Stephen Eustaquio Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Stephen Eustaquio Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Stephen Eustaquio Biography portrays Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Family Background, Lifestyle, Parents – Armando Eustaquio (father) and Esmeralda Eustaquio (mother), Personal Life, Net Worth, and Girlfriend (Constanca Damiao).

This Biography will also cover facts about his Ethnicity, Family Background, Salary, and Education. We promise to share with you the story of how his parents and brother contributed to his gradual rise to stardom in soccer.


Our version of Stephen Eustaquio’s Biography begins from his boyhood days in Leamington to when he became famous. It contains a complete story of how he experienced a late bloomer in his expedition.

We also talked about the two national teams that saw potential in Eustaquio’s prowess and sought after his signature. To whet your autobiography appetite, here is his childhood to adulthood gallery — a perfect summary of Stephen Eustaquio’s Bio.

The Biography summary of Stephen Eustaquio. Behold his life and rise Story.
The Biography summary of Stephen Eustaquio. Behold his life and rise Story.

Yes, we all know he is a remarkable athlete who can operate as a box-to-box midfielder or a holding midfielder. However, many fans haven’t read about his Life Story, which is quite interesting. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Stephen Eustaquio Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname – Canadian Pirlo, and the full name Stephen Antunes Eustaquio. The defensive midfielder was born on the 21st of December 1996 to his father, Armando Eustaquio, and mother, Esmeralda Eustaquio, in Leamington, Canada.

He is the youngest of two children born of the union between his parents, pictured with him below. From the image below, you can see that he’s got a striking resemblance to his dad (Armando).

The athlete smiles just like his dad. But his mom seems to have a more beautiful smile than them.
The athlete smiles just like his dad. But his mom seems to have a more beautiful smile than them.

Growing Up Days:

The young lad spent the first seven years of his childhood at the place of his birth. Growing up in the streets of Leamington, he feared nothing. The truth is, he always felt safe in the company of his brother, Mauro.

Back then, Eustaquio and his older sibling were preoccupied with different indoor activities. This was because Canada was extremely cold and snowy for about 7 months a year. Thanks to their icy weather, ice hockey became the major sport in the country.

The young lad always stuck to his brother in his childhood.
The young lad always stuck to his brother in his childhood.

Eustaquio’s dad (Armando) was a Portuguese who loved soccer more than any other game. His undying love for the game led him to teach his sons how to kick the ball from the moment they could walk.

The midfielder didn’t have a hard time learning the basics of football. He was interested in learning a few tricks as well as spending quality time with his father and brother. Of course, his Childhood days were full of many beautiful memories that he will cherish forever.

Stephen Eustaquio Family Background:

Looking at his humble personality, it is clear that he hails from a home that has taught him good morals. Eustaquio’s parents were a hardworking couple who did their best to ensure their boys succeeded.

They had a good financial education and saved enough money to move their entire family to Canada in search of greener pastures. Armando and his wife raised their kids in a middle-class household and taught them to treat people with respect.

Love was the basic philosophy that united everyone in their home. Therefore, Eustaquio finds it easy to make friends with people instantly. Thanks to his family background, the midfielder grew into a lovable young man.

Stephen Eustaquio Family Origin:

The tackler, like Ismaël Koné, is a citizen of Canada by birth even though his origins lie in another country. Our findings reveal that Stephen Eustaquio’s parents are bonafide citizens of Portugal.

This means that his ancestry has no link to any Canadian roots. Also, his birthplace is home to about 27,595 people (based on the 2016 population census).

An overview of his birthplace, Leamington.
An overview of his birthplace, Leamington.

Although Eustaquio’s mother was born and raised in Portugal, she soon moved to Canada in search of a better life. After many years went by, she ended up gaining Canadian citizenship.

Do you know?… Eustaquio could speak English fluently. On the other hand, his dad had difficulty communicating in English because he was only fluent in Portuguese. This made the young lad’s mom a translator between her children and husband.

Stephen Eustaquio Ethnicity:

The playmaker’s parents were born in Nazare, Portugal. Hence, his ethnicity comprises Portuguese roots. His place of origin is home to the famous Nazare Canyon, which is the largest underwater Canyon in Europe.

Interestingly, the Canyon reaches a depth of 5,000 meters and allows the formation of perfect giant waves. Thanks to the giant waves, Nazare has become famous for surfing.

The map shows the location of Nazare (his place of origin), in Portugal.
The map shows the location of Nazare (his place of origin), in Portugal.

Stephen Eustaquio Education:

From his childhood days, the athlete’s parents knew he had the potential to become a world-class player. Nonetheless, they made sure to get him educated. Going to school was insurance for Eustaquio and his brother in case football didn’t work out.

The young lad often goes to the field after school on the weekdays to train. He also joined his school soccer team to help him improve his prowess. At 7, Eustaquio left his first school because his family moved from Canada to Portugal.

He had difficulty adjusting to the new routines of the school he subsequently attended. But his survival instinct made him adapt to the changes while making new friends.

Stephen Eustaquio Biography – Football Story:

The young lad started his expedition as a little boy in Canada. Football turned out to be an inevitable activity that kept him and his brother busy. Despite their young age, the boys wanted to pursue a path that would see them excel as professional players.

Prior to their move to Portugal, Eustaquio had begun showcasing excellent prowess in soccer. He was far better than many kids in his age group. Sometimes, his parents would accompany him to the football pitch to cheer on his performance.

The beginning of his wonderful journey in sports. Wow, he was indeed a little kid when it all started.
The beginning of his wonderful journey in sports. Wow, he was indeed a little kid when it all started.

During one of his numerous games in Canada, the then-7-year-old kid scored eight goals in the first half. His parents and older brother were also present to watch him play on that faithful day.

As if eight goals weren’t enough, Stephen again dribbled everyone at the beginning of the second half and scored another goal. He ran in excitement as he held up his hands toward his family to celebrate his goal.

Early Career Life:

Life in Portugal turned out to be even more fascinating than the athlete had envisaged. His dad, who loved soccer so much, wasted no time before enrolling him in a soccer academy.

Do you know?… Eustaquio started his youth career in the village club, Os Nazarenos. He joined the club with his older brother in 2005. Even in his earliest days, he played as a midfielder with a defensive mindset. However, he needed to improve his technical prowess.

Playing at the youth academy opened the young lad to a whole new experience in sports.
Playing at the youth academy opened the young lad to a whole new experience in sports.

Hence, the young lad spent five years at Os Nazarenos working on his skills. He often looked up to David Silva and Cristiano Ronaldo, who were his idols. It was only a matter of time before he found himself playing in the youth team of Uniao de Leiria in 2010.

His Brother’s Intervention:

In his early career days, Eustaquio relied so much on the advice of his older sibling, Mauro. It was only natural for him to believe in the judgment of his brother, who was more experienced in sports than him.

Mauro had been reluctant to accept notable offers from soccer academies in his youth career days. Having learned from his mistake, he encouraged Stephen to take his chances when such opportunities knocked at his door.

In the end, the youngster accepted the first invitation he got to join Uniao de Leiria. He also made his first cap for the U-17 team of Canada due to his brother’s intervention.

Mauro had initially put in good words with a director on behalf of his kid brother after he found out about an internship selection in Mallorca. That was how Stephen found himself playing in the U-17 squad of his birth country in 2012.

He wasn't yet famous when he began playing in the youth team of his country.
He wasn’t yet famous when he began playing in the youth team of his country.

Stephen Eustaquio Biography – Road to Fame Story:

After having an interesting but less viral season in Uniao de Leiria, the youngster moved to S.C.U. Torreense in 2014. He spent only one year at his new club before paving his way into the ranks of their senior squad as a 19-year-old in 2015.

Despite making 56 senior appearances for Torreense, the dribbler couldn’t find the back of the net even once. His lack of goals was overlooked because he was exceptional in strengthening his team’s defensive line.

Scouts from Leixoes knew he was going to be a breakout player in the soccer world. Hence, they signed Eustaquio for an undisclosed fee with a buyout clause of €500,000 in 2017. This move enabled the midfielder to play in the Segunda Liga for a year.

Promotion to the Top Level Football:

Stephen Eustaquio soon became an exciting talent that attracted the attention of top-tier clubs. He was even called up to play for Portugal’s U-21 squad. Of course, he honored their invitation and made seven caps for the Portuguese team.

Afterward, Eustaquio left the team to join the senior national team of Canada. As luck would have it, he signed with G.D. Chaves in January 2018 and made his Primeira Liga debut four days after joining the club.

Here is one of the beautiful moments he set out to fulfilling his duty for Canada on the pitch.
Here is one of the beautiful moments he set out to fulfilling his duty for Canada on the pitch.

Chaves had brought in Eustaquio as a replacement for Matheus Pereira, who had an impressive loan spell with them in the previous season. Their decision only profited them for a little time.

Stephen Eustaquio Biography – Success Story:

Barely a year after joining Chaves, the defensive player made a move to the Mexican Liga MX club, Cruz Azul. His quality in the midfield got scouts singing his praise. Some even remarked that his technical skill was like that of a typical player from La Masia academy.

Do you know?… Eustaquio had a rough start for Cruz Azul as he sustained an injury that sidelined him for eight months. Even after his recovery, he only trained with the U-20 squad of his club before joining Pacos de Ferreira on a loan spell.

One of the most terrible experiences of his career life. Stephen had to endure the pain for a long time.
One of the most terrible experiences of his career life. Stephen had to endure the pain for a long time.

His biggest career breakthrough came in January 2022, when he joined Porto on loan with an option to buy. After five months, Porto exercised their right to buy and signed him on a 5-years contract.

Eustaquio spent only a few months with the Portugues club before winning the 2021-22 Primeira Liga and Taca de Portugal. He also won the 2022 Supertaca Candido de Oliveira, which made his parents and brother happy. The rest, as they say, is history.

What a beautiful way to celebrate his club's triumph as they won the Supertaca in 2022.
What a beautiful way to celebrate his club’s triumph as they won the Supertaca in 2022.

Stephen Eustaquio Girlfriend:

Many athletes are fortunate to find a partner who loves them for their personality and not for their money. Eustaquio is among those who have been blessed with such a wonderful woman in their life.

Like Alphonso Davies, he has maintained a long-lasting relationship with his girlfriend, Constanca Damiao. Although we do not know when the couple started dating, they have posted many lovely pictures of themself online.

Meet Stephen and his cute girlfriend. Of course, they look lovely together.
Meet Stephen and his cute girlfriend. Of course, they look lovely together.

Eustaquio’s girlfriend is a fashion designer who has utilized social media to display a glimpse of her expertise. She founded the clothing brand Coudie and has a website where she displays her products.

Facts About Stephen Eustaquio’s Girlfriend:

Guess what?… The pretty damsel disclosed on her Instagram page that she studied Traditional Chinese Medicine. Nobody knows the school she attended. However, Damiao must have been inclined to entrepreneurship to have started her clothing line.

Interestingly, she cares so much about her family. We’ve seen her share throwback images of her childhood days with her grandmother. Of course, she will always cherish the memories of the good times spent with her family and friends.

A throwback childhood photo of Stephen's girlfriend and her grandmother.
A throwback childhood photo of Stephen’s girlfriend and her grandmother.

Constanca Damiao has a younger brother whom she considers more precious than gold. He is eleven years younger than her. She even disclosed that her only wish during the Christmas celebration was to have a brother.

As destiny would have it, her wish came true 11 years later. Whenever Damiao uploads a picture with her brother, she always writes a caption that explains how he surpassed her expectations. Below is an image of the two adorable siblings.

The siblings are enjoying each other's company. Their bond seems to be quite unbreakable.
The siblings are enjoying each other’s company. Their bond seems to be quite unbreakable.

Personal Life:


There is a close distinction between the midfielder and his compatriot, Cyle Larin. This is because both players have a down-to-earth personality and tend to easily make friends with people.

That doesn’t stop Eustaquio from being quite serious whenever he wants to be. We’ve observed that the midfielder always smiles on and off the pitch. Interestingly, he enjoys spending some quiet moments in a swimming pool.

He loves to have some private time in the swimming pool.
He loves to have some private time in the swimming pool.

It gives him enough time to analyze all eventful scenarios that have encroached into his life within the week. Hence, swimming is a compulsory routine he does every week in his spare time.

Stephen Eustaquio Lifestyle:

While surfing through his Bio, we realized that exotic cars and luxurious mansions are not the major concerns of the Canadian. He is like Jonathan David, who lives a humble and low-key lifestyle despite his enormous earnings.

Of course, Eustaquio has a ride that eases his daily movements. However, he doesn’t keep a collection of expensive cars like many famous players. The midfielder is also secretive about his assets.

Because of his reserved nature, Eustaquio has posted no picture of his house on social media. We’ve managed to grab a rare photo of him and his girlfriend in a car that doesn’t seem extremely expensive. Take a look at it and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

This his car doesn't look too luxurious, but it fulfills its purpose.
This car doesn’t look too luxurious, but it fulfils its purpose.

Stephen Eustaquio Family:

One factor that has hugely impacted the playmaker’s success in soccer is his household. While his dad helped him start his career expedition, his mom eased the flow of communication in the family.

Eustaquio’s brother wasn’t left out of the picture of his gradual rise to stardom. Hence, we present concise information about every member of his menage, starting with his dad.

About Stephen Eustaquio’s Father:

The dribbler’s dad, Armando Eustaquio, worked very hard to provide for the needs of his household. He was a passionate football lover who couldn’t pave a career path for himself in soccer. Hence, he vowed to do so for his boys.

It’s rare to see a father so determined to turn his kids into athletes in this era. But Eustaquio’s father was an exception to this dilemma. After moving back to Portugal, Armando enrolled his boys in an academy where their career expeditions began.

He has always encouraged Stephen to continue working hard until he sees a breakthrough in his endeavours. Certainly, he is proud of his son’s success in sports. The athlete’s father often visits the stadium to support him from the sideline on game days.

A rare picture of Stephen with his dad, Armando Eustaquio. They both have a striking resemblance.
A rare picture of Stephen with his dad, Armando Eustaquio. They both have a striking resemblance.

About Stephen Eustaquio’s Mother:

Even before his birth, the playmaker’s mom, Esmeralda Eustaquio, had graced him with so much love. She was with him from the moment he took his first step and loved him unconditionally, even to date.

Esmeralda was the first teacher he ever had. She taught him English language and Portuguese during his growing-up days. Like his father, the dribbler’s mother has been instrumental in his soccer expedition.

Stephen's mom, Esmeralda, frequently goes to the stadium to watch his game.
Stephen’s mom, Esmeralda, frequently goes to the stadium to watch his game.

She loves watching him play on the pitch and has never missed out on the big moments in his life. As a mother, Esmeralda was worried about the tedious training sessions that her son often observed.

It made her heart skip in fear. There were days when she wondered if he was doing alright on the pitch. What if someone injures him? This kind of question always plagued her imagination. Nonetheless, she is happy he could fulfil his career aspiration.

About Stephen Eustaquio’s Siblings:

Our research on his Biography shows that the soccer icon has an older brother. He is no other than Mauro Eustaquio, a talented footballer. Mauro was born in Nazare, Portugal, on the 10th of February, 1993.

He was barely 13 months old when his parents moved with the entire family to Canada. A few years later, Mauro and his household returned to their home town where he began his soccer journey.

Mauro Eustaquio failed to make a name for himself in the top echelon of the game.
Mauro Eustaquio failed to make a name for himself in the top echelon of the game.

Despite having excellent athletic prowess, Mauro didn’t make it to top-tier European football like his kid brother. He spent the eight years of his senior career playing in American and Canadian leagues.

After retiring as a player, Mauro delved into coaching. He was appointed the assistant coach of York United FC in 2022. We hope to see him unleash his analytical strategies in the ensuing days of his coaching career.

About Stephen Eustaquio’s Relatives:

As earlier stated, the midfielder is secretive about his personal life. Nonetheless, we’ve seen him post a picture of his late grandfather. Although there were no captions on the post, it received many condolence comments.

There has been no information about his grandmother. Similarly, the playmaker has said nothing about his uncle or aunts at the time of writing this Biography.

He really had a great time with his grandpa while he was still alive.
He really had a great time with his grandpa while he was still alive.

Untold Facts:

In the final section of Stephen Eustaquio’s Bio, we’ll unveil more details about his earnings, FIFA Stats, Religion, and much more. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Stephen Eustaquio Salary (FC Porto):

The talented midfielder has seen a steady increase in his earnings since he became famous. During his days at Pacos de Ferreira, Eustaquio earned a weekly salary of about €3,000. However, after joining FC Porto in 2022, his earnings increased by a whopping 180%.

This translates to the fact that he receives a weekly wage of €8,500. Aside from his salary, Eustaquio also makes money from other sponsorship deals. Hence, he has enough to care for himself and his family. Check out his salary breakdown in the table below.

TENURE/EARNINGSStephen Eustaquio FC Porto Salary in Euro (August 2022 stats)
Per Year:€442,680
Per Month:€36,890
Per Week:€8,500
Every Day:€1,214
Every Hour:€51
Every Minute:€0.8
Every Second:€0.01

Stephen Eustaquio Net Worth:

Sadly, the dribbler’s income is merely a fragment of what the likes of Luis Diaz and Otavio Monteiro received during their days with Porto. Perhaps he may see a consistent increase in his earnings as he continues to render valuable service to his team.

After a careful analysis of his earnings, we’ve estimated Stephen Eustaquio’s 2022 Net Worth to be under €1 million. He will have to reinvest some of his earnings into other businesses outside football if he wishes to improve his earnings.

Comparing his earnings to the average Canadian citizen:

Do you know?… The mean annual salary in Canada is €53,600. If we further break down the figure, it will amount to about €4,467 per month. Therefore, an average Canadian citizen will work for two months to make what Eustaquio receives in a week.

Since you started viewing Stephen Eustaquio‘s Bio, this is what he has earned.


Stephen Eustaquio FIFA Stats:

Interestingly, his stats show that he’s got excellent skills to function as the powerhouse of his team. Of course, Eustaquio hasn’t reached the peak of his football prowess yet. Even his profile shows a huge gap between his overall ratings and potential.

Although it will take a lot of hard work, the midfielder might attain the level of super midfielders like Vitinha. Behold a picture that entails complete information about his 2022 FIFA stats.

Stephen Eustaquio 2022 FIFA Stats.
Stephen Eustaquio 2022 FIFA Stats.

Stephen Eustaquio Wiki:

This table is a breakdown of notable Facts as discussed in the Bio of the iconic footballer.

Biography InquiriesWiki Answers
Full Name:Stephen Antunes Eustaquio
Date of Birth:21st of December 1996
Age:27 years and 2 months old.
Place of Birth:Leamington, Canada
Father:Armando Eustaquio
Mother:Esmeralda Eustaquio
Brother:Mauro Eustaquio
Girlfriend:Constanca Damiao
Position:Defensive midfielder
Height:1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
Weight:154 lbs (66 kg)
Net Worth:€1 million (2022 Stats)
Annual Salary:€442,680 (2022 Stats)


To round up Eustaquio’s Life Story, here is a recap of his Biography. He was born on the 21st day of December 1996 to his dad, Armando Eustaquio, and mom, Esmeralda Eustaquio, in Leamington, Canada.

The young lad spent part of his childhood in Canada before moving to Portugal with his entire household. He shared an unbreakable bond with his older brother, Mauro, who was a skilled athlete.

Thanks to the support of his parents, Eustaquio could nurture his talent as an athlete. He gained traction in due time and made a few caps for Portugal. It wasn’t long before the iconic player joined Canada’s national team and became an irreplaceable talent in their squad.

Interestingly, his career saw a breakthrough as he signed a contract with FC Porto in 2022. Since his rise to fame, the young lad has enjoyed massive love and support from his family as well as his girlfriend, Constanca Damiao.

At the time of updating his Biography, Stephen joins the likes of Junior Hoilett, Atiba Hutchinson, etc, who have made history. They were among those who helped Canada qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup after a 36-year wait.

Appreciation Note:

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