Brendan Rodgers Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

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LB presents the Full Story of a Football Manager known with the nickname “Buck Rodgers“. Our Brendan Rodgers Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts brings you a full account of notable events from his childhood time to date.

The Life and Rise of Brendan Rodgers. Image Credits- DailyRecord, Twitter, Telegraph and Memecenter

The flow involves his early life/ family background, education/career buildup, early career life, road to fame, rise to fame story, relationship life, personal life, family facts, lifestyle and other little-known facts about him.

Yes, everyone knows about his cool-headed managerial style- making his players keep possession of the ball and play a flowing passing game with the ball always moving. However, only a hand few of football fans consider our Brendan Rodgers Biography which is quite interesting. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Brendan Rodgers Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Family Background and Early Life

Brendan Rodgers was born on the 26th day of January 1973 to his mother, Christina Rodgers and father, Malachy Rodgers in Carnlough, a  seaside village in Northern Ireland pictured below via Google Map.

Brendan Rodgers grewup in the troubled village of Carnlough. Image Credit- Google Map and DailyRecord

The successful English manager with Northern Irish family origin grew up as the eldest child of five boys born to his parents- Christina (mum) and Malachy (dad). Brendan Rodgers came from a middle family background operated by his dad who was a painter and decorator. While his dad gets busy with his painting and decorating job, Brendan’s mum, Christiana took care of little Brendan and his brothers. She sometimes gets herself involved as a volunteer for the Irish charity organization.

Brendan grew up experiencing the Troubles In Carnlough: As a little boy aged 7, Brendan was among the other kids who were mostly grounded (kept indoors) because of the high crime rate in his troubled village. Speaking of crime, on the 4th of June 1980, Irish Independence Party member and Larne Borough Council councilor John Turnley was murdered via an armed campaigns in the village. This was followed by the death of Loyalist bandsman, Andrew Mason who was beaten to death again by two local men in the village.

Brendan Rodgers Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Education and Career Buildup

In the sleepy Northern Irish village of Carnlough, emptiness ended for most little boys, including Brendan when there was football on their feet. As far as the game of football was concerned, the Brendan Rodgers family was properly represented, in the fanbase of Sheffield Wednesday and Celtic.

Rodgers played football during sports period while he attended All Saints Catholic Primary School in Ballymena, a town in Northern Ireland- 26 minutes’ drive from his family home. Sports participation wasn’t only the only thing that runs in the family. Back then, Brendan Rodgers’ parents wanted their boys not just to get an education,  but still pick up a spare career.

While Brendan chose football, one of his kid brothers took up music, a decision that made his entire family proud in no time. Did you Know?… Brendan Rodgers’ family withness the early success of his kid brother Malachy Jnr who became a well-known country and western singer.

Brendan Rodgers Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Early Life Life

While his little bro excelled in his music career, Brendan Rodgers took his own direction in his quest to begin a football career. After a successful trial in the year 1984, little Rodgers (pictured below) began his youth career as a defender with Ballymena United, his local team.

Brendan Rodgers during his early years as a youngster with Ballymena. Image Credit- DailyRecord

During his playing days, Brendan Rodgers idolized fellow Northern Irishman Anton Rogan who was 7 years his senior. He made a huge impression in his young career, a feat that earned him international recognition even before he graduated from the academy.

Did you know?… While still an academy player, Brendan Rodgers was called to represent Northern Ireland at schoolboy level. Such maturity at an early age saw his club in 1987 projecting him into senior football.

Brendan Rodgers Early Years with his Schoolboy Team. Image Credit- DailyRecord

Rodgers continued to progress with his countryside after academy graduation. In 1988, he continued to represent Northern Ireland after he moved to St Patrick’s College playing against the best football country in the world- Brazil.

Brendan Rodgers played football the way he wants his teams to play in an era when Northern Irish was totally unheard of. Back then, his former coach could recall how he was so full of energies and was regarded as the future of the country’s senior team. Despite all these accolades, little did Brendan Rodgers know about the DARK TIMES coming his way.

Brendan Rodgers Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – The Difficult Road to Fame Story

After turning professional with Ballymena United, Brendan Rodgers at the age of 18 signed for Reading. Did you know?… His professional football career was brought to an abrupt end before it even started due to a genetic knee condition also known as Familial osteochondritis dissecans.

Brendan Rodgers suffered from genetic knee condition which paralyzed his football career. Image Credits- clickittefaq, stack and MemeCenter.

Without a doubt, any footballer who has lived through such injury, leading to an abrupt end of a career will know only too well the deep emotional pain it can cause. It took Brendan Rodgers years to overcome both emotional and psychological trauma caused by the incident.

Following his enforced retirement, Rodgers was compensated by Reading who provided him the job of Youth coach. In order to gain more coaching experience, Rodgers moved on to youth coaching with non-league football with Newport (IOW), Witney Town and Newbury. Also, in a bid to supplement his little salaries as a youth coach, Brendan Rodgers began working with John Lewis stores to support his young family.

Brendan Rodgers once worked at John Lewis Store in order to feed his family. Image Credit- MemeCenter and qualtrics
Brendan Rodgers Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Rise to Fame Story

How he got Help from Jose Mourinho: After gathering much monies multitasking as a youth coach and store manager, Brendan Rodgers in the late 1990s made the decision to travel to Spain in order to get advanced coaching education. After his education and having still retained his job at Reading, he began to apply for jobs with several top clubs, one of which was the rejuvenated Chelsea FC managed by Jose Mourinho.

Brendan Rodgers days as Chelsea Youth Coach. Image Credit- Sportskeeda

Did you know? Jose Mourinho was impressed with his Brendan Rodger’s CV, that he invited him for a Chelsea youth job an interview which he passed. Rodgers left his job as an academy director at Reading for a move into the big world of football, becoming the head youth coach of Chelsea academy in the year 2004.

Jose Mourinho promoted Rodgers to be a reserve team manager in his two years Chelsea spell. This promotion came because Brendan was very loyal to his boss (pictured below) who gave him the opportunity to grow.

Jose Mourinho promoted Brendan Rodgers due to loyalty during his days with Chelsea. Credit- DreamTeamFC

Following the special one’s departure, Brendan Rodgers kept in that position by subsequent Chelsea managers Avram Grant and Luiz Felipe Scolari. After getting enough time to grow, Brendan Rodgers left for Watford, Reading and the almighty Swansea city as head coach.

At Swansea city, the less-popular coach began to receive public recognition as he guided the Welsh club to the top flight, an achievement which gave him the 2012 Liverpool job. At Liverpool, Brendan Rodgers came close to winning the 2014 Premier League title. Despite not winning, he secured Champions League football for the club (the first time in five years).

Following his exit from Liverpool, Rodgers was appointed a manager of Scottish Premiership champions Celtic. Rather than crumble, the ex- Liverpool coach went from strength to strength. He led Celtic to an undefeated domestic season in his first year, and to wrap it all, trebles in both of his first two seasons.

Brendan Rodgers won the treble twice for Celtic- His highest honour as a manager. Image Credit- LcFc

The rest, as they say, is now history.

Brendan Rodgers Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Relationship Life

Brendan Rodgers met his girlfriend Sussan at the time he was no-body, just after the moment of injury and decision to quit playing football. Both dated for nearly a decade. Brendan was 28 years old when he married Sussan in the year 2001 WHILE he was still a no-body in the managerial world.

Brendan Rodgers’ wife Sussan living happily together before their divorce. Image Credit- Mirror

Susan Rodgers stayed with her husband through thick and thin, from the moment he was a store manager at John Lewis, to when he became Chelsea youth coach and most importantly, at the time he reached the height of his coaching career at Liverpool. Both lovers have blessed with two children namely; Anton Rodgers (born; 26 January 1993) and Mischa Rodgers. Below is a photo of Brendan Rodgers’ children from Susan.

Meet Brendan Rodgers’ children- Anton and Mischa Rodgers. Credit-TheTimes & Mirror

Did you know?… The son of Brendan Rodgers, Anton Michael Rodgers followed his dad’s footsteps. The Irish professional footballer who plays as a midfielder began his youth career with Chelsea FC academy from 2006 to 2011 where his dad coached him.

The Divorce Story: During Rodgers’ tenure at Liverpool, the relationship between him and Sussan began to get sour, a development which led to an intensive court battle between the two. The need to provide financial settlement saw Brendan Rodgers getting involved in a multimillion-pound divorce row over his family property empire that consists of 102 houses worth millions of pounds (DailyMail Report).

Rodgers divorced his wife Susan after 14 years of marriage in the year 2015. He endured and waited for two years before proposing and getting married to his latest wife Ms Charlotte Searle. It was a fairytale wedding which happened at Loch Lomond in Scotland in the year 2017.

Brendan Rodgers married Charlotte at the Loch Lomond golf club in Scottland. Image Credit- Mirror

Brendan Rodgers married Ms Charlotte Searle in 2017 just after four months he proposed in New York. Before her marriage, Ms Charlotte Searle was a divorcee who met Rodgers while she was working as a Liverpool FC travel coordinator and he was still the manager of Liverpool. Little is known whether their earlier meeting was the cause of Brendan Rodgers’ marriage issues which led to a divorce with his ex-wife Susan.

Charlotte Searle oozes confidence in every one of her snap. She is a selfless person who does nothing more than providing emotional support for her man even thou it means putting her own life and distant job on hold.

Charlotte Searle enjoyed every part of her husband’s success at Celtic. Image Credit- DailyMail
Brendan Rodgers Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Personal Life

Getting to know Brendan Rodgers Personal Life away from football affairs would help you get a complete picture of his personality. Away from the pitch, Rodgers is described as a friendly, polite and generous man who loves associate with nearly everyone- from his loyal fan to the restaurant waiter.

Getting to know Brendan Rodgers Personal Life away from football. Image Credit: Belfastlive

Rodgers believes in happiness rather than pursuing monies even thou making it is a necessary evil. According to reports, he once turned down an approach from a Chinese club during the summer of 2018 telling BBC Scotland that “With China, it’s big money, but I’ve found happiness here.”

Brendan Rodgers Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Family Life

In this section of our writeup, we provide more information about Brendan Rodgers’ family members starting from his mum.

About Brendan Rodgers’ Mum: Christiana had a different Christian religious view from her husband which she didn’t allow to have any negative impact on Brendan and his brothers. Christina Rodgers was a devout protestant until her death in 2010, the year she suffered from a tragic heart attack.

About Brendan Rodgers’ Dad: Malachy Rodgers, the father of Brendan Rodgers was a painter, decorator and most importantly, a devout catholic. He lived and suffered from Cancer at the late stage of his life. Malachy couldn’t bear it after his wife Christiana passed on in the year 2010. He died from the effect of cancer disease just after his wife left the world.

Brendan Rodgers Brothers: In Brendan Rodgers’ family made up of male siblings and as stated earlier, he isn’t the only member of his family to have tasted success. Brendan and his brother, Malachy Rodgers Jnr are well known as the successful Rodgers. Malachy Rodgers Jnr pictured below made a name for himself by going on to pursuing a music career in NashvilleTennessee, United States.

Meet Brendan Rodgers’ Brother- Declan Rodgers. Image Credit- TheSun

Did you know?… Nashville-based Malachy Rodgers Jnr who is nicknamed as ‘Mal‘ starred on BBC talent show ‘Country Cool‘ in his native Northern Ireland before heading to the US (Tennessee) where he became a cult hero. On the other side of life, one of Brendan Rodgers’ brothers named Declan Rodgers didn’t make it becoming rich and successful.  Poor Declan Rodgers pictured below, was once slapped with bankruptcy after being chased for serious debts.

Brendan Rodgers’ broke brother- Declan. Credit TheScottishSun
Brendan Rodgers Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Lifestyle

Brendan Rodgers is a multi-millionaire boss who once received a handsome compensation package of around £8million when he was sacked as Liverpool manager in October 2015. Moving on to Celtic, he also became the highest-paid boss in the club’s history, earning around £45,000 a week.

Despite all these monies, Brendan lives an average lifestyle on the outside. This implies that Rodgers has a strong grounding on how to keep his finances in check and organized. He is not a social media person, having no accounts (at the time of writing) and just focusing on his job.

Getting to know Brendan Rodgers Lifestyle Facts. Image Credit- TheHeraldScotland and CelticNewsNow
Brendan Rodgers Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts – Untold Facts

The Difficult 4 Years of his Life: The years starting from 2010- 2014 was said to be the most traumatic years of Brendan Rodgers’ entire life. Those years were engulfed with Family troubles which contrasted pressure from professional success (as seen during his days with Liverpool). Starting off, Family heartbreak started when he lost his mum, followed by his dad a few months later. The tragedy succession continued when Rodgers lost his wife (via divorce), lost his properties (to divorce) and finally, losing his prestigious Liverpool job.

His latest wife’s ex-husband took his own life: Brendan Rodgers’ new wife Charlotte Searle was formerly married to Steven Hind, a business development manager. Both pictured below were married 17 months, had a daughter together before eventually getting divorced in 2013.

Brendan Rodgers’ wife’s ex-husband ended his life after his wife left him. Image Credit- DailyMail

Did you know?… Steven Hind was found dead in his room in the popular London Bosco Hotel. His colleague observed he has died after failing to turn up for work around October 2017. The ex-husband of Brendan Rodgers’ wife took his own life after writing a note saying ‘he could not go on‘.

His Son was Accused of Assault: Just after Brendan Rodgers just split up with his wife, his family woes continued. This time, Rodgers’ son (Anton) and three other persons got into trouble. They took pictures of themselves while se*ually assaulting teenage woman, an action which led to their arrest and prosecution in court.

Brendan Rodgers Son was once arrested after he physically attacked a lady. Image Credit- DailyMail

The offense was said to have happened at the Jury’s Inn Hotel located in Brighton in July 2011. Painfully, Brendan Rodgers watched his son’s court trial from a public gallery. Anton was later acquitted after being accused of se*ual assault, which his dad labeled ‘A Disgrace

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