Conor Coady Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Conor Coady Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Biography of Conor Coady tells you facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Wife, Children, Net Worth, Lifestyle and Personal Life.

In simple terms, we present you with a complete Life Story of the Defender. This memior begins from his early days to when he became famous. To whet your appetite, here are photos showing his progression over the years- a clear summary of Conor Coady’s Bio.

Yes, everyone knows (as at post-COVID), he became the hope of the England national team and a perfect competitor for Harry Maguire. However, just a few fans have read his interesting life story. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Conor Coady Childhood Story:

For Biography Starters, his nickname is Conorinho. Conor David Coady was born on the 25th day of February 1993 to his mother, Gail Coady and father, Andy Coady at the town of St Helens in Merseyside, England.

Conor Coady Growing-up Years:

Conorinho grew up wanting to become a footballer and nothing else. The sport was popular among many households at Haydock, in the Borough of St Helens where he grew up at. Also, Conor Coady’s parents and brother Harrison were passionate fans of Liverpool during his childhood days. Hence, his early wishes wasn’t a passing fantasy.

Conor Coady Family Background:

First and foremost, his parents made it a point of duty to give him nothing but the best. In fact, Andy and Gail ensured Conor went to standard schools- an attestation of their family’s middle-class socioeconomic status.

Conor Coady Family Origin:

The defender is a bonafide Englishman by virtue of birth and ancestry. More so, results of research carried out to determine Coady’s roots show that St Helens takes a significant stage in chronicles of his lineage. The Borough of St Helens particularly Haydock is where Conor Coady’s family hails from.

How Career Football Began:

Conor was only 8 years old when he began his journey in Career football at Liverpool. Interestingly, he was in the same age group as Raheem Sterling, Jon Flanagan and Andre Wisdom. Here is a rare photo of the defender during his youth.

The Liverpool Story:

Rising through the ranks of The Reds, the young defender had the opportunity to learn from notable stars of the Reds like Gerrard, Carragher and Rigobert Song. He once told ExpressAndStar in an interview that:

“Gerrard and Carragher had 100% influence in my career. I was privileged to watch them play, train with them and follow them.”

Conor Coady Biography- The Road To Fame Story:

At the peak of his career with The Reds, the budding defender made his debut during a Europa League game against Anzhi Makhachkala in 2012. He soon made his Premier League debut against Fulham in 2013 before agreeing to a loan spell with League One club Sheffield United.

Upon completion of his loan spell with Sheffield, Coady after consulting his family decided it was time to leave Liverpool. The truth is, he knew it will difficult to get a spot in the Red’s first team, no thanks to the then existing pool of defensive talents- example is Dejan Lovern etc. Unlike Joe Gomez, the poor defender left owing that his chances of success with Liverpool were slim.

Conor Coady’s Bio- The Rise To Fame:

Thus, it was easy for him to join Huddersfield in 2014 for a transfer fee of £500,000. It wasn’t long before he moved to Wolverhampton Wanderers in 2015 and ultimately saw the wolves gain promotion to the Premier League during the 2017–18 season.

Fast forward to the time of writing this Biography, Conor Coady has enjoyed a meteoric rise since leaving Liverpool. The defender is an established member of Wolves. In addition, he recently got his first call up to England National Squad as Gareth Southgate seeks to make him carry the hopes of the country’s defence.

Whichever way things turn out for him we are optimistic that he will be alright. The rest, as they say, is history.

Meet Conor Coady Wife and Kids:

There are just a few players of Wolverhampton that can boast of a wife and kids. The Centre back is one of them. Conor Coady’s wife goes by the name Amie. She is a blondie who the defender spends every special moment of his life with.

He takes her out on vacations and never ceases to sing praises of her relentless support to him and his career. Although there aren’t records of when the couples began dating or exchanged vows, we know that their union gave rise to the birth of 3 boys. They include Henri, Freddie and Louie.

Behold Conor Coady sharing a special moment with his wife and kids
Behold Conor Coady sharing a special moment with his wife and kids.

Conor Coady Family Life:

Whenever the centre back is asked to list names of persons close to him, we can easily predict the first three names that he will mention. They are those of his family members. We bring you facts about Conor Coady’s parents and siblings. Also, facts about his relatives will be an item of discussion here.

About Conor Coady Father:

Andy is the name of the defender’s dad. Coady regards him as an inspirational figure in his life and career. He took the defender everywhere when he was as a kid and has never been far from the grown-up soccer star. In fact, Andy never misses his son’s game as he travels everywhere to watch him play football home and away.

About Conor Coady Mother:

Gail is the name of the footballer’s mom. She is a passionate fan of Wolverhampton because her son plies his trade with the Wolves. We can exhaust pages talking about how she nurtured Coady from his cradle days to make him the man that he is today. Anyway, we believe you get the drift and wouldn’t hesitate to thank Gail for the things she did and does if your paths cross.

About Conor Coady Siblings:

The English man has just one brother known as Harrison. Coady credits Harrison for offering him fantastic support like his dad. In fact, It goes beyond reasonable doubts that the brothers share close bonds and have got each other’s back.

Can you spot Conor Coady's brother in this shot
Can you spot Conor Coady’s brother in this shot?

About Conor Coady Relatives:

Away from the centre’s back immediate family, there aren’t records about his ancestry. In other words, records of his maternal and paternal grandfather are non-existent. Neither are there any pieces of information about his uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces.

Conor Coady Personal Life:

Let’s talk about who the centre back is outside ensuring that his goalkeeper does not get too worked up. The content of his character is best known to family members and close associate who attests to his calm and collected nature.

Also, Coady is a natural leader and an inspiring presence wherever he goes. There are just a few things that he loves after football. Those things include playing video games, travelling and spending quality time with his family and friends.

Conor Coady Lifestyle:

Regarding how the soccer star makes his money, it is general knowledge that football is a very lucrative sport. In fact, PSG star Kylian Mbappe once remarked that there is “insane money in the sport”. Thus, it is not surprising that Coady earns £55,000 weekly. More so, the centre back’s annual take-home pay of £2,864,400 justifies his estimated net worth of £3.5 million.

With such significant wealth base, it is normal to see Coady cruising in an exotic Audi. More so, he has a captain befitting house in Wolverhampton, all thanks to the insane money and endorsements that come with top-flight football.

We told you he has an Audi didn't we
We told you he has an Audi, didn’t we?

Facts about Conor Coady:

To wrap up this interesting biography of the defender, here are lesser or unknown facts about him.

Fact #1 – Salary Breakdown and Earnings Per-second:

Per Year£2,864,400
Per Month£238,700
Per Week£55,000
Per Day£7,857
Per Hour£327
Per Minute£5.45
Per Seconds£0.09

This is what Coady has earned since you began viewing his Bio.


Fact #2 – FIFA 2020 Ratings:

The British footballer has an overall rating of 79 with a potential of 81. Truth is, that’s low for someone considered as the hope of English defence. In fact, Conor Coady’s Premier league profile speaks volume of his quality. Hopefully, FIFA will revisit the figures and make them reflect reality.

Fact #3 – Conor Coady’s Religion:

The Wolves Skipper is a believer and a Christian, even though we have no clues or evidence suggesting so. Oh wait a minute, his brother goes by the name Harrison. More so, Conor Coady’s parents had him bear the middle name is David- a christian name. That’s enough for a clue.


Thanks for reading this engaging write up on Conor Coady’s biography. We hope it has inspired you that family support goes a long way in helping individuals achieve progress.

Take an example from Coady’s family who followed him everywhere he went. They were Reds when the centre back was with Liverpool and became Wolves when he joined Wolverhampton.

Additionally, it behoves us to commend Conor Coady’s parents for their steadfastness in promoting his interests. Indeed, their support is rare to find in most households.

Conor Coady Wiki:

Biography InquiriesWiki Data
Full NameConor David Coady
Date of Birth25th day of February 1993
Place of BirthSt Helens in Merseyside, England.
Playing PositionDender/Centre Back
ParentsGail and to his father, Andy. 
ChildrenHenri, Freddie and Louie
Net Worth£3.5 million
HobbiesPlaying video games, travelling and spending quality time with his family and friends.
Height6 Feets, 1 Inch

At lifebogger, we take pride in delivering childhood stories and biographies with accuracy and fairness. If you see anything that doesn’t look right in our bio of Conor Coady, Please alert us. Otherwise, place a comment telling us what you think about the Defender.

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