Raheem Sterling Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Raheem Sterling Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Lifebogger presents the Full Story of an English Football Genius who is best known by the Nickname;Whizzkid.

Our Raheem Sterling Childhood Story, including his Untold Biography Facts, brings you a full account of notable events from his childhood time to date.

Raheem Sterling’s analysis involves his life story before fame, family life and many OFF and ON-Pitch little-known facts about him.

Yes, everyone knows the fact that he is an accomplished football player. However, not many football fans have read Raheem Sterling’s Biography, which is quite interesting. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Raheem Sterling Childhood Story – Early Life and Family Background:

One of the earliest childhood photos of Raheem Sterling.
One of the earliest childhood photos of Raheem Sterling.

Starting off, Raheem Shaquille Sterling was born on the 8th day of December 1994 in Kingston, Jamaica, by a relatively unknown father and mother, Mrs Nadine Sterling.

Our research has it that Raheem’s father wasn’t available during his birth.

In fact, Sterling’s birth certificate names no father. His surname comes from Nadine’s previous partner, Errol Sterling.

His journey to one of the most fearsome cauldrons in football began almost 5,000 miles away in a notoriously dangerous district of Kingston, Jamaica, where he lived during his childhood time.

It is a long way from his beginnings in Maverley, Jamaica – a community with no-go areas controlled by gangs. It is ‘one of the most deprived areas on the entire island’, according to a Jamaican journalist.

‘It contains marginalized ghetto communities lacking basic facilities and struggling to control gun crime’.

 Raheem as a kid, would play for up to eight hours a day, stopping only when he heard gunfire — a sign of riot.

At age six, Sterling emigrated to Britain and settled with his mum in one of London’s toughest estates.

His remarkable story is a glorious example of how parents, schools and football clubs can combine to turn sporting talent into success in even the most difficult circumstances.

Raheem Sterling's Mentor, Chris.
Raheem Sterling’s Mentor, Chris.

According to Chris Beschi, his teacher at Vernon House Special School,  “it is a testament to his strength of character and the support system around him that led him to fulfil his dream.”

Before attending Veron House Special School, Raheem changed schools on many occasions.

 “He came to Vernon House because he was having problems in mainstream primary school with his behaviour,” said Beschi.

He was definitely the kid in the school who had a kind and innocent passion about him. He had a happy nature that would sometimes tip over into anger.’

Beschi added: ‘I remember saying to him as a 10-year-old, “If you carry on the way you’re going, by the time you’re 17 you’ll either be playing for England, or you’ll be in prison. 

It was a harsh thing to say, and I don’t think it was a defining moment for him, but I definitely felt it was true. 

There wasn’t going to be a middle ground for him. He wasn’t going to be some guy working as a mechanic or a labourer. He was always going to be remarkable.’

Raheem Sterling Biography Facts: Career Start:

Sterling was the tiny boy who saw his future even as he lived with troubled youngsters during his childhood. Although Beschi was the God sent to his life.

He would walk a mile with Sterling every week across a trading estate to take pictures of a building site that later became football’s most famous ground in Great Britain.

It took far longer than anticipated, but before Sterling’s eyes, the new Wembley Stadium was completed.

The iconic arch became a backdrop to his junior football career, visible from his home on St Raphael’s estate in Neasden, northwest London.

Sterling made a big decision that became a turning point to a career start.

He decided to shun gangs to play football with new friends of similar interest at the Copland High School playing field, which is close to the nearby Wembley.

Raheem Sterling's First football trophy.
Raheem Sterling’s First football trophy. From St Raphael’s Vistas of Wembley Arch to Turning Points on Copland High School’s Pitch.

When he was just 10, Sterling played two hours of football a day in school. According to a source,

‘Raheem Sterling wasn’t just skilful as a kid. He knew how, when to pass and how to go backwards which, for a kid of his age, was unbelievable.

He would get concepts off the football pitch as well as on it. He had a great work ethic which lots of the other kids didn’t.’

Sterling demonstrated his precocious talent for Alpha and Omega Youth Football Club on evenings and weekends. This didn’t take long before QPR recruited him to their Centre of Excellence.

‘There was good and bad in that team,’ said QPR academy director Steve Gallen. ‘The good was Raheem, and the bad was the rest of the team.

A match would finish 6-5, and Raheem would have scored five goals while the rest let six in.’ 

Steve Gallen added. He received the nickname “Raheem Park Rangers” because of his ability to win matches on his own.

Raheem Sterling Biography Facts – Liverpool Acquisition:

‘I fought so well to keep him, and I was adamant he wasn’t going,’ said Gallen, ‘I was very close with him and his mum, who’s a lovely lady. But at some point in time, everyone feared he would soon be sold out to a big club.  

Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool all circled around him like sharks.

But in the end, Liverpool succeeded in securing the 15-year-old in a £1million deal. He left London for Merseyside with his parents.

While at Liverpool, he continued his education at Rainhill School in St. Helens. He was able to combine both football and studies. Both you and I know he excelled at Liverpool.

Raheem Sterling Family Life:

The Raheem Sterling Family life is one filled with agony, hope, endurance and eventual success. Now, we give you details about the members of Raheem Sterling’s family.

Raheem Sterling’s Father:

His absent father was murdered in an ambush in Jamaica when Sterling was nine years old. To date, Sterling is, to this day, still haunted by his family tragedy.

Raheem Sterling’s father was found dead outside his own dad’s home in Kingston, Jamaica — a city ravaged by gangland gun violence. Below is a picture showing the scene of his death.

Raheem Sterling's Father's Death - Full Story.
Raheem Sterling’s Father’s Death – Full Story.

A family friend revealed: “His dad loved him dearly. The death left Raheem devastated, and his family struggled for a long to come to terms with it.”

Without a doubt, the death of his dad was a tragedy that signified the darkest episode in his childhood life.

Raheem Sterling’s Mother:

The England star’s mother was an ex-hairdresser who later drooped her job after her son made it into the limelight.

Nadine Clarke Sterling made clear her pride in raising her son Sterling almost single-handedly.

Raheem Sterling's Mother- Nadine Clarke.
Raheem Sterling’s Mother- Nadine Clarke.

She once wrote on her Facebook page: “Happy Father’s Day to myself. I’m a mum and a dad.”

Nadine Clarke Sterling was instrumental in moving Raheem to London to build a better life for him and his career.

Thou she first left for England thanks and couldn’t afford to take Raheem. She allowed his relatives to take care of him while she hustled in England to prepare grounds for her son’s coming.

Raheem Sterling Relative:

After the death of Raheem Sterling’s father, his older step-sister Lakima took him to hide for months away from the assailants.

Before leaving for England, Raheem last stayed with his mum’s sister, Gran Joy Morris, who later moved to Canada.

Sterling’s relatives were too poor to buy him a football — so his first kickabouts at their house were with a juice carton instead of a ball.

According to his Aunt: “His life hasn’t been easy. It was a tough place for him to grow up. He was very sharp as a kid.

We didn’t have lots of money, but we were a very close family who helped one another out with raising Raheem.

His love for football came from playing at front of his late father’s house when he was three. Football was clearly his big love. This was why his mum toiled day and night to make sure she got him to England.”

Raheem’s extended family all had faith in him right from the moment he left for England. They communicated with him all through as he progressed with his career. He never abandoned them.

They were so excited when Brendan Rodgers gave him the opportunity to rise to fame.

This was a moment that brought smiles to their faces, as seen in the picture below. Raheem has helped every one of his extended family financially.

They’ve all left Jamaica for different countries of their choice. Below is a picture of his extended family and his mum.

Raheem Sterling Family Photo. Here, Nadine Clarke Sterling (his Mum) takes a photo with his relatives in Jamaica.
Raheem Sterling Family Photo. Here, Nadine Clarke Sterling (his Mum) takes a photo with his relatives in Jamaica.

Paige Milian and Raheem Sterling Love Story:

Raheem Sterling is already a father of two. His first child and daughter, Melody Rose, was born in 2012 after a brief relationship.

Sterling dated his sweetheart and model Paige Milian while still at QPR. Both had their first child, Melody Rose, before Sterling’s move to Liverpool.

Raheem Sterling Girlfriend, Paige Milan- The Untold Story.
Raheem Sterling Girlfriend, Paige Milan- The Untold Story.

Again, before his move to Liverpool, they had a split but then got back together when the England ace moved to Liverpool.

Long-term girlfriend and model Paige Milian also had a son called Thiago, who was born in Manchester, where his dad plays football.

Caring Raheem was over the moon and was all joyful as he witnessed the safe arrival of his first son. He was present all the way through his birth and helped Paige through labour.

Raheem Sterling's Son, Thiago Sterling.
Raheem Sterling’s Son, Thiago Sterling.

No one is sure why the baby is called Thiago – it’s not a family name, but according to a source, it’s just a name that Raheem and Paige both liked the sound of.

Raheem Sterling naturally loves children. He loves to spend perfect quality time with his daughter and Niece, who really has his face.

From her looks and smile, you can see a close resemblance to her Dad. Raheem Sterling's Daughter, Melody (Right) and Niece (Left).
From her looks and smile, you can see a close resemblance to her Dad. Raheem Sterling’s Daughter, Melody (Right) and Niece (Left).

Raheem Sterling Relationship Fact – Denying his Woman:

When Sterling turned 22, Paige shared a pic of the couple sitting on a throne with the caption: “Happy 22nd Birthday to MY HUSBAND. I love you millions, @sterling7.”

The England international responded in kind, but suggested that it may also have been a private joke with his comment: “Jheeze I got the title now Yh love u me wife.”

Raheem Sterling Biography – Lying and Cheating Allegation:

Raheem Sterling once told an 18-year-old girl he flew out to his £1 million Jamaican home that his relationship with his girlfriend is ‘nothing serious’, a source said.

He whisked Elise Wagstaff and her sister Elene to his Caribbean hideaway while his girlfriend, Paige Hansel, was on a separate holiday in Crete.

The pair posted pictures that included a pile of cash, a private plane, a fleet of supercars and a number of bikini shots showing them lounging next to the pool while enjoying the sunshine.

The Raheem Sterling Affair.
The Raheem Sterling Affair.

Sterling, who stayed far away from her, has apparently been chasing the teenager for months before finally getting her to date him. He splashes his £180,000-a-week money on her.

Meanwhile, as this happens, Page was left celebrating her birthday in Greece alone by herself.

According to a source-

‘While Raheem was in LA and Jamaica, she was in Crete on holiday. She must be questioning exactly what she means to Raheem when he can go to so much expense to impress another girl,’ the source said.

The source also revealed that there had been a ‘chemistry’ between Elise and Sterling for some time, but she has been keeping him at arm’s length.

This lifestyle is similar to that of Karim Benzema, Ryan Giggs, Edinson Cavani, Cesc Fabregas and Anthony Martial.

It is very different from the lifestyle of Roberto Firmino, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, Marcus Rashford and Davide Zappacosta.

Raheem Sterling Tattoo Facts:

His arm tattoo pays tribute to his mum for her role in bringing him through his
troubled childhood.

The bicep design reads: “Thank you, mama, for the nine months you carried me through all the pain and suffering.”

Another tattoo shows a picture of his beloved daughter Melody, who was born after a brief fling with his childhood girlfriend. Another tattoo of his displays inspiration from his childhood in West London.

Raheem’s hand has a picture of a 10-year-old boy staring up in wonder at Wembley Stadium’s famous arch, accompanied by the statement:

“It’s a dream to see what Wembley has become today. I used to stand and look at its edifice as a little boy. I’ve always wanted – to play for England and be the best I can be as a footballer.”

One of Raheem Sterling's most notable tattoos.
One of Raheem Sterling’s most notable tattoos.

The famous ground was a great source of inspiration for Raheem Sterling.

Raheem Sterling Untold Biography – He Still Connects with Jamaica:

Sterling visits Jamaica to see and pay loyalty to his homeboys, who never stop eating his money.

On regular occasions, Raheem splashes out thousands of pounds to his old pals. These were the friends who knew him in his troubled past.

Raheem Sterling Origin- Making out with his Jamaican Friends.
Raheem Sterling Origin- Making out with his Jamaican Friends.

Raheem Sterling Untold Biography Facts – Legal Issues:

On 8 August 2013, Sterling was arrested for an alleged common assault on his former girlfriend, a model.

He was found not guilty at Liverpool Magistrates Courts on 20 September, when the complainant was unable to offer consistent evidence.

Raheem Sterling Legal Battle.
Raheem Sterling Legal Battle.

A few months earlier, on 20 May 2013, a charge of common assault on a different woman was dropped just as the trial was set to start when the two witnesses failed to appear, and the prosecution offered no further evidence.

Sterling’s legal fees in the earlier case were paid for by the court.

Raheem Sterling Smoking Habit:

In April 2015, Sterling was photographed by the Sunday Mirror allegedly smoking a shisha pipe and allegedly inhaling its nitrous oxide for recreational purposes.

Raheem Sterling Lifestyle - Smoking Habits.
Raheem Sterling Lifestyle – Smoking Habits.

This is what Manager Brendan Rodgers said to him, “I don’t think it is something you should be doing, it’s as simple as that…Young players make mistakes. As long as they learn from them, that is what is important.” This lifestyle is similar to that of Mario Balotelli.

Raheem Sterling Cars:

He has a Bentley GTX 700-4, which he acquired for £500,000. He did acquire the car to copy his boss, who has a similar Bentley.

Raheem Sterling Bentley GTX 700-4.
Raheem Sterling Bentley GTX 700-4.

Audi S6, which he acquired for £55,000. The zippy winger should have no trouble racing around in this car, which is capable of 0-62mph in as little as 4.4 seconds.

This would be the perfect car if Raheem was ever running late for training.

He has a White Range Rover Sport, which he acquired for £49,500. In 2015, he was spotted driving with a parking ticket still attached to its windscreen.

Mercedes C63, which he acquired for £20,000, appears to be Sterling’s speediest car, without a doubt. The Mercedes C63 does 0-60mph in four seconds.

Raheem Sterling's Mercedes C63.
Raheem Sterling’s Mercedes C63.

He has a Smart Car, which he acquired for £12k. This is his slowest car by a country mile.

Raheem Sterling's Smart Car.
Raheem Sterling’s Smart Car.

According to reports, Sterling is fond of turning up to training with a new car every day of the week in what is a pretty serious rotation policy.

Raheem Sterling House:

He once cut £300,000 from the price of the mansion he is trying to sell, as his customised residence continues to fail to attract buyers.

Raheem Sterling House
Raheem Sterling House

The diminutive wide-man’s mammoth home in Birkdale, Merseyside, has a number of unique features, including red floor-lighting in the kitchen and a ‘Michael Jackson’ room complete with minibar.

Sterling, 21, was once looking to sell what Rightmove describes as a “four-bedroom detached house” for £1.2million after transferring from Liverpool to Manchester City for £49million.

Raheem Sterling Lifestyle (Front View).
Raheem Sterling Lifestyle (Front View).

Raheem Sterling Untold Biography Facts – Man City Error:

However, the announcement of the signing didn’t quite work out that way. First, there was the (extensive) mockery of the £49m fees.

Then there was the fact their website couldn’t handle the pressure. And then there was this absolute clanger on their official Twitter feed. They didn’t spell his name correctly.

Man City Twitter Error.
Man City Twitter Error.

Obviously, that tweet was deleted as soon as the mistake was pointed out by several laughing Twitter users. However, that wasn’t the end of the madness. They then went with RAHE:


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