Jamal Musiala Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Jamal Musiala Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Jamal Musiala Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Siblings (Latisha, Jerrell) and Religion. More so, his Nationality, Girlfriend/Wife to be, Lifestyle, Personal Life and Net Worth.

In a nutshell, we portray the Life History of a half-English, half-German Football Jewel. Our version of Jamal Musiala’s Story begins from his early days. We then proceed to when he became famous in both FC Bayern Munich and German colours.

Now, to whet your autobiography appetite on the engaging nature of Jamal Musiala’s Bio, behold his early life and rise gallery. You’ll agree with me, that these pictures of his history summarizes his life history.

Jamal Musiala Biography - Behold his Early Life and Success Story.
Jamal Musiala Biography – Behold his Early Life and Success Story.

Yes, everyone knows that the Bayern jewel is a star of the future. More interestingly, we notice he plays a bit like Dele Alli (when the England man was at his best). He also prides himself on taking powerful shots.

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Despite the accolades, Lifebogger realizes that only a few have digested the complete Biography of Jamal Musiala. Our team have taken time to prepared his Memoir – because of our love for Soccer. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Jamal Musiala Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nicknames – “Bambi” and “workaholic”. Jamal Musiala was born on the 26th day of February 2003 to his mother, Carolin Musiala and father, Daniel Richard, in Stuttgart, Germany.

The Soccer Super Talent came to the world as the first child, out of three children (himself, a sister and a brother) born of the union between his parents whom we have here.

Mind you, the last child of the Musiala Family is not in this photo because he (Jerrell) was not born at that time.

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Meet Jamal Musiala's Parents - His Mum, Carolin Musiala and Dad, Daniel Richard. Also his little sister, Latisha.
Meet Jamal Musiala’s Parents – His Mum, Carolin Musiala and Dad, Daniel Richard. Also, his little sister, Latisha.

Growing Up:

Jamal Musiala spent the earliest of his childhood years in Stuttgart, his place of birth. He grew up alongside his younger siblings.

Jamal Musiala’s sister is Latisha Musiala, while his younger brother name is Jerrell Musiala. His parents – at the time he was two – decided to leave Stuttgart to live in Fulda, another city in Germany.

The Family decided to travel (about 255 kilometres) so that Carolin Musiala (Jamal’s Mum) would pursue her educational dreams.

Carolin Musiala and Daniel Richard left Stuttgart to Fulda at the time little Jamal was two.
Carolin Musiala and Daniel Richard left Stuttgart to Fulda at the time little Jamal was two.

At the central German city of Fulda, Jamal Musiala had his first taste of football. He also aspired to become a professional footballer.

At the age of seven, his parents (Carolin and Daniel Richard) decided to leave Germany for England. Southampton, a port city on England’s south coast, was where the youngster spent most of his childhood years.

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During the time Jamal Musiala’s parents (Carolin and Daniel Richard) moved from Fulda to the UK’s south coast, their son knew not how to speak English.

The youngster had to learn basic English vocabularies as a prerequisite to understanding what people say to him.

Jamal, during his early period in London, recalled that English people were incredibly friendly to him. In an interview with the Atlantic (a subscription-based sports website), the footballer once said;

In the beginning, I could only communicate on an emotional level.

I could translate the English language through people’s encouraging gestures, actions, acts of kindness or when people smile at me.

Despite being in an unfamiliar environment, Jamal kept hold of his football dreams. His biggest childhood fantasy was to become a professional footballer, find himself in a European Championship and, of course, win the World Cup.

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Jamal Musiala Family Background:

First and foremost, he is half-English, half-German. This implies that the footballer comes from a mixed-race family background.

Did you know?… one of Jamal Musiala’s parents (his Dad – Daniel Richard) is a British-Nigerian while his Mum (Carolin) is a German citizen.

Owing to his family roots, you can address Jamal Musiala in four ways. First, you can call him a German-Nigerian. Secondly, you could say he is a German-British footballer.

Thirdly, you can refer to him as half-English, half-German and half-Nigerian. Lastly, he is half Nigerian, half German, half British and half Polish. We’ll explain/justify more about his lineage (via his grandparents) in the family origin section of our Biography.

Also to note, Jamal Musiala comes from a family who has a great love for education – (from his Mum) and football (from his Dad).

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Maybe you didn’t know, the quest for Carolin Musiala to study in a different country (England) became the reason why the family relocated to England from Germany.

Did you know?… Jamal Musiala’s mother (Carolin) is a sociologist who has a degree from the University of Southampton, England. She actually started her education in Fulda before going on to obtain a bachelor’s degree in social sciences in London.

Upon completing her BSc, Carolin went on to pursue a Masters degree at Goethe University Frankfurt. The institution gave her the opportunity to participate in an Erasmus Exchange Programme with the University of Southampton.

After the programme, the mother of three got a job in London. This was chiefly why her entire household settled in England.

Jamal Musiala Family Origin:

No doubts, the Super Talent is a Stuttgart native. Jamal’s birthplace (Stuttgart) is the home of Mercedes-Benz and one of the largest metropolitan areas in Germany. In case you didn’t know, Parents of German footballer Timo Werner hails from this city.

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Now here comes the main thing. Results from our research to determining Jamal Musiala’s family roots reveals some interesting details about his lineage.

Starting off, it will interest you to know that Jamal Musiala’s mother, Carolin has Polish roots. This, by implication, means that the footballer’s maternal grandparents are of Polish origin.

On the other hand, his father, Daniel Richard (nicknamed Rich), is a Nigerian by birth. Thanks to his journey to Europe, he acquired both German and British citizenship.

We took our time to prepare this photo gallery. It explains Jamal Musiala origin and the four nationalities (Germany, Poland, England and Nigeria) – all attributed to his name.

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This gallery explains Jamal Musiala's Family origin and Nationalities.
This gallery explains Jamal Musiala’s Family origin and Nationalities.

Jamal Musiala Education:

The Stuttgart native is a product of Whitgift School, an independent day school with limited boarding in South Croydon, London. This is where Emile Smith Rowe grew up. Jamal began his education there at the time he began featuring with Chelsea academy.

One of Jamal Musiala’s educational achievements was the scholarship he received at the age of 11 from Elite Whitgift School in South Croydon. The private school is in partnership with Chelsea FC Academy.

While studying at Whitgift School, Jamal learned typical British values, which greatly helped him improve his English accent.

Also, while schooling, the youngster successfully multi-tasked between reading his books and engaging in sport. This decision could only come from an intelligent kid, and it shaped his future.

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Also a Corpus Christi Graduate:

In favour of his early football career, Jamal Musiala’s parents made changes to his school. Research has it that he attended Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School located at Chestnut Grove, in the London borough of New Malden.

Attending primary school years at Corpus Christi, Jamal joined a chess team. Research has it that he also attended courses in Hapkido, a hybrid Korean martial art that teaches self-defence.

Below is a video of Jamal practising Judo on a beautiful afternoon – during the time he was not engaging in football or reading his books.

Maybe you have begun to know why Jamal Musiala is so intelligent on the pitch. Well, it is purely because he grazed chess so early, as a child.

The game taught him to think more strategically. Also, while at Corpus Christi, he won an annual poetry competition with his great book title “Moment”.

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Hapkido, the hybrid Korean martial art, on the other hand, helped Jamal to become more agile. In the following sections of his Bio, we’ll break down details of his education as it relates to his career.

Jamal Musiala Football Story:

Living in Fulda at the age of two, his parents began a grand preparation for his future. This entails moving around to find him an academy.

Just a seven-minute drive, away from their family home, they found the Lehnerz sports team, a football academy where Dad (Rich) enrolled Jamaal. There, the Whiz kid began to lay his career foundation.

As early as age four, Jamal Musiala began shooting football on the grounds of the small German team (TSV Lehnerz) in Fulda under the guardianship of Hoffmann – his first coach.

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This coach still has a vivid memory of his first meeting with the youngster. He once said;

“During indoor training, Jamal who was only four years old did all exercises – without any fear,”

Jamal wasn’t only good at exercising. He was incredibly elegant with his dribbling. The sharp kid never lost the ball. Also, every spectator just loved to watch him.

In his first season with the academy, Jamal Musiala broke a 100-goal mark – a record which no one had reached – in TSV Lehnerz’s history.

Jamal football prowess remained unchallenged by members of his age group. Because of that, Hoffmann decided to let him compete with older boys.

The Rising Star first consulted with his parents and both were very much in favour of it. That saw the birth of a new challenge. Despite that. Jamal still came out on top, even with taller and older boys,  

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Here is the Whiz Kid (Jamaal) dealing with Boys older than his age.
Here is the Whiz Kid (Jamaal) dealing with Boys older than his age.

The Early Double Honour:

Thanks to his childhood bravery, Jamal Musiala led his Under-7 Fulda TSV Lehnerz team to win significant honours. We have a piece of photo evidence about his triumphant early career period.

Back then, after a successful season, Jamal’s coach would do the usual habit of assembling all the boys (usually numbering around 11) for a group photograph.

At the end of this particular season photo, we realize – that one of the boys (Jamal), who is on the far right of the front row, did smile the most.

In fact, none of his teammates grinned from ear to ear like him. If you look carefully, you’ll find the reason for this big smile.

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Jamal Musiala TSV Lehnerz Honours. We distinguish him from his teammates by his smile and the extra golden boot.
Jamal Musiala TSV Lehnerz Honours. We distinguish him from his teammates by his smile and the extra golden boot.

Every boy is proudly showcasing their silver sculptures and gold medals. Only Jamal had three honours – a golden boot, a silver sculpture and a gold medal. His gold-silver boot has the “TSV Lehnerz G-Juniors 2008-09 Top Scorer.”

The extra honour (gold-silver boot) Jamal held on his right hand is a gift – for scoring the most goals (between five to 10 goals per game) in the G-Juniors tournament.

TSV Lehnerz academy’s first coach provided the accolade. That honour is more than a gesture but a sign that Jamal Musiala would go places.

The trophies he received with TSV Lehnerz still resides in his family home at Munch. Thinking about it, we get nostalgic feelings of those carefree and unforgettable times of his very humble beginnings.

Early Life in England:

Shortly afterwards, Jamal Musiala’s family left Germany for the England south coast city of Southampton. That marked the second phase of the boy’s life, one that proved decisive for his football journey.

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For Jamal Musiala’s parents, it was necessary for their son to continue from where he had left off – in Germany. Within a week of settling in England’s South coast, Carolin and Daniel Richard agreed to the idea of finding an academy for Jamal.

Getting enrolled in one of the best London academies (the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham etc) wasn’t as easy as they had expected. As time went on (without football), Jamal became frustrated and fed up.

The inability to find a football academy made his Dad, Daniel Richard, consider the idea of forcing things. That is his kind of person (the pushy type). In a bid to create an opportunity, the father of three first began making series of phone calls.

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Daddy’s Bold Steps:

As weeks passed without football for his son, Daniel Richard (Jamal Musiala’s father) decided to take the bull by the horns. Without an appointment but with success in mind, he took his son to the locations of the big football academies on the England south coast.

Precisely around October 2010, the family parked their car directly in front of the Southampton Foundation office. Jamal Musiala’s father, Daniel Richard, took his son by the hand and entered the building.

Once there, he and Jamal sat in the waiting room while he figured out the next sharp move. While contemplating, the Musialas were lucky to meet a friendly stranger named Jazz Bhatti.

The Godsend Helper who advised Daniel Richard:

This is Jazz Bhatti, the man who showed Jamal Musiala Family the way.
This is Jazz Bhatti, the man who showed Jamal Musiala Family the way.

Jazz Bhatti advised Daniel Richard that his son should first join his soccer school while they push for a bigger one – including Southampton academy.

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This man, Bhatti, works at the Saints office (where Jamal Musiala’s father had come to find an opportunity for his son). Jazz Bhatti is also into the footballing business – as his private soccer school has close ties with the Saints.

Bhatti ran a business known as the City Central academy. This is a soccer school in the heart of Southampton where children mainly from underprivileged and immigrant families get the chance to graze football.

Jazz Bhatti invited Musiala’s family to have a look at his establishment. He made the hungry footballer (Jamal) join the U7s side, which was coached by his brother, Rosh Bhatti. Pictured below, he is a level 2 football coach.

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This is Rosh Bhatti. Jamal's first coach in England and a helper to his family.
This is Rosh Bhatti. Jamal’s first coach in England and a helper to his family.

Life at City Central:

Jamal Musiala did not speak a word of English on his first week with his teammates. He only made social connections. At Central City, he met, among others, a Southampton boy called Levi Colwill – who he shared the same birthday with and who later became his best friend.

These are the two best friends - Jamal Musiala and Levi Colwill.
These are the two best friends – Jamal Musiala and Levi Colwill.

Did you know? This boy, Colwill, was said to be the most talented star at Central City until Musiala’s arrival.

In a matter of few hours with the German newcomer, Rosh Bhatti was certain that he had acquired an absolutely exceptional boy talent. Just like he experienced in TSV Lehnerz, Jamal Musiala began receiving praises from spectators.

For many who knew him, it was a piece of cake for Jamal to imitate the tricks of his idols – the likes of Ronaldinho, Thierry Henry, Zinedine Zidane and Lionel Messi.  With just a few games and many goals, Musiala got promoted to feature with a bigger age grade.

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The Pushy and Confident Father:

For Daniel Richard, the fact that his son was part of a small team (less his standard) like Central Academy, means constant worry.

The highly pushy and ambitious Dad made his feelings known publicly, that his son would go far if he is accepted in a big club BUT NOT with his current team. After making such a statement, people who heard him said; 

what kind of father would say something like that?

Giving his views, Rosh Bhatti actually admitted that Daniel Richard was right about his statement. He reacted by granting Jamal Musiala’s Dad his wish. Immediately, Rosh Bhatti began making contacts with the Saints scouting department.

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Jamal’s coach began a conversation with Dick Hayes, a Southampton FC scout and friend whom he usually recommends kid footballers to – in previous years.

Following their discussion, a promise was made. The scout (Dick Hayes) promised to come to Jamal’s next game with Central city.

The Big Test that Led to Destiny:

It was a game that changed everything for Jamal Musiala. In fact, his first big opportunity to be part of Southampton youth. At last, Saints scout – Dick Hayes – finally came to see Jamal’s game.

Giving the account of the football match between the U8 teams of Central City (Jamal’s team) and the Pace Pumas, Rosh Bhatti said;

“It couldn’t have gone better. Jamal scored six goals in 10 minutes. It was not only that, he also showed great team spirit that day.

I have never seen that in a boy of his age.  Jamal Musiala’s aim was not just to score but to assist a goal for each of his teammates.”

Did you know?… Despite doing so well in the match, Jamal’s plan didn’t work (almost perfectly) as he has dreamt of.  Sadly, in the end, one of his teammates he had passed the ball to failed to score.

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Jamal was very annoyed about the miss – which hampered his planned act of football perfection. Nevertheless, the Stuttgart-born youngster’s performance was sensational, and Dick Hayes, the Southampton FC scout, was more than satisfied.

Jamal Musiala Biography – The Road to Fame Story:

Following the successful test match, Dick Hayes (after the final whistle) immediately rushed to the Bhatti brothers (Jazz and Rosh). He announced that he would be inviting little Jamal for a trial training session inside the home of Southampton.

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One week later, precisely November 2010, Musiala found himself on one of the team’s training ground pitches – west of Southampton city centre. One of the Bhatti brothers, Rosh, was in attendance, and he said this;

 “They immediately used Jamal in a test match. This time, the 7-year-old kid actually scored double figures. Awesome.”

Immediately after the test match, Dick Hayes approved Jamal Musiala’s parents to have a talk with Terry Moore, the head of Southampton youth. Remember, it was earlier difficult for Carolin and Daniel Richard to meet this man.

According to Moore, Jamal is the most talented kid he had ever seen – even more than Theo Walcott and Gareth Bale. He stressed that the Saints must do whatever it takes to sign him.

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Joining Southampton and the Impact:

After his trials with the Saints, Jamal got approved to compete with boys of his calibre in the Staplewood (Southampton FC training ground). This happened while the Saints prepared his paper works. Research has it that they had signed him – already.

Grazing soccer at the training ground of Southampton exposed his potential to a larger audience. Surprisingly, while Jamal Musiala showcased his skillsets, top scouts from other parts of the country took notice.

Football scouts from London powerhouse (Chelsea and Arsenal) were among those who watched the youngster. With no time needed to convince themselves about Jamal, the two soccer giants quickly began a plan to hijack the Whiz Kid from the Saints.

North and West London (Arsenal – Chelsea) Battle for Jamal:

The dates November 2010 to January 2011, marked the beginning of a transfer battle between the Gunners and the Blues – in the name of signing Musiala. Together and at the same time, both Chelsea and Arsenal requested the boy’s presence.

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An invitation to Chelsea’s Cobham came and Arsenal’s Hale End came simultaneously. As transfer battle between the two top London clubs spread quickly, Southampton who owned Jamal saw an opportunity. The club was no longer interested in keeping him, rather, making a profit from his sale.

Like they have done over the years, Southampton did business as usual. The English south coast club called on her executive chairman (a powerful official at the club), Nicola Cortese, to help spearhead the transfer.

This is a man who only attends to the transfer of senior footballers. However, in this case, he got involved in the Jamal Musiala deal.

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The Reversal:

To the surprise of many, Nicola Cortes suddenly changed the narrative by making a U-turn about selling Jamal Musiala to either Chelsea or Arsenal.

Pictured below, the executive chairman of Southampton Football Club became hell-bent on making the seven-year-old Jamal stay with his club.

Meet Nicola Cortes. The man who couldn't resist Jamal Musiala.
Meet Nicola Cortes. The man who couldn’t resist Jamal Musiala.

The Italian-born Swiss who is acquainted with the German and Polish language attempted to convince Jamal Musiala’s parents. His idea was for them to see his reasons – and allow their son to remain with Southampton. 

Rosh Bhatti, who was also in attendance at the meeting between Daniel Richard, Carolin and Nicola Cortes recalled everything that transpired. In his words;

Mr Cortese was very much sympathetic and eloquent in his discussion with Jamal Musiala’s parents.

He was interested in their boy and later announced he would pull out the London stops. He vowed to tie Jamal to the club – with a long-term youth contract.

Deep inside the heart of Rosh Bhatti, an ardent Saints fan, he had hoped to see Jamal sign a long-term contract with Southampton.

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The biggest challenge was to convince Jamal Musiala’s parents, especially his pushy Dad (Daniel Richard). While lamenting about the transfer saga, Rosh Bhatti, on the 28th day of January 2011 posted the following on his Facebook profile;

This Facebook Message from Rosh Bhatti - in 2011 - says it all.
This Facebook Message from Rosh Bhatti – in 2011 – says it all.

Chelsea FC winning the three-way battle over Jamal Musiala:

According to the 7 years old kid, the fate of his future depends on what his Dad and Mum feel is best for him. As of January 2011, Carolin and Daniel Richard had gone to visit and assess both Arsenal and Chelsea training facilities.

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Jamal’s account of the story of Chelsea winning the battle to sign him is just amazing. He was sitting in his Dad’s car looking out of the window. It’s was winter (Feburary 2011)  and the day was very cold. Despite that, Jamal saw himself sweating because he was nervous.

The little boy didn’t know what will happen. Suddenly, his Dad popped out from the Saints building and opened the door of his car. This was followed by Daniel Richard saying to his son;

‘Good luck for you are a member of one of the best Premier League clubs – Chelsea FC YOUTH.

Jamal Musiala Biography – The Success Stories:

After spending four months with Southampton, the 8-year-old attacking midfielder finally joined the youth of Chelsea Football Club.

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The Blues offered him a scholarship. It is surprising to note that all these many events happened within just a year after Jamal Musiala’s family arrived in the UK from Germany.

Jamal had an excellent experience on his first day at Chelsea’s training ground in Cobham. Showcasing his exceptional talent, it became easy for him to make new friends.

Jamal was particularly close to his old friend Levi Colwill, who Chelsea also brought from the Saints.

Can you spot our boy? He enjoyed his early days with the Blues academy.
Can you spot our boy? He enjoyed his early days with the Blues youth.

Back in the days, Jamal and his friends who felt like little stars in the making were allowed to sit directly behind the professional benches during a Premier League match at Stamford Bridge.

This opportunity made Jamal meet Legends like Didier Drogba, John Terry and Michael Essien.

Joining School Football:

Immediately after he joined the London powerhouse (aged eight), Jamal Musiala’s parents enrolled him at Whitgift School located in Croydon, London. The idea of getting him to this educational institution came through Chelsea FC recommendations. 

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Are you aware?… the Whitgift School has become famous for educating series of young English football talents in recent years. A perfect example is Callum Hudson-Odoi and Victor Moses – their most famous pupils.

At Whitgift, Jamal Musiala grazed school football and his progress was swift. It became even better when he began attending Corpus Christi – another school in London. Jamal began playing for the Corpus Christi squad in 2013 using Fulham jerseys.

During this period, few observers knew that Musiala was part of Chelsea. His school was affiliated with Fulham football club and that is why the little goal scorer usually wore a Fulham shirt at school Premier League tournaments.

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Research also has it that Jamal would sometimes switch to the kits of Brentford and AFC Wimbledon. This is because his school (Corpus Christi) from southwest London represented the clubs based there.

School Football Success Story:

Are you aware?… Under the guidance of dedicated sports teacher Tony Mesourouni, Musiala sent his Corpus Christi school team into the finals of the Premier League tournament. Over 1,000 schools across the country took part in the competition and he was the best.

Meet the school football wizard.
Meet the school football wizard.

Jamal Musiala became the star man as his Corpus Christi squad triumphed in the 2013 School Football competition. In fact, between 2011 to 2014, his team won three Junior Premier League tournament. Musiala finished as a top goal scorer in two of them.

Jamal Musiala School Football glory days.
Jamal Musiala School Football glory days.

One of the strongest game he fought hard was that with Liverpool school teams. Jamal had his best game in Anfield and it was where he got awarded as the boy of the tournament.

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In case you aren’t aware… Jordan Henderson and former Liverpool striker, Dirk Kuyt grazed the occasion. Below is a photo of Jamal taking a photo with the Reds Legends.

This shows he was one of the best kids in the country. Jamal Musiala took photos with these two Legends.
This shows he was one of the best kids in the country. Jamal Musiala took photos with these two Legends.

Meeting Gareth Southgate as a Child:

When Jamal Musiala trained for the Corpus Christi Football League Grand Tournament, he (in 2013) had the opportunity to meet a VIP. That person is Gareth Southgate – a man who later became England’s national team coach.

On this day, little did both know their destinies would make them become national rivals – a German International and an England coach.

Jamal Musiala met Gareth Southgate as a Child.
Jamal Musiala met Gareth Southgate as a Child.

Jamal had made a big leap in personality when he got to his final year with Corpus Christi school. Asides from winning school tournaments, he followed legends to achieve a big honour.

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One day, during a guided tour of Wembley Stadium, Jamal pestered his PE teacher – who once said;

He was always willing to Inquire about which football players had scored a hat-trick at Wembley. That happened before a big game at the stadium.

Jamal told me he was going to score a hat-trick and he managed to score four goals at Wembley.

The Chelsea Academy Rise:

Chelsea remained the only club Jamal played for in England outside of his school days. During his academy stay, the Whiz kid had a good relationship with his coach, James Simmonds, who let him mature both in play and tactics.

Bambi could read the game very well – early on. The Lad was more gifted with making majestic dribbles and excellent movements in tight spaces – as observed below.

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Jamal Musiala was the best Chelsea academy kid - during his time.
Jamal Musiala was the best Chelsea academy kid – at his period.

More importantly, he had that coolness in front of the opponent’s goal – something that made him unstoppable through his academy years. Such commitment led to his team winning big.

Thanks to his bravery, our boy bagged some cool awards. Have you noticed it is almost the same award he won at Fulda? More so, his bravery also got him a national recognition.

Jamal Musiala awards at Chelsea Academy.
Jamal Musiala awards at Chelsea Academy.

At the age of 15, Jamal still had plenty of time to decide which nation he would go on to play for. During the Chelsea academy phase of his life, he was fully focused on playing for the England junior national team where he excelled in flying colours.

Jamal's youth success gave him an England junior call.
Jamal’s youth success gave him an England junior call.

Approaching academy graduation, Jamal began to give up more and more of his private life. In other to prepare him, his Dad (Daniel Richard) approved him to have overnight stays with a Chelsea host family – near the training ground.

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Living near Cobham made him manage his career and academic commitment. As expected Jamal Musiala passed his GCSE exams, a feat that brought an end to his education.

After schooling came his total focus on football. During this period, the playmaker became very confident about making it to the professional level.

Why did Jamal Musiala leave England and Chelsea?

Sadly, the dream of playing at Stamford Bridge did not become reality. This decision came due to personal reasons.

In case you are not aware, the UK idea of BREXIT became the reason why Jamal Musiala’s family returned to Germany.

It is ideal to note that during that period, Chelsea FC coach and Legend Frank Lampard, never considered Jamal to be part of his senior team plan – more on TheSun.

With limited chances in the club’s U18 side, the rising star refused to accept a long-term Blues contract in the summer of 2019.

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How FC Bayern Munich found Jamal Musiala:

The German football giant was actually courting a Chelsea talent, Callum Hudson-Odoi in 2019 when they learnt about the son of Carolin and Daniel Richard.

During their transfer conversation, Callum Hudson Odoi’s brother Bradley mentioned the name Jamal Musiala several times. That got the Bayern officials thinking.

Referencing him in his conversation made the German club to research who Musiala was. Also, whether he as good as Bradley had said. Upon finding out, Bayern began pestering the then Chelsea coach, Frank Lampard to let the boy go.

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More interestingly, the German powerhouse found out that Musiala and his family had supported them since his childhood – maybe except for that May 2012 UEFA Champions League final against Chelsea FC.

 Behold in July 2019 (at the age of 16), Musiala followed the likes of Jadon Sancho and Jude Bellingham to forge a career in the Bundesliga.

It was a big blow to Chelsea FC – who as at then was suffering from a transfer ban. At Bayern, Kingsley Coman became his closest friend.

As expected, Jamal’s progression picked up where it had left off with Chelsea. Upon joining Bayern U17, he got coached by the club’s legendary striker Miroslav Klose – the man who prepared him for a senior team appearance.

The Bayern Munich Debut and Teammates Perception:

On a blessed day, he was called to train with the Bayern senior team. During a shooting and passing training with Robert Lewandowski, Bayern’s chief scout Marco Neppe and sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic watched.

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Having being impressed with the young English talent, they immediately pressed buttons for Musiala to have his debut. That unforgettable day came on the 20th of June 2020, less than a year after his arrival in Munich.

Fast forward to the 18th day of September 2020, Jamal scored his first Bundesliga goal in an 8–0 win over Schalke. Musiala was substituted to replace Thomas Muller in the 88th minute of the Bundesliga match against Freiburg. In the voice of Lehmann.

“Ha! I just can’t believe it,”

Lehmann did laugh into the microphone when Jamal Musiala scored just minutes after Hansi Dieter-Flick introduced him as a substitute. Behold, the video of his debut goal for Bayern.

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That day, Bayern Munich discovered that they had an exotic diamond on their hands. Speaking about the experience of hitting his first professional goal, German-born Nigerian said the following;

Scoring for the Bavarians fetched Jamal Musiala the honour of being the youngest player (17 years and 115 days) to ever play a match for Bayern in the Bundesliga. The playmaker broke the previous record of Roque Santa Cruz, aged 18 years 12 days.

Why Jamal Musiala left England to Germany:

Since the day the Playmaker scored his first goal for Bayern, every one of his teammates (especially Joshua Kimmich and Manuel Neuer) began singing praises to his name. These two made it clear that Jamal is an important part of their team.

Following the accolades, other notable teammates – the likes of Serge Gnabry, Leroy Sane, Leon Goretzka formed the idea of convincing Jamal to leave England for Germany. The persuasive efforts of these stars made Jamal begin nursing the idea of a switch.

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The sweet-mouthed talk:

With Jamal Musiala’s family leaving the UK because of BREXIT, the tendencies of not playing for England became apparent. During this period, Joachim Löw began to see reasons to steal the playmaker. The German’s actions evoked a clash between Low and Southgate.

Research has it that Joachim Löw personally went to the home of Jamal Musiala’s parents, Sweet-talking them about having their son play for Germany.

Thanks to the extra persuasive efforts, Musiala (before his 18th birthday) made the decision to join Germany.

After breaking the heart of Gareth Southgate and English fans, Jamal had to come out to speak about the decision to abandon England. The midfielder, in an interview with GOAL and Spox, said;

“This wasn’t an easy decision for me. I have a heart for Germany and another heart for England.

Both hearts will forever keep beating for both countries.

In the end, I only listened to my feelings. It tells me that it was the right decision to play for Germany, the country I was born in.

To the joy of his family, Jamal (in March 2021) alongside super talent – Florian Wirtz did receive their first call up to the senior team – for the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

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It’s only a matter of time before we see him rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s best. The rest, as Lifebogger says, of Jamal Musiala’s Biography, will always be history.

Jamal Musiala Love Life – Girlfriend, Wife, Child?

The pursuit of a professional career in football is not easy. Because the game is highly unforgiven, many youngsters (early on) give up their private life.

David Alaba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

This denotes not having a girlfriend, wife or child – all in the name of football focus. A perfect example is our boy – Jamal Musiala.

Judging by his cute facial looks and style of play, there is no denying the fact that a handsome Dude like Jamal wouldn’t be on the wish list of potential girlfriends and wife material.

At this juncture, we’ve decided to cast our net to the World Wide Web in search of Jamal Musiala’s Girlfriend or Wife to be. Can you see the results after Jamal’s net was casted? 

An inquiry into Jamal Musiala's Girlfriend.
An inquiry into Jamal Musiala’s Girlfriend.

After hours of intensive research, our team realized that the attacking midfielder has not made his love life public – at the time of writing his Biography. Very likely, his family must have advised him to remain single – especially at this important stage of his career.

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Jamal Musiala Personal Life:

Getting acquainted with his personality away from his professional endeavours would help you get a better understanding of him. At this juncture, we ask… Who is Jamal Musiala? – away from football affairs.

Jamal Musiala Personal Life - EXPLAINED.
Jamal Musiala Personal Life – EXPLAINED.

First thing first, he is a humble and confident person. The German-Englishman is someone who is completely on the ground thanks to a smooth upbringing of his parents. Put simply, Jamal Musiala is a perfect example of a rich boy who lives below his means.

Jamal Musiala Lifestyle:

According to popular German blog Bild, the super talent – as of 2021-  is not license to live lavishly. Jamal Musiala depends on his Dad to manage his career while his mother takes him for training every day in her car.

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An inquiry into Jamal Musiala's Car.
An inquiry into Jamal Musiala’s Car.

The German-English footballer possesses an anti-flash attitude. Hence, there is hardly any such thing as an exotic lifestyle easily noticeable by flash cars, big mansions (house) and other signs of wealth.

Getting to know Jamal Musiala's Lifestyle.
Getting to know Jamal Musiala’s Lifestyle.

Jamal Musiala Family Life:

There is nothing as special as a football-centric household where every member’s lifestyle is centred around ensuring the success of their breadwinner.

These are the Musialas. This section of our Biography tells more unique facts about his family members beginning with his parents.

About Jamal Musiala Father:

Daniel Richard, popularly called “Rich” was once a Nigerian footballer. He did play at the highest level of the country’s league (The Nigeria Professional Football League) before relocating to the United Kingdom and then Germany.

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Just like many Dads who didn’t make a name for themselves in the sports, it was hard for Rich to hang up his boots. Also, deal with his unsuccessful career.

Since retiring from football, the father of three had vowed to ensure that his precious son (Jamal) live his failed dreams.

Daniel Richard is a Nigerian by birth and origin.
Daniel Richard is a Nigerian by birth and origin.

On a personal note, Daniel Richard is an extremely pushy, determined and over-ambitious Dad. He is a personal coach – strictly committed to his son and very crazy about his football progress. According to Branko Milenkovski, Jamal’s coach in Lehnerz;

I know Rich as someone who is extremely crazy about his son’s football.

The man was always running up and down the touch line to cheer Jamal. After most games, Daniel Richard was sweating more than his son.

Running up and down the touchline would sometimes interrupt the work of linesmen. As a result, Daniel Richard would sometimes be ordered/cautioned to stay away from the field. What a father!

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About Jamal Musiala Mother:

Meet Carolin - The Super Mum.
Meet Carolin – The Super Mum.

While his Dad ran up and down the pitch, Carolin his wife would prefer to stay gently on the audience sidelines, preferring to watch her little son play. During and each of her son’s matches, she would take photos for the family album.

As regards her occupation, Carolin Musiala is an expert in the area of using Sociology in Marketing. She learnt that from her auspicious University education.

During her family’s stay in London, Carolin worked as a marketing executive for an American life science company. Her office was in the west of Surrey in Farnham, not too far from Chelsea’s training ground.

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Jamal Musiala Siblings:

The entire nuclear family is made up of five members. Asides from Jamal and his parents, there are two other siblings – a sister, Latisha and a brother, Jerrell Musiala (the youngest in the family). Little documentation exists about the youngest child of Carolin and Rich.

One thing about Jamal Musiala’s sister (Latisha) is the fact that she is a big Bayern Munich fan. She has supported the club since her childhood – even before her brother joined them.

While justifying his decision to join Bayern, Jamal revealed that it is partly because of his sister’s love for the Bundesliga giant. He also noted that Latisha has always worn a Bayern cap he gifted her since 2016.

Jamal Musiala Extended Family:

As a confirmed fact, the footballer is known to have members of his bloodline in West Africa. We say this having observed that his Dad is of Nigerian nationality. More so, it is clear that from his maternal side, relatives should exist in Poland.

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Jamal Musiala Facts:

Having journeyed through his Bio, we’ll use this concluding section to unveil more truths about the German footballer of British, Polish and Nigerian origin.

Fact #1 – Banned from Cheering Goals:

At the beginning of his youth career, Jamal Musiala formed the habit of always celebrating – even when his opponent scored. Back then, he wrongfully had it in mind – that if a goal was scored (regardless of any team), he should cheer.

As it was against football rule, TSV Lehnerz (his first club) had to act. The management of the academy informed Jamal’s coach (Milenkovski) that one of his main tasks is to stop him when he cheers goals scored by the opposing team. According to the coach;

“I can still remember Rich’s typical reaction when his son celebrated with his opponent.

First, Jamal Musiala’s Dad threw his hands up in horror and then laughed his head off.”

Fact #2 – Comparing his Salary to the Average Citizen :

Since you started viewing Jamal Musiala‘s Bio, this is what he has earned.

TENURE/SALARYEarnings in Euros (€)
Per Year:€364,560
Per Month;€30,380
Per Week:€7,000
Per Day:€1,000
Every Hour:€41
Every Minute:€0.69
Every Second:€0.01
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Where he comes from the average German citizen would have to work for 8.5 years – to earn his FC Bayern Munich yearly salary. 

Fact #3 – Jamal Musiala Profile:

The attacking midfielder is the best person to have in your team whether you’re looking to sign a future star or make some profit.

Jamal Musiala FIFA potential at only 17 years of age reveals one fact. That he would compete with several worlds best to come.

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For FIFA career mode lovers, a look at Jamal Musiala’s development improvements will give you an idea of his future in years to come. Watch the video of the attacking midfielder’s growth test.

Fact #4 – Jamal Musiala Religion:

The footballer have not shared information about beliefs in public. Without further evidence of his faith, we can only assume the religion he follows.

Judging by their names – Daniel Richard and Carolin, it is likely that the religion of Jamal Musiala parents points more to Christianity.

However, the name ‘Jamal’ is an Arabic masculine Christian name. If you aren’t aware, this name is widely used by both Christians and Muslims mostly in Islamic countries.

David Alaba Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

It is highly possible, his parents gave him the name [Jamal] in a bid to honour an extended family – just may be – one of his Polish grandparents from his mother’s side. This person could be a Muslim.

Fact #5 – About Jamal Musiala nickname:

At the time he joined Bayern, Leroy Sane affectionately gave the lanky teenager two nicknames. There are; “Bambi” and “workaholic”.

The nicknames came because of Jamal Musiala’s habit of doing extra training in the weight room at Sabener Strasse – FC Bayern Munich training ground.

Jamal Musiala Biography Summary:

Kindly use this Wiki Table to get a quite tour of the Bambi’s Memior.

Full Name:Jamal Musiala
Nicknames:Bambi and Workaholic
Date of Birth:26th day of February 2003
Age:18 years and 3 months old
Place of Birth:Stuttgart, Germany
Nationality:(English) England and (German) Germany
Parents:Carolin Musiala (Mother) and Daniel Richard (Father)
Siblings:Latisha Musiala (Younger Sister) and Jerrell Musiala (Younger Brother)
Family Origin/Roots:Nigeria, Poland, England and Germany
Father's Occupation:Personal Coach and Agent.
Mother's Occupation:Marketing (using Sociology)
Zodiac Sign:Pisces
Networth:1.5 Million Euros (2021)
Height:5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters)
Playing position:Attacking midfield
Agent:11WINS GmbH
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In the course of writing the Biography of Jamal Musiala, we realize that the footballer has Parents who are highly motivated and committed to seeing him succeed. Today, the entire family reaps the fruits of their hard work.

Without doubts, both Carolin Musiala and Daniel Richard have committed hearts. If you could recall, at the time he was confronted with challenges (during his early days in the UK), his Dad’s commitment heart was all out to search for solutions.

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Having the footprints of a successful footballer in the family is what Latisha and Jerrell (Jamal Musiala’s sister and brother) have ever wished for. Very likely, someone in the Family would definitely follow in his footsteps.

We appreciate you for taking our time to journey with us in this interesting piece of our Memoir. Our team at Lifebogger care about fairness and the accuracy of our articles about England and German Footballers.

Kindly reach out to us – if you notice anything that doesn’t look nice in Jamal Musiala’s Bio. Otherwise, use the comment section to share your views about the German midfielder who have parents of Polish, British and Nigerian family origin.

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