Pepe Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Pepe Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Pepe Biography tells us facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, and Parents- Mother (Rosilene de Lima Ferreira), Father (Anael Feitosa Ferreira), Sisters (Karleane Ferreira, Katiane Ferreira, Kellyane Ferreira), Wife (Ana Sofia Moreira), Daughters (Angeli Sofi Moreira Ferreira and Emily Moreira Ferreira) and so forth.

Furthermore, this article reveals details of Pepe’s Net Worth, Lifestyle, Personal Life, Ethnicity, Religion, etc. Moreso, we will find out his Family Origin, Background, and Lovelife.

This memoir lays out the History of football’s Career journey. It also details how the young Brazilian boy rose to become a famous and powerful defender in football. Moreso, we will talk about his father’s contribution to his son’s success.

To further sharpen your interest in your reading of Pepe’s Biography, we have put out an illustration of his Early Life and Rise in the photo. Behold the athlete from childhood to his days as a trophy holder in football.

Behold Pepe's Biography- From the Little trophy Winner to an International Footballer
Behold Pepe’s Biography- From the Little trophy Winner to an International Footballer

We all know Kepler as one of the great defenders in Real Madrid before moving to Porto Fc. Moreso, he holds various titles in La Liga, three UEFA Champions League titles, and two Copa del Rey. Furthermore, Kepler is among the top 100 players in football history.

Yet, despite the player’s trophies, only a few sports fans have read about Pepe’s Biography. Sit back as we take you through the Career journey and his break out in football. Without wasting time, let’s start.

Pepe Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, he bears the nickname Pepe. Kepler Laveran de Lima Ferreira was born in Brazil on the 26th of February 1983 to his parents, Anael Feitosa Ferreira and Rosilene de Lima Ferreira.

The footballer is the first child of four kids of his mother and father. Here is the photo of Anael and Rosilene.

Meet Pepe's Parents -Anael Feitosa Ferreira and Rosilene de Lima Ferreira.
Meet Pepe’s Parents -Anael Feitosa Ferreira and Rosilene de Lima Ferreira.

Growing Up Years:

Pepe grew up in Maceió in, Brazil with his family. The player has three sisters, Karleane, Katiane, and Kellyane, making him the only male child in the house. As a result, both his parents and the girls pampered him a lot.

A Rare Photo of Pepe in his Early Childhood.
A Rare Photo of Pepe in his Early Childhood.

But do you wonder how the footballer got the name Kepler Laveran de Lima Ferreira? Anael Ferreira, his father, didn’t want a regular Brazilian name for his son. So he got inspiration from Johannes Kepler, an astrologer from Germany, and Charles Louis Alphonse Laveran, a physician.

And picking each name from both men gave his son the birth name. Pepe was what you would describe as a mummy’s boy. The athlete was closer to his mother, Roseline, than his sisters. For most of his early childhood, he would spend a lot of time stroking her hair. Despite his age, Kepler Laveran, even at 17 years, was sharing a bed with his mum.

It describes the special bond he has with Roseline. How did Anael Ferreira take this very close relationship his first male child had with his mother? Pepe was his only son, so he had no problems with it. In fact, the father, the little boy, and the mom all slept on the same bed together.

Early Life:

In Pepe’s early life, the young boy was very calm. You could say that his mother’s personality rubbed off on him. However, the quiet nature changed to a more angry and fierce character when the player became an adult.

And it even stayed with him throughout his career days. Did you know that Pepe’s dad wanted his son to be a scientist? Either an astrologist, a doctor, or someone who deals with acids and other lab stuff. So how did football come to the young boy? It has always been the dream of the lad to play ball.

But that was not his only desire in life. Young Kepler had even considered becoming a taxi driver if football didn’t work out. So you can say that athlete never agreed with Anael (his dad) to become a scientist as he had hoped. Nonetheless, when the Brazilian father saw his son’s football skills, he dreamt of becoming one of the best strikers.

Pepe Family Background:

Anael Ferreira was a hardworking man. And in the city of Maceió, Alagoas, there are so many jobs that one could have. Pepe’s dad was a fisherman or in other agricultural work. But in the end, you can see how he stresses the need for his son to succeed.

While Rosilene de Lima Ferreira was a home caretaker, who ensured that her house was clean. Pepe’s mom was very close to her four children. And even though her only male child was supposed to be with his father, Roseline never let him out of her sight.

Would you say Pepe’s family was poor? The Ferreira couple were managing their little resources. And there was even spare cash to pursue the football dream of his son. Hence, we conclude they were not so rich, and that’s why the player needed to succeed and improve their lives.

Pepe Family Origin:

The ebony, shiny skin of the defender could almost make him pass as an African. And many fans often ask, where in Africa does Pepe come from? Yet Kepler comes from the rich land of Maceió in the heart of Brazil. Here is the map showing his birth origin.

Behold the hometown, Macio Alagoas, on the map.
Behold the hometown, Macio Alagoas, on the map.

So Pepe has British Nationality and also has Portuguese citizenship. What are the details to know about Maceio? It is one of the largest municipalities in Alagos. And the name “Maceió” means the word spring. Thus, the town is surrounded by many lakes, seas, and small bodies of water.

Pepe’s Ethnicity:

The defender comes from the Northeastern part of Brazil. And this makes his family origin of the White ethnic group. When he moved to Portugal, it made his origin, Brazilian- Portuguese like Christian Ronaldo. 

Pepe Education:

The future footballer’s parents loved to read a lot. It was through the reading of an encyclopedia that Anael got to find the names he gave to Kepler. As a result, you know that Pepe’s mother and father would value education for their children.

But there are reasons to accept that the young player was homeschooled. It was cheap and affordable for families struggling to meet their kids’ needs. Moreover, it was one way the newbie player could read and write and not be distracted from his dream sports.

As a kid, Pepe would dribble and make powerful strikes. Even though he was young, losing was not an option for him. From the streets of playing with his friends, Kepler left to play on the outskirts of his town, Maceió. And by the end, the defender was a trophy holder even before he became an adult.

Pepe is receiving a trophy for his performance on the Field.
Pepe is receiving a trophy for his performance on the Field.

It was as though Anael Ferreira’s (Pepe’s dad) prophecy was coming to pass. Since his son Kepler Laveran de Lima Ferreira didn’t want to become a scientist as he wanted. Maybe the player would make history like the former Pepe Santos, a perfect football striker.

Career Build-Up:

The constant running on the streets and playing ball with his friends is where Kepler had gotten the passion for being a footballer. And it was still on the side road that coach Alípio Neto found the young de Lima Ferreira.

Young Pepe with the Little boy Teams. Can you spot him among the Stars?
Young Pepe with the Little boy Teams. Can you spot him among the Stars?

If anyone was a staunch supporter of his dream, it was no other than Pepe’s dad. The father was there to support any aspiration that Anael’s son wanted to do. Even when the second option was to be a taxi driver, the loving father would sell and buy the car for the job.

Pepe Biography – Career Story:

Even so, the dream of being a footballer came to light when he joined the small Gremio Esportivo Napoli club. During the period the coach was scouting for young talent, he saw how the young Kepler was on the field. Here is the boy with his first team.

Pepe with the Gremio Esportivo Napoli club.
Pepe with the Gremio Esportivo Napoli club.

The defender was the youngest in the group. Besides, Pepe was only eight years old. But one thing stood out for him. The Brazilian player didn’t like losing. At all costs, he would take the ball off his opponent’s legs without minding the damage it would cause.

In 1999, De Lima Ferreira left and moved to the Corinthians Alagoano. It is one of the Brazilian professional football clubs based in Maceió, Alagoas. He played for the club for almost two years when he was thirteen. Moreso, the team, was known to be an exit to bigger leagues in Europe.

After some time, Pepe got on the plane and left for Portugal to join Marítimo. At first, the Brazilian was with the B team before he was moved to the main squad. Kepler de Lima stayed in this club from 2001 to 2004. Moreso, the defender, scored four goals for them.

The player was his motivation in sports. At all times, Anael’s son remembered where he came from and his family. This alone served as a reason never to fail. And that was why the athlete played football to win at all costs and with great intensity.

Pepe Portugal Biography – Road to Fame Story:

There is a list of problems that the Marítimo teammate faced in his journey to success. Firstly, the issue was anger. Pepe, a calm boy in his early childhood, changed his temperament when he became an athlete. Maybe it was because football was a competitive sport, bringing out that side of him.

But this anger problem almost cost the Brazilian his career. During the period Pepe was in the Corinthians AL team at 13 and above, he got into a fight. And it was with the goalkeeper of the opposite team because he was wasting time. So many people, both influential, wanted Kepler banned from football.

Moreso another issue the son of Anabel Ferreira faced was money problems. One time when Pepe travelled to Portugal, he was with little cash. And the athlete had the choice of calling his mom with the remaining bank notes so she wouldn’t be scared about his safety or buying food.

Well, you guessed correctly, the Maceió native called his mom and became starving. But thanks to the kindness of one of the air staff, he ate some food. Yet, there have been many money issues for the boy from the humble beginning. In all, it built Kepler de Lima’s drive to be successful.

Pepe Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

In 2004, the Brazilian defender joined the Porto team playing the backup position. The athlete made almost 64 appearances and delivered six goals in this club. And here Pepe got 5 National titles, including a world cup and a Portuguese trophy.

See how Excitedly Pepe is Rejoicing About his Trophy.
See how Excitedly Pepe is Rejoicing About his Trophy.

By the time Real Madrid bought the footballer, Pepe had become the most expensive defender for 30 million Euros in 2007. And in the second season, the Portuguese athlete won his first National Title. That’s not all. Kepler also had over 200 appearances in the ten years he played in Madrid. With a record of being one of the best players in Madrid.

When Képler Laveran de Lima Ferreira left Madrid, he had inscribed his name as one of their best idols. Pepe joined the Turkish club Beşiktaş with a signing fee of €9.5 million. Besides the €4,000 bonus for any match the athlete played. But he only stayed for two years with a record of 5 goals and 33 appearances.

The Premier League Champion in his Stay in Baskitas Before Leaving for Real Madrid.
The Premier League Champion in his Stay in Baskitas Before Leaving for Real Madrid.

After a decade, the national title holder rejoined the Porto team with a lengthy contract to renew in 2023. So far, the Brazilian player has had 92 appearances and six goals in his new club. Moreover, he is the current captain and was appointed to the position in October 2020 on October 12.

So far, Képler Laveran de Lima Ferreira has gotten a UEFA European Championship medal. In addition to being the prizewinner of the Nations League in 2019 in Portugal. Here, see the defender displaying the trophies he has gathered to date in his football career.

Behold Some of the Several Prizes That Pepe has in his Football Career.
Behold Some of the Several Prizes That Pepe has in his Football Career.

Pepe, at 17 years, left the shores of Brazil, Maceió, alone on the plane with no clue how his future would turn out. But now he is making waves in football as one of the best defenders. Furthermore, Kepler has gotten many honours and trophies to his name. And the rest is history, they said.

Pepe’s Love life – Enquiries About his Wife and Children:

Irrespective of his grit on the court and the way the defender is always aggressive, he still has a weak spot. And the woman who penetrated his heart is no other than Ana Sofia Moreira. Here is the image of Pepe’s wife.

Here is Pepe's Wife, Ana Sofia Moreira, Standing Beside her Husband.
Here is Pepe’s Wife, Ana Sofia Moreira, Standing Beside her Husband.

Ana and Kepler met when the Brazilian still played for the Porto club in 2007. Sofia is Portuguese and was a medical student went she met the athlete. The Maceió native and his wife dated for two years before moving together as a couple in Madrid.

Currently, Pepe’s wife is a licensed surgeon. Moreso, she likes sports like soccer and basketball. And they have two lovely girls, Angeli Sofia and Emily Moreira. It is beautiful to see the happy family as they fill the Instagram posts of the Champion.

Pepe’s Children:

Ana Sofia Moreira and Pepe have two lovely girls together. The first daughter Angeli Sofi Moreira Ferreira, was born on August 27, 2012. While the second girl is Emily Moreira Ferreira came in 2015.

Here are Pepe's Daughters- Angeli Sofi Moreira Ferreira, and Emily Moreira
Here are Pepe’s Daughters- Angeli Sofi Moreira Ferreira, and Emily Moreira

At all times, Pepe’s wife and daughter are always present in his matches. Of course, what is a man with his family and the love they always show to their father?

Personal Life:

The Brazilian- Portuguese loves to spend time with his family whenever he is away from sports. Although the athlete is fierce on the field, Pepe is a loving father and a dutiful husband. So he always spends time with his wife, Ana and his two girls.

The Defender Pepe Always Loves to Spend Time With his Family.
The Defender Pepe Always Loves to Spend Time With his Family.

Furthermore, the Porto Fc player is always on good terms with his teammates. Thus, he spends with his buddies when he isn’t performing daddy duties. They have fun going out and having drinks in a pub or restaurant. Here is one of the moments Kepler has with his colleagues.

The reason why Anael Ferrira’s son is fun to be with is because of his Zodiac sign. Pepe’s zodiac is Pisces. And that is what makes him a romantic husband and a charming friend. Moreso, the fierce emotions the UEFA champion shows on the field are also part of his Pisces qualities.

Pepe Lifestyle:

The Brazilian athlete is not a lavish person. And most of this reason is because of his humble background. Pepe is a simple man and very hard to see with any jewellery. But let’s see the things the LaLiga Champ spends his money on.

Firstly Pepe’s house is on the vast land of Geres in Portugal. It was the former home of Christiano Ronaldo before he sold it to the international player. As a result, the Porto player bought the house for £2.3M from his former teammate. Here is an aerial view of the property in the image.

An Aerial View of Pepe's House in Portugal.
An Aerial View of Pepe’s House in Portugal.

The 800 square meters condo has a view of the Cavado river. Moreso, it surrounds itself with the nature of beautiful trees. Did you know that Pepe’s house has a helipad for a sky bird? Moreso, the three-bedroom mansion has a jacuzzi and a vast pool. Indeed, it is worth all the money spent on buying the home.

Pepe’s Net Worth:

How much does the former Real Madrid player earn? Besides, what is Pepe’s salary in Porto Fc? In the above details, the Portugués athlete was one of the most expensive defenders in 2007. Firstly, the Brazilian centre-back is among the senior teammates in his club.

And in addition to his years of experience, Kepler stands as one of the best-paid players. His weekly pay is almost $63 000, and the Brazilian earns $5.3 million annually. Pepe’s net worth in 2022 is $13 million.

Pepe Family Life:

The star player at all times always highlights the help his family gave to him. Moreso, Kepler’s journey to success would be impossible if his father and other members didn’t offer their support. Thus let’s get to know about them as we proceed.

About Pepe’s Father:

Anael Ferreira is the dad of the Brazilian athlete. Pepe’s dad is the one that gave him both his real name and nickname. Above all, Anael wanted Kepler to be a scientist, like an astrologer or a lab tech. Here is his photo.

Pepe's Father- Anael Ferreira.
Pepe’s Father- Anael Ferreira.

One of the most incredible supporters of Kepler de Lima is his father. Did you know that Anael said if his son didn’t make it as a footballer, he would get him a taxi for him to drive? That is how much he wanted his son to succeed. And now, as the defender has become the best player, Anael is proud of him.

Anael Ferreira Supports his son's progress into any club always. And the smile on his face explains his joy.
Anael Ferreira Supports his son’s progress into any club always. And the smile on his face explains his joy.

Pepe has undoubtedly made his family, especially his dad, smile. And Anael is a great example of a man who cares for his household. Furthermore, his sacrifices for his son’s career didn’t go unnoticed.

About Pepe’s Mother:

Rosilene de Lima Ferreira is the beautiful mom of the Portuguese player. The wife of Anael is the home carer and also has four children. But she is incredibly close to her son, Pepe. See her in the photo here.

Here is Rosilene de Lima Ferreira, Pepe's Mother.
Here is Rosilene de Lima Ferreira, Pepe’s Mother.

Throughout his childhood and adolescence period, he spent very close to Rosilene. Pepe’s mother was the one closest to his heart. They both had a strong bond that even when he was 18, Kepler de Lima was still sleeping beside his mom.

About Pepe’s Sister:

The UEFA European winner has three lovely sisters, Karleane, Katiane, and Kellyane. They are the older siblings of Pepe, as he is their younger brother. Although there is no info about them, one thing is certain they support their kid brother very much.

A Rare Photo of Pepe's Sisters- Karlene Ferriera is the one in uniform as her Other Sisters, Katiane, and Kellyane, Stand Beside her.
A Rare Photo of Pepe’s Sisters- Karlene Ferriera is the one in uniform as her Other Sisters, Katiane, and Kellyane, Stand Beside her.

The image is the congratulatory post that her brother, Pepe, made on his Instagram. As you can see that they are really beautiful and doing very well in their various field.

About Pepe’s Brother:

The Porto FC player has no male siblings. Yet, seeing the brothers on the field together would have been great if there was another boy in the family. Nonetheless, the Champions League star takes comfort in his sister’s company, including that of his dad and mother.

About Pepe’s Nephew:

As the defender has three sisters, their younger brother would have many nephews and nieces. But we do not know if they got married and gave birth. Yet as there are no documentaries about Karleane, Katiane, and Kellyane’s kids, their names are unknown.

Pepe Untold Facts:

So far, in this article about the Porto Fc player, we know he is one of the greatest defenders. Although the Copa del Rey winner’s tactics in football may be aggressive, he is a kind soul outside the pitch. Yet, there are still some details you still need to know about the Champion.

Pepe’s Tattoo:

The Champion has a tattoo of his family on his leg. The photo above shows how the player loves and is very affectionate about his wife and two kids. We are sure that the drawings on his leg constantly remind the people who are precious to the athlete.

Pepe’s Religion:

Kepler de lima grew up in Brazil with his family. And the inhabitants of Maceió are mostly Christian. Some belong to the Roman Catholics, others are protestants, and the remaining people choose other forms of religion. But this photo shows he is not a Muslim.

The UEFA Champion is Celebrating Christmas with his Daughters and Friends.
The UEFA Champion is Celebrating Christmas with his Daughters and Friends.

However, Pepe always celebrates Christmas, so he could be a member of the mass service people when he was little. But, after the defender left home, his sole aim could be only in his career. But we know he is a Christian.

How many Red Cards Does Pepe Have?

The defender has been sent off more than once in his Champions League Career. And since he is popular for his ruthless tactics in defending, Kepler has gotten more fouls on his football journey. Here are some of the cards in the photo.

Pepe has gotten six red cards in both club and international competitions. Besides, Kepler has more than a hundred yellow cards for his actions in Real Madrid, Porto Fc and Besiktas.

Biography Summary:

This table shows the details you need to know about Pepe’s Bio.

Full Name:Kepler Laveran de Lima Ferreira
Date of Birth:26th of February 1983
Age:40 years and 6 months old.
Father:Anael Feitosa Ferreira
Mother:Rosilene de Lima Ferreira
Sisters:Karleane Ferreira,
Katiane Ferreira,
Kellyane Ferreira
Zodiac Sign:Pisces
Net Worth:$13 Million
Profession:Footballer at the Porto Fc
Former Club:Real Madrid
Wife:Ana Sofia Moreira
Daughters:Angeli Sofi Moreira Ferreira, (August 27, 2012).
Emily Moreira Ferreira came in 2015.
Height:6ft 1in
Current Team: FC Porto (#3 / Defender),
Portugal national football team (#3 / Defender)
Salary:$5.3 million annually
Nationality:Brazilian, Portuguese
Place of Birth: Maceió, State of Alagoas, Brazil

End Note:

Kepler Laveran de Lima Ferreira was born on the 26th of February 1983 to his father, Anael Feitosa Ferreira and mum, Rosilene de Lima Ferreira. The footballer has three sisters, Karleane Ferreira, Katiane Ferreira, and Kellyane Ferreira.

Pepe was born in Maceio in, Brazil. And he has Brazilian and Portuguese citizenship as well. Kepler has always dreamt of being a football star right from infancy. With his father supports him in that dream by helping his son as much as possible.

The defender first started playing in Gremio Esportivo Napoli club. After the coach saw his skills in the streets. And from there, Pepe left Brazil when he was 18 to the shores of Portugal. His big break came when Kepler joined the Marítimo team.

Pepe made it to big leagues like Real Madrid with the tremendous defending skill of a footballer. And in his ten years, he won several awards like the UEFA Championship and the Copel de ray cup, amongst other big wins.

Besides, Pepe got married to Ana Sofia Moreira, and they have two daughters. The first girl is Angeli Sofi Moreira Ferreira, who was born on August 27, 2012, and the second girl is Emily Moreira. Moreso, Pepe’s net worth (as of 2022) is $13 million, with an annual salary of $5. 2 million.

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