Roman Burki Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Roman Burki Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Roman Burki Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Girlfriend/Wife to be, Lifestyle, Net Worth and Personal Life.

In simple terms, LifeBogger gives you a complete breakdown of his journey from the cradle years to when he became famous.

Asides being a good goal stopper, you and I know he, just like David de Gea is among the most hottest goalkeepers in world football– Bleacher report once confirmed that.

Again, not as popular as Manuel Neuer or Kepa, only a few football fans would have an interest in reading Roman Burki’s Biography which we’ve prepared. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Roman Burki Childhood Story:

For biography starters, his nickname is “Sexy“, thou he never calls himself that. The Swiss Goalkeeper was born on the 14th day of November 1990 to his mother, Karin Burki and father, Martin Burki, in Münsingen- a municipality in Switzerland.

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Little Roman came to the world as the first son and child born out of the successful union between his loving parents. The goalie grew up alongside his little brother who goes by the name Marco Bürki. Both brothers, with an age difference of three years, have been best friends right from day one.

As a first child and son with a little brother, little Roman had in him, a great sense of responsibility. From the onset, he began playing the big brother role. Indeed, looking after Marco was his first responsibility as an elder sibling.

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As time went on, the future stopper began warming up to follow the Burki family trade. What is that?… This responsibility is no other than learning from his dad’s footballing footstep, which we’ll tell you in the later sections of this biography.

Roman Burki Family Background:

Thanks to the head of the household (Martin), the destiny of his children got secured as early as possible. Did you know?… the Swiss Goalkeeper (Roman Burki) comes from a sporting family background. His father, Martin Burkii was a goalkeeper and his mother, probably a housekeeper.

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Both of Roman Burkii’s parents operated a middle-class household. Thanks to a low cost of living, they never struggled with monies. In fact, the family of Martin and Karin were among Münsingen’s 12,000 inhabitants who lived in one of those beautiful Swiss peripheral neighbourhoods.

Roman Burki Family Origin:

To the average football fan, the Goalkeeper comes from Switzerland. Some fans probably have no idea that Roman Burki’s family hails from Münsingen, a municipality located in Switzerland. Note, this is not to be confused with a German town, also called Münsingen.

From the map below, you’ll realize Münsingen belongs to the German-speaking region of Switzerland. It’s fair to say that Roman Burki is a Swiss-German and his parents possess the Alemannic dialect. People from this language group have German family roots and ancestry.

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Roman Burki Early Years- Education and Career Buildup:

Münsingen was where everything relating to his destiny started. As a former goalkeeper, it was hard for Martin Burki to deal with retirement from football. Early on, the super dad had hoped to see his sons, starting with his first (Roman), aspiring to live the Burki family dreams- becoming a professional and successful footballer.

Upon hanging his boots, Martin Burki took it upon himself to prepare his sons for the future. The foresight dad, in the year 1999, enrolled little Roman with FC Münsingen (a local club located close to the family home). There, the future BVB star laid his goalkeeping foundation.

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Roman Burki Biography- Early Career Life:

Around 2005, Switzerland head coach Köbi Kuhn had qualified the country for the 2006 World Cup for the first time since 1994. Everyone, including Roman Burkii’s family, were excited about the future of football in the country.

The national football potential of Switzerland among other things ignited Martin to enrol his son for trials in a more prominent academy. Despite the optimism, things didn’t go earlier as planned for his son- the young goalkeeper.

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The Early Failures:

Roman Burki had to deal with several disappointments during his early youth career years. The quest to proceed to more significant academies didn’t go through, no thanks to failed football trials. Among the clubs which failed him, the one that caused so much sadness was FC Thun, a Swiss football team from the Bernese Oberland town of Thun.

Suffering from Mental Health and how his Dad saved his Young Career:

We football fans wouldn’t be seeing him on a BVB shirt if his dad hadn’t intervened by hiring a mental coach who helped him clear his mind from the stresses of academy football rejections. The truth is, Burki suffered from mental health, and his dad saved his young career.

This decision made by Roman Burki’s parents to hire a mental coach kept the family dreams alive. This feat brought hope- a call from BSC Young Boys (a top Swiss sports club based in Bern) who invited the young goalkeeper for trials.

Roman Burki Biography- Road to Fame Story:

Did you know?… Two hours before the future goalie took his trial with BSC Young Boys, our very own Roman turned to his father, who had driven him to the club’s testing ground and said, according to EuroSport.

Dad,…No, I’m not going to join Young Boys. Why are you saying NO? …asked his dad, Martin.

Bürki told his dad that his earlier rejection at FC Thun had discouraged him, making him so unsettled to continue a career. Hence, he is giving Young Boys a denial and also given up on football.

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Thankfully, it took the joint effort of Roman Burki’s parents and other loved ones to settle the young lad’s mind before he decided to proceed with trials at Young Boys.

Roman Burki Biography- Rise to Fame Story:

To the joy of family and friends, the little goalkeeper passed Young Boys trials with flying colours. From 2005 to 2008, Bürki was at their academy. He graduated in 2009 and immediately joined the senior team where he began making lots of sacrifices.

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How he became Successful:

Proceeding on loan and a further transfer to Grasshopper (another big Swiss club) was the best early decision Roman made. However, his biggest club football accomplishment in Switzerland was helping his Grasshopper team win the Swiss Cup in 2013. To assist his team achieve success, Burki had to play with a broken rib and strained abdominal muscle.

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This feat led to a German transfer. At this time, Roman left his country, parents and family members for the first time to Germany where he joined SC Freiburg. A year later, in 2014, Thomas Tuchel called him to Borussia Dortmund. At the time of putting up Roman Bürki’s biography, he already has the German DFB Cup to his name.

The rest, as we often say, is now history.

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Roman Burki Love LifeGirlfriend, Wife, Children?

First and foremost, there is no denying the fact that his cute looks wouldn’t attract ladies who would tag themselves as potential girlfriends and wife materials. Judging from the photo below, you’ll tend to acknowledge that nickname of his- Sexy. In this section, we’ll give you a breakdown of Roman Burki’s love life.

When asked about his idea for his dream woman, girlfriend or wife, Roman Burki said the following according to Schweizer-illustrierte.

I don’t prefer a particular type, but she should have a hearty face, because the look is of course what first catches your eye and arouses interest.

I want someone who is interested in me as a person and not just as a footballer. 

Roman Bürki Dating History- Past and Current Girlfriend + Wife to be:

First, the Goalkeeper began having relationships sometime around 2010. He started by dating Nastassja Beutler, who appears to be his first girlfriend and childhood sweetheart. The two met and fell in love with each other at the driving school in Bern, Switzerland.

After Bürki’s move to BVB, problems began between the two love birds, no thanks to a long-distance relationship. Sadly, Roman Bürki separated from his model girlfriend around 2016 (according to Sten report).

Rumours has it that after moving on, the cute Goalkeeper went on to date a model and blogger named Chiara Bransi- his second girlfriend.

However, during this time of producing Roman Burki’s biography, Mr Handsome is currently enjoying a relationship with a German beauty who goes by the name Marlen Valderrama-Alvaréz.

From all indications, it appears Marlen is likely to become Roman Burki’s wife and mother of his kids. The beautiful lady comes from Southern Germany, and she is a fitness person who shares her workout videos on Instagram.

Marlen Valderrama-Alvaréz appears to be very close to Cathy, who is Matt Hummels‘ wife. Also, Melanie Windler, who is the heart robe of Manuel Akanji.

Roman Burki Personal Life:

Yes, you’ve probably known him for his handsomeness and those on-pitch dazzling displays. However, what you might not know is the way Roman lives his life outside football or his personality off the pitch.

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First and foremost, the goalkeeper has a soft side for animals even thou he looks very though on the goal post. He once stated the following in an interview.

When I read about the death of the bear in the animal park in Bern, it hurt me deeply. Also, the world nearly collapse for me when one of my parents’ cats had died.

Like some animal-loving footballers, The BVB goalkeeper has a little dog whom he calls Cliff. If he is not reading books and listen to podcasts, Roman is likely to be with his dog.

About his Cute/Handsome Looks:

Without a doubt, the Swiss is the most handsome goalkeeper of his generation. Also on his personal life, Roman Burki takes seriously, his appearance whether in a shoot or each time he leaves his home. In his words;

I want to look decent when I am in public. Before I leave the house, I look in the mirror. But this is probably the case with every footballer these days.

Football Retirement Plans:

Lastly, on his Burki’s personal life, the Swiss loves the idea of going in real-estate business when he hangs up his boots. Roman Burki prefers Mats Hummels could be his perfect business partner.

Roman Burki Lifestyle:

A BVB monthly wage of €200,000 and a base salary of €2.77 million is more than enough to make the Goalkeeper live a luxurious life. To explain Roman Burki’s lifestyle, we’ll only tell you about his cars and net worth. Now let’s get started with his automobiles.

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Roman Burki’s Cars:

The truth is, the Swiss have a soft spot for cool and big wheels. Roman Burki prefers dressing to match his Mercedes Benz G-Class luxury SUV’s. The choice of car depends on his dress mode, and each automobile has his initials and date of birth on their nameplates.

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Roman Burki Net Worth:

No doubt, his €2.77 million annual salary has been paid since 2017. For that, money experts have gone ahead to estimate his net worth to be around $7 million. Considering his latest June 2020 contract, this value will definitely increase.

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Roman Burki Family Life:

From his first moments his life, Roman Burki has relied on his mum and dad, even his little brother, Marco for support. Pictured below is his close-knit family as they enjoy a shot in their Swiss home- where everything began.

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Roman Burki Family Life. The close-knit household enjoys a picture snap in their home- a place where everything (success) began. In this emotional section, we’ll tell you more about Roman Burki’s parents as well as his family members. Now, let’s start with his dad, Martin.

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About Roman Burki’s Father:

According to the Swiss, his dad Martin gave him the greatest gift anyone would ever give a son or loved one. This gift is nothing more than the act of believing in him, especially at a time he nearly gave up the quest to become a professional goalkeeper.

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Without Roman Burki’s Dad- Martin, a career wouldn’t have been possible. He appears to be very close to his son. Martin, is the kind of father who despite his son being successful, still do telephone calls to analyse the grey areas of his games.

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About Roman Burki’s Mum:

Great mother have produced successful sons, and Karin isn’t an exception. Roman hardly talks about his mum, thou he never forget to post pictures of her during mother’s day. Karin Burki makes up his best childhood memory, thanks to the great maternal care she gave him while he was a child.

About Roman Burki’s Brother:

Marco Bürki, born on the 10th day of July 1993 is also a Swiss footballer who plays as a left-footed centre-back. As I write this bio, the last born of the Bürki family plays his football at FC Luzern, a sports club located in the Swiss city of Lucerne.

Unlike his big brother, Marco Burki is not that popular, neither is he the breadwinner of the family. Nevertheless, following the footsteps of his dad and big bro, Roman has made him successful. Just like Roman, Marco also joined Young Boys, and went as far as winning the 2017/2018 Super League with the club.

Roman Burki Untold Facts:

Yes, you’ve probably known the Swiss as that handsome and stylish goalkeeper who once helped BVB put up a title challenge against Bayern Munich. In this section, we’ll tell you some little known Roman Burki Facts. Now let’s begin.

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Fact #1- He was a Victim of a BVB Bus attack- Man responsible got 14 Years:

Around 2017, Sergei Wenergold did the unthinkable. The German of Russian family origin hid bombs packed with metal pins, to cause terror to BVB players. Sadly, the roadside bomb went off as the club bus which had Roman Burki, passed a hedge on its way to a Champions League quarter-final match.

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Although no life was lost, but there were two injuries. Roman Burki suffered sleeping problems for days after the explosion. We thank God for his recovery.

Fact #2- Reason behind Roman Burki’s Tattoos:

The Swiss has got lots of beautiful Tattoos, which contributes to his handsomeness. Even without careful observation, you’ll realize his toned body has many body arts. Roman Burki once said these, when being asked why he is so keen on tattoos. In his words;

I am into tattoos because going on the pitch; we have to take off all the rings and necklaces. My body arts are my jewellery.

Back then, as a young teenager, Roman Burki’s parents granted him approvals for his early drawings. These days as an adult, he doesn’t ask for their opinion. The Swiss footballer hopes to remove some of his tattoos when a painless technology emerges- which he thinks would come in the future.

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Fact #3- Roman Burki’s Religion:

Among his tattoos, there exist Mary and Jesus on the forearm. This points to the fact that Roman Burki’s parents are had probably raised him in adherence to the Catholic faith of Christianity religion. The Swiss once responded when asked if he goes to church weekly. In his words;

I don’t go to church every week. But I believe in certain principles, especially one that says you should treat others the way you want to be treated. Also, the fact that there is a reward for doing good.

Fact #4- Salary Breakdown in comparison to the Average Man:

TENURE/EARNINGSEarnings in Swiss franc (CHF)Earnings in Euros (€)Earnings in Pounds (£)Earnings in Dollars ($)
Per Year2,944,087 CHF€2,765,208£2,503,799$3,091,941
Per Month245,341 CHF€230,434£208,649$257,662
Per Week56,530 CHF€53,095£48,076$59,369
Per Day8,075 CHF€7,585£6,868$8,481
Per Hour336 CHF€316£286$353
Per Minute5.6 CHF€5.2£4.7$5.8
Per Second0.09 CHF€0.08£0.07$0.09
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Since you started viewing Roman Burki‘s Bio, this is what he has earned.


Did you know?… The average German who earns 3,770 euros a month would need to work for at least five years and one month to make Burki’s BVB monthly salary of €230,434 (2019 stats).

Secondly, where Roman’s Burkii family comes from (Switzerland), the average citizen who earns 6’502 CHF would need to work for three years and one month to make his monthly salary which is equivalent to 245,341 CHF.


Roman Bürki Biographical InquiriesWiki Data
Full Name:Roman Bürki.
Born:14 November 1990 in Münsingen, Switzerland.
Parents:Karin Burki (mother) and Martin Burki (father).
Family Origin:Swiss-German of the Alemannish dialect.
Siblings:A brother named Marco Bürki.
Past Relationships:Nastassja Beutler and Chiara Bransi (Ex-Grilfriends).
Wife:Marlen Valderrama-Alvaréz.
Height in Meters and Feet:1.88 meters or 6 ft 2 inches.
Hobbies:Reading books and listen to podcasts.
Early Football Education:FC Münsingen and Young Boys.
Tattoo Role Model:Sergio Ramos.
Football Role Model:Manuel Neuer.
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Wrapping things up:

In summary, we’ve learnt that Roman Burki’s parents (especially his dad) are the sole reason for his success today. This article teaches us that Winners never Quit, and Quitters never Win. We hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you have, kindly tell us what you think about our article and the goalkeeper in the comment section.

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