 at La Louvière, Belgium.
Parents:Carine Hazard (Mother) and Thierry Hazard (Father).
Siblings:Eden Hazard (elder brother), Kylian Hazard (younger brother) and Ethan Hazard (youngest brother).
Extended Family Members:Yannis Hazard (nephew), Leo Hazard (nephew) and Elayna Hazard (niece).
Family Origin:Belgian Wallonia Ancestry.
Height:5 feet 9 inches or 1.79 meters.
Net Worth:20 million Euros (2020 Figures).
Education:Royal Stade Brainois, Tubize and RC Lens.
Playing Position:Attacking midfielder and Winger



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