Arda Turan Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Arda Turan Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

LB presents the Full Story of a Football Genius best known by the Nickname; ‘El Turco‘. Our Arda Turan Childhood Story plus Untold Biography facts brings to you full account of notable events from his childhood time till date.

The analysis involves his life story before fame, family life and many OFF and ON-Pitch little known facts about him. Without further adieu, lets Begin.

Arda Turan Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Early Years

Arda Turan born on 30 January 1987  in Istanbul, Turkey to Mr Adnan Turan (Father) and Yuksel Turan (Mother). He grew up having no profile and no knowledge of what he was to become or what would come next in his life.

Arda’s academic record was far from exemplary too. In his early teens he struggled in school and was often found on the wrong end of visits to the school headmaster. It was these disciplinary issues that made him decide going to school isn’t his calling. At this point, football became the only thing he could think of.

Arda’s decision to go into football was accepted by his parents. They reacted quickly to his decision by quickly registering him to a local football academy in Istanbul.

His parents knew that understanding their child is one of the most important things they have to learn as good parents.

They were helpful and effective to guide and nurture Arda as he grew up. Arda with time developed a unique personality trait which denotes football and remained consistent in his life till date.

As his talent developed, his parents became more supportive. The best way to make him happy was to take him out for shopping. They would buy him anything he want. They protected him from anything that could hinder his dreams. Ideally, they watch him sleep, eat and play the wonderful game.

Arda Turan Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Family Life

Father: Mr Adnan Turan is a peaceful man who is very comfortable with his local sales business in the Bayrampaşa district of Istanbul.

He is always remembered for the supportive role he gave his son in his career path. Unlike his wife Yuksel, he doesn’t mingle much in his son’s activities.

Mother: Yuksel is Arda’s mother. She is very outspoken who is known best for protecting her son in the midst of controversies.

She was quick to protect her son during the national team plane incident where her son Arda attacked fellow Turk journalist Bilal Meşe.

According to Yüksel Turansaid, “A lynching campaign for my son had begun’.

Arda Turan’s mother, Yüksel Turan, said, “Arda is a very good person and normally someone who does not want to break anybody, has achieved the success that no footballer can get in this country, she is paying the price now … They are trying to finish my son with a collective lynch campaign! I have written so unfounded about my son that it is hard to be unresponsive to them.” Allegedly giving place to expressions.

Brother: Okan Turan is Arda’s elder brother.

Okan received his Undergraduate Degree (BSc) from Istanbul Technical University, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering Faculty in 1989 and Master’s degree (MSc) from Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Management, Management Engineering in 1992. Okan began his professional career in the field of capital markets as Financial Analyst at Data Securities Co. in 1992 and served as Chief Financial Analyst till date.

Arda Turan Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Relationship Life

Miranda Shelia and Arda Turan have been dating since Dec 2016. The Georgian Model has been the recent girlfriend as at time of writing.

Aslian Dogan (spotted below) was Arda Turan’s former girlfriend. She is born on the 4th December, 1985 and speaks both English and Turkish. Aslian and Arda started in 2014 and ended in December 2016. Both perches were very close to each other.

Asides Aslian, Arda Turan has had 5 other relationships over the years. Arda Turan relationship life in summary involves 6 names. (1) Dilara Oztunç (Dated from 2007 – 2008),  (2) Sinem Kobal (Dated from 2012 – 2013) (3) Selin Imer (Dated in 2012)(4) Idil Firat (Dated in 2013) (5) Aslihan Dogan (Dated in 2014) (6) Miranda Shelia (2017).

Arda Turan Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –He Thinks He’s a Pop Star

During a La Liga winter break, Turan decided to try and make it as a pop star.

He went home to Turkey to sing on ‘The Voice’. He performed a song called ‘Sari Cizmeli Mehmet Aga’ – a classic Turkish rock song and, well, let’s just say he should stick to the football. The judges still turned their chairs around just to see who the presumably special guest was.

Arda Turan Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts-Idolizing  Michael Jordan and Roger Federer

The bearded midfielder is viewed as an icon by many especially in Turkey. But Arda Turan has icons belonging to other sports. Tennis legend Roger Federer and Basketball icon Michael Jordan are athletes he looks up to.

In a interview, he had stated, “I always strive to improve, the best sportsmen and woman always strive to be better. That is why Michael Jordan and Federer are my icons.”

Both these legends are known not only for their skills and abilities on the field but also their grace and their human nature. Teammates of Turan have often described him as kind-hearted and nice person who is emotional about the things that he believes in.

Arda Turan Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts-Love for Cars

According to the Turkish Press, Turan previously owned an Aston Martin DB9 and a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

He has a passion for cars and currently drives an Audi RS6. In January 2009, he was involved in car crash in Istanbul. Fortunately, Turan suffered no serious injuries and continued training with only cuts and bruises.

Arda Turan Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts-Injury Issues

On 16 November 2008, Turan collapsed during a match against İstanbul BB.

After being rushed to hospital, he was diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia. The day after the incident, doctors declared that Turan was in good health and that extreme exhaustion caused the arrhythmia. In November 2009, he suffered a minor bout of swine flu but recovered within a few days to resume training.

Even recently, the Turk has been familiar with injuries. These days, its either knee or the hamstring. In fact, having injured himself in a game against his current employers, he left the field with tears in his eyes.

Despite his physical injuries, he is known to be a fighter. Often considered in the ilk of players with a never say die attitude. A trait that’s not easy to come by but is invaluable for footballers.

Arda Turan Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts-Stricking Resemblance with Leonidas 

The Uncanny Resemblance Between Popular Actor, Gerard Butler AKA Leonidas of 300 and Arda Turan has once set the internet on storm. What got everyone trilled was the availability of the Arda’s picture of field collapse which paired well with that of Leonidas.

Arda Turan Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Dreamt of playing for Liverpool

Players are often known to voice their love for a particular club. Some have the good fortune of playing for their loved sides while some don’t.

Arda Turan belongs to the latter category. Back at Euro 2008, Andrey Arshavin declared his love for FC Barcelona. Unfortunately, the move never materialized. In 2011, Turan, then playing for Galatasaray also voiced his love for English giants Liverpool. He said: “As I always mention, Liverpool attracts me because of their tradition.

“In Europe, I am a Liverpool supporter, so if I go to play in Europe, I would like to play for them.”

He stated that it was his dream to play for the Reds of Merseyside. However, Liverpool never came calling. Atletico Madrid did and following his exploits with Diego Simeone at the helm that took them to the La Liga title and the Champions League final he has now moved on to Camp Nou. What seems to have been Liverpool’s loss has surely been Barcelona’s gain.

Arda Turan Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Once Threw a boot at the referee

Despite being a good example with his commanding performances on the pitch, Turan has notably lost his temper in a big way in recent times, throwing his boot at a linesman in Atletico’s Copa del Rey defeat to Barcelona last season.

Still, he wouldn’t be the last top player to lose his head.

Arda Turan Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –A Man with a Golden Heart

Arda is known to have a golden heart. He recently participated in a charity match in Egypt to raise funds for orphanages in the Arab world. Last year, he played a charity game at his former home (Izmir Ataturk Stadium) to raise funds for the families of the Soma mine victims.

He is especially known for helping out sick children. In May, 2014, he was appointed the Goodwill Ambassador for the Khojalay Massacre which relates to the killing of atleast 161 ethnic Azerbaijani civilians. His activities include raising awareness and promoting world peace.

He is also a family man. With his first salary, he bought a house for his parents and recently purchased a car for his brother, not just any car, a Porsche.

Arda Turan Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –A Socialist

Arda Turan once opened his house in Madrid to people across the city’s political spectrum. The venue is used for the purpose of debates and discussions. Turan himself is a socialist and is known to treat everybody in the household in the same manner irrespective of wealth and profession.

He grew up in a working-class area in Istanbul and spent his early years on the streets. The tough times during his childhood and the problems faced by the working class have had an impact on his life. In an interview he had stated, “I have always supported the workers’ rights, the rights of the ordinary people.”

A definitive political stand was inherited by Turan through generations. His father had left leaning ideologies, his grandfather was a supporter of right-wing politics.

Arda Turan Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Football Career

Turan started playing football in Bayrampaşa. When he was only 12, he joined Galatasaray in 2000 where he stood out. He made his professional debut with Galatasaray in 2006 after five seasons playing in the squad’s youth ranks. It wasn’t always this rosy.

The diminutive youngster struggled to cope with the rigours of daily football, not least the speed and strength required for the game. Arda was the shortest player in the 1987 birth year age group, and it showed in his early performances. Bigger, more experienced players in the league were unaccommodating towards a player who had all the tricks but lacked effectiveness.

He made his debut for the Turkish national team in August 2006. Turan played for Turkey for the first time against Luxembourg in a friendly match that Turkey won 1-0.

In the 2006/07 season, Turan became one of Galatasaray’s most essential players. He claimed his first Super League title in 2008. Spanish club Atletico Madrid scooped him up for 12 million euros in August 2011. In his first season at Atletico Madrid, Turan won the Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup. The Atletico’s number 10 played an important role in his team’s league title victory in the 2013/14 season.

That same season, Atletico Madrid qualified for the Champions League final for the first time in 40 years. Turkish star Turan scored 22 goals and had 32 assists in 177 matches in his four-year spell at Atletico Madrid. With a transfer fee of 34 million euros, Barcelona’s new signing becomes the most valuable Turkish player in history.

Arda Turan Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –Choking a Journalist

Arda Turan retirement from the Turkey national team came after reportedly choking a journalist on a team flight.

He was alleged to have had a verbal and physical confrontation with a journalist on a flight following a friendly against Macedonia over reporting that had been done which blamed Turan for creating discord among the squad over bonus money.

According to Reuters, Turan admitted to “making a mistake” and has left his national team.

“I made a mistake while wearing the national team uniform. It was something that should not have happened on the national team plane,” he said.

According to English newspaper The Independent, the incident occurred on the team plane to Italy when Turan allegedly approach Bilal Meşe of the Turkish publication Milliyet. Here is what The Independent is reporting to have been the exchange:

“Tell me Bilal Meşe, were you there?” he began. “Were you with us when you wrote about the bonuses issue? Who did I ask for money from? Who did ask I for bonuses from? Talk. Come on. Who made you write those reports?” Turan reportedly shouted at Meşe, a veteran journalist who had blamed skipper Turan for much of the squad disharmony.

And Turan’s rant was said to have gone on before the report notes that he had to be restrained by teammates as he grabbed Meşe by the throat. Arda Turan stated that he doesn’t feel any remorse and that he will not be playing for Turkey anymore. It is worthy to assert that both of them were once good friends as seen in the picture below.

Arda Turan Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts –LifeBogger Biography Rankings

He is mostly known for his ball control, dribbling skills, and vision. We presents his biography rankings below.

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