Jack Harrison Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Fact

Jack Harrison Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Fact

Our Biography of Jack Harrison tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents, Family, Girlfriend/wife to be, Cars, Lifestyle and Personal Life.

In other words, we present you with a concise Life Story of Jack Harrison from his early days, to when he became famous. To whet your appetite, checkout a summary of his Bio in pictures.

Thankfully, the formidable strike partnership of Jack Harrison with Patrick Bamford in the 2020/2021 EPL season has brought fans much joy. Now who would have believed that a drop-out from Man United academy can make such an impact on Marcelo Bielsa’s team at Leeds United? Having said a lot, let’s tell you his Life Story, beginning with his early years.

Jack Harrison Childhood Story:

For Bio Starters, his nickname is ‘Goldie.‘ Jack David Harrison was born on the 20th day of November 1996 to his father, John Giblin and mother, Debbie Harisson, in the city of Stoke-on-Trent, central England.

Thou the English Footballer has a brother and sister, however, he is known to be the only child born of the union between his parents. Subsequent relationships of his father and mother gave rise to Jack’s younger sister, Claudia Harrison and kid brother, Cooper.

Witnessing his Mum and Dad’s Split:

Unfortunately, Harrison fell amongst the class of children whose parents’ love was shredded by the spites of divorce. The truth is, Jack Harrison’s parents separated at the time he was hardly three years old.

Thanks to his courageous and highly spirited mom, Harrison could grow up like every other regular kid in his neighbourhood. Surprisingly, the Englishman developed an inseparable attachment to football before he could even walk. Below is an attestation of his mother summarising the Biography of Jack Harrison’s Childhood. In her words;

“He started walking at 9 months old, and by the time he two years; he started walking around with his little ball.

Back then, he used to go to bed with his ball, and he used to sleepwalk all the time.

He’s still quite a big sleepwalker. But I used to find him wandering about, looking for his ball during the night. as soon as he got up, he would dribble to the bathroom with his ball always at his feet.”

Jack Harrison Family Background:

Being raised by a single-mom who worked in a law firm as a personal assistant afforded the English player an average Lifestyle as a kid.

Back then, his Family lived like every other middle-class household. They were the type who could manage their little finances. The truth is, Harrison wouldn’t have wished for more than what his mother has graced him.

Jack Harrison Family Origin:

With his level of proficiency and talent in football, there is no denying the fact that England and America will not identify with him as one of their own. Of course, Harrison is an English national by birth. He also obtained a US green card in 2017.

Do you know?… Harrison’s birthplace, Stoke-on-Trent is famous for its industrial-scale pottery production. The city is the home of the pottery industry in England.

Jack Harrison Career Story:

Just like in the ferry-tales, little Goldie a humble beginning. Similarly, Jack started up his football expedition at 6, when he trained at Liverpool football Academy. By the time he was 8, young Harrison had taken a leap to join Manchester United Academy hoping to play for the club someday. Can you spot him below?

Disturbed by the fast improvement of her suffering child who boards a train to United four times a week, Harrison’s mother plotted a more promising path for him.

First, Debbie Harrison sought for the most convincing way of communicating her ideas to her son. Hence, she paid a visit to Manchester United Academy. Speaking about the hard talk, she once said;

“One day at United’s training ground, I pulled Harrison to one side, and we looked at all the photos on the wall of the youth teams down the years.

I asked my son, do you recognize any of these players? He answered; no. Then, I tried to explain to him that just because you’re in the Academy, it won’t likely take you anywhere.”

Jack Harrison Early Career Life:

Finally realizing that he risks losing everything, the young Englishman heeded the words of his mom. Right at that moment, Harrison’s mother sourced for grants after she secured him a place at Berkshire School in Sheffield, a town in Massachusetts, United States.

It would interest you to know that Jack Harrison’s Family did commit about $50,000 per year to fund his school expenses.

This moment happened when he was 14. It was a time Harrison left behind all the kids at the Academy to start a fresh path in the United States. Should he feel uncomfortable at his new school, the deal was to inform his mom who couldn’t afford to journey with him to the States.

Guess what?… Upon his arrival at Berkshire (County in Massachusetts, USA), Harrison rang his mother on the first night with the statements; Mom, I love it here. The squirrels are massive!. Mixing sports and education, the young boy excelled at his new home.

Jack Harrison Biography- Road to Fame Story:

In the words of the prolific winger, moving to Berkshire gave him a more opportunity to be creative with football. Truth is, Harrison faced a lot of pressure during his stay at Man United academy. Back then, most kids ended some of their training sessions with tears.

Hardly can anyone understand the sense of accomplishment he felt on the day he received the Gatorade National Player of the Year award in 2015. Just at 19, he had established himself as a formidable player. At the same time, he acquired his high school certificate which places him in a win-win situation.

In the US, he continued football in a more positive way. During the 2016 MLS season, lucky Harrison began playing for New York FC.

Jack Harrison Success Story:

Playing under the management of Viera and alongside legends like Andrea Pirlo, David Villa and Frank Lampard gave him more confidence. Perhaps his preposterous plan with his mother was finally paying off as he scores his first goal for New York City on the 2nd of June 2016.

Do you know?…  Harrison made his debut for England U-21 team on the 1st of October 2017. Coming back to the United Kingdom, he joined Manchester City before leaving for Middlesbrough on loan.


Interestingly, his moments with Leeds United yielded more fulfilling sensation as they won the 2019 Championship and got promoted to the EPL. Check out the heartfelt moment.

After training under the tutelage of Marcelo Bielsa, Harrison experienced the ‘I can’t believe this’ moment as he scored his first goal in the premier league on the 12th of September 2020.

Truth is, his goal became Leeds first goal in the EPL in 16 years. The rest, as we say (including his highlight video below), is now history.

Who is Jack Harrison Girlfriend/Wife to be?

Indeed, lovers do desire the need to create a special bond with the one person who makes them feel complete. For Harrison, that special person has always been Fiorella Arbenz, a model and the 4th runner-up for the 2019 Miss Asia Pacific International.

No doubts, Harrison’s girlfriend (Fiorella) is sure to support him from the side-line each time he matches to fulfil the call of destiny on the pitch. Perhaps you never knew, Fiorella is about three years older than Harrison and may end up as his future wife.

Jack Harrison Personal Life:

Of course, those who have spent more time with him have sung the praises of his highly spirited temperament. To shed more light on Harrison’s personality, he is jovial, passionate and resourceful. Indeed, he has inherited the traits of the Scorpio Zodiac sign.

Do you know?… Jack Harrison has got a thing or two with water. Surfing through his Instagram post, we found out he derives pleasure in visiting beaches and river scenery. Sometimes, he even juggles football around those places.

Additionally, Harrison has so far, showcased some multi-faceted characteristics. One time, he is playing tennis or golf, the next time, he may probably take off to fish or watch the NBA games. For the prolific player, Life may be quite entertaining as he delves into many activities.

Jack Harrison Lifestyle:

Yes, playing professional football means that the young lad earns an enormous amount of money. The 2020 payroll of Leeds United shows that Jack Harrison is earning a bit lower than Kalvin Phillips.

With the weekly wage of £45,000, the Englishman is able to lead a luxurious lifestyle. Interestingly, his stress of boarding a train to the Academy back in the good old days has paid off as he purchases several expensive cars and a house. Lastly, he has an estimated Net Worth of £2.1 Million at the time of writing his Bio.

Jack Harrison Family Life:

Apparently, his parent’s divorce may have broken his first home; however, the Englishman didn’t sever his bond with his father and mother. Perhaps his Family’s predicament may have toughened him into becoming independent.

In this section, we present you more beautiful FACTS about Jack Harrison Family starting with his mother.

About Jack Harrison Mother:

First and foremost, his mom has always been credited for being the brain behind the master plan that has shaped him. Working tirelessly to raise Jack as a single mom instils in Debbie Harrison, an incredible foresight that we can see today. Do you know?… The talented winger is so attached to his mother that he nicknamed her ‘Mumsi’.

Indeed, Harrison’s mom did not challenge destiny by restricting her son from joining a football academy. Rather, she quietly took to her computer to research other alternatives that would help the budding player succeed in soccer. No wonder Jack often credits his mom (Debbie Harrison) for the career achievements he had made. In his words;

“I am so thankful to be in this position, and without my mom, I wouldn’t be here.

There is no way i would have thought about taking that path as a little boy. But my mother has done so much, and I am extremely grateful for her support.”

About Jack Harrison Father:

Gliding through the sands of time to use his inborn potentials has been difficult without his dad. As destiny would have it, Harrison may have inherited the football talent of his father, John Giblin.

In a nutshell, Jack Harrison’s dad once played soccer in the local League of Staffordshire. You can guess that Harrison sometimes pays his dad a visit.

About Jack Harrison Siblings:

Obviously, his parents’ divorce sealed the fact that he was the only child born from their union. However, after his father and mom went their separate ways, they seemed to have moved on by committing into other relationships. Hence, Harrison’s mom got married to David Harrison and gave birth to his sister, Claudia Harrison.

On the other hand, his father’s subsequent marriage gave rise to the birth of his two brothers. Well, the prolific winger has only enlightened fans about the name of one of his paternal sibling – Cooper.

About Jack Harrison Relatives:

With all the ordeal of divorce that has deemed the light of joy in his family, Jack’s grandparents have been able to ignite the spark of happiness once again. Truth is, their presence consoled Debbie, who realizes that she wasn’t standing alone in such a difficult moment. No wonder Harrison has derived pleasure in visiting his grandfather and grandmother whenever he gets the chance.

Jack Harrison Untold Facts:

Before concluding the Life Story of the Englishman, here are a few truths that would help you understand Jack Harrison’s Biography.

Fact #1: Childhood Prank on Wayne Rooney:

During his stay at Manchester United, Harrison and the other kids used to inscribe their names on the frosted cars of first-teamers. Most of the times, Wayne Rooney always falls at the wrong end of the gun.

Fact #2: Salary Break Down and Earnings Per Seconds:

Truth be told, finding a spot in Marcelo Bielsa’s team has stepped up his football portfolio. Financial wise, Jack Harrison is among the Top Ten most paid players in Leeds United. Behold, his Salary breakdown at the time of writing this Life Story.

TENURE/EARNINGSEarnings in Pounds (£)
Per Year£2,343,600
Per Month£195,300
Per Week£45,000
Per Day£6,429
Per Hour£268
Per Minute£4.5
Per Second£0.07

We’ve strategically put up an analysis of Jack Harrison’s earnings as the clock ticks. Find out for yourself how much he has earned since you came here.

Since you started viewing Jack Harrison’s Bio, this is what he has earned.


Fact #3: Pets:

The easiest way to revamp your mood is to take time each day to focus on the simple things that bring you joy. Adhering to this principle, Harrison has developed a keen attachment to his dog. Like Ollie Watkins, he usually takes a lot of pictures with his pet and shares them on Instagram.

Fact #4: FIFA Stats:

Comparing his overall ratings with his potentials, you will find out that the Englishman still has more tricks up his sleeves. Like Curtis Jones, he ranks well for dribbling. Jack also enjoys similar acceleration with former Chelsea academy star, Tariq Lamptey.


Leaving Man United to make it to the Premier League would forever remain the biggest part of his Bio. If Jack Harrison had stayed at United, would he have made it to the club’s squad like Marcus Rashford, who was a year below him back at the Academy? We can never know the answer to this question.

However, Harrison Life Story would always reflect the legendary risk taken by one of his parents to ensure he succeeds in football. For sure, his Family celebrates his triumph. Also, his father and mother, though separated, would always support him in their little ways.

Thank you for reading our Biography of Jack Harrison. Bear in mind that at Lifebogger, we strive towards satisfying your curiosity with legit stories of football players. What are your thoughts on Harrison’s Career Story?


Biography InquiriesWiki Answers
Full Name:Jack David Harrison
Nick Name:Goldie
Date of Birth:20th November 1996
Place of Birth:Stoke-on-Trent, England
Father:John Giblin
Mother:Debbie Harrison
Siblings:Claudia Harrison (sister)
Cooper (brother)
Girlfriend/Spouse:Fiorella Arbenz
Annual Salary:£2,343,600
Net Worth:£2.1 Million
Hobbies:Fishing, playing Tennis, golfing and traveling
Height:1.75m (5 ft 9 in)

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