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Canadian Soccer Players

Every Football (soccer) player in Canada has got a Childhood Story. LifeBogger captures the most gripping, surprising and fascinating biography facts about these soccer stars from the Great White North.

Our Canadian Football (Soccer) Players category portrays a collection of Childhood Stories Plus Untold Biography Facts of notable soccer personalities from the country.

In this category, we started out by writing the Childhood Story and Biography of Alphonso Davies. He is regarded by many as a pacesetter for a growing generation of young Canadian soccer players.

After the winger, we went further with another rising star who is no other than Jonathan David. Together, both players rank high among the most famous soccer players from Canada.

10 Canadian Soccer Facts:

  1. The first-ever Canadian Soccer game took place in Toronto precisely in October 1876.
  2. At the time of writing, Dwayne De Rosario has won the most awards for the Canadian Player of the Year. He won it a record four-time (2005, 2006, 2007 and 2011).
  3. Dwayne De Rosario, who has a total of 81 caps for Canada, is being labelled as Canada all-time leading goal scorer with 22 goals.
  4. What was once thought to be a dream later became a reality for Canadian soccer fans. The North American country won the bid to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup. The tournament is to be shared between them, the US and Mexico.
  5. As of 2020, the Canadian league system consists of several disconnected leagues who do not either get promoted and relegated.
  6. The Canadian Premier League is the most recognized professional league in the country.
  7. The Canadian Football League generates around 200 million euros in revenue with his very low compared to 6.5 billion euros the Premier League makes.
  8. Canada has appeared just once at the FIFA World Cup. That was in the year 1986.
  9. The Canadian soccer pyramid is another name for the Canadian soccer league system.
  10. The word “soccer” and not “football” is only used in Canada and the United States. Every other country in the world calls the game “football” or “futbol”.