Yann Sommer Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Yann Sommer Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Yann Sommer Biography portrays Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Family, Lifestyle, Parents (Daniel and Monika), Wife (Alina), Personal Life and Net Worth.

In simple terms, it is the goalkeeper’s life story, from his early days to when he became famous. To whet your biography appetite, here is his boyhood to adulthood gallery — a perfect summary of Yann Sommer Bio.

Yann Sommer Biography
The Biography of Yann Sommer. Behold his Life and Rise Story.

Yes, we all know of the sensation moment in the Euro 2020 when he saved Kylian Mbappe’s penalty to send Switzerland to the quarter-finals. However, only a few people have read his Bio, which is quite interesting. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Yann Sommer Childhood Story:

Yann Sommer Childhood
The childhood story of the revered goalie from Switzerland.

For Biography starters, his nickname does not differ from his first name. Yann Sommer was born on the 17th day of December 1988 to his father, Daniel Sommer and mother, Monika Sommer, in Morges, Switzerland.

He is probably the only child born of the union between his parents pictured with him below. Sommer had a blissful childhood filled with memories of good times spent with his dad and mom.

Yann Sommer Parents
A time out with his father back in the good old days. Indeed, he has made many memories with his parents.

Occasionally, he would accompany his father to the pool, where they both discuss his aspirations. Despite his young age, Sommer had already convinced himself that he would do well in soccer.

Hence, he spoke to his dad about his desire to delve into sports and specifically pointed out that he wants to be a goalkeeper. Interestingly, Daniel listened to his son’s dream with an open heart and thought of a way to make it come true.

Growing Up Days:

Right from when he came into the world, Sommer’s parents treated him with so much affection. He was the apple of their eye and a blessing that symbolizes the reality of their love.

The young lad grew up being too attached to his parents. One time he is seen bugging his father with so many questions. Later on, you will find him sitting in the company of his mom. Below is a throwback picture that commemorates the good old days of his childhood.

Yann Sommer growing up days
He couldn’t bear to be away from his mother. She was as important as oxygen to the young champ.

Yann Sommer Family Background:

Interestingly, the goalie hails from a peace-loving home that puts family success and unity ahead of anything. Moreso, his menage has no track record for any sort of social vices or injustice.

Apparently, Sommers father and mother are hard-working people who spare no time for gossips. They earn their money legally and utilize it efficiently to raise their son.

What’s more?… His family has a religious background. To be precise, they are Catholics and raised the young lad in the light of their faith.

Yann Sommer Family Origin:

Since he rose to stardom, many of his fans have been on the hunt for his ancestry. Some were searching for this information to know if they belong to a similar ancestry as Sommer.

While others wanted to know if his heritage is a contributing factor to his handsome look. Truth is, Sommer is a bonafide citizen of Switzerland and a native of Morges, where he was born.

Yann Sommer Family Origin
The map shows the place of Origin of Yann Sommer.

His birthplace fell in the region that predominantly speaks French, which is one of the four major languages spoken in Switzerland. Perhaps, he has learnt to speak the other three (Italian, Romansh and German) while growing up.

Yann Sommer Education:

Despite his dream of becoming a goalkeeper, the young lad had to go to school. His parents ensured he received a proper education like other kids in his community. They believed he would have an alternative to delve into other professions if sports didn’t work out.

Yann Sommer Football Story:

When the champ was a little boy, his parents wanted to enrol him in a soccer academy. Sadly, there was no footballer institute for preschoolers at that time.

However, his father had him join a newly opened youth setup for kindergarten at FC Herrliberg. He started training as a goalkeeper and did his best to grow with the team.

By the time he clocked 7, Sommer and his squad had won a bronze medal at a tournament in Zurich-Unterstrass. Barely a year later, he moved to Concordia Basel to continue his career development.

The athlete's childhood
Getting to win the first medal of his career gave him a sense of accomplishment. Moreso, it compelled him to work hard for more glory days.

Yann Sommer Early Career Life:

For 6 years, the Swiss icon worked hard on improving his reflexes, agility and hand-eye coordination. As he grew better at goalkeeping, his father searched for opportunities to get him into a reputable club.

He booked different appointments with the top tier teams and followed his son to their trials. Sommer ended up joining the youth setup of Basel in 2003. It took him two years of exhausting training to sign his first professional contract with Basel.

Starting out in the club’s U-21 squad, the goalie quickly outshined his competitors and broke into the team’s starting lineup. Meanwhile, he became the third-choice of their senior squad. Check out one of his sensational penalty saves in his early career.

Yann Sommer Biography – Road To Fame Story:

Thanks to his improvement, he signed a four-year contract with Basel in 2007. However, he was sent on loan to Vaduz to help him get first-team experience. As expected, Sommer featured as the first-choice goalkeeper at Vaduz.

The athlete's road to fame story
Getting more playing time as the first choice keeper made him happy.

His performance was phenomenal and helped the club gain promotion to the Swiss Super League in 2008. Following his return to his parent club, Sommer only featured in 6 matches before being sent on another loan to Grasshopper.

To the amazement of his everyone, he was in top form in his new club and executed many brilliant saves. This prompted his fast return to Basel while signing another 5-year deal with them in 2010.

Yann Sommer Biography – Success Story:

The ensuing years of his football career saw him broke into the starting lineup of his club. He became part of the team that won four consecutive Swiss Super League and made it to the semi-finals of the Europa League.

The goalkeeper's success story
Winning makes him extremely happy and motivates him to work hard for further achievements

However, they were knocked out by Chelsea with a 2-5 aggregate. After his successful stint at Basel, Sommer moved to Borussia Monchengladbach on a 5-year contract in March 2014.

He was signed into the club as a replacement for Marc-Andre ter Stegen, who left for Barcelona. In his first season, the goalkeeper helped Gladbach to finish 3rd in the 2014-15 season.

This became their highest league finish since 1978 and earned Sommer the team’s player of the season. As I compile this Biography, he has extended his contract with Gladbach until 2023.

Switzerland Hero in Euro 2020:

Over the past few years of his senior career, the shot-stopper has made many appearances for his country. Nonetheless, his performance during the Euro 2020 competition outshined the former days of his international cap.

First, he led Switzerland into the quarter-finals after saving a penalty from Kylian Mbappe during the penalty shootout. During their next game against Spain, Sommer made 8 crucial saves in extra time and gave his team hope of winning.

Sadly, he could not out-perform Unai Simon during the penalty shootout. Hence, his country was knocked out of the tournament. The rest, as they say, is history.

Yann Sommer Wife:

As far back as 2011, the Swiss player started dating a gorgeous actress named Sabrina Meie. They cherished each other and dated for about three years before their sudden break-up in 2014.

Even after many years have passed, none of the ex-lovers has disclosed the reason behind their separation. Below is an old picture that shows some happy memories shared between Sommer and his ex-girlfriend.

Yann Sommer ex-girlfriend
Throwback to Sommer’s first relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Sabrina Meie.

In 2016, the goalkeeper began dating Alina. He did his best to make his new relationship work out smoothly. Sommer’s girlfriend was studying law in Cologne, Germany, when they met.

Yann Sommer wife
Meet Yann Sommer and his gorgeous girlfriend turned wife, Alina.

About three years into their relationship, Alina became pregnant. A few months later, the love birds tied the knot as husband and wife in August 2019. Interestingly, they both welcomed their first-born child in November that same year.

The birth of their daughter was a great news for their entire family. Sommer named her Mila and tried to imitate his father by spending much time with his family. Report has it that the goalkeeper and his wife are expecting their second child in 2021.

The athlete's family
Sommer and his wife enjoy playing with their daughter. They love her beyond what words can describe.

Yann Sommer Personal Life:

What makes the seductive goalkeeper of the Swiss national team thick?… To begin with, his persona is a blend of the Sagittarius zodiac trait. He is cheerful and can blend with people easily. His cute look is a standout trait that defines his personality.

During leisure time, Sommer enjoys visiting the pool with friends. There, they tried out different swimming techniques to see who the best swimmer was among them. The picture below is a masterclass that depicts the goalie as a superman.

The athletes hobby
It seems like his skills and speciality on the pitch came in handing when he dive into the water.

Of course, he’s got a great sense of dressing that compliments his handsome look. Fans aren’t even tired of watching his pictures all day long. In addition to his many qualities, Sommer is a splendid cook and a guitarist. 

The athlete's hobby
Whenever he isn’t on the pitch, you will find him with his guitar.

Yann Sommer Lifestyle Facts:

His cute look is quite attractive and makes him suitable for making video commercials. Over the years, Sommer has promoted many luxurious brands. Here is a behind the scene video of one of his commercials with skysportch.

With his enormous earnings, the goalkeeper doesn’t deprive himself of the satisfaction derived from buying expensive assets. In fact, his lifestyle is similar to that of Granit Xhaka, as they both enjoy keeping a collection of exotic cars.

Check out one of Sommer’s beautiful rides in the picture below. Indeed, he is enjoying the benefit of his consistent hard work.

Yann Sommer's car
What a beautiful way to show off his luxury car. He’s got more rides in his collection.

Yann Sommer Family:

Unlike Kevin Mbabu, the goalkeeper enjoyed growing up in a united home. He got to experience love from his parents and the rest of his family.

Thanks to the understanding that existed between Sommer’s father and mother, he didn’t have to worry about divorce. In this section, we present you with impressive facts about every member of his family, beginning with his dad.

About Yann Sommer’s Father:

The athlete’s dad is Daniel Sommer. He was a footballer who featured for FC Herrliberg. Sadly, he never made it to a prestigious club before the end of his career.

Yann Sommer dad
A rare picture of the young champ with his father, Daniel Sommer.

Daniel ensured he passed down some sports-related lessons to his son. Occasionally, he would take Sommer to the pitch and have him watch his training session all day long. Gradually, the young lad learned a handful of skills from his father.

About Yann Sommer’s Mother:

As we all know, moms are the best mediators that relay children’s demands to their father. In the same vein, Monika Sommer has always ensured her husband fulfils their son’s necessary demands.

Yann Sommer mom
Meet his mother, Monika Sommer. He seems to have inherited the beautiful smile of his mom.

She became so close to the goalkeeper that the two of them could discuss anything about his life. There were no secrets between the mother and her son. Indeed, he is as fortunate as Breel Embolo to have a mom that cares about his endeavours and well being.

About Yann Sommer’s Siblings:

Following his rise to fame, many fans started researching if he has a brother or sister that looks as cute as him. They felt disappointed when they found out that Sommer was apparently the only son of his family.

In our honest opinion, if the goalkeeper had a sister, she would have been one of the most beautiful personalities in Switzerland. Even though he has no siblings, Sommer never felt bored at any point in his life, thanks to his extended family and friends.

About Yann Sommer’s Relatives:

Aside from his parents, the talented athlete has developed a close bond with his grandmother. She took care of him whenever his mother was away. His grandma celebrated her 90th birthday in 2019.

Yann Sommer grandmother
His grandmother was blessed with a long life. Thankfully, Sommer got to make more happy memories with her.

As I compile this Biography, there has been no information about Sommer’s grandfather as well as his uncles and aunts. However, we are certain that his relatives are also proud of the success he has achieved in sports. 

Yann Sommer Untold Facts:

To round up our Life Story of the Swiss goalkeeper, here are a few truths that would help you understand his Biography.

Fact #1: Net Worth And Salary Breakdown:

Since his rise to fame in the Bundesliga, Sommer has seen his earnings skyrocketed with time. His contract with Monchengladbach places him on a weekly Salary of €55,000.

We’ve estimated his 2021 Net Worth to be a whopping sum of €3 million. Take a look at the salary breakdown of the goalkeeper below. 

TENURE/EARNINGSYann Sommer Borussia Monchengladbach Salary breakdown in Swiss franc (CHF)Yann Sommer Borussia Monchengladbach Salary breakdown Euros (€)
Per Year:3,083,383 Swiss franc (CHF)€2,864,400
Per Month:256,949 Swiss franc (CHF)€238,700
Per Week:59,205 Swiss franc (CHF)€55,000
Per Day:8,458 Swiss franc (CHF)€7,857
Per Hour:352 Swiss franc (CHF)€327
Per Minute:5.9 Swiss franc (CHF)€5.5
Per Second:0.097 Swiss franc (CHF)€0.09

From our analysis, an average Swiss citizen will have to work for one year to earn what Sommer receives in a week. We’ve carefully computed his Salary as the clock ticks. Below is how much he has made since you came here.

Since you started viewing Yann Sommer’s Bio, this is what he has earned.


Fact #2: Yann Sommer Religion:

The athlete hails from a Christian family and grew up learning about the foundations of his faith. He is a Catholic, like his parents, and often makes out time to attend mass.

One of the beautiful religious-related experiences he once had was meeting the pope. No doubt, he was happy to meet the head of the Catholic Church.

Yann Sommer religion
What a great day in his life as he gets to meet pope Francis.

Fact #3: Support For Cancer Patients:

Yann Sommer is a philanthropist who is passionate about helping sick kids. He joined the Foundation for Children’s Hospital – Stiftung Pro UKBB – in Basel. Their goal is to ensure that children have access to the right treatment.

Moreso, they do their best to have sick kids hospitalized in the best conditions for a fast healing process. On the 2019 World Cancer Day, Sommer visited the young patients of the oncology station at the University Children’s Hospital in Basel.

He was grateful to share such joyful and inspiring moments with the brave patients. During his stay at the hospital, the goalkeeper played his guitar and sang for the children battling cancer at the hospital.

The athlete's philanthropic activities
The melody of his music gave peace to the children who listened to his songs.

Fact #4: FIFA Stats:

Interestingly, his 2021 ratings far exceed that of each player in Switzerland’s national team. Not even Xherdan Shaqiri or Haris Seferovic can measure up to his overall ratings and potentials.

Sommer has got great reflexes and quick reactions to shots. Also, his jumping ability gives him a significant advantage over balls across his 18-yard box. Hence, he is good at preventing players from getting to the ball in the air before him.

The footballer's FIFA Stats
Yann Sommer FIFA 2021 Stats.

Biography Summary:

The table below summarises the Life Story of Yann Sommer. It gives you the ability to read through his memoir as fast as possible.

Biography InquiryWiki Answers
Full Name:Yann Sommer
Age:32 years and 10 months old.
Date of Birth:17th of December 1988
Place of Birth:Morges, Switzerland
Father: Daniel Sommer
Mother:Monika Sommer
Ex-Girlfriend:Sabrina Meie
Net Worth:€3 million (2021 Stats)
Annual Salary:€2.86 million (2021 Stats)
Hobbies:Playing Guitar, Swimming and Cooking
Height:1.83 m (6 feet 0 inches)


The effort of Sommer’s father and mother is the beacon that drew him closer to achieving his dreams. However, his hard work was the catalyst that fueled the possibility of his career success.

Hence, his Biography shows that even when people support our ambition, it is basically our efforts that will guarantee a result. Today, his entire family facilitates with him for having made a name for himself in the world of soccer.

We hope you enjoyed our engaging piece of Yann Sommer Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts. Thanks for sticking to the end of our articles. You can also access our archives of mind-blowing stories of Swiss footballers here.

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