Tajon Buchanan Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Tajon Buchanan Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Our Tajon Buchanan Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Late Bill Buchan Sr (father), Family Background, Brother – Bay Buchanan, etc.

This Biography will further cover facts about Tajon Buchanan’s Family Origin, Ethnicity, Religion, and Education. Not forgetting, we’ll unveil facts about the Canadian Winger’s Lifestyle, Personal Life, and Salary Breakdown.

In a nutshell, this article breaks down the Full History of Tajon Buchanan. We’ll tell you the story of an Athlete who has carved out his place in Canada’s golden soccer generation.


Our version of Tajon Buchanan’s Biography begins with the events of his boyhood days at Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

It includes how he witnessed a depressing moment of his life -the loss of his Dad. Next, the life-changing decisions he made that led to his success in the beautiful game.

LifeBogger hopes to whet your autobiography appetite as you read this engaging nature of Tajon Buchanan’s Biography.

To begin right away, let’s present you with this gallery that tells the story of the Brampton Superstar. Yes, Tajon has come a long way in his life journey.

The Biography of Tajon Buchanan - From his childhood years at Brampton YSC to the moments he became famous.
The Biography of Tajon Buchanan – From his childhood years at Brampton YSC to the moments he became famous.

You and I know Buchanan is living out his dream as one of the emerging talents in Canadian Soccer.

Many fans have said that he looks like Leroy Sane and plays like the German. Tajon became labelled as his country’s fastest-rising star after scoring the goal that took Canada to Qatar.

While researching Canadian Soccer Players, we found a knowledge gap in the midfield area. The truth is, not many soccer fans have read a detailed version of Tajon Buchanan, which is quite interesting. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Tajon Buchanan Childhood Story:

For biography starters, he bears the nickname “Pride of Brampton.” And his full name are Tajon Trevor Buchanan. The Canadian Soccer star was born on the 8th of February 1999 to his late father, Bill Buchan Sr., and Mother, Mrs Buchanan, in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

Tajon Buchanan is the oldest of two boys born to his hardworking parents, who only enjoyed a short-lived marriage. Apparently, the winger spent only the first seven years of his childhood in a complete family before losing his dad to the cold hands of death.

Growing Up Days:

Buchanan was raised alongside his younger brother, Bay Buchanan, in Brampton, Ontario. The two siblings enjoyed each other’s company and watched out for their welfare. Tajon Buchanan also did his best to keep Bay out of trouble.

Although soccer wasn’t the most popular sport in Brampton, the youngster developed an interest in the game. Back in the day, he was quite little and seemed fragile in his childhood.

Buchanan was usually energetic when he was playing football with his friends and peer group. After losing his dad (Bill Buchan Sr.) at the age of seven, the winger had a hard time processing the entire situation in his young mind.

He stopped playing football for a while until he finally came to terms with the entire ordeal. From the moment Tajon returned to his usual routine on the pitch, he became quite introverted.

Tajon Buchanan Family Background:

Life hasn’t always been easy for the budding athlete, his little brother, and Mum after the unfortunate loss of his father at the tender age of seven. Following the death of his Dad, the youngster was left in the care of his mother and uncle.

Tajon Buchanan grew up in a household that cared about his entire endeavours. As a little boy, his Mum and Uncle kept tabs on his performance in school, as well as his activities in their neighbourhood.

Buchanan’s upbringing geared him towards the path of humility. Late Bill Buchan Sr (before his untimely death) and his mom were both working-class citizens. Tajon Buchanan’s Mum worked very hard to help their family thrive as a middle-class household.

Our research has it that she had to work different odd jobs to put food on the table for her boys. The sad experience of losing an important member of his household taught the winger to be resilient in tough times.

Tajon Buchanan Family Origin:

As regards his ancestry, the Canadian, who was born and raised in Brampton, is of Jamaican descent. Do you know?… Tajon Buchanan joins the likes of Junior Hoilett, who have Jamaican family roots.

Research shows that the dribbler’s father (before his death) and mother hold Canadian citizenship.

More so, Tajon Buchanan’s family hails from the city of Brampton in Ontario, Canada. Below is a map that gives a clear glimpse of the athlete’s Canadian family roots.

Tajon Buchanan's Family origin (from a Canadian standpoint) is Brampton.
Tajon Buchanan’s Family origin (from a Canadian standpoint) is Brampton.

As a Canadian, Buchanan is quite fluent in the English language, which is spoken by 42.9% of his hometown population. At the moment, he hasn’t acquainted himself with speaking Punjabi or other Asian languages, which are popularly spoken by people in Brampton.

Guess what?… Buchanan’s place of origin was once known as “The Flower Town of Canada.”

The title was bestowed on the city because of its large greenhouse industry. Moreso, Brampton is home to some of the best Canadian players like Cyle Larin and Atiba Hutchinson.

Tajon Buchanan Ethnicity:

Where the player comes from is home to many ethnocultural backgrounds. South Asian accounts for a whopping 52.4% of his hometown’s population. Tajon is a Jamaican Canadian because he (like Nichelle Prince) is a Canadian citizen of Jamaican descent.

Again, Tajon Buchanan’s ethnicity is Afro-Canadian. This is because his ancestral roots have traces of African heritage. We are certain that he may have learned a few things about the Jamaican and Sub-Saharan African cultures while growing up.

Tajon Buchanan Education:

The Canadian professional soccer player is a graduate of Legacy High School. Another place of learning was Syracuse University, which is where Tajon Buchanan played college soccer between 2017 and 2018. This institution is situated in Syracuse, New York.

Our findings reveal that Syracuse University took notice of Tajon’s talent, and they offered him a scholarship. Before that, the institution recognized that Buchanan had not completed their academic requirements. That made the youngster make an extra effort to meet up.

Tajon Buchanan took six months to complete a year-and-a-half worth of high school credits so he could meet the requirements of Syracuse University. During that time, the talented soccer winger had to mix both in-person and online classes. What a boy genius!

Tajon Buchanan Biography – Career Story:

A year after the loss of Bill, his Dad, the youngster began his journey of becoming a professional soccer player. At the age of eight, Tajon Buchanan, after a successful trial, joined Brampton Youth SC.

Brampton Soccer Club is a popular soccer team situated right inside the neighbourhood where Tajon spent his childhood years. Do you know?… This academy nurtured some of the best talents in Canadian soccer. For example, Junior Hoilett, Cyle Larin and Atiba Hutchinson.

At Brampton YSC, the upward rise of Tajon’s soccer potential began manifest naturally. The boy from Ontario played the beautiful game (football) with his brain. Again, he, who rose above other kids, was the type who learned how to use spaces to shoot for a goal.

Early career victory:

Tajon Buchanan was part of the Brampton Blast 99s Blue that defended their title in the 2011 summer’s Lake Simcoe Soccer Tournament. He represented the under-12 division that went undefeated in the competition, scoring 28 goals and conceding only 3 in five games.

Can you spot Tajon Buchanan in this photo?...
Can you spot Tajon Buchanan in this photo?…

At the back row from the left, we have two coaches, Rob Gombar and Chrys Chrysanthou. The kids in the back row include Alex Michelberger, Daniel Frenati, Jacob Gombar, Tajon Buchanan (whom this Biography is about), Nathan Thompson and De’ Andrae Pierre.

Then at the front, we have the following names; Manveer Gill, Toni Adesiyan, Anthony Chrysanthou (Tajon’s best friend and son of Chrys Chrysanthou), etc. Then, Xavier Dias, Nicholas Frenati, Kayhon Mirabi, Emilio Dinatale and Charles Martin.

After some successful years of rising through the academy ranks of Brampton YSC, young Tajon Buchanan decided to leave the club to seek bigger challenges. He successfully joined Mississauga Falcons, a Canadian professional soccer team founded in 2010.

Tajon Buchanan Bio – Road to Fame Story:

Just after finishing high school, the youngster made the tough decision to leave home at the age of 15. Buchanan joined his best friend’s Dad, a former coach, Chrys Chrysanthou, at USSDA academy Real Colorado. This is a soccer club located in Centennial, United States.

At Real Colorado, Tajon Buchanan (for two seasons) received the needed training to begin his college soccer career. Between 2017 and 2018, The Brampton YSC native spent two years playing college soccer at Syracuse University. He scored 12 goals and tallied six assists before earning his first professional contract.

Tajon Buchanan Biography – Rise to Fame:

The Canadian Soccer star signed a Generation Adidas contract with the MLS ahead of the 2019 SuperDraft. During the FIFA World Cup in the summer of 2018, Tajon Buchanan played for League1 Ontario side Sigma FC.

His performance earned him the honour of Canada’s Youth International Player of the Year. MLS young player of the year honours

A season later, Tajon joined the New England Revolution in the 2019 MLS SuperDraft. One major highlight that signified his meteoritic rise was Buchanan’s goal in his first MLS Cup playoffs. Thanks to his brilliance form, Tajon helped his team to win the Supporters’ Shield in 2021.

An excited Tajon celebrates the Supporters' Shield title with his teammates.
An excited Tajon celebrates the Supporters’ Shield title with his teammates.

Achieving the European Dream:

Thanks to his meteoric rise with New England Revolution (which earned him MLS Best XI),
Tajon earned a call-up to the Canadian national soccer team. That same year, he achieved his European soccer dreams by signing up with Club Brugge. This is a Belgian professional football club based in Bruges, Belgium.

The Canadian Winger, alongside Andreas Skov Olsen and Noa Lang, was among the top signings in the 2021 summer transfer window. The club signed Tajon as a replacement for Emmanuel Dennis, who moved to Watford in England.

With Club Brugge, Tajon Buchanan formed a great partnership with Charles De Ketelaere, Andreas Skov Olsen and Noa Lang. They were instrumental in helping the club win the Belgian First Division A title. Buchanan also won the 2022 Belgian Super Cup with his team.

The Brampton star is pictured celebrating the Jupiler Pro League title.
The Brampton star is pictured celebrating the Jupiler Pro League title.

At the time of writing Tajon Buchanan’s Biography, he had achieved the honour of winning the CONCACAF Gold Cup Young Player Award. Also, he made his name on the list of the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup Best XI.

More importantly, Tajon Buchanan is among those who ended Canada’s 36-year FIFA World Cup participation drought. It was his goal against Jamaica that helped Canada to its first men’s World Cup since 1986.

The youngster achieved this feat alongside his country’s biggest names like Jonathan David and Alphonso Davies. The rest, as we say, is now history.

Tajon Buchanan’s Girlfriend:

Having gathered some great honours in his career, and also the fact that he is good-looking, lots of female fans have pondered on the question;

Who is Tajon Buchanan Dating?

At the time of the Ex-Sigma FC star’s Biography, he has yet to give any insight regarding his love life. LifeBogger is also uncertain as to whether Tajon Buchanan is a wife in the making. Buchanan’s idea, as we assume, is to carry on living this mysterious lifestyle.

Personal Life:

Who is Tajon Buchanan?

Getting to know more about the soccer midfielder from Brampton, Ontario.
Getting to know more about the soccer midfielder from Brampton, Ontario.

There is a saying that cuteness and charm are what people perceive when rating a Soccer Athlete’s attractiveness.

However, one personal attribute that must be added to this life is the Athlete’s intelligence. This is the case of Tajon Buchanan. A man who (as of 2022) tops our list of the most handsome Canadian soccer players.

When you ask people who describe the personality of Tajon Buchanan, you’re bound to hear a variation of the same explanation – again and again. Those who know a lot about him have said,

“Tajon is a man of few words”

This was said by Ian McInTyre, who is Syracuse University’s head coach. A staff member of the Canadian men’s national team have said;

“Buchanan is a Quiet guy, unassuming, always listening, always observing, but never said much”

Tajon Buchanan Lifestyle:

The Baller is someone who admits his shyness and would rather let his game do the talking. Outside of football, the Brampton star loves to hang out with close friends; like Sam Adekugbe and Alphonso Davies.

Tajon Buchanan loves holiday moments with his best buddies.
Tajon Buchanan loves holiday moments with his best buddies.

About the way he lives, the Club Brugge Baller is someone who sometimes finds the need to stay alone and away from everything so he can restore his lost strength.

Getting to know Tajon Buchanan's Lifestyle.
Getting to know Tajon Buchanan’s Lifestyle.

Count Tajon NOT when you think of soccer players who use social media to make self-satisfaction talk about their wealth. For the former Mississauga Falcons starlet, there is no such thing as showcasing expensive cars, houses, and other forms of wealth in the public domain.

Tajon Buchanan Family Life:

A close-knitted household has a slightly different meaning for the Ontario native. For Tajon, family is not about blood ties but trust, closeness, trust and affection. Now, let’s provide more information about persons whom the Brampton Winger holds so dear to his heart.

Tajon Buchanan’s Second Dad – Chrys Chrysanthou:

The success of the Ontario native is very much tied to the impact of his childhood soccer coach. Chrys Chrysanthou is the father of Anthony, who is Tajon Buchanan’s best friend.

Chrys Chrysanthou took care of the Canadian Winger like his own son. When Buchanan started living in his house, he got to know more about discipline. Back then, Chrys’ children would come home from school and immediately attend to their homework.

While they do that, Tajon Buchanan (who attended the same school as them) would retreat from his homework to play video games. For a whole two weeks, Chrys Chrysanthou didn’t speak to him. Tajon understood his wrongs and changed his habits. In Chrys’ words;

He started to understand that in order to succeed, he must be on a new level of discipline.

You always have the freedom to abandon your training with me” were the words that stuck with Buchanan, which changed him for good.

After turning a new leave, the coaching staff continued his quest to reinforce Tajon’s belief in himself, which helped him become what he is today.

Tajon Buchanan’s Biological Dad:

Unfortunately, the Late Bill Buchan Sr died when the Soccer Athlete was just seven years of age. Up to this moment, a lack of documentation exists as to what took the life of Tajon Buchanan’s late Dad. The Brampton youngster dedicates his career honours to his beloved late Dad.

Tajon Buchanan’s Mum:

When the Athlete’s Dad died when he was seven, he was left in her watchful care. Tajon Buchanan’s Mother took care of him throughout his mid-adolescence until he was 15, a time he left home and followed Chrys Chrysanthou to achieve his soccer dreams.

Tajon Buchanan’s Brother:

Our research has it that Bay is his only male sibling – born to his Mum and Dad. On the first day of July 2021, Tajon posted a picture of himself and Rick Mach via Instagram. He refers to Rick Mach as his “Brudda.” Currently, no concrete documentation exists as to whether Rick joins Bay Buchanan as Tajon’s brother.

Rick Mach and Tajon spent this evening in Boston, Massachusetts.
Rick Mach and Tajon spent this evening in Boston, Massachusetts.

Untold Facts:

In the final phase of Tajon Buchanan’s Biography, we’ll unveil more information about him. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Tajon Buchanan Salary:

The contract the Brampton Winger has with Club Brugge sees him earning the sum of €781,200 annually. When this money is converted into Canadian dollars, we have CAD $1,076,609. Now, here is a breakdown of Tajon Buchanan’s salary (Source: SOFIFA).

TENURE/EARNINGSTajon Buchanan Salary Breakdown in Euros (€)Tajon Buchanan Salary Breakdown in Canadian Dollars (CAD $)
What Tajon Buchanan makes VERY YEAR:€781,200CAD $1,076,609
What Tajon Buchanan makes VERY MONTH:€65,100CAD $89,717
What Tajon Buchanan makes VERY WEEK:€15,000CAD $20,672
What Tajon Buchanan makes VERY DAY:€2,142CAD $2,953
What Tajon Buchanan makes VERY HOUR:€89CAD $123
What Tajon Buchanan makes VERY MINUTE:€1.4CAD $2
What Tajon Buchanan makes VERY SECOND:€0.02CAD $0.03

Comparing his Salary to the ordinary Canadian citizen:

Where Tajon Buchanan’s family comes from, the average Brampton worker makes approximately 120,000 CAD per year. Do you know?… Such a person would need 8.9 years to make Tajon Buchanan’s annual salary with Club Brugge.

Since you began viewing Tajon Buchanan‘s Bio, he earned this with Club Brugge.


Tajon Buchanan FIFA:

His movement stats – Acceleration and Spring Speed – are the reasons why he is always in the transfer budget of FIFA career mode lovers. Tajon is very much comparable to these Mexicans – Hirving Lozano and Uriel Antuna, who enjoy super-blazing movement stats.

Asides from Defending, Tajon (at 23) lacks only three things in football. These below-50% average statistics are; his curve, interception and Freekick Accuracy.
Aside from Defending, Tajon (at 23) lacks only three things in football. These below-50% average statistics are his curve, interception and Freekick Accuracy.

Tajon Buchanan Religion:

The former New England Revolution Superstar appreciates God both in terms of wins and losses of his career. However, LifeBogger’s odds are in favour of Tajon Buchanan being a Christian. This religion accounts for around 52.3% of Canadians (19,373,325 persons).

Is Tajon Buchanan related to Kadeisha Buchanan?

No, they are not related by blood, even though both have the same surname. Kadeisha Buchanan, who is also a footballer, is not Tajon Buchanan’s sister. Although both (who play their football in Europe) share the same Jamaican family origins.

The Brampton Connection:

A total of Seven Soccer players from Brampton, Ontario, made major contributions to Canada’s 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification. These persons include Jonathan Osorio, Tajon Buchanan, Atiba Hutchinson, Cyle Larin, Doneil Henry, Junior Hoilett and Liam Millar.

Do you know?… This Greater Toronto Area suburb is the most represented Canadian city in the country’s national team. Also to note, the soccer programs and coaches in Brampton are considered among the best in the whole of Canada.


This table breaks down our content on Tajon Buchanan’s Biography.

Full Name:Tajon Trevor Buchanan
Nickname:Pride of Brampton
Date of Birth:8th of February, 1999
Place of Birth:Brampton, Ontario
Age:24 years and 9 months old.
Parents:Late Bill Buchan Sr (Father)
Brother:Bay Buchanan
Father figureChrys Chrysanthou
Best Friend:Anthony Chrysanthou
Ethnicity:Jamaican Canadian
Nationality:Canada, Jamaica
Height:1.83 meters OR 6 feet 0 inches
Annual Salary (2022):€781,200 or CAD $1,076,609
Net Worth:2.9 million euros


Tajon Trevor Buchanan was born on the 8th day of February 1999 to his late Dad, Bill Buchan Sr and a relatively unknown Mum. Sadly, the Candian Soccer player lost his Dad when he was a kid (at the age of seven). Since then, Buchanan’s life hasn’t been straightforward.

The Canadian professional soccer player who operates as a Winger has a lot in common with Junior Hoillet and Cyle Larin. The three Athletes have Jamaican family origins and they (all born in Brampton, Ontario, Canada) both spend attended Brampton YSC academy.

At the age of 15, Tajon Buchanan made the hardest decision of his youth, which was leaving his family home. This toughest choice of his life saw him venturing out to pursue his professional career dreams with his best friend’s Dad, Chrys Chrysanthou.

Chrys Chrysanthou, a professional soccer youth coach, became not just a mentor but a second Dad to Tajon Buchanan. While living in his new surroundings (Colorado) and with a new family, Tajon joined the USSDA academy Real Colorado and attended Legacy High School.

Moving on, Tajon, at that point, headed off to college and spent two years playing college soccer at Syracuse University. Thanks to his career improvements and the discipline he got from his mentor, success led him to sign a Generation Adidas contract with the MLS.

Tajon Buchanan’s journey to achieve a successful career has seen him win four individual and three club honours. Among these honours include the Belgian Super Cup, MLS Best XI, etc. More gracefully, Tajon Buchanan was among those who helped Canada qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup after a 36-year wait.

Appreciation Note:

Thank you for taking the time to read LifeBogger’s version of Tajon Buchanan’s Biography. We care about accuracy and fairness in our quest to make Canadian Soccer Stories available to you. Tajon Buchanan’s Story is part of our wilder collection of North and South American Soccer Players‘ Biographies.

Please let us know if you find anything that doesn’t look right in this memoir about Canada’s fastest Rising Star. Again, kindly tell us what you think about the Brampton-Born Canadian Winger, including the story we’ve written about him.

Aside from Tajon Buchanan’s Bio, we’ve got other American Soccer Stories for your read. Surely, the Life History of Canadian Starlet, Ismael Kone and USA Forwards, Haji Wright, and Jordan Morris will excite you.

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