Sam Adekugbe Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Sam Adekugbe Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Sam Adekugbe’s Biography provides details about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Father (Ben Adekugbe), Mother (Dee Adekugbe), Siblings – Sisters (Ruth Adekugbe, Debbie Adekugbe, and Abigail Adekugbe), Brother (Elijah Adekugbe), Wife, etc.

Moreso, the article tells us facts about the Soccer player’s Family Origin, Background, Net Worth, Lifestyle, Personal Life, Salary, Religion, and so forth.

In a nutshell, this article breaks down the Full History of Sam Adekugbe. It outlines the memoir of how the boy with Nigerian family roots rose to become one of Canada’s greatest Left backs. This memoir also gives narrations of how his parents put their child on the path to success.

To enhance your reading desire in Sam Adekugbe’s Biography, we have pulled out his Early Life and Rise gallery. Behold the Canadian Defender from his childhood to the moment he became a household name. No doubt, Sam Adekugbe has truly come a long way.

The Biographical Story of Sam Adekugbe. From his Humble Beginnings in Calgary to his Soccer Fame in Hatayspor.
The Biographical Story of Sam Adekugbe. From his Humble Beginnings in Calgary to his Soccer Fame in Hatayspor.

Yes, everyone knows Samuel as one of the Professional soccer players in the Canadian national team. Moreso, the defender, was one of the goal scorers in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier against the United States. A game that gave his country hopes for World Cup qualifications.

Yet despite the athlete’s achievements, we found that only a few have read a concise version of Sam Adekugbe’s Biography. So relax and enjoy how the athlete with three nationalities became a star in Soccer. Without taking further time, let’s begin.

Sam Adekugbe Childhood Story:

For Biography beginners, he uses the nickname “Samie”. Samuel Ayomide Adekugbe was born on the 16th of January, 1995, to his Father, Ben Adekugbe and his Mother, Dee Adekugbe, in England.

The Canadian soccer player is the first child among his four siblings in his dad and mom’s marriage. Now we introduce to you Sam Adekugbe’s Parents. They are the ones who paved the way for their child to fulfil his dreams in Canada.

Meet Sam Adekugbe's Parents - his Mother (Dee Adekugbe) and his Father (Ben Adekugbe).
Meet Sam Adekugbe’s Parents – his Mother (Dee Adekugbe) and his Father (Ben Adekugbe).

Growing-Up Years:

Sam Adekugbe was born in London. But when he was three years old, his parents (Dee and Ben) moved to Manchester. And after there, they moved to another town, Calgary, which is 4,207 mi away.

Samuel grew up among his three siblings. His younger brother, Elijah Adekugbe, and his sisters, Ruth Adekugbe, Abigail Adekugbe, and Debbie Adekugbe. And they all share the equal love of their parents.

Sam Adekugbe Early Life:

Samuel spent his childhood in the company of his brother, Elijah. Fortunately, they both shared the same passion for football. And would play in their front yard and with neighbours. It is also surprising that his sisters, Abigail, Debbie and Ruth, joined the sports.

As early as he was three years old, Sam Adekugbe had already started shovelling the ball onto the ground. Soccer wasn’t the only sport he loved; he also played tennis. When the young boy was ten years old, Samie was a pro at the games.

If there was one thing that the footballer loved in his family was how hardworking his parents were. Each day, Dee and Ben Adekugbe did not fail to raise their children to work hard for success. Did they take the advice? Let’s read on.

Sam Adekugbe Family Background:

Ben Adekugbe is a barber. Also, he holds the post of pastor in a church. The combined jobs of Sam’s dad were what he used in training his kids through their education. See him in the photo at his workstation.

See Ben Adekugbe in his other job as a Barber in the Perfect Touch Saloon.
See Ben Adekugbe in his other job as a Barber in the Perfect Touch Saloon.

While Dee Adekugbe is also a pastor. She is a lover of God and Executive Director at Ruth’s House in Canada. Besides taking care of the home when she has no sermons. Sam’s parents may not be rich as they took many jobs to care for their five kids. But the couple did everything to ensure their children had an education.

Sam Adekugbe Family Origin:

We first need to know about Sam Adekugbe parent’s origin – which is quite similar to that of Ismaël Koné (West African roots). Dee and Ben come from the western part of Africa called Nigeria. Sam Adekugbe and Simi Awujo are footballers of Nigerian origins who play for male and female Canadian national teams.

The above country is popular with the name ‘Giant of Africa’, which was colonized by the British. Moreso, Nigeria has over 250 ethnic groups- but the most prominent parts are the Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa.

Where does Sam Adekugbe come from? The soccer player’s birthplace is in London, the United Kingdom. So the midfielder is a British citizen. But Samuel gained his Canadian Nationality in 2016, holding a triple birth identity.

The Dual Nationality of Samuel, the Soccer player.
The Dual Nationality of Samuel, the Soccer player.

The Yoruba group is where the name Adekugbe has its origin. Nonetheless, it means “A person who has the potential to meet spiritual enlightenment.” But the athlete was not born in Nigeria but outside the country’s shores.

Sam Adekugbe’s Ethnicity:

Samuel Ayomide comes from the Nigerian- Canadian ethnic group. And these over 3,919 landed immigrants from Nigeria arrived in Canada from 1973 to 1991. Also, Fikayo Tomori comes from the same ancestry as the star athlete.

Sam Adekugbe Education:

Despite how the athlete and his family moved, there was still time for him to learn. Samie attended the Nicholas Varley community school in Manchester from 2004 to 2006. And Adekugbe also joined the Calgary Midnapore centre for another two years. Before going to the Sir Churchhill Winstons and Dr E.P Scarlett High School in 2011.

The Schools that Sam Adekgbe Attended.
The Schools that Sam Adekgbe Attended.

But before the player went to school, he had already joined the Manchester United Youth Camp. And then the young boy was only four years old. Did you know that Sam and David Beckham went to Sir Charlton Academy in different years?

Thankfully, his interest in soccer did not override his education. We are sure that his parents, Ben and Dee Adekugbe, would not tolerate failure in his academics. So the Canadian player combined his studies and sports with no one affecting the other.

Sam Adekugbe Biography – Career Story:

In Manchester, the London-born defender was on the field with the AFC Clayton in the 2000 to 2004 season. And when the Adekugbe family left for a new country, Sam went to the Calgary Foothills Saints.

During his time on the Calgary team, he won some awards. Firstly, the three Calgary minor soccer and two Alberta provincial indoor titles. Samuel also represented his club in Alberta at the U- 13 and 16 levels. Here is the trophy winner showing off his prizes.

The Calgary Native Showcasing his Trophies? Can you Spot Sam?
The Calgary Native Showcasing his Trophies? Can you Spot Sam?

Adekugbe was very great at his defending his skills. So much so that his coach kept him and moved him from the minor team to the big boy’s levels in Calgary. And with time, the defender left for the Vancouver Whitecaps FC. However, which players did the Canadian admire?

Firstly, Sam’s favourite team is the EPL Manchester City. And the player he loves most is Welsh Ryan and Ashley Cole. Hopefully, the newbie aims to set identical records as these legends who have left a mark on soccer. Of course, it is the reason the athlete is keeping his skills at the top-notch.

Sam Adekugbe Bio – Road to Fame Story:

A passion that isn’t backed by action becomes dead. Likewise, a talent that isn’t nurtured will also become an old tale. This would have been the fate of the young soccer player. And it was one major issue the Canadian athlete faced growing up.

Without a doubt, Sam Adekugbe’s parents, Dee and Ben, were very hardworking. But it was not easy to take care of five kids, which was why his dad had two jobs. Besides the feeding, housing and clothes, there was not enough cash left for his son’s soccer talents.

Thankfully, Sam and his younger brother, Elijah, became recipients of the KidSport. And the organisation became responsible for handling the finances of their soccer journey. The story would have been very different if they hadn’t come at the right time.

Sam Adekugbe Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

During Samuels’s period in Vancouver Whitecaps FC, the London- born athlete was given on loan to the EPL club, Brighton. And during the season at the league, he was among the players with a 4-0 victory against Colchester. And in 2016, Adekugbe scored his first goal over Oxford United.

Furthermore, the soccer player also went on a loan to the Allsvenskan IFK Göteborg in 2017. Before Sam signed a deal with the Eliteserien Valerenga for the 2018 to 2021 season. It was a four-year contract, and the Canadian athlete made 89 appearances.

The Defender Sam at the Vancouver Whitecaps FC and Allsvenskan IFK Göteborg.
The Defender Sam at the Vancouver Whitecaps FC and Allsvenskan IFK Göteborg.

For his good skills, the defender, after the end of his previous deal, went to the Turkish league with Hatayspor. And Ben and Dee’s son made his debut on August 14 and has since made 42 appearances.

Sam Adekugbe’s International Career:

So far, in this Bio, we know Samuel has over two citizenship. And that makes him eligible to represent Canada, Nigeria or England. Let’s remember Adekugbe’s dream to always be at Wembley stadium in London.

So Ayomide played for Canada in the U- 18 squads in 2013. After two years, Samuel Ayomide was moved to the U- 20 team and joined in the 2015 CONCACAF championship. And in his senior year, Sam scored his first goal in the 2022 FIFA making his country (Canada) ready for the world cup.

See how Samuel Ayomide Adekugbe Celebrates his Goal in the Canada Team.
See how Samuel Ayomide Adekugbe Celebrates his Goal in the Canada Team.

From a kid in the streets of London to feature as one of the top players in Canada. It is outstanding how far Sam Adekugbe has come in the Soccer world. No doubt his parents, Dee and Ben, including his siblings, are very proud of their child. And the rest is history, they said.

Sam Adekugbe Girlfriend:

The Nigerian- Canadian athlete was raised in a good Christian family. Both his mother (Dee) and father (Ben) are pastors. Moreso, they have kept a good example by staying married for a long time.

No doubt Samuel has looked up to his parents to make a stable relationship. The defender is focused on his career and has introduced no lady to the world as his girlfriend. Yet because of his playful nature, he has many ladies as his friends.

But for now, Ayomide gives his love to his family. After all, the soccer athlete has four ladies in his life. Sam’s mother (Dee) and his sisters (Ruth Adekugbe, Abigail Adekugbe, and Debbie Adekugbe) are occupying his affection.

Personal Life:

Samuel Ayomide is a very loving and cheerful young man. Most days, when he isn’t on the field, the soccer player goes for his philanthropic work. And together with KidSports which he is currently an ambassador, the Nigerian makes charity funds.

Meet the Ambassador of the KidSport Organisation.
Meet the Ambassador of the KidSport Organisation.

When the Canadian soccer player is done with fundraising, he hangs out with his buddies. Did you know Adekugbe is friends with Bayern Munich player Alphonso Davies? And together with Tajon Buchanan, an ex-teammate of Charles De Ketelaere, they hang out often.

Did you Know Adekugbe is Friends with Alphonso Davies and Tajon Buchann?
Did you Know Adekugbe is Friends with Alphonso Davies and Tajon Buchann?

After having fun with his companions, the defender visits the beach waters. And then heads off to do what he knows best, and one of Sam Adekugbe’s hobbies is playing the piano. Maybe he gets a sense of peace whenever his fingers strike a note.

Sam Adekugbe Loves to Play the Piano.
Sam Adekugbe Loves to Play the Piano.

Generally, the Canadian- Nigerian is an enjoyable person. And that is why everyone in his life loves to stay around him. You can also point it that his Capricorn zodiac sign makes him dependable and a great person.

Sam Adekugbe Lifestyle:

Samuel Ayomide’s soccer salary is more than enough to cater to any luxurious life he wants. Without any doubt, the Hatayspor defender has worked hard to earn his spot on the soccer field. However, if you look at his Instagram photos, there is no image of his cars or house.

The ex-Calgary Foothills Saints athlete is like his parents- Ben and Dee Adekugbe, who are modest. And maybe Sam isn’t ready to share that part of his life with social media. But it goes a long way to highlight the humble life of the British player.

Sam Adekugbe’s Net Worth:

The Nigerian- Canada player makes a small fortune with some endorsements from his partnership with the Yeezy brand. However, a massive portion of his earnings comes from his soccer career. Hence, in 2022, Sam Adekugbe’s net worth is $2 million.

Sam Adekugbe Family Life:

See how Supportive the Adekugbe Family is of themselves.
See how Supportive the Adekugbe Family is of themselves.

 Samuel’s mother and father have undoubtedly been the reason for his success. Although they were not rich, they made sure the doors to many opportunities for their son were available. Hence, his family is worthy of our mention. Let’s begin.

About Sam Adekugbe’s Father:

The hardworking Ben Adekugbe is a Nigerian who moved to greener pastures in England. From our research, Sam’s dad has two jobs: a congregation pastor and a barber. And this goes to show that Ben doesn’t depend on the proceeds of his church. Instead, he is an independent and striving hard man of the house.

Sam's Dad is a Pastor in his Church; see him on the Pulpit giving Sermons.
Sam’s Dad is a Pastor in his Church; see him on the Pulpit giving Sermons.

Ben Adekugbe has been a loving father who makes sure all his children’s dreams are fulfilled. And that was why the pastor kept moving to different locations to find where is suiting for his family. Today, Sam’s dad watches joyfully as his sons play on the field. Moreso, Ben is the number 1 supporter of the kids.

About Sam Adekugbe’s Mother:

Dee Adekugbe is a co-pastor with her husband. In addition, she also has a resume as the executive director of a company. Furthermore, Sam’s mom works hard to ensure her children and home are in good condition.

Here is Dee Adekugbe as she is Dressed so Elegantly Posing for the Camera.
Here is Dee Adekugbe as she is Dressed so Elegantly Posing for the Camera.

Sam Adekugbe’s mom is always on top of the world whenever her son scores a goal. In her words, no matter where she is, her child shoots the ball into the net. There will always be a scream of joy.

About Sam Adekugbe’s Brother:

Elijah Adekugbe is the younger brother of the Hatayspor midfielder. Just like his older sibling, he is also a soccer player for Calvary Fc. And from childhood, they have shared the same dreams of going to the world cup together.

Elijah Adekugbe is also a Footballer.
Elijah Adekugbe is also a Footballer.

Sam Adekugbe’s brother looks up at him at all times. And so far, the older sibling is not disappointing Elijah. And the exciting voice of the kid bro when he saw the defender score suggests how much they look out for each other.

About Sam Adekugbe’s Sisters:

Ruth Adekugbe plays for the Houston Dash in the women’s soccer league. And also plays the position of a defender at an international level. Moreso, Sam’s sister, holds the title of Rookie of the Year and first-team all Canadia.

Here are Sam Adekugbe's Sisters. And they are all Athletes too.
Here are Sam Adekugbe’s Sisters. And they are all Athletes too.

So, Abigail Adekugbe is an athlete for the Vancouver Whitecaps FC in the National Women’s Soccer League. Samuel’s sister was a part of the Calgary club in Alberta. Moreso, she also was part of the CONCACAF Women’s Olympic Qualifying and the Cyprus Cup.

And the last girl, Debbie Adekugbe, is also a part of one of the Canadian leagues. To cut it short, the three sisters of Sam are also doing well in the Soccer world.

Untold Facts:

So far, in Sam Adekugbe’s Biography, we have seen the journey of the Canadian soccer athlete. Besides, there have been full details of his family and his rise to fame. Yet there are still so many untold facts about the son of Ben and Dee.

Sam Adekugbe’s Salary:

Samuel’s June 2021 salary in Hatayspor sees him making €390,000 per year. And he still has two years more in his contract with the current team. Converting these earnings to Nigerian currency, we have 170.23 million nairas. This table shows the breakdown of the figures the defender takes home.

TENURE/ EARNINGSSam Adekugbe Hatayspor Salary in Euros (€)Sam Adekugbe Hatayspor Salary in Dollars ($)Sam Adekugbe Hatayspor Salary in Naira (₦‎)
What Adekugbe makes per year:€390,000$388,636₦‎169,923,000
What Adekugbe makes per month:€32,500
What Adekugbe makes week:€7,500$7,473₦‎3,267,750
What Adekugbe makes per day:€1,071$1,067₦‎466,634
What Adekugbe makes per hour:€44$43₦‎19,170
What Adekugbe makes per minute:€0.73$0.73₦‎318
What Adekugbe makes per sec:€0.012$0.012₦‎5

Since you started viewing Sam Adekugbe‘s Bio, he has earned this with Hatayspor.


Sam Adekugbe Tattoos?

The pastor’s son has followed in his father’s footsteps and has not drawn anything on his body. Or maybe he doesn’t like the idea of a tattoo. Sam emulates athletes like Sadio Mane, Ngolo Kante, and Mo Salah.

How Rich is the Hatayspor Defender?

In the country of Sam Adekugbe Origin, the low-income earner in Nigeria makes around 360,000 nairas yearly. At that, it would take nine years to make Samuel’s daily income of 3.27 million naira with Hatayspor.

What about Canada? The minimum worker makes $72,000 per year. Hence, a Canadian employee would have to work for five years and three months to earn Sam’s $390000 that he makes at the Turkish club.

Sam Adekugbe’s Religion:

Without a doubt, the Nigerian- Canadian player is the son of a pastor. Yet, as an adult, did Sam leave his parents’ beliefs? There is no sign that he has left for another religion. But Adekugbe celebrates the Christmas and Holiday festivals as a Christian.

Biography Summary:

This table shows the details of Sam Adekugbe’s Biography.

Full Name:Samuel Ayomide Adekugbe
Stage Name:Sam Adekugbe
Date of Birth:16th of January, 1995
Place of Birth:London, the United Kingdom
Mother:Dee Adekugbe
Father:Ben Adekugbe
Brother:Elijah Adekugbe
Sisters:Abigail Adekugbe
Ruth Adekugbe
Debbie Adekugbe
Place of Residence:Canada
Current Club:Hatayspor Turkish League
Net worth:$1.5 million
Salary:390,000 euros per year

End Note:

Samuel Ayomide Adekugbe is the first son of his parents, Dee Adekugbe (Mother) and Ben Adekugbe (Father). The soccer player was born on the 16th of January, 1995, and has four siblings, three girls, and a brother.

As he is fondly called, Sam grew up in London, his birthplace. But his dad and mom relocated to Canada when he was 10. The Calgary native joined the local sports team with Debbie Adekugbe, Abigail Adekugbe, Elijah Adekugbe and Ruth Adekugbe. The family was all involved in the soccer game.

Sam has Canadian, Nigerian and British nationality. The defender’s parents are from the West African part of the world, particularly the Yoruba culture. What’s more? Both Dee and Ben are pastors with different jobs.

Adekugbe attended more than two schools because of how often his parents moved. He first went to the Nicholas Varley community school, Calgary Midnapore centre, the Sir Churchhill Winstons and Dr E.P Scarlett High School. That is to show how much his parents valued learning.

Appreciation Note:

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